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 The Dreadnought Project

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Dreadnought Project   The Dreadnought Project EmptySun Oct 16, 2016 5:51 pm

Appearance :

Length: 1,699.6m. (Roughly a mile)
- Width: 895.1m.
- Height/Depth: 917.2m.


- 4x Reishi Accelerator Cannons (RAKS) MK.1
- 250x Hellfire Missile Pods (Each pod contains 100 missiles.)
- 20x Reishi Blaster Guns (RBGs)
- 400x 50mm 'Vulcan' Gun stations

- 6.33m Titanium-A battle plate at weakest point, 16m Titanium-A battle plate at strongest point. The hull is at an average of 10 Meters.
- Reishi Dynamic Shielding
- 300x Defensive Halberd Negation Tactical Missiles pods

1,000 Crew members
3,000 Extra room (Soldiers, Civilians, Support, etc)
300 Vehicle Pods (Ground/Air)
100 Seafaring Pods (Ocean/Water Vehicles)
300 Drop pods (Air to ground troop deployment, six per pod.)
50 FLY class Spy Drones
4x Dreadnought Powered Nuclear Fusion Engines
10x Kishi to Reishi Converters
750x Multi-Purpose Platform
M A I N || C A N N O N

The primary cannons on the dreadnaught are caliber weapons made to run on super-charged reishi which has been amplified through the tesla like base much like tesla coils focus electricity through the circular bands. Now this “chamber” works to amplify and store reishi in the form of a super condensed “particle mass” this particle mass is then brought through the coils until it sits just against the lip of the chamber, from which it fires. Now when firing the beam itself it is a three phase blast, due to the mechanics on how it fires and the dispersion of this highly saturated and super charged reishi which is pushing against both existing elements such as wind resistance, gravity, terminal velocity and finally the pre-existing reishi in the air.
F I R S T || S T A G E

The first stage upon firing isn’t visible, this stage is comprised of the highly compressed cloud or particle mass of reishi shooting through the air individually in a line, it looses a slight amount of power due to dispersion at this phase but the pay off is that when this “alien particle” is introduced to the region around it, it is traveling due at first considerably faster than terminal velocity and thus punches through and creates multiple miniature “implosions” these implosions are where the particles punch through other atoms, and reishi’s thus turning them inside-out and dragging them along for the ride.

This effect means that the energy that naturally dissipates has been outweighed by the foreign matter and reishi that is ultimately swept up in the epicenter of the blast in its first stage, however towards the end of the first stage particles begin to slow down as they hit terminal velocity due to wind resistance and other natural factors slowing the particles down.

S E C O N D || S T A G E

The second stage happens once the particles slow down enough that they become visible, turning into a single beam rather than something like a shock wave. This beam appears roughly 300 meters out from the barrel of the gun, this beam stretches the length of the barrel and is at its “latent” stage, here the energy is strong but not yet coming in contact with a solid object to stop it. The non reishi particles in the blast will generate heat and friction upwards of 400 degrees Celsius .

As well this stage gives off a shimmering mirage around it from the energy that is still dissipating from the blast in general.
F I N A L || S T A G E

In the final stage the blast comes in contact with it’s target, expanding and detonating on impact it essentially turns into a massive bomb, erupting and igniting any and all foreign materials inside the blast radius to cause spontaneous combustion. This essentially means this blast is strong enough to cause not only pavement to evaporate but to completely eradicate the structures of most buildings in the radius of the blast.

Following the aftermath the area will remain warm for the next 2 turns at around a toasty 100 degree’s Celsius.

[AT MAX, one of these can destroy up to the size of a quarter of a city at full power. ]
[Max Range is 4 miles.]

C O O L - D O W N || P O W E R I N G - U P

Due to the energy exertion these “blasters” require roughly 8 turns cool down when fired at 100% power [6 turns at 80% / 4 turns at 60 % / 2 turns at 40 % ] due to the temperatures both the machinery and the blasters themselves heat up to during the firing and energy gathering process. Also for this reason during a thread each of these “blasters” can only be fired twice, any more then that the massive blaster essentially will over-heat and become un-usable for 2 threads following the one that it is used in.

Also note for the same reason these “weapons” Require 1 turn to charge to 50 % and 2 turns to charge to 100% seeing as the weapon itself requires time to ammass the massive amount of energy required to actually fire the gun in the first place.

