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 Youmu Iramasha [WIP]

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» Name: Youmu Iramasha
» Titles:
The Iramasha Spirit Walker ~ Title
The Second Coming of Konpaku ~Title
Youmu of the Four Winds ~ Title
The Blade Maiden ~ Title
» Iramasha Age:
6000 Years old -> Konpaku
1500 Years old -> Youmu
» Regular Age: She appears around 12-16 years old, anywhere between those two is generally acceptable.
» Gender: Female

» Affiliation/Rank: Iramasha Union, serving as the Heir to the Hybrid branch. In her previous lifetime she served as a member on the Council and before that as a Commander General. She has also held a few other positions in her time however the two stated previously were her biggest accomplishments.

» Type: Hybrid Iramasha

» Physical Appearance Description: Hair like liquid silver adorns the head of Youmu Iramasha. Kept quite short in a bob cut the longest her hair reaches is her shoulders and that's if it's really lucky. She often cuts it weekly to make sure it stays short and uniformed since she dislikes it getting in her way when trying to do stuff.

Her face is small, with fine features that don't make her look very intimidating. Her smile is not commonly seen, although she does smile not many people are able to draw it out of her. Her face tends to have a rather serious look on it most of the time and it's often hard to gauge just what exactly is going on in Youmu's head most of the time.

She has deep royal blue eyes naturally, however the colour of her eyes varies. When she is actively using her control over Nether or the Devil Iramasha powers within her, other subconscious factors can affect her eyes such as being in an environment like Hell. Her eyes are generally quiet unyielding and her stare can sometimes cut deeper than her swords, she is hard to meet when it comes to eye contact and they rarely soften at all making it harder to stay in conversation with her for long.

Youmu is quite a small girl, being only 5'7" in height she is quite small compared to the normal human person. Being rather athletic in her figure which is due to her constant training and fitness routine to get her body to be the best it can be. It is this reason her body is mainly muscle despite its lanky appearance, she is quite strong but she is not the kind of strong where she could easily win a few arm wrestles but get her in a foot race and be prepared to eat some dust.

Her skin is a porcelain white, smooth although she has a few scars on her body from fights or training that went a little out of control. Her scars are mainly hidden under her dress and so not many people get to see them that often, but her hands are quite callused from her sword practice and so it can be felt by her grip that she has some serious calluses in her hands. Aside from those features Youmu's skin is perfectly flawless and not blemished in any other way unlike her past self who by the end of his life had his body covered in scars.

In terms of clothing she wears a simple dress which is a dark green and white, on the green part of her dress she has ghost marks on the edge as it goes all around the radius. There is also the same insignia on her breast pocket. She keeps her hair secured with a black ribbon tied so that it sticks to one side and ruins the symmetry of her appearance.

She commonly is seen without her aether armaments although she has demonstrated the ability to call them forth at any time she desires although there are times when her daisho set is indeed visible and on display, the final thing to note is the fact that a large ghost seems to follow her everywhere or if she desires it the ghost can disappear, the ghost part of her represents her past self and the part of her that died when Ketsu Iramasha killed her and she was reincarnated into who she is today. The ghost also serves as a big catalyst for her Spirit Aether Class and is treated as an aether armament like her swords despite the fact that she dislikes it being called that.

» Physical Appearance Image:

Youmu Iramasha [WIP] Konpaku.Youmu.600.2017677


» Level Headed: A person who is very down to earth, Youmu is a very mature young individual who is sensible. She displays a much greater level of maturity than most other individuals and can give advice based on cold hard facts. While no genius or mastermind she is quite skilled at keeping her cool and not breaking down in stressful situations and this is what makes a lot of people turn to her for advice about subjects she might be aware of and able to give them a non-biased response about it.

» Workaholic: A very hard worker in everything she does Youmu goes above and beyond to achieve her goals and in what she has to do. She is the person who stays indoors to get work done over hanging out with people for entertainment. To her she feels a sense of pride in knowing that she would give up her own enjoyment and relaxation to make sure everything is maintained and right, however her attitude to being a perfectionist and the amount of effort she puts in is quite a lot and it is not uncommon to find her burnt out after a while, everyone has their limits and Youmu is no different.

