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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Atlas D'al Decter 'Warhound of Vastime' [APPROVED 2-4] [Hazard Rating A] Empty Atlas D'al Decter 'Warhound of Vastime' [APPROVED 2-4] [Hazard Rating A]

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'The Warhound of Vastime'

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I. General Information

» Name: Atlas D’al Decter
» Titles: General Decter, Royal Dragoon, That Cold Bastard, Warhound of Vastime, Duke of Bellum
» Age: 31 |October 31st
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: Vastimian Royal Military, Colonel of 1st Royal Paratrooper Regiment

» Appearance Description:

"A fool with a crown is still a fool. Should I find a beggar better able to rule my estates, I will slit my own wrists and allow him to take my place. Saint Joshua of Rendower."

Atlas D’al Decter is a man of imposing stature, standing at a flat 6'4 his height is hardly a concern for him however. He’s an attractive man in the prime of his life, his intelligence and sophistication beyond his years something you may not think when first looking at the male, perhaps even overlooking him. But, should you at first glance give him a good look into the face you will notice his dark piercing brown eyes, a cold look with firm fatalism inscribed inside onto them.

These eyes when set upon something, beneath the cold fatalism, have a analytically nature to them as if determining the initial worth of something. His hair while always kept under military regulation is often unkempt due to the constant military requirement of him, but he makes it an important part of his day to have his bat-man give him a straight razor morning shave. It is both his most enjoyed and hated part of the day, for it is the only time he must allow another man to hold his well being in their hands thus trust this task to his most trusted servicemen.

Yet, it must be noted during special ceremonies or occasions he usually slicks his hair back to some fashionable degree to maintain appearance. Finally, this would not be a proper description of appearance if I didn’t include the man’s lips- then tight lips usually held together with a firm expression of neither happiness nor sadness simply observant. When on the rare occasion he does smile it is not warming, it is a cold hard smile that is either earned from something or something he can respect or the situation simply demands it.

Onto the general body and clothing that covers it one would simply see a lithe body pulled tight over hard bone and flesh that is neither defined nor disgustingly sloppy. It is the body of a soldier, one who endurance far exceeds that of most athletes . It is for this very reason he can impose a figure of command when wearing his favorite (used generously) outfit: his dark blue military uniform. This uniform consist of a dark blue overcoat, with matching pants as well to be concluded with black leather combat boots shined to a dime. This is the most standard and basic uniform for the Vastimian military excluding extras such as the additional heavy snow coat or lighter tropical variant. However, as a officer Atlas is permitted to wear a additional black cloak that flows from neck to boot tips. Along with various medals and ribbons attached that will be explained later on.

However, he has two more uniforms that we will cover that see far less use one being his ceremonial outfit saved for special occasions such as military balls or promotions. Decter holds the rank of colonel which is considered a 'field grade' officer rank meaning his uniform is different than those of other grades.

When not in his military uniform you will often find him in formal clothing even in his off duty such as navy blue button ups. He is very partial to such clothing believing a officer of the Vastimian military must be proper and prim at all times when it comes to their appearance, such disgrace as being unprepared to meet anyone of superior ranking is certainly the most unfavorable circumstance for him. Of course he tends to be towards darker or more neutral colors when selecting his outfits, not wanting to stand out too much- despite having his shoes always polished and clothing always neatly pressed.

» Appearance Picture:


Colonel Rank:

Medal Awards:

Ribbon Awards:

Ceremonial Uniforms:

Field Uniform:

Battle Uniform:

II. Personality

» Personality:

“We are sabres in the hands of infinity, to move and act as we are bid. The fact that we sometimes have second thoughts in the obeying gives us the delusion that we have some ability to determine our fates, that we are born with a freedom to choose our actions: to be kind or cruel, good or evil. That is mankind's most glorious and beautiful dream, but it is a delusion nonetheless.”- Caius d’al Cazarosta

Atlas D’al Decter is an excellent soldier that commands absolute loyalty from the men and women under his command, a track record of daring bravado and tactical ingenuity followed by a series of censors yet praise upon him. When dealing with Decter one must understand this is no ordinary man but in fact a man that will do whatever is demanded of him to ensure that his forces reach victory. When delving into both his military history and personality records one must be careful to not confuse him with a sociopath but simply a man that will do whatever is required to secure victory for God, King, and Kingdom. He is an example of both the pride of Vastime but the ruthlessness it can foster in it's society.

Colonel Decter is a man who takes the utmost pride in both his citizenship of Vastime and military history. When he enters into a room it's almost like the full weight of his willpower can bare down on the room, his presence commanding respect far beyond that of men of his caliber. It's almost shocking when people hear the man hasn't even broke into his thirties from just how experienced he seems. Yet his personality despite how hard it may seemed can be broken down into many smaller traits as to better help you understand him and his motivations.

Honor Resides in His Actions~ Atlas shows a capacity for extreme cruelness but that does not mean he takes part in it for joy. Instead, this is best shown in his need to serve Vastime. If it took throwing the lives of an entire city away to save the world, where others might hesitate Colonel Decter would weigh the options and if destroying that city with the civilians would save millions- he would be the one to pull the trigger. Yet, this is not out of some cruel need for sadism but the basic understanding that all lives serve a purpose and it is his purpose to protect the values in which his society lives by. In a twisted sense of honor he is willing to throw away his humanity for the greater good, and sleep without remorse. He is truly a monster with good intentions, be them biased in their own right.

Unparalleled Tactical Genius~ Decter has showed time and time again to be a man of high intelligence, perhaps not in the usual sense but rather in his ability to learn and adapt to almost any military setting. His mind works on a different level than those of his peers, rather all of his moves and commands seem to be a calculated effort even if the end result is not known or seen. This has transferred to both his social life and political influence, knowing that acting as the traditional solitary military commander may hold negative connotations to it forced him to learn to craft and adapt to a persona that people may be able to warm up to which lead into his next trait.