Hellfire Missiles Pods: The secondary weapons of this large vassal are designed to hold 100 smaller missiles that individual equal the payload of a modern day tank blast. These are two stage firing mechanism designed to act as a defense and offensive weapon. These pods are fired through either dumb stages (non guidance) or smart stage (guided/target lock.) If fired in a dumb stage the trajectory of the missiles cannot be altered mid flight but if locked onto a target or loaded in a smart stage firing platform they can be altered mid course or even change the target. The effective operating range of a smart missile is 150 K/m and the effective range in general before preemptive explosion is 300k/m if it does not find a target. It takes one post to fire a cluster of fifty missiles and another two shoot off the rest of a pod. Once fired that firing platform enters into a reloading stage which takes roughly three posts to finish.

Reishi Blaster Guns: The tertiary weapons of this massive beast are smaller scale RAKs but they work quite differently. These large guns are the spiritual equivalent of anti-tank guns that can be rapidly fired. The 'caliber' if these spiritual weapons had one would be somewhere around 105mm which is enough to punch through the armor of most modern era tanks. While this may seem a big feat the power lays behind how it can rapidly fire shots off in a 180 cone allowing for complete coverage of the ship in all key locations. The firing rate before cool down is prolong fire for two posts which can get out roughly 300 shots before requiring a three post cooldown.

50mm 'Vulcan' Gun stations: The infantry so to say are these guns, they are some of the only belt fed guns that use actual ammo rather than Reishi. These guns are rather cheap and inexpensive replace due to the high production of these military weapons, they are meant to be the overall defensive gun platforms used to take out light infantry (Soldiers, Mechs, etc.) But they also have the capacity to do damage to aircraft. While weaker than most of the other armaments they have the highest fire rate at 5000 shots per minute being modified cousins of the ancient 'Vulcan' M134 Minigun from the early 2000s era.

Halberd Negation Missiles: These missiles can be considered explosive flares at most, they are deployed to counteract any missiles or other type of attacks thrown at the airship acting as a kinetic neutralizer and throw off any heat sinking missiles or prematurely exploding rockets. They can stop supernatural attacks. They are typically deployed in clusters of ten and can be fire with the simply press of a button from the command station, once exploded the cause a small smoke cloud individually.

Vehicle/Sea/Weapon Pods: These pods are simply air to sea or land deployment that store vehicles transported via drop pod. They can transport anything from a crate of weapons for infantry to a tank if need be at the largest. Sea wise they can deploy up to a patrol boat; these are also used to transport relief supplies to disaster areas as well.

Infantry Drop Pods: These pods are used to transport people or troops into a are quickly, typically behind or in enemies lines. They are fire kinetically and are reinforced with titanium just like the ship allowing for them to take a beat from the outside and allow the user to exit alive. When they reach the ground six charges explode on the door hinge to blast it outwards to allow for a shock and awe attack. On the flip side they can be opened via lever on the inside to lift the heavy door up with ease. They contain six cameras on the outside to allow the user to view every direction from the outside with reflective mirrors on the inside.

Fly class Spy Drones: These remote controlled drones are about the size of a well.. fly. They are simply meant to be deployed to collect information on People of Interests or enemies while maintaining a low cover. They use a false life signature similar to that of a real fly, using a small amount of reishi, so that one does not uncover it's nature. They have a battery life of up to three days and have constant audio and video footage at a 360 degree angle making them quite the useful tools.

Kishi to Reishi Converters: Utilizing Quincy and some designs of a ancient machine the Reishi Henkan-Ki as a model the machine used by Ichigo and friends to turn their Kishi bodies to Reishi to alow them to travel through the Senkaimon. The idea and concept behind the machine was used to create a large industrial like machine that Kishi can be put through to change it into pure Reishi. For instance if a table was inserted inside of it, it would be broken down into pure reishi and fed through large tubbing into a chamber to be stored for use later in the many Reishi weapons used on the ship. The typical source for Kishi is junk collected and recycled aboard the ship and various cost effective metals.

Multi-Purpose Platforms: To be put simply these are platforms inside and outside the ship that act as stations for various activities. Such as medical stations or weapon stations; these are also where many of the missile pods and Vulcan gun stations are set up allowing for quick deployment. Through a series of gears and mechanical marvels the platforms can easily be swapped out if damaged with a internal one and vice versa within a post.

