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 [Demon]Nao Arikawa(4-1++)

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Nao Arikawa
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Nao Arikawa

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [Demon]Nao Arikawa(4-1++)   [Demon]Nao Arikawa(4-1++) EmptyFri Sep 16, 2016 3:52 pm

Coding In Template By:

Nao Arikawa



» Name: Nao Arikawa
» Titles: Naocchi
» Age: 17 in human years/975 years
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank:

» Shifter Appearance Written:
Nao has long, messy magenta hair and magenta eyes. Her skin has a pink tint to it. On top her head is a pair of large curled purple demon horns. She wears a dark purple strapless halter dress. On her back is a pair of purple wings and on her butt a demon tail with the end in the shape of a spade. She wears a pair of purple thigh highs and purple flats.

» Shifter Appearance Picture:
Shifter Nao:

» True Appearance Written:
Nao, is of average height, standing at the height of 5'4". She has long and soft pink hair which is usually down or sometimes tied off into a set of two ponytails towards the ends.

Her skin is pale, almost translucent, with big bright blue-green eyes. Her figure is petite with curves. Having a nicely endowed chest and an hour glass figure.

She wears a school uniform with black semi-transparent stockings and a heavy grey coat over her clothes. When inside a building, she takes off the coat. On other days, she'll dress in cute and or frilly clothes but always wears long sleeve shirts and stockings.

» True Appearance Picture:
True Nao:



» Personality:
Nao is a sadistic person, she thoroughly enjoys torturing people through various, creative methods and watching humans and any other creatures she despises suffer in extreme agony or sadness. She lives for the thrill of deceiving and killing the innocent. She has no compassion for the weak and helpless, cutting them down without a moment’s hesitation.

Nao has an outer persona she passes off around others in situations where she can’t allow her true personality to be known. With this persona she passes off, she acts cutsy, sassy, and childlike. This let’s her do as she pleases from the shadows without drawing attention to herself. In many ways, Nao is childish even outside her fake persona. For instance, she hates to lose at anything or to anyone. She will normally throw a fit by dropping to the ground, rolling around, kicking and screaming. Another way she can be childish is her manner of speaking and her childlike curiosity. Nao tends to be very curious when it comes to new things and her way of speaking is cute and that of a ten year old child.

Nao by nature is a very flirtatious person, she acts more sexy cute when flirting. When she flirts, she goes in with the intention to suck the poor guy dry in more ways than one. Despite her insane and sadistic nature, Nao can be quite the affectionate person when it comes to being in love. However, she’s also extremely possessive and obsessive to the point that if anyone dares to interfere with her love, she won’t hesitate to kill the person who’s interfering. Nao will usually torture people who try to come between her and the person she loves more than others.

She likes to give a person with whom she has affections for, pet names. This goes for even people she considers to be friends. Nao is stubborn. She won’t budge once she’s set her mind on something no matter how hard someone may try to change their mind.

Nao can very crude with her words, if someone were to do something that she simply disliked, she would make them feel like they should just die with her words alone. She knows how to get under people’s skin and make them uncomfortable. Not much phases or scares Nao, someone could hold up a sword and threaten to murder her and she would not be phased one little bit, she would just smile and act cute and then tear the person to shreds.

Nao has a bit of an ego on her when it comes to her looks. Being how she thinks of herself as being “extremely cute” loves being complimented and having men not be able to take their eyes off her. Nao enjoys it even more when taken men check her out because their lovers will get jealous and then its entertaining to her to see what happens between the two fools.

Nao is self conscious about the size of her chest, due to the fact that she never ages, her bust is quite small so she will murder anyone who makes fun of it.

Nao loves to slaughter innocents and find a few to torture. She’ll slice and dice, behead, cut in half and many other methods to kill. Nothing gives Nao more euphoric pleasure on a battlefield than being covered in the blood of her enemies. Being in a fight is a field day for Nao. She is consumed by insurmountable desire to kill everyone in sight. She is a true monster the most when in a fight. She cares not for honor or fairness in battle, only caring for if anyone has the strength to defeat her and how many will die.

Being a blood sucking demon, Nao loves blood more than anything, the smell, the color, the taste it has. To her, it's the rarest and most delicious delicacy in the worlds. She loves to find victims in the human world after dark and drain them of their blood. It’s one of her favorite pastimes next to torturing and killing the innocent.

