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 [WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls

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[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls VKxUnpt
Who is Neviah?

॰Name: Neviah Clixx-Kimura
॰Actual Age: Infinite
॰Age of Appearance: 24
॰Date of Birth: 20th December, 1949
॰Nationality: Japanese
॰Alias: Goddess of Time and Souls
॰Race: Goddess of Eden

॰She A Real Goddess: When it comes down to it, Neviah is not an absolute god. However, with how far along her power and energy is, she's easily in a state between Demi-God and Godhood. Meaning that it is possible to kill her, her power is not infinite and her abilities are not absolute. This does mean, however, the energy gap is quite huge between her and other beings; with her attributes being pushed to unimaginable levels to most other creatures outside of the Soul King, Truth and others whom are able to reach the level of 0-1. Thus, in that regard, most do not ever attempt to dispute her claims of godhood based on said power. After all, who is going to argue with a girl who has the capacity to forge entire races and bend time, then say she isn't a supreme being? The chances of that are slim to none..


॰Father: Ceon Clixx-Kimura
॰Mother: Senna Clixx-Kimura
॰Cousins: Kagami Iramasha-Clixx, Ashlei Clixx, Hexetelle Mischevang-Asthavon, Rose Mischevang
॰Uncles: Kin Iramasha, Radioactive
॰Aunts: Claire Iramasha-Clixx


When first ascended, Neviah didn’t have control of many of her abilities. She was unaware of her capabilities through the power of Alpha and Omega, which made her a neutral goddess in respect to her abilities. She stands at about 5ft 2in, and weighs 110 pounds. Her build shows a more muscular form than the average female, in that her muscle tone is apparent when observed. Her eyes shine a golden hue with an Omega sign within the iris of the right eye, and an Alpha within the left. They are both gray and are not easily seen unless up close. Neviah’s hair had grown, now extending down her mid back, covering up the crest that is imprinted on her skin. She tends to wear conservative clothing that does not limit her mobility, and aids in keeping her hidden within a crowd as she wants to blend in as best as possible. She has 6 beautiful white wings, but there are times she will keep them hidden and out of sight, allowing them to disappear on will. When enraged or under strong emotional moments, her wings can expand and grow to a maximum length of over 200 feet. These wings have the power to break bones with enough strength behind them to propel Neviah at an air velocity of over 1600 MPH, faster than some of the quickest fighter jets in the current age.

Taking the same physique as Neutral, Alpha Neviah has some slight differences. The first being the aura around Neviah glows of a Golden hue, and that her left eye’s iris will shine the Alpha symbol in a purplish color. She will be adorned in beautiful ornaments and will have a very loving and welcoming feel to her by most who gaze upon her. Additionally she will appear with a mantle behind her, made by the Diamond Dust to display her current alignment. The mantle will display the crest of Eden, the very symbol that is on her back, as well as her wings will shine a light silver in their elegance. In this stage, the Diamond Dust is most commonly going to take shape of two fans known as Origin and Rebirth, as they are used for Alpha’s strongest abilities. Just like in neutral form, Neviah’s wings can disappear or expand an additional 200 feet in length if so desired.

The appearance of Omega is shared with the same physical properties as Neutral with some more apparent differences. The aura that surrounds Omega is more of one of Death and Fear, as those who see Omega will want to stay clear of Neviah in this alignment. Parts of her skin will have decayed, and in some areas, the decay will be so strong that her bone is what shows. Her entire lower jaw will have no skin due to the decay and her right eye will have the Omega symbol showing in a reddish hue. Her attire will generally change, as she will not have a mantle, but instead a scarf that covers her lower jaw. Neviah in this stage generally has a very deadly stare, and holds no sense of respect for life, as all she wants in this stage is death. The white wings that Neviah normally has will be decayed as well, and will be nothing but bone in this stage. With these featherless wings, Neviah can still take to the skies, but the bone that these wings represent are also used as a defensive limb, as the bones are not normal bone, but instead coated in a pure death type energy and diamond dust, allowing these wings to block weaponized attacks if desired. As with Alpha and Neutral form, Neviah’s wings can disappear on will, or expand up to an additional 200 feet in length.

The most noble, and final stage. When Neviah finally is able to control all her abilities and her power, she will have finally become a true Goddess. In this stage, both the Alpha and Omega symbols will glow a gentle silver in the globes of Neviah’s golden iris’. The Diamond Dust will be in heavy abundance and her attire will show slight elegance, but keep to its primary focus of mobility as Neviah is a martial fighter. She tends to specialize towards hand to hand combat, thus her attire needs to enable her potential to peak in this form. Standing at the same 5’2” and only weighing about 110 pounds, Goddess Neviah will hold a much more mature appearance and will have a very prestigious appearance with her. Her attire will reflect the elegance of a Goddess, but with its white and gold decorations, she will remain fully flexible and capable for all her martial arts, as well as complete mobility. Additionally, Neviah’s hair will shine between a white, silver, and translucent clear that gives off a bit of a rainbowed effect. The colors will shine throughout each thread of hair on her head, as well as the feathers on her wings, giving her a very majestic look. She will shine brightly, and become equal with life and death.

Previous Appearances

When born a child, Neviah had beautiful white hair like her father and eyes of the calm and pure tan like her mother. She always smiled when around her father, but never did so in public. She also wore beautiful kimono dresses that were shades only. She was not a favorite with colors and she loved to relate to black and white, as she felt some things in the world were that way. As a child she was not a tall one, or represented any kind of muscular physique.

As a teenager, Neviah began to develop and become a beautiful young woman. Like her aunt Claire, she was becoming a popular young lady and sharing her traits in beauty. Neviah was still not that tall, and somewhat small for her age as her father and mother were small as well. All her teen years, she would continue to wear the beautiful kimonos of shade, but as she grew, she would introduce colored accessories. Some days, Neviah would add beads of red, flowers of yellow in her hair, and many other assortments of those kinds of things. They began to represent that Neviah was coming out of her shell of withdraw and joining the world in its beauty.

Neviah now stands at 5 feet and 1 inch and looking like her mother with a similar body frame, and long white beautiful hair. She is now fully developed for her age and size and has the voice of an angel. Her eyes are gentle as she looks with the utmost care, and sincerity. She weighs 105 lbs and is very fit, as she is not only a fully licensed Shinigami, but from the training from her father, she also holds the physical properties of an assassin.

After Neviah's recent accidental rebirth with the Rosaries, she changed. She will not only be her complete adult size and development, but her hair will be shorter. Instead of it ranging down to her lower back, it goes just past shoulder length. She holds a more fit appearance as she is more of a Monk with extremely powerful strikes and speed Her bust will be a tad larger, but what the biggest difference is her back. Located on her back is a large circular crest. This crest is the Seal of Infinity and what helps her unlock Memory Release Infinity.

Malice Neviah doesn't have much of a change in appearance from Rosary Legacy Neviah except in that her eyes become red, and her skin will begin to shift and change slightly. In parts of Neviah's body like her shoulders and small spots on her arms, her skin will be slightly morphed and look purplish as if corrupted. This corruption is showing that Neviah is no longer pure, and is now under her ego of Malice. Neviah's expressions are no longer soft and caring, and now appear more neurotic and crazed. She is still her same size and weight, but her aura goes from white and pure, to black and corrupt. A black head piece will appear on Neviah's head and will be the beginning of what appears as Blood Queen's control. While her Ceon had a black blindfold in his ego and Senna's hair ribbon became black, Neviah gains half a headband that changes the deeper into Malice she goes.

Ego Suppression Neviah is something that should rarely be observed or seen. When Neviah enters this mode, her skin will have already shifted and adjusted appearance, as well as her eyes as she will have now taken under the ego of Malice, Destruction, and Hopelessness. Neviah will still be standing at 5 feet and 1 inch, as well as the weight of 105 pounds, but her demeanor and personality changes. From what appeared a soft and gentle girl now takes place of a being that's darkness is on par with demons themselves. Neviah's crest is still on her back, but is hidden by her change of apparel. The Head dress in her hair now is a piece of Blood Queen as it shows that Neviah has come under her control.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls AEVSmpr
Her Soul

॰Unknowing and Uncertain

After being trapped for over 2 years within the Valley, Neviah was finally freed with a bit of disdain in her heart. She was robbed many choices in her life, and when she attempted suicide, she wanted that to be her choice, and her final one. Even then, it was stolen from her, and when she learned she was a Goddess, she was less than pleased. Emerging from the Valley, she looked to the world that she was born in, and felt alien to it, knowing full well that it wasn’t her home anymore. Even then, the world she lived a majority of her life in deserved to have someone help in ensuring its freedom, and now that Neviah was a Goddess, in parallel with the Gods of the realm that lead to its ruin, she now had a chance to help right the wrongs.

॰There is only Death

During Neviah’s alignment of Omega, she will have no conscious outside of her task. Her task while in this stage is to kill and take life. During this stage, she will mostly be incoherent and never speak, but instead give off a deadly gaze and aura. She will not communicate with others, and will follow only her own tasks and impulses. There will be times however where she will communicate with subtle nods or head gestures to communicate responses of either approval, denial, or whatever is needed to be shared at the moment. This stage is extremely deadly, and the personality looks to end all.

॰Duty to Eden, and a Family

Neviah grew up in a very broken family life. Her Mother first died when giving birth to her, then Ceon in his depression denied being a Father to Neviah till she became a bit older. Unohana Retsu raised Neviah her infant life, as well as a degree of her adult life while in the 4th Division. Additionally, due to Neviah’s fear, she was never well with communicating with males; however, she had managed in her lifetime to establish some bonds. These bonds were deep and trusting to a point where she believed them to be just as much family as her own Mother and Father. She will do anything in her power to protect her family, and the remaining friends she has, as she believes that she needs to bring everyone together, and protect them as best as possible. Additionally, given the power of a Goddess now, Neviah understands her duty as a Goddess to ensure the safety and return of the Spirits of Eden to their rightful home, as well as oversee the safety and happiness of those she calls Family.

॰Sweet and Innocent

Ever since Neviah was a child, she always had a heart of Gold. She would always place others before herself and would treat everyone with kindness. She would never even dare to be disrespectful towards anyone, and believes one attracts more flies with sugar than vinegar. Her aura is warm and welcoming to all, as she would welcome anyone to her and provide them with their needs, especially when troubled. Neviah provides a shoulder for all to cry on, and will be gentle in her touch and words, as she wishes to only provide grace and joy to all souls. She has the appearance of a lady, as when she sits, she sits straight, and when she walks, she glides like a princess on a ballroom floor. These aren't antics in which Neviah was taught, but more instinct to what Neviah believed to be best for her. She doesn't speak out of place, and will always ensure the needs of all, are taken care of to the best of her ability. Thanks to Unohana, she helped raise a woman with manners, and holds the traits of a perfect lady.

॰Silence With a Hint of Timid

Like her Father, Neviah was raised in a world of silence. From a very young age, Neviah wouldn't speak to her father, but instead follow his direction. If she wanted something, she would have to wait till the time was appropriate for her to ask, otherwise, she wouldn't feel comfortable asking. When Neviah was being raised by Ceon, after the time in which Unohana had raised her, she was never introduced to many, as she was raised in the Zero Division skies in solitude with her Father. Now, Ceon loved her dearly, but due to the low interaction, Neviah didn't really know how to speak or communicate with others, thus making her a tad socially awkward when in the company of others. What made matters worse was when Neviah was finally accepted into the Shino Academy, and had to go through the class with no friends. She didn't know how to communicate with others, and most others wouldn't dare speak with a child from the 0 Division. And to add insult to injury, whenever a male would get close to Neviah, due to her natural beauty, they'd up and disappear, and reappear in the 4th Division under critical condition. Neviah doesn't know how it happened, but she believed most men would be harmed around her, thus passively putting a phobia in her mind over men.

॰Wisdom of Generations

While Neviah isn't really big into the sciences, she does hold extreme knowledge in the Medical Sciences, as well as general wisdom of the mind, body, and soul. Due to her upbringing, and gaining the memories of her Mother and Father, Neviah now understands what growing up is like, as well as how to become better internally. Through this, Neviah passes these teachings onto her allies and friends to not only better represent herself as a leader when needed, but she uses this wisdom and intelligence to better meet the needs of those around her. She is capable of ensuring the safety and quality of life of not only herself, but of all within the Human and Hollow/Arrancar base species.

॰Never Forgets

Neviah may be forgiving in first glance, but she holds the mindset of her mother and father when it comes to those who betray others. Neviah does not forgive some for their actions and crimes against nature, and because of them, Neviah will hold a photographic memory of everything said and done. That way she can remind herself each waking day that goes by, that she can never forget and never forgive. She may be a kind and soft hearted girl, but when matters of importance come in, or when she is facing someone who has caused deep harm to her in the past, some say her Father's eyes will take, and she'll change. Transforming from the fragile and timid little girl most are used to, she'll become the dangerous and deadly child of Ceon Clixx-Kimura.

॰Respect and Honor

When Neviah was 5, she learned that her Mother, Senna Clixx-Kimura died while giving birth to her. Since day one when Unohana took her in for the first Four years of her life, to when she was given back to Ceon, Neviah learned respect and honor from the both of them. Every year on Senna's birthday, incense would burn in peace as Ceon and Neviah would pray in hopes that Senna was in peace, but while Neviah didn't understand the truth behind her race yet at such a young age, Ceon knew full well that someday her Mother will be back. And when she is, they'll tell Neviah the truth. But all Neviah's life, she would never forget her family, and where she came from, respecting the fact she was a Memory Rosary, and even when she graduated the top of her Class in the Shino Academy to become the 4th Division Vice-Captain, she would wear the badge in honor. She would always bow to everyone, even if lower ranks to show a position of respect, in that she was no greater than any peer.

॰Duty Before Self

When Neviah became the 4th Division Vice-Captain after graduating from the Shino Academy, Neviah couldn't have been happier to work under her Foster Mother, but she learned quickly that she had to put herself second while in the line of duty. Neviah would have to heal males when their lives were in danger, and even though she had a huge phobia of males, she would fix herself to deal with the problem at hand. Some say, she'd once again gain the eyes of her Father and her focus would be direct as she accomplished any goal set before her. However, once the deed was complete, she'd return to being the scared and frightened young woman most knew.

॰From Angel to Devil

Neviah has the blood of her ancestors in her, meaning she is a Memory Rosary that actually exists. Because of this, Neviah was born with an altered personality like that of the last generation. The Ego for the Memory Rosary is their "Mission". For example, for Ceon it was Cataclysm, to bring the destruction of everything. Claire's was Despair, to bring the world of Despair into reality, and for Senna it was Omega, to bring the end of time. Neviah has an ego as well, but only knows little of it, as she’s been forced into it only once. Neviah's ego is "Malice" and its objective is to bring the Downfall of Society through manipulation, deceit, and backstabbing. While Neviah's Alter-Ego is Purity and is what everyone is used to, the true Ego can "Act" like the alter ego making things difficult. When Neviah obeys her Ego, she'll change to a different person showing traits of seductive, corrupt, and manipulative natures. Also while in this stage, Neviah's Zanpaktou will be entirely black. This was discovered when Unohana taught Neviah the Art of Killing.

॰Slightly Broken

When Neviah was taken from her life, and was forced into the Valley, she was alone and couldn't do anything but cry out in hopes others would hear her. She spent her time trying to protect herself from the endless hordes of the Blanks while trying to find a way to be safe. She spent days alone, trying to survive till she was finally able to find Serenity, Insidious, Kaizaken, and Mirokumaru. Once she was able to establish them with her, she was already a tad broken from being alone for so long. Her cries of despair and sadness weren't heard, and due to this, she slightly snaps from time to time, but also it forced her to grow up. From here, she no longer has her fear of men, and now is more confident in herself and doesn't rely on others as much. Kaizaken, Mirokumaru, Serenity, and Insidious watched as her innocent mind snapped a little, but helped guide her back into the light to ensure she wouldn't completely fall apart.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Bii9Og9
Those Close to her Heart

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
Ceon Clixx-Kimura: Ceon Clixx-Kimura is the Father of Neviah, and the one that has been the biggest influence in her life, positively and negatively. From when Neviah was born, her Father entered a deep depression due to Senna’s death. From there, Neviah was taken from her Father for about 4 years and was put in the care of Retsu Unohana. Once Ceon returned to his positive state, Neviah was given back to him, and Ceon raised her like any good Father would. From a young age, Ceon taught Neviah discipline, respect, and honor. He trained her since she turned 8 years of age, and taught her the fundamentals of Martial Arts, allowing her to train her Body, Mind, and Soul. Due to the home they lived in being quiet all the time, Neviah adopted her Father’s silence for the most part, but isn’t nearly as extreme as he is. Ceon was the biggest impact in her life, in that he helped guide her into the Gotei, as well as presented her with Serenity and Insidious when she graduated. No matter what, Ceon is the only male Neviah can be around without an ounce of fear, and only joy in her heart to believe she has the greatest father alive.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
॰Senna Clixx-Kimura: Senna Clixx-Kimura is the Mother of Neviah, and had a small impact on her life in her early stages. When Neviah was born, Senna sadly passed due to her small body frame not being able to birth a child and she never saw her Mother till her first rebirth after 460 years. Neviah believed her Mother dead, but when Senna and Neviah met for the first time, it was a beautiful moment shared between Mother and Daughter, as they had their wish come true to see each other once again. Senna learned that Ceon somewhat damaged their daughter in that she has a strict fear of men, and somewhat a fragile state of mind, thus whenever Neviah comes to visit, Senna always makes it a mission to teach her daughter something new. Neviah is sometimes seen wearing different styles of clothing her Mother wants her to have, or Senna is trying to break that fear of men in hopes of seeing her with her own child someday. Either way, Neviah loves her Mother deeply and will never think to question a request from her.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
॰Claire Clixx: Claire Clixx is Neviah’s Aunt, Ceon’s Sister, and doesn’t really have a major influence in Neviah’s life. Neviah at first heard about Claire from her Father and that she was a great woman that died long ago, but when the War for London occurred, Neviah saw her Aunt for the first time from the Gotei. From then, Neviah was explained about who Claire really is, and the kind of individual she is, which brought question into Neviah’s mind upon if they’re really related. The first time Neviah and Claire met was in Neviah’s first rebirth and Claire seemed all that Ceon had ever explained. She was very sweet and kind, but when Blood Queen appeared, everything changed, and Neviah understood what was finally going on. Neviah and Claire fought side by side to help save Neviah’s parents from their egos, performing great abilities and strengths, for before Claire disappeared once again; Neviah thanked her Aunt and hugged her. While Neviah understands Clarie’s curse of Despair, she hopes that someday she’ll be returned to normal so she can see her again.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
॰Retsu Unohana: Unohana Retsu was Neviah’s Foster Mother and Captain for most her life. When Neviah was born, Ceon was unable to properly care for Neviah, thus Unohana took her in and raised her for the first four years of her life. From then, Neviah and Unohana were reintroduced when Neviah graduated the top of the Shino Academy and was accepted as Unohana’s Vice-Captain. From there, Unohana was Neviah’s mentor, Leader, and guide as she grew more and more to becoming one of the most influential Vice-Captains in 4th Division History. Without Unohana in Neviah’s life, she feels lost and without her guide and Neviah will always believe Unohana as a Mother figure in her life. Even though Neviah is now the 10th Division Captain, Neviah will sometimes wish Unohana was there to help guide her in her times of unease.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
॰Konomi Osaka: Konomi Osaka was the first real friend Neviah has ever made. When Neviah was always considered to be alone without any friends, she met a young 3rd Seat of the 4th Division named Konomi Osaka. Konomi was a sweet and energy filled girl who loved to be around Neviah and spend time with her. For many days, Neviah and Konomi would sleep together as to remind one another that they were never separated, and always together. Neviah cherished Konomi’s relationship with Neviah as she was the only friend she ever had, and Konomi really cared about Neviah which was something new to her. When Konomi died Neviah was stricken a blow she never felt before, and that was the feeling of deep loss. For two weeks, Neviah grieved and felt more and more alone, till another friend showed up out of the blue to show her the world was not ending. Neviah may have new friends today, but she will never forget about Konomi, the first friend she ever made.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
॰Yui Nakami: Yui Nakami is not only Neviah’s Vice-Captain, but someone Neviah admires very much. The first day Neviah and Nakami met was actually not a bright one as Nakami was brought in with life threatening conditions which Neviah jumped on instantly. After a grueling fight against blood loss, broken bones, and many other things, Neviah managed to return Nakami to her original self. Neviah soon learned that the reason Nakami was all beat up was due to her saving an entire squadron of Shinigami from a hollow assault. She was willing to sacrifice herself for others, and due to that, Neviah held great admiration for her. Neviah was there for every step of Nakami’s conditioning and rehabilitation, assisting her as best she could, so when Nakami was officially released, she wasn’t leaving without a friend. Nakami and Neviah ended up bonding very strongly, that she was even on the same level of her previous friend Konomi. When Neviah became a Captain and was allowed to select her Vice-Captain, she personally requested that Nakami take the badge of Vice-Captain if she so choose. Since she accepted, Neviah and Nakami are near inseparable, as they cherish one another’s company more than anything else.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
॰Eliah Tsundora: Eliah Tsundora was a girl that Neviah made a friendship with on accident. Their meeting was purely coincidental, but when the two ended up getting to know one another, they found themselves connecting quite well. Eliah found Neviah after Konomi Osaka happened to pass away, and she was determined to learn from the depressed stricken girl about her Father. Of course, due to some misunderstandings, they got caught up in other trials, but fact remained that Eliah wanted something from Neviah, and she wasn’t going to give up. Due to her persistence, Eliah ended up becoming a student under Neviah to learn and understand the Dark Arts, a ninja type of Martial Arts, and due to those teachings, they ended up building a bond, and Eliah became the iron fist behind Neviah, helping her enforce and grow to become less fearful.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
॰Krystia Kallen: Krystia Kallen is an officer under Neviah within the 10th Division. At first, Neviah and Krystia met under positive terms when Neviah approached her office with a welcome of cookies and introductions, and two got along well! Their relationships soon developed from a simple work relationship of Captain and Officer to friends, as Krystia came to Neviah with a request one day, asking for her to help her unlock her Zanpaktou Shikai. This was something Neviah felt honored in, as not only was she capable of doing so, but that Krystia felt confident in Neviah’s abilities to help her. Krystia became Neviah’s shield, helping her defend their fellow members, and soon became a stronger unit together, under the banner of the 10th Division.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
॰Ibiki Suikai: Ibiki is the 11th Division Captain of the Gotei, and one of the strongest women Neviah has gotten to know. The two are the same height and roughly the same physical build in that Neviah is slightly heavier due to her bust and muscle composition, but their attitudes are completely opposite as most would believe. While Ibiki is the confident and stern willed one, Neviah is the counterpart as the shy and scared female of the duo. Though, to Ibiki’s surprise, she was the one to discover Neviah’s extremely low tolerance to alcohol. Ibiki was also witness to Neviah’s first ever time of touching a male in a feminine manner, as well as declare the male cute! Ibiki is known to make fun of Neviah for it from time to time, but she means it in good fun. Though the two differ on many levels, their friendship is strong, as they share experiences together and work together to ensure the Gotei is in safe hands.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
॰Crystal Leight: Due to Neviah being a Memory Rosary, only few were allowed to know. Outside of Central 46, the Captains of the Gotei, and the Zero Division, one division was in charge of learning more of her species. The 12th Division was supposed to track of Neviah’s development, as well as get any insight to the origin of her powers, and if it can be advanced. It was no secret to some that the Central 46 wanted to make a weapon out of her, like they did with her Mother and Father, but most just ignored it due to Neviah being ignorant to the cause. The one who headed the research was none other than the Captain of the 12th Division Crystal Leight, and she was far different than what Neviah had expected. For long, Neviah always expected science type of things to be painful and tedious, due to her gaining her Mother’s memories, but Crystal was quick to change Neviah’s perception of that. Instead, Crystal took a liking to the shy 10th Division Captain, and they became good friends, with Neviah allowing Crystal to perform anything she needed for the growth of science, as well as for Neviah to possibly understand herself a little better than the next person.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
॰Kagami Iramasha-Clixx: Kagami Iramasha-Clixx is the unknown cousin to Neviah, and soon to be the last remaining Memory Rosary alongside Neviah. Neviah doesn’t know about her sweet little cousin though, but it is believed that the two will be together in their future, and work together to take the place of their parents in working on the continued perseverance of Existence. Due to Neviah’s sweet and accepting heart, she will take Kagami in, and teach her as much as she knows and do her best to take care of the young spirit as she grows. Only thing is, Neviah and Kagami don’t know about each other, and no one knows how their first interaction will be conducted.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
॰Radioactive: Radioactive was never too close to Neviah, that was till she lost her place, and her family. Neviah was always aware that Radioactive was her Father's best friend, and Mother's headache, but due to Neviah's fear of men, she never took it upon herself to get to know the megaton shark beast. While she would stay at her parents from time to time, Neviah would watch as her Father and Radioactive would "Goof Off" as they called it, but in her eyes, it was a cataclysmic scene of destruction. The Shark Beast and former 0 Division General would make spectacles that none would dare intervene in, yet all was masked when Senna would reverse the cycle of the battlefield, returning everything to normal. Neviah holds respect for Radioactive in that he's her Father's best friend, but that relationship is soon to grow, now that Neviah almost has no one left.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
॰Ashlei Clixx: Ashlei Clixx is the cousin to Neviah, from being the First Adopted Daughter of Claire Clixx. Neviah always believed at first that Ashlei was a threat to the Gotei, and would always hold risk when her name was brought up, but when the records show that at the Fall of London, her Father was seen taking an unconscious Claire and Ashlei in his arms, it brought questions to Neviah on why he’d do that instead of eliminating a threat. Of course, when Neviah was reborn with the Memories of her Mother and Father, she soon understood why he tried to help her survive, but she still didn’t understand her relationship with the Hollow Queen. While Neviah was visiting her parents, she asked them about Ashlei, and Ceon informed her she was family. He wouldn’t go into details, but it left Neviah curious. Due to this, when Neviah and Ashlei meet, she take caution, but remember that somehow, in some way, she is related.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
॰Hexetelle Mischevang Asthavon: Hexetelle and Neviah have yet to meet, but soon enough their relationship will become a trivial one. Due to Hex being the child of Ashlei, this already in of itself merits respect and desire of love from Neviah, as she is closer to family via blood or affiliation more than anything else. Neviah will want to become close with Hex, and to help mend her of her troubles, but of course, this is nothing near what Neviah wants or expects from the child. The young child holds a fascination over the Clixx bloodline due to the mental scars of her Mother, caused by her grandmother Claire Clixx. Due to the problems that Claire had caused in Ashlei, Hex holds a mission to destroy the Clixx bloodline, and since Claire no longer exists, Kagami is the target of choice. Due to the hatred brooding in Hex, Neviah will face a challenge in stopping Hex to protect her cousin, and ensure their safety.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
॰Shadin Yuudeshi: Shadin Yuudeshi is someone Neviah knows, but not personally. Neviah heard about him through stories of her Father, in that Ceon was his mentor and teacher. Ceon explained to Neviah that Shadin is a bright man and has a lot of potential, and it was due to the fact they looked so frighteningly similar! Due to that, Neviah believed those with white hair were born to be powerful at first, but that was of course a childish delusion. As Neviah grew and became Vice-Captain, she would hear about his contributions on earth, as well as his work to ensure the safety of many others. This taught Neviah that he was indeed strong, and the student of her Father's was able to grow so much! It was also proven to Neviah during her First Rebirth, when Shadin appeared to help quell her Father from his rage of Destruction. Shadin’s story became much bigger when Neviah became the 10th Division Captain, and her job was the Affairs of the Living Realms. Due to this, Neviah had to study up upon Shadin and his deeds, and she soon learned to admire his work and his efforts on earth for others. Shadin and Neviah have yet to speak on a more personal basis, but when they do, Neviah hopes her fear of men won’t hold her back from learning from the same man that was a student of her Father's.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
॰Kakine Yuudeshi: Kakine Yuudeshi is the first, and probably last crush and heart longing love that Neviah will ever experience. Neviah's knowledge started very bleak of Kakine, but it started when Insidious and Benkei made contact once again, leading Neviah and Kakine to meet. Neviah's heart was struck for the first time since her Father attempted suppressing her interest in males. Neviah becomes extremely shy around Kakine, acting like her former self, yet she wants to be close to him. Neviah doesn't know how to interact with Kakine due to his demeanor and her having extremely strong feelings for him, yet not wanting to push him away. If Neviah had her way, she'd keep Kakine and be together with him, but Neviah knows that as a Rosary, she cannot accomplish such a wishful thought. No matter what though, Neviah will cherish their time together always, and do whatever she must to protect him.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
॰The Iramasha Faction: The Iramasha Family is one Neviah knows is very vast among many realms, and is even one of the many Royal Families that were the foundation of the Soul Society itself. She doesn’t hold any regard of respect or disrespect for not knowing details of them, but one thing Neviah does know is her distrust of a certain Iramasha faction. When Neviah was young and her Father told her that Claire had died, he told her it was by an Iramasha Faction that was influenced by their personal evil deeds. When the proof came out, Neviah learned that Claire wasn’t killed by them, but instead joined them which made Neviah wonder how they manipulated her to their side. Due to this, Neviah sees it as the Iramasha are trying to abuse her family, thus mistrust is built, and anyone that bares an Iramasha name is not trusted by Neviah on instinct, and instead cautious to her.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
॰The Titans of Eden: The Titans of Eden are the 4 pillars that keep the universe of Eden stable. The relationships of Kaizaken, Demyan, Themis, and Malek all are different from each other and how they address and recognize Neviah. Kaizaken for example sees Neviah as an adopted child in a way, in that he has watched her grow while being with her Father Ceon for many years. Themis has never once seen or addressed Neviah, however when confronted with the realization that Neviah has succeeded Mirokumaru, Themis would hold a sense of loyalty and dedication to her Goddess, and the realm of Eden. The same can be generally said for Malek, as he too has never met Neviah, but his relationship with her will be one of complication due to his intellect and Neviah’s conflicting emotions.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
॰The Maidens of Eden: The Maidens of Eden are also varying when it comes to having a relationship with Neviah. Serenity and Insidious have been with Neviah since she was a young adult, and have been through everything with her, thus are very close with her. Nanashi holds a bit of disdain towards Neviah whereas Benkei is welcoming and Sekkyoku is pretty indifferent. They each understand their purpose well enough in what their responsibility is, but from an independent perspective, they all have their positives and negatives about Neviah.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
॰Eden: Before, all the spirits of Eden would recognize Mirokumaru and Archa as their Goddesses. But since the Great War and the breaking of the realm, it has caused much confusion and disarray for the surviving members of Eden that currently live in the current realm. To those that will soon realize, Mirokumaru has given her life for Neviah, making Neviah the new deity of Eden, the Goddess of Time and Souls for their realm. They may not trust Neviah at first, but due to her caring ways and her strong passion, she will do whatever she can for the souls of Eden, to ensure they return home and survive the responsibilities of the previous Goddesses.

