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 Uldren Felwinter [Quincy W.I.P]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Uldren Felwinter [Quincy W.I.P]   Uldren Felwinter [Quincy W.I.P] EmptyTue Oct 11, 2016 1:42 am

The Satellite Quincy

Uldren Felwinter

Quincy Basic's

» Name: Uldren Feltwinter
» Titles: The Satellite Quincy
» Age: Twenty-three.
» Gender: Male

» Affiliation & Rank: Vandenreich

» Appearance Description:

Uldren Felwinter [Quincy W.I.P] 300?cb=20161014205746

Short Hair; Pic 1, Pic 2. Long Hair; Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3.

Uldren's Personality

» ?????:

Natural Abilities, Skills, & Traits

» Abilities:

Threads of Damnation

↳ Material Conversion:

↳ Reishi Threads:

Field Stitches: Initially devised in order to close a life threatening wound Uldren has since fine tuned this technique beyond its initial crude form. By gather either reishi or his own energy in his palm Uldren is able to then apply the energy to a wounded area in the form of extremely fine threads. Through his manipulation of these threads the young Quincy is able to not only stitch external wounds, but can also apply this technique for internal injuries. For example; If Uldren was stabbed and the blade was able to nick an organ upon entry Uldren could then use this technique to both stitch the wound closed externally, but also stitch and hold it together internally. Currently Uldren faces two issues with this technique, the first being that it does require a great deal of concentration, and the second being the requirement to reapply the technique as it is not a permanent solution.

Surge Forth: By focusing the material conversion aspect of his threads Uldren is capable of converting both the landscape and buildings around him into threads. This is done by channeling the ability and sending it out in a massive pulse around him, inanimate objects in the immediate area are instantly converted into hundreds of thousands of threads, with the effect slowly dissipating as it spreads. By the end of the pulse most materials within one hundred yards of Uldren have been completely converted into threads, which he then can manipulate and use as needed. Once this technique is used Uldren can amass much larger techniques and maneuvers using the massive supply of threads. An example of this being the capability to surround himself in an ultra-dense cocoon of threads, creating immense spears/needles, and so on. Of all techniques Uldren can utilize with his threads this particular one is both the most draining, and most focus intensive as it requires the utmost control in order to use the mass amount of threads formed.

Webbed Path: The most simplistic of Uldren's thread based techniques, the Webbed Path is one in which the young quincy creates threads in order to traverse any area he is in. By forming extremely fine threads that span from one point to another Uldren is able to move about through an area as he wishes, going as far as even 'floating' or 'walking' on air via his threads. Uldren has even displayed that he can connect these threads to clouds, and other such gatherings of gases or vapor. Generally Uldren prefers this method of movement over using Hirenkyaku, though it isn't rare to see him switching between the two in combat, or even using both at once.

» Skills:

Decent Hand-to-Hand Combatant

↳ Wheel of the Damned:

Impressive Agility

» Traits:

Highly Adaptive

Moderate Reserves

Quincy Skills & Abilities

» Abilities:

Reishi Manipulation

Basic Wiki Description

A Quincy uses the Reishi in the atmosphere, and combines it with his/her Reiryoku to create weapons. They fight using a power from outside. They have an easier time collecting this energy in environments with higher concentrations of Reishi such as in Soul Society or Hueco Mundo. To a sufficiently powerful Quincy, there is no difference between Reishi and Reiryoku as a source of power. The ability to manipulate such energy allows for a variety of abilities offensive, defensive and supportive.


Wiki Description

To perform this technique, the user gathers Reishi under their feet and rides them to the desired location. Uryū Ishida implied its speed is superior to Shunpo or Sonído, though Mayuri Kurotsuchi's superior speed during their confrontation suggests this is just a generalization. Like the air-walking skill displayed by most Arrancar and Shinigami, it can be used to hover or fly over long distances. Mayuri complimented Uryū on being able to use this technique at such a young age, suggesting it is difficult to master.

Hirenkyaku enables Quincy to keep up with and overpower faster opponents depending on the user's skill. The use of this technique aided Uryū as he defeated a seated Shinigami officer, a Números Arrancar, and even a Privaron Espada in combat. However, there is apparently more use for the technique than simply moving quickly.

