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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Mon Sep 05, 2016 10:10 pm


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" wanna save them right? Don't play with me, Cirno. We have the strength to be able to. You may be injured, but I still have more than enough energy to help you. Let's do something about this, alright?"


An almost childish voice echoed within the mind of The Angel of The Ice as she lay in the middle of one the Vangaurd's medical centers. Following her clash against The Third Espada, her body was more than a little banged up. However, The Celestial was able to be brought back up to health with the resources some of the Iramasha's finest medical staff could afford to bring. As soon as they received word of what occurred on The Moon, The Iramasha Union spared no expense to get one of their strongest fighters back to health.

All sorts of enhancements from their Aether Magic was used in order to make sure the body of Cirno could be restored back to health. This took place after they discovered her unconscious body laying in the middle of the massive hole within Sector J following her battle. Even as the moon itself started to fall to cinders, the staff worked tirelessly to bring her back. Scrapes, burns, broken bones and blood lost were all restored. While the pathways of energy within Cirno were pumped and filled with the most prime holy aether they could gather up from the Iramashsa Realm. And, on top of it all, some of the finest medical researchers, practitioners and specialist of the realm were sent to make Cirno whole once again.

So, when she was awoken by the stern voice of Erna, it was no wonder that her body would be brought back to proper working order. As, all around the celestial, a crimson aura would begin to radiate and flow from her. The need for an angel was on the horizon and there was so much to catch up on. Information from the Iramasha's telepathic network was being jammed and inserted into the memory banks of The Angel Leader. There were victories, loses and major death's on the field; but none of that mattered to her right now.

What mattered the most -- was taking action to prevent greater horrors on the earth and to save lives.

The moon itself was in danger and the balance of the planet was certainly going to be thrown into sunder. With these pressing thoughts weighing down on Cirno's mind, it didn't matter if her vision was blurry and her hearing was filled with ringing noises; she needed to move and take action. Hence, it's why she shoved away all the doctors, nurses and military officials that tried to stop her. The need for a source of light in this grim world was needed and a flare of crimson, black, white and blue light radiated and screeched from the body of The Angel as she felt her Aether moving away from her.

Eventually, the eyes of Cirno gleamed with a crimson shine as the essence of her Fallen Angel prowess surged and swelled within her to give The Celestial to move herself. So after fumbling through the darkness of the base, The Angel of The Ice took flight and levitated many miles in the air to get an aerial view of the moon. And, in that moment, the character of this heroine was becoming apparent. Instead of folding down into tears, instead of cracking under the stress and instead of curling up in fear; Cirno decided to take action and spared no expense in getting back into the fray to help others.



"אלוהים Mah אומר לנו , לעמנו והאור הזה . אנא , תן לי את הכוח להפוך ray של קדושה ולהפיץ את העולם ועם התקווה הזאת ."

The Hebrewic tongue left the mouth of Cirno as she reached deep within herself to find a most sacred miracle to enforce within the world around her. This incantation was important as the dire situation that the planet was placed into called for the most divine of holy abilities. The protocols needed to unleash this bountiful power were almost met. This ability was not being used for herself, nor was it being used to gain an advantage of any kind. No. There were millions of people who needed a sense of miracle to be had in this world and there was a large enough ripple effect in the world for this power to be birthed with the most potent of prowess.

Therefore, The Miracle Break ability of Cirno's angelic prowess activated. This ability would allow her to birth a single miracle into the world through the art of Thaumaturgy. This blesses her the capacity to interrupt the natural laws of the world around her in order to warp and induce causality which would normally not occur through the power of miracles. In turn, it's purpose is to allow her and those whom need sanctuary in times of great peril in order to endure catastrophic events and beat the odds.

Hence, Cirno was rewriting the events which occurred in the world around her to restore and alter the moon back to it's original state. There was nothing that she could do for the chunks of space debris which fell into the planet. However, she could stabilize the moon itself and recreate everything which was destroyed through this holy Aether. Additionally, as her power swelled and surged to new heights given the critical situation, The Angel of The Ice's power was reaching into levels that not even she believed were possible.

Through this state of enriched energy, The Celestial was able to also bring back roughly a half million souls through this miracle to further infuse the rays of hope within the world. This was made possible by a massive field of Cirno's holy aether being spread throughout the moon and the effected regions where the explosion occurred. In turn with her altering the world within this space where the destruction happened, she was able to restore and send the spirits of those recently deceased back into the mortal realm with this divine miracle.