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
॰Mana Asthavon: She’s a bitch

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls Pbucket
॰Demons: The Demons of the current Realm hold a negative light to and from Neviah, as not only is Neviah attempting to stomp out their way of life and method of controlling the living realm, but Neviah holds a hatred for Nami Asthavon. Nami was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and because of such, Neviah believes she is the reason that many of her 10th Division members died when she was a Captain of the Division. Mana, Khala, Nami, and even the God of Demons Deveta will come to know of Neviah’s name soon, and it will not be said in a warm welcoming tone.

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[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls MLTApyo
Racial & Inherited Skills

Neviah is unable to use all of her abilities from when she first attained the ascension, and thus has to grow and adapt her abilities. The N, A, O, and G represent modes in which Neviah will have access to the following abilities.
N - Neutral
A - Alpha
O - Omega
G - Goddess

॰N/A/O/G - Time Control:
Time Control is where Neviah becomes free from the restrictions of Time, allowing herself to walk beyond the capabilities of time itself, and seem as though the world is frozen. She can travel time with Time Control, going forward or reverse in time to observe previous events, or perhaps go ahead in time to see what is forward in reality. While using Time Control, Reality is either frozen, or is moving in tandem with what is happening or has happened. Neviah cannot interact with anything in existence while in the effects of Time Control, thus she cannot cheap shot opponents, or even communicate with others in that regard. Neviah can however use Memoria Irrepo, and learn more about those interacting with time. The only beings that can join Neviah in this instance, and either see her or interact with her are those who are Soul Touched. Soul Touched beings are those who are birthed directly from a deity, or are blessed from a deity. During this mode, those who are Soul Touched can converse, move, and even interact with Neviah. Lastly, those who make contact with Neviah just before activating Time Control can join her in being free from the shackles of time, till Neviah disengages the ability. Once it is disengaged, the associated parties are once again restricted to the bounds and laws of time.

॰N/A/O/G - Unfathomable Energy Levels:
Neviah being a Goddess holds an unfathomable amount of energy within herself, as when she unleashes it, the power will be felt for miles. Beings who are 0-5 and below would practically be suffocated by it, meaning their Pain Endurance will be put in check. If it is too low, they may be submitted to the sheer density and volume of Neviah’s pure energy, whereas those 0-5+ shouldn’t have a hard time at all. Beings below the 2 tier will automatically fail this check if near Neviah when she unleashes her energy in a rage, or out of her own control.

॰N/O/G - Stealth:
Neviah's father taught Neviah simple skills of the Onmitsukido before he disappeared, and the one Neviah remembered the best was the one of stealth. Neviah is a stealth master allowing her to sneak into or out of anything she needs including through battlefields and private areas. Only thing that can track her is either a specialized sense of scent or by specialized radar. Due to this, Neviah utilizes a specialty within the Dark Arts, and becomes one with her surroundings. She will then blend in, becoming like her surroundings and can either attach herself to high ceilings, or even hide in the most unorthodox areas. With Stealth capabilities, Neviah is almost unseen to the untrained eye. Additionally, with the added bonus of being able to manipulate her own soul, she can even mask her soul as anything between an insect, plant, to even a normal mortal being.

॰N/A/G - Medical Expertise:
Due to Neviah's years within the 4th, she has been able to understand everything about the human body. She knows about every tendon, muscle, organ, blood vessel, disease, you name it. She can relate it to nearly any creature of the same body structure, and the fact that she holds assassin abilities, she can even use this skill to hit her targets in specific areas for different effects. Her focus is remarkable, allowing her to perform extremely precise and rarely known practices in the Medical field, as well as diagnose any problem on the fly. When it comes down to being a Medic, this was Neviah’s first job, and one of her strongest fields of expertise.

॰N/A/O/G - Master Hand-to-Hand:
Neviah was trained under her father at a young age to defend herself without the use of weapons. She would train in the traditional Gotei 13 hand to hand combat style, as well as other main disciplines under Ceon's knowledge. Ceon's expertise in martial arts was pronominal, and passing them onto Neviah was only standard as she picked up on it quite well. Her skills are even more refined than her father's, as she is able to use wonderful fighting techniques in close range, defense, counter, and killing intent. Due to her Father’s teachings as well as his memories which she gained access to, Neviah is now a top level master of Hand to Hand combat, knowing all Eastern and South American martial arts styles, as well as some unorthodox methods, like the Drunken Fist.

॰N/A/O/G - Master Martial Artist:
From the start of Neviah's development, her Father set her on a path that would master the mind, body, and soul. First learning Ninjutsu, Neviah trained her flexibility, and strength to understand what her Father refereed to as the Dark Arts. After so, Neviah eventually took on learning Tai Chi, Enshin Kaikan, and Kyusho Jitsu. These styles were very prolific to Neviah, as their focuses taught gentle and swift movements, with sharing some disciplines of Ninjutsu's accuracy and power. Enshin Kaikan focused on turning the enemy's strength against them, and considering Neviah being in the 4th Division, having to constantly come to terms with the 11th, she would famously use that style to put them in their place. As Neviah grew, she came to master many more techniques, but when her Father passed on, all his memories on combat styles, as well as muscle memories were transferred to Neviah, giving her a grand total of mastery over 34 different Martial Arts styles. Listed below are each style, and a general summary.
  • Aikido - Aikido is a Japanese martial arts focused on redirecting an attack away from you. This martial arts style involves grabs, strikes, throws, pins and joint locks.

  • Bājíquán - Bājíquán is a Chinese martial arts that is famous for its explosive power and elbow strikes. In Chinese, Baji Quan means "Eight Extremities Fist" or "Eight Extremes Fist".

  • Budokon - Budokon is a hybrid system that combines martial arts training with Yoga. There are numerous philosophical Martial Arts principles applied and taught in regard to self awareness, leadership, and service that apply to all areas of development. The Yogic work is used both physically and philosophically as a way to identify and heal emotional and physical injuries.

  • Bojutsu - Bojutsu is a Japanese martial arts style that focuses on training with a bo staff. The staff was seen as one of the most effective weapons to counter a samurai's sword (katana).

  • Daito-Ryu Aikijujutsu - Daito-Ryu Aikijujutsu is a traditional Japanese martial arts focused on unarmed combat, throws, strikes to vital areas, joint locks, etc. Daito-Ryu Aikijujutsu was developed as a means of self-defense against unprovoked violence, with the ultimate aim of neutralizing violence, not causing it.

  • Enshin Kaikan - Enshin puts a particular concentration on the Sabaki Method. This system seeks to turn an attacker's power against him and allow the martial artist to sidestep into an attacker's blind spot. According to the World Sabaki Challenge, Sabaki "means the natural way to use an opponent's force and energy against them, regardless of size." In practice, this amounts to a focus on using evasive movements and circular footwork to set up angles of attack.

  • Hanbojutsu - Hanbojutsu is a Japanese martial arts that utilizes the Hanbo (a 3 foot wooden staff). This traditional martial arts weapon was used to defeat samurai armed with a metal sword. Given its short length (versus a longer Jo or Bo staff), users of the Hanbo could not fend off an opponent with a sword (of equal or greater length).

  • Hojojutsu - Hojojutsu - Japanese "Rope" Martial Arts
    Hojojutsu (also known as Torinawajutsu) is a Japanese martial arts that uses ropes and occasionally chains to restrain or disable an opponent. Hojojutsu is taught as part of the curriculum in some Ninjutsu and Bujutsu Ryu and in some Jujutsu schools. Hojojutsu utilises a long length of rope and involves learning how to trap and secure an opponent by throwing parts of the rope around any vulnerable part of the body. Many intricate and supposedly inescapable knots are taught in Hojojutsu. As well as with ropes some Hojojutsu techniques can be performed with weapons such as the Surujin, Kusarigama, Kyoketsu-Shoge and Kusari Fundo.

  • Itto-Ryu - Itto-Ryu is a Japanese martial arts focused on the sword. There are many sub-styles of Itto-Ryu and this martial arts had significant influence on the development of modern Kendo. According to Monterey Budokan, this martial arts consists of "three basic practical skills: 1) Kata, set of solo prearranged movements using a Iaito (practice sword), 2) Kumitachi, practical application against an attacker (a training partner) using a bokken (wooden sword), 3) Tameshi giri, cutting a target using a Shinken (a real sword) to perfect the cutting skills and develop the mental focus".

  • Jojutsu - Jojutsu (or Jodo) is a Japanese martial arts focused on the martial arts weapon known as the Jo staff. A Jo is a wooden staff about 4 feet long (versus the longer Bo staff which is roughly 6 feet long).

  • Jujutsu - Jujutsu (also known as Jujitsu or Jiu-Jitsu) is a Japanese martial arts that focuses on joint locks, holds and throws. It tries to redirect or manipulate the force of an attack in order to defeat the attacker. Ju-Jitsu, which means "Gentle Art" is a system of combat whereas a smaller person may defeat a person of greater physical stature.

  • Jukendo - Jukendo is a Japanese martial arts focused on the bayonet.

  • Juttejutsu - Juttejutsu is a Japanese martial arts that focuses on training with a traditional martial arts weapon known as the Jutte (or Jitte). The Jutte is a two pronged baton and is similar to the Sai. In ancient Japan, the Jutte was used by retainers in situations where swords were prohibited. The Jutte was used to block knife/sword strikes, hit opponents with the shaft, etc.

  • Kenjutsu - Kenjutsu is a Japanese martial arts focused on sword techniques. In contrast to Kendo, Kenjutsu is less focused on sparring and more on technique and katas.

  • Kobudo - Kobudo is a Japanese (Okinawan) martial arts focused on weapons training. Kobudo concentrates on traditional Okinawan weapons such as the Bo staff, Sai, Tonfa and Nunchaku.

  • Kung Fu - Kung Fu (also known as Gung Fu) is a Chinese martial arts that focuses primarily on hand & arm strikes and kicking techniques. Many Kung Fu styles also utilize traditional martial arts weapons such as the sword, staff and spear. In addition, they often practice with more unique martial arts weapons such as Sheng Biao (Chinese rope dart), Sanjiegun (three section staff) and Liu Xing Chui (Meteor Hammer). The following are respective styles that Neviah has Mastered.

    • Eagle Claw Kung Fu - Eagle Claw Kung Fu is a Chinese martial arts known for its gripping techniques, strikes, joint locks, takedowns and pressure point attacks. This style of Kung Fu is also called Faan Tzi Ying Jow Pai, Fann Tzi Ying Jow Pai, Ying Zhao Pai, etc. Eagle Claw's specialty is developing the hand grip and finger pressure to grasp, trap, seize and manipulate opponents' limbs, joints, pressure points, veins and other targets.

    • Leopard Kung Fu - Leopard Kung Fu (or Bao Quan) is a Chinese martial arts that focuses on aggressive speed and agility to defeat an opponent (versus Tiger Kung Fu which relies on strength and powerful strikes). Leopard Kung Fu is also known as Panther style. This style of Kung Fu is famous for the Leopard Punch, a half fist strike. Nevertheless, Leopard Kung Fu uses a wide variety of punches, elbow strikes and kicks. Leopard Kung Fu utilizes "a series of fast and unrelenting techniques (versus attempting a single knockout punch) and the movements of the leopard do not emphasize blocking, because this would slow down the attack. Instead of blocking an incoming technique, the leopard movements would use a slight shift out of the way followed immediately by a series of fast attacks.

    • Monkey Kung Fu - Monkey Kung Fu (Hou Quan) is a Chinese martial arts that is famous for its ape-like movements and attacks. This very unorthodox and acrobatic Kung Fu style is used to disorient and attack opponents from unusual angles and positions. There are many variants of this style of Kung Fu including Angry Monkey Style (Nau Hau Kuen), Drunken Monkey, etc.

    • Praying Mantis Kung Fu - Praying Mantis Kung Fu is a Chinese martial arts that is famous for its redirection, joint manipulation, pressure point attacks and trapping tactics ("sticky hands"). Praying Mantis Kung Fu is divided into Northern Praying Mantis style and Southern Praying Mantis style.

    • Tiger Claw Kung Fu - Fu Jow Pai ("Tiger Claw Style") is a Chinese martial arts that is famous for its tiger-like attacks and strikes. This Kung Fu style practices aggressive and quick unarmed combat techniques. Fu Jow Pai students also train with traditional Chinese martial arts weapons such as the sword, saber and staff. Fo Pow Pai's striking movements are lightning fast, agile and powerful. Techniques unique to Fu-Jow Pai are ripping, tearing, clawing and grasping applications. Fu Jow Pai is known for its Tiger Claw technique which is used to grab and rip "soft" targets (i.e. neck). Fu Jow Pai uses forms such as Bagua Hark Fu Jow, Yueng Shen Kuen, Yeah Gen Do (saber form), Chun Jon Quon (staff form) and Lu Yee Jien (sword form).

    • Drunken Fist Kung Fu - Zui Quan is a style of Kung Fu known as the "Drunken Fist" style. This style tries to imitate a drunkard's movements (i.e. staggering and falling over) in order to confuse opponents and allow for devastating counter attacks.

  • Kyujutsu - Kyujutsu is a Japanese martial arts focused on archery that uses the Yumi (Japanese bow). Kyujutsu techniques are taught in many Japanese Ryu (i.e. Bujutsu and Ninjutsu) whereas Kyudo is usually practiced as a martial arts of its own. Kyujutsu techniques are focused on hitting different target areas of an actual opponent (traditionally weak points in Samurai armour), making its primary objective aim and accuracy.

  • Kyusho Jitsu - Kyusho Jitsu (or Pressure Point Fighting) is a martial arts focused on targeting pressure points. Pressure points are areas of the body where people can apply pressure or strike in order to cause pain. Kyusho-Jitsu is a way of attacking the nervous-system to control an attacker or subdue an attacker to maintain your advantage and stay in control. Kyusho Jitsu teaches a variety of self-defense techniques such as healing techniques, mobile arm point manipulation, striking and grabbing motions that use pressure point targets, take-downs utilizing pressure point targets, grappling and escapes using pressure point targets, pressure point defenses against weapon assaults, and pressure point KOs.

  • Naginatajutsu - Naginatajutsu is a Japanese martial arts style focused on the long pole weapon known as the Naginata. The Naginata is a weapon that looks like a spear with a long curved blade at the top. Given its length, the Naginata was used to fight mounted warriors. It also gave users a reach advantage over a traditional sword.

  • Ninjutsu - Ninjutsu (or more traditionally known as Ninpō) is a Japanese martial arts style focusing on the use of stealth and deception in order to defend oneself or fulfill an objective. The martial arts of Ninjutsu is commonly associated with the Japanese Shinobi (or Ninjas). This martial arts style utilizes a variety of martial arts skills such as take downs, the use of ninjutsu weapons (i.e. Shuriken, Kunai, Shuko and Kyoketsu-Shoge) and stealth (for purposes of defense, information gathering, and other tasks).

  • Niten Ichi-Ryu - Niten Ichi-Ryu (translated as 2 heavens as one school) is a two sword Japanese martial arts style. The 2 sword style generally incorporates the use of a Katana in one hand and a Wakizashi in the other. However, other sword combinations could also be used such as Tanto and Katana, Tanto and Wakizashi , 2 Katana , or even a Katana and Saya (sword scabbard). The general principle of Nitojutsu is to block/defend with one weapon and then counter with the second. There are quite a few different combinations that cover just about all areas of attack.

  • Shaolin Kung Fu - Shaolin Kung Fu is a well known style of Kung Fu. This Chinese martial arts was developed by the monks at Shaolin Temple, Dengfeng, Henan Province, China. Nevertheless, Shaolin Kung Fu has evolved as the temples spread across the world, to countries like Malaysia and Singapore. Shaolin Kung Fu incorporates 'Hard' and 'Soft' fist systems. HARD FIST is based on speed, rhythm and spectacular hand and foot techniques. SOFT FIST is based on slow movements that flow together. The main Elements of Shaolin Kung Fu include Shaolin Animal Forms and Katas (Tiger Form - Trains for shock to the bones, Crane Form - Trains the sinews, Panther Form - To strengthen the body, Snake Form - To build Chi, and Pa Kua Form - To nurture the spirit). Shaolin Weapons include the Long Staff, Short Staff, Sword, Fan, Kwan Dao (Also known as Guan Dao, Dragon Head, etc), and the Shaolin Spade. Finally, Meditation and Qi/Chi techniques like Qi Gong (Chi Gung) and Chakras and Meridian Points.

  • Shorinji Kempo - Shorinji Kempo is a Japanese martial arts that combines personal growth, health and spirituality with self-defense techniques such as punches, kicks, escapes, throws, etc. This is taught as a form of physical and mental therapy.

  • Siljun-Dobup - Siljun Dobup is a sword-based martial arts based on a fusion of Japanese and Korean traditions. This martial arts style focuses on developing the skills to use a katana as well as "ki, breathing, flexibility, control of strength and focus".

  • Sojutsu - Sojutsu is a Japanese martial arts that focuses on spear fighting. This martial arts is also known as Yari Jutsu. Sojutsu uses a weapon known as a Yari. This traditional martial arts weapon has a long wooden shaft with a straight metal blade attached to the top. There are 2 basic sets of Sojutsu technique these are mounted (on horseback) or on foot. On foot the Yari is used against opponents armed with other long reach weapons such as the Naginata and was especially good for fighting a mounted opponent. Sojutsu techniques include blocks, thrusts/stabs and slashing attacks.

  • Tai Chi - Tai Chi is often seen as a "gentle" martial arts style because many seniors use its slow movements in order to improve their health & balance and to reduce stress. Nevertheless, Tai Chi also has "harder" sub-styles and variations that include vigorous self-defense techniques.

  • Tessenjutsu - Tessenjutsu is a Japanese martial arts that uses Tessen (or War Fan). These metal fans were used as a martial arts weapon in ancient Japan. Tessenjutsu is "defensive in nature and especially useful for disarming and restraining opponents. The tessen is not only a powerful weapon for uchiwaza (hitting techniques) and tsuki- waza (thrusting techniques) but is also very effective for applying pressure to nerve points or for kansetsuwaza (joint-locking techniques) and shimewaza (strangulation techniques)".

  • Wing Chun - Wing Chun is a Chinese martial arts focused on strikes, grappling and weapons training. Wing Chun's specialty is close combat. It uses simultaneous attack and defense with footwork that drives it towards the body of the opponent. Force and strength are dealt with through positioning, structure, and timing rather than with more brute force.

॰N/A/O/G - Energy Manipulation (Soul “Pure” Element):
The general energy based attacks and manipulation that Neviah uses are of a pure alignment, no matter the stage of her power. The colors or aura of such might change, but the purity of its source does not change. If Neviah were to cast a general blast of energy for example, it would have no elements aligned with it, nor would it have any general race’s alignment either. It is the purest form of energy that can be produced, and is rich in potency. The downside however is that it is sourced to Eden and to Neviah only, meaning to breakdown or attempt to use such energy without the given consent of Neviah can be disastrous. When an individual attempts to absorb such energy, they would first notice that the energy is of a divine state, so if it enters their body without the will of Neviah allowing it, it would begin to purge and burn the soul of whoever attempted to take it in.

॰N/A/O/G - Photogenic Memory:
Photogenic Memory is where an individual's memory is so detailed and powerful, that Neviah can remember every detail of any point in time through her own eyes. She also has the memories of her Mother and Father, and some of her aunt Claire Clixx as well which have expanded her memory database from the added minds. From this, Neviah can remember anything, and everything that she, or her family has experienced and remember every single detail about it. Memories will never escape Neviah's mind.

॰N/G - Aura of the Shamans:
Due to Neviah gaining a mass of her Family's memories, she was able to see and recollect when her Father learned and obtained the Power known as Aura of the Shamans. Due to this, Neviah studied it fiercely and tried to obtain its powers. She became successful, but not to the full degree. She is able to sense all elements, and speak with them, as well as obtain their aura and she is able to do it well, but she is not entirely able to wield all elements yet as she needs the guidance of her father to help her complete the training.

Quote :
Aura of the Shamans:

Aura of the Shamans is one of Ceon's last learned techniques. Like Ceon's signature that he can place into those he loves or into his opponents, it will tell him everything he needs to know about his opponents’ movements/vitality. He can feel them move through the air, shift the wind, go through water, walk on the earth, and the flames of life in general. If it involves the spirits or the elements in anyway, Ceon can feel it and sense it. With Aura of the Shamans and his martial arts/weapon masteries, he is without a doubt a deadly weapon and can even fight multiple enemies at once without a problem. Especially seeing as this also allows him to speak to the elements, and communicate with them and make requests...

The powers within this aura are: Life within the Flames, Slicing of the Wind, Flow of Water, Shifting of Earth, and Rupture of Spark. The Life within Flames tells Ceon about the life forms around him. It will tell him either if they are alive, dead, or almost dead giving him a reading on their status within the battle. It works on friendly and non-friendly targets. The Slicing of Wind tells Ceon what he wishes to know about the alterations within pressure and atmosphere. If someone is flying/moving within the open air, Ceon can read it and perfectly. The Shifting of Earth is the same as it reads what is causing movement on the earth and below it. The Flow of water reads movement and condensing/expanding of water molecules. The air has water within it, so it works perfectly with slicing of air, and as well as reads the shifting of water, and finally the Rupture of Spark is an effect that takes time. When Aura of the Shamans takes effect, it will absorb the elements around him pertaining to fire, water, earth, air, and ect. After a while, the aura will change colors around Ceon and shift to a predominant color pertaining to its element allowing him to have abilities/effects of the element selected. Once the Aura glows yellow, Ceon will now hold a personal nuke to which causes an AoE effect and shoots outward. The effect of the damage can alter between fire, water, air, earth, lightning, or a mix/different ratio of each. To activate it merely takes seconds, but to use Rupture of Spark takes a while to put into effect

॰N/A/O/G - Cycle Sight:
Cycle Sight is a passive ability that can happen either by Neviah’s choosing, or subconsciously. Cycle Sight allows Neviah to see the varying events taking place in time in front of her, based upon what she is focused on. If Neviah is focused on a specific landscape, she will be able to see the landscapes cycle from its past, present, and future all at different moments. If Neviah is focused on an enemy, she will be able to see their actions, previous actions, and appearances based off time in the past, present, and future as well. When Neviah activates Cycle Sight, her eyes will appear to have small clocks within the Iris’ of her eyes, and they’ll give her the sight within her field of vision. When acting as an activated ability, Neviah will be able to control what she wants to see, based on what she is focusing on. She can focus on seeing the future of whatever she is targeting, its past, or just stick with the present. If the ability is activated subconsciously, then Neviah will not be able to control what degree of time she is looking at, instead she will be forced to see a specific moment that Time is trying to warn her of. If there is a disturbance coming that’ll cause a severe risk to Time, or Neviah’s safety, then Cycle Sight will push itself to activation and attempt to warn her. Only down side is, if Neviah’s field of vision does not cover where the threat is coming from, she will not be able to sense the danger ahead of time. Cycle Sight is a key ability for Neviah, as it is the precursor to most of Neviah’s abilities reflecting time. Neviah cannot change or alter certain events in time unless she can see the repercussions of such events, thus Cycle Sight provides that insight, given she does exactly what she intends to do.

॰N/A/O/G - Diamond Dust:
Previously known as the Sands of Time, the Diamond Dust is an evolved form of mineral that aids in the control of Time, as well as Neviah’s main tool for her abilities. The Diamond Dust flows throughout the entire realm, acting as a sort of flow for time to follow, and aids in the rules that applies to the laws. The amount of grains that make up the Diamond Dust is impossible to count, as it covers all realms of reality, keeping the laws of time in check based upon the rules that apply in each respective realm. Neviah cannot control all the Diamond Dust at once, but when needed, the Dust will come to her beck and call. The Dust can become any sort of weapon she desires for her preferred fighting style, and can even produce up to 300 weapons max at once. These weapons will hold an extremely strong durability, as when the dust bands together and becomes an object for Neviah’s use, it’ll hold the same density as Osmium.

Of all the weapons that the Diamond Dust can produce for Neviah, there are three with special qualities that Neviah uses for specific abilities or stages of her power. The first would be a Bo Staff that Neviah famously uses while in her Neutral Stage. This Bo Staff doesn’t hold any particular special ability except that it emits an aura that makes it immune to altering effects. This means that if the Bo Staff were to collide with a force that causes all objects within its proximity to ignite into flames, the flames would be untouchable to the staff. It’s the perfect martial weapon for Neviah as it forces her opponents to respond in martial tactics to her staff instead of using supernatural methods on it.

The next weapon that the Diamond Dust can become with a special quality would be the Omega Scythe. This Scythe is dark in appearance, giving off a dark and dreaded aura, as though it hungers for the living souls and energy to satisfy its hunger. This Scythe has a special quality in the blade of the scythe, in that the blade “Ends” whatever supernatural/artificial/non-living matter it comes in contact with. For example, if someone were to launch a major attack at Neviah using an energy beam, if the Blade of the Scythe comes in contact with such, it will not absorb it, but will simply end it, causing it to instantly dissipate. This only works for the Blade, thus if Neviah attempted to block or use any other part of the Scythe, the effect would not take hold. The difference between this weapon and the Bo Staff is that the Staff simply establishes an immunity from whatever ability attempts to affect the staff. The Scythe ends any ability that the blade contacts. The Blade of course has a second passive, and that is known as Harvest. The passive ability gives the Omega Scythe the ability to absorb Eden Souls and restore them to Neviah. This can work on all other souls, but it would require the souls to be in a stage of “death” and disconnected from their bodies. When the soul is Harvested into the Blade, it is used to energize Neviah and keep the scythe nourished.

The third form the Diamond Dust can take are a pair of fans known as Origin and Rebirth. These fans are about two feet in length and can be used for self defense by allowing Neviah to parry and block with the fans when they’re closed. When the fans open however, that is when their unique ability begins. Origin has the capability to use Elemental attacks, allowing Neviah to create streams and flows of Fire, Lightning, Water, Wind, and Earth. These attacks can be used to give added effect to other abilities, or used to provide elemental assistance to whatever Neviah is attempting to perform. The abilities can be so powerful as to create class 5 tornadoes, or even Hurricanes depending on how much Neviah uses the fan Origin. The real threat from these fans comes from Rebirth however, as Rebirths special ability is to instantly return any ability that Neviah previously casts to return one time if it is nullified, blocked, or destroyed. This will return the ability for one last chance, and return it to its previous channel, location, and power. For example, if Neviah was attempting to channel Soul Refabrication and she was interrupted, cancelling the channel and ruining the ability, Neviah could use Rebirth to bring that exact same ability to its previous position, stage of channel, and power before it was diminished. The same can be said for offensive abilities, where if Neviah fires a blast of energy at an opponent, and the opponent destroys it, Rebirth can re-summon that same ability one time to where it was destroyed, with the same power, same trajectory and all.