Manipulator~ While not necessarily positive it certainly has influenced his life in a dramatic way. Without learning how to adapt and get people to do what he wants he would have died long ago on the streets poor and broken. Yet, he forged personas tricking people into believing what he wanted learning how to tap into people belief and emotions. This manipulating nature has allowed him to not only be able to connect with his soldiers but also allow him to hold a somewhat strong political influence, one which has aided him since the establishment of Vastime.

Gentlemen Officer~ Despite how cruel and hard he may seem when it comes to the well being of Vastime, he is and shall always be a Vastimian officer of the highest caliber. He refuses to conduct himself anything less than exemplary to both the world and his soldiers, the first on the battlefield and the last to leave when all is said and done. He will speak softly while carrying a big stick, he shall always take the wellbeing of Vastime before all, and he will always treat those who serve Vastime and it's interest with the utmost respect.

Bravado and Courage~ There is few men who match or exceed Atlas D'al Decter in bravado and courage, he is an example of what Vastimian train their soldiers to be in that regard. Never being the man to retreat out of fear or lose his discipline in seemingly faithless odds, something showcased in his biography which led to the world casting their eye on the once young officer. Either be it from the need to serve his life with a purpose or the sense of immortality he has thrown his life into jeopardy far to many times to be counted as sane, yet each time he has done it he has done so without fear going as far to as achieve whatever task has been asked of him.

Keep Your Pride Even If It Means Death~ The final utmost trait of the Vastimian Officer is the fierce pride he has in not only Vastime but himself and those under him. He hold not only the embodiment powers of 'Fiery Fierce Pride' but also the literal meaning. There are few men who pride can compare and while it can be seen as both good and bad he certainly lets neither interpretations impede his goals. His pride is the factor which has contributed to him being able to turn the tide of battle, it is that very pride which makes him stand amongst his men in the midst of battle.

III. Background Information

» Background:

"Very well, I shall hold the line."-Sir Atlas D'al Decter in response his forces could retreat, instead holding a small fortified position against a much superior force.

Chapter 1. Birth of a Bastard

Sir Atlas D'al Decter was born a bastard out of wedlock between a greek merchant and that of a American military commander. This would cause a certain title to be stuck to the child, that would simply be 'bastard'. Atlas mother just happened to be that commander and while the pregnancy would prove to be difficult, Atlas father would be long gone in the wind. This would make Atlas mother forced to make certain decisions, having been immersed in shadowfall culture since her own birth she would quickly need to choose between a ambitious military career or rising her child. She choose to do both, something which would prove a defining factor in the child's life.

Before his birth even had occurred his mother faced trial and tribulations, from both her subordinates and superiors. The stigma of having had a one night affair and ending up pregnant allowed for her rivals in the cut throat shadowfall military to use this as both slander and a way to stub her ambitions. But for some odd reason, the mother could not find it within her to undertake the simple operation to do away with the unborn child- perhaps old ways that never truly escaped her. Perhaps it was simply motherly instinct. But if you asked Atlas D'a Decter he would simply tell you: 'The universe willed my birth, my mother and no person could deny such a force. I was born with purpose.'

None the less the nine months of pregnancy proved to be difficult but the birth of the child was rather a simple operations; by now the mother was placed on suspended leave awaiting the birth of the child so she could return to active duty. After a few weeks off, the mother set the child up with a care taker along with a private educations often leaving for extended periods of time. This would allow the young man to be left alone to both his thoughts and his own devices, having been given the best educators money could buy along with his own natural wit the child would prove early on it's own unique abilities. A child however left to his own devices for such a long time, with minimal interaction with the outside world tended to grow a bit... differently.

Chapter 2. Child of a Traitor

By the age of twelve Atlas D'al Decter was consider a child genius of some level, able to play multiple instruments, write at a advanced college level, and even calculate complex mathematical equations. This was what was afforded to a shadowfall commander son, even if he was a bastard born out of wedlock something which he was reminded of often from the sharp remarks made by his training staff and whispers among the personnel. When he did see his mother he understood she tried to understand, but at some point her son began to seem less like a child and more like a stranger.

Atlas learned by the age of thirteen to play a facade; out of necessity. He was a bastard born out of wedlock in a society that loved to gloat it's royal bloodlines, a human among all that. So he learned to manipulate people, he learned how to shift people attention and use it to his advantage. The remarks of his bastardy subsided in favor of how well mannered he was; but it was a facade none the less one that would serve a much higher purpose one day.

By the age of fourteen he was well beyond his years, there was no way to be honest it if the circumstances of his life made him that way or he was born it. Yet, deep within him he felt a craving to do more with his life that he was a man given some of the greatest tools and education money could buy but he was forced to live with a repugnant mark on his name? He had to serve some greater purpose. Was it to serve shadowfall? Was it to do something great? Well he would have little choice in the matter as by later in the year his life would change. Drastically.

On a warm evening, he was sitting within the halls of his home simply studying a treatise on cosmic purpose in matters of war and peace. The air would take a almost chilling shift as his mother would burst in a frantic rush, telling one of the house keepers something which made their eyes take a frantic look themselves before they departed quickly. Atlas would not know till later but it appeared his mother had gotten caught up in a rebel plan one which shadowfall had taken note of; as far as anyone cared Atlas family was a now a target for elimination.