Because of what humans did to her prior to and after becoming a demon, Nao wants nothing more than to watch the human world burn to the ground and all the people to die with it. That would be the greatest thing to ever happen to her. If no humans existed, the demons could take over and that would be absolutely wonderful in her eyes.

Despite her sadistic nature, Nao has always had a love for cute things such as stuffed animals, little trinkets like jewelry and figurines. Anytime she sees something cute, she will buy it immediately if she can. If not, she’ll simply steal it and kill the people in the shop.

Nao has a big sweet tooth, she loves anything with sugar in it. She rarely will eat normal food. Mostly eating cakes, pie, cookies, and lollipops. Nao hates anything even remotely sour, to the point where she will never go near it. Nao absolutely hates to see humans happy and carefree, seeing that always gives her the urge to cut the fools in half after torturing them thoroughly. Nao will never drink the blood if they don’t look like their blood will be satisfying to her palate. If she feels that way, she just kill them and let their blood and body rot.

» Likes:

-Cute Things
Since childhood, prior to becoming a demon, Nao always had an affinity for cute things such as dolls, stuffed animals, little trinkets and etc. She loves collecting these things to decorate her bedroom with.
-Torturing innocent people
Throughout the years after becoming a demon, and after she was trained by her contractor, Aithne, Nao developed a love of torturing innocent people that she captured. She loves to see the look of agony on her victims faces as she uses various methods she was taught to torment their body and mind.

-Bathing in the blood of her enemies
Over the hundreds of years Nao has lived, having to fight so many battles in order to protect herself from humans who wanted her dead and during those battles, being splattered in the blood of her enemies, she grew to love being covered in their blood, becoming a sort of high or adrenaline rush to her.

-Drinking the blood of others
Although at first, she hated the taste of blood but it was simply a taste she needed to acquire. Once she had, she grew to love it. To her it became one of the most delicious things in the world.

» Dislikes:

Nao is not a big fan of sunlight due to the fact her skin burns and boils if she's in it for too long. This is because she became a creature of the night that can't handle sunlight all that well.

Since becoming a demon, she has had a massive hatred for her former kind. When she was no longer one of them, '
all they wanted to do was to hunt her down and kill her. Even though she hadn't done anything wrong.

The one thing she despises more than humans are the churches, they're responsible for her almost being burned at the stake, not even letting her tell them what happened.

Despite the fact that she saved Nao from certain death, and gave her power and eternal youth, she still hates her for killing her parents despite Nao's pleads to not kill them. She lost all the family she had because of Aithne.


» History
Nao was born and raised in England in the 1400s. She was Half-Japanese on her mother’s side and Half-British on her father’s. She was sent to catholic school from the age of five and baptised at the local church at the age of seven. She was taught that children under god’s protection that had made contact with the devil were considered heathens and would be sent to their deaths. She believed that to be the only truth. During the periods of time in the spring when she wasn’t in school her parents would take her on trips to different parts of Europe. These were fun trips that she always remembered fondly.

Growing up, Nao was a sweet and kind girl full of curiosity. She enjoyed her time at school learning new things and becoming smarter everyday. She had many friends in school and was quite popular. However, do to her mixed lineage, she was often bullied by some of the older kids who felt she did not belong there. They’d stick gum in her hair, throw rocks at her, call her means names. Eventually, her parents had to pull her out of the school and even moved to Ireland to put her in a school there. This time, a normal school.

A year had passed since the move and young Nao was 13 years old. She had become able to defend herself so she didn’t have to worry about bullying anymore. She had grown to be very cute and became more popular with the boys. It caused her to develop a bit of an ego. Since living in Ireland, she picked up an interest in the occult and the local legends. This came from when she went to a little bookstore near her house and found a book about those things. It was an old black leather book written in some sort of ancient scripture. It had peaked Nao’s curiosity and so, with the allowance her parents had given her, she decided to buy it. Ever since then, it had become a routine to look through it every night before bed.