The last Special Weapon that the Diamond Dust can conjure is a purely crystallized Wakizashi, Neviah called the Soul Edge. The Soul Edge appears just like Neviah’s former Glass Wakizashi that she used when she was a Shinigami Memory Rosary, but this blade is a combination of her Father’s Wakizashi, her Mother’s Spear and her own Wakizashi. This blade is special in that it can channel Neviah’s Soul Touch into the blade, allowing the blade to become incorporeal on will and phase through the physical domain, attacking a target's soul directly. The best way to stop this attack is to dodge the blade entirely, as Neviah’s arm will most likely phase through the physical domain as well if she were to attack a target’s soul directly. This blade share the same ability with her Bo Staff in that it cannot be affected by external abilities or supernatural abilities. When Neviah uses this blade, she will most likely be in a very serious state, and this blade can only be accessed and used when Neviah is in her Goddess form.

॰N/A/O/G - Soul Chamber:
Soul Chamber allows Neviah to store the loose souls of her allies within her, keeping them safe from harm or exploitation in their most vulnerable state. This works for all souls of Eden, and willing souls of the current Realm given the soul is willing to accept Neviah’s offer. When Neviah takes in a soul, she’ll gently absorb them in through her chest, and the soul will share space with Neviah, being able to speak to her via telepathic communication, as well as see and feel everything she does. The souls can be removed by Neviah on will, and if the soul wishes to eject, they can jump out of Neviah given enough willpower and determination to be free, if they have a reason to need to exit their safe haven. While stored within Neviah, the souls cannot be stolen, but will feel everything that Neviah feels via physical contact.

॰N/A/O/G - Spirit Communication:
All beings of Eden are connected to Neviah in the way that all their souls come from Mirokumaru, the previous Goddess of Time and Souls from the Garden of Eden. Due to this, Neviah holds a spiritual communication with all spirits from Eden, allowing her to speak via a telepathic link. and sense them whenever desired.

॰N/A/O/G - Energia Recyclia:
After Neviah uses all her energy in the Eternal Garden, or restoring souls to the living, Neviah will be forced into what is called Energia Recyclia. Neviah cannot control this ability, as the laws of the Diamond Dust force Neviah to endure it no matter what she does. When Neviah is expunged of her energy through any means, the Diamond Dust will rush to Neviah, causing a giant storm and time will become unstable for a moment.The Dust will encase Neviah in a cryostasis of some sort while crystallizing her in the Diamond Dust for protection. While Neviah is encased within the Diamond Dust, she will be asleep and defenseless outside of the Diamond Dust’s protection. For Neviah to completely revive from the Diamond Dust after being powerless, it takes roughly 5 minutes to do so. The time can take longer if the Diamond Dust is disturbed and needed to protect Neviah within the crystallization. If the Diamond Dust is broken and Neviah is not restored to her maximum energy, then she will awake from the temporal hibernation and attempt to continue her bout with whatever energy the Diamond Dust was able to give her. When Neviah awakes from the Energia Recyclia, the Diamond Dust that is used to help her replenish herself will no longer be able to be used by Neviah for combative reasons, since it’ll take an entire day to float in time and regain its energy. This means that if Neviah becomes fully restored from Energia Recyclia, all the Diamond Dust that was used to protect her would become useless to Neviah for a day. This doesn’t mean however that ALL her Diamond Dust is unusable at this stage. Instead the amount of Dust she can use is reduced. For example, instead of being able to summon 300 weapons with the Dust, it is now reduced to 150, and halved each time after Energia Recyclia.

॰N/A/O/G - Timeless Body:
Due to Neviah’s body being forever locked in the state of Time it is, Neviah’s body cannot forgo any change outside of what happens to her physically. This means Neviah’s soul cannot be altered, controlled, manipulated, and that her body will always remain in the appearance of her age, as well as form. She cannot sprout additional arms if gone under radiation, nor if she is hexed would her body give in to the power that inhabits it. Now of course Neviah will naturally feel pain, and if her body were to be broken/damaged, she would feel that pain and have to suffer its effects, but if a supernatural attack were to change or melt her skin for example, Neviah’s timeless body makes it immune to any sort of alterations. This is also to include supernatural healing of the soul by any means from the current realm. This means if there are spells to heal Neviah’s soul, it would have no effect. Additionally, Neviah’s memories cannot be altered or adjusted due to the Memory Index within Memoria Irrepo. To continue, if Neviah’s body were ever broken down and separated from her soul by any means, her soul would disperse and become one with the Diamond Dust within time. The reason for this is that the Diamond Dust will protect the Soul of the Goddess of Eden. As dictated by Eden, there must always be two Goddesses, and thus Neviah’s body will begin reconstruction back in Eden from the loose energy that dwells currently in the Valley of Screams. Once Neviah’s body has reformed, her soul will torrent out of the Diamond Dust, thus restoring Neviah to her being, and restarting her position from step one.

॰N/A/O/G - Dead Language:
Dead Language is an ability that allows Neviah to speak, understand, and write all languages within the realm, whether they are exclusive to a race, or even if they’re long gone. This includes Demons, Shinigami, Angels, Hollow/Arrancar, Quincy, and all different races of humans that use ancient languages, to the most common. Neviah can discern between all languages, and correctly translate instantly what is being stated, the origin of the language, and the races that tend to use it.

॰A/O/G - Indelebilis:
There is a private realm for Neviah where she can go to collect her thoughts, or even drag allies/enemies to for a more personal fight. This realm is known to Neviah as Indelebilis, but to most, they know it as the “End of Time”. To get there, Neviah travels so fast ahead in time to a point where Time can no longer register. This doesn’t mean that time has ended and that the realm time is currently connected to is over, it just means that time hasn’t gotten that far ahead yet on the future of the realm. This realm is a dark one filled in darkness. The ground is covered in a sea of silver sand that is the Diamond Dust and Sands of Time mixed together, but inactive and thus used to mark the terrain of the land. Additionally there are giant broken gears surrounding the realm, about as big as the moon itself. These gears are mostly broken and just embedded into the terrain of Indelebilis. This realm has no laws of time surrounding it, thus Neviah will have more freedom of time control in the realm, allowing her to decide the pace of the realm’s time flow, choosing the make it faster or even slower than that of the natural realm. Additionally Neviah can use the Diamond Dust, but not the Sands of Time within this realm, as the Sands of Time belong to the natural God of Time within the realm. To leave this realm, individuals will need to be taken back by Neviah or would need to find a way to rip a hole in time. If able to, then the laws of time will restore the individual back to where they were before being taken to Indelebilis.

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[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls CnMIWML
Power of a Goddess

Neviah is unable to use all of her abilities from when she first attained the ascension, and thus has to grow and adapt her abilities. The N, A, O, and G represent modes in which Neviah will have access to the following abilities.
N - Neutral
A - Alpha
O - Omega
G - Goddess

॰N/A/O/G - Time Bomb:
Time Bomb is a delayed ability where Neviah will set an explosion to go off in a circular area of effect, but delay its trigger. It can be placed as a projectile, and Neviah can place a total of 5 time bombs at once. The area that the bomb covers is about 20 feet in diameter, and can be set on a delay from half a second to 1 minute. The ground that the Time Bomb is placed will show no obvious signs of the bomb being placed other than the color of the ground the Time Bomb inhabits would be a shade darker than its normal hue. For example, if a Time Bomb was placed in a grassy field, the are the bomb is placed will have a shade darker green than the surrounding grass. When the Time Bomb goes off, the area within the circle will ignite and cause a contained devastating explosion. Time Bomb can be stacked, where all 5 are placed atop one another for a compounding effect. If caught within the Time Bomb when it explodes, the victim will notice time distorts to a point beyond time for a moment, causing an anomaly. Within a split second, that anomaly is corrected and will attempt to purge whatever is in the zone by an explosion. Thus the victim will feel more than potential impacts, lack of oxygen, and burns, but they will also experience a moment in which they did not exist, and their soul will be in pain from a displacement in a mode in which they did not belong. It is similar to the pain the Memory Rosaries felt for simply living, in which their souls were in pain for constantly fighting for survival in a realm they did not belong in.

॰N/A/O/G - Blank Control:
Neviah is capable of controlling Blanks like her Aunt Claire, and using them to whatever means she needs. Neviah can summon potentially an infinite amount of Blanks, as they're originated from lost and forgotten memories of all living beings in existence, and due to there being an unfathomable amount of living beings, the amount of Blanks surpass that, as they live in the Valley of Screams. When summoned, Neviah can use them as an energy fuel source for her Zanpaktou, or she can use them for information or any other need. An example of what Neviah can do with blanks is either use them to fuel her Zanpaktou, or even use them to turn into surroundings and objects to recreate a memory from her Photogenic Memory.

॰N/A/O/G - Dimension Control:
Like her Mother and Aunt, Neviah will have basic control over dimensional travel. She won't be able to travel excessively, but she will have access to the Living Realms, Soul Society, and the Valley of Screams, allowing her to open and summon holes between the dimensions when needed. It takes little to no effort, and she can travel through the paths, or she can send projectiles into one of the dimensions, or open her source, the Valley for access to her Blanks. One thing Neviah is also learning is how to proxy the dimensions between the living realms and the Valley, allowing her to potentially travel to other worlds like Hueco Mundo, and even the Kokuryuteshi Realm.

॰N/A/O/G - Spirit Manifestation:
The spirits that follow Neviah are known as spirits of Eden, a realm that is not natural to the one currently hosted in, and they are currently the beings that are under Neviah's watch as a Goddess. Currently to survive in the realm, the spirits of Eden had to attune their souls to a piece of the current realities existence, in which to not submit to nothingness and become Blanks. By doing so, the spirits have been able to survive for eons, but their powers are not at their fullest, and they're in a weakened state. Neviah is able to tune the souls of the Spirits of Eden, allowing them to survive in the current reality without shackles or limiters to live by. This enables freedom for the spirit, and complete independence, as well as the ability to reclaim the spirits power and full potential.

॰N/G - Zen Garden:
Zen Garden is an ability that when activated, the Diamond Dust from all space surrounding time will gather, and create a 10 square mile Zen Garden with Neviah and her target at the center. The Zen Garden will have beautiful flows and cycles within the dust to show the currents of time and how it passes through the land, with some of the Dust hardening together and forming rock-like formations in the middle of the Garden. This garden will act as a battlefield type of ability for Neviah, allowing her full control of all the dust gathered within the 10 square miles, allowing her to summon weapons on the fly, create sandstorms, or even attempt to imprison/anchor her target(s) with the dust. The dust can shift density, allowing it to become soft like sand and quicksand, or it can solidify to create towering mountains and structures. The amount of dust within that ten square miles does not diminish when terramorphing, so if Neviah were to create a mountain the size of Mount St. Helens for example, it would not diminish the size of the Zen Garden. It would reduce the volume of dust in use, but the size would remain.

॰N/O/G - Never Ending Cycle:
When Neviah activates Cycle Sight, she has the option to record events that are about to take place, and if she does, her ability to see into the future or past will be disabled while she is recording. During the time that Neviah’s Cycle Sight is recording, the Diamond Dust is paying attention to every event that is taking place over and over, recording every word said, movement made, and ability thrown, as well as the people that leave or enter the area from the field of vision of her target(s) and herself. Once Neviah records enough information for enough time, Neviah will attempt to gaze into her opponent's eyes. If successful, the opponent will become encased and protected by the Diamond Dust, locking them in time, as the opponents mind will begin to relive repeated events of what had occurred when Neviah began recording. This is a mental ability that repeats the cycle that was recorded by Neviah and replays it in the mind of the target over and over, till they are able to accomplish something great within their mind that Neviah sets as the objective. Once they become locked within the cycle, their body also becomes locked, stuck in that cycle till they emerge from it, so any sort of physical strike on the being will be impossible. For example, Neviah can place an enemy in a cycle that has them talking forever till they come to realize they talk too much, and in reality, their body cannot be touched for it's forever locked within that current state. Once the target emerges from the Never Ending Cycle, they’ll return to who they were and only remember the last thing that they saw before the cycle took place. The Never Ending Cycle can also be fought off by Willpower, as to reduce the duration of the effect.

॰N/A/O/G - Memoria Irrepo:
Memoria Irrepo is an ability that allows given physical contact with her target, she can see and read all known conscious memories of her target. She will be able to see all the way back to the targets origin, their upbringing, hardships, successes, failures, and accomplishments. This does not mean she can read their minds or whatnot, just see what they see, as well as feel what they feel. To begin the ability, one of Neviah’s hand will glow a faint blue, and when the contact is made, her eyes will light up instantly in that blue hue, as what appear to be images of that individual's memories and upbringing flash into Neviah. The same will roughly happen with the target, in that they will have a moment where it feels like their life is flashing before their eyes. After Neviah performs the Memoria Irrepo, the memories will be archived into her Photogenic Memory, allowing her to recall the target's history and memories to the point she interacted with them. Given the opportunity to make contact with her target, and they are willingly allowing Neviah to search their memories, this will give Neviah the ability to see into unconscious or locked away memories to potentially aid her target in their mental healing. All Memories Neviah gains and archives can be displayed and shared with targets using either physical contact to give intended memories for the target to obtain, or the Diamond Dust can reenact a scene from an archived memory to share with an audience.

॰N/A/O/G - Frame Expansion:
Within each moment in time, movement and action is recorded in frames through the smallest measurement of time possible. Frames are very short moments in time, in that only one natural action can actually be performed within each frame of time, but what Frame Expansion allows Neviah to do, is force 9 additional actions within a single frame of time. How this works is when Neviah goes to perform a physical action, she will engage Frame Expansion at the last possible moment, freeing her from the restrictions and bounds of time. From this, she will engage in a maximum of 9 additional actions within the same frame of time, and when she reengages time, all 9 actions will be performed at the same moment. For example, if she goes to attack an enemy and leads with a punch to the torso, she can activate Frame Expansion Within that moment, she can add an additional punch to the gut, face, neck, and a kick to the ribs and shins, and the finish with the punch to the torso again. When time continues, the frame will engage and all proposed actions will take place, making all those physical attacks connect. Additionally, if Neviah were to use the same attack type in the same location for multiple uses of Frame Expansion, her impact would be doubled for each subsequent strike. What this means is that if Neviah were to engage a punch on someone’s torso, and activate Frame Expansion to deliver 9 additional punches to the same place, then the impact would hit 9-fold. There is a drawback to the ability in that if one of the punches are blocked when her strikes are in different locations, it will cause an anomaly, and all former proposed attacks made after the blocked attack within the frame will not connect. So in the previous example, if Neviah’s fourth out of eight punch that was declared is blocked, then the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth attacks that were engaged dissipate and no longer go through.

॰N/A/O/G - Paradox:
Given certain actions that take place, and involve actions of inanimate, non-living, or artificial origin, Neviah can copy the action that led to that event from a different point of origin, matching its power equally. The copied ability will be of Neviah’s affinity, meaning that if the enemy releases and absorbs their own energy, if Neviah Paradox’d the ability, then the opponent wouldn’t be able to absorb it so naturally. How this works is that when an enemy channels or casts an ability that is inanimate, non-living, or artificial, Neviah will imitate the channel, and cast it from a vectored trajectory different from the original ability casted. The Paradox will either collide with the previously fired ability from the opponent, or perform the same actions from a point B, different from where the original ability was cast. The downside to this ability is the channel, in that if an opponent takes one second to fire an ability, it’ll only take one second for Neviah to mirror it. If it takes two hours, it requires Neviah to also take two hours in which to copy the event to cast the paradox’d action.

॰N/A/O/G - Soul Touch:
Neviah is capable of many things, but one thing she's able to do per her power as a Goddess, is she is able to directly touch another's soul. At any given moment, Neviah’s arms or legs will glow a golden aura, making them incorporeal to the physical realm. This means that whenever Neviah activates such an ability, and wishes to strike the soul of her opponent, her hands/arms or feet/legs will phase through physical objects and make only contact with souls. If she were to strike at her opponent with a punch to the torso, and they attempted to block with a blade or their arms, Neviah’s hands and arms would phase through the block, going directly for the soul and making physical contact. This puts Neviah at risk, as her torso and head regions cannot phase to this realm, leaving an area that can be repelled or blocked. When contact is made, Neviah can either deal damage directly to a target's soul, leaving their physical body unharmed, but damage to a soul is much heavier and extreme. Additionally with Soul Touch, Neviah can heal and nurture the souls of those damaged or in pain with Soul Touch.

॰N/A/O/G - Soul Chains:
The Soul Chain is what connects a body and a soul together. When a soul is disconnected from the body, it doesn’t mean death, but it leaves the body immobile and the conscious transfers to the soul, taking them beyond just the physical realm. If the chain is ever cut, then it brings death to the body, and puts the soul between realms until they are delivered to Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, etc. What this ability allows is for Neviah to wield chains like the soul chains, as well as summon and manipulate chains that hold the same potency as a Soul Chain. For example, Neviah can summon the Soul Chain of nearby living beings and use them to connect to a target in attempts to anchor her target, or she can connect two individuals chains to aid in their soul survival. Another method of this ability is to summon as many chains from soul based energy traces in the surrounding areas. By taking the energy that has the properties of soul type energy sources, she can create chains and use them for whatever methods needed. She can anchor them in various locations, use them to attack opponents, or even attempt to connect/restrain enemies. To break the chain, one must overcome the origin of the chain with an attack that is of higher property than the soul. For example, if a chain is summoned from a flower, then to destroy the chain, an attack that can destroy a flower must be used. If a chain is summoned from a 0 tier individual, then an attack of appropriate caliber is required to break such a chain. Additionally, Neviah can make contact with a target's Soul Chain, granted that she uses Soul Touch to get in range, and if she grabs it, she can use it for a grappling method on her opponent, or she can pull the soul from her target's body, activating the secondary ability Suspended State.

॰N/A/O/G - Suspended State:
While Neviah holds the capabilities to use Soul Touch to directly make contact with a target’s soul, as well as Soul Chain, she also has the ability to force beings into a Suspended State. What happens is if Neviah managed to use Soul Touch and successfully grab onto the Soul Chain of a living being, she can pull and separate the soul from the body, and force that being into the Suspended State, putting them in a between living and death and suspending them in the Astral plane. While in the astral plane, a being cannot be killed or revived, as they must reconnect their soul and their body through their chain, as the weight of one’s soul is the number of burdens that hold them back. If a character doubts themselves, they would find the weight of their soul quite heavy and difficult to handle, whereas if one has no doubts of themselves, their soul might be lighter. Additionally, once the soul is placed back into the body, the soul chain connected will take one minute for each foot that has left the body to return, meaning once a soul is back in the body, if 10 feet of chain hangs out, it’ll take 10 minutes for the chain to fully re-enter the body. Once the soul and chain are fully returned to the body, the individual would be returned to their last realm from the Astral realm. Another thing to note about the Astral realm is that they can observe everything of the previous location, being a sort of observer stage. Neviah can enter the Astral realm at will, so if she needs to speak with someone privately, she could force a being into the Astral realm via the above methods, enter it, and speak there. Then to expedite their return, move the chain and the soul back into the body, returning the target.

॰N/A/O/G - 6 Gates of Perfection:
When Neviah casts the 6 Gates, she can summon in any placement up to 6 giant Torri gates. Each gate has a door on it that reflects symbols from the 6 perfections, generosity, morality, tolerance, energy, meditation, and wisdom. When these gates open, they open a special realm parallel in time that only Neviah is able to enter. From the outside, the gates appear to be opening into space, but instead it shows areas similar to Indelebilis, the world beyond time. When Neviah enters one of the gates, she walks outside the realm of time, allowing her to emerge from any of the other doorways, or even throw projectiles from the gateways. For example, if Neviah were to enter one of the gates, she could instantly emerge and attack from another gate the very moment she enters one completely. The gates cannot be entered, but can be destroyed given enough effort put into attacking them. If Neviah is ever inside a gate when all are destroyed, she then just manually uses Time Control to return to the point of time in which she is combating her target.

॰N/A/O/G - Time Malfunction:
Time Malfunction is a dangerous ability that essentially gives Neviah a redo. What happens is that when actions are set into reality and Neviah interacts with said actions, she can activate Time Malfunction to reverse said interactions. This uses up energy from the Diamond Dust, as it is sending Neviah back in time essentially to change reality by altering an event or two of her own capability. This also reverses all surrounding objects and living beings currently in the realm of time, as it wouldn’t make sense for Neviah to have a dagger within her chest and to activate Time Malfunction for that dagger to remain within her chest. Instead all beings and objects are reversed to an established checkpoint, allowing only Neviah to recollect the actions that happen before activation of Time Malfunction. This doesn’t however mean that Neviah’s body returns unharmed. If Neviah is harmed just before she engages in Time Malfunction, she takes the pain and memories of what she had endured back in time with her, meaning she could return to a moment in time worse off than she was. When Neviah uses the ability Time Malfunction, she cannot control the Diamond Dust, as the Dust is currently reversing time within the realm to a given point that Neviah demands. Once Time Malfunction returns Neviah to her desired origin point, the Diamond Dust can be used again.

॰A/G - Yggdrasil:
The Life Tree from Eden, this is Neviah’s key ability for many of her life enhancement abilities. When Neviah wishes to summon Yggdrasil, she’ll hold a small seed within the palm of her hand, dropping it to the earth. Once it makes a connection to the earth, a large circle will cover a mass of ground, marking where the Tree will grow.
Using Neviah’s control over time on itself, the giant World Tree takes less than a minute to fully develop and ingrain its roots in the major living and death realms of the current reality it grows in. The size of the tree is enormous, as the trunk alone covers a radius of quarter mile, and the height goes will into the clouds, where the first set of branches are seen just below cumulus clouds (6,500 ft). The tree can be seen by all from far and wide, and it’s aura can be felt by all who even bare witness to its roots in different realms.

Once grown, Yggdrasil gives off an aura that all who are born from Eden can sense, giving a feeling of healing and tranquility for peace of mind, allowing those wounded mentally or physically to take in the serenity of Yggdrasil to mend their wounds. Additionally, a spiritual link is established between Neviah and Yggdrasil, allowing Yggdrasil to channel and prepare, as well as cast abilities for Neviah, acting as a proxy for Neviah to focus on what is in front of her, and allows Yggdrasil to protect itself. Its most popular ability to copy is Paradox, and the same restrictions apply to Yggdrasil as they do to Neviah for Paradox to be cast. If a physical movement is required for an ability to be Paradox’d, then Yggdrasil cannot copy that ability.

Yggdrasil back in Eden, is an essential part of Eden, thus it is connected with the flow of souls from that realm. When Eternal Garden is cast, Yggdrasil will act as a major platform, assisting Neviah with the channel and the selection of souls for rebirth. When souls are selected to be reborn, or when new souls are to be created, flowers will bloom from around Neviah and on the branches of Yggdrasil. From the flowers are the souls selected to be reborn, and will return in peak condition to their desired stage of life. (To understand more about Eternal Garden, see below).

One of the key assets of Yggdrasil is that it can act as a surrogate for the Maidens, Titans, and Goddesses of Eden, allowing their souls to be restored within its branches to be reborn within the flowers of the tree. If any of the souls are busy being restored when the tree is cut down, then the souls current progress is set, and they’re immediately ejected from the Tree before falling and becoming one with it. When all 5 maidens become one with the tree however, they can join together and become a copycat Goddess of Eden, one of their key functions to aid in keeping balance within Eden (For more information, read about Serenity and Insidious below).

The tree Yggdrasil, is the World Tree of Eden, making it very important to the land, and is built from the flow of souls of Eden, as well as sharing a connection with Neviah. Due to such, conventional methods of tree cutting or absorption, and burning does not eradicate Yggdrasil. If enemies do get past its defensive attempts, then the ways Yggdrasil can be handled is through a character's coup de grace that is capable of affecting soul based lifeforms. If and when Yggdrasil is fatally struck by such an attack, the tree will fall and cause potential damage to the surrounding elements. Once the tree has used its last bit of life energy, it’ll activate its rebirth, and revert all of its being back into a seed to return to Eden. If Yggdrasil has to engage in rebirth, then it cannot be used again by Neviah for a week, so that it may restore itself in Eden.

॰O/G - Zantetsuken: (Party consent ability)
Zantetsuken is an ability that can only be used when Neviah is wielding her Omega Scythe. This means she either has to be in Omega Form, or in Goddess Form to cast. When using Zantetsuken, Neviah’s Omega Scythe will glow a deep purple and time will begin to shift. As time begins to shift, Neviah is selecting the precise moment in which to swing her Scythe at whatever it she is targeting, be it an opponent, ability, or anything currently existing in time. If struck, it is instantly brought to Omega, and forced to immediately end. This therefore, pushes the target beyond death and the soul struck by such an ability is reaped and sent instantly to their realms Death. If used on a Soul from Eden, the soul is returned to Neviah. If used on a Soul from the current realm, it would be sent to Death, and if used on a Sugi, their soul would be sent to their God relative to their end of being. The physical being or body of the soul that had been reaped would disintegrate into dust, and become one with the Diamond Dust. If used on a non-soul target, then the target is removed from it’s point of origin, and this entirely ends the non-soul oriented target. For example, if an extremely potent ability was used, and Zantetsuken was used on the ability, the ability would be cut from time, and dissipate.

॰N/O/G - Imprisonment: (Party consent ability)
Imprisonment is an ability that scares Neviah and thus she scarcely uses it after her first attempt. What this ability does is that after Neviah is able to use Memoria Irrepo, Neviah will hold her hand out, as if she’s going to snap her fingers, focusing entirely on the target she is aiming her ability at. A time circle will begin to surround the target of Neviah, while the target will begin to see all their memories play before them in a near instant. The Diamond Dust will fly violently around Neviah and her target, ensuring that the ability is not disrupted. Once Neviah snaps her fingers, the memories that the target shared with those of importance, whether they be friends, family, loved ones, or even enemies, they will be forgotten by the world. After the end of the ability, nothing in the world will be different, it’ll seem as though nothing happen, but to Neviah, Imprisonment is worse than death. What this means is, if Neviah activates this ability on an enemy, everyone will forget all their important interactions with said individual, all while the target remembers everything as clear as day. All emotions, interactions, and conversations will be gone, but they’re not gone forever. They’re suppressed in time, and for them to be reclaimed, the target and the associated party would have to perform the exact same actions that established their relationship in the first place. For example, if a target and an associate became best friends through a shared hobby event, then for the associate to reclaim all their memories of the target, they would have to engage in the same hobby event.

॰O/G - Premonition:
When Neviah’s Cycle Sight is active, she has the opportunity to strike a Premonition to her opponent once per encounter given they make eye contact with her. When the eye contact is made, an immediate battle of willpower will be established, where if the targets will is weakened or lower than Neviah’s, then the Premonition will take place. What will happen is will take a memory in another timeline, where the target is killed, and implant the memory of the event into the target, making it feel as though they were just killed by said event. The feeling of it will feel so familiar, and the emotions will be raw from the event, making the victim feel as though it really did happen. It will only take less than a second in reality, but in the mind of the victim, it could feel as though it lasted forever. Of course, it will just be a false memory, and meant to haunt the target.

॰O/G - Relapse Collapse:
The ability Relapse Collapse is a dark one, in that what it generally does is it consumes all major senses of those within its aura, and takes everyone into its curse. This ability affects everyone, even friends and allies as there is no one that lives without a burden in their heart. How this ability works is, Neviah will begin to channel what looks like Memoria Irrepo, however her hands will glow a dark purplish glow, similar to that of Zantetsuken. When the energy within her hands releases, a dark aura will emit from Neviah’s central location and surround her in all directions with a 300-foot radius. All living beings caught within this aura will be consumed by all 5 of their senses, and be instantly taken back to the darkest place in their memories. This is a hypnotic ability that will test the mental fortitude and willpower of those captured within the Aura of Relapse Collapse. When trapped within the aura, if one experienced physical pain in their past, connected with their darkest memories, then they would see and feel that pain once again; however, it is merely an illusion and their real physical bodies would remain fine. Additionally, everyone goes through their darkest memories at different paces. Some hold problems that can stem on for hours, while others only take a brief moment to remember and suffer, then once they survive their relapse, they are free from the Aura’s curse. For this ability to last, Neviah needs to channel and remain focused on keeping the aura up, but if Neviah were ever broken from her concentration, then the aura would cease and those caught within it would be free from its clutches.

॰O/G - Phantasm:
When Neviah casts Phantasm, she no longer becomes corporeal to the living realm and disappears. Instead Neviah will reappear behind all souls that she has touched with Soul Touch, and becomes attached to them. While in this state, Neviah will appear as though she is emerging from the backs of all who are currently affected, and she’ll be staring down at them. While in this state, she cannot be physically touched or harmed, but she too cannot cause physical damage to those she is connected to. Instead she will see the memories of those she currently inhabits, and constantly whisper their darkest experiences back into their minds in their own voice. She will play a mental game with all affected, and challenge the victim's willpower. Additionally she can communicate with those she is connected with, allowing her to flee bad situations by hitchhiking onto another's soul if need be, but she has had to have touched that individual's soul. If she loses the willpower battle from the afflicted soul, then the victim will be free of the Phantasms curse. Once all of the Phantasms curses are removed from all victims, Neviah will be returned to her previous location.