» Veteran: Youmu is a girl that has lived a life of war before being reborn, she knows the horrors and destruction that occurs when one is exposed to such things. It makes her quite touchy about her combat experiences, having lost many of her comrades and friends made her quite traumatised and the fact it took thousands of years for her regain a sense of normality, however it is only when people remind her of her past or they try to pry to deep into her head. She is actually quite desensitised to war and gore, having witnessed it she can easily react normally within the situation however it is when those close to her are killed or wounded that she will experience effects of PTSD and begin to lose her rational and calm demeanour.

» Gentle, But Strong: Kind and Firm at the same time, she is always nice to people. Often using honourifics if they deserve such a title. She is usually nice and gentle with people, especially children. Her she often lacks any form of anger or rage, being quite soft-spoken and soothing with her voice although those that thing that just because she is so nice and gentle that is is not firm or strict then you all have another thing coming because she can be firm and strict when the time calls for it. Ready to whip you back into line if you step out of it.

» Respectful: Being very respectful is something that Youmu knows how to do, being a warrior in her previous life that trait has not left her and she shows a great deal of respect to people, short of enemies or those who oppose what she believes in, however if she were in the presence of well known and powerful people she'd show them some respect but in reality everyone (but enemies) are entitled to some respect, however it's their actions which decide how it goes; those that abuse that respect quickly lose it or don't reciprocate however her respect can reach great levels for people that aren't dicks and use what she gives them.

» Disciplined: Trained from a young age in the aether arts and magic she has always required a great deal of self-discipline. Being the fact that she had to constantly do it by her own accord to get better and get higher in it, she has always jumped on chances and this is one of those things which has stayed with her for all the generations. She is very obedient to her superiors and those with either more experience or a higher rank than her although that doesn't mean that if someone has a higher rank than her and they know nothing about what they are doing then she'd attempt to fix their problem.

» Lonely: Ever since certain events within her past Youmu has found it hard to connect properly with people, she has a subconscious mental block which makes it hard for her to form relationships with people that goes beyond mere acquaintances or just outside arm's reach. The result makes it hard for her to really stay in touch with people and she has a constant fear of people that get close to her might die and send her over the edge again like it did to her in the past and so it is quite difficult for anyone to really get close to her at all unless they have determination, dedication and a strong desire to befriend her.

» Confused: There are many things that confuse the blade maiden, a big one is why she was reincarnated as a girl that had barely hit puberty. As well as the fact on why she was even reincarnated at all etc. It goes on but the picture should be clear enough, Youmu is a very confused girl due to all the strange things that happened after she apparently died. Many of these questions go unanswered and she has given up hope trying to find them, it also makes it hard for her to form a relationship due to this confusion, leading for her to question many things about herself such as sexuality, gender identity (she still doesn't know if she should refer to herself as male or not) or even if she should attempt to change any of it. But she definitely has some issues and is still confused about what to do about it.


» Intro:

Who is Youmu Iramasha? Where did she come from? The very being known as Youmu Iramasha actually was born as a reincarnation, although such a thing is not known by the common populace and the amount of people that know of her history are quite small and can be counted on a single hand (You people reading this don't count). With without further ado let the chronicle begin.

» Pre-Konpaku Chronicle

His father was a member of the Iramasha guard, an officer although not high enough to be recognised. He was more of a man who got handed down tasks by higher officers who didn't want to do them but he didn't have anyone to fob them off to. Nevertheless he was a hard worker, he always went above and beyond and was quite satisfied as a young man. The name of Konpaku's father was Ensei, a young man who joined the Guard looking for adventure and action, he wanted it all: women, glory and money, he was willing to work harder than most to get there too.

It wasn't that he wasn't competent as a fighter or disrespectful, he was loyal and a quality soldier however what held him back was both the flood of other people wanting to get in for either similar or completely different reasons. The problem was that held him back from the higher positions was that other people who had more connections and higher status than him were recommended and due to that he was unable to go as far as he had hoped.