So they departed, rather abruptly. They left through a underground network set under the home that Atlas lived in, one he was both amazed by and annoyed he had not learned of it's existence. He was a young man at fifteen and by now he was qualified to join the military something that was expected of him- by now fugitives and outcasts from the only society the teenager knew what was he to do? Well it appears the universe chose for him.

He debated turning in his mother, it had briefly crossed his mind before he cast it out. He was a wedlock bastard only living because of her name and merits she had acquired, whatever life she took he now had to follow. This just so happened they where smuggled out of the country using that very same rebel network to Africa; where Atlas would finally get the chance to shine on his own two feet.

His family name still held weight, he was afterall considered a genius and the child of a semi-successful shadowfall commander turned traitor. His mother easily was established with a sort of fake name and identity they would use in Africa while serving apart of a independent Anti-Shadowfall movement. However, Atlas simply regarded it as a third world guerrilla force that hoped to cause shadowfall enough headache to not want to stay in any location in Africa. Soon Atlas would find himself in their ranks too, after all he had to join the family business sooner or later.

So Atlas D'al Decter was sent to a training camp on both his and his mother's request, it wasn't the life or ambitions he pictured but if this is what the universe adorned for the bastard then he would serve it to his damndest. It would be here Decter would forge a name in blood and iron, Shadowfall, Monsuta, or even overstepping warlord would soon learn that this young upstart was something to not be taken lightly.

Chapter 3. Prodigy or Menace?

By the age of seventeen the young man had found himself fully embroiled in 'the life'. He was but a lieutenant in some African army acting as a both an officer within it and an informant for the underground anti-Shadowfall movement. Typically someone of his age would be seen as a bit young to hold such responsibility but the fact of the manner was he was overqualified; being both the circumstances of his birth and education. It would be in the wet fields of Africa he would began to make a new for himself, demonstrating his potential for all the world to see.

Atlas job within the military was to essentially be the commanding officer of a platoon of soldiers, the lowest ranking officer position open. He was assigned to the 143th Infantry Battalion, Alpha Company, and in charge of 2nd Platoon; routinely recommended for patrol duty and active combat assignments. Needless to say the man saw combat a fair amount; but this new age of warfare was much different than that of previous ages.

Machinery had been replaced by the raw power of individual soldiers, some born with extreme abilities and others that trained to harness their own. Atlas utterly hated this concept. This forced him to have to adapt to combat making him at times having to rely on individual soldiers to get a job done rather than the unit; thus he incorporated a system of training to reduce this. The initial stage of this radical training method revolved around keeping the unit strong, simply using abilities to enhance the unit cohesion rather than a dependence on it. This would allow Atlas unprecedented flexibility as time progressed, leading to his unique training methods.

Atlas focused on unit drills adapting unique training scenarios designed to test the unit against super powered individuals, alone that could wipe out entire platoons. Instead he adapted a system that minimized casualty while inflicting the most hurt on the target, but it would prove hard to accomplish with the limited resources at his disposal, for the time being the young man would have to settle training his unit on tactics and devising methods to allow the average unit an advantage against others or even powered individuals.

Between training Atlas D'al Decter unit would be sent out on over two hundred plus operations ranging from patrols to active combat engagement with guerilla forces or skirmishes with shadowfall forces. The cold methodical nature in which this particular platoon accomplished it's missions began to foster a reputation for both it's commander and the unit it's self.

'The Warhound' was a name given to Decter by his comrades and enemies alike, the man by the age of twenty had become a captain within the rebel forces. The line between hero and menace was blurred for the man as rumors persisted of the extreme tactics he used to accomplish his jobs, some reports detailing how he set fire to an entire enemy encampment that reportedly had their own captured soldiers- in order to flush the enemy out. When this man had you in his sights it seemed that there was no place you could hide.

However, Atlas would truly catch the eye of the world in an event that deserves a section in it's own right. In a single night the rebel army received a beating that would leave it bleeding and tarnished; but not broken. This would be due to the actions of Sir Atlas D'al Decter, and the brave souls of his company.

Chapter 4. The Battle of Wickermen

The morning of this event was a peaceful one, out the outskirts of a old outpost that had long been abandoned years ago. What remained was a simple stone castle that seemed to be out of place in the field, surrounded by dense foliage this location acted as a bridge in land. This location would prove to be a vital point in the survival and near destruction of the 'People Liberation Army', all due to the placement of Atlas D'al Decter.

This was to play out as a rather large scale battle, a campaign starter for the army as a way to give shadowfall expeditionary forces out of the African coast. Atlas company had been assigned to defend this point, to act as both infantry reinforcements if needed; an act he would hold onto as was his orders. The moment that order was given secured the fate of Atlas and all those under his command: Defend this point until properly relieved.

By the time of noon the beginning of the battle was reaching to them,word over the radio was that the people liberation army was holding strong making holes within the armor of shadowfall. Yet, strangely Atlas company of 125 men had not seen any action simply silence and the cold rustle of leaves in the wind. He knew something was up but he didn't know what, so he simply prepared the best he could, hiding soldiers within the woods- constructing barracades, and reinforcing the natural defense the stone walls had with wood and whatever else they could use. Sniper points had been set up across the field and in the towers of the castle, for all purposes this was a well guarded area.

Yet nothing would prepare them for the force that would fall onto them, for by the time of two pm the ground would rumble and quake unexpectedly as the march of an... army was seen. This was no small attachment but a large portion of soldiers all gathered to take the point in which Atlas was tasked to defended, it was almost like at this time fate had decided to take a turn for the worse; it was almost deafening the screams that had erupted over the comms calling it all a trap that it was a set up. Powered explosions. Screams. War. Then the lines went dead, be it by some magical influence or technology shadowfall had decided their communication devices where not needed. He was effectively cut off from the army.