॰O/G - Chain Graveyard:
Chain Graveyard is an ability where Neviah will summon a mass of Soul Chains connected to no souls, and instead connected to whatever non-living source Neviah selects. These chains, which can be summoned in quick succession, and will either connect to other areas to restrict movement and area, or will seek out a target in which to attempt to connect with their soul and anchor them. Neviah can also summon a chain to use as a weapon, connected to nothing on either end, as to use for her mobility or attack/defensive strategies. Now these chains have a couple special features, as they are not connected to any souls to begin with. First is these chains will emit an aura that absorbs the energy in a very short distance surrounding the chains, as well as absorb the living energy of whatever they’re connected to, feeding it to Neviah. The other feature is that if the chains ever make contact with a living individual's physical self, it’ll connect to their soul, absorbing the energy and anchoring the victim. To break these chains, the chain would need to be dealt an attack comparable to the amount of force that would kill the victim that’s currently attached to it. These chains are extremely difficult to break, as they are coated in fragments of Diamond Dust, making them unbreakable from conventional methods.

॰A/G - Brave Shine:
Brave Shine is a difficult ability for Neviah to use, as the ability essentially makes all mortal souls surrounding Neviah immortal for as long as she is able to channel the ability. What happens when Neviah casts Brave Shine is that she will appear to gain about 8 additional arms, and have 10 in total. The additional arms are not real, but instead are parts of Neviah’s soul reaching out and syncing with Neviah to perform this ability. When Neviah’s arms are out, she will strike a stance that’ll resemble a form of prayer, in that her main hands will join together, and all the outer arms will each be making a different hand gesture. Once Neviah’s main hands join in the prayer, the channel will begin, and the bright light will create an aura that’ll make all souls, enemy and ally, both immortalized for as long as Neviah can hold the stance, or till she breaks her channel. This ability only immortalizes the soul, not the physical body, thus if an ally were to suddenly take a sword to the chest, they would remain living, but now with an object lodged within their rib cage. Additionally they would feel no pain, as all pain would be removed while Brave Shine is activated. To interrupt this ability, all that needs to happen is Neviah needs to break her prayer. If she is struck by an attack, but still holds her prayer, then the effect is still active. If the attack is either strong enough to break Neviah’s fortitude, or even potentially kill her, it’ll cause Neviah to forcibly break her stance, and Brave Shine will end.

॰A/G - Soul Refabrication: (Event Only)
Soul Refabrication is an extremely stressful ability for Neviah, as it takes both her powers of time and souls to come together to perform a revival of a soul to return to life temporarily. The soul, depending on its stage of death, will require time for Neviah to locate and access for revival, as there might be other forces attempting to lock the soul away from free access. When the soul is finally accessed, it’ll be brought back with a set amount of time on it. Additionally, the Diamond Dust will create a body out of itself for the soul to inhabit and perform said actions. The body will be like that of a doll, in that it will not translate pain to the soul (Unless the soul is dealt pain directly) and it’ll be much more durable than the natural human body. The Soul will have access to all of their abilities and powers, as well as previously set amount of energy, memories, and strengths. After Neviah performs such an ability, she will need rest depending on the soul revived. If the soul is of a 0-tier, she will need rest, as the amount of energy needed to summon said soul will have nearly depleted her and she will take a moment to recover. Once the time is up on the soul, the Diamond Dust will break away from the body and return to time itself, and the Soul will be taken to any appropriate level of death it desires. If it desires Hell, Heaven, Soul Society, or Hueco Mundo, or even Eden, it’ll be granted access to said realm. If performed while Neviah is her true Goddess form, it doesn’t wear her out as much as if she used it in Alpha.

॰A/G - Goddesses Blessing:
When Neviah holds her two fans, Origin and Rebirth, she can cast an ability called Goddesses Blessing. This is an ability that is used on others of Neviah’s favor, to grant the the temporary ability of Cycle Sight and a heal on the recipients soul, lasting for an hour. This heal is minor, but mends the soul, as well as provides tranquility to the mind of the individual as well. Lastly, the ability provides a mental link between Neviah and all who receive her blessing, allowing for telepathic communication between all parties involved. The main perk of this ability is the Cycle Sight that is being given to those who accept it. For an hour, it allows the users to see 5 seconds before and after time for what their field of vision allows. If an individual can only see with their eyes, then they can see what happens 5 seconds before and after within that field of vision, but if another user can see from a much broader perspective, that means the ability is spread to all forms of that individual's vision field.

॰N/G - Eden Eternal:
Eden Eternal is an ability that affects all beings that live within the respective laws of time. Eden Eternal, when cast, will cause the realms of Eden and the current realm to merge in certain areas. This will cause time to distort in different degrees and sizes all over the realm, and depending on the stage that Neviah is in, her control is different. If Neviah is in her neutral form when attempting to use Eden Eternal, she will not have any control over the sizes of Eden that overlap the current realm, as well as she will not be able to control the amount of patches that appear, and what they do. Some could be very large and others could be quite small. While Neutral Neviah will be unable to control the ability, if Neviah is her true Goddess Form, she can control the ability perfectly. She can select which zones are affected, their sizes, and their actions. By Actions, Neviah can select if the zones are in the past, future, or if the laws of time are distorted to make them go faster or slower. Being within the zones will cause the laws of time to affect those who are currently within those zones, but for those who the laws of time do not affect (Soul Touched), they will be able to move freely through the sped up or slowed down zones. The Future/Past Zones play a different role however, in that if someone is currently inhabiting a Past Zone, and an enemy from outside the zone launches an ability, since that zone is in the past, the second the attack crosses into the past zone, it dies out since it didn’t exist in the past. Souls/Living beings within the past/future zones, if they did not exist in those times, they do not phase out, they are instead just placed in a different moment of time temporarily within that zone.

॰N/A/G - Soul Fabrication:
Soul Fabrication is an ability that allows Neviah to create a brand new soul. She can set the power of the soul’s potential, and have it fight for her, or the soul could be used as a living battery, or perhaps the anchor to a Soul Chain ability. These souls that are created are of the Eden origin, and do not participate in the current Realm’s life cycles, thus the natural soul is given eternal life, free from death by timely effects, and when mortally wounded, the soul is returned to Neviah, returning the energy remaining within the soul. The power within the soul would also depend on the stage that Neviah is currently in, and to create said soul requires some of Neviah’s own divine energy to create. Neviah’s divinity is not transferred into the new soul, but instead is the spark it needs to grant it life once it has been established into the realm of the living. Depending on the power within the soul, Neviah may have to be at a certain level in which to create said soul. For example, if the soul holds the energy/power between a 3 tier to 6 tier, then any form of Neviah is capable of doing such. If the tier is between a 1-tier or 2-tier, then it would require Alpha/Omega or Goddess form to perform such a task. If the soul is a 0-tier level soul, then Neviah would have to be her Goddess stage, and have a connection to Yggdrasil in which to cast. Additionally, depending on the level of the soul, it can take anywhere between less than a second to create, to a whole minute. Lastly, Neviah cannot create an unlimited amount of souls instantly, since the souls are using part of her power to exist. Thus she can only create the amount of souls reflective to what she can handle. For example, she can make thousands of 6 tier souls at a moment's notice, but only a couple 0 tier souls at a time.

॰G - Light Beyond the Boundary:
Light Beyond the Boundary is a summoning ability, where when Neviah casts the ability, a bright light will shine from her, and distortions in time will begin to surround her. Emerging from these distortions will be all souls summoned by Neviah, no matter their stages of life or death. The only requirement to such an ability is that if they are a soul not of Eden, then they must accept the invitation from Neviah in which to be Summoned. If the Soul is from Eden, then it has no choice and must come to their Goddess’ call. Another exception to this ability is if a Soul is trapped within the Abyss, or held by Death. Neviah cannot steal from Death, just as Death cannot take from Neviah. The beings who are summoned will appear surrounding Neviah and her bright shining light, ready for whatever she summoned them for, as when they are transported from their previous location, they are informed of the reason of their summoning before they arrive at the location demanded.

॰G - All Sight:
All Sight is an extremely powerful ability, as when Neviah activates it, she will be able to see all past, present, and future events in all realities of time. This means that if something isn’t going to happen in the current reality in the future, Neviah can see a parallel reality in which said event does occur. This ability is key for the ability called Alter, as Neviah will not be able to cast such an ability without All Sight. All Sight’s field of view is only as big as Neviah’s field of vision, thus she cannot see what is behind her or above and below her unless she looks. Therefore, she may see what is happening in front of her in all parallel realities of time, but she won’t be able to see it above, below, behind, or to the side of her unless she looks.

॰G - Rebirth: (Event Only w/ Staff Approval)
Rebirth is different from Soul Refabrication in that this is a true rebirth ability. This ability takes time to channel, as Neviah needs to find and locate the soul in question, and once she finds it, communicate with it. If the soul is from Eden, the Neviah can restore the soul with no trouble at all, but for any soul that is not of Eden, then the power to do so becomes quite different. Firstly, the soul would have to agree to be reborn from Neviah. If the soul rejects Neviah’s rebirth, then she cannot revive the soul. Once the soul agrees to rebirth, then Neviah will once again set up a direct connection to the soul, but this time, time kicks in as well. As the soul is summoned from its current area, time will reverse around the soul, granting the soul’s previous body. If the soul died a Shinigami, then their body and stage of life will return as a Shinigami. Their powers, memories, and everything about them will fully be intact when this ability is used, and give new life to the soul targeted. Additionally, depending on the tier of the soul, it takes longer for Neviah to fully grant Rebirth. If the soul is a weak one, it’ll take but a moment, but if the soul is that of a high level tier, it could take Neviah moments to summon the complete soul, and that’s after convincing it for rebirth and reverting time on the soul.

When Neviah uses Rebirth, it should be obvious to most, if not all who can see her in their field of vision. The ability goes against the natural laws of life and death, thus time and space would slowly distort around Neviah, while her Diamond Dust would be hard at work to keep time stable as she brings a soul rebirth. The torrenting Diamond Dust would almost act like a sand tornado, attempting to deflect oncoming attackers while the distorted space would intercept incoming projectiles. At the end of the ability, the soul targeted will be completely reborn, but Neviah will most likely feel drained. She will need to take a couple moments to gather her energy up to get back into the fighting condition. The reason this tires Neviah out is mainly due to the fact that the soul targeted would be located in a realm that Neviah has no real affinity with. If Neviah were to summon any soul to rebirth from Eden, it would be simple since Eden souls are all attuned to her. When a soul is attuned to another God or source, having to locate and bring that soul to her takes a lot of energy, as Neviah isn’t giving the soul her energy to revive, she’s reversing the soul's life time, bringing their being back to the moment before they died, and at their peak condition.

॰G - Eternal Garden: (Event Only w/ Staff Approval)
Eternal Garden is one of Neviah’s top abilities. When Yggdrasil is out, Neviah has the ability to cast Eternal Garden in which to revive, summon, and create a mass amount of souls. What happens is when Yggdrasil is still healthy and full on energy reserves from harvesting loose soul/spirit energy, it’ll notify Neviah that it’s ready to merge Eden. Neviah will then become surrounded instantly with a massive landscape full of flowers not yet in bloom. The flowers will surround all seen landscapes, Yggdrasil, and seem to stretch out forever. From this moment, Neviah doesn’t have to cast the ability, she can instead wait to cast Eternal Garden, as she may have to defend herself, allies, or even Yggdrasil, so this stage of Eternal Garden can be set at a pause for a moment.

When ready however, Neviah’s Light Beyond the Boundary will cast from Yggdrasil, and time will distort while wind blows from the giant World Tree. The flowers that have yet to bloom will flow with the wind, as the ability Light Beyond the Boundary is channeling souls into the flowers of Eternal Garden to become reborn, or born for the first time. Once the soul is completely transferred to a flower, the flower will bloom, and emerging over the bloomed flower will be a completely revived soul of the summoned warrior, or born for the first soul. This ability is a mass revival for all who may have recently died, or are perhaps needed for an oncoming challenge to face ahead. The downside to this ability is that all souls summoned or reborn from Eternal Garden are changed in that instead of being normal souls of the realm they are familiar with, they become Eden Spirits. When Yggdrasil casts Light Beyond the Boundary, the souls that become channeled from their original location to the flower of their rebirth go through a conversion to become Eden souls. They will still be able to use all their previous abilities, have access to all their previous memories, the only major difference being that they become a Spirit of Eden. Depending on the power of the soul restored or summoned, they may become as strong as a Maiden or Titan of Eden, and if they are, they become a Titan or Maiden of Eden, sharing the perks and abilities of such.

At the end of Eternal Garden, the flowers and vegetation stay active till Yggdrasil falls, as the flower pedals will begin to fall off after their soul is born or reborn, and when that happens the pedals give off a restorative aura for all Eden spirits on within the ability. This aura will restore all Eden Spirits back to their peak conditions and prepare them for what is to come. Once the Spirits are restored, summoned, and reborn, this will take all of Neviah’s energy and force her into Energy Recycle stage, causing the Diamond Dust to encase her in a crystallized state, and force her to sleep till her energy is restored, locking her in time till she is completely restored and ready to perform her actions as Goddess once again.

॰G - Judgement - Repentance - Heavens Fall:
When Judgement begins, Neviah’s eyes will glow in their respective colors based upon their Alpha and Omega symbols, and Neviah will obtain a golden halo-like mantle above her head. Additionally, her wings will spread out wide, and Judgement will be cast. When Judgement is cast, Neviah will light up, and name three sins that will be judged. The sins can be Extortion, Murder, Theft, Betrayal, Arson, Rape/Sexual Assault, or even Accessory to any of the above, but if Neviah proclaims Accessory, she must be specific (i.e. “Accessory to Murder”, “Accessory to Betrayal”, etc.). Once the Sins have been declared, all who physically see Neviah will fall under Judgement, where if they are guilty of any of the declared sins, then their soul will add an extra ton of weight for each sin guilty of (For example, if you’ve murdered 3 people, then you’re guilty for murder, not guilty 3 times for murder). Additionally, if those who are being judged have a burden or guilty conscious, then each thing they feel guilty for will add extra weight to their soul, at one additional ton per guilty act.
Once each individual who sees Neviah has been judged, a giant magical circle will appear, reaching out in radius to the last person caught within Judgement. The cast time for Judgement and its light is only 15 seconds, as once the light ends, the magical circle will set up a containment field The field will be circling those within its grasp, not letting anyone in, only those within the circle out. Neviah will be at the center of the circle, as she is Judging all those caught within her light, and the Diamond Dust will be protecting her while she channels this ability, acting like a glass-like sandstorm. This will cause her to keep a channeled stance, unable to move as she is focusing on her ultimate ability. If there are beings within Judgement who hold no conscious guilt, and they are not guilty of any of the sins mentioned by Neviah, they can just walk right out of the circle, or attempt to attack Neviah in which to stop Judgement from proceeded into Repent.

Part two of Neviah’s ultimate ability, she will speak of the sins all are presently guilty for, as their are either weighed down by their soul's, consciousness, etc. From there, the counter will begin, as the giant magic circle below everyone will glow and change colors. When the circle first appears, it will be a vibrant array of colors, but the outsides will begin to change to white, working its way along the outlines of the circle to the center. This is the count down, and it lasts about 10 minutes in total. Once the countdown begins, all who are affected by Judgement will be cast asleep, and taken to a dream where they will be reacquainted with their first of many regrets or sins. These are the trials to repent for your own soul, and what Neviah dictates you guilty for. Starting with the strongest stage of guilt of the individual, whether it is from Neviah’s declared sins, or the conscious of the individual, the victim of Repent will be taken to the moment where a choice needs to be made. Do they kill the individual, or forgive them? All relative pain and memories of the event will be current, meaning if the character in question is facing a life or death moment where they are holding many wounds around their body, and the one they are about to kill has just murdered their loved one, all those emotions and feelings of pain will surface, giving complete immersion of the event in the past. From that moment, the character will make their choice, and move onto the next event, till all events are finished with their chosen actions.

At the end of each characters Repentance, they will have the added weight of Judgement removed based on the decisions they made during Repentance, depending if they change their actions or not. If guilty of murder, and the character chooses to forgive instead of murder, that sin is forgiven, and the weight of the sin is relieved. If they choose to murder again, then the weight stays. The victims will awaken at different intervals based upon how long it takes them to go through each mental trial, and accept their actions and their sins. From the moment they awake comes the last part, and that is Heaven’s Fall.

Heaven’s Fall:
Once each victim within Judgement wakes up after their Repentance, they now have to leave the circle. If weightless from being forgiven for their sins, then those within Judgement can just walk right out, but if still weighted down, then that character will have to fight that weight and attempt to leave the circle of Judgement. They can be helped by allies, but they must leave the circle, as at the end of the time limit, once the circle becomes completely white, all will crumble under the weight of Heaven’s Fall.

When the time is up, all who are within the Circle of Judgement who are still weighed down by their sins will take damage to their bodies, mind, and soul based on the amount of weight that remains. The light within the circle will become blinding, and from above it’ll appear as if Eden’s Sanctuary, the land that floated above Yggdrasil in Eden is falling from above. The damage will be physical, mental, spiritual, and magical based on the level of weight each character suffers within Judgement. Once the ability is over, Neviah can no longer cast Judgement/Repentance/Heaven’s Fall on those who have already suffered Heaven’s Fall. If characters who have previously suffered the Heaven’s Fall are once again caught within Judgement, they will not be affected by Neviah’s Judgement anymore, and will be free to leave the circle at any time. If a character has previously been caught by Judgement, but escaped before Heaven’s Fall hit them, then they are still at the mercy of the ability once again in the future.

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[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls TbVnevI
Maidens: Serenity & Insidious


॰Maiden Appearance(s):

Serenity is the sweet and loving side that reflects purity and innocence as a Maiden. Serenity is similar to Neviah in physical traits, thus she stands at the same height of 5 feet and 1 inch, and holding a very frail body frame. She has white angelic wings that expand about four feet in length, and go from her head to the back of her knees. Serenity also wears a light orange dress, as she welcomes the warm summer colors that match her red hair and blue eyes. If one looks carefully, they can see cut marks on the legs of Serenity, to signify the sacrifice she takes to ensure the peace and harmony of her surroundings. Within her grasp is a large Wagasa, or as most would identify it as an Umbrella. This Umbrella’s handle towers over Serenity at 6 feet in length, with the shield of the Wgasa having a diameter of 4 feet. It has a beautiful red design with white flower petals circling it.

Serenity’s Personality:

॰Kindness and Compassion

When Serenity was created, she was given the title as the Grace of God, where she was seen as the one who believed in innocence, and the good in others hearts before anything else. Serenity cared deeply for others, even her enemies as she will sometimes try to avoid fighting at all costs, and instead attempt to work things out via peaceful communication. Additionally, Serenity will take hits and pain for others, as she tends to prefer taking pain for others, than seeing others in pain. There will even be times where she tries to convince her own allies to not strike down enemies, as she wishes for second chances and would prefer to see life flourish, and not look down the path of death for any soul possible.

॰Timid and Shy

Neviah shares the previous personality traits as Neviah, as she is very shy and timid when it comes to communicating or interacting with others outside of her inner circle. Serenity is really only comfortable with interacting with the other Maidens, Titans, and Goddesses, otherwise Serenity will attempt to avoid idle conversation and leave the interactions to the other Maidens. When Serenity is confronted, and has no need for protecting others or saving others, she will tend to freeze up and become immobilized. Sometimes she will frantically search for someone to deflect interaction to, in hopes of avoiding any sort of communication with others. Don’t expect much out of Serenity if you appear intimidating or rash, as Serenity would most likely take a note from the book of the goat, and freeze up in hopes she is ignored.

॰Duty Before Self

Now while Serenity might be nervous and shy around others, one thing remains and that is she can always be counted on. Serenity holds in her heart, a deep sense of Duty to relieve the pain of those in the realm, by taking on their pain and healing through tranquility and nurturing. With this, Serenity was bestowed the title Grace of God, due to her nature of wishing to bring peace and healing to all around her. When it comes to the Goddesses, Serenity follows obediently, and will follow orders whenever instructed. The only times Serenity will break orders is when she is told to end life, or when she sees a chance to save an innocent life. Otherwise, her duty as a Maiden comes first, and she will stand by her Goddesses and protect them to the best of her abilities.

॰Serenity Passive/Racial Abilities:

॰Defensive Master:
Serenity tends to not be very prolific in combative experience and lacks finesse, thus she tends to stick towards back lines in fights. She specializes in defense and healing, as her wings tend to heal the wounds of others, and her Umbrella can act as a shield, using the pain she receives from the wounds of others to power her Umbrella and make it stronger. She is a skilled combatant with her Umbrella, knowing its size perfectly enabling her to parry and block attacks, but she is unskilled in the manner of counters and offensive abilities. Generally when Serenity is under attack, she’ll protect herself and others who are under her protection until one of her sisters arrive to help.

॰Pain Tolerance:
Serenity is a Maiden who has taken pain from others for a very long time. While she was young in her lifespan, she always noticed that what caused others to hurt naturally, didn’t hurt her that much. This is due to Serenity being given an extremely high pain tolerance to her body and mind. While most when they stub their toe would scream in minor agony, Serenity pays it no mind. This enables Serenity to sustain massive amounts of pain and mental trauma, while still being able to perform. With even many broken bones and open wounds across her body, Serenity wouldn’t be too bothered by the pain, allowing her to perform her tasks, given her body is capable of such. For example, while Serenity might have a broken arm, ribs, and slightly fractured skull, she wouldn’t feel too much pain from such, allowing her to do what is needed to help others, and allow Self Restoration heal her as quick as possible.

॰Energy Harvest:
Energy Harvest is an ability that focuses on the pain that Serenity receives herself from allies in which to produce more feathers for her wings. When Serenity takes damage from enemies or receives pain from allies, these are the fuel to her Energy Harvest, producing more feathers for healing.. The upside to this ability is that the stronger the damage, the more potent the healing power she can produce. The downside is that the feathers do not work on Serenity, meaning she has to use other means to sustain herself, or hope Self Restoration works fast enough to keep her healthy. When the pain/damage is received, it is then Harvested into her wings which fuel the healing potential within each feather, allowing her to go and heal more damaged or hurt allies in their times of need.

॰Healing Feathers:
Serenity’s wings hold about 160 feathers in total, 80 per each wing. This feathers are capable of healing flesh wounds like cuts, scratches, bruises and breaks. They can even mend the mind based upon the sort of traumatizing damage sustained. The more feathers used, the stronger the healing potency. The feathers work by restoring the damaged parts of one's well being, and replacing them with Serenity’s current condition. This does not mean that Serenity takes on their damage, but instead if Serenity had a clear mind, and a healthy body, she would replace the targets damaged areas, overwriting them with her condition to ensure their safety and well being. If Serenity had a broken leg, then she can heal her targets leg if it is bleeding out, but it will share the same broken nature. The same can be said with Serenity’s mind, in that if her mental well being is safe and fine, then if someone she is with is in mental pain, a feather can replace the pain and share Serenity’s tranquility.

॰Self Restoration:
Serenity’s soul was specially made to always be healing and reconstructing itself. While most bodies heal over time, for example when a cut is sustained, the blood will clot and scab, then be healed. Serenity has the same capability but on a little bit of a faster scale and higher potency. When Serenity sustains damage from either taking it from others, or by default, her Soul will instantly begin going to work by repairing her body and mind. While it could take months for a bone to heal from the average human, Serenity can have a bone mended within 24 hours. Essentially, Serenity’s entire body and mind can be completely restored to tranquility and optimization within 48 hours total, 24 for body and 24 for mind. This helps when Serenity is taking the pain of others, and trying to keep others healthy in the heat of the moment.

॰Soul Alert:
Soul Search is an ability that signals to Serenity anytime there is someone in pain or close to death nearby. If a soul is at the edge of their life, or sustaining damage within 2 miles of Serenity’s position, Serenity will be notified of their location, allowing her to hurry to the source to provide aid if need be.

॰Serenity Active Abilities:

॰Separation of Bonds:
From the very start of when Serenity opens her umbrella, it will radiate brightly activating a 'Null Aura'. Serenity will expand a zone from the from the centerpoint being her Umbrella that’ll cause all enemies Serenity selects to become unable to use their racial abilities. For example, Shinigami will be unable to call upon their Zanpaktou, Demons will be unable to use their racial abilities, as with all other beings that Serenity labels an enemy within her zone. The main abilities of those within Serenity’s locale are still accessible to the users, only racial abilities are unable to be cast. For example, if an Arrancar that Serenity labels a threat were to enter the zone they would find that they’re unable to cast Cero from within the Null Aura, but once they leave the zone, they’re in the clear. Additionally, the zone is the same size as the great barrier that the Umbrella can cast which is around 250 feet surrounding the Umbrella. The Aura cannot grow any larger, however the Barrier can block all special attacks and grow larger from what attacks hit it (read Perfect Shield for more info).

॰Perfect Shield:
When Serenity opens the Umbrella in her possession, it’ll become her shield, as the top of the Umbrella is an impenetrable material, as soft as silk, but as dense and strong as diamonds. The material was specially crafted by Archa, the Goddess of Space and Existence, Neviah’s counterpart in Eden. The Umbrella is lightweight, allowing Serenity to wield it with precision and skill, blocking attacks and standing in front of those who need protecting. The special ability with the Umbrella however, doesn’t come from the shield, but instead the Barrier that Serenity can summon on will when the Umbrella is open. When first cast, the Barrier starts at about a 250 foot radius surrounding the Umbrella, and holds a beautiful blue glow to it, matching Serenity’s eyes. This Barrier is a special one in that it blocks all forms of supernatural attacks, as physical beings can easily penetrate it, but special abilities will collide with the Barrier. Additionally, when special abilities collide with the Barrier, it will absorb the energy of the blast from the impact, not the ability itself. For example, if an extremely power and fast cero was fired, the Barrier would absorb the energy from the impact to use towards making the Barrier stronger. If a very slow moving, yet extremely powerful blast collided with the Barrier, the amount of energy absorbed would lessen, making it much more likely that the Barrier break from the attack.

॰Pain Split:
Pain Split is a very risky ability that Serenity uses when her feathers either have no energy, or the life of someone is dangerously at risk. Serenity will place her hands upon the victim who is at the edge of their life, and will share their pain. Half of the damage and pain, physical and mental, will be transferred to Serenity, allowing the victim to sustain less damage and become more available for assistance. This ability cannot be used of death, as half of zero life is still zero. After Pain Split is used, Energy Harvest will kick in with Self Restoration in an attempt to heal Serenity as fast as possible while giving her feathers a giant boost to healing potential, allowing her to heal allies, giving that they’re not damaged where Serenity is sustaining damage.

॰The Immovable Object:
The Immovable Object is Serenity’s ultimate defensive ability. When faced with an attack that her Barrier cannot stop, and she has no other choice but to hold her ground, she will begin to channel the energy stored in her wings to her Umbrella. Once the energy has transferred, Serenity will plant her umbrella into the ground, and take a defensive stance. The Umbrella will then attain a large barrier with 5 layers in front of it designed like a white flower blooming outwards. The 5 layers can completely take 5 total attacks of any scale, but the downside to this is that even the weakest attack can destroy one of the layers. For example, if someone were to use their largest blast in their arsenal, the shield would be able to eat one of the blasts, but if the enemy were to use 5 small successive blasts, then launch their coup de grace, then Serenity would have no other charges to stop the attack. Once the attack is over, Serenity will be restored energy based off the amount of barriers of her shield remain. If none remain, then Serenity will have no more energy to take in, and would become powerless unless Energy Harvest were to create energy for her to utilize.

॰Dance of the Redeemer:
Dance of the Redeemer is a special ability that allows Serenity to relieve the pain of all those who surround her, and she alone will take it all. It is a dance that she will conduct, taking about 4 minutes to complete in total where if it goes undisturbed, and every detail is met within the dance, the ability will be channelled. Once complete, her wings will spread and silver feathers will slowly rain down on the battlefield, coming in contact with those who are most likely unconscious, damaged, or in extreme pain on the battlefield. Once the feathers touch the earth however, they instantly fade, unable to be picked up or used by any other parties after the ability is over. Those touched by these feathers of silver will suddenly feel relieved of all pain and suffering, mentally and physically, as their bodies will return to normal and appear the way it is naturally supposed to at the individual's last optimal moment. From there, all the pain and damage from everyone in the ability does not disappear, as all of it will be taken on by Serenity, and she will most likely be in so much pain, she’ll instantly blackout. This is a last resort mass heal ability that Serenity will not use unless deeply needed.

Redemption is Serenity’s only offensive ability, and one she is never likely to use, due to it conflicting with her own nature. If Serenity is in a severe mode of Pain and she cannot heal fast enough to defend herself or others, she can activate something called Redemption. When Redemption is cast, Serenity’s hands will glow a soft silver, where if Serenity is able to make physical contact with a target, all pain and damage that she has obtained herself, through Pain Split, or Dance of the Redeemer, she can transfer it all to that target she makes contact with. From there, Serenity will be relieved of all the pain, as it will have moved on. If Serenity is using this ability, she will even run through a sword just to make contact with her opponent, knowing that the pain and damage of the sword going through her will transfer to her opponent as well. While risky, Serenity will leave her luck to Self Restoration to keep her alive as long as possible. Serenity does not use this ability, because she wants to relieve others of pain, allies and enemies included.There are times however, when Serenity will see that she is left with an option, and that is to either let what she is protecting die, or she takes a chance and attempts to save others by hurting one.