During one of his breaks - few as they were - he was lucky enough to meet another young Angel Iramasha named Yuuki Iramasha, instead of being a member of the Iramasha Guard she was a young and very beautiful member of the Angel society, also being of noble birth and daughter of one of the Iramasha's councilmen. Her father was a prick, he had worked hard to get to where he was and he had arranged a marriage for his young daughter despite her discontent and anger she had nowhere to go but suitors to leave her father's household.

Konpaku's parents met by complete chance, having escaped yet another attempt to be sold off like to whore for the greatest gain her father could get for her she saw Ensei by chance on the way to another suitor. She spotted him and instead chose to go see him, and try to have fun which she got very little of in her childhood.

Leaving out those finer details, to sum it up Yuuki had never had so much fun in her life and Ensei fell head over heels in love with her. Their conversations went on for quite some time, Yuuki avoiding and expertly dodging questions about things like her family, and mainly what her life was like. She was much more interested in Ensei and threw question after question at him. They had agreed to meet again, despite the fact that Yuuki knew she had lied since the suitor she was meant to meet would no doubt have left and her father would've been furious.

Sure enough such a thing happened and Yuuki didn't show up, as it turned out she had been sorely punished for her actions with no say in who she'd marry, without much to go on Ensei tracked down the woman he loved and challenged her father for him to relinquish his hold over her although as it turned out he had already married her off to a powerful Devil Iramasha's count, not caring that there were many rumours - many true - regarding the man's sick treatment of beings.

With his fury boiling over and his sense of justice he was disgusted at this man, and challenged him once more to the death. His opponent accepted, afraid that he would appear scared if he declined and that he would be called a coward if he declined it also from someone of his social status. The fight ended with Ensei crushing his skull and obliterating Yuuki's father's body with his sheer strength. It was at that point he made the vow that he would defeat the devil Iramasha count and reclaim his lover's freedom.

Ensei travelled quickly, it wasn't hard to track down his target with all the rumours to follow like breadcrumbs and he quickly found Yuuki, angry and furious as he was he didn't give any fucks what what the devil had to say about the matter. The only thing that Ensei wanted to do was throw him into the ground and kill him, and so their fight began. It was fairly even until they ascended into their Ether Morph - Immersion forms; the Devil had the advantage and quickly knocked him down a few notches only Ensei wasn't going to have any of it and fought back and beat that Devil Iramasha into the ground before killing him.

Reclaiming Yuuki, he romantically proposed and asked her to marry him inside that same chamber that he killed the Devil with his corpse still on the floor before heading back to where he lived but this time there was not just one of him. They got married and a few months later resolved to have a child; that is where the story of Konpaku begins.

» Konpaku Chronicle

In the earlier days of the Iramasha Clan Youmu Iramasha was a name that was not held by anyone, well no Iramasha anyway. Instead she came into the world - as in born, not reincarnated - as Konpaku Iramasha, now Konpaku was a born a young boy. His birth brought him into the world without a mother who would stick around, she died giving birth to her young son much to his father's grief.

Despite that he didn't break, he didn't give up on his son but instead dedicated much more of himself to Konpaku, for the boy was the last thing that Konpaku had left of his wife and due to that he would do all he could to raise the baby to be good and live a good life. He taught him how to speak, slowly he raised the boy and did it well. Always trying new fun ways that he learned about, hoping to make him ready for the world when it came at him.

During his years as a toddler her had learnt quite a lot, he could walk and talk. He could run and it was then that Ensei decided to begin training him, young as he was he wanted his son to be able to grow up and do whatever he wanted so he made sure he studied but also trained too so that he could reach the goals in life he wanted. Ensei dedicated his life to young Konpaku, being unable to let go of the woman he loved.

When he was five hundred years old, Konpaku had already took to mastering multiple sword arts and styles. Having decided to pursue the path of a warrior he still kept up with his education and academia for the added benefits of knowledge and wisdom. At the time he had yet to dive deep into his aether abilities and only focused on using his physical skills with the exception of basic level of training in the aether arts and magic.