People often ask what went to his head, having been giving orders to hold this point, his army seemingly being slaughtered? Well Decter has always said fate has adorned everything and if he was to die at that battle so be it. So he did all he could do: He held the point.

The battle that transpired over the next six hours was one that will be remembered for history. Let us begin.

The initial siege upon the point was held at some length, at one point foring the withdraw of the army. From the defenses that had been set earlier along with the defensive tactics Atlas had deployed using both the powered individuals he had at his disposal. But sadly, he was but a company fighting a mucher larger force one that our right outnumbered him one to four. He was losing men, faster than he could keep up with.

When they pulled back for a moment to regroup, Atlas let out a sigh of relief but after having done a quick headcount their casualties where over half their initial force. But to their credit for every soldier they lost the enemy forces had lose triple that, but the wear and tear on the soldiers was evident. Grime covered his forces and blood that belonged to both them and their enemy. It was hell.

As Atlas forces remained waiting for the next onslaught his unit would spot a lone rider carrying the battalion colors, a messenger sent to inform him of something. One that would define this entire event and his legacy following it.

The lone rider was a messenger from command telling him he could withdraw, that this battle was lost and the army was in full retreat. However, upon looking back to the bloodied field which lay in front of the castle he was defending- he would see the enemy force amassing again and at this moment he knew why they where here at this point. You see, during a full retreat an army received most of it's loses from harassing fire and if he withdrew Shadowfall would have free reign to steam roll the remainder of what remained; though if he stayed and fought he could delay that long enough so the army could make a safe retreat far enough in land going after them would make the trip far to costly for shadowfall.

But if he took the latter options, his forces would surely be decimated with a high chance that his own death might occur. It was almost bittersweet for the fatalist, was this his purpose? To hold a hopeless point for the benefit of a army he was thrust in, to allow them to remain in tact and fight another day? So be it.

"Very well. I will hold the line." These words escaped his lips to the shock of the man, he almost sputtered as he looked at the amassing force behind Atlas. However, the demeanor of the soldiers around him seemed to be steel resolve. If this was what Atlas had commanded of them, they would do it to their dying breath; no one came to this fight without expecting to die.

"If I withdraw, that force behind me will be able to steam roll the tattered mess of our army. If I stay and hold this line I can protect the extreme left flank of our army preventing them from breaking the army. You tell command that, I will hold this line till either my last breath or the Army successfully withdraws. If I run out of ammo I will use m sword- if that breaks I will eliminate them with my hands. I will hold this damn line to the end of the world if need be!" He grunted his hand tightening around his rifle as the man took a solemn look before nodding, grasping Atlas's forearm.

"Godspeed." With those words the man would depart leaving Atlas to his devices for the next two hours.

Sir Atlas D'al Decter held that point with less than thirty men against a force that vast out numbered him, over the course of two hours they would fight to bloody exhastion. The sound of artillery and mortars rained from above on them, energy attacks thrown at the broken walls of the castle. The walls of the castle towards the end where almost completely broken, they had resorted to using the bodies of their fallen comrades as bullet blockers stacking them by rows. It was a grisly affair and sight.

Then it... stopped. The fire and explosions simply faded away as the army turned around and marched away to the shock of the Atlas and the survivors. Atlas would soon have his reason as it turned out the army he fought for had made it to safety, a rider had come to tell him of this as he collapsed in exhaustion.

That day Atlas D'a Decter was reported to have multiple fractures and broken burns, four gunshot wounds, and had lost his right eye in the process of all of this. It would be replaced by an artificial one in the future. Furthermore, his unit at the start of the day was 120 strong had been reduced to but only a handful of twelve men including Atlas D'al Decter himself.

This battle would prove a drastic blow for the rebel forces, but it would not be the end. Due to the sacrifice Atlas had made the army was able to withdraw allowing for them to rebuild, what was once saw as a crushing defeat was twisted to that of a morale booster. The brave men of the 1st Infantry Company would go down in history, however this would just be the true start of Atlas career. He couldn't fight this war forever.

Yet, years went by with him rising through the ranks earning both prestige and respect. By the age of twenty five the man would hold the rank of Colonel, unprecedented at the time. Yet, it would be at this time he would be introduced to a new man by his mother; who had long since retired from the war efforts.

He would meet Sir Desmond Hayden, the man who would show him a future and purpose he was destined to serve: Vastime.

Chapter 5. Commander of The Royal Dragoons

This is the current chapter of Atlas D'al Decter, his story has yet to even begin...

IV. Natural Abilities

“My only wish is for my death to have purpose: for it to leave something behind other than the admiration of idiots whom I will never meet."- Caius D'al Cazarosta

Potestatem Urens (Burning Will Power)- Atlas D'al Decter is a man of extreme fortitude, in both the physical and metaphysical sense. It has been shown from his childhood and career that the man possesses an otherworldly sense of mental fortitude complemented by his own durability. One could gather he achieves this from his utter devotion to whatever choices he makes in life, believing predestination to the the ultimate factor in life. In his head, he sees no reason to hesitate or even falter as he believes his actions are backed by a higher force granting him the mental power to achieve accomplishments that others might see impossible for someone of his status.

Intuitus Rex (Intuition of the King)- Colonel has displayed an extreme capacity for intellectual advancement and tactical acuity throughout his life. One could say he is among geniuses in that regard, surpassing many of his superiors and peers in intelligence. This grants the man the ability to assess situations and know the most likely outcome, what his enemies might do or their intentions with little information. This extends far outside of combat however, from just brief conversations he could gain insight into a character motives or potential actions they may take. Decter is a master of manipulation and covert actions, making it almost easy for him to spot someone attempting to mask their true intentions.