॰Maiden Appearance(s):

While Serenity is the one spirit everyone knows about, the other is Insidious, a small girl the same size as Serenity but with black hair, sinister yellow eyes, an elegant black kimono while having no cuts or scratches like Serenity does. Given the title the Wrath of God, she is of course the reflection of Eden’s Malice, and shares the same size and features as Neviah. She stands at the same 5 feet and 1 inch, and instead of having a frail body like serenity, she is a bit more filled up, as she has a slight busy and more hips. She tends to appear in a short skirted kimono, accessorized by a dark red obi sash. An ornament can be seen above the sash in what looks like a hollow ninja star, as well as a demon-like mask on the side of her head. Be warned though, as this doesn’t play against her at all when she’s in a frenzy.

Accompanied by Insidious are her 4 Rings of Black with a yellowish glow to the blades. The rings change in size between 2-7 feet in diameter, and bladed on the outside of the rings, leaving the inside to be dulled for aerodynamic capabilities. These rings will be vibrating at an unseen speed, allowing them to cut nearly any object with their density and high speed vibration alone. On top of vibration, they also spin like buzzsaws at an obscene rate, coupled with the vibration allowing them their clean and extreme cutting abilities. When Insidious controls the blades, she prefers to use the manipulation while the rings spin like buzz saws. That way, she can control their direction and flow without having to harm herself with the blades. The power and force of the manipulations is the same as if she were holding them, so if her opponent is stronger, they can overwhelm the force of the manipulation, but if Insidious were to place her hand in the center of one of her rings and attempt to use them as melee weapons. When Insidious does so, the power and force behind the blades impact doubles.

Insidious’ Personality:

॰Twisted and Sadistic

While Serenity is the Grace of God, Insidious is known as the Wrath of God, having an affinity for inflicting pain and harming others, especially when given the opportunity. When regarding enemies or opponents, Insidious takes a much darker nature than what she naturally displays, preferring to see her target suffer and toy with them, instead of granting them the quick and painless death. Normally to most, Insidious would appear cold and brash, not befriending anyone, and being very harsh to those who would naturally attempt to speak to her. This is what most are used to, till they see Insidious fighting, and when her opponent is down. Laughing while they scream and seeing their fear fuel her passion, and shows a real darkness of what no one generally messes with Insidious.

॰Unforgiving and Untrusting

There are few that Insidious trusts, and they are Neviah, Serenity, Nanshi, Kaizaken, and Sekkyoku. Insidious particularly doesn’t trust the other 3 Titans, as she she once worked with Rurik (Demyan), and Aryian (Malek) who appeared more messed up than she was, as well as Benkei who betrayed Archa when she was Blood Queen. Due to this, it’s caused Insidious to be cautious with who she deals with from Eden, never sure who can be trusted or not, especially when she learned that it was Blood Queen that trapped her within the Valley with the others. Neviah is someone who broke Insidious of her cold behavior at first, when Insidious was messing with Neviah and would occasionally bring out her Malice. After Insidious and Neviah became close, Insidious would show signs of Friendship with Neviah and Serenity, but no others.

॰Dark Outside, Warm Inside

Inside of the twisted and violent Insidious is a side that actually values her bond with Serenity and Neviah. When alone with Neviah or Serenity, she holds a sort of affection for them, wanting to keep them safe and earn their respect, as she likes the attention from them from time to time. Serenity would sometimes hold Serenity, helping her calm down when she’s about to enter a frenzy, and Neviah would compliment Insidious at times that would cause her to blush and smile a little. While she would normally come off cold and hateful towards all she is not familiar with, or untrusted, when it comes to Neviah or Serenity, Insidious has a soft spot, willing to do whatever it takes to have them smile her way once more.

॰Insidious Passive/Racial Abilities:

॰Offensive Tactics:
While Serenity prides herself on her defense and ability to protect, Insidious is the most martial of all the Maidens with her nearly all offensive fighting style. Insidious prefers to be quick, agile, and powerful, not giving her opponent time to strike or get on the offense. Using tactics akin to melee with her deadly rings, as well as using them as boomerang-like projectiles, Insidious is one to go heavy on offense, sometimes forgoing her own health and wellbeing if she is able to get off a more lethal hit. Once Insidious lands a successful strike, she’s known to have large repeating combos that continue her savage rampage, but if her attacks are blocked, she has to reset, otherwise she couldn’t be countered, and that is an area that Insidious isn’t too prolific in.

॰Fueled Rage:
Insidious is the most violent of the 5 Maidens, holding the mindset of strike first, speak later. To her, she’s never had problems getting others to surrender to her after she beats the crap out of them, nor had to deal with drama if there was violence first. Insidious holds a very high amount of strength behind her punches and melee attacks, but as Insidious becomes angrier and enraged, her strength grows with her anger. The maximum amount of strength that Insidious’ power can grow comparable to her anger is four times her current level of strength, making her originally able to punch through boulders, and at max, capable of ripping steel in half and punching a clean hole through a mountain. The calmer Insidious becomes, the more her strength reduces, making her weaker.

Frenzy is when Insidious lands a successful strike on an opponent causing any degree of pain, she becomes faster, fueling her excitement to cause more pain. The degree of speed in which Insidious gains is based off the level of pain she gives on target, lasting until she becomes calm. If she were to scratch her opponent, the amount of speed she attains would be small, but if a large attack were to severely pain her opponent, causing blood to spill, her speed would spike, maxing out at double her base speed. If fighting multiple enemies, she would retain her speed boosts, still maxing out at double her base speed if she acquires enough, and the speed would reset once all her opponents are defeated, or her mind calms.

॰Blood Sense:
This is an ability comparable to Serenity’s Soul Alert, where if any blood is spilt within one mile of Insidious’ location, she will be able to sense the direction, as well as the amount of blood lost. This will allow Insidious to sense if it is a fight, or a silly mistake based off the blood lost, so she may decide if she needs to go to the location or not. This is a sort of 6th sense of Insidious’ meaning it goes beyond smell, sight, taste, sound, etc. It is a sensory type of ability that pings Insidious’ subconscious, informing her of the fact.

॰Energy Harvest:
Energy Harvest works in the same way that it does for Serenity, with a minor change. The Energy Harvest with Serenity is that whenever she receives damage or pain from allies, she is able to produce feathers for healing. For Insidious, whenever she deals pain or causes pain, the exact area and method in which she caused such pain on targets is healed on Insidious within 15 seconds of the damage being dealt. For example, if Insidious were to slice an opponent's chest, while her chest were cut, in 15 seconds, her chest would become healed of such damage. This ability does not work for missing limbs or organs.

॰Blind to Pain:
Insidious has an interesting pain tolerance scale. When Insidious is fighting normally, she cannot sense pain unless she physically sees it. Due to this, Insidious doesn’t tend to look at herself when fighting, as she will feel no pain unless she actually sees the damage she has sustained. Now of course if her arm is cut off, or if her bones are broken, then she’ll physically move in such a way, but if she does not actually see the damage, she will feel no pain from such. Additionally, when Insidious grows in rage, she will become less vulnerable to pain, meaning if she becomes fully enraged, it doesn’t matter if she sees the damage she has sustained or not, she will feel no pain whatsoever. No mental, physical, or emotional pain, only rage.

॰Insidious Active Abilities:

॰Scars of Eternity:
Insidious’ black rings have an odd glow to them, filled with a negative energy that when contact is made, it performs something special to wounds inflicted. These wounds are called the Scars of Eternity, as when they taste blood, they pour some of their negative energy into the wound, infecting it with an anti-healing magic. This magic makes those inflicted with the wounds unable to naturally heal, as well as they cannot be healed by conventional methods. It would require the attention of either serious medical abilities, or Serenity’s feathers. For example, if a dangerous cut was inflicted upon an opponents with a remarkable self healing ability, they would notice their cut not healing, and would have to give it heavy medical attention, comparable to an 80+ Kido spell, or relative to the same power, as natural healing through time and passives are blocked from doing their job.

॰Ring Suppression:
Insidious when in control of the rings can use an ability called Ring Suppression. What will happen is any number of 1 to 4 of her rings will disappear, and reappear with their target in the center. The rings will suppress their target in a motionless zone, and spin around in a spherical motion in an attempt to trap them within. This zone has no forms of motion within it, meaning if the victim attempted to fly, run, or perform any other moment, they would notice that they cannot move from the center of the created sphere. Additionally, this ability is a sort of double edged sword in that the outside of the rings are bladed and wield Scars of Eternity, so from the outside, to get in or attack whoever is inside would be extremely dangerous. The best way to break out, is to overpower the rings by performing a sort of internal explosion, by disrupting the cycle of the rings moving in a spherical pattern, thus causing them to become imbalanced and release the victim.

॰Unstoppable Force:
When Insidious wishes to have something go through or into something, she will activate Unstoppable Force, an ability opposite of Serenity’s Immovable Object. Insidious will take all four of her rings, merging them into a single gigantic spike ball. This spike ball is 50 feet in diameter, shares the same density as diamonds, and is connected by a soul chain that channels Insidious’ very strength into the force of its target. When Insidious throws the chain forward in motion, the giant spike ball will maximize in kinetic energy off the start, reaching a max velocity of 700 miles per hour almost instantly. The spike ball will travel in a perfect vector, unable to change directions until it comes in contact with any object in its path. Once it collides with an object, halting its momentum is denied to the spike ball, becoming like a Juggernaut and destroying or taking with it, whatever is in its path. If an individual attempts to block the spike ball, they’ll be forced forward with the spike ball colliding it with any other object, or the ball will change trajectory, forcing all the momentum onto the defender. The downside to this ability is that it cannot change direction until it collides with something, otherwise the ability needs to be cancelled if it has no target in its trajectory.

॰Iron Maiden:
If Insidious wishes to capture or torture her opponent instead of obliterate them, she could use her Spike ball for an ability called Iron Maiden, instead of Unstoppable Force. How this works is that it’ll still have the same kinetic energy boost, pushing a maximum velocity of over 700 miles per hour, and it’ll still only be able to move in vector format, being unable to change direction unless it collides with something to allow its trajectory to change. Only difference this time is that when the spike ball gets close to its target, it can split in half, and attempt to capture the opponent within the ball. Once done, Neviah will retain her target within the ball, and have the option to have the spikes that stick out of the ball, turn inside instead and “Iron maiden” the victim inside. She can control the spikes one by one if desired to torture her victim, as well as gain all of her passive buffs along with it. If the giant spike ball is destroyed, then the fragments will return to the 4 rings previously, and push forward.

॰Devil’s Advocate:
When Insidious puts on her mask, she becomes influenced by her dark nature, giving in to its fill of power, and endless rage. What this abilities does is gives Insidious movement through shadows, while maximizing her Rage and her Frenzy. She will be able to travel through all natural shadows that extend farther than one foot from its source. This means Insidious cannot travel between shadows if it were high noon for example, as shadows would be at their shortest. If Insidious is within shadows when they’re all cut off, she will be exported from between the zones of reality and shadows and return to her previous entrance point. Also while Insidious wears her mask, her power and speed will be maxed, even if she has caused no one damage. The downside to this ability is that she will be without her conscious, attacking whatever moves. She will attack friends, family, enemies, you name it, if it moves, she will attack it, even non-living objects. She will even attack trees that blow in the wind. Now of course she will have a pecking order for how she attack these objects/enemies, and they’re based on the level of threat they apply to Insidious. Everyone is a threat to her, and the largest threats will be attacked first, whether they’re living or nonliving. If an ally is going to attempt to subdue her, while an enemy stands by, Insidious would see the larger threat coming from the ally, thus attacking her first. Insidious doesn’t generally like to use her mask, but she keeps it on her, as a reminder of what happens when she loses control.

॰Death Blossom:
Insidious can become quite powerful, especially when enraged and dealing damage to her opponents, but the downside to those abilities is that she collectively loses her mind, and goes more and more on a rampage. Death Blossom is a flower that has yet to bud located within the center of the hollow ninja star accessory on her outfit. The flower is never budding, and has already remained as a seed since Insidious was first created. When the flower does grow however, her power will expand beyond their limits, and she will activate something called Death Blossom. When the flower blooms, Insidious’ rings will shatter, becoming 100 cherry blossoms. These blossoms will envelop Insidious, giving her a light pink glow and tribal tattoos will appear all around her arms and legs. The cherry blossoms will follow Insidious while in this mode, as they’re the catalyst for this ability. While in this state of trance, Insidious will have her strength and speed doubled from Frenzy and Rage, while also being able to keep her mind in tact. Additionally, she will also become immune physically to all special attacks and defenses, meaning if she is engulfed in supernatural flames, she would remain unharmed. The Cherry Blossoms on the other hand, are completely vulnerable, and once each one is eradicated, Death Blossom ends, and Insidious would be rendered powerless, as her rings would disappear. This is Insidious’ final ability and if defeated, she would know she is out of luck.

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[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls A4QHnfK
Titan: Kaizaken

॰Titan Appearance:

Kaizaken The God of Storms
While in public, Kaizaken appears as a small lightning ball, no bigger than a softball, however; the real God of Lightning and Storms is far different than what most see. Kaizaken can constantly manifests in a form visible by others, which is the little fairy form, and will communicate to others for Neviah if needed, but his real form is something most never expect, which is that of a 30 mile long Chinese dragon that shines a golden yellow.

His power is so intense and raw that it could be felt distances away. He has two long whiskers at the front of his nostrils, and has two arms and legs, with three claws on each limb. He has horns that aren’t meant for attacking, but more for aesthetic purposes. He has black eyes and speaks with an extremely low baritone voice when speaking in his true form. In his smaller form, his voice is pitched a bit higher, but is easily comprehensible by all who listen carefully. His scales will shine a brilliant golden aura when reflecting the light, and lightning courses through his body and will spark from his claws whenever he makes contact with any other thing aside from clouds.

Kaizaken is Father of the Elements, and the elements are monitored by Kaizaken's many scions. Their names are Salamander the Flare, Aquarius the Capsizing, Crystallis the Earthen, and Aero the Torrent, all elemental dragons that harbor within Kaizaken. These scions are all beings in which Kaizaken created to aid him in monitoring the elements, but there was one scion that Kaizaken kept trapped within him, Bahamut. When the elements enter a rage and cannot be contained, or when Kaizaken has entered into Cataclysm and a giant black dragon appears, that is Bahamut making his appearance through Kaizaken. Bahamut's appearance is exactly like Kaizaken's but all black and dark red eyes. The reason for this is Bahamut is a part of Kaizaken, and thus they are the same. All Titans, just like the Goddess’ of Eden all have a light and dark part of them to ensure balance is always maintained. His length will be over 30 miles and will shine a purple aura. When Destruction is released from the elements, Bahamut will appear and seize control, leading Nature to a path of Destruction.

॰Titan Personality:

Duty to the Goddesses

After the creation of the Titans and the realm of Eden, Kaizaken was always around the Goddesses, as his fellow Titans took in some of the Maidens and roamed their new lands to learn what they could of their existence and their capabilities. Kaizaken on the other hand, stayed in the central part of Eden, where he would converse with Sekkyoku and Archa upon what they desired for their realm, and how best he could achieve that. He ended up growing a connection with Mirokumaru, and slowly discovered his emotions for her as they grew close. As time went on, Kaizaken would do his duty from the Sanctuary of Eden, allowing him to be inseparable from Mirokumaru, doing whatever he could for her. Even when their realm was destroyed he placed the Goddesses first, doing whatever he could for Mirokumaru, even when he was with Ceon, trying to protect Senna while wielding Miro. Now that Neviah is the Goddess in Miro’s place, Kaizaken might not always be by her side, but he will be watching over her, waiting to come to her need whenever she calls.

Stern and Wise

For most who knew Kaizaken, they knew he would place logic and truth first, while doubting anything that cannot be taken as concrete. While Kaizaken was with Ceon during his development within the Omnitsukido, Kaizaken saw the rules, and understood them very clearly. Every time a female would attempt to approach Ceon, Kaizaken would remind him of the rules, as they were there for a reason. Kaizaken has been around since the creation of Eden, and knows very much after watching the spirits of Eden live their lives. He watched senseless mistakes get made, and brave conclusions after problems. It made him wise, but very strict, seeing as he was a Titan under the Goddesses, he also understood that rules had meaning, and ensured they were followed. Coupled with his Wisdom, he was someone that could surely be trusted to mentor others.

Humble, yet Weary

Kaizaken in his time, as come to accept who he is, and his reason for being. He understands the amount of power he holds, as well as the reason for his power, which has made him satisfied with life. When others approach him about the elements, or about anything regarding weather, he doesn’t mind explaining the reasons behind why his control over nature acts the way it does. If there are some spirits who are good to their land, and worship the Goddesses obediently, then their weather is always fair and welcoming to them, but if some abuse their land and deny the Goddesses of their existence, then Kaizaken has no fear of bringing down fury upon them. With most, Kaizaken will hear out any spirit or soul that has a request or something to share, but he always suspects, never trusting anyone too deeply.

Destructive Rage

It has been shown that when Ceon entered a rage with Kaizaken, it was Nature’s Fury coming out in full force. Kaizaken is known to keep a level mind at many times, but when he becomes enraged, it will be known by the thunder rolling. His storms will enter and he will let his fury be known with his elements, bringing hell upon whoever has welcomed his rage. He will attempt to keep his rage in check though, as if too much gets out, Bahamut will take control, and when Bahamut is in control, the Cataclysm is coming. The earth will shake, wind will stir, water will flood, and fire will be rampant. Bahamut sees none as innocent in his eyes, as when he brings the storms, all will face his wrath.

॰Kaizaken Passive/Racial Abilities:

Kaizaken can emit a specialized frequency to be inserted into either an ally or opponent by physical contact or a lightning strike. If this signature is successfully input into the target, it will tell Kaizaken everything he will wish to know about them. It will tell them what muscles they are using, their location, heartbeat, and what makes it so powerful is that if you hold Kaizaken's signature, you will not only be immune to Hurricane, but Kaizaken can magnetically influence to help aid in potential combat advantages. If someone is going forward towards Kaizaken, he can activate an opposing frequency from the electrical properties within him and the one heading in his direction, making them move faster, or he can make them the same and force her opponent to repel from one another. Signature is a VERY DANGEROUS ability if you’re an enemy, so beware!

॰Intense Raw Power:
Kaizaken’s power is so thick and intense when possessing in his true form that he is forced to keep it contained. He is potentially a living battery, and when he releases his power and opens up to let his power flow freely, it's so intense and thick that if there was someone of 2 tier or lower within 100 feet of him, they would be knocked down and hardly breathe. The reason for this is to fuel all of Kaizaken’s strenuous and difficult abilities, as well as extreme source of power. With his extremely deep pool of power, it allows him to cast a multitude of abilities, and can even perform his ultimate abilities with ease, and with enough power remaining to cast them again if needed.

॰Electrical Manipulation:
Naturally being who he is, Kaizaken has a natural affinity for Electricity and electrical properties. Within intake or expulsion of electricity Kaizaken can adjust frequency, voltage, amps, and even the magnetic properties allowing the use of magnetism upon use. Usually Kaizaken will expel his electricity during combat for recognition of weapons and fighters, because Kaizaken doesn't fight with his eyes, nose, ears, or mouth, but instead uses the elements of wind, water, earth, and electricity to get a read on his opponents locations and actions. Because of this, Kaizaken is naturally immune to effects of illusions or mind tricks of any kind. Additionally, there is a layer of electricity always circulating around Kaizaken’s body, so if there were anyone that attempted to make physical contact with him, they’d be struck by a surge of his electrical energy. Remember, his electrical energy is his, created from Eden, not any natural type of electricity.

॰Nature's Blessing:
Nature's Blessing is a passive that is for Kaizaken's abilities only. What Nature's Blessing does is when his power is unleashed and in combat, it ensures that all of Kaizaken's abilities cannot be manipulated by outside sources. What this means is that, if Kaizaken's Hurricane is shooting Lightning and someone attempts to take that lightning and use it against himself, it cannot be altered or controlled, since its course and power come from Kaizaken alone. This also means that when Hurricane is active, it cannot be deactivated or altered, unless naturally manipulated from geo-type or natural-type abilities. Otherwise, Nature must run its course, and this blessing ensures it will.

॰Immense Vitality and Durability:
Kaizaken being a 30 mile long golden dragon doesn’t have that of a natural vitality. Additionally, he is a Titan, the 2nd strongest beings in the Garden of Eden, thus his properties of existence are a bit different that the natural soul or spirit. Also, he has golden scales that are immensely thick, unable to be cut by any natural source. Due to this type of vitality and durability, if Kaizaken were ever struck by a martial ability of someone with strength under Master, he would most likely not even feel it. Additionally Kaizaken can take a lot of hits, sustaining high amounts of damage and still being able to perform when needed. He will not give in till his last breath, or if his heart/spirit is pulled from his body.

॰Titan Activated Abilities:

Kaizaken is able to shift his being between his other 4 elemental counterparts, Salamander, Aquarius, Crystallis, and Aero, allowing his elemental affinity to change whenever he sees fit. He can of course control all 5 elements to maximum potential in any form, but his body will change based upon the fight if he needs to, meaning if he feels someone else has enough manipulation of fire, he can change his affinity to water in which to counter them, or he can become fire with them and perform double the impact. This will cause all the elements that radiates from him to be an Astral Element, being an element with a different color and different property to them. For example, Water will be green when radiating from Kaizaken and will have a slight burning effect. Fire will be blue and will be so hot that even getting close will melt steel. Earth will be silver, making him denser than steel and heavier than 1800 tons. Air will be purple, making him lighter, and smaller than his 30 mile long self, resizing him to about 30 feet and making him extremely agile. While under electricity, he will glow golden, be covered in an electric shroud, and have intense magnetic properties.

॰Omega Circle:
Kaizaken can summon a series of circles to appear at any angle/area he chooses, within his vision. The effect of the circle takes place in 2 directions as the effect goes from both sides of the face of the circle. The average size of the circle is about 60 feet in diameter and the bigger the circle the more power needed to expel, same for the stronger the effect. Also, the stronger the effect, the more energy expelled into the circle. The circles appear like so and vary in effects based off the list below:
There are different things these circles can do:

  • 1: Stun the opponent(s): When the circle activates below the targeted opponent(s), a surge of electricity will burst from below and target the nerves and muscles within the opponent. The effect lasts till the circle disappears, and is possible to be overpowered by energy, but not by physical force. To sustain this type of circle, Kaizaken must channel the ability, ensuring he keeps focus on the areas in which he is placing his surges, as to not force too much and potentially electrocute his target, or too little and have them escape. If he loses focus, the circle can be overcome easily. Additional note, overwhelming willpower will also defeat the circle.

  • 2: Make a barrier of pure plasma: From the circles, they can radiate a wall from the edge where a barrier is created. This barrier will go up in a perfect cylinder, reaching the clouds above. The clouds act as a sort of “lid” for the barrier being put in place, ensuring nothing enters, and nothing leaves. From the exterior of the barrier, it is made of pure plasma, melting whatever comes in contact without an affinity for high heat or resistance. Additionally, anything attempting to enter the barrier of a form of gas is purified before entering the central part of the circle to keep the oxygen pure in case it needs to be used for an explosion. Lastly, whatever is in the circle will be unable to leave unless the circle is destroyed. To do so, simply break the ground or platform the circle rests upon and it’ll fade.

  • 3: Ignites a giant burst of energy around the circle causing a massive damaging explosion: The energy around the walls of the circle become unstable as they ignite with the pure oxygen within the circle, creating a massive explosion. Sometimes, a smaller circle can be created within the bigger circle, as the big circle will act as a barrier and the smaller one will explode causing a contained blast. The damage is greater based on the amount of energy spent into the circles, as well as the fact that Kaizaken can summon many of them at once. If he wished to cause mass damage and destruction, this ability would be his bread and butter to repeatedly use.

  • 4: Gives a burst of energy to an ally: Where electricity acts like a defibrillator for those with a failing heart, the circle can provide a boost of power for an ally. If someone was to stand within the circle, Kaizaken can channel an electric surge within them and boost their speed and power temporarily, or even to herself. The more spilt into the circle with this effect adds more and more energy into the ally. This would not boost speed or strength, but instead grant boost to energy reserves, as well as an electrical affinity for as long as those given energy reserves remain unused..

॰Rift Jump:
One of Kaizaken’s signature attacks, the rift jump is where he will teleport from point A to point B (within 1 - 50 miles) and it will seem like nothing happened; however, once at Point B, everything in between will be in a path of 10,000 jolts of electricity as Kaizaken releases electricity at different areas between point A and B. The distance can change due to the amount of time focused into the ability, however; if Kaizaken charges up the electricity surging through his body, then the Rift Jump can even expand from 50 miles to 100 miles in an instant. Kaizaken's speed in this case cannot be recorded as it’s stated that he leaves the dimension for a brisk moment and reappears at his target location after the jump. Sometimes, Kaizaken can use the Rift Jump and not leave the path of attacks, and just use it for travel. If he decides to attack or not is up to him, but the Rift Jump is his fastest known attack.

Kaizaken’s first ability is being capable of manipulating nature at any given moment. When Hurricane begins to brew and process over time, Kaizaken will be able to summon Lightning from any cloud overhead to strike any point he chooses. The lightning will strike from above and clash with the ground, and when it does, it isn’t over. From there, Kaizaken can empower the bolts of electricity, letting them travel and fire up from the ground, providing chance for surprise attacks. If needed, Kaizaken can even make the lightning strike himself for his Recharge Ability.

Hurricane is where Kaizaken summons the forces of Natural energy and summons a storm of class Five Catastrophe. This Hurricane will not only interrupt any magnetic signals or properties, but it nullifies water, fire, electricity, earth, light, darkness, and wind elements, thus making ALL elemental powers useless; however, if there is someone with a high level of trust with Kaizaken, and holds his signature, they are unaffected by Hurricane. It does this because the storm is made by Kaizaken and worked by energy that feeds off the land and whatever is under the clouds. The wind becomes so strong and can tear buildings apart, while the rain is so fierce it can pierce the skin. The lightning becomes so rapid that it strikes every second and nonstop. Hurricane comes in 5 steps and begins when Kaizaken enters his true form. The Hurricane will only go up to Stage 3, but when given enough time, the Hurricane can go all the way up to Stage 5. While Hurricane is in Class 5, Kaizaken will gain the ability for complete weather control and manipulation (Direction and power) of the following: Hail, Snow, and temperature.

Recharge is if for any reason Kaizaken loses his electrical energy, Kaizaken can have the lightning from above strike him and recharge his vitality, energy, and status. To use recharge, Kaizaken must be on an extremely low level of energy and in need of electricity. After Omen is used, this ability will most likely come into effect. The downside of this is that to Recharge Kaizaken's strength a certain type of bolt is needed, and it takes time to form. Kaizaken will need to concentrate and collect his thoughts to make this bolt appear and make use. The bolt has a different color, as most of the plasma lightning bolts are yellow and blue, but the special one required for recharge is pure gold, and once it shoots from above to make contact with Kaizaken’s body. Once contact is made, he’ll be good and ready to go!

Vortex is when Kaizaken will summon his 5 Subforms as Lightning Dragons like him. They will approach the enemy, making a special spherical rotation around them. This rotation will circle the opponent(s) and thus channel a certain frequency. By sharing this frequency Kaizaken will then activate his magnetic properties and thus a large charge will be casted and activating a sort of siphon ability. The siphon will attempt to drain the natural energy of any and all opponents within the Vortex, and feed it to Kaizaken. Once the Siphon is complete, the Dragons will unleash a charge, and blast the Vortex from inside, and cause a contained explosion. Once performed, the Dragons will return to Kaizaken, empowering him, or restoring the needed energy reserves required to perform.

Monsoon is an ability that Kaizaken never used in the presence of Ceon and Neviah. The reason for this is due to Kaizaken always having another nearby with healing proficiencies, and healing is something Kaizaken naturally doesn’t do. What will happen is the rain that pours from Hurricane will begin to torrent around Kaizaken’s central location, and the water will began to shift colors from bluish see through, to a green and emerald color. When this happens, the water holds a healing alignment, so whatever it collides with will begin to restore any beings with damage, healing physical wounds. On top of physical healing, the rain will sooth internal corruption, stopping and healing any sort of radiation, viruses, or anything abnormal to the body. The water will take shape of a torrent vortex, and be influenced by Kaizaken's direction and control, making him able to heal whoever is in need of its cleansing waters. It will even heal enemies, so when this ability is used, Kaizaken will use it after battles, or when there is enough battlefield control that he can aid allies without healing enemies.