On weekend the summer of her 17th year, Nao’s parents took a couple’s trip back to England, leaving Nao alone to take care of the house. Nao eventually came across a part in her book that showed you how to summon a Dearg Due or a blood sucking demon. To the young Nao, it was laughable, she didn’t believe such monsters existed. When she went back to school after her summer break, she told her friends about it and they dared her to try and summon it. At first she didn’t accept the dare because it was hearsay. However, the girls egged her on until she finally accepted their dare.

On the the night of the next full moon, after her parents fell asleep, she snuck down into the basement of her home with the things needed to “summon” a demon. She drew the pentagram shown in her book on the floor and put the offerings in each point. Then, taking the kitchen knife, she poked the palm of her hand and let the blood that flowed out of it, fall into the center of the pentagram. As she did so, she spoke the incantation needed to summon the demon. Next thing Nao knew, she was pushed back by a dark crimson light that originated from the pentagram. When she opened her eyes, there stood a beautiful woman with long brown locks, dark red lipstick, blood red eyes, translucent skin, wearing all black.

Nao could not believe her eyes, she had summoned forth a real demon. Out of fear, she clung to the cross that hung from her neck. The demon took notice and ordered her to remove and toss it otherwise she would kill her. Nao did as she was told, and then asked the demon her name. THe woman introduced herself as Aithne. She then asked for Nao’s name which she told her. Once the formalities were out of the way, the woman explained that by summoning her, Nao was in a blood pact with her. Nao never wanted this, she only wanted to prove to her friends that there was no such thing as demons. However, that didn’t happen. Suddenly, Nao could hear her father calling out to her angrily as he made his way down to the basement. She was afraid of Aithne killing father when he got down to them. As soon as he made it through the door, he laid eyes on the woman and in the next moment, Aithne had her fang stuck in her father’s neck. Nao begged her to stop but she did not. After she let go, Nao’s father fell to the floor dead as a doornail. Nao screamed at the sight of her father’s dead body. Her mom heard her daughter’s scream and came running down only to meet the same fate. This demon had killed Nao’s parents.

In the coming days, the head priest at the church was making house calls and came to discover what had happened in the basement of Nao’s home. She was immediately detained for the deaths of her parents as well as the fact that she made a blood pact with a demon. Her parents were buried at the church and Nao was to be burned at the stake.

On the day of her execution, Nao was nailed to a cross shaped stake that was set up at the shores of the ocean. All of the people who had come to witness were there with torches, ready to set the young heathen on fire. Everyone who knew of her crimes had come to hate her, no one would save her from this fate. As the torches flew towards her, landing at her feet, the flames began to crawl up until they reached her feet. This made Nao scream in agony and pain. Just when Nao thought she was going to die. She was suddenly enveloped in a familiar dark crimson light which dispersed the flames, killing all those close enough. Aithne appeared and asked Nao if she wished to still live. Nao pleaded that she did. Aithne offered the young girl a deal. In exchange for saving her from the jaws of death, Aithne would turn Nao into one of her kind. Nao agreed without hesitation. She had nowhere else to go. With them in agreement, Aithne saved the young girl. Freeing her from the stake. She then bit into Nao’s neck, sucking out some of her blood along with her soul. For a moment, Nao died. She regained consciousness shortly after. However, her skin was now translucent like Aithne’s, her hair had grown longer and was now bright pink, her eyes had turned a bright blue color and she had reverted back to the body of a fourteen year old as a side effect.

After the whole incident had been over and Nao was turned into a demon, she went on living in the human world. However, for the first 100 years she’d lived as the undead were harsh and cruel. People in other parts of the world would find out what she was and try to burn her, she could no longer be inside holy places like churches and missions or else she would experience pain. It was rough. No one wanted to be her friend. It twisted her personality to a point where she began to despise the human race as a whole.

Nao eventually went to the land of the rising sun, Japan. The homeland of her mother, she planned to hide her true identity and try to live a peaceful life. After living there for awhile, Nao managed to find work to survive. She started to like the humans again despite the fact that they had no clue as to what she really was. She lived there for two years until finally someone raised the question of why she didn’t seem to age. It became rather difficult for Nao. A buddhist monk came through and did a prayer for the whole town in which Nao decided to attend. However, once the prayer had begun, Nao began screaming in agony. The prayer was to exorcise evil and negativity and thus caused her pain. When that happened, everyone proclaimed her to be evil.