Aura Ordinis (Aura of the General)- The physical presence Decter exerts on the world and people around him is profane to say the least. He commands a level of respect from the very way he strides into a room or stares down a battlefield. This overbearing presence is much different than those who simply have a strong spiritual aura, this presence tends to make people look towards him for leadership or actions- but it also makes him someone who can be spotted as a leader meaning he is usually the first attacked on a battlefield. However, those with a lower willpower or even naturally on his level may find themselves willing to listen to him more or submit/shy away from him if they wish to fight him.

Nova Aetate Ignis (New Age of Fire)- In this age of gods and titans one has to find some way to survive amongst these beings, for Atlas it turned out his affinity was the ever dominating element of fire. However, his specialization deals a bit more with the solar aspect of fire and his connection to the sun. Atlas fire domain is specfically associated with the emotions related to the sun, such as pride and purpose. This means his fire or 'spark' can increase in times his emotions run high, making it much easier for him to lose control of his developing powers. Likewise, he can restrict his powers by drifting away from the emotions his solar connection is based on making this a powerset that relies on knowledge of one's self.

Volo Vis (Speed Force)- This focuses on the aspect of speed, as the name might suggest. Atlas lives a fast life, one that has never stopped in his twenty six years of life; stopping usually means death for him. Decter perception of speed is a bit different for others, his mind is able to work at almost triple the normal pace of those on his level something that has allowed him to make decision he might not normally be able to make. This has also transferred to his physical body, creating a sort of speed affinity that allows him to be much faster than normally possible. An example of this would be his reflexes and reaction time are dramatically high for someone of his caliber, along with being able to produce a high number of attacks in short periods of time, or extreme situations push his body to go to the utmost brink of which it can carry him.

Sanctus Spurius (Lucky Bastard)- Atlas D'al Decter for all purpose is an extremely lucky man, one dare say he has an abnormal amount of luck even from his birth. Decter has shown to be able to survive by the thinnest margins at times in highly unpredictable situations, be it an explosion where he was just so happened to be saved by the environment or being at the right place at the right time. At times it just seems that the most favorable outcomes comes to the man when it may seem unlikely. Frankly, He is a Lucky Bastard.

Prognatus Buellicus (Son of War)- Colonel Atlas D'al Decter of the Royal Dragoons has varied and exceptional training in all mannerism of war. He may be one of the most varied of soldiers on the world from aerial warfare to subterrain combat; he has training and all these settings. Due to this it stands to reason he can outwit someone who on a basic level is more 'intelligent' then him. However, with this being his speciality in knowledge he tends to have a large advantage in this department to the part that he can grasp new military knowledge and concept with extreme ease.

V. Vastimian Aspects

Igneus Superbia Vastime (Fiery Pride of Vastime)- Like all Vastimian aspects this was adopted when he underwent the training and ritual to unlock his Vastimian potential, by none other than Desmond Hayden. This aspect of Vastime deals with the 'burning pride' he experiences for Vastime. His power simply enhances his ability to use his solar flames, but also creating a new potential: The Ability to use pride of a energy in the world.

This Vastimian aspect at it's basic level increases the potency of his attacks when using flames, particularly when defending the pride of Vastime.But it also deals with the emotion of pride at it's core which if allowed to grow could act as a gateway to more complex techniques and actions. Most Vastimian aspects are foundations for techniques to be developed for the user, with a key concept to work around.

Stone Murus Est Fidei (Stone Wall of Faith)- His next Vastimian aspect is seen as a defense based aspect, he takes the concept of having your faith as a shield to a whole new level. The way this ability works is it takes the emotional connection that Atlas holds in both himself and Vastime and uses it as a protective barrier for himself. This means he can passively take more physical damage than normal which is a fairly basic concept, but where it shines is it's mental defense. This also grants him the ability to generate and manipulate stone to an extent, something that is rather unrefined but with training and mastery could open the gateway to more complex feats.

Mentally, this ability makes it extremely hard for someone to penetrate the mind of Decter. For example, someone who can read another thoughts might find it harder to go into Atlas or a power that messes with his head such as illusions or tries to effect him on a emotional level might find it's influence being outright denied.

Vis Rnim Dura Damnatio (Force of the Unyielding Conviction)- Next to Atlas faith his conviction in what he does is just as high if not one of the most prominently seen. His Vastimian aspect is focused on 'force' not to be confused with strength. In this regard it is the natural ability to push forward despite whatever might be in path, as his conviction in his actions is a strong driving force for him. So this ability grants him an almost physical connection with that.

Atlas Decter due to this is able to produce kinetic force without the usual required effort, what this means is he controls kinetic waves. By extending his hand out and he essentially send out a kinetic blast, or if he presses it to the earth create a temporary earthquake. This works in conjunction with his heat abilities as this is simply a different way of supercharging the world around him, perhaps adding more momentum to an already accelerating object. This is the most basic level and as with all Vastimian Aspects devolves into signature techniques the user uses.

VI. Embodiments

» Embodiment Appearance:

» Embodiment Powers:

VII. Techniques

Jeet Kune Do

Fundamentals- Atlas unsurprisingly has training in various martial arts, however there is one particular style he has adopted: Jeet Kune Do. It can simply be summarized as "Jeet Kune Do practitioners believe in minimal movements with maximum effects and extreme speed. The system works by using different "tools" for different situations, where the situations are divided into ranges, which are kicking, punching, trapping, and grappling, where martial artists use techniques to flow smoothly between them." However upon this it can be broken down into smaller groups of 'fundamentals' one must follow in order to properly perform this style.