His goals were to go deeper into the art of swordsmanship and to master the art as a whole and become the greatest swordsman of his time. At the age of five hundred and seventy nine Konpaku challenged a fellow Iramasha to combat, he lost by his opponent fusing aether abilities and magic into his sword style which made the young angel realise that he would have to develop other aspects of his skills in order to be able to be stronger.

Training further and pushing himself he was able to realise his aether class which was air and wind. Combining his skills into his aether arts and magic he quickly established himself as incredibly fast and agile in combat as the sheer basics of his power. As he developed more he was able to rise in power and begin to make the very air around him a weapon.

Slowly Konpaku rose in fame and skill, joining the Iramasha Union he quickly rose to a position in the Iramasha Guard, becoming a member of the elite guard in a few months of joining it did not take him long to establish himself as one of the strongest swordsmen of his generation. After fifteen more years of training he became quite proficient in use of the aether arts although after being defeated by the Commander General he decided to go on leave for many years in the aim of becoming stronger and being strong enough to defeat his superior.

His journey was one of much trial, he mastered the art of meditation and became deeply in tune with his aether class. He journeyed to the places where there was no influence of the Iramasha Union, no support and he preferred the solitude of the high mountains which were dangerous for they were constantly windy and very few dared traverse them but for the Iramasha of the Wind it was nothing for him and he stayed there in isolation for many years as he aimed to achieve the Ether Morph: Immersion.

It took him a few years but the mountains and the wind as well as the opponents he faced when he left the mountains as rare as that was. He earned the title of being a spirit due to the fact he was rarely seen and when he was no one believed the people that did. Upon gaining his first Ether Morph instead of rushing back to face his superior in combat he stayed longer and continued until he achieved the second stage of Iramasha evolution.

Upon his return Konpaku challenged his superior for the position of Commander General much to his surprise, the fight seemed to be equally matched with both Iramasha in their first forms although upon entering their second forms the Iramasha of the Wind had the advantage and was able to claim the title of Commander General of the Iramasha Guard from his predecessor.

From that point on Konpaku worked to forge the Guard into a powerful regime, he constantly tried new innovative training methods to constantly improve his soliders and the Iramasha. This continued for quite some time until the time when his chronicle came to an end.

It happened when Ketsu Iramasha attacked and wrecked havoc, Konpaku left to challenge the Devil Iramasha and fight him. While he did fight triumphantly the Angel Iramasha did lose against the Royal Devil and in that moment as he was killed by Ketsu he would rise again as a new reincarnation, a fragment of his soul left behind.

» Youmu's Story

What was supposed to be the end was not for Konpaku, a small fragment of his soul had survived and woke up as a little girl. Having all recollection of who she was in her past life the girl decided to adopt a new persona, taking the name Youmu. A name that she had given her dog when she was a child in her past.

Waking up like this made her completely confused and so she tried to seek help, this lead to her arriving at the Iramasha Union, of course her past self had died and so she couldn't say she was Konpaku. She had lost her ranking and so this lead to her deciding to take the high road and she initiated as a simple soldier within the Iramasha Guard. From her past combat was easy and she was well beyond the level of most of those around her, a girl so young and so skilled made her stand out to the higher ups and this lead to a list of easy promotions until she noticed people began to refer to her by her past name, but not in a way she liked.

They called her Konpaku's Second Coming, which she technically was but that didn't change the fact that she was Konpaku, after she got sick of going through the ranks in the pursuit of her previous position which she had worked for over a century to get too she was offered a position as the Hybrid Iramasha Heir which she took and has served since then.


Angel Side

» Holy Aether: Holy Aether is considered to be one of the alternative forms of Aether Energy that Angel Iramasha are capable of using. Essentially, it is a form of Holy Energy that serves a medium for some of their Angel Abilities and class powers. It can be used a primary source of power for the Angel Iramasha and only grows more potent the further they increase their overall Aether Energy control.

» Purification: This is a natural skill that most Angel Iramasha possess at some capacity. This allows them to ward off evil spirits, dispel tainted barriers, weaken negative spirits and perform other similar feats against creatures like demons, arrancar, hollow and other vile beings filled with hostility.