All the while, the moon would see nothing but the brightest of white illuminations flooding the lunar mass. Streams of light would fill the celestial rock and heroines, protags and those who wished to call upon the power of the righteousness would find themselves becoming healed, empowered and ready to fight against those dark threats as Cirno did everything she could to bring this most holy power into the world. She was not going to let everything fall to pieces so long as she could still fight.

And, as more knowledge and intel emerged within the Angel's mind, the potential suspects of this whole ordeal were becoming increasingly clear to her. As the inner voices of Erna Iramasha and Shiro Iramasha, the former angel of the ice, soon eased into the consciousness of Cirno. They showed her memories of days past and unveiled the most dire of clues needed to begin churning the keys of this mystery. However, while this information was going to prove important in the days to come, it wasn't relevant now.


What was important was remaining strong and providing a foundation for the world to stand on as the winds of chaos tried to rip it apart. Hence, it is why the voice of Cirno Iramasha would be projected throughout The Moon:

"I am Cirno Iramasha: The Angel of The Ice. I stand before you all to say we will not fall to the dark. I will not let this planet and it's people simply die without a fight. I ask that all people who are capable of raising their fist against these elements of the night -- fight. I do not believe it will be easy in the slightest, but if I want to prove anything with this, it's that miracles can happen and the world does not have to be this way. So please, do not give into this dismay and fight against this chaos. Please."

And with that, a gasp of air would exhale from The Angel of The Ice and she would fall back down to the air as she began to pant and feel a high volume of Aether leave her body. It wasn't exactly an easy feat to restore the lives of millions of people, restore the moon back to it's splendor and send a mass telepathic message after coming back from the brink. No. Some of her injuries started to open, pools of blood sprang forth from her body and Cirno was certainly in a world of pain. However, if nothing else, even if she were to die here, she wouldn't care. She left her mark and she at least managed to make some sort of a difference.

Mourning, training, stress and all of that could come in the days come. None of it mattered so long as she did that single thing. So, as her spells went into effect across the moon, she would lay herself down on the glowing white surface of the moon and simply close her eyes to bask in the sights and think of where to go in the trying future which was upon herself and the world.

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Mon Sep 05, 2016 11:47 pm

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Reimu missed a lot it when it came to this event, but as soon as the distress call from Cirno Iramasha came out she spared no expense to reach the battlefield and lend her hand to help her ally in her efforts. The Shrine Maiden was very upset with what took place on earth but Cirno was of the right mindset to not want to fall into the trap of wasting time on those thoughts. She was right in the fact that there was going to be a lot of time to repair things and figure out what happened. So Reimu needed to follow her lead and act with what power she had.

So The Shrine Maiden of the Iramasha found herself appearing next to Cirno Iramasha to help a fellow angel in need. "Don't worry Cirno I'm here for you! You are very brave to do such a thing like this. You've really grown and changed from the last time I've seen. It's amazing the type of angel you've become." Reimu was speaking flattery to Cirno as she was rather impressed. It just wasn't the same child she was used to seeing. As her maturity and strength rivaled if not exceeded her own in this moment. She was really wondering what changes Cirno had gone through to get to this point.

"But you don't have to go it alone. You have people who have your back and I want to help you." Reimu gave Cirno a soft smile as she was ready to throw her own power around to help the greater cause of good. The Shrine Maiden would soon lift her right hand in the air and began to spread her own holy aether throughout the moon. While hers wasn't as potent as Cirno was in the moment, she also wasn't too far from Cirno's own natural strength. With a boost form her master gem Reimu was able to begin restoring the damage done to different bases and shed was able to revive five million extra lives with her own power being improved upon by Cirno's miracle. Reimu's Aether was feeding off of that element and helping to better the effort of trying to bring that light into the world. As Reimu knew exactly what Cirno was trying to do and as a fellow angel she could resonate and reflect that power to a greater extent.

Of course Reimu was also beginning to begin covered in sweat, panting and was tired but it was well within her power to do because she was not injured or worn down. So she even found enough energy around to try and heal the wounds which were coming undone by Cirno's body. Since it looked like she was in a heavy fight prior to this meeting she wanted to help her friend and use their holy aether to help make a difference in the world. So Reimu would hug Cirno and smile at the change going around them. "Angel's stick together, right Cirno? I have your back and you have mine. So let's guard each other and do what we can for the world, okay?"

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