Blut Vene

Known as the defensive form of Blut, Blut Vene is capable of heightening ones defensive capabilities to inhuman levels, and in some cases, supernatural levels. Generally utilized to take the brunt of an assault, and to increase ones durability, Blut Vene can also be used to slow and even stop blood loss from wounds. Those who have further mastery over Blut Vene have even been seen using it to reattach dismembered limbs, and reconnecting organs.

In Uldren's case specifically his specialization in Blut Vene over Arterie has led him to developing his Blut Vene to a point of forming it outside of his body. Upon doing so a crimson exoskeletal shell that almost resembles a lobster will form behind Uldren before seeming to merge partially with him. Tendrils will form from the Blut before moving to open wounds and merging with them, closing them and beginning the healing process. When utilized like this Uldren's Blut Vene takes an immense toll upon his body, leaving him in an exhausted state and struggling to remain conscious. This is because he has just begun using this method of forming his Blut Vene, and as such has not reached a level where he can use it without self harm.


» Skills:

Heilig Pfeil (Holy Arrows)

Wiki Description

A Quincy is able to form spirit weapons by gathering Reishi in the air. These arrows can be formed in various ways, either by collecting Reishi, absorbing Reiryoku from an opponent or gathering spirit energy. They are the Quincy equivalent of an average arrow, but if the arrows are shot continuously, they can eventually injure the wielders' hands. However, the strength of the arrow can vary between users, as Quilge Opie's arrows are considered to be more powerful than those of Uryū Ishida, while Yhwach's can create deep cavities in the ground and vaporize a foe as durable as Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto.

Traditionalist Quincy utilize this method to create bows and arrows as their primary method of attack. By standard, the bow is known as a Heilig Bogen (神聖弓 (ハイリッヒ・ボーグン), Hairihhi Bōgun; German for "Holy Bow", Japanese for "Sacred Bow"), although the name of the bow can vary between users, as Uryū Ishida named his bows as Kojaku and Ginrei Kojaku. The more modern Quincy developed the ability to form a variety of weapons around 200 years ago, but they can still fire Heilig Pfeil via these weapons of varying strength, dependent on the user. Quilge Opie forms two extensions from his military saber and can fire six arrows simultaneously, Driscoll Berci forms gigantic arrows from his tekkō and throws them more like javelins, and Yhwach can rapidly fire arrows directly from his fingertip more like simple blasts.

Spirit Weapon

» Name: Currently without a proper name Uldren simply decided that his spirit weapon would share a name with its primary ability. As such it has currently been dubbed the Reishi Satellite System until such a time Uldren decides upon a better name.

» Appearance:


» Abilities:

Reishi Satellite System

Rapid Response Network

The Rapid Response Network, or R.R.N for short, is the second ability of Uldren's spirit weapon. The R.R.N is an ability that essentially gives Uldren's spirit weapon an impression of sentience. This is because the R.R.N allows the weapon to act on an almost automated level. In a way one could think of this ability as an implant that connects Uldren to his weapon mentally, allowing him to control it as he wills without any outward signs of doing so. But the link the R.R.N creates isn't as simple as that. It also allows to R.R.N to respond to any situation that Uldren's mind has registered, thus allowing it to react on its own as quickly as he could, even if he himself were occupied with something else.

The main downside of the R.R.N, aside from a necessity of spatial awareness, is that the network can only respond to something as quickly as Uldren's own brain picks it up, processes it, and so on. Therefore if Uldren were unable to sense something, or it were to strike him faster than his mind could register, and thus prevent him from picking up the threat, the R.R.N would be unable to act.

Overall one can truly think of R.R.N as the computer that allows the use of Uldren's spirit weapon as if it were a part of his body.

↳ Threat Level Alpha: Threat Level Alpha is what Uldren calls the automated offensive capabilities that the R.R.N is capable of utilizing through his spirit weapon. When active there is a multitude of firing modes and power ranges the R.R.N is able to use depending on the situation, how powerful the threat is, and Uldren's own capabilities at the time. Therefore T.L.A allows the R.R.N to take on almost any threat the young Quincy may face.