॰Eye of the Storm:
When Hurricane is active, the eye of the storm will constantly be moving towards Kaizaken at a rate of about 55 miles per hour. The speed starts slow as a class 1 Hurricane, but when it grows to Class 5, it’ll max its speed at the 55. Once the Hurricane is a class 5, and the eye of the storm reaches Kaizaken, an ability called Eye of the Storm activates, making Kaizaken glow a bright yellow, and he’ll disappear into the clouds. Those under the eye, will then notice as the winds pick up violently, creating a torrent surrounding the Eye, attempting to trap those in the center. After a moment, lightning will begin to strike around the torrenting storm, and appearing in the outline, wrapping himself around the eye of the storm will be Kaizaken himself. While within the Eye of the storm, a transparent barrier will cover the top of the storm, not allowing anything in or out from above the clouds. Kaizaken will be extremely large in this size, coiling around the eye entirely, while on the outside, the Hurricane will still be in full force. All trapped within the eye will be subjected to high levels of magnetism, the air will be dense, and no elemental abilities will be able to be casted from within the eye. From here, this is where Kaizaken will trap strong opponents, and stage a final battle if need be. While in the eye, Kaizaken has access to all his abilities, and will use them during this stage.

Omen is Kaizaken’s most powerful ability, and it chains off the Eye of the Storm. While Kaizaken has his targets trapped within the eye, the heavy air and magnetism is charging. While it is charging, those within the eye will notice the amount of power Kaizaken is radiating, and how it is constantly growing. The magnetism will cause metal weapons to start to attract towards the center of the eye more and more, and hair will stand up on end. The density of the air will make it harder and harder to breathe, as more and more pressure will gather into the stage. Final after about 10 minutes of charging, a giant omega circle will appear at the floor level of the Eye of the Storm. This is Kaizaken’s most potent ability, Omen. Once the ability is fully charged, the entire Eye of the storm will ignite, and Kaizaken will unleash a massive blast of electricity and energy into the Eye, causing massive destruction and obliterating every inch within the eye. Once the blast is over, Kaizaken will shock into electricity, and disperse into the clouds to recharge. Lightning will strike for a few moments within the clouds, and Kaizaken will return back onto the battlefield in his normal form, ready to continue his fight from his previous condition. This is similar to when Ceon would use Omen as those trapped in it before would be electrocuted, and Ceon would use all his energy within the circle below Omen, igniting the area and causing a contained devastating blast.

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[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls 4GaJOi5
History of Eden

There was nothingness. Everything was black except for three lights. One was a white light, warm and soothing, while the other light was a dark gray, comforting to look upon, and trusting to approach. The last light was like a black light, reflecting off the two lights that surrounded it, the white and gray. As the white and gray lights rotated around the black one at an extremely fast pace, a sudden explosion occurred, and from it, an existence was created. This existence was displayed by a blue sky with white clouds, and a shallow world of blue waters that could be stood upon, reflecting the sky above. It seemed to stretch on for eternity, as if it was never ending, but from the source of the explosion stood two beautiful women. One with short white hair and strands of white hair that flowed down to her midsection. She was wearing a beautiful white dress and had 6 wings that stretched far beyond any normal individuals reach. She had tan eyes, as the left showed the sign of Alpha within her iris and her right showed the sign of omega within the same area. The other woman wore a gown type dress with wings that seemed to float behind her instead to her back. Her long white hair went down to her knees while each eye was different in that her left eye was black with a white iris, and her right eye was white with a black iris. These two were the Goddesses of the realm to be made, as the one with Alpha and Omega was known as Mirokumaru, a Goddess of time and Souls, and the other was known as Archa, Goddess of Space and Creation. Floating between the two was a black and silver orb that remained between the two, as it was known as the Source. It was the heart of the very existence upon what they just created, and was the very soul of the world they were going to share together.

Mirokumaru summoned what looked like fans to her hands, as she began to make time flow within their world that surrounded them, as Archa summoned three orbs that constantly changed colors, and she began to solidify the space around them, ensuring their existence was going to remain stable now that the two Goddesses have taken shape and form. Archa, making another dimension connected to the main one, hid the Source within it to remain safe from whatever would come from time as it went on, and Mirokumaru hid the newly made dimension from time, harboring it from any enemies that would look to go after the Source to harm their realm. The two Goddesses smiled at eachother, now with a new task at hand. To create the spirits that would inhabit their world and then create civilization as well as define the very realm in which they have decided to create. Archa, creating the shell of the beings that would become harbored by souls that Mirokumaru create would go out and shape the very world they just made. Starting with what they called Titans, Archa gave shapes to four Titans. One a long and powerful Golden Dragon that would control the elements and give shape to the land, as well as the natural ecosystem which would harbor the lives of the Spirits to inhabit it. The next was a colossal land beast that would provide evolution and development to the land and masses surrounding it. After that, there needed to be a Titan to uphold the law and natural order passed down from the Goddesses that would ensure the peace is kept, so Archa made a woman in the image of herself with the capabilities to wield a sword and hold a divine intervention, as well as a male Titan that would uphold and discover new ways of survival by using intelligence and practice to test the laws of the universe made by Archa. With that, the four Titans were given shape, and with near unlimited power at their fingertips, Miro provided them each souls that would be capable of wielding that power appropriately.

Thus, the four Titans, Kaizaken, Demyan, Themis, and Malek were created. Archa and Miro passed onto them the laws of their universe, and allowed them to get to work on creating the world they shall inhabit. Using Malek’s intelligence, the Titans decided to not create space or a planet, but instead just simply inhabit the very realm they stood upon already with its endless source of water, and to develop land above it. Kaizaken agreeing and Demyanlending a hand, the two created a landmass with an ecosystem to inhabit the thousand of spirits that would take refuge there. From there, Mirokumaru shot thousands of souls into the land that was created, allowing the souls to take whatever shape they desired, and to become spirits of the world that surrounded them. Spirits of the mountains, trees, rivers, lakes, and so forth took shape and began their discovery of the world while Themis began to create laws for the Spirits to survive peacefully.

Of course, Miro and Archa decided that would be all hey would do to shape the world around them, and thus they needed to retire from there as to not intervene anymore in the universe's development. Thus Archa created a large temple in which would house the two Goddesses together, but they were not done creating yet. The Goddesses realized they would need a failsafe for if anything happened to them, of if the Titans got too out of hand, these new spirits would be able to act quickly and take care of things. Of course they each individually wouldn’t contain the power of a titan, but if they work together, they could hold the power of one of the Goddesses instead. Thus, Archa and Miro agreed to create their Maidens. These Maiden’s would work mainly at the Temple to act as guards and advisors of the land to the Goddesses, as well as to help all spirits who wish to speak with the Goddesses, as the Maidens would hold a very important task ahead.

Five Maidens were created by Archa, One who creates, one who develops, one that destroys, one that brings a mind, and one that heals and protects. These Maidens were each then given a name and allowed to develop in the land that was created by the Titans to allow them to be free and gain a mind of their own. These Maidens were Sekkyoku, the Mind of God, Benkei, the Gift from God, Nanashi, the Will of God, Insidious, the Wrath of God, and Serenity, the Grace from God. Benkei and Sekkyoku were sent together off towards the mountains to develop with the Titan of Evolution to allow their development to come from the Titan of Evolution, while Insidious and Serenity were sent with Themis to learn the Laws, and when it is appropriate to act in accordance of the law. Lastly, Nanashi was sent with Malek in which to develop her mind, and adapt will her abilities to understand willpower and networking.

And with that, the Garden of Eden was created and inhabited. Closing the doors to all but the Maidens, the two Goddesses who were tired from using their power to create, took rest and sealed themselves away for 1000 years.

Finally after the 1000 years, the Garden of Eden had developed extremely well. The spirits of the land had established a society, and economy using the guidance from Malek and Nanashi, while Demyan, with the help of Benkei and Sekkyoku worked together on the lands development and evolution. Themis, using Serenity and Insidious to kept the peace through the land, ensuring that everything stayed lawful, and Kaizaken ensured that the elements remained stable through their universe. For many years the Spirits of the realm grew, and developed. Intelligence was spread from one to another. Emotions were discovered, and on top of sciences, philosophy was also being discovered. Even between the Maidens and the Titans, special relationships were being established. Malek and Themis made a loving relationship together, as Malek’s deep and intelligent mind was attractive to Themis, and she was beautiful in his eyes. Serenity and Insidious acted like Sisters, and even though they were, theirs was closer than most. Nanashi became a bit of a loaner, while Demyan and Kaizaken established a rivalry from comparing their power and capabilities. But of course, their Goddess were going to return soon, and that was a day to be celebrated.

All the spirits within the land ended up realizing that the Temple Doors would soon open, and thus all spirits within the realm wanted to celebrate the return of their loving Goddess back to the world they all love and share. Of course since death is not a law of the land, all spirits that were created from day one were still there to that day, and procreation was enable within that very universe meaning that the population grew exponentially, from a couple thousand souls, to nearly three hundred thousand. This growth of course went unchecked, and soon, the Goddesses were going to have to pay for it.

As the doors opened to reveal the awakening of the Goddesses Mirokumaru and Archa, a dark energy was felt, which caused a bit of an uneasy stir within the entire Garden of Eden. Slowly emerging from the Temple’s depths was not Archa or Mirokumaru, but instead a different kind of woman that none of the spirits were expecting. Emerging was a woman with long white hair, and eyes of a dark tan looking onto the crowds. She looked like Mirokumaru, but felt different, as all 5 Maidens and 4 Titans were feeling uneasy from this woman who just appeared. Unknowing to what “Death” was, the Titans quickly had all spirits flee while all 5 Maidens prepared to fight the unknown Goddess of Death before them. Nanashi, from her training, connected the minds of the Titans and Maidens together to communicate while Malek quickly shared his understanding of what “Death” was.

As the Spirits fled the Temple, the Maidens understood it was their responsibility to handle the Goddesses when things got out of check, but they didn’t know how to do such a thing. How do they fight a Goddess of Death? None of them were prepared because that Goddess of Death also controls time. Before any of the Maidens or Titans could prepare, Death Moved. The Reaper disappeared, and reappeared before the fleeing Spirits, and with a single swipe of her Scythe, sliced through nearly four hundred spirits with a single swing. Their souls, being taken from their physical forms, forcing the physical body to turn to sand and join the sands of time, the souls were absorbed into the scythe and taken into the Reaper’s body.

In complete shock, the Titans and Maiden’s knew not what they were dealing with. They could only look, as this Goddess of Death just wiped out a chunk of Spirits with a single swing. Insidious has a short temper of course, and she was the first to act. She summoned her two circular blades, the Scars of Eternity, and lunched at the Reaper. With a simple lift of an arm, the Reaper lifted her Scythe, and blocked the approaching attack with minimal effort. The Titans tried to stop Insidious, not knowing what she was capable of, but to their surprise, Insidious’ blades were actually holding against the Omega Scythe that the Reaper wielded, meaning that the Scars of Eternity were pieces of that very Scythe that Mirokumaru had gifted to her at their creation. With that in mind, the Maidens and Titans knew they stood a chance. Besides, it was their job to protect and ensure the development of the Realm, but they can’t do it alone. With their power combined they would have to work together to stop the rampaging Goddess. Kaizaken, Demyan, Malek, Themis, Insidious, Sekkyoku, Nanashi, Benkei, and Serenity all prepared and engaged the Goddess of Death.

Blades clashed, and explosions were made when the Nine powerful beings fought to protect the realm from the single powered Goddess that challenged them, but as the Spirits feared and watched the giant battle take place, they noticed one thing. The Goddess of Death was winning. She kept dodging all powerful attacks using her power of Time, and would simply block attacks and not strike back, as she would appear before innocent Spirits below, wiping them out with a single swing of her Scythe. The Titans and Maidens were beginning to lose faith in their power, watching their Goddess wipe out spirits left and right, Demyan was the first to become hopeless in their fight against the Reaper. The others thought he had given up, but instead something worse began to happen to the giant beast who was becoming hopeless to the cause. His colors began to darken, and his powers change. He was beginning to change from a Titan of Evolution, and was succumbing to the shift in Balance, as he was turning into the Titan of Breakdown, Rurik. Before the change happened though, another challenger appeared onto the Battlefield. This challenger was forgotten, as the chaos that was caused by the Reaper made all inhabitants of the Garden forget about this individual, as Archa had made her appearance.

The Titans understood, as Demyan was able to calm himself, and the Maidens obliged, as they were all given the Blessing of the Realm by Archa herself, allowing them to officially fight on par with the Reaper that was antagonizing their Universe. Insidious with her blades that was able to rival that of the Omega Scythe of the Reaper, Serenity to protect any attacks from the Reaper, Sekkyoku and Benkei to create protection for the innocent Spirits that were collateral of the battle, Nanashi keeping the minds of all those involved connected, and then the Titans using their extreme powers to launch attacks on the Reaper, with the help of Archa’s blessing. Archa was even in the battle as well, using her elemental orbs, attached to her wings in which to get right in the face of the Reaper. It didn’t take long however, for the Titans and Maidens to realized they still cannot handle Death. Malek was studying the fight, attempting to strategize against her, but due to her use of time, being able to stop and reactivate it at will caused a huge problem for those trying to protect the spirits that lived there. He quickly spoke to Archa, informing her that this battle was pointless, that they cannot hold the Reaper still long enough to suppress her. Due to this, Archa knew what she had to do.

Thus, before the Reaper could respond, Archa quickly shifted the laws of balance that took place between the Reaper and herself, and caused a change to happen within both of them. The laws of their realm stated there must always be balance, and the Source obliged with the Law of Balance, allowing them to create Existence in general from that Law, thus they had to obey it, and if they did not there would be consequences. This change that Archa made, shifted the requirements of Balance, and forced Archa and Miro to oblige by them now, as some of the Darkness that lived within Miro from the imbalance of souls not being regulated now shifted to Archa, causing her to take a dash of the darkness within her as well. This omnipotent power was so extraordinary that Archa had to do it in a realm that was capable of holding those two only, and not in the Garden, as all the Spirits would become affected as well. Of course the Titans had to follow that same law of Balance, but the Maidens and Spirits were immune to such a Balance due to their levels of power.

From this, the Reaper began to become suppressed, and form started to change from her, as she reverted from Death, back to Mirokmaru. Feeling relieved, Archa quickly went to her sister to aid her. Miro didn’t understand what just happened, but felt overflowed with souls for some reason, as well as her Sands of Time had grown. Archa took time to explain to Miro what had happened, and the activities that just happened. Miro was shocked to believe something like that had happened, and when the two returned to the Garden, Miro looked on to the destruction and sorrows she had caused, bringing fear and sadness to their realm. The Maidens and Titans were relieved to see Miro return to normal, but fearful of her changing again. Mirokumaru and Archa knew something had to change, especially with the Spirits, to ensure she wouldn’t be forced to become the Reaper once again.

Starting off, Archa started by making the realm grow larger, allowing it to hold many more inhabitants than before, so it would remain stable in its harbor of Spirits. Once Archa had completed that, Mirokumaru did something that most didn’t know she was capable of, as she began to alter Reality using the light of the Seventh Dawn to change the outcomes of what had happened. The Garden of Eden began to change from time, going back to its peaceful moment, and the souls and physical bodies of those that were taken were returned to the land, showing that while the Goddess are merciful, they are indeed beyond the scope of comprehensible power. Additionally, Mirokumaru did something with all souls of the Spirits, causing a Generational recycling process. When Spirits procreate, their souls will survive for five generations, and on the sixth, the oldest living spirits will enter a recycle process and enter a Well of Souls, to become reborn by Mirokumaru to ensure stability of the realm. The souls will not be altered, and remain the same, as to ensure that Death is still not something that happens, but simply allows souls to rest and reconstitute themselves. Finally, the Goddesses understood now that they should remain within the realm, now to not only keep each other in check, but allow the Maidens and Titans to keep tabs on them to ensure the safety of their realm.

This was the end, of the Reaper, but another great conflict was going to soon take place.

After Two million years of peace and development, the Spirits, Maidens, Titans, and Goddesses grew with one another as the relationships between the inhabitants of the Garden of Eden began to grow together and develop further, but without the notice of the spirits, some realized he Goddesses slowly drifted apart. Mirokumaru remained in a capital city of Spirits that lived in a natural ecosystem that thrived off Nature. This City was actually the Capital of 7 Major Garden Layers that floated above the skies as the Fifth through Seventh were above the clouds. The 7th layer most prestigious layer was known as Alexandria. The City was simple in how it just consisted of the Goddess Temple and nature surrounding it. Opposite from this Capital City however was a whole other type of ecosystem, as another Temple was made, and this one surrounded by Mountains that flowed hot magma and decay surrounding it. It held no official title, but some within called it Pandemonium. This was home to who many believed to still be Archa, but none had seen Archa in centuries, so they believed her to be resting. The Titans and Maidens split off as well, some staying with Mirokumaru, and others going off with Archa when she left to monitor another side of the Garden of Eden. Malek and Demyan went with Archa, being followed by Nanshi, Insidious, and Benkei. Kaizaken and Themis stayed with Mirokumaru, while Serenity and Sekkyoku stayed as well.

Everything within the Garden of Eden was staying stable for the longest time, till Archa emerged from her Temple, and the near Spirits soon realized that Archa had been gone for a very long time. The Maidens and Titans went to the Temple to welcome Archa from her rest, but instead emerged someone else. The Memories of the event with Reaper soon came to the minds of the Maidens and Titans, remembering the chaos and destruction that the Reaper brought upon them. This woman of red hair, and red eyes looked devilishly at the Maidens and Titans before her. The Titans quickly prepared to act in defense while the Maidens would go to Mirokumaru for help, but of course, this woman didn’t have that. Touching the forms of the Titans before her, they began to change and divert while the Maidens watched their masters change. Demyan became the Titan of Breakdown known as Rurik, while Malek changed from the Titan of Intelligence to the Titan of Insanity known as Aryain. Benkei, Nanashi, and Insidious knew they were powerless without the other two Maidens to help them fight off this new Goddess before them, but they stopped quickly before any defense could have been made, as the woman in red simply smiled and told them to take a seat. The Maidens knew they were outmatched against this woman in red, especially now since the Titans that raised and taught them were now under her control.

Sending the Titans out to the land to do their task of breaking everything down, and spreading insanity, the woman in red sat with her Maidens and began to speak to them. With words of persuasion, the three Maidens couldn’t help but agree with what she had said, so they all bowed their heads in agreement to the woman in red, as she grinned at the obedient girls before her. The Maidens responded to their Goddess, bowing before her. With that, the reign of Blood Queen began, on the other side of the realm that was the Garden of Eden.

Years went by without communication between the Goddesses, causing Mirokumaru to worry of her Sister. She felt her presence however, so felt it not necessary to worry, but couldn’t help but feel off. From the other side of the realm, there were no voices, and a feeling of disconnect surrounded Miro as she remained in the Capital Temple with Sekkyoku and Serenity. Additionally, she had Kaizaken and Themis by her side to continue their monitoring of the realm on the side that Miro commanded and over watched. The silence from the other end however couldn’t go on too long, otherwise Miro would continue to worry, but of course, Blood Queen didn’t want Miro to know. If Miro knew, she would react to stop the encroaching darkness upon their realm that the Blood Queen’s chaotic side wished to reap. Not only that, but Demyan and Malek had already transformed into Rurik and Aryan, as they brought despair upon the very spirits that resided near the dark temple of Blood Queen. additionally, since Archa is the Goddess of realms and existence, she was able to easily shroud her kingdom to ensure the secrecy of her operation, but alas, it wasn’t going to last long, as there was a mole within her midst that was planning something.

As Blood Queen tortured innocent Spirits and made rivers of red course from her Temple, there was something off about the Maidens that served the Blood Queen. Insidious embraced her violent side fully, aiding in the killing and slaughtering with Rurik, while Nanashi became obsessed with the minds of everything around her, following suit with Aryian. Breaking the minds of those that surrounded them and causing others to break, but there was one Maiden who just didn’t fit, and that was the Maiden of Redistribution, Benkei. She served under Demyan, but watching her Master take to violence and act completely opposite from his natural objectives was heartbreaking to her. Watching the Spirits fall one by one, but their souls remain to not inform Miro was depressing to participate in, as she would watch her sisters lash out, and one of her very Goddesses lead this crusade of Madness. Something needed to happen, and if Mirokumaru and the rest of them weren’t going to come, then she had to take action into her own hands.

Benkei was planning something to attempt to stop this madness, but she had to be careful. She is sadly overshadowed by the power of the Titans, let alone one of the Goddesses, and she would have two of her four sisters to deal with as well. One night while Blood Queen bathed in a tub of crimson, she quietly embraced the screams that surrounded her Temple of Despair as a knock came at the chamber door. With the single flick of a finger, the large double doors opened into the black and white checkered marble flooring, allowing who was outside the doors to enter. Entering quietly was none other than Benkei, the Maiden who was the Gift from God. Blood Queen was surprised to see Benkei, as she was never so enthused upon the activities that they all performed while near the Black Temple.

Benkei lifted her power to Blood Queen, her power of Redistribution. Now normally, the powers of a Maiden can’t alter or mimic the powers of their creator without a blessing, but Benkei was prepared. What Blood Queen wasn’t prepared for was that Benkei used her power on Nanashi before she met with Blood Queen. Nanashi didn’t realize it, but when she confronted Benkei, she copied two of her abilities, Data Interception and Possibility Contradiction. Benkei started by redirecting Data Interception from Nanashi in which to intercept all forms of data that Nanashi might have attempted to gain off Benkei for this outrageous attempt, or to even notice her abilities had been copied. Then, Benkei copied Possibility Contradiction, an ability that questions improbability and shifts it into the user's favor. What this means is that, while it wasn’t impossible for Benkei to redirect one of Blood Queen’s abilities, it was almost improbable, but now that wasn’t the case. Now since Blood Queen wasn’t able to gain a complete read on Benkei, since her guard was down, she didn’t think to activate Radar to read on Benkei’s abilities, she instead sent a message to the Titan’s to come to her, which was of course intercepted by Benkei, thanks to Data Interception.

Quickly activating Possibility Contradiction, a Data Crystal of blue appeared behind Benkei and behind Blood Queen, altering the zones of probability within them, now making it more probable that Benkei to attempt what she was going to do. Knowing that the Blood Queen, Archa, is the Goddess of Space and Existence, she can create anything she desires if she wished, and thus, she’ll need an ability that’ll allow her to counter anything that the Blood Queen creates, and removes anything that’ll potentially get in her way. Blood Queen stood quickly to respond to Benkei’s attack, but Benkei was already successful. Benkei had managed to copy an ability from a Goddess without a Blessing, as Benkei had successfully taken Blood Queen’s Anti-Matter powers. Letting go of Data Interception and Possibility Contradiction, Benkei implanted the Anti-Matter powers into herself, compounded with Redirection, and was now ready to begin her escape.

Enraged, Blood Queen’s wrath was just invited by the actions of Benkei. Entering with a sense of urgency, Nanashi entered the bathing area to see Blood Queen standing in a rage before Benkei as she just realized that Benkei had done something. Taking no time to wait, Benkei ran as quickly as she could, using the speed she had trained herself in for decades with Demyan and Sekkyoku to get to the outer barrier. Nanashi tried to stop her, but Nanashi wasn’t the fastest of the Maiden’s and she fell behind as Blood Queen’s wrath had began. As Benkei managed to break out from the Temple, leaving Nanashi in the dust, she felt as though everything was going smoothly. Perhaps too smoothly? Of course, not long after breaking out of the Temple of the Blood Queen and running down the mountainside with lava pouring on either side of her, she heard a loud roar, which was from the very being she had hoped to not cross. Rurik, the Titan of Breakdown was emerging from the very lava that poured from the mountainsides and was looking to confront Benkei as she attempted to escape. Benkei had to get away from Rurik, because of his abilities of Breakdown, he can deconstruct anything in its reverse order of construction, essentially halting evolution. It would seem that Blood Queen’s call to her Titan’s have gotten out, and if Rurik is there, then that would mean that Aryian is close by as well. If Aryian shows up, Benkei will surely lose, and that’ll be game over. Benkei will be deconstructed and her soul will become trapped for sure!

Rurik let out a large roar as his movement was halted, and Benkei took that opportunity to run. She had to get outside of the zone, so she would be able to reach out to Mirokumaru, but that attempt alone was going to be difficult with the Goddess herself now on her trail. Benkei decided to gun it, because even if she is killed, as long as she gets the message to Mirokumaru or even the other Titans or Maidens, everything should be fine from there.

Back within the chambers of the Blood Queen, Nanashi watched as the former Goddess Archa boiled over with hatred. Nanashi’s fear began to rise as she watched the anger from the Blood Queen shift from a scowl, to a sinister grin that would make anyone shake. The Blood Queen stood as she watched from the back of her mind as Benkei ran to escape the barrier that eluded them from the ever watchful eye of Mirokumaru. She knew what was going to come, as Mirokumaru might be able to see the cycles of all, including their time, but she’s become weak and fearful of her own abilities. As they’ve witnessed before with the coming of Death, she came to restrain herself from using her full power, and tried to hide herself as so she wouldn’t bring harm to anyone else, but there was another thing to take into account. It was that when Mirokumaru becomes the Reaper and brings Death, she is out of her own state of mind, and only focuses on her capabilities as Death, whereas Blood Queen is free from restraint and causes as much chaos as she desires. With this in mind, Blood Queen knew that a war was coming, only difference is that Mirokumaru will fall, and she will become the true God of the realm.

As Benkei continued to run towards the edge of the barrier to escape the confines of her imprisonment, she noticed the Rurik stopped taking chase, and that Aryian was nowhere in sight. What was going on? Was the Blood Queen planning something? Either way, that was not her concern, her main task was to escape that Hell, and reveal to Mirokumaru what was going on. She got closer and closer to the border that split the two regions apart, and with each step, a sign of hope would wash over her worry of potential backlash. With each step, she inched her way closer and closer to changing the lives of many tortured and blackened spirits who were wronged by the actions of the Blood Queen, and with their hope in her hands, she finally crossed the border, and passed through the illusionary barrier that shielded the wrongdoings of their realm. The second that Benkei crossed the line, she shot out a distress call through method of telepathy to all maidens who would hear her cry for help, hoping that Sekkyoku or Serenity would hear. Thankfully, both of them heard, and given their talents and capabilities, they both appeared before Benkei using two different methods. Sekkyoku, being the Mind of God, has gifted the general capabilities like Archa, to a lesser degree. She can create practically anything within her imagination in which to place into their reality, thus to fabricate a portal to teleport herself isn’t difficult at all. Now to locate Benkei for that portal would normally be difficult, but thankfully, Serenity was there. Serenity has an affinity with the souls of all living beings, a piece of Mirokumaru’s capabilities. Due to this, she can lock onto any living soul she hears a cry from, and instantly teleport to their location, mainly to defend them with her impenetrable shield. Because of this, Sekkyoku was able to follow right to Benkei’s location.

As Sekkyoku and Serenity arrived, they could see Benkei had gone through some trouble. Not only did she look like she was in distress, but something was different about her, as Benkei went over to Sekkyoku and quickly embraced her, even reaching over and bringing Serenity into the hug as well.

As Benkei took comfort in seeing her sisters once again, she felt as though everything was finally going to be okay. But of course, she wasn’t done yet, she had more she needed to do from the tyranny of the coming Blood Queen. As Benkei broke off the embrace from both Sekkyoku and Serenity, her expression went from relief, to that of concern and determination as she looked at them both with a stern expression. The looks on Sekkyoku and Serenity both showed confusion and worry as they awaited for Benkei to inform them of the emergency.

A sudden expression of fear befell upon Sekkyoku and Serenity as Serenity spared no expense to lock onto Mirokumaru’s soul and quickly open a gate to return all three Maidens to her to report the oncoming danger.

Benkei was the first to enter Serenity’s gate, as she wanted to get out of their location quickly. Serenity left the gate open for Sekkyoku, as she went in after Benkei, and finally Serenity as she shut the gate behind her. What the girls didn’t know was that as they headed back to Alexandria, the 7th Garden, they were watched by Aryian, the Titan of Insanity. His smirk was as wide as ever, as his haunting black eyes gleamed with delight of potentially running into the Titan’s of Alexandria, Kaizaken, and his former love Themis. The thought of shutting her down and driving her mad was delicious to Aryian as he dreamed of leading her suffering, but of course, he wasn’t there to simply spy on the girls, he was there to use his power of intellect to hone in on the location of where Serenity’s gate was taking them as to report to Blood Queen for transport to Alexandria. Aryian was a mysterious Titan, as his capabilities were never gauged by the Maidens or other Titans, he always just used simple and low level abilities, but the Goddesses knew his scope of ability. Aryian wasn’t one for mass destruction, he was one for mass chaos. With his sinister laugh, he disappeared from the area, ready to report to the Blood Queen.

Appearing within the Temple of Mirokumaru, Benkei was in awe with the beauty and simplicity of the construction. The air was fresh, with a gentle breeze and the sounds of the birds outside were wonderful, as it felt like a paradise compared to where Benkei spent the last many years. As Serenity and Sekkyoku led Benkei to the Goddesses chamber, they passed by many powerful and prestigious Spirits of the Garden of Eden that have grown and watched over many elements of the Realm. There was the Spirit of the Stars who resided within the 7th Garden, as she was a beautiful white spirit that watched over the billions of spirits that lit the stars in the night. There was also the Spirit of Beauty and Grace there within the Temple of Mirokumaru, and Benkei was surprised to see so many spirits in one place, but felt welcome, as if they belonged. Of course Benkei knew of the tier system of their realm, knowing that the Goddesses are the infallible beings, with Titans below them, and then the Maidens, and the Spirits had their own system. The rare and powerful Spirits usually stayed close to the Goddesses or Titans, depending on their role within their ecosystem.