» Heaven Summoning: Heaven Summoning is referred to the ability of summoning portions of the heaven realm into the material plane. These can have a wide variety of effects and is often compared to the similar ability of demons where they are able to produce portions of hell to empower themselves further.

» Healing: Most Angel Iramasha are capable of using their Aether in order to heal themselves and others around them. This is because of the fact that their holy properties seeks to restore and keep most living and non-living things in their most pristine and pure state.

» Blessings: Blessings are considered to be the antithesis to the demon's cursing ability. Essentially, they are able to bless themselves, people around them and even the objects or the environment itself with this racial ability. However, one of the major stipulations to it is that it mustn't be malevolent in nature. With that out of the way, they can perform great miracles with this ability.

Demon Side

» Nether Energy: What is Nether Energy? Nether Energy is considered to be the second primary source of energy for Devil Iramasha. It acts as a medium which causes the diverse change in these Iramasha and makes them their own unique sub-race. This is because it is utilized as a main carrier of their destructive elements of power as it is attuned to the degenerative constructs of the universe. It is also the means in which most of their racial attributes and powers stem from.

» Nether Channeling: Nether Channel is the racial ability which allows Devil Iramasha to otherwise cleanse the world of its calamitous elements and prevent an over abundance of it from destroying the cosmos. They are able to absorb and manipulate these influences into their body at varying levels. Therefore, many of them often are found of channeling into this racial skill because it allows them a greater sense of control, power and strength from the battlefields they find themselves in. The higher their skill in this area of Nether, the greater the medium they become for housing the world's most degenerative constructs.

» Nether Possession: This is more so the act of possessing calamitous events which occur around a Devil Iramasha with their Nether. For example, with an adept level Nether Possession, it would be possible for them to influence something akin to a small explosion and redirect the blast upwards in the air through their Nether containing the destruction and releasing it in a safe space.

They are also able to channel their Nether in order to possess varying objects as well. For instance, a beginner Devil Iramasha could attempt to possess something like a small hand grenade and have control over it's explosive elements through their Nether. Mostly, for Devil Iramasha, they are constrained to objects with a destructive intent or origin. Or, objects that have been influenced by destructive events; such as rubble or broken glass from a building being destroyed.

» Nether Summoning: Nether Summoning is the act of using ones Nether in order to summon and create various types of familiars, differing destructive constructs and even new weapons/objects infused with Nether. To give an illustration of how Nether Summoning is used, a Devil Iramasha could use a high grade of Nether Summoning in order to summon a small meteor to flatten a horde of hollows. This could be made possible as it would classify under a destructive construct and their Nether could summon it to the field at the cost of draining their body of this precious resource.

Additionally, in terms of familiars, the more skilled you are in Nether Summoning, more potent or vast your familiar creation can become. Higher skilled Nether Summoners are capable of summoning mass hordes to fight for them, create many different powerful summons and conjure up complex beings. This same spectrum also applies to any sort of object or weapon summoned by Nether. Most Devil Iramasha can summon a wide array of weapons to their side which fall into the category of destruction.

For example, it would be possible for a Devil Iramasha to use their Nether to recreate a nuclear war-head in order to drop it on the opponent and blow them to smithereens. However, they would have to the skill and control in order to harness this power and the knowledge of how to build a nuclear war-head. As, it goes more so about expanding ones knowledge about Nether and learning all you can about the destructive elements of the universe in order to forge more grander weapons as you become more versed in Nether Summoning.

» Nether Distortion: This is the act of using their Nether in order to cause destructive events to occur around the Devil Iramasha in question. This can apply to the area around them, people near them and non-living objects. Thus, to give a proper example, a skilled Devil Iramasha with Nether Distortion could use their Nether Distortion to generate a calamitous event such as a earthquake to occur in a village. Or a more skilled Devil Iramasha could cause the components in something like a jets to malfunction and work erratically.