Primer Threads: By tapping into Uldren's Threads of Damnation the R.R.N is capable of creating a type of firing mode that Uldren likes to call Primer Threads. When this method of fire is utilized Uldren's spirit weapon fires small threads that are made of reishi and will explode upon being embedded into their target. Each thread fire has a diameter of roughly .5cm, and a length of six inches. Not only does their size make them hard to see, but it also allows them much more 'punching' power so to speak, as all the force of the shot is focused behind such a small point thus granting greater piercing ability. The explosive force of these threads is enough that an ordinary human would have an arm blown clean off if shot anywhere in the shoulder or lower on the arm. Against the supernatural, while not as effective alone, the Primer Threads can still give the same result if enough were focused on one point.

Finally the R.R.N is capable of launching up to one hundred of these threads per post without taxing Uldren all that much. Therefore this is the preferred fire mode for most automated responses, unless specific force is required, as Uldren can maintain usage of Primer Threads as much as needed within normal usage.

Further more the R.R.N, if necessary, is capable of firing 500 of these threads in a two post period(3 post cooldown after). If pushed to firing 500 of these threads Uldren could potentially feel a heavy drain on his reserves if unable to draw in the necessary reishi from outside sources, additionally doing so, especially while preoccupied, is mentally taxing and can quickly exhaust the young male.

Concussion Shell: The second mode of fire the R.R.N is capable of is known as the Concussion Shell. While the primary concern for some may be the initial explosion of the blasts, it is the concussive force that follows afterwards that should be ones concern. By concentrating various amounts of energy into the small form of the bullets used for this fire mode the blasts emitted are capable of generating much larger concussive forces than one would expect. The 'bullets' used for this firing mode are roughly .5cm in diameter, 3cm in length, and generally house at least a cero worth of energy if not more. When using the Concussion Shells the R.R.N is capable of firing them at a rate of approximately 10 per post with a two post cooldown afterwards.

Damage wise the initial explosion of these rounds is capable of burning flesh while tearing it from the bone, while also damaging the bone itself. While the concussive wave given off is capable of quite a bit more. If the initial explosion hasn't broken bones the concussive force given off by said explosion will be enough to do at least that, though generally the force can be enough to shatter bone into mere fragments. Beyond broken bones the concussive force is also capable of causing internal trauma & organ damage, while in the case of those of lesser durability ranges it could cause severe trauma and organ ruptures.

Orbital Rain: The fourth mode of fire for the R.R.N, Orbital Rain is exactly what it sounds like. An orbital rain of fire supplied by the R.R.N, and in this case, the sixteen different portions of Uldren's spirit weapon. When Orbital Rain is active it becomes necessary for Uldren to alter the form of his spirit weapon into that of sixteen identical, but smaller, forms of itself. Upon doing so these smaller 'satellites' while orbit the opponent while laying down a continuous stream of fire. The chosen type of ammunition for Orbital Rain is small darts, roughly .25cm at their widest diameter and .1 cm at their smallest. A single dart is capable of piercing most materials, including hierro and other similar defenses. Though in most cases a single dart, if hitting a denser or larger target( Stomach vs Arm for example) it'd be more likely to end up embedded rather than piercing straight through.

On the other hand several of these darts, especially in the numbers Oribital Rain uses, could definitely do some significant damage through sheer number of wounds. Though it could be said if several shots hit a single point it would easily do more damage than a single one.

In a single post Orbital Rain is capable of 100 darts being fired by each portion of Uldren's spirit weapon, totaling 1600 shots upon a single target from various angles & positions. Because of this, and the total damage one could take if all 1600 shots landed, Orbital Rain is limited to a single post of use before a five post cooldown is required.

Purifier Beam:

↳ Threat Level Beta:


» Name:
» Appearance:


» Abilities:


Chapter One

Skill Sheets

Racial Skills

»Vollständig: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
»Blut: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
»Hirenkyaku: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
»Reishi Manipulation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills

»Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
»General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
»Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
»Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills

»Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
»Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
»Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
»Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Code By:

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[mod]Sad to archive Quincy[/mod]
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Uldren Felwinter [Quincy W.I.P]
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