Finally approaching a large white door, Sekkyoku gently pushed it aside, as though it had no weight, but the door obviously appeared as if it weighed over hundreds of pounds. Inside was a very open area surrounded by windows on all sides, allowing the open air to flow in. Kaizaken was partially wrapped around the windows, allowing his head to peek in, while a beautiful Goddess with white hair was having her hair braided by Themis on a small chair before her. Opening her tan eyes to see Benkei appear before her. Of course, Mirokumaru was overjoyed to see Benkei, as she hasn’t seen Archa, or her Titans or the Maidens of hers in ages. Mirokumaru was worried, but to see Benkei made her very happy. The sense of joy was quickly extinguished however, as the expression on Benkei, Serenity, and Sekkyoku’s face showed nothing of joy, but instead sadness and fear.

Without wasting a moment, Mirokumaru activated her cycle sight and looked into Benkei’s history to be thrown into a sense of shock. Between watching her Sister fall to her dark side, as well as see the Titans fall with her into some sort of Alter form, and even have two of her three Maidens play along. This was terrible, and it instantly reminded Mirokumaru of the terrors of the Reaper. Themis and Kaizaken looked at Mirokumaru in question, not knowing what she had just seen, but it worried them no less to see their Goddess express worry. To them, there was nothing to fear with the power of the Goddesses, since they were the beginning, middle and end of everything of their realm. If there was something out of their power, then that meant serious business. Mirokumaru summoned her two fans, and with a simple flick of her wrist, her blessing was distributed to Themis and Kaizaken, sharing the knowledge that she just took in from observing Benkei, allowing them to understand what she had just seen, as well as what Benkei experienced.

Themis was trying to calm Mirokumaru from what she was fearing would come, but before the Goddess could prepare her realm for what was to come, and come up with a plan, Chaos had already taken place. The light from outside began to become dark, as Kaizaken turned to look from within Mirokumaru’s chamber, to wonder what had happened to the clouds. Seeing as Kaizaken controlled the elements, he did not order any of the Spirits to change the clouds or weather, so there had to be an outside influence. Of course, there was, as the clouds began to swirl, opening a gateway of Darkness, and from it, many devilish spirits began to appear, as a tunnel from Pandemonium to Alexandria had been opened, and Blood Queen’s strike began.

Without hesitation, Kaizaken quickly went to stop the oncoming forces, and since they were entering from a gate in the clouds, they wouldn’t be prepared for the lightning that Kaizaken could muster. Themis decided this was her time as well, as Serenity followed Themis, leaving Benkei and Sekkyoku with Mirokumaru. Mirokumaru walked over to a window, with Benkei and Sekkyoku beside her to watch the oncoming chaos.

Spirits from all 7 Gardens heard the call of Themis, the Titan of Law and Order, and began their mobilization to defend their home, or to take shelter from the coming attacks from above. Of course Themis went to stand by Kaizaken in the air as the oncoming demon spirits from Pandemonium came to ensue chaos within Alexandria, but one thing they didn’t prepare for, was that the main gate was a distraction. From the First Garden on the lowest Level, Rurik was there destroying the layer, and separating the Gardens, making it harder for Spirits to seek harbor and safety from the coming attack. Getting word of Rurik’s flank, Kaizaken was the first to respond, since he was a rival to Demyan, hearing that Rurik was released angered Kaizaken, as he wanted to deal with him alone. This of course, was warning for Themis, since if Demyan has become Rurik, then that would mean her love Malek had also changed, and became Aryian. Showing no fear, Themis awaited for him to come, as she knew he would. Chaos and disorder came to the 7 Gardens within Eden, as Mirokumaru watched from her window, not understanding the reason for this scene of violence, as she watched her spirits, and the Spirits of Pandemonium fall to one another in a scene of brutal war. Mirokumaru wanted to stop this, but being a Goddess, she and Archa believed they had no place to interfere with the affairs of lower beings, thus she had to stay out of it, but what is the use of being honorable, when the other side isn’t play fair?

As Sekkyoku and Benkei watched from inside of Mirokumaru’s chambers, watching the ever ensuing conflict occur from inside, a scare came to the mind of Benkei, as she could sense another being nearby, but couldn’t lock onto their location for some reason. Unease overwhelmed her and Sekkyoku as they knew something was coming, but they just didn’t know what it was, or where it was coming from. Just before they could react however, Mirokumaru already knew. It was Aryian, as he appeared from invisibility and attempted a strike against Mirokumaru, but before his strike could connect, Themis appeared between them with her sword drawn and blocking the strike from Aryian’s dagger. Benkei and Sekkyoku were startled when Aryian’s attack was stopped by Themis, for even more surprised that Mirokumaru didn’t bother to move an inch from her location, she just kept looking outside, watching the chaos occur. It was as if she knew what was going to happen, and didn’t fear the oncoming strike.

The message was clear to Themis, as for her to do what she needed, but be warned of the capabilities that Aryian can perform. With this in mind, Themis knew she was fighting a shell of the man she loved, but she would hold honor before her personal feelings, and ensure that nothing befalls her Goddess. With a speedy and powerful lunge of her blade, she thrusted Aryian out of the chambers of Mirokumaru, and Aryian went flying with a smile on his face, as his plan wasn’t to strike down Mirokumaru, but instead distract her cyclesight onto herself of the oncoming danger, and not the nearby danger of one of the other individuals nearby. When Aryian was sent flying from the chamber of Mirokumaru, he changed his trajectory of travel, to bring Themis to him, as the moment that Themis followed Aryian’s travel, even she didn’t see what was coming. From beyond the darkness of the sky above, a figure unrecognizable performed the unthinkable. Due to Mirokumaru’s distraction of the battles happening outside, and keeping the cycle sight upon the fight outside, she wasn’t paying attention to what was about to happen right before her.

A sudden sense of horror hit Mirokumaru’s sense, as she looked over to see something she never wished to witness while within her sane self, as she watched Sekkyoku, in terror, begin to shift into dust. Sekkyoku looked at Mirokumaru, her Goddess, as if hoping she would help her, since she was the Mind of God, she could create to her heart's content, but to create something that was beyond her scope of power in the realm of existence that would stop such a thing from happening was unknowing to her. Benkei watched in shock, as a fellow Maiden who was so close, and like a sister to her, was turning to dust and becoming nothing before her eyes. As Benkei screamed in horror, Mirokumaru was quick to react.

As Sekkyoku reached her hand out, hoping that Mirokumaru could somehow stop what was happening, Mirokumaru quickly threw her hand out to Sekkyoku, and when contact was made, the rest of her physical body manifested into dust and dispersed, leaving no trace behind of one of the 5 Maidens; however, left was a beautiful glowing orb floating in the space where Sekkyoku once stood.This orb was the soul that belonged to the Maiden known as Sekkyoku. Gently caressing it, Mirokumaru took the soul that belonged to Sekkyoku and merged it into her body, protecting it from any attackers that would do harm to the most sacred and vital piece of any spirit within the Garden of Eden. As Mirokumaru took comfort in knowing Sekkyoku is now safe within her, her mood changed quickly, as she knew what ability that was, and where it came from. A sinister laugh could be heard, as from the giant hole in the roof of Mirokumaru’s chambers revealed the culprit.

Floating downward, Archa revealed herself before Benkei, Mirokumaru, and the pile of dust she had just created. Revealing herself, she appeared different from when Mirokumaru had last seen her, as she was now endowed in a black dress, that caressed her features and the skirt was cut mid way up her thighs for mobility. Her hair was as red as blood, and two black demon horns extended out of her skull. Benkei started to shake, as she was not only afraid from seeing Archa again, but from what just happened to Sekkyoku, would that happen to her as well? Mirokumaru on the other hand, was not moving as she held the gentle soul of her maiden to her chest, satisfied that she managed to save her, and that she would remain safe as long as Mirokumaru breathed.

As Archa’s feet touched the flood before Miro and Benkei, Miro turned to face her equal, and as their eyes met, Archa could see a different light within Miro’s eyes. Instead of the light warmth that Miro emits from her eyes, it was now a look of vengeance. The iris of Miro’s eyes changed, as the symbol of Omega entered, and signified Miro’s intention of ending the life of the one before her. Archa smiled, as she knew what was about to begin.

What is a Soul? How does it belong in its environment, and what is its meaning? Well, that is a mystery within Eden that was meant to be solved by the host. When Mirokumaru creates a new soul, it is developed and nurtured from a flower. Once the soul has blossomed from the budding flower, it then seeks its host. The host then accepts the soul, and it begins its transformation to evolve into the being it becomes on its journey through life. Some souls developed faster than others, like the Spirit of the Stars. The very powerful Spirit of the Stars from Eden developed within hours of the soul binding with the host, and lit up the sky in a brilliant light of beauty and wonder. Other spirits, like the Spirit of the Great Peaks took millennia to develop. But when he was fully developed, he was a towering spirit that overlooked the western end of Eden, ensuring that with the snow turning into water in warm weather, the spirits below would have their thirsts quenched. It was a process that one would find in their lives, but in doing so, would find it fulfilling to know why they exist. For the souls that never found a host, they would linger in the air and watch as the world of Eden grew to become a world of peace, beauty, and experience.

War. War was a thing that took lives, destroyed the land, and broke the spirits of many. It pitted those who onced loved, against each other, and tore souls apart. The Great War within Eden only lasted 11 months, as the fighting never stopped, and continued endlessly for that time. Great and powerful spirits rose to the cause of either protecting their homeland, or submitting to the madness of the Blood Queen, seeking domination over the realm of Eden. On Mirokumaru’s side, was the Titans Kaizaken and Themis, as well as the Maidens Serenity and Benkei. On the side of the Blood Queen was the Titans Aryan and Rurik, as well as the Maidens Insidious and Nanashi. Sekkyoku being the major casualty between the top tier of the spirits, it fueled Mirokumaru’s rage. Some of the notable spirits that took sides were the Spirit of the Stars and Moon siding with Mirokumaru, and the Spirit of the Sun, Oceans, and Magic sided with Blood Queen. In terms of numbers, Mirokumaru was losing due to the Madness of Blood Queen being stronger than she could have expected, claiming more and more spirits by the days, and leading Mirokumaru’s forces shrinking. Mirokumaru knew that if the war continued that she would lose, and what made matters worse is that the spirits that she loved so much would end up being tortured and mutilated by Blood Queen herself. It was something that Mirokumaru could not risk, as it is her duty as a Goddess to not only ensure balance, but to ensure peace with the Souls of Eden.

In the Months of the War, the casualties grew, leading the Themis having to pit herself against the one she loved. Putting aside her feelings to ensure the lives of those around her, and to seek the Justice she is so enveloped in, she drove her blade into the once known Titan Malek, who now goes by Aryian. It was believed that a piece of Malek came back during their bout and allowed Themis to drive her blade into her loved one, but something changed that day when she killed her beloved. Mirokumaru could feel it within the soul of the Titan who swore fealty to her, in that she allowed the chaos of War to consume her, and she too shifted. No longer a Titan of Justice, Themis became Aries, and welcomed the War around her to consume her thirst for Chaos. This lead to Mirokumaru losing yet another supporter to her defense to the chaos of war and madness of Blood Queen. It was almost as if Aryian knew that Themis would become Aries if she struck him down, allowing Blood Queen to attain another advantage during the War.

Rurik and Kaizaken fought many times in their nearly endless battle lasting over 8 of the 11 months. The regeneration capabilities by both Titans were incredible, leading their fight to come down to whoever was stronger in terms of raw power, and sadly, they were on equal footing. The Rage of Kaizaken was unparalleled, it felt he was on the border of becoming Bahamut, but Rurik's Fury was just as potent as Kaizaken’s Rage. Of course the Spirits that were allied with both Titans fought alongside of them, like the Spirits of Fire, Water, and Earth worked with Kaizaken, whereas the Spirits of Degeneration, Decomposition, and Restoration aided Rurik. As their fights began, it seemed as though Kaizaken was losing to Rurik, as Rurik's capability of Devolving his surroundings brought the power of the Spirits surrounding him down, but thankfully with Kaizaken’s hurricane and Omega Circles, he was able to fend off the collateral from Rurik affecting those seeking sanctuary. It led Kaizaken in the end falling to Rurik however, since Kaizaken was not only fighting against Rurik, but he was trying to protect those who were unable to protect themselves. Kaizaken was captured and kept from freedom under Blood Queen’s power within the center of her power and meant Mirokumaru being down 2 Titans to Blood Queen having the remaining Titans.

The Maidens were another story though, as Benkei was able to take down Nanashi, however Serenity and Insidious were evenly matched, leaving the final head count towards the ending of the War with Blood Queen having 2 Titans, 1 Maiden, and roughly 2 Million Spirits under her influence. Mirokumaru had no Titans, 2 Maidens, and about 800 Thousand Spirits. It was obvious, Mirokumaru was going to lose, and it lead to Mirokumaru pulling her trump card in the end, where she activated Eden Reset, throwing their world into a time lapse, rewinding everything back to the beginning. Mirokumaru was attempting to reverse the time within Eden to when her and Archa separated to perhaps speculate to what began the entire War, and stop it from ever happening. Sadly, Blood Queen knew that Mirokmaru would attempt this, thus she had taken precautions before hand. Sealing their entire realm into an alternate dimension, Blood Queen actually waited for Mirokumaru to attempt such a stunt, as when Miro took off into the gates of time, standing before her was none other than her twisted sister. Mirokumaru knew that in the current war that she had lost. There was no other action she could have taken, thus she had to attempt to use time to her benefit, but even Blood Queen thought of that and set up a trap.

None of the spirits from Eden ever saw what happened, but for the two Goddesses, but when the trap activated, Mirokumaru was taken to an Alternative Existence, created by Blood Queen. This alternate reality that Blood Queen had created was a temporary reality that made Mirokumaru appear at the despair of her actions. As though nearly 8 million of the spirits that inhabited Eden were lost because of her actions, and that the last remaining spirits served under Blood Queen, giving full fealty to the one Goddess. The Titans and Maidens that served under Mirokumaru were turned, and in this reality, they gave into madness, hunting down the surviving Goddess, as she ran from the nightmarish hell that Blood Queen had created. Miro had no choice but to run and hide for a majority duration of the reality, as she didn’t want to give into potentially harming her former allies and friends, especially since Miro believed this trap wasn’t set to harm Miro, but instead break her reasoning, and enable her to fall to become Reaper. Mirokumaru figured that this would be the extent of her trap, as Blood Queen enjoyed more to toy with the minds of her prey with Aryian, but since Aryian was dead from Themis, she was becoming weak in her ability of strategy, as Blood Queen had made a major mistake. She expected Mirokumaru to run from Blood Queen, but instead Miro was running right to her.

Since Miro’s descent into Reaper, Mirokumaru had been studying herself, and her position as a Goddess. With that journey into herself, she had made the discovery of a form of balance, that allowed her to take on the positive and negative aspects of her soul. The abilities to stop, break, and manipulate time, as well as the abilities with the Soul to create or end it, whereas Blood Queen had only learned to utilize the strengths of her current aspect. Blood Queen was fully capable to create realms of dimensions and create forms of existence, but she was more adept of handling their destruction within her current form. Between the two, it’s more fair to say that Blood Queen has grasped the abilities of her negative soul, whereas Mirokumaru has attained balance, and with that, is able to use her skills from all aspects of her soul.

Due to this, Mirokumaru had learned of her advantage, noticing that the realms that Blood Queen had fabricated were weaker, and lacking in creativity that her old self Archa was more natural for. With this, Miro knew that she could break the realms, given her ability to “End” with her Omega Scythe that was possessed during her time as Reaper. Mirokumaru told herself she wouldn’t dare use the scythe again, after learning of the deadly capabilities of the weapon, and how many souls she had ended from wielding such a powerful artifact, but she had no choice anymore. Using the Sands of Time around her, Miro crafted the Omega Scythe once more, bringing surprise to Blood Queen, as she lunged at Blood Queen, bringing a strike to end her very soul from remaining within the very bounds of Time. Blood Queen dodged, but Miro wasn’t aiming entirely for Blood Queen, as the strike was actually at the weakest point of the reality they were co-existing in, since Blood Queen was weak in terms of creation at this time, and by breaking the weakest layer in their reality, Mirokumaru broke the fake existence that Blood Queen had set..

Surprised and shocked of the fact that Mirokumaru broke the fake reality that she had gambled so much on, Blood Queen felt cornered. Mirokumaru was stronger than her for some reason, and she didn’t understand how. On closer observation, Blood Queen came to realize two things, and it was that not only was Mirokumaru in a perfect state of balance, allowing her fully grasp of her capabilities as a Goddess, but also in that every soul that swore to Mirokumaru and fell in battle, was being sheltered and protected within Mirokuarmu’s soul, aiding her capability to fight. Refusing to give into loss, Blood Queen did something that not even Mirokumaru’s cycle sight would have predicted, as when the reality that Miro and Blood Queen were trapped in, they were both taken to the secret dimension of the Source, the heart and soul of their very existence. Not expecting to arrive there, Miro was too late in the moment of shock, as Blood Queen darted for the very orb known as the source.

Mirokumaru didn’t realize it, but Miro and Archa hid the source in a realm of time and existence that was out of reach of either one of them, as only both could arrive there together. The fake reality trap that Blood Queen had developed was actually the first layer that protected the Source, and when Mirokumaru cut the weakest part of that existence with the Omega Scythe, end ended everything attached to it, including the special time realm that surrounded it, dropping both of them off at the sources front door.

Miro attempted to run after Blood Queen to stop her from contacting the Source, but it was too late. Taking her pitchfork, Blood Queen dived and stabbed it directly into the Source, bringing about the beginning of the end for Eden. The land began to twist and contort, breaking its very beauty, leading to a cataclysmic type of appearance, and leaving the surviving Spirits lost, and unknown to what was going on. The remaining Titans and Maidens, along with the remaining spirits had no understanding of what was going on, and Miro ran from the room of the source to return to Eden. Mirokumaru knew that every surviving soul would be eradicated if they weren’t protected from what was about to come, thus Mirokumaru let out her true power as a Goddess, and began to archive every soul existing on Eden as it broke and fell apart. The spirits, the maidens, and the titans were all separated from their bodies, as their souls were taken to Mirokumaru for sanctuary from their reality collapsing. There was one problem however, and it was that Kaizaken was unable to be saved, and Mirokumaru realized this when she held all the maidens and only 3 remaining Titans.

As Miro searched high and low for Kaizaken’s soul, Blood Queen remained at the location of the Source, watching it break and dissolve under her power. It made her feel truly above all power and beings, like a true Goddess should. She however did have one final idea, as she took the remainder of the Source that had yet to dissolve under her power, about a half remaining, and held it in her hands. She then used her greatest power as a Goddess of space, and tore open a hole in the very fabric of their outer reality, revealing a whole new world. This new reality was going to be the world she would next conquer, and before she could step through, Mirokumaru had returned to the realm of the Source with every known existing soul kept within her for sanctuary, and Kaizaken right behind her. Mirokumaru managed to find and free Kaizaken before Blood Queen had attempted to make her grand escape, and as Blood Queen jumped through the hole between realities, Mirokumaru and Kaizaken followed before the realm closed and became the Valley of Screams. The bodies of all the living spirits had reverted and became blanks, giving into the deprived power of the Valley and becoming one with their desolate reality.

As Miro, Blood Queen, and Kaizaken entered this new reality, Blood Queen attempted to attack her followers, and struck Mirokumaru as she entered the new world, causing a large quantity of the souls she was trying to protect to fall from her protection, falling to the unknown world before them, but they didn’t fall directly down. No, instead all the souls that were lost from Mirokumaru strayed off into different directions to find a host they found not only suitable, but fit their personalities each. One of these souls were the Maiden Sekkyoku. Kaizaken went to tend to Miro as she recovered from the sneak attack by Blood Queen, and the Queen disappeared to somewhere that the two remaining souls did not know.

Stuck in a world they did not know or understand, Mirokumaru and Kaizaken were now lost with the millions of souls that remain protected by Mirokumaru, and now an unknown amount lost within this lost realm as well. Fact remained that Blood Queen had captured and possession of their Source, ran off to a place they do not know, and as beings not belonging in this reality, they needed to find a host as soon as possible.

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Skills and Willpower

Neviah Skills

Skill Level: Durability:
Skill Level: General Speed:
Skill Level: Strength:
Skill Level: Weapon Skill:

Skill Level: Willpower/Determination:
Skill Level: Mental Deduction:
Skill Level: Pain Endurance:
Skill Level: Focus:

Serenity Skills

Skill Level: Durability:
Skill Level: General Speed:
Skill Level: Strength:
Skill Level: Weapon Skill:

Skill Level: Willpower/Determination:
Skill Level: Mental Deduction:
Skill Level: Pain Endurance:
Skill Level: Focus:

Insidious Skills

Skill Level: Durability:
Skill Level: General Speed:
Skill Level: Strength:
Skill Level: Weapon Skill:

Skill Level: Willpower/Determination:
Skill Level: Mental Deduction:
Skill Level: Pain Endurance:
Skill Level: Focus:

Kaizaken Skills

Skill Level: Durability:
Skill Level: General Speed:
Skill Level: Strength:
Skill Level: Weapon Skill:

Skill Level: Willpower/Determination:
Skill Level: Mental Deduction:
Skill Level: Pain Endurance:
Skill Level: Focus:

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls 0U7h01l
The History of Neviah

Around the month of December in the year 1949, there was a baby to be expected, as the General of the Zero Division, Ceon Clixx-Kimura was busy working out things with his fellow Zero Division Officers. He was in high spirits, as he was informed by not only the Soul King, but even from the 4th Division Captain, Unohana Retsu, that their baby indeed looked healthy and he couldn’t be any more excited. At first, Ceon believed that with his soulmate, Senna Clixx-Kimura that having a child was impossible, but something made it possible that they were unaware of! So instead of looking into how it was possible, Ceon just accepted the gift he was given, and waited eagerly for the news of the soon to be born baby girl he expected. Of course, Senna would be wearing loose clothing and would appear as though she was always tired while in the care of Unohana and a few 4th Division officers, but Ceon and Senna would always smile at one another in sheer joy of the gift they were to receive. What they didn’t know was that when Ceon and Senna were of real souls, Senna was already pregnant with Neviah before her death. Thus when the two reengaged their love for one another, their love was what propelled the soul back into existence, and thus Neviah’s creation was ensured.

Many gifts were prepared for the little girl, from blankets of pink, balloons, and flowers addressed to Senna for the child to be expected. Even Izanagi, one of Ceon’s officers within the 0 Division sent them a gift from their family for the young girl. While the gifts were appreciated, nothing was any more precious than the life Senna was about to bring into the world, as on the 20th of December, the 0 Division world in which the Clixx-Kimura family inhabited was covered in snow, and Senna was going into labor. Senna was in labor for over 19 hours, and was having difficulty giving birth to the baby, and when Unohana realized it, she offered a C-Section to make the birthing easier, but Senna refused as she wanted her first baby to come into the world naturally. To Senna, the child would be born with a real soul, they deserve to be welcome into the world naturally as well! As things proceeded, Ceon attempted to beg Senna to perhaps reconsider C-Section. To him, he could feel her heartbeat struggling, and she appeared in great pain. Ceon didn’t wish for his wife to sustain such pain, so he spoke to her, begging her to reconsider, but Senna was adamant on the child being born naturally with no assistance from outside sources.

Finally, after all the hard work, small whimpers could be heard as Ceon looked to see his very child out into the world now. The small child appeared so small and fragile, it was impossible to believe something like that could be born so pure! Unohana had the child cleaned as Ceon stood by Senna in pure joy that their first child was finally born. It only took but a moment for the cord to be cut, and for the child to be cleaned, as Unohana handed the young baby girl to Senna. Of course the baby wasn’t crying, but instead whimpering, as she seemed like a quiet one. Senna was breathing heavily as she received her child. Tears fell from her eyes in joy, as she took in every feature of her beautiful baby girl. Slowly, Senna muttered under her breath ‘Neviah’ when suddenly the machines attached to Senna began to make alarming noises. As Ceon looked back over to his wife in confusion to the machine noises, he noticed her eyes were fading and she was not responding. Ceon called out to Senna, hoping she was just unconscious, but he couldn’t feel a heartbeat and was beginning to worry greatly. Ceon was taken out of the room against his will, and his child removed from Senna’s arms, given to the nearest nurse for care, all while leaving his unresponsive wife to the only hope he trusted.

The scene became dark, as Senna was already gone, and died from the pain of giving birth to the child. Senna had such a small body frame and to give birth without assistance from medical science was extremely damaging to her, but due to Senna’s stubborn behavior, she wished for nothing more than the natural birth. Unohana was the one who approached Ceon who awaited outside for over 4 hours to hear what was going on with his wife. Unohana didn’t know how to speak to Ceon, as his wife was dead. With no words, Ceon knew what Unohana was trying to tell him, and now that his heart was once again broken like it was in the past from seeing his love in pain, his eyes shifted from full of life and joy to a hollow shell. It was the same look in Ceon’s eyes long ago when he lost many close to him, and Unohana did not know how to acknowledge it. Unohana knew Ceon was in no condition to raise a child, especially with his given position as the 0 Division General. Unohana told Ceon to go, and that she will raise Neviah in his place. Ceon did not question the statement, instead he proceeded to disappear for a while, leaving the newborn in the care of the 4th Division.

Unohana raised Neviah like she was her own child for 10 years. Unohana taught Neviah how to properly communicate like a lady, manners, and sit like an adult, which made Neviah grow and learn very quickly on how to be polite to others. Her white hair resembled her Father in so many ways, and her beautiful tan eyes looked exactly like her Mothers that it was impossible for Unohana to not see her Mother and Father within her every day. Unohana was of course the First Kenpachi, one of the darkest Shinigami in the Gotei all those years, and even though this was before the Aizen strike, most didn’t believe it right for Unohana to care for a child such as Neviah, but it was allowed since Unohana was a Motherly Figure, and one of the only to actually know how to care for a child. Instead, Unohana made sure to keep the darker side of herself hidden as to help keep Neviah as pure as possible. Unohana also had to defend Neviah from the Central 46 for a while, as the Central 46 gained intel of Neviah’s birth, and they wanted the 12th Division to perform experiments on her to discover exactly what she was. They wanted to know if she was indeed a Memory Rosary or not, and Unohana refused to hand Neviah over, causing slight tensions between the Fourth Division and the Central 46. After some talking with the Captain Commander, Unohana got full backing that the child would not be touched, as she was indeed the child of Ceon Clixx-Kimura, and he would not tolerate his child being some sort of lab rat.

Finally after 10 years of watching over Neviah grow into a beautiful young girl, Unohana got word that Ceon was ready to take his child back and raise her properly. It was hard for Unohana to give the girl up, but Ceon reassured Unohana that she was welcome to visit whenever she wished. Not long after Neviah was returned to her Father, Ceon started training Neviah like a Shinigami. Neviah didn't like it as it wasn't like her to be a fighter, but Ceon wanted her to be able to defend herself. Ceon would even use his tricks with the Onmitsukido on Neviah to teach her to be aware at all times. Ceon taught Neviah all of the basics to Martial Arts, including the Dark Arts, which was his specialty. Neviah took in the fighting style as it taught balance of the body, and to use your surroundings to your advantage. Neviah took this art style well, and she used it while she grew to better her body, mind, and soul. When Neviah was a little older, Ceon was contacted and told that the Central 46 requested Neviah to become a Shinigami. At first Ceon didn't want Neviah to go, but Neviah accepted understanding she's the legacy of two great Memory Rosaries. Finally being around fifteen years of age, but only appearing twelve, Neviah took on the challenge of the Shino Academy.

The Shino Academy was very difficult to Neviah, as she was not known as the “Memory Rosary” to the other students, but as the “Child of Ceon Clixx-Kimura”, thus she was assumed to be some prodigy big shot, since she came from the Zero Division. Neviah was actually above average of the class, but mostly shy since she was raised with Unohana and Ceon most her life, and would rarely socialize. While being raised in the 4th Division, Neviah was raised by Unohana and the help of her fellow officers, and never really got to see many others. Neviah grew up in the Gardens and Head offices of the Fourth Division, and when she was in the Zero Division, she was to stay on Ceon’s grounds only, not going anywhere else. Due to this, she barely got to know anyone, and became very socially awkward. Most of the time, during the evenings, Neviah would use her knowledge of the Dark Arts to escape from the Shino Academy, and go to a secret meet up place in the Gotei to see her Father. She would see her Father and tell him all about her days and how much fun she was having, but one thing was weird in that she couldn’t get near boys. It was during this time that whenever a male would remotely come close to Neviah, they’d suddenly disappear and re-appear with life-threatening injuries within the 4th Division. Due to this, Neviah lacked the social skills to talk to males, and gained a phobia of males believing she was the reason for their injuries. This later developed more permanently and implanted a fear deep within Neviah’s subconscious, making her phobia of men well know. Neviah would also be noted running off during the evenings to see Unohana within the 4th Division. Unohana would always welcome Neviah with fresh tea and listen to the stories of Neviah’s days of learning Kido and basic combat techniques. Neviah always thought it weird she was top of the class in all categories, but Unohana knew secretly that the reason for that was her potential, and Ceon’s teachings.

