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 An Unexpected Turn

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: An Unexpected Turn   An Unexpected Turn EmptyWed Aug 24, 2016 11:36 pm



"Groooooan." The auditory complaint that escaped Kakine's throat was simple but effective, his gentle eyes shifting all across the current office he attached himself to. As per the usual, Kakine had found himself engrossed in work for the Gotei, specifically things left behind by the previous Zero Division Leader. Unlike the Gotei currently, the man seemed rather annoying. From what he could learn through documents scattered here and there alongside things that were rather difficult to find in the Gotei's own archive, this Ceon was far from normal. It was expected, however. Zero Division was empty save for Kakine, someone who was far from normal himself. In the end, he had no serious reason to judge those who came before. Nevertheless, the mess that he left in his wake was beyond annoying. Shaking his head, the Yuudeshi stood abruptly before turning to the wall behind him, sighing.

"I said I'd help out, not focus entirely on the Seireitei. You'd think someone else would take over at some point." Visibly annoyed, Kakine found himself pacing the room quietly, his fingers tapping away at the single document that found its way to his hands. As of now, not much was known about Ceon, nothing out of the ordinary really popped up within the clues he was given. Of course, he sounded fake at this point. Anyone with such a mastery over so many things was bound to be unbelievable, even by those like Kakine. Still, the urge and curiosity was surely enough to entice the Yuudeshi. That being the case, the document he held was by far his best bet for finding the so called "Ceon".

Previously, Shadin and Kakine had met to discuss Kakine's new position within the Gotei. The younger brother was interested in his abrupt placement, something Kakine himself didn't even understand to a degree. He never went out of his way to help others, but of course the past Captain Commander had to drag him along without much force. Deep down, Kakine was a hero through and through. If not him, someone else surely would have stepped forward. His new placement aside, Kakine's brief visit to his younger brother only sprouted more questions as the current Zero Division leader. Shadin had known much about Ceon, hell, he labelled himself as the man's own student. Kakine had no room to talk when it came to the abnormal, but Shadin of all people training under someone so odd was itself a mystery to the older brother. The Yuudeshi knew much about his family, but the tiniest of details seemed to find themselves hidden nonetheless.

After this meeting however, Shadin had informed him of quite a few things at this point. With Ceon being labelled as his, for lack of a better term, master, it was clear that the Shinigami wasn't entirely fake. Alongside that, the younger brother had informed Kakine of the home he previously inhabited, located at the base of Mt. Fuji. If he understood the directions well enough at least, it was the base on the far south side of the mountain. Kakine may have a genius intellect, but deep down trivial things like this mattered little to him. Visiting special places was boring, especially alone. Nevertheless, he intended on meeting with this Ceon, long enough to at least understand the role he had taken so quickly here in the Gotei. Crumpling the thin paper between his rough digits, the Yuudeshi let one last sigh escape his lips before continuing forward with his plan.

The bright sun seemed to cascade awkward shadows across the plains below the man, the chilled mountain air forcing a shiver throughout the entirety of his spine. "Tch" Making his annoyance clear, the Yuudeshi continued forward, each step bringing him closer and closer to the residence that Shadin had so easily spoken about. Who was this Ceon, what did he want for the world now that he wasn't apart of the Gotei? Was he even around at this point? All these questions would soon become answered, this is what Kakine believed at least.

Finally reaching the base of the mountain, Kakine was met with something far from expected, truly something of a surprising nature. Taking a long breath, he sighed and awkwardly gazed away from what could be described as a mess of rubble. At the base of the said rubble however, stood a lone figure. It's gentle curves and oddly iridescent appearance was one that lack a phrase to describe. For the first time, it seemed the Genius Yuudeshi had choked on his words before speaking aloud, his cold tone being replaced by an awkward calm, something he lacked normally.

"Right. Sorry for your loss, I think. I'm assuming this was the Clixx Home? Maybe it's called the Clixx-Kimura home, either way I don't mean to come off as... let's say rude. Did you know Ceon? I seem to have inherited a few unwelcome things from the old man..." Tripping over his words, Kakine attempted his best to stay within the 'I care about your feelings' realm of speech, watching the silent girl ever so slightly as he spoke. It seemed that he truly was in for an unexpected visit from the looks of things.

Of course.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: An Unexpected Turn   An Unexpected Turn EmptyThu Aug 25, 2016 1:58 am

Artist: Fairy Tail OST - Song: Tenshi no Kunou - Word Count: 1550


For what cost?

Why must I be alone again?

As the fire continued to burn, the girl who stood at 5 feet and 1 inch never felt smaller than she did at that moment. The shadows of the sun descending the horizon made the flames glow brighter before the white haired girl who was just freed for the first time in 2 years. To feel the warm embrace of her Mother, or to feel the accepting care of her Father was all she ever wanted in this moment, and it was all robbed from her once again. To the truth of her Aunt, and her constant struggles to survive and keep mentally sane, to her Mother's trials and fight to survive the experimentation, and lastly to her own Father's attempts to keep this world free. It was all gone, and at the cost of more than their lives. It was at the cost for their very existence. The former Memory Rosary, Neviah Clixx-Kimura was now alone. With her friends either dead or forgotten about her, and the last leg of her own family not even aware of her own existence, Neviah was now a single being in a sea of loneliness.

