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 General Vastimian Information

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General Vastimian Information JCRrxmK


Artist: N/A - Song: N/A




Average Income: 48,000
Average Tax Rate: 30%
Tax Income Yearly: 12,950,000,000,000
(+) State/Federal Business: 3,000,000,000,000
(+) Offshore Ventures: 2,000,000,000,000
(+)Corporate Tax: 45% 500,000,000
Budget: 18,460,000,000,000

Budget Divide
Defense: 24% 4,430,400,000,000
Education: 17.8% 3.285.880.000.000
Industry: 11.3% 2,085,980,000,000
Healthcare: 10.5% 1,938,300,000,000
Environment: 8.2% 1,513,720,00,000
Public Transit: 7.2% 1,329,120,000,000
Social Policy: 7% 1,292,200,000,000
Welfare: 4.7% 867,620,000,000
Law & Order: 4.5% 830,700,000,000
International Aid: 2.6% 479,960,000,000
Administration: 2.1% 387,660,000,000

Private Industry: 59.4%
Federal Owned Industry: 32.5%
State Owned Industry: 8%
Blackmarket: 0.1%

Vastime does hold both federal and state owned business particularly in the Textile Market and Raw Resource market. While not the leader they make sure to keep the market full of quality items, allowing for corporations to receive tax breaks by going through them for short periods of time. This brings in a decent level of income on top of tax revenue for the government.

The average tax burden is around 30% while high in regards to Japan and many other nations this tax allows for Vastime to accomplish many of the feats it reknown for, such as promoting the education of their society, military, and market. Corporations are not as frequent in Vastime as opposed to other nations, yet it has a decent amount which pay a tax up to anywhere from 39-50% depending on the income level it brings in. Of course with these tax burdens their are ways to reduce it temporarily such as offering tax relief on charitable donations, major discoveries by a group or person, promoting culture, etc.

While some wish to lower the tax there has not be major outcry due to the efficiency in which Vastime uses it money to promote its way and their people way of life. With little corruption on the national or state level government there needs to be a strong sense of trust to have this tax burden to work effectively.

Vastime typically focuses on the exports of textiles, raw/refined resources, mechanical goods (electronics, machines, and potentially weapon), information technology, and finally Vastime has quite the tourism sector popping up. Vastime while utilizing the raw resources of Africa has made sure to keep in place certain regulations and restrictions to keep the natural beauty of the land; a heavy portion of the government budget going to keeping both the land flourishing while utilizing its resources to the utmost.

When it comes to raw economic prowess Vastimians seem to have their trades down to a letter, either from natural talent or simply having to proper tools in life to achieve their desired profession. Due to the proficient schooling system and investment into the future of Vastime the general populace are well off, with moderate difference between the highest and lowest earners. Focusing on exporting and self-sustenance the Vastime economy is a mix of textiles being exported, one of its most profitable regions due to the high demand of their top of the quality textiles. Focusing heavily on maintaining the image of natures beauty in their nation led to a nice tourism market- but the demand for resources despite the safe renewable energy present in most Vastimian homes, led to a expansion into the ocean having claimed multiple island and territories in the Vastime name using them as bases for resource mining. However it is worth noting that once an island is owned they do make their best attempts of making enjoyable for citizens of Vastime, meaning these island often have a delicate balance of mining and environmental safety.

This careful consideration for the environment mixed with a very profitable market led to them holding multiple on land and aboard farms making it one of their largest exports as well. Vastimians hold the quality of their items in high regard but thanks to the equally powerful economies nearby allows Vastime to export freely. Their final industry is a recent one, the Information Technology is also a highly valuable market in Vastime both home and abroad.

Regarding imports, Vastime imports a large number of goods mostly due to it being structured as a strong trading hub meaning that the once isolated Vastimian and African culture has become influenced by an array of other cultures. But that isn’t to say Vastimian influence from his hasn’t spread globally, in fact it’s more than tripled in the last year alone. But items that are imported can included the latest in technology (if they haven’t produced it), grains such as corn among other food items, and finally energy. Despite being a energy producing nation itself, Vastime imports many times of energies such as raw gases, aether energy, or any type of useful energy that could be used for day to day life or special Vastimian projects.

The Iron Banner of Vastime

The Iron Banner of Vastime or more commonly known as ‘Vastime’ started out as the reformation of a long dead clan Hayden had decided to resurrect as a way to keep his family legacy alive well after his death, yet it evolved into something much more along its formation and creation. In early 2415 a independent operation launched in Africa to clear Somalia of its hollow presence which was a massive success leading to the rebuilding of Somalia as the Capital of the Vastimians Kingdom. As Vastime grew so did its involvement in Africa leading to a massive growth in its influence on the continent along with the spread of Vastimians powers; which could be done through a simple ritual. Thus forming the creation of The Iron Banner of Vastime, a conglomerate of former African nations into states under the banner of Vastime with Hayden at the helm. Yet, he didn't accomplish this solely on his own, having massive support from the Yuudeshi’s was an integral part of this project something that will not be soon forgotten.


When one enters inside of Vastime they will find the culture to be a melting pot of ideals and traditions, but above that all they will find a people who have a deep sense of pride in calling themselves 'Vastimian.' Be it from the coasts of Somalia to the deep deep in land cities of central africa, they will often find people trying to strive towards goals and purposes larger than themselves- or simply being content with their life. The idea of stagnation is heavily frown'd upon in the country, the idea of lie around and do nothing is almost compared to a national sin. Now this does not mean simply being content with life but laying about with no drive or function, thus being useless. The words of the writer and the words of the warrior both have meaning within this land, people constantly trying to understand the reason as to why they are here or simply enjoying the now.

Vastimian culture reflects a people who are hard working that believe the world went to shit when people got lazy, thus they are trying to change that. Innovation no matter how small is always rewarded in some regard with education in both mind and body being focal points in the world. Nothing is given does not mean allow your fellow man to wallow in despair, but it means provide them with a chance to become more. People seek their own ambitions and their own pursuits of happiness as they see fit, any many fail in the end. But due to the life lesson of the journey is always worth the end result, many can find themselves surrounded by new faces and friends which genuinely seek to encourage them. Never the less, one will find seedy characters and corruption in some places- in a place where many prosper some seek to abuse those rights.

Before we can concluded we must focus on the military and it's cultural impact. With it being a fore front of their cultural it is often celebrated to live a life of military excellence to the point where one could even become a Martyr'd Saint to Vastime, individuals lives deemed to embody Vastimian principles. The military is highly respected and within it, it has it's own culture and customs such as the Knightly Orders of which patron saints are selected for and etc.

Power & Abilities

Vastimian Gene

This is a broad term from people brought into Hayden family line or other Vastimian in the world. The Vastimian gene allows the user to merge with a element or object to ampliy their powers; a Vastimian can host up to four different powers and five at 0-5 onward, permanently so long as they 'mesh well with their personality'. For instance Hayden is very destructive yet fast so his affinity was lighting, therefor he can gain power from lighting and at later stages even become lightning if he trains it. He also had a affinity with metal but it wasn't as prevalent leading him to not pursue it besides his iron dragon lance. However, lets say someone was very calm alot there affinity may be water or wind. This isn't restricted to just elements it could be even wood if the person absorbed it. Vastimians can temporarily take on the power of someone else if its given to them; they then expel it in a devastating attack like when Shatari gave Hayden some energy. Though the reaction tends to be violent and may be damaging to the user if the body isn't equipped to handle the power or is to weak to utilize it. They also can adapt to new things faster than other people, like if you absorb 'snow' and it makes them ill they can recover faster from it. Their adaptability to new powers drastically decreases their bed time when it comes to training and learning new things. Should be noted that they can only use one element at a time, so no dual element attacks at the SAME time.

Eight Gates Releases

The eight gates where central points of energy within a Vastimian body that allowed them to harness their energy into the physical world and their binding to the world both spiritual and physical. Their was a order to which the gates were unlocked in order for their power to be harnessed but it appeared with each unlock it seemed to put more strain on the body and by the final 8th gate the sages could only hold it for five posts without dying but suffering torn muscles and broken bones with energy reserves damn near gone and anything after brought death- the sages in their final battle holded it for a little over ten posts causing their deaths but that was pushing the limits. Hayden learned to use the eight gates during his two month leave period while staying in the temple of his ancestors; taking a proficiency that can be attributed to how well his father was with them allowing that to rub off on Hayden. When a form is unlocked no matter the tier it can only be maintained for ten posts, this does not apply to the 8th gate.

8 Releases:


Concept or ideas as some refer to them are the rarest subclass of Vastimian and are not seen often. They hold the concept of a idea close to hand. Now they are a little tricky to work with as it is hard to simply use emotion or concepts as a physical force making them the only out of the few not able to release direct energy attack of their power, but what they lack in that they make up for the raw power and ability to adapt. They are not to be taken lightly as a experienced concept user as many tricks and abilities up their sleeves should they dedicate this route.

Concept users typically focus on using their concept to empower them or augment their abilities and at the later level draw power from the world using them. As Hayden is a rage concept user he is able to draw his power not just from his energy but his very rage funneling it as a usable energy to augment himself and attacks. People using concepts are not solely stuck to themselves as they could draw power from people nearby at the higher levels, such as if a Concept of Willpower user suddenly felt a giant surge of willpower from someone they could feed off of that as granting them power. Though this poses a risk as with any power and ability one has the chance to ‘overdose’ on their concept which can have various side effects- similar to becoming a berserk for some while others may take on a too relaxed approach to a situation.

Being the rarest and potentially most powerful if someone wants to make a character using concept as their core power (as in their embodiment is a concept) they would need permission to do so. These characters while harder to start off with due to the precise nature of their power it is possible for concept users to evolve from one concept to another such as a concept user of emotions becoming a concept user of willpower or love towards the end of their evolution. Even as a secondary or tertiary ability these are extremely hard to gain and require the utmost focus and mastery due to the potential effects of this class.


The most common class if the Materials class, things such as dirt or titanium fall under this category. Essentially this is a raw resource in the world or refined in some cases. When an materials user evolves it’s usually into a more refined material from their classification, such as a stone user become obsidians or water user becoming liquid nitrogen. They have the most broadness of all the classes allowing for any type of abilities to be formed out of this class, such as a material user who focuses on turning their body to said material vs a material user who manipulates it in the world around them and even turns other things into it.

Material users also have another benefit that many others do not and that is the strange ability to consume their material and gain a buff. They can become more resilient to their material and depending on the type consuming or just being around it could add a buff to their personage. One could see why this is a very interesting ability to have, on the flip side someone can’t consume materials they made.

Being the most common and varied class in terms of powers this is typically what you will see in the Vastimian army or among the world as Vastimian gain influence.


Forces of Nature or simply Forces as they are referred to by the generally public of Vastimian are more rare than materials but not quite as much as concepts. They are to be in short the raw forces of nature, such as earthquakes or tsunamis. They are a little more… strange than the others. Forces of Natures can be anything from raw kinetic force to something as specific as asteroids which allows for a bit of adaptability. Typically these don’t evolve as much as the others because well… how do you evolve from being able to produce earthquakes? None the less these are not to be trifled with as they somewhat combine both materials and concepts into the raw forces of nature which can lead to catastrophic should they not be able to master their powers.

They have the benefit of being able to produce their force at little cost to them, a earthquake user could slam their foot upon the ground and force it to quake by manipulating the very atoms in that way. They don’t need to even be on a surface if they can get creative with it but despite the world vibrating violent they would be able to move just fine at the higher level of their power. They are a very destructive class meant to handle many enemies and are typically handled like human artillery as one of them is enough to topple tanks and large number of enemies in the trainer hands of a soldier.

These will be allowed for the most part but one should consult Morpheus should they wish to be one of the first to make one, to help lay down the ground rules for such a class.

The Final Release: Embodiments

There is a form beyond the eight gates releases, a form which takes the very core power of a Vastimian and elevates them to a transformation beyond their ethereal or physical being. The very idea of this is rarely seen or executed but should a Vastimian ever learn to fully master their energy and gain a perfect understand of the flow of their powers, the interactions between them and the world around, they will be able to ascend to this release simply known as ‘The Embodiment.’ The Embodiment is classified as a 0-3/2 transformation due to the sheer raw amount of power coursing through the being, transcending their own body. To be simply put this is the pinnacle of power for a Vastimian to reach.

The Embodiment powers and appearance can vary from subclass to subclass and user to user due to how exact this is for the person. The reason why Concepts are labeled as some of the most dangerous is simply due to this fact: To become the Embodiment of a concept or Idea is easily a gateway to demi-god level power. Each subclass requires a different tier for this form to be unlock due to this, with materials being the easiest at 0-3 while Forces and Concepts must be the tier of 0-2 to 0-2++ due to the raw magnitude of power this can exert on the user and world around them. Embodiment have the type of influence of the world to change the physical world around them on the ethereal, physical, or multiversal scale should they become true masters of this form. Negating the laws of reality or physics is well within the range of some of the higher tier embodiment forms, this type of power is rarely seen and to wield it is extremely tasking upon a person.

These forms due to the raw magnitude can only be sustained for roughly three to five posts even for the most experience Vastimian energy user and at that risk grievous harm to whoever wishes to obtain this. It’s simply to be blunt a level of demi-godhood if someone could completely master this form, meaning few will ever be seen- to have a fully mastered form would require someone to be able to maintain 0-1 reserves of energy. Anyone to achieve this form is not to be trifled with or taken like, this is a form which can just as easily kill the user from over usage- going just one post over the recommended count for your tier can lead to immediate molecular destruction a very likely outcome.

Admin permission is required to have this form.

Global Stance & Relationships


Vanguard is counted among those allied with Vastime for obivious reasons, with Desmond Hayden having served as both Reagent General and King-Militant of each respective place it only made sense for the two to be closely connected during his tenue. With many prominent Vanguardian members also supporting the creation of the nation such as Shatari Yuudeshi it would only make sense for them to be counted as a stark supporter and ally of Vastime.

The Yuudeshi Clan is also counted among the highly regarded ranks of Vastime, due to both their funding at one point and the close relations they all shared with each other. They will always hold an honorary position within the Vastimian Cortes system along with a political seat on the King-Militant privy council, their words often regarded as favorably towards them.

The Guild of Heros is also counted among the ranks of their allies due to Hayden's leadership within both. Cirno has proven to be a capable leader and thus Hayden held no reserves when he declared them a fully supported ally, one they would aid and follow into war if need be.

The Vizard Corps is also a ally despite not being as seen together, this is primarily due to the massive support they alloted to Hayden during his time of need, along with his own somewhat personal friendship with Zin Yuudeshi. Thus they are a respectable and honorable sort Vastime would be willing to follow.



K-World is currently regarded as cautionary, while they have remained silent they certainly remain a threat if not directly an open one. Due to their military might and general ideas they are placed on cautionary standing, meaning that Vastime likely sees a conflict with them but is not willing to start one/has no true reason to as of yet.

Shadowfall is an EXTREME case of cautionary due to the fact it seems a war is bound to happen between the two powerhouses soon enough, but with no real war they stand on cautionary. They have heavily monitored by Vastime.


The Monsuta


Vastime is currently sitting at Defcon 3.

Vastimian Skill Sheet (Optional)

The Vastimian Skill Sheet breaks down into four categories we will discuss. Each section provides it's own benefits for those who dedicate to it, with new ways of utilizing their abilities being unlocked by masters and students alike. They are as follow: Virtus Animae, Affinitas , Apto, and Imperii.

Virtus Animae roughly translate to power of the soul and represents the connection ones has to their soul and the capability to bring forth it's powers. For Vastimians this scales to how potent they can utilize their spiritual energy to create extraordinary abilities or feats. Often Vastimians will remark this as 'The weight of our pride' due to the deep found sense that one's own pride can fuel this skill and even push it to it's limits. As Vastimians are emotional creatures and people are heart many of their abilities will reflect this some how through Virtus Animae, such as a power which scales with their pride or anger or even melancholy thus making this quite the path for those deeply in tune with their emotional self.

Affinitas roughly translate into 'affinity' which represents the elemental side of Vastime, such as fire to water and everything between or further. The point of developing one's affinity is to not grow in strength their current one, as a beginner affinity in fire could still be extremely power if developed in other skills, but to grow and define their true affinity. One may begin as a fire affinity but as they progress through the skill they see it deals with more than simply fire- perhaps it could be specifically related to fire fuel'd by rage or rebirth. Maybe it could only represent fire which seeks only destruction. By the time someone was a master in their regard they would be able to deeply understand their affinity and exactly what drives it.

Apto translate into 'One's adaptability' as a deeply held value within Vastime is the ability to adapt to one's circumstances and overcome. Well one could see this as the more defensive out of all the skills, as someone who chooses to go down this path they will be much more versatile in combat. Rather than being outright more powerful than their enemy they will gradually become more resistance as their body adapts to their energy and physical attacks. As such, one could see at the higher level Apto masters being able to absorb and even take on their enemy powers or gain regenerative like powers or monstrous durability through dedication and training.

Imperii is a simple translate: Power. One who dedicates to this skill focuses on utilizing their body to the utmost effect usually relying on some method of hand to hand combat or weapon based combat. Vastime offers many systemas and martial arts for one to undertake but an Imperii is someone who takes these and bastardize them turning themselves into a weapon. Instead of just becoming strong or fast, an emperii focuses on maximum utilization of their physical energy opposite to those of Virtus Animae. A master Imperii user would be someone who strikes are so precise that they could damage the nerves and joints of someone with master durability or Hierro, making them people who are monsters to face at close quarters combat even being able to negate or destroy energy based attacks through their own fighting style.

[b][u]Vastimian Skill Sheet[/u][/b]
[list][*][b]Virtus Animae[/b] Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
[*][b]Affinitas:[/b] Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
[*][b]Apto:[/b] Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
[*][b]Imperii:[/b] Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner[/list]

OOC/IC Responsibilities of Ranks

Enlisted Ranks:

Enlisted Responsibilities
E1- Just be active and try to survive basic. Learn Vastimian knowledge.

E2- Keep taking in Vastimian Knowledge, people might start to trust you with task.

E3- We trust you enough to get basic jobs down on your own and in groups. Keep learning.

E4- Here we start to trust you with leadership. You are expected to know Vastimian values and what not. You can manage those below you with small tasks.

E5- You have shown you are competent enough to handle a full squad, thus you are expected to be a model soldier. You will be expected to start getting ready for harder missions.

E6- You might be placed on special assignment or duties, at this point you should have a strong grasp of Vastimian knowledge and OOC be able to confidently talk about it without sounding like an ass.

E7- At this point you are considered quailified enough to train future Vastimian soldiers if you so choose, or start looking into new programs such as dark operations or things that might have no caught your eye in your earlier days. OOC wise you would be trusted to make missions and tasks to help keep activity up. You could look to becoming an officer.

E8- You are effectively a bastard in both war and logistics, you can begin to managae soldiers on a large scale and have a near perfect grasp of vastimian knowledge. At this point OOC wise you'd be trusted to start to manage the enlisted personnel of large units such as a company, battalion, or regiment including making training missions or event series.

E9- You are one of the few people who are trusted to manage entire sections of senior elisted personnel, you are regarded as extremely wise to how Vastime operates. OOC wise you are pretty much solid from making missions, to recruiting people, to even mentoring people. You could even request to be an officer.

SNCO- These NCOs are restricted to a single one per branch and are considered the very best in their field, you are trusted to manage an ENTIRE branch of NCOs. OOC Wise you can make snap judgement about major events, edit protocol, and have a lot of lee way for projects and such.

HNCO- Only a single person has the right to claim this rank, they manage the entirety of the NCO force of the military. They can settle disputes between branches, edit the budget with approval, and allocate major resources. OOC wise they are considered a wise individual in terms of Vastime and is pretty much free to do as they wish, as a lot of trust has been placed in you.

Officer Ranks:

Officer Responsibilities

O1- Lowest Officer rank, typically you will have some small duty or task. You are generally trusted to make small missions and help recruit people ooc wise.

O2- Gaining trust, you will gain some more responsibility and often be assigned tougher jobs. You MIGHT be asked to handle small missions and be the co-leader on missions, along with that you are trusted to recruit people to Vastime and spread our knowledge faithfully.

O3- At this point you are trusted fully to autonomously handle the soldiers under you command, thus you will be assigned missions that are far tougher. You also might be asked to do administrative work like updating pages, correcting other vastimians, and take part in tribunals against characters or players who have been accused of breaking Vastimian rules.

O4- You might start to see LESS field work such as always going out on patrol, but start to manage large conflicts. You might be asked to supervise an area of control or be the co-leader of a battalion. At this point you are a trusted member of Vastime and will be free to create items, equipment, or allocate money for projects without going to a senior officer.

O5- You will definitely be commanding a large body of players or characters most likely, or become the co-commander of something. You might be tasked to be in charge of a ship or regiment. You will be expected to learn how to properly roleplay large scale battles and being able to use a NPC effectively, ask to be mentored by a more experienced roleplayer if you are finding trouble doing so. You can also start to write traditions and such for the group of soldiers you command or give our minor awards with permission.

O6- At this point you are on the cusp of being in the stars, becoming a general of Vastime! You will command a group of soldiers and be expected to use them to accomplish missions and tasks. You are regarded as a influential person in Vastime meaning you must be of good moral upstanding in the public eye. You may issue out rewards and traditions to your unit, even making semi-events with approval. You may be asked to control large masses of land.

O7- At this point you are most likely conversing with high level officers, helping to determine the next steps of Vastime to secure their goals. You are trusted with a high level of security clearance and is allowed to report for special briefings by His Majesty King Militant himself. You will be tasked with overseeing large masses of land or troops or ships at this point. OOC wise you are EXPECTED to start making missions and being active in Vastime name. You are trusted to make snap judgement in events.

O8- Everything as above, with higher authority. You can petition for new units to be made or special projects. OOC wise you can pretty much allocate large sums of money to projects.

O9- You can promote or demote a unit, meaning you can allievate their status within the military or diminish it. However, this is restricted to units you have command over. You will often be tasked to manage theaters of war, such as the European Coast or Pacific front.

O10- You can make and manage events, you can demote and promote units, you can award the highest national honors of Vastime, and most importantly you can approve a sainthood so long as the King-Militant and cortes approve. OOC wise you are almost one of the most trusted individuals, you may be asked to be on the privy council or even manage certain sectors of Vastime.

SNO- You are essentially in command of an entire branch, you can petition to change your patron saint. You can also start new projects and units within the military. You have supreme say what happens in your branch save for two people above you. OOC wise you will definitely be a trusted individual to help add on new knowledge and even veto ideas possibly.

HNO- This singualar individuals acts as the hand of the King-Militant often only being appoints in an honorary sense or during full time war. This person is usually promoted from a O10 or SNO position, thus they have all the say of an SNO. They will ALWAYS handle major war efforts.

LDR- The King-Militant. This is the leader of Vastime and their unified military forces. You have a series of checks and balances but ultimately you have a lot of sway and create and demolish units with but a simple edict. Be careful how you use this power.

Warrant Officer Ranks:

Warrant Officer

W1- You basically have a specialized job such as helicopter pilot or some special tanker position. OOC wise you are expected to be fairly knowledgeable and be able to act autonomous. But little authority.

W2- Nothing changes much but you do get a bit more authority and can start to make mini-missions. You can approve people vacations, you might be asked to do OOC and IC administration work such as writing new edicts or such.

W3- Same as above but you can make missions, you can now write your own vacations! You enjoy an assortment of benefits such as increased autonomy in your actions!

W4/5- If you made it this far you basically are some type of ace helicopter pilot or some master at a special duty assignment. You can write your own vacation days too, but only up to a week max. OOC wise you are expected to be pretty knowledgeable about Vastime and can recruit people while also managing missions.

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Citizen, Powered Citizens, and Military Ratio

900,000,000 Citizens
300,000,000 Powered Citizens (4-1)
18,000,000 Personnel in Armed Forces (3-5/3-3)
-6,300,000 Active Duty Personnel
--11,700,000 Reserve Personnel
---8,000,000 Powered Armed Forces Personnel
-----750,000 Officers & Experienced Veterans (3-2/3-1++)
------3,750 Commanders, Dark Operations, High-Powered, Senior Military Personnel (2-5/2-1)
-------150 LEGIONARY PROJECT 1-3++

Enlisted Army Ranks

-Recruit (Blank)
-Private (One Brown Chevron)
-Senior Private (One Brown Chevron and Bar)
-Lance Corporal (Two chevrons)
-Corporal/Specialists (Two Chevrons with a diamond in middle; Specialists have a dragon instead)
-Sergeant (Three Brown Chevrons)
-Master Sergeant(Three Black Chevrons)
-Chief Sergeant (Three Black Chevrons with bar)
-Command Sergeant (Three Chevrons with two bars)
-Sergeant Major (Three Chevrons with three bars)
-Sergeant Major of the Army (Three Chevrons with golden edging and three bars with the a dragon in the middle)
-Sergeant Major of The Military (Three Black Chevrons with golden edging, Three bars with golden edging, and a cog with a sword downward centered in the middle)

Enlisted Air force Ranks

-Airman Basic
-Airman First Class
-Senior Airman
-Staff Sergeant
-Technical Sergeant
-Master Sergeant
-Senior Master Sergeant
-Chief Master Sergeant
-Command Chief Master Sergeant
-Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force

Navy Enlisted Ranks

-Seaman Recruit
-Seaman Apprentice
-Petty Officer Third Class
-Petty Officer Second Class
-Petty Officer First Class
-Chief Petty Officer
-Senior Chief Petty Officer
-Master Chief Petty Officer
-Command Master Chief Petty Officer
-Master Chief Petty Officer Of The Navy

Dark Operations Enlisted Ranks

-Agent (Grey Cog)*
-Field Agent (Two Grey Cogs)
-Senior Agent (Three Grey Cogs)
-Elite Agent (Black Cog)
-First Agent (Two Black Cogs)
-Agent Major (Three Black Cogs)
*Agent's authority is equal to that of a sergeant

Warrant Officer Ranks

-Warrant Officer
-Senior Warrant Officer
-Master Warrant Officer
-Chief Warrant Officer
-Senior Chief Warrant Officer

Air Force/Army Officer Ranks

-2nd Lieutenant
-1st Lieutenant
-Lieutenant Colonel
-Brigadier General
-Major General
-Lieutenant General
-General of the Airforce or Army
-General of the Armed Forces of Vastime

Navy Officer Ranks

-Lieutenant Junior Grade
-Full Lieutenant
-Lieutenant Commander
-Chief Commander
-Counter Admiral
-Rear Admiral
-Vice Admiral
-Fleet Admiral

Dark Operations Officer Ranks

-Technical Lieutenant*
-Operational Lieutenant
-Divisional Commander
-Field Marshal
(Paygrade of 0-3)

1st Expeditionary Army, ‘The Pride of Vastime’

'The Pride of Vastime' acts as both the first line of defense of Vastime and as it's main force if a state of war is declared; while not the entirety of their armed forces the 1st Field Army is both the oldest and most equipped unit in Vastime. To be apart of the 1st Field Army one must pass a rigious training process and be of the highest caliber of personnel in the Vastimian armed forces; which is a feat in of itself due to the high standards even the most basic units. So in short this is considered an example of Vastimian Military structure, equipment, and personnel.

The Vastimian military works on a 'prestige' system in which is based on both a unit history and seniority of the unit. For instance, with this being the oldest unit they have the oldest seniority and because of it's excellent training is rated as the 'top unit' of Vastime. While each division and corps have it's own sort of hierarchy merely being apart of this field army is a highly respected achievement.

The Undivided Corp (50,000)

-1st Helltroopers Para-Infantry Division
--1st Royal Para-Infantry Regiment
--2nd Combat Aviation Brigade
--1st Support Brigade
--1st Royal Engineers Regiment
--1st Royal Shock Cavalry Brigade

-1st Combined Effort Division
--1st Administrative Brigade
--1st 'High-Rollers' Heavy Armor Brigade
--2nd Royal Para-Infantry Regiment
--1st Medical Regiment
--2nd Support Brigade

The Unsullied Corp (50,000)

-1st Air Defense Division
-- 1st Air command Brigade
-- 1st Air Artillery Brigade
-- 1st Signal Brigade
-- 1st Response Aviation Unit
-- 4th Support Brigade

-1st Mountain Division
-- 1st Military Police Command
-- 1st Mountineer Infantry Regiment
-- 2nd Royal Engineer Regiment
-- 2nd Medical Brigade
-- 1st Field Artillery Command

The Forlorn Hope Corp (50,000)

- 1st Forlorn 'The Brave' Division
-- 1st Royal Shock Infantry Regiment
-- 2nd Royal Shock Infantry Regiment
-- 3rd Royal Shock Infantry Regiment
-- 3rd Royal Para-Infantry Regiment
-- 1st Light Armored Brigade

-2nd Forlorn 'The Bold' Division
-- 1st Responsive Artillery Brigade
-- 2nd Light Armored Brigade
-- 4th Rock Shock Infantry Regiment
-- 3rd Medical Brigade
-- 3rd Support Brigade

Raw Combat Strength: 150,000 Personnel

Attached Personnel and Equipment

*Naval: (Excluding Munitions)

1 Dreadnought Class Warship
1 Godhand Class Supercapital/fleet Command
3 Terra Class Aircraft Carriers
15 Elm Class Amphibious Assault ships
15 Dragon Class CPB
5 Warhammer Cruisers
10 Long Sword Class Destroyers
20 Luna Class Frigates

*Air Force: (Excluding Munitions)

100 VASFM12 'Lightning Drako'
100 LAT 'Skycow'
2500 MRD "Eiko" Light Attack Helicopters
2500 MRD 'Vandal' Light Utility Helicopter
100 LY912 Nuclear Stealth Bomber Aircraft
50 VASFM13 Advanced Stealth Fighter

Land: (Excluding Munitions)

5000 x VHBT
4000 x MTTC Armoured Recovery
2500 x IAPV Command Vehicles
50000 x MDP
7000 x VLBT
85000 x MTTC 'Transport Supplies'
8000 x VMBT
9500 x IAPV
1 x VSBT

Infantry Equipment:

300,000 x LY21 AHLAR
300,000 x LY46 ‘Hellhammer’
300,000 x MVS12 ‘Chopper’
300,000 x Gladius Mk.2
300,000 x ‘Shocker’ Gauntlet
250,000 x LY901 ‘Longsword’
600,000 x LY1002 ‘Hellsbreath’ grenades
600,000 x VBU Variant 1 Rabbit
600,000 x VBU Variant 2 Dragon
650,000 x VBU Variant 3 Titan


The Vastimian Energy System

Almost every nation has some form of energy networked used to empower their soldiers or help with the daily functions of the world. Vastime is no different in this regard but they way the utilize such a network along with how they draw power from it can be unique in it's own right. The Vastimian Energy Bank or V.E.B is the name for which Vastime stores the massive amount of energy it produces, something we will be covering below.

The V.E.B is an artificial 'bank' of sorts in which Vastime stores most of it's latent energy. However, it has no physical location rather it is an ethereal connection made when one undergoes the process to unlock Vastimian powers, acting as a sort of constantly active gateway in which energy never stops moving. Due to this each citizen and authorized individual of Vastime is seen as a mini outlit for the bank, acting as a deposit box to hold certain amounts of energy their body can naturally hold. This acts as a way to send and receive power easily in a time or need with little lag time. However, this is only the first function of the V.E.B.

Secondly, The V.E.B also can hold deposited energy or energy obtained through other means such as electrical production, Rishi absorption, etc. This however requires a bit more technical prowess as this energy can't simply being floating around, but holding it in one location would make it easy for Vastime network to be shut down. The solution? Utilize the same process of Bank but instead create multiple locations distributed throughout Vastime; each located at a major military base. These large cylinder buildings are made of extremely dense metals and fibers that are half buried within the ground These cylinders if destroyed could release a large amount of energy into the air a feature incorporated into them for the benefit of Vastime. Instead of a deadly reaction happening the Cylinders release massive amounts of Vastimian energy into the surrounding area acting as a sort of stimulant and power enhancer for Vastimian troops able to allow them to operate above their peak efficiency temporarily and super charging their weapons and armor (which will be covered in a later section).

This are the primary storage features of the Bank, they do hold secondary features such as power cables and stations that act as mediums to transfer power from each city and location to another. However, the V.E.B shines when utilize to transfer power to select individuals or even groups of people. Due to the excessive amount of energy Vastime holds in times of need or distress they can supercharge individuals beyond their normal capacity granting them anywhere from a temporary tier increase, second wind, enhanced abilities, etc. However, there is a cost to this type of power an untrained person receiving a large amount of this energy can give them these benefits but severely cripple them afterwards meaning that this is reserved for select individuals that have proven their loyalty to Vastime and have a body strong enough to handle the extra strain on their body.

However, the person with the most control over this network is none other than the King-Militant of Vastime better known as the leader of Vastime. They hold utter control of the network, with a specialized team of engineers within the Vastimian government/military acting as the secondary controllers and day to day managers of the network. Needless to say, control of this Bank can be a game changer in Vastime.

This concludes the first part of the Vastimian Energy Network, the second portion of this is The Dynamic Defensive Barrier or D.D.B. As one might be able to tell from the name it is an active shielding that can be deployed in times or turmoil and distress. It's main job is protection from both external threats along with containing threats that may arise within a city by trapping them within. The following section will be covering this.

The D.D.B acts as Vastime initial attempt at containing a threat while also preventing anything from further escalating a situations should the need arise. When the D.D.B can be deployed from the scale of that of a small house to in the most extreme circumstances the whole nation, hence the need for the massive energy stores Vastime prides it's self in. The strength of the barrier can vary but typically can handle large scale attacks from that of 0 tier; however the larger the barrier the weaker it gets. This does not make it easy to break but it would take less hits to bring it down. On that note sustained energy attacks in a location can cause the barrier to begin to waver leaving an opening where the sustained attacked was maintain; while it can repair it's self it can take anywhere from two to four posts.

In time of extreme need it is possible to add your own energy to the barrier to strength it prolong the amount of damage it may recieve before opening up. The barrier it's self could be considered a mix of hard light constructs and raw energy shaped into a dome. However, beings with proper identifications such as Vastimian officials and certain soldiers can walk through the dome depending on the level of lock down entered. If you do not meet these qualifications you may not be able to walk through unless you are given a temporary ID or force your way through which can prove difficult to do.

Thus both of these combined create the Vastimian Energy Network, a base for future expansions and upgrades. While it takes the model of previous networks it focuses more on a national scale, utilizing the large amount of raw resource Vastime is able to procure. Vastime due to their own self-reliance sees using networks such as the Yuudeshi network as going against their own ideals. But they did incorporate their network to be able to be utilized back and forth with Shadin permission and Hayden's own in special circumstances.

Yet, one must take note that seeing as this functions on a sort of spherical grid that follows the earth natural curvature it can also be used to uplink with devices or even locate people. Seeing as everyone who enters Vastime enters into this grid and energy network, their presence and energy signature can be immediately found and recognized even if they are not associated with Vastime. This comes in handy when searching for people or making sure no spies have infiltrated into their lands undetected.

The Royal Aerial Superiority Force

Vastime is not just exceptional trained in ground combat but also to have a dominating air force, something that has been notably slacking on many nations list. Vastime has taken the initiative to use it's population size and potential to develop a dominating air force. The following sections will cover priorities of their air force including their defensive and offensive roles, among detailing key aircraft in a minor portion.

In the winter of 2415 King Militant Desmond Hayden and Colonel Decter began making large scale purchases for a number of materials needed to build aircraft. The two would be the main organizers for the construction of a National force, in which they would select potential candidates for their flight program and intensive physical training. This would go into the early months of January, by the summer the first generation of Vastimian Pilots would be in service.

The air force flight training is an extensive ten week program that is both an education and physical training experience. Should they be able to pass all tests for the pilot program they will then move onto phase two of training which is in flight training and getting acquainted with the different types of planes within the force. They will also be taught their purpose and role within combat and outside, exceptionally skilled pilots will move onto an additional optional phase which focuses on aerial leadership and intensive leadership training.

With the completion of the first patch of pilots the Air Force was given their mission: To maintain Aerial superiority over Vastime and in the world, eliminating any threat within their airspace, and finally to act as a support for ground units if needed. These are the most basic responsibilities of any pilots and airmen within the service, be them pilots or ground control crew.

Vastime has a wide array of planes and fighters in it's arsenal, this will be a quick crash course over some of the most notable and dangerous. The LY910 ShadowHawk acts as a air superiority stealth fighter, able to reach a breathtaking Mach 3. K-MBP-1 Ragnar Stealth Bomber acts as Vastime primary deliver for aerial bombardment, able to reach a max speed of .95 Mach and maintains a crushing speed of .65 Mach. LALY-215 ‘Reaver’ acts as the most powerful gunship helicopter, however this is used in the other service branches as well; typically used to support ground troops or strafing runs. These are just a few aircraft but some notable ones that may be seen more than others.

They are also in charge of defending the national airspace of Vastime, considering the size of the African continent and size of Vastime this is a challenge. However, to counteract this there is twenty four hour detection systems set up all across the country, using the V.E.B as a way to power them and detect foreign energy sources. The response time for a Vastimian unit to an unidentified aircraft or object is roughly two minutes and thirty seconds, variable by location and flight time. Foreign objects and aircraft if flown close enough to a city or military base may recieve a warning before weapon systems deploy, typically utilizing titanium tipped incendiary rounds or their famed Rishi Blaster/Kinetic systems.

The Great Vastimian Imperial Fleet

The Navy and Coast Guard of the Vastime is a shining jewel to the nation, due to their importance in maintaining the strong naval trade that occurs around the African coast. The naval fleet is a broad term used in reference to both these branches but each one has their own purpose including tactics. The naval fleet of Vastime is at a constant ready to be deployed overseas, ships rarely sit in port for long often sent into the seas and oceans for global patrolling and surveillance. The coast guard is often seen on the coast, watching for any illegal smuggling of people or goods, maintaining the line if in case of invasion.

King-Militant Desmond Hayden appointed a small cabinet of individuals to see to the maintenance and improvement of the fleet in mid 2416. This was mostly due to his constant efforts at writing up training doctrines for the ground forces, the air force, and expanding the dark operations legionary project.

The navy was decided to be built to become a international maritime protector and world surveyor, acting as Vastime eyes and ears within the oceans and able to gather information of the other nations. Vastimian naval units will often engage in combat with pirate vessels or hostile ships in order to defend civilian ships, believing that they should have an active hand in the defense of the seas. Due to this Vastimian naval fleets despite their newness hav gotten a considerable amount of experience including the mock battles staged.

As for the national defense aspect of the Navy, it works in conjunction with the coast guard. However the Coast Guard takes precedence in that regard, often using quicker smaller vessels to patrol the coast of Vastime. They will often be the first alerted if something happens due to the long range surveillance equipment they come equipped with- among other measures such as flares and distress signals. In the case of a naval attack the Coast guard would harass the opposing force but slowly retreat back as the Navy comes into the fray.

The navy posses much more firepower than the Coast Guard so once the threat is known they would converge into the most optimal position to launch a counter attack or stall the enemy. Often times the Air force will be stationed on Naval so the chances of the deployment of recon air units or an aerial attack are all within the options of a invasion by sea or land.

General Aptitude Training

This three week period is the most basic entry level training for all branches of service, you must go through it to enlist or commission within the military. Recruits arrive with a ordered packing list, before being issued the basic trainee uniform. They then go through the medical check up, afterwards being issued gear and supplies including their room. This is all usually done within the first day.

For the next week they go through a series of tests from testing their critical thinking skills all the way down to basic literacy to measure their potential. At the end of the week they will receive a list of things categorized based on how they did followed by a list of recommended jobs. Of course they can select out of it. The next two week is dedicated to preparation for military life and their next training after GAT.

Basic Military Combat and Training

Upon picking their job assignments the trainees will begin a whole new training regime that will last for fourteen weeks. In this time depending on their branch they will learn the skills needed to thrive in their branch of service, along with how to use all Vastimian equipment and their functions. It is here where they begin to have disciplined drilled into them as Vastimian Soldiers, Seamen, Agents, and Airmen.

The first four weeks are dedicated to instilling into them the basics of team work, pride, and discipline required to be apart of their branch. It is here they will be tested to their mental and physical limits encouraging their fellow comrades to push onwards. Units are graded both as a whole and individually but ultimately it breaks down to how they do as a unit.

The next five weeks is dedicated to getting acquainted with the weapons of Vastime followed by field training exercises, they will often conduct mock battles while learning to operate as warriors of their branch. This is considered one of the hardest phases as it involves having to work as a team in the largest fashion, often one mistake can result in failure and a complete restart of the exercise. By the end of the five weeks they will have become competent in unit tactics and warfare.

The next three weeks are dedicated to more specialized knowledge based on their branch of service, such as the army learning around certain radio commands to call in airstrikes or the Navy learning how to properly rig a weapon system on their ship. This is typically a more generalized version of their next training phase.

The final two weeks is getting ready to depart to their final mandatory training phase, but between that they get a somewhat mini graduation allowing family and friends to visit. They receive the last three days off to spend with their family before reporting back in, they then get shipped off to their final individual training.

Specialized Personnel Education

This five week course is simply preparing them for whatever job they chose within their branch, making them ready for reserve or active service. Once this is finished they typically get assigned to their unit, where they can request additional military schools such as Airborne training or Underwater warfare.

Enter Into The Dark Zone; Dark Operations

Vastime has dedicated a significant amount of time to protecting it's interest both at home and abroad, believing the a well trained military can become a stalwart defense against any threats foreign or domestic. However, sometimes certain operations should never see the light of day, sometimes there must be men and women willing to go above and beyond the call of duty for little to no reward except by those who know their struggle. The thoughts and ideals that a superior force of specialized soldiers was needed cause the creation of the 'Unified Defense act of 2416' which was in turn the catalyst to the creation of The Dark Operations branch of the Vastimian Military.

This branch of highly specialized soldiers recruited from all service branches within the military act as a special ops unit for Vastime. Their services are often kept in the dark with anything they do considered highly classified be it an assassination of a warlord or the acquirement of new technology. This soldiers receive a grueling training process which can last upwards of twenty weeks all of which is dedicated to the highly specialized training of these units along with guiding them upon international laws and regulations they must follow. Due to their rigorous training they tend to be regarded as the cream of the crop attached to multiple units within 'The Pride of Vastime' 1st Field Army. However, they are only exceeded by one superior force simply known as the LEGIONARY PROJECT.

A New Generation of Soldiers; The LEGIONARY PROJECT

In the aftermath of events such as the moon battle, Vastime felt the need to do something to somehow be able to outfit soldiers with a way to combat those beings who conventional or unconventional tactics would not work on without some sort of ace. The best and brightest of Vastime gathered in an undisclosed location for one purpose: To figure out the secrets to augmenting their soldiers beyond that of a normal fighter. It was a simple task with extreme weight upon it, for if they could not complete this task Vastime would forever be prone to attack from those of near godly levels. So with a large portion of the Defense bill going to this new type of research it yielded impressive results.

The program started with the recruitment of young well-bodied men and women from many military colleges across Vastime who where willing to take part in a dangerous new program and study. The ages of these people varied from 17 at the youngest to 21 at the oldest. They would undergo a series of physical fitness test and a training regime modeled on that of the Dark Operations branch among a few other specialty unit. This would lead to a large drop out rate with little over five percent remaining in the selection pool.

While this was happening Vastimian scientist where experimenting with technology that was meant to 'hyper evolve' or modify the genetic structure in such a way they would perform at super-human ability in both the physical and energy realm. They isolated the Slayer Gene, the gene which grants Vastimian their abilities, and began to conduct tests to see what methods could either reduce or strengthen the gene leading to a breakthrough in tests. They found that even with the varying genetics from the usage of powers that the slayer gene held potential 'avenues' of advancement within it's self, if these where unlocked one could drastically increase their power and physical self as well.

So they began testing which led to some... interesting results. They where finding that based on a person genetic structure it could lock them out from being able to undergo the process they where taking to hyper evolve these soldiers. Some of the side effects of fail experiments lead to heart stoppage, lose of powers, or in extreme cases immediate death of the subject. Needless to say once these where being shown there was hesitation to continue but sources say Colonel Decter pressured for the usage. Eventually testing would resume but under a full disclose agreement of possible side effects to the patients. None of them withdrew.

When the dust cleared around 700 participants had manage to successful they this process resulting in soldiers who held extraordinary abilities. Among those who possessed Vastimian Aspects they would see a boost to their proficiency along with a slight increase to non Vastimian powers, with their physical body being able to handle loads and strain that they normally would not be able to handle. Sharper reflexes and increased mental capacity also was attributed to this experiment, creating a new breed of soldiers.

With these soldiers came new weapons, armor, and equipment to be used by them in Vastime name. See Legionary Armor in equipment.

The Vastimian Alert and Defense System

This final section will cover the Vastimian alert system and the overall defense of Vastime. The Vastimian Alert System is a grid based system which runs on the latest technology in satellite recon and radio communication. Through a series of satellites scattered through space Vastime is able to eject an invisible sort of grid that is constantly scanning Vastime for any signatures which may not be of it's people. This is a simple detection system that also operates as it's portal control station; unauthorized portals are blocked through simultaneous usage of the V.E.B and the alert system. If someone was to use a portal within Vastime without proper authority or to unauthorized location it would simply disappear with a red dot on their location along with the time and date.

In the event of attack the Satellite station functions as it's own defense platform, it has been EMP hardened making it operational under that type of attack among other protections such as: Protected Communications Anti-jam, v-low probability of intercept and detect, nuclear-survivable, allowing it to function as a central hub for Vastime. In fact to even maintain this it functions of a nuclear power plant located deep within it's reaction, it costs a pretty penny to maintain the station and the various satellites scattered.

Among that it can also be used as a spy station due to its high operating capacity and global view of the earth, it provides Vastime with real-time images and data from any point viewable within the globe. From radio communications to ultra image searching, this is a valuable asset to Vastime.

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Vastimian Artificial Intelligence

Vastime is considered to be a leading manufacturer in the production of information technology, due to heavy investmet from multiple benefactors primarily the Yuudeshis. With them being the 'new kid' on the block Vastime knew that it could not be stagnant in its research and development something that has made significant strides in the military science field. However, with the production of complex systems and technologies it was time to try something new that hasn't been explored all that much in the recent years: Artificial Intelligence.

The initial tests where conducted via remote programming with the first attempt taking over three hundred hours of accumulated to simply complete the first prototype. However, the prototype A.I was sent through a series of test and what was learned was quite useful. The A.I was able to operate at an extreme level of competency and intelligence for tasks it had been programmed for, such as running and maintaining weapon systems, city infrastructure, and etc. Yet, it was unable to actually learn anything outside of the things it was programmed to do which was painstaking process. Already the technology showed it was holding some promise but with this 'Dumb' A.I only able to operate on what it was told to and along with pre-programmed personalities it led to a wall: How do we develope a A.I that can learn and act as we do?

Simple. Vastime needed to experiment with making A.Is from mortals specfically their brains.

The initial proposal was shot down, it was a slippery slope with this type of research. It took a back seat for some time as 'Dumb' A.Is policies where written, some models being produced as prototypes to learn to streamline the process to reduce the painstaking process. However, it wasn't till the development of the LEGIONARY project and Sir Atlas D'al Decter personally used his influence to see this research done. When questioned about why he can be quoted saying "To limit ourselves for fear of what may happen, will result in stagnation in our development. To further advance our resources this must be done, despite the costs it may hold in the near future." With that research began into what would be eventually known as 'Smart A.Is'.

The human brain held many secrets that had been unlocked for centuries but one of those secrets was the neural pathways. Vastime took the idea if one could scan these pathways they could somehow replicate it in a artificial intelligence in order to create an AI that was able to learn but operate on a much higher level than most humans. So after a few lengthy paperwork process, they where officially sanctioned to take 'Beating Heart Cadavers' brains as donors to tests these processes on.

The first few attempts where... failures. It was extremely hard to figure out a way to copy a human brain into a machine, that was until someone suggested the idea of instead of scanning the brain externally- they do it internally. They had began development on a machine that the brain was 'plugged' into which would shoot small neural bursts into it copying the neural data before loading it into a specialized software on a super computer which would begin constructing an A.I from the process. However, by the time the process finished the brain was utterly destroyed by this process setting a precedent for it: Should they take this process unless they developed cloning technologies they would have to stick to to the recently deceased.

However, extraordinarily enough the process worked creating a 'Smart' A.I that took on a personality similar to the donor, along with constructing an avatar to match how they viewed themselves. Amazingly enough it was shown to be able to learn new process more easily than a human while operating at a capacity much higher than that of a dumb A.i. This was unprecedented. The A.I would be known as 'Prometheus' rather fitting for what they where developing. None the less the A.I remains active. However, with this develop Vastime was able to dedicate certain processes of their nation to these A.Is, with precautions innacted to both protect the citizens of Vastime and the A.I.s themselves.

Due to the unknown life span of these two types of A.Is both are installed with a kill switch that is to be activated in the case they grow malicious or start to lose control. It would also be activated in the process if they where captured as this technology is simply too risk to lose.

With this, Vastime has incorporated into their battle suits slots for A.Is that can use both dumb or smart A.Is. This has proven invaluable for the legionary project, going so far as for Colonel Decter to have his own personal Smart A.I.

Basic Troop Equipment


For all intensive purposes this is the battle uniform for the Vatimian military, in the section below we will cover the four variants of it and it’s uses within the battlefield.


VBU Variant 1 Rabbit: This armor functions as a less used variant but is open for purchase on the open market, it provides minimal level protection from that of low to medium power firearms and energy blasts. Typically this allows the user to remain extremely fast making it perfect for undercover assignments or simple protection.


VBU Variant 2 Dragon: This is the standard body armor for most Vastimian troops offering a great deal of protection in and outside of battle. Due to it acting as a closed environment with the helmet on it can regulate the soldiers breath, atmosphere, and body temperature to that of comfortable levels. It also provides protection against high level attacks that could normally incapacitate the normal soldier, granted due to this it can be a bit heavier and harder to produce but not so much where it is a problem. The helmet of this variant has access to multiple vision levels along with a basic HUD to alert them of their suit conditions and weapon systems. If the suit is punctured it will attempt to seal itself and the occupant to prevent from blood lose or atmospheric destabilization. It also comes equipped with a needle inside the forearm to puncture the soldier for needed medication such as Morphine or Adrenaline boost if needed.


VBU Variant 3 Titan: This is the least common variant and not available through purchase on the open market, it has all the features of the previous ones but with some added support upgrade and defensive measures. The suit can take a large amount of damage and should the user become unable to fight, lock them in a hyper-stative healing coma till help can arrive. It also comes equipped with an A.I slot which can help greatly in the midst of battle. It also comes equipped with an advanced HUD system which can alert the soldier to any movement up to two miles away, they gives real time feed through holographic video lenses, and real time information of their vitals.


Vastimian Ammunition: Vastime is it’s own producer of ammo maintaining most likely one of the largest supplies to date across their numerous facilities. Due to the type of being they face they have designed a specialized ammo type to help combat the assortment of threats they may face in the future ranging from Cyro-Rounds to the more complex ‘Ripper’ rounds which are designed to piece into heavy armor via rotation of it’s sharp head before exploding violently internally. These are just some of the ammo types they possess which fit into all of their rifles allowing them to adapt to many situations.


LY 21 AHLAR: The LY21 Advanced High Lethality Assault Rifle is the designated infantrymen rifle of the military. The cartridge it fires is a 6.3 x 40mm caseless round that is specifically manufactured by Vastime for these rifles. The round contains a small amount of pre-loaded spiritual rishi that is used to target both spiritual and physical targets. Upon impact they release a small explosion from a mix of chemicals that if they struck a normal human target could rip limbs off with ease. It has enough force to decimate steel and titanium in short bursts.


LY46 ‘Hellhammer’ .50 Cal handgun: The standard sidearm of the Vastimian military, as you can tell it can pack quite the punch from its caliber. It can pierce through steel and damage titanium alloys in it’s base state, althrough it’s small capacity of seven rounds tend to be limiting.


Gladius Mk.2: This machete sword combo was designed as the primary melee weapon for the Vastimian army, as shown above in it’s heat mode this weapon is designed to switch through elemental stages such as lightning or ice to best fit the situation. It is optional when entering the field but is provided as basic equipment.


MVS12 ‘Chopper’: This large heavy gatling gun esque weapon is the primary auto weapon of their heavy unit. It is capable of blasting over 2000 rounds down range before needing a reload and has the option to switch between a Rishi or Live Ammo which can be done through a flip of the switch, If it runs out or Rishi it can enter into cool down state for two posts to replenish it’s ammo source.


‘Shocker’ Gauntlet: The right and left hand of many Vastimian troops feature this item, it’s capable of electrocuting enemies that come within punching distance often able to turn the tides in hand to hand combat. It can be supercharged to release a large burst of electroshock energy that can act as a temporary EMP and blast to push the enemy back, making it the handy tool in battle.


LY901 ‘Longsword’: This sniper rifles has an effective range of over five miles with it’s best scope, capable of stopping mid-level tanks and armored vehicles with two shots out of its five shot clip. The recoil on this beast is however indeed massive as it fires an experimental .700 Caliber round with uranium tip coating, being struck by this is most likely a game ender for any unarmored person and even then it’s can do a significant amount of damage.


LY1002 ‘Hellsbreath’ grenades: These grenades are thermodynamic in their reaction resulting in a spewing of fragmentation and ‘fireball’ of sorts. The normal effective kill range on a human is six meters making that it’s most dangerous area to be within, typically setting a fuse delay of five seconds sometimes more or less depending on the situation.

Legionary Armor

The custom built battle armor for the purpose of Legionary protection in extremely dangerous environments. This is apart of a series of armor being developed in the Vastimian military for specialized units but seeing as this is the first variant it will be seen as a prototype variant.

The first and foremost function of this armor is to act as a protection unit for the user, along with allowing them to survive comfortably in all types of environments including the void of space. As such it is a closed suit environment that regulates to the user body temperature and acts as a secondary skin to the user, along with the abilities of providing ample protection through a Titanium Alloy and shielding unit. The shielding for this armor can withstand quite a bit of damage over a sustained period, around the force of a Gran Rey Cero or Cero Oscura before being depleted for three posts with an additional post required to recharge the shielding to it's full capacity.

The suit also has a utility function which allows for the placement of a 'Artificial Intelligence' unit, specifically designed for Vastimian military use. The A.I. can help enhance the combat capabilities of the suit by acting as a manager to the suit allowing it to make split second decisions to save the users life when they might be incapacitated or too focused on the battle.

The suit also acts as a closed communication unit, meaning someone can communicate within the suit without sound being heard outside the suit. This is particularly useful in stealth situations or when someone is split away from the unit.

As for the combat capabilities of the suit it can be customized with an assortment of weaponry but for Atlas, he sticks to the basics. The suit naturally enhances the user's strength and speed, however this comes at a cost; it takes months of physical and mental training to get used to the suit. If one was to enter the suit without 'power armor' training they would most likely snap your bones and muscles due to the massively amplified actions.

Among other things the suit has Vastimian sanctioned Rishi and Kishi converters built into the back of suit, what does this mean? It means Atlas is able to pull in energy from the environment around him to allow him to release artificial energy blasts and power certain aspects of his suit. These converters manly power the weaponry systems of the suit that will be detailed below.

The first is the 'Rishi Blaster System', which functions on the same principle of those incorporated on the Vastimian ship 'The Dreadnought'. Located on his shoulders and wrist are four internal weapons that deploy to launch multiple blasts rapidly the size of Balas, focused more on disorientating the enemy and causing kinetic damage rather than blowing them away. They can fire upwards to ten per weapon and a total of forty per post if all of them are deployed. They will typically have a one post cool down period if this is done due to the minute nature of this attack.

The second system is 'Kinetic Spear' which are two weapons located within the palms of the suit, a much more powerful attack than the previous system. They release a mix of kinetic and rishi energy that is condensed heavily in the shape of a oval when launched. Upon striking a target it will focus more on a small region looking to punch right through the target or drag it along till it is stopped or the energy disperses. This can be charged for upwards of three posts with the force doubling each posts, the max power of the attack having the power to cut through multiple sky scrapers and energy shields, with a five post cooldown. At it's weakest it can cut through adept level barriers and damage moderately of advance.

However, this is the first prototype in a series which is currently being produced. As new variants are added and made they can be customized per the individual. Few Legionary suits have the same weapon systems and energy requirements, allowing their power to scale with the user.


Vastime, like most other major organizations and nations, has some features of teleportation within it's system. However the method they prefer to use is one of the more commonly acceptable and safer methods: Wormhole. This is simply down by bending the quantum space between two points like a short cut or alley way to get to their next point in a fraction of the time. Seeing as this method is relatively easy to control and regulate their are multiple power linking stations scattered throughout Vastime filled with engineers constantly monitoring and reporting any violations of usage of the system.

While this teleportation system can be used to enter into foreign territories along with even traveling between dimensions, it's usage can be blocked by an experienced force. In fact, key personnel can use this system for stealth teleportation into areas of Vastime such as the King-Militant or approved ranking officials should the need be required. Of course their is high restriction on this and is usually kept under wraps. It should be noted however, the Vastimian Teleportation system can bypass defenses that intent to block teleportation but this requires preparation and will actively let the target know they are attempting to bypass their system. Typically this can take from two posts to four in extreme circumstances, giving the enemy time to prepare a counter attack or response force.

Specialized Equipment


Vastimian Full Restraint System (VFRS-A1): The main purpose of this system is designed to incapacitate super powered individuals and render them no more powerful than the average human. This suit features three parts each having it's own function in order to operate properly. This is by far one of the most crucial investments of Vastime as it would in theory allow them to contain beings of extreme power. We will start by breaking down the first part:

Around the person shoulders a device is locked on which encompasses their shoulders and neck, acting as the central power hub to limit their power. This device is known as the 'Alpha' Component of the entire system. It takes both the production of Vastimian technology and spiritual enchantments provided by their own military specialists. The time to produce such a device can take many weeks but with a healthy surplus within their armory they can successfully maintains a steady supply. This device limits the flow and spread of energy throughout the body effectively cutting them off from their power source.

The second component is the 'Beta' section which is located around the waist, it's function is to physically disable the captive via being attached their spinal column. This allows for a direct neural link to the brain preventing the user from using any supernatural strength or speed they may otherwise have access to, placing both a physical and mental restriction on them keeping them in a state of constant fatigue.

The final section is the Omega component which is located around their wrists, this limits their movement to only a few inches. This connects the entire system also featuring an electric stun system, which focuses on neutral shocks rather than physical muscle contractions as a way to circumvent those who are usually immune to electric based attacks.

Now their are some inherit ways to beat this system, while it takes an extreme amount of effort to break this one must be sufficiently weakened before this can be placed on them. Afterwards, if the system isn't maintained properly it can short out rendering the captive free. It takes a lengthy process to place this on someone so it must be done on a captured person who cannot resist or is too weak to put up resistance.


Supernatural Restraint Device (SRD): This little monster is carried on most soldiers and policemen within Vastime, acting as their secondary and second most used item to subdue enemies. Due to it's easy to transport nature it typically can be expected to be held by any first responder for Vastime.

This small blue circular devices have a series of connectors and needles which must be stabbed into the torso of an individual ideally near the heart or the heart it's self. Once it makes contact a series of nano-bots are injected into the body of the individual molding to their genetic make-up whilst counteracting any defenses their body may have. However, chances are if the person is at full power they will simply over power the device meaning that it is best to deplete the persons energy before placing this on them.

It acts as a sort of cap not quite depleting their energy but making it never rise past it's current level while it is attached. Meaning if one was to place this on someone with barely any energy their energy would not restore it's self above that cap but if it was placed on someone near peak energy it wouldn't make much of a difference. However, what makes this thing so hard to remove is that once it is stabbed into the torso of the person it immediately begins to process of molding to their DNA becoming a vital part of the neural and respiratory system. If once was to just rip this out the subject would experience intense pain which could harm and disorientate those of master pain endurance.

However, it should be noted these little devices have a active battery life of four days meaning that if they are not placed in a VFRS or MRD they will be able to escape with the device dying out.


Mobile Restraint Device (MRD): This device is the most primarily used restraint device within Vastime, these hand cuffs are designed to act as a quick method of restraint and transportation. Once placed on the subject the captive will find themselves extremely fatigued as the hand cups inject a large dose of nanobots that will soften their flesh and weaken their spiritual reserves while the handcuffs remain on their person. These devices must be placed on people who have been sufficiently weakened to the point of normal incapacitate or near it. Thus this device is mostly used by local law enforcement and while it can be used to restrain those of 0 tier and above, typically it would be for short time while they work on acquring a SRD of VFRS.

Ground Vehicles

Vastimian Metals:

Vastimian Armor Plating & Metals: The highest, and most commonly used, military grade alloy within Vastime is called 'Valisitium' and is a composite alloy created from nano-structuring of high grade artificially produced Titanium and a series of classified spiritual treatments which increases the durability of said metal while maintaining an superb lightness. Due to this, it makes one of the most sought after and profitable areas of Vastimian interest but due to a series of patents and government hush hush- this metal is rarely seen outside of Vastime and is extremely hard if not impossible to reproduce without the exact schematics.

None the less this alloy benefits from a series of pros which enable it to be implemented on many of Vastimian ships, tanks, and aeroplanes. The first benefit is it's ultra high durability, having been test personally by King-Militant Desmond Hayden. It withstood blows from the king among other spiritually empowered attacks from individuals proving it's durability on a physical and metaphysical scale. Once spiritual energy makes contact with the alloy it will find it's self automatically dispersed evenly around the nano-structured alloy allowing for it to lighten an normally hard impact, flexing around where kinetic strikes happen to protect those inside and maintain it's shape.

Following behind it's durability is it's ability to be folded and shaped before hardening, while it involves a two step process to harden the material to combat levels they usually bend and apply the alloy before that stage as it is easily to manipulate. Thus this allows for it to make for decent body armors and vehicle armor depending on the situation, making most if not all Vastimian made equipment extremely light and durable. Easily being able to be compared to advance to master level durability, hierro, or etc. One can also deduce it's hard to effect this metals or their molecular composition due to their unseen and unique formation- while not entirely impossible impractical on a large scale.

Tank Models:

V-L/M/H-BT(Vastime Light/Medium/Heavy Battle Tank):

VLBT is the first variant of tanks seen in the display above, having by far the fastest speed acts as a decent recon tank or initial support for a expeditionary force. These tanks feature a faint amount of durability and fire power enough to easily bring down a multistory house. Due to their light weight and speed they often can reload many shots and can be used in conjunction for massive volleys of fire making them a force in their own right. In terms of durability they'd have to be placed at Advance level able to sustain fair amounts of damage before being rendered immobile and eventually destroyed.

VMBT is the second variant displayed above utilizing both offense and defense this tank is the most commonly seen throughout the military. It offers multiple features designed to counteract enemy fire from flares, smoke screens, etc. This is featured in all battle variants of the tanks however what makes this monster so appealing is that while it lacks the speed of the VLBT and power of the VHBT it appeals to both offering the fire power to level a sky scrapper while remaining fairly mobile in the process.

VHBT is the third variant shown in the diagram and as you can see if an extremely firepower heavy tank. This would be called in during sieges of major cities or to counteract beings of extreme power and durability. This behemoths range however is significantly reduce and their speed the slowest of all variants but when they fire they hold the capabilities of being able to shatter master level defenses and shields. To be directly hit by one of these monsters would be unwise of anyone regardless of power and otherwise. They use a specially made canister of fuel and alloy meant to pierce and explode with as much force as possible, due to their slow nature they feature a master level durability.

SCBT otherwise known as the Super Charged Battle Tank is more of a support role tank than anything else, it sports a high powered laser where it's gun is mounted. The reason for this is due to the fact this is primarily used as a work tank which is used to cut metals or other defenses to make way for the main tanks, while the last burns at a rather intense setting which can metal away defenses of advance to master with sustained contact- in a battle it would be unwise to use due to it's rather short range.

MDEP otherwise known as the Mobile Defensive Engagement Platform features thirty six high powered rockets canisters each containing two rockets that can be launched as a counter measure against projectiles or targets. This makes it a power Anti-Air weapon or anti anything really, these rocket can lock on and hunt down most projectiles coming their way and due to the high volume launched it is unlikely for any to get by. One can expect these to provide a decent level of power to successfully negate and damage beings of advance quality of above.

MWP otherwise known as the Multi-Work Platform is simply a crane mechanism hooked up to the tank as a means for field work.


VSBT (Vastimian Super Battle Tank): These monsters desire a classification of their own, during WWII a tank known as the King-Tiger tank was deployed by the German forces. It was a absolute monster to face but was prone to breakdowns and simply cost too much to produce but the amount of shock and power they had led to the inspiration of this line of tank. With the past mistakes corrected it was possible for Vastime to develop their own sort of super tank, one which would not suffer the down falls of it's predecessor. Thus the Vastimian Super Battle Tank was made.

This prototype tank features the strongest gun within Vastimian able to easily knockout an entire district with a single shot of it's main cannon. While it only maintains the speed of a medium tank it far exceeds the power of a HBT, able to withstand multiple master level attacks and keep on slugging it out. This tank is meant to act as a sort of trump card in most engagements but due to the high cost and maintenance factor of them the Vastimian army has only ever seen seven within it's arms, five which are actively deployed and two which remains in reserves as back ups.

This tank features a self-destruct sequence should the crew be over taken as the type of prototype technology this tank has is considered cutting edge Vastimian tech, if one is to see this tank deployed it would be in a high risk high reward battle. Thus it makes it one of the finest and most dangerous tanks to have rolled across this green earth.


MTTC (Multi-Terrain Troop Carrier): The MTTC has a singular purpose and that is transporting Vastimian troops and civilians safely across high danger zones. Unlike it's cousin the IAPV, this carrier is designed for speed with little to no offensive capabilities instead everything being dedicated to internal and external projection making it a speed demon. Although it features master level durability to destroy or incapacitate, it loses the ability to really defend it's self heavily instead lying on whatever troops may have to defend themselves with.


IAPV(Inland Armored Patrol Vehicles): The Inland Armored Patrol Vehicle is the cousin to the MTTC and acts as a type of defensive and offensive device for the military. It has the ability to lay down extremely powerful fire power to make most enemies bulk away, it also sports a decent defense sitting firmly at advance level. This vehicle will most likely be seen patrolling between Vastimian cities, forts, captured areas, high risk areas, etc. It is by far the most versatile means of defense, control, and attack.

ELRA 'Meteor' :

ELRA 'Meteor' (Extreme Long Range Artillery): Simply put, this is the gun which brings hellfire on their enemies. It features an extremely powerful shell capable of sinking a major city such as New York or Karakura Town (undefended) in less then five shots. While this may seem like a lot for a weapon that can be hundreds if not one thousand miles away this is big. Typically one will not see this deployed as it can cause massive damage to both friendlies and enemies but regarding the circumstances of today's world may see use yet. This is able to fire