Finally, after many years within the academy, Neviah was a graduate of the Shino Academy, and was the valedictorian of her class. She was respected by her peers, even though Neviah never really got to know any of them, but she felt honored to be given the opportunity to take one step further in being just like her Father. She excelled in Speed and Hand to hand combat amazingly, but when it came to Kido she lacked on all spells but healing spells. Healing spells were quite easy for Neviah due to her exposure to it within the 4th Division at an early age, but her destruction kido spells lacked a bit. It mainly had to do with her father, as he never really did Kido either, he just did electrical kido and Shunko. Her sword combat was a bit interesting, as she always won sparrings, but not from the teachings. The teachers tried to teach her basic kendo, but she specialized in different arts that involved defensive combat, to countering, as well as close combat with shorter blades. Thus when wielding a Katana, Neviah had a little trouble, and would strive for a shorter blade weapon of needed. At the Graduation, Ceon and Unohana were both there, Neviah’s favorite people. Ceon and Unohana were both there for a special reason, outside of congratulating Neviah on her accomplishments, Unohana wanted to tell Neviah she was accepted into the 4th Division to work with her as a 3rd seated officer! The excitement and joy on Neviah’s face was brighter than ever with the opportunity to work closely with her Foster Mother, but that wasn’t it, as Ceon was there to present Neviah with her first real Zanpaktou. It was a beautiful glass Wakizashi that looked like her Fathers in size and shape. Neviah ogled the beautiful weapon, speechless for words, as Ceon got that blade specifically for her from Kaizaken’s directions. Neviah wasn’t able to speak with the Spirits of the blade yet, but it wouldn’t take long before she met Serenity, the first spirit within the Glass Wakizashi.

Being within the 4th Division, Neviah has been through much trying to figure out how she fits in the Fourth Division. Her skills on medical kido developed very well, and her aim with a scalpel are amazing as her aim is never off. She really is her Father’s daughter, and her speed is by far greater than anyone else of her peers! Due to this development and kind heart she possessed, it didn’t take long before a voice began to speak to Neviah, and it was Serenity, the Spirit within her Zanpaktou. Neviah ended up learning as much about Serenity as she could, and came to discover Serenity was a defensive healing type of Blade, and was perfect for her job within the 4th Division. She faced many trials in her time as the 4th Division 3rd Seat, including one time when a group of Vizard attacked the Soul Society, and Neviah protected her Division from harm. She was one of the only combat ready Shinigami, and when a giant mecha type enemy encroached on the 4th Barracks, Unohana protected an innocent bystander while Neviah used her abilities to neutralize the threat. It was noted that Neivah’s combative abilities were just as talented as her medical skills. Neviah gained notoriety within the 4th Division Quickly, as it took less than a year for her to become the Vice-Captain of the 4th Division. Many believed it to be her capabilities, while others assumed it was due to her upbringing. This was assumed due to the attack by the Traitor Aizen during this time, and Ceon showing up with his 0 Division behind him, saving the Gotei from destruction of the Traitor and Arrancar threat. It was even noted that Ceon defeated Aizen and because of that, it was believed that his child must be something of a big shot as well. Additionally, being raised by Unohana raised questions of favorable selection, but most rumors were squashed by those Neviah had saved through her year in the Division. Neviah didn’t trust her capabilities within the position, but Unohana had the most confidence with her Foster-Daughter that she would perform admirably, thus Neviah took the Vice-Captain position with pride knowing that others believed in her. It became this moment where Neviah would become the Vice-Captain of the 4th Division for nearly 300 years.

Neviah hardly saw her father anymore, but she had the feeling that he's always watching. What she didn’t know was that it was actually true. Ever since she went to the Shino Academy, Ceon would watch his daughter out of the fear of her getting hurt, or some male potentially attempting to take her from him. Thus he became the reason males who attempted to approach Neviah would always end up injured by “Accidents”. It even continued well after Neviah graduated, making others wary of approaching the “cursed” girl. This just ended up pushing Neviah’s fear of men further and further into her mind, building her phobia stronger and stronger. These targets of Ceon would also be left in an open area to be discovered and taken to the 4th Division for healing. It was noted however that Neviah took professionalism higher than anything else, so at times, she would be the one to care for these injured males, and once they regained consciousness, Neviah would jump and take off, leaving the care in other officer's hands. Unohana wasn’t able to discover the source of these hurting men, but she had her guesses and due to intuition, believed a certain overprotective Father the source of the injury accidents.

Neviah’s personal life was very quiet, as within her personal space, she’d have flowers and personal plants all over to grow, and Neviah gave each one a name. They were her children in a way, and she loved her flowers very much, as she would spend much of her personal time within the Fourth Division gardens, tending to the plant life there. There was also a small picture of her Mother, Senna Clixx-Kimura with incense burning, and every night, Neviah would pray in hopes that her Mother was at peace, not knowing she was a Memory Rosary. It was also during this time that Neviah didn’t want to really be like her Father in the sense of the Dark Arts, as she wanted to branch out her martial arts abilities and enter a field of something she was more familiar with. It before Neviah became the Vice Captain that when some would witness Neviah wearing no top, but with bandages surrounding her torso, in the garden or in her office. She was performing Tai Chi, and studying different Martial Arts in her spare time in which to develop Martial Skills outside of the Assassin type. She ended up learning many different styles during this time, and adapting her body to better perform the Martial skills she was learning, all while continuing to perform as the 4th Division Vice-Captain. On other nights when Neviah is not practicing her moves, she will be working her aim and medical skills with sharp and small tools like scalpels and kunai. She would study the very nerves and tendons in the human body that would work certain areas of the body so she can heal and repair whatever muscles are under stress or damage. All while Neviah was bettering herself, she would constantly feel lonely, as she was still lacking something deep, and that was a friend.

One day while working the 4th Division as usual, Neviah was suddenly disturbed by a sudden shake of news that she never expected to hear. Unohana was first on the scene to Neviah’s office while Central 46 Representatives, the Captain Commander, and a Zero Division Representative all in her office. Of course, the presence of males made Neviah extremely uncomfortable, but due to Unohana being by Neviah’s side, she comforted the frightened girl while terrible news was brought forward to the young Vice-Captain. The news being that Ceon Clixx-Kimura, General of the Zero Division, was officially charged with desertion for abandoning his post, and disappearing. Neviah couldn’t believe it, as Ceon never spoke a word to Neviah before he disappeared, but Neviah was heartbroken as to not knowing why her Father would up and disappear like that. Ceon was on a search for his old Vice-General Midori Sugiura, but he told no one, so to even Ceon’s friends like Izanagi and others within the Gotei, they didn’t know where Ceon was or what he was doing. This led the Central 46 to believe Ceon was suddenly an enemy of the Gotei, and for Neviah to be used as a bargaining chip if Ceon ever attacked. Of course, the Zero Division Representative, Captain Commander, and Unohana stepped in to defect the poor girl from being used against her will, and Central 46 backed down, but they warned Neviah that if she ever do anything like her Father, there will be dire consequences. Neviah never understood why her Father disappeared, but due to it, the feeling of abandonment from her Father, and loneliness took over, making Neviah feel even worse than she did before.

During a quiet day within the Fourth Division, Neviah was roaming the halls, occupied with her work in the medical field when she suddenly ran into another poor girl causing her to fall over. Neviah began to apologize while picking her papers up before noticing blood on the floor. The poor girl she collided with happened to get a bloody nose on accident, and in a hurry, Neviah took her into a room to clean her up. Neviah learned that the girl's name was Konomi Osaka, and was a girl who transferred from the lower ranks of the 8th Division to becoming the new 3rd Seat of the 4th Division, making her the first representative of the Vice-Captain. Neviah and Konomi became dear friends, almost inseparable due to Konomi’s happy and energy filled nature. She would always stand for Neviah and protect her from others, as well as spend time with her whenever she felt lonely. Konomi was the first real friend that Neviah had ever made in her lifetime, and was extremely appreciative of her dear friend. The two developed their deep bond together for many years, and grew to become almost like sisters.

Even during this time while Konomi and Neviah developed their deep friendship, Neviah was joined by another who would deeply engrave their bond into Neviah’s soul, and her name was Yui Nakami. Yui was brought into the Fourth Division with extremely deep injuries that she took while out on a mission, and when Neviah discovered the reason she sustained such injuries, she was blown away. The woman before her lost an arm, and was near a life ending condition to save her entire platoon from annihilation of an unknown target. Due to the heroic nature of the woman in pain before her, Neviah performed all that she could to not only bring the woman to stability, but Neviah managed to return her arm to her as well. After Nakami awoke from unconsciousness, Neviah and Nakami shared many times together, even with Konomi, showing that Neviah was making wonderful friends. Together they were all becoming one group of wonderful girls, Nakami being the oldest and helping Neviah and Konomi grow over time. Everything for Neviah was beginning to look up after the disappearance of her Father, till Neviah was stricken by the first surge of tragedy in her life, as one of her friends died.

Unohana was the first to enter Neviah’s office with the terrible news, as since Unohana was Captain of the 4th Division, she was responsible to tell all her members and take responsibility for the accountability of her troops. She went to tell Neviah first, as it was her best friend, and she needed to know. The Rain was strong, as Unohana informed to Neviah, that Konomi Osaka was murdered while on a deployed support mission on Earth to help a recon team. The team was ambushed by an unknown organization, and there were no survivors. Neviah’s heart became shattered at the shock of realizing she would never see Konomi’s bright face, or hearing her high energy excitement anymore. Broken apart, Neviah fell apart from the inside, as she was quiet and never spoke a word to anyone for two weeks, completely numb from the loss of her 3rd Seat, and first ever friend. Neviah grieved for a long while, till her grieving was interrupted by a quite assertive and up front girl named Eliah Tsundora. Eliah was from the 2nd Division at the time, and pressuring Neviah into learning more about her Father, Ceon Clixx-Kimura. She didn’t know a lot about him, but for some unknown reason, Eliah wanted to know about him and see him, demanding Neviah take her to him instantly. Neviah was of course defecting from Eliah’s demands, as she believed the girl to be ill with a cold, never mind Eliah’s cold nature by default. Eliah was stern and direct with Neviah, but after a while in each other’s company, it was decided that Neviah would teach Eliah the Dark Arts since she wanted to learn Martial Arts from her Father, and Neviah needed to help fill the void of loss of Konomi’s Death. While Konomi would never be replaced in Neviah’s heart, Eliah ended up becoming a friend to Neviah from their time together, even if Eliah was like Oil and Neviah was like Water.

Neviah’s Zanpaktou Serenity has adapted to Neviah quite well allowing her to use almost all her Shikai abilities and soon would allow her to trial for Bankai, but Serenity was scared because she didn't want to harm Neviah. Unknowing, Neviah was becoming determined because as time went on, she became more and more worried of her father and wanted to know if he was okay. Due to this worry, Neviah kept working with her fan skills and precision to allow her the potential to fight on par with many fighters. She knew it was dangerous out there, but she wanted to see her Father and ask why he just disappeared. Neviah would soon approach her Captain, requesting to resign and go out of Soul Society and into the real world to search for someone that technically does not exist. Unohana had a promise to uphold, so she denied her that opportunity, as she asked Neviah to just stay and be safe since the War for London was going on about that time. Not long after the war was established, many injured beings began to appear and require healing from dealing with the Affairs on the living world. Many from London, Italy, and many other places around the world were lighting up, and Neviah was busier than ever. Unohana wanted Neviah to stay sheltered and as her pure self, but hearing the details of who was involved in the fight, and knowing she can’t shield Neviah from everything, she prepared for what was to come.

Neviah worked day and night to heal those who were injured by the war she knew little about, but after hearing the details slowly leak in about some sort of being that resembled her Father, Neviah grew curious. Neviah then began to investigate and look into files and records till she saw a live feed of the destruction of London. The pain of watching all that suffering hurt Neviah’s heart, but slowly caused a change. When Neviah paid witness from Soul Society to the fall of London, she saw her own Aunt Claire alive, while the whole time Neviah believed she died many eons ago from an evil Iramasha man. What made matters worse however, was when she saw her own Father appear, taking her supposedly dead Aunt Claire, and the extremely wanted Arrancar Ashlei from the scene. Witnessing the carnage and mass confusion of London began to lead to a change within Neviah, as she began to enter the ego of Malice.

From there, Unohana noted the change within her Adopted Daughter and took her to a secluded area to better understand this change. From within, Unohana also revealed the secret about her race, and told Neviah she was a Memory Rosary, and thus Malice Neviah was introduced to the world. Unohana knew she couldn’t protect Neviah forever, and hide her from the fact that she was a Memory Rosary, as well as the secret to her Zanpaktou holding two spirits instead of once. Unohana knew she had no other choice than to allow Neviah to vent while in this state of Malice, and for her to learn all about Insidious, the Dark Reflection and offensive side of her Zanpaktou. To do this, Unohana would teach Neviah the Art of Murder, an Art that Unohana specialized in, and Ceon would refuse to teach her at her young age. From there, Neviah learned what her Father wouldn't and that's the smell, the taste, and the beauty of the blood that falls from one's enemies. This change in Neviah not only allowed her to understand what she was, and that she was not a normal Shinigami, but her skills grew as well. Her martial skills, swordplay, and understanding of what she was all grew from that experience, but did something greater. It allowed the relationship between Neviah and Insidious to improve and allowed her deeper power into her Zanpaktou. Not long after Neviah defeated her Foster Mother in combat to fully understand the Art of Murder, as well as understanding how deadly the blade really is, she was taken by Unohana to enter into hiding for a while as to allow herself time to understand what she was. It was Neviah's first time entering the Malice state, and Unohana wanted to be 100% sure that not only was Neviah returned, but she was well once again. Finally after being sure that Neviah was well, Unohana returned Neviah back into the Gotei after a small time in hiding, only for Neviah to disappear not too long after to the Curse of the Rosaries.

It didn’t take very long before the Rosaries were all reborn once again, as on the usual place of Mount Fuji, less than a year from the War of London, a power was beginning to surge, as from the source, four beings appeared. Ceon Clixx-Kimura, Former Zero Division General, and Memory Rosary of Life, Senna Clixx-Kimura, Memory Rosary of Eternity, Claire Clixx, Memory Rosary of Hope, and Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Legacy Memory Rosary of Purity all were reborn together. When they awoke from their binding of re-creation, they were all in positive ego, and the most touching moment was Neviah and Senna seeing one another for the first time in over 400 years. Neviah had never seen her Mother, nor hear her speak, and Senna had never seen her daughter before, or seen how much she’s grown, thus the two wept in each other’s arms in joy of reunion. It was broken quickly though by Blood Queen, when she arrived to break Claire and cause Neviah’s Mother and Father to enter their negative Egos, Destruction and End. The Battle was fierce, but when Shadin Yuudeshi appeared, Shadin quickly fought against his teacher and mentor Ceon Clixx-Kimura, while Claire and Neviah worked together in an attempt to save Senna from her rampage. At the end of everything, Shadin helped Neviah save her parents, as they were returned to normal after a fierce battle, and Shadin returned to his home in Karakura. Claire disappeared somehow, where Neviah was confused as to why her Aunt would up and disappear, instead of sharing the moment of being a family once more. Neviah watched as her Mother and Father return to live their lives in peace on earth near Mt Fuji, and Neviah was returned to the Gotei, to return as the 4th Division Vice-Captain.

While Neviah was gone, it seemed that Unohana entered a deep depression of Neviah’s disappearance that she departed from the 4th Division to retire, and the 4th Division took in a new Captain for a short while. The Captain was someone Neviah was not used to, as well as the new 3rd Seat that filled Konomi’s spot after Neviah’s disappearance. Neviah felt completely out of her element, and that she no longer belonged as the Fourth Division Vice-Captain. It took a short while, but while Neviah was performing her duties, it was requested of her to become the 10th Division Captain. Neviah didn’t understand why she was offered such a marvelous and prestigious responsibility, but she knew she grew much stronger after her recent rebirth. When she was reborn, she adopted the Memories of her Mother and Father, gaining many different abilities between additional Martial Skills, the Aura of Shamans, and many others. Neviah wasn't sure if she could do it, but with confidence given to her by her friends Eliah and Nakami, Neviah accepted the Mantle of the 10th Division Captain.

When Neviah became the 10th Division Captain, she departed her old home, feeling her past behind her was stopped, and she was evolved and allowed to advance to a new chapter in her life. Within days of becoming the new Captain, Neviah went around and met all Division members, save for the males as she still held a strong phobia of men. Instead, Neviah met her 4th Seated Officer, Krystia Kallen. She was a strong willed woman with a heart of gold that got along great with Neviah, and thus the two created a bond of their own. Neviah not long after getting to know Krystia, managed to help train her and develop her to become a better Officer, as well as unlock her Zanpaktou and Shikai states. That was only the beginning, as when Neviah needed to select a Vice-Captain, Neviah chose Nakami Yui, her best friend from her past that meant so much to her. Nakami gladly accepted, and "Yui-Senpai" became the Vice-Captain and moral guide to the still growing Captain of the 10th Division. Their adventures would take them in many directions, in which to make new friends with the 11th Captain Ibiki, the 12th Captain Crystal, and for Neviah to meet her boss, the Captain Commander Tsubasa. The story for Neviah is evolving and growing every day, as she spends her days with her friends, learning from them, and teaching them, as well as sharing the wisdom of her Mother and Father to others, not knowing what the days ahead would bring. But of course, this wouldn't last too long.

Neviah was Captain for a while, performing the deeds needed to ensure the protection of her Division, as well as ensure their tasks were completed. She participated in the Winter Fist Festival with Ibiki and aided her in the search for the Vice Captain, as well as many other things in her time as 10th Division Captain. Not everything was all rainbows and sunshine however, there was one time when Neviah was sent on a mission to retrieve troops in India that had lost comms. They were 10th Division members, and Neviah became worried, accepting the mission and heading to Earth to find her missing comrades. It didn’t take long to locate them, as their dead bodies painted a scene of massacre, in which Neviah became deeply angered. The first to reveal themselves at the scene of the crime was Nami Asthavon, sister to the notorious Demon Mana Asthavon. Neviah wasn’t thinking correctly, as she almost assaulted the Demon head on in her fill of emotion, only to be stopped by the Captain Commander Tsubasa. It led Neviah to return her fallen comrades and depart from the scene, not wanting to spend another moment in the presence of a Demon. Life and death were things Neviah was well familiar with being a Vice Captain of the 4th, and Captain of the 10th. It was something Neviah was becoming more and more used to, till something unexpected occurred.

One night, Neviah awoke in extreme pain as it felt as though her soul was being sucked from her body. Neviah didn't understand what was happening to her, and she couldn't figure it out from her hundreds of years of Medical expertise what was happening to her soul. Little did she know, the time was up on the Memory Rosaries and they were ceasing to fully exist. Thus, due to a chain reaction of Neviah being born of Rosary, yet having a real soul, she was being taken to the Valley while her Mother, Father, and Aunt were being erased. The Rosaries failed their mission, so they were to be disposed of, and the 2nd Generation was to take over now. The 2nd Generation consisted of Neviah Clixx-Kimura, and Kagami Iramasha-Clixx. After about 4 minutes of pain, Neviah was taken into the Valley against her will, and locked inside to be trapped alone.

While in the Valley, Neviah didn't have Serenity or Insidious, and didn't understand why she was alone. It didn't take long before she started to fall under attack from the Blanks. Now while the Blanks are powerless, they are in the masses of an endless horde, so fighting them can be exhausting. Neviah was forced to protect herself using only her racials and personal skills, which wore her out without any power source from any Zanpaktou. Neviah couldn't control Blanks yet, and thus she was stuck fighting for her life from an endless Blank army. After fighting for about 8 hours, Neviah realized she couldn't do that forever, thus she began to flee from the never ending horde of Blanks that were out for her, and as she ran for her safety, she could begin to hear sounds in her head that sounded similar to Serenity or Insidious. Neviah soon discovered that her Zanpaktou is actually somewhere in the Valley, she just had to find them! After searching for Serenity and Insidious for about 2 hours while fighting off the Blanks, she finally found her glass Wakizashi, and summoned whatever power was inside to aid her. Serenity was the only spirit within the blade, so she used whatever power Serenity had to restore herself and her vitality, asking to know what was going on. Serenity stated she couldn’t tell Neviah, and that Insidious was gone. She also informed Neviah that they must search out Mirokumaru, Senna’s Zanpaktou Spirit to fully understand. Continuing her struggle, Neviah ventured forward to seek the answers.

Neviah found a small cavern to claim shelter in within the Valley where she entered a trance to speak with Serenity. She told Neviah that they were not alone, and that Insidious, Kaizaken and Mirokumaru were also somewhere within the Valley. Neviah needed to find them and protect herself if she was to survive. Neviah still didn't understand why she was in the Valley alone, but she had no choice to try and find the other two Zanpaktou that belonged to her Mother and Father, as well as the missing Insidious. All while Neviah searched for Insidious, Kaizaken and Mirokumaru, she questioned why her Mother and Father didn't have their Zanpaktou, and why she was forced into the Valley, but Serenity wouldn't tell her. Neviah didn't understand anything that was going on, but she had to survive, otherwise she'd be a goner. It took Neviah about a week and a half, but Neviah finally found Kaizaken, blade in the ground and handle sticking upwards, as if asking to be picked up. Neviah sheathed Serenity, as she gently touched the handle that was her Father's partner for years. As she touched the weapon, a bolt of lightning stuck down and made contact with Neviah. As it did, Neviah was surging with so much energy and power, and yet so much pain at the same time. Neviah was given the same energy reserves as her Father, but due to Neviah never being able to contain that much energy in her life, it was painful and felt as though she was going to burst from the inside out. What also happened, was Neviah received the remaining memories of her Father, as she opened her eyes and they shot out a blinding white light. The memories of her Father were coursing into her mind, and writing themselves on the encyclopedia that is Neviah's photogenic Memory. They were however locked, till Neviah was able to reach Mirokumaru, where she would make everything clear.

After a moment of extreme pain and fighting the potential explosion that was going to occur if she didn't focus, she finally contained the energy within and calmed down so the pain was gone. Looking at Kaizaken's blade before her, she reached out once more, and took the blade in her hand. As soon as she had a firm grip on the blade, she was suddenly taken from where she was, and put into a world full of clouds. Before her was the giant colossal dragon god before her, Kaizaken. Kaizaken looked down on Neviah with a look of concern, yet relief. Kaizaken was worried Neviah wasn't safe, but seeing her before him proved that she was okay; however, this didn't go without question. Neviah spoke up and Kaizaken was reluctant to inform Neviah of what happened, even though she adopted all of her Father's memories at this point, be them locked away or not. There was nothing left to hide from her, and Kaizaken wanted to tell Neviah everything, including that Serenity and Insidious weren't held by the Gotei 13 to protect its citizens. Instead they were hidden from everyone except Neviah, and that Ceon kept them away from Neviah till she got older.

Kaizaken was going to tell Neviah everything, but now wasn't the time, as they had to find Mirokumaru and Insidious now and teach Neviah everything. Neviah was beginning to get frustrated in that she wasn't being told anything, but she remained patient while the memories of her Father floated in her mind. Instead of using Serenity, Neviah used Kaizaken for the first time to protect herself from the Blank Army. Kaizaken unlocked everything for Neviah from the start, allowing her access to all of his abilities from the get go, and due to Neviah's extreme focus and potential, she was even able to grasp onto a couple abilities that her Father was never able to access. Instantly activating Shikai, Neviah spread herself into her additional clones, and already felt she was in her Father's shoes. So much power he held and his kit was so remarkable, there was proof as to why he was so great when he was alive.

In no time, due to the speed and power of Kaizaken, Neviah found Mirokumaru within a single day, all while fighting off the Blanks and protecting herself. Of course this time, Neviah didn't just waltz up to Mirokumaru and touch the blade. This time, Neviah took a moment to herself and prepared for what was to come, as Neviah didn't know what would happen, but she did know that she'd most likely adopt her Mother's memories from this. Prepared this time, Neviah gently made contract with the blade, as suddenly, a cyclone of sand surrounded her and she became filled with her Mother's memories as well. The sand was flying so quick that it felt as though the sand was blasting her skin off as it spun around her. Of course, Neviah was sent to Mirokumaru's world as well, and Neviah didn't even speak to Mirokumaru, since the first being she was instead Insidious. Neviah approached Insidious, wanting to aid the spirit she was familiar with, because for some reason she was chained down to the ground. Neviah was stopped by Mirokumaru, informing her of the harsh realities they were under, and Neviah didn’t seem to understand. After but a moment, Mirokumaru made contact, implanting Senna’s memories, as well as the brief reality of the Valley of Screams into Neviah’s mind. She came to realize that the Rosaries were on a time limit to begin with, and that they were eternal till their time was up, due to their forged souls being unstable. Neviah however had a real soul, but was infected with the Rosary Curse, thus is the reason she wasn't pulled apart and deleted. Neviah was also informed that the reason she was trapped was because Blood Queen hijacked Insidious’ mind for but a moment, to lock her away in the Valley to die. Lastly, Neviah was told about Claire’s daughter Kagami Iramasha-Clixx, and how she was going to be Blood Queen’s new target. Freeing Insidious, Neviah was showed the final memories of her Mother, Father, and Aunt, and learned of their ends, forcing Neviah to a deep depressing moment.

After Neviah had received Mirokumaru, Kaizaken, Serenity, and Insidious, Neviah's training began. She began to learn how to wield all her Zanpaktou's to their potential, as well as protect herself from the forever surging Blank forces. She had many difficulties while trying to manage her battles with the Blanks, as well as constant mental attacks by Malice, Neviah’s alter ego. Every time Neviah would defeat Malice, she would be free of her presence, but she would always reappear not long after each defeat. After a couple months of protecting herself, and fighting off the Blank hordes, Neviah was finally able to gain control of the Blanks and reach her strength. While it was something to normally celebrate, one problem still stood, and it was that Neviah was trapped. She managed to turn most of the Blanks around her into Flowers and make the Valley appear as a new Garden of Eden, but nothing could stop the creeping madness from being alone for so long. Some nights Neviah would cry and beg to be saved, hoping that someone could hear her cries and come save her from her prison, but instead she silently waited with her new powers, waiting to be saved from this hell of Memories and forgotten Gods, known as the Valley of Screams. As Neviah waited, she slowly began to fall to madness, as she was almost raped by her own mind, thinking that Blood Queen had appeared with the other Maidens to attack her, only to be saved by the subconscious thoughts of her Mother, Father, and Aunt. It was then that Neviah knew she was beginning to slip.

Finally after about 2 years of being trapped with no hope of ever being released, Neviah slowly began to lose more and more hope, becoming a shred of her prime self. She was extremely malnourished, broken, and defeated. She was wanting to give up more than anything else after realizing that she was not going to survive, thus she attempted to take her own life. Mirokumaru stopped her from doing so, but due to the damage and level of desperation, her malfunctioned soul burst with power, ascending Neviah into her Memory Release state. This was something that shocked Mirokumaru, Kaizaken, Insidious, and Serenity, not knowing what to expect from Neviah entering that form, but of course, the form puts extreme strain on the body. When Neviah exited the Memory Release state, almost a minute after entering it, she was suddenly limp and motionless. Serenity was the first to reach Neviah, realizing she had entered carcinogenic shock, and was dying. The spirits got desperate, not knowing how to respond or save Neviah without the proper medical attention, especially when Neviah had lost her will to live.

With no hope in sight, Mirokumaru did what none were expecting her to do. She sacrificed her soul, turning Neviah into a divine being, granting her the life of a Goddess. After Mirokumaru disappeared, Neviah fell into a deep sleep, learning about the start of the Garden of Eden, as well as all the events that transpired from the Great War where Archa became Blood Queen and attempted to take the Garden over by attempting to kill Mirokumaru. Neviah learned about her Mother, Father, and Aunt, and how the became Memory Rosaries, as well as their experiences and life. Everything became ingrained into her mind, taking its place in the Photogenic Memory, forcing Neviah to learn about what all has happened in their time, and in the world of the current realm, and Eden. Finally, after seeing the Sands of Time flow through Neviah, and become the Diamond Dust, Neviah awoke.

She learned about how she became a Goddess, but was not pleased in the least about how she was stolen from death to become this “Immortal” being. It was something that Neviah didn’t really feel satisfied about, and ended up arguing with Kaizaken about her place and responsibility. Finally allowing the souls of Insidious, Serenity, and Kaizaken to become independent, Neviah opened a time gate back to reality, and they emerged to the very house where her Parents lived before their untimely death. It was burnt down and destroyed, so Neviah simply said “Tadaima” and proceeded to ready herself for what was to come as a Goddess of Eden.

Coding by [THEFROST] :: Graphics by TEITOKU

[WIP] Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Goddess of Time and Souls VKxUnpt

Neviah Clixx-Kimura
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