Dreadnaught Class Nuclear Powered Engines- Utilzing the Advancements made of nuclear energy along with the chance to study being who harness it, Hayden was able to find the purchase of these four mass engines built into the ship. Needless to say these engines allow for the ship to travel up to Mach 1 despite its size however only in a straight line and for moderate periods in time. Also acting as the power source for much of he ships these areas are heavily guarded and under constantly maintence and heavily reinforced.

Crew Requirements

Crew Operating Size: The effective and standard operating crew is 750 active personnel at all times with a secondary 250 for back up at all hours. This means their is a secondary crew rotation and at times tertiary when required meaning the total crew size is anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 at a time leaving the station always active. If the operating crew suffers casualties they can enter into 'bare bones' mode which is essentially devouting all resources to primary functions such as maintain altitude, weapons, engines, etc. Bare bones mode requires only 250 minimum but the ship suffers heavy penalties if prolonged due to a number of secondary and tertiary functions being placed offline such as food storage and air conditioning being routed back to the reactors.

Officers: Officers are people who hold authority over one section of the ship and/or function such as piloting or weapons. Their are a number of officers all maintaining at least twenty junior officers under themselves to make sure things run smoothly.

Executive Officer: The Executive Officer or XO is the officer in charge of all the officers and answers to the commander of the ship. They are usually someone with years of wartime experience under their belt enough to be able to manage the entire ship should the commander take a leave or perishes in combat.


Executive Officer: Lt. Commander Geoff Blank

Navigation Officer (Primary Rotation): Full Lieutenant Chris Walker
Navigation Officer (Primary Rotation): Lieutenant Junior Grade Adam Prado
Navigation Officer (Secondary Rotation): Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Patterson
Navigation Officer (Secondary Rotation): Ensign Tom Bradey

Communications Officer (Primary Rotation): Full Lieutenant James Markoff
Communications Officer (Primary Rotation): Lieutenant Junior Grade Kyle Hardison
Communications Officer (Secondary Rotation): Lieutenant Junior Grade Michael Johnson
Communications Officer (Secondary Rotation): Ensign Anna Seraph

Weapons Officer (Primary Rotation): Full Lieutenant Marcus Prado
Weapons Officer (Primary Rotation): Lieutenant Junior Grade Bill Winchester
Weapons Officer (Secondary Rotation): Lieutenant Junior Grade Gregory Hampster
Weapons Officer (Secondary Rotation): Ensign Kevin Smith

Tactical Officer (Primary Rotation): Full Lieutenant Tyrell Madsen
Tactical Officer (Primary Rotation): Lieutenant Junior Grade Rebacca Smith
Tactical Officer (Secondary Rotation): Lieutenant Junior Grade John Stinkmeaner
Tactical Officer (Secondary Rotation): Ensign Huey March

Operations Officer (Primary Rotation): Full Lieutenant Ryan Stormcoff
Operations Officer (Primary Rotation): Ensign Vladimir Viddic
Operations Officer (Secondary Rotation): Lieutenant Junior Grade Varric Windsot
Operations Officer (Secondary Rotation): Ensign Garret Hawkson

Engineering Officer (Primary Rotation): Full Lieutenant Jowels Cliff
Engineering Officer (Primary Rotation): Lieutenant Junior Grade Steve Nash
Engineering Officer (Secondary Rotation): Lieutenant Junior Grade Joel Titus
Engineering Officer (Secondary Rotation): Ensign Kellie Ford

Summary & Use

This is the conglomeration of a massive project started by Hayden to fund and create something that could give the good guys a edge over the likes of evil. Any day K-world could deploy it's devastating H.E.L.L.B.O.M.B.E.R and the Vanguard simply doesn't have a ship that can combat that... till now. These airship was designed with the best interest of the world's protection in mind requiring quite a number of deals to be struck and Hayden using his connections within The Vanguard and Vizard Corps to make this happen. None the less this project actual belongs to either orgs, the rights lay with Hayden who is the acting Commander of this vassal. To be put simply this is a ship designed to act as a mobile war station for both orgs- in the future it may receive upgrades to help the soldiers of it's ships even more but for now I proudly introduce the latest in War Tech:

The Dreadnaught Mk.1

The Dreadnought Project JfH75kA
The Dreadnought Project H8Tyk70
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The Dreadnought Project
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