From there, the people all chased her down with torches and pitchforks. They tried to kill her. She was frightened and terrified. All she wanted was to live peacefully and not be hated by everyone for what she was. It was times like these that she regretted her decision way back then.

It was at this time, her hatred for humans was reignited within her. She decided that if the humans were going to hunt her down, then, instead of being the prey, she’d be the predator.

She went Aithne for training to learn to use her powers as a demon. Aithne took Nao to the demon world for the training. Teaching her how to fight with her fists, torture methods, tactics for deceiving people, how to put up a facade for the public eye, and much more.

Another 100 years passed after she was discovered to be evil in Japan and Nao had began her hunt for humans. She’d find people who were alone at night and attack them. She’d drain her victims of enough blood to render them unconscious. She’d then take them elsewhere to torture them until they died from the extreme amounts of physical pain. Once they died, she’d suck what remained of their blood before it stopped flowing, leaving the corpses out where someone would find them.

She did all this for the next 700 years, moving from place to place, deceiving people then killing them brutally. She lived her life as an 18 year old with an incredibly sadistic nature and still does even to this day.


» Natural Abilities:
-Demonic Telepathy
Nao is able to communicate with other demons telepathically.
-Enhanced Strength
Nao's strength is slightly above that of normal humans, making er able to do things normal humans can't.

» Unique Abilities:
-Bloody Blacksmith
Using her focus, Nao pulls out her own blood from her body and molds it into any type of weapon such as; a scythe or a sword and use her focus to strengthen it. She can create up to one weapon at a time using her blood and using her durability determines how long a weapon she creates duration will be.(Duration chart: beginner = 2 posts, adept = 3 posts, advanced = 4 posts, master = 5 posts, GM = 6 posts). Using this ability to make more than three weapons in one thread, will cause her to feel anemic for 1 to 2 posts after creating a fourth weapon.

-Blood Drinking
Nao has a pair of fangs in the top row of her teeth that she can use to drink the blood of others. She can use this ability to replenish her own blood if she lost some in battle or used another unique ability that drained her of her blood. This ability requires Nao to have direct contact with bare skin. She can drink as much blood as necessary to replenish her own(anywhere from a fluid ounce to a quart of blood). Draining a fluid ounce takes less than one post, draining a cup's worth takes one post exactly, draining a pint takes two posts, and draining a quart takes three posts.

-Bloody Puppet
Nao is able to manipulate the blood of others(NPCS ONLY) turning them into her puppets to do her bidding. This ability uses her focus to keep them under her control(beginner = Tier 4 NPCS, adept = Tier 3 NPCS, advanced = Tier 2 NPCS, master = Tier 1 NPCS, GM = Tier 0-5- NPCS). The max amount of NPCS she's able to control varies.(beginner = 2 NPCS, adept = 3 NPCS, advanced = 4 NPCS, master = 5 NPCS, GM = 6 NPCS)

-Blood Golems
Using her focus, Nao can draw a fluid ounce of her blood from the palm of her hand to create miniature golems from her own blood. She uses her durability to make them last. Each golem is 3 feet in height(Golem number chart: beginner = 2 golems, adept = 3 golems, advanced = 4 golems, master = 5 golems, GM = 6 golems) Depending on the level of her durability, will determine the duration the golems can last for.(Duration chart: beginner = 2 posts, adept = 3 posts, advanced = 4 posts, master = 5 posts, GM = 6 posts) If she uses a pint of blood instead of a fluid ounce, she can create one large golem instead of multiple small ones(refer to above duration chart). This ability if she creates the large golem, will leave Nao feeling anemic for 2 posts after its creation.



» Adjustable State Appearance: N/A

» Adjustable State Benefits: N/A


Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Adept
  • Demon Magic: Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Beginner
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner



» Role Play Sample:
RP Samle:


[Demon]Nao Arikawa(4-1++) V3Gq9cC

Nao's Siggy:

Li's Siggy:

Nao's Playlist:

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: [Demon]Nao Arikawa(4-1++)   [Demon]Nao Arikawa(4-1++) EmptySat Sep 24, 2016 4:03 am

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept

Comments/Notes: After Re-Checking the character, I give it the good ol' A-OK!
Tier: 4-1++

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This character is currently inactive, moving.


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