The Straight lead is the integral punch of the style, with all other punches based on it's structure. It is a very loosely held and thrown punch that only tightens upon impact, always maintaining a slight motion to make it harder to see and block; often seen used by the well known founder of this style Bruce Lee. It is single handedly the fastest and most accurate punch in the entire style, including the most versatile that can be throw from almost any level or angle.

Non-Telegraphed Attacks/Movement makes up the next fundamental, which is to say attacks, primarily punches and kicks, thrown with little to no warning signs such as the usually tensing of the shoulder or movement of the feet. The key to performing these attacks was rigorous training to maintain an always loose stance through slight motions of the arms and body. The concept behind this was it reduced the reaction time an enemy had by a significant margin.

'Be Like Water' is one of the most well known and regarded practices of the style, which can be summed up by the following: "Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow, or it can crash. Be water, my friend." This was in regard that life and fighting was always flowing, always moving in such a way sticking to one style or situation would make you become rigid. You must be willing to be fluid and allow your body to adapt to the situation needed to win, if an attack presents it's self take it! But it also referenced the state of mind one needs, to never become stagnant as doing so will make you stale.

Economy of Motion principle follows the guideline that you must waste no movement or time in your strikes. It takes on Efficiency, Directness, and Simplicity. One must make attacks that connect with the least amount of motion with the maximum force, do what comes naturally in a disciplined manner, and think while acting in a uncomplicated manner. These principles also draw the style of Wing Chun, seeking to end the fight as quickly as possible.

Stop Hits is regarded as the best yet most difficult defensive strategy to learn despite being such a important part of the style. Essentially it takes all of the above and combines it in a way to stop your enemy from making their attack when confronted with a distance, such as them stepping forward to engage or winding up a punch up. The straight lead is a great move to use in these situations, as it relies on you being faster and more accurate than your enemy not necessarily stronger.

While there are smaller fundamentals these are seen as the most important on a mastery or expert level, so I will cover the final fundamental which is the Center Line Philosophy seen in Wing Chun as well. Imagine a vertical line drawn on a human body extended from head downward, that is the centerline. In order to win a fight you must protect your centerline while striking your enemy in their center line. You must control both yours and their own to find a fight; so many attacks will be aimed in this margain.

With the style and Philosophy of fighting explained below will be a list of techniques that combine all aspects of Atlas fighting capabilities with Jeet Kune Do acting as the medium to transfer them into the world.

Fire Stance- The basic stance Atlas adopts in combat based heavily on the principles of Jeet Kune Do to maintain a fluid body with loose focus on his arms and legs. In this stance Atlas will tend to have constant motion often making it hard to predict his movements or strikes, allowing it to flow with his techniques.

The Straight Lead- A very simple but effective move, the practitioner maintains a loose stance before shoot a loose punch that tightens on impact allowing it to maintain a high speed and accuracy. Due to the nature of it, one can chain this together to daze an enemy or follow up with another attack easily.

Burning Straight- Similar to The Straight Lead, the practitioner gathers their energy within their hand before performing the techniques releasing that energy in a solar burst as it connects to potentially burn the enemy or push them away.

Machine Gun Jabs- The practitioner would either have to get in or be within arms length before sending a flurry of jabs into the centerline of the enemy. However, these jabs maintain the ideal form for the straight punch but in a more 'flicky' way focusing on releasing them rather than accuracy. This is typically used when a counter has been performed and an opening presents it's self.

Outward Swipe, Inward Punch- This is a counter and attack technique in which the enemy throws a punch of some sort and the practitioner uses the appropriate hand to swipe it outward opening the base of the person before using that momentum to carry them down face first. The user would then send a sharp and quick punch to the back of the user head.

Blinding Travel- Atlas developed this technique as a way to counteract those with flash step and such. Atlas gathers his energy within him before being engulfed in flames, temporarily becoming one with the flames to travel. While in this form one must be constantly moving, impervious to most physical attacks. Travels and acts like that of flash step.

Burn Drag- Another defensive technique, when in close combat if the enemy was to attack with any sort of limb- the practitioner would allow the attack to go through before just barely gripping them with their hands and shifting quickly to force their momentum to the ground. The user's hands would ignite in flames as the enemy is dragged before being released onto the ground.

Solar Hurricane Kick- This attack is one of the more power but slower of the style, the user gathers their energy in their feet increasing their speed before letting it go in a small burst of flames. This would sending the user spinning clockwise positioned to take the enemy legs out, the wind up for it is the only reason it is considered slow but makes for a great counter.

Explosive One Inch Punch- Adopted from the old myths of Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do, the user is able to launch an almost blinding attack at a small range with enough force to send their enemy back. Atlas however, combines both his aspect of fire and kinetic force to make this attack extremely damaging by amplifying it with the two factors.

Stonewall Defense- The user utilize their energy to form what appears stone around their body to increase their defense. This is a rather simple technique and can be enhanced through training but when covered in the stone the users speed is not reduced due to their energy doing the work of holding the stone in place.

Kinetic Drawing- The user draws kinetic energy into the limbs amplifying the motions at which they move, making their movements harder to read and ample to produce faster attacks while maintained further amplifying the Jeet Kune do Style.

Solar Illusion- Atlas uses his fire creation to temporarily release a burst of fire from his being, when it subsides in his place would look a normal version oof himself that will shift and move as if in the Fire Stance but when struck explodes lightly.

Alternating Stone Defense- Atlas more commonly used defensive technique, rather than encasing himself in stone he simply has it act as a secondary rotating barrier in a small amount. When a strike is being thrown the rocks will converge on that one spot, however if the strike is strong enough above a advance level it will penetrate albit a little slower.

Smashing Breaker- Atlas gathers a small amount of kinetic energy behind his foot as he lets loose a quick kick in Jeet Kune Do fashion. As it tightens on impact the kinetic energy is released, this attack either targets the shin or knee joint.