Hybrid Features

Multi-Aether Class: One of the primary perks of being a Hybrid Iramasha is the fact that they are able to have multiple Aether Classes. This then translates to the fact that they can wield multiple different power sets in reality. Though, for them, this ranges more-so on their Aether Control.

Not Related to Racial Status

» Enhanced Speed: Unnaturally fast and quick is the best form of fighting potential that Youmu has, she is a high-speed combatant that does not aim to get super strong and be able to rip apart mountains with her bare hands. Her fighting style is usually fast, nimble and done at a much faster rate than most normal people. She has trained her reflexes for years and her speed as well, it is easy for her to move fluidly and without much thought. Her body can move without her consciously thinking about it either, allowing near instanteous reactions with her movements.


» Equipment (Does your Iramasha have weapons or other type of equipment in which aids them in battle? Do they have any extra items that your Iramasha keep on them? If so -- post them!)

Fujin -> Katana &
Kamikaze -> Wakizashi

The weapons are separated into a daisho set, a daisho set is two swords which refers to the fact it is a short sword (Wakizashi) and a long sword (Katana)


» Aether Magic (Does your Iramasha know any sort of Aether Magic? Post their style of magic and spells here and in different sections.)

» Aether Arts Techniques & Abilities (You can add in Aether Arts abilities and techniques here.)


» Aether Class Name: Iramasha of the Wind

» Aether Class Power: As the title of her aether class suggests Youmu has an affinity for the manipulation of air. She does this by a

The main power of Youmu Iramasha's power is that of air and wind, at its most strongest level she could potentially manipulate gas itself although she has never been able to achieve anything of that calibre. Her power limits her to the use of air, which means that she uses the gasses which make up an atmosphere so her powers cannot be used in a vacuum or space (due to the fact it is a vacuum).

Exerting her attribute allows her to primarily manipulate the air flow and current, making it more so the actual motion of air instead of

» Aether Class Abilities:

Tempest Turn: An ability which Youmu can use quite easily, it is a unique form of movement in which the Iramasha can make use of so long as she is moving. It allows her to move much faster, using air and wind to increase her speed in the movement and appear exactly 180 degrees from her starting position at any length although she is turning and so she is effectively taking her body and rotating itself around a central point. The ability is also able to reach higher levels of speed than Youmu is normally capable of if she needs it due to her being able to use pre-existing airflow which is sufficiently strong enough then she could potentially surpass even her own normal limits of speed.

Sharpen: A rather simple but potent technique, by causing the air around her to move at speeds which make it go incredibly fast it reaches a point when it will literally cut like a knife, this technique is mainly used as a surprise attack although it can be used all around her body like a shield or even around parts of her limbs or specific parts of her body. It cuts like a regular blade, when someone comes into contact with this air blade. It should also be noted that she is not immune to this attack so if someone used her own limb against her she would have to drop the ability or risk being hurt and for her own safety she subconsciously has a safe zone around her which makes the wind unable to get within two inches of her.

» Sub-Aether Class Power: Iramasha Spirit Walker

» Sub-Aether Class Abilities (These are just abilities that come with your Sub-Aether Class Power)


Aether Armament Name: Shikigami

Aether Armament Appearance: Shikigami takes the form of a homogenous white blob in the simplest way to describe it. It is very much like a western depiction of a ghost and is in fact just that, although in a way it is "her ghost". Shikigami is the physical manifestation of her past existence and now acts as a separate body for her to manipulate.

Aether Armament Abilities:

Form Manipulation:


» Ether Morph Immersion Incantation: N/A

» Ether Morph Immersion Appearance:

» Appearance Image:

Youmu Iramasha [WIP] Lyna.the.Light.Charmer.full.1960724

» Ether Morph Immersion Abilities (What abilities does your Iramasha gain, or approve in during this release?)


General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Aether Control: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Aether Magic: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Aether Arts: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Aether Stones: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master

Coding Altered From: [THEFROST]'s

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What's goin on here, fam? Gonna need a status update on this in the next three days, otherwise it will be moved to the archives!

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Still working on this, don't be touching it.... please.

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[adm]Archiving upon the user's request.[/adm]
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Youmu Iramasha [WIP]
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