Tears began to stream as the reality settled in. They were gone, and she could never see them again. When she would find time from being a Captain of the 10th Division to see her family for as much time as possible. She would enjoy every second of tasting her mothers delicious cooking, and even her fits to dress her up in random clothes she wore when she was younger. She would even make Neviah smile and embarrassed by asking about boys, which Senna was very aware of Neviah's fear of. She would never again have the shot to train with her Father again, or even be able to help him chop wood for daily chores, or even watch Radioactive and he spar in the fields to ensure their maximum capabilities are still primed. To seeing her Aunt again, after the first time she actually got to meet her, and learn she was actually a good person! Her Aunt Claire saved her life from the truth of the ego that unleashed their worst capabilities! And now, that the truth has been made aware, they no longer exist in this realm, and Neviah is left to question her newly established existence. What does she live for now? Is it her job to overlook the spirits of Eden and see to their return home? Or is it to see that the current realm she inhabits sees balance brought to its order? Why is it her responsibility in the first place? She never asked to be a Goddess! Why must she now face the tasks when all she ever wanted was to experience "life".

Gripping her hands, she could feel the fires warmth begin to fade as the wreckage ceased burning. The smoldering coals at the foot of the former home would radiate the heat Neviah could still feel, but as Neviah looked at the homes placement, her Cycle Sight would occasionally flicker on, showing her moments in the past where the house was full of life. Where Neviah would be visiting and her Mother would have a whole buffalo on a spit in the back yard. Now why a whole buffalo most would not know, but it meant that her fathers best friend was over, Radioactive. Ceon and Radioactive would occasionally chop wood together and kill time, and Senna would serve lunch while Neviah enjoyed the peaceful company. Most of Neviah's life involved war, or preparing for it, thus to have peace was something she enjoyed dearly. It was when Neviah planted a flower she believed represented her family. She planted a Zinnias, which was a flower that represented Friendship, the one between Radioactive and Ceon. She planted a Gladiolus, a flower that represented strength for her Father, the one who always stood in front or behind her when she needed it. She planted a Rose, to represent the love between Ceon and Senna, one that would last till they very day they ceased to exist. And lastly, the one that was planted for Neviah by her mother Senna, was an Iris. One that represented hope, no matter the struggles and trials, the hope to strive for others. When Neviah remembered the Iris that Senna had planted for her, Neviah proceeded to look to her feet to see a small lump of soul by the front deck that had crumbled. Neviah approached the pile of soil, wiping her eyes as she reached it, and moved some of the dirt aside to see a small white Iris. It was dirty, and bent out of shape, but it survived. It survived the destruction of its home, and survived the harsh condition it was under till Neviah managed to save it...

Was this a sign?

As Neviah stood straight, admiring the small flower within her hands, she heard a voice. A voice she was not familiar with at all. The words she was unable to understand for a moment due to her mind being slightly off track. Neviah slowly turned, revealing the saddened tan eyes to her guest as they asked of the residence of her family home. Neviah's tan eyes were glowing slightly due to the effect of Cycle Sight being active, but as she attempted to cease its activation to gain a better glimpse of the individual standing before her, she was cut off by her two escorts Serenity and Insidious.

Insidious stepped forward, acting as Neviah's protector. Her size was relative to 5 feet and an inch as well as she held an appearance that was not welcoming towards Kakine. Serenity stood by Insidious as well as she held her fan closely to her, prepared for any form of surprise attack by the individual in question. Insidious was the first to confront the male and respond to his question regarding Neviah's relationships with her Father, Ceon.

"Sorry, but the one behind us has no business with you. You'd do best to move from here, seeing as this land is not yours."

Serenity held a puzzling look, as she inspected Kakine from top to bottom, almost as if she sensed something but couldn't quite put her finger on it. Insidious was ready for the male to possibly respond with violence, but that was something Insidious welcomed, as she was someone who got her way, and would be mouthy about it too. Insidious had her jet black hair in its traditional ponytail, and her mask sitting on the side of her head, as she walked up to Kakine, arms crossed across her chest. It was almost as if Insidious was feeling angry about something and needed an excuse to potentially ask for a fight. Serenity on the other hand, was on the tip of finding something out she couldn't entirely place a finger on, but as she looked back to see Neviah, something even more interesting caught her eye. Neviah was staring at their guest, and she didn't run. She wasn't shaking in fear, nor was she crying and attempting to hide. She was standing there looking at their guest with all attention on him, holding the weak little iris in her hands.

Was... Neviah no longer scared of males?

Serenity was puzzled even more by the strange sensation of a familiar spirit being nearby, but also at Neviah showing no extreme fear of the male that had managed to approach them. Was this the "New" Goddess Neviah outgrowing her fear of the male gender? Or was Neviah perhaps entranced by their guest that she forgot all about her silly little fear and became enthralled by him? Either way, Serenity was now going to test the waters, assuming Insidious doesn't attempt to rouse their guest.

"Uhm, excuse me..."

Serenity approached the male, ignoring Insidious standing before him.

"I sense... A spirit on your person. It smells like..."

For a moment, Insidious caught on and also inhaled the aura that was emitted by Kakine. They were both on edge, just trying to figure it out, but Insidious knew that smell better than anyone. She was with someone who reeked of it for hundreds of years back in Eden, just before the Great War. It was the scent of the only Maiden in their entire existence to stand before one of the Goddesses, and even confuse them. This Maiden was the one who obtained the power of the Goddess Blood Queen before she went to seek sanctuary from Mirokumaru. It was none other than...


As the Maidens pressed their questions to Kakine, Neviah remained where she was, moving the Iris close to her heart. She continued to stare at the male, and was asking herself.

'... Am... I no longer afraid?'

The six wings of Neviah extended outward, as if stretching out while Neviah asked herself that very question. As she questioned her momentary delay of fear, she also wondered why he was asking about her Father. Wasn't it that when the Memory Rosaries died, so did their existence? If so, then the memories of Ceon should have disappeared as well, yet this man knew his name and where he lived. She looked at him wondering, just who was he, and would he look at her just a bit longer?

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Neviah Clixx-Kimura
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An Unexpected Turn
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