Burning Gravity Smash- This attack does not follow the Jeet Kune Do fashion but is rather used to cause a large scale of damage quickly, the user launches into the air before gathering a vortex of fire that is sent downwards using kinetic force. It spins around the area before dispersing although cracking the earth beneath it.

Eight Gates Releases: The eight gates where central points of energy within a slayer body that allowed them to harness their energy into the physical world and their binding to the world both spiritual and physical. Their was a order to which the gates were unlocked in order for their power to be harnessed but it appeared with each unlock it seemed to put more strain on the body and by the final 8th gate the sages could only hold it for five posts without dying but suffering torn muscles and broken bones with energy reserves damn near gone and anything after brought death- the sages in their final battle holded it for a little over ten posts causing their deaths but that was pushing the limits. When a form is unlocked no matter the tier it can only be maintained for ten posts, this does not apply to the 8th gate.

Gate of Carnage This gate can be unlocked through sheer will power by any slayer and unknowingly at that. When this gate is unlocked the muscle usage of the user to pushed up to 100% full utilization and synchronization causing the user to emit a stream from their body and also increase the usage of their slayer powers , the downside to this obviously by utilizing their body full capacity even without buffs will strain and stretch the muscles painfully after and during use resulting in soreness and pain after using it.. Any tier may unlock and maintain this form. Some examples of this in battle is Hayden's strength going into the higher brackets of strength, such as being able to lift tons upon tons or gaining that extra strength to break through defenses he wouldn't normally be able to. As for his slayer powers it could be a increase in their duration or even just making the potency of their attacks a bit more damage such as his Slayer Magic. Muscle Strain.

Gate of Light The next gate requires the person to have unlocked the previous, this gate grants the user heightened senses to the point where there nose can detect the most subtle differences in the air, their sight can see the motion of attacks that normally would leave a afterimage, and finally allow the user to make predictions of where an attack will come from the slightest physical movements, now this can be useful particularly since the person has the option to toggle these extra sensory abilities on or off, but with them on it makes it easier for their senses to be overloaded. The prediction is based upon the fluctuation of a person bodies and muscle so if they don’t have to move to fire a attack or they can’t see them then the prediction can’t be made- additionally the prediction is also useless if they are to slow to react to the attack and if there focus is broken with a series of attacks they cannot predict the next attack.. Any tier can maintain this form. Mental Strain.

Gate of Fury This gate when unlocked increases the durability of the person by hardening the skin to a hierro like level of armor, making the skin look a bit more leathery and altering the physical looks of the person. Granted their skin becomes harder and therefore adds more cushioning and dampening to most attacks. At this point the veins in their body are protruding and to maintain this form requires a tier of at least 3-5 to unlock/maintain. Increased Strain on both Mind and strength.

Gate of Gravity The fourth gates is a what many considered the milestone gate and peaking point for most slayers that have obtained this level of power. The Gate of Gravity causes the user body to begin to change it’s composition at the molecular level creating extra atoms temporarily which alter the weight of the person by increasing their weight by 10x their current weight. This doesn’t appear to alter them in any way physically but the obvious benefits to this is with the increase in ’weight’ each punch thrown cause alot more damage due to the weight behind it. It’s going from getting hit by a fist going ten miles a hour to getting hit by a car going ten miles per hour by with the size of a fist (for comparison use). The tier requirement for this is 2-5 to be learned and used. Minor Muscle tearing.

Gate of Gaia The fifth gate is said to be the connection to the earth the slayers have and when unlocked unleashes a flow of knowledge to the person about the world around them, in reality this gate simply opens forth the willpower a person has in their mind bringing forth their most treasured items and causes obviously increasing their willpower in the midst of battle to allow them to take more of a beating, for example if someone has already used willpower once in a battle to power through an attack this ace in the hole allows them to do it once more, this at the higher tiers of will power can be manifested forth into the world to empower their allies; however the downside to this is if the person has already given up they will not receive any benefits of this gate and stalemate their progress to the next. In turn this increase their speed a whole tier, the requirement to get this from is tier 2-3. Increased Muscle tearing in more noticeable places.

Gate of Destruction- The sixth gate is seen as the pinnacle of raw destructive power a slayer can muster before hitting the final gate. This gate brings forth the rage in a being turning it into a physical manifestation around the person that encompasses them in a bright fiery aura that ripples with the force to cause small tremors. This aura increases the raw physical damage someone can do while also providing them a small defense to energy attacks, the aura acts as a power softener so while never taking a full on attack it will soften the impact and energy of said attack to not make it so damning to the user. The required tier is 2-1 to learn and utilize this. If not Advance focus or will power they will experience vertigo and most muscles in your body is torn.

Gate of Rebirth The seventh gate grants all the previous bonuses to the person but along with a new ability. This gate is considered the ‘rebirth’ of a slayer for when they reach this level of power it is hard not to see life in a new way. The ability granted to this provides no other benefit than providing the user with the most intimate and advanced knowledge of the slayer genetic code, meaning they now understand how their abilities relating to slayer powers inside and out along with their genetics. If one was to open this gate and survive they would understand how to unlock each individual slayers powers through various training along with their connection to the world. The required tier is 1-5 to unlock this form and maintain it.

Gate of Radiance The final gate when unlocked grants tremendous power that boosts all skills along with granted at least a tier bonus in pure reiatsu, due to releasing all latent slayer energy within them. The cost is great as one must be 1-1 and maintain the form per post will break a bone in their body despite if they move or not, they body takes on a glowing due to the amount of energy leaking from them with a flowing current of steam around then and pulsing veins. This form can only be maintained for five posts before the risk of death is gravely increased. Twelve posts of maintain this is certain death.

The Gate of Radiance is considered the pinnacle of raw slayer due to it’s ability to unleash all the latent energy potential in them creating a 100% effective body. They will know just the right amount of energy to place into a attack to make it effective while not wasting energy or how long they can exactly maintain a form without guessing; in short it’s a major overdrive to all the previous gates and it’s fullest potential is unknown as of yet but it’s most basic power is that.

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'The Warhound of Vastime'

Artist: N/A - Song: N/A

VIII. Augmentations & Equipment

Emperor Eye Mk.1 - As explained earlier within his life, he had lost one eye due to a intense conflict earlier in his career. Rather opt for the stereotypical officer eyepatch Sir Decter used the opportunity to outfit his body with a new eye, a better one. The Emperor Eye is a seemingly normal eyes that only different feature is a the blue color it possesses in contrast to his normal brown one.

The function of this upgrade is to act as a tactical advisor software and heads up display in real time, meaning he can gain vital battlefield information within microseconds of it happening. This eyes shows him things such as his general physical health, if something might be wrong with his physical or spiritual being. Along with that it provides a percentage of his power levels along with anything that may be affecting it.

The second advisor function is to act as a host for his A.I unit Salamander, a Vastimian created A.I. who manages his armor and equipment. This allows for Atlas to operate at peak proficiency and above, however should he need to he can easily override the A.I as to prevent malfunctions of a drastic level.

The third function of the eyes is the most viable in terms of managing both his unit and the change in battlefield dynamics, in an almost third person vision he can see an entire layout of the world divided into smaller sections which showcase both realtime images and 'potential outcomes'. The Emperor eye allows him to make outcomes based on real time actions, allowing him a small precognitive window to determine the effect of certain actions. As with all predictions it can turn out wrong but this is the most effective way he can predict and outmaneuver his enemies using both his wit and technology creating a dangerous combination.

Legionary Mk.1 - The custom built battle armor for the purpose of Atlas protection in extremely dangerous environments. This is apart of a series of armor being developed in the Vastimian military for specialized units but seeing as this is the first variant it will be seen as a prototype variant.

The first and foremost function of this armor is to act as a protection unit for the user, along with allowing them to survive comfortably in all types of environments including the void of space. As such it is a closed suit environment that regulates to the user body temperature and acts as a secondary skin to the user, along with the abilities of providing ample protection through a Titanium Alloy and shielding unit. The shielding for this armor can withstand quite a bit of damage over a sustained period, around the force of a Gran Rey Cero or Cero Oscura before being depleted for three posts with an additional post required to recharge the shielding to it's full capacity.

The suit also has a utility function which allows for the placement of a 'Artificial Intelligence' unit, specifically designed for Vastimian military use. The A.I. can help enhance the combat capabilities of the suit by acting as a manager to the suit allowing it to make split second decisions to save the users life when they might be incapacitated or too focused on the battle.

The suit also acts as a closed communication unit, meaning someone can communicate within the suit without sound being heard outside the suit. This is particularly useful in stealth situations or when someone is split away from the unit.

As for the combat capabilities of the suit it can be customized with an assortment of weaponry but for Atlas, he sticks to the basics. The suit naturally enhances the user's strength and speed, however this comes at a cost; it takes months of physical and mental training to get used to the suit. If one was to enter the suit without 'power armor' training they would most likely snap your bones and muscles due to the massively amplified actions.

Among other things the suit has Vastimian sanctioned Rishi and Kishi converters built into the back of suit, what does this mean? It means Atlas is able to pull in energy from the environment around him to allow him to release artificial energy blasts and power certain aspects of his suit. These converters manly power the weaponry systems of the suit that will be detailed below.

The first is the 'Rishi Blaster System', which functions on the same principle of those incorporated on the Vastimian ship 'The Dreadnought'. Located on his shoulders and wrist are four internal weapons that deploy to launch multiple blasts rapidly the size of Balas, focused more on disorientating the enemy and causing kinetic damage rather than blowing them away. They can fire upwards to ten per weapon and a total of forty per post if all of them are deployed. They will typically have a one post cool down period if this is done due to the minute nature of this attack.

The second system is 'Kinetic Spear' which are two weapons located within the palms of the suit, a much more powerful attack than the previous system. They release a mix of kinetic and rishi energy that is condensed heavily in the shape of a oval when launched. Upon striking a target it will focus more on a small region looking to punch right through the target or drag it along till it is stopped or the energy disperses. This can be charged for upwards of three posts with the force doubling each posts, the max power of the attack having the power to cut through multiple sky scrapers and energy shields, with a five post cooldown. At it's weakest it can cut through adept level barriers and damage moderately of advance.

IX. Skill Sheet

Human Reiatsu Sheet
  • Power Control: Adept
  • Energy Usage/Regeneration: Adept
  • Energy Resistance/Endurance: Elite
  • Physical Augmentation: Elite

General Skills
  • Durability: Elite
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Elite

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Elite
  • Focus: Elite

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Atlas D'al Decter 'Warhound of Vastime' [APPROVED 2-4] [Hazard Rating A] JfH75kA
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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Master

Comments/Notes: Flat Masters on trial. If nothing is posted in dispute against these Will Skills within the next 30 days then they are fine. In exchange for such Will Skills the General skills will take a hit with the exception of Weapon Skill.
Tier: 2-4[/adm]

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Atlas D'al Decter 'Warhound of Vastime' [APPROVED 2-4] [Hazard Rating A] JfH75kA
Atlas D'al Decter 'Warhound of Vastime' [APPROVED 2-4] [Hazard Rating A] H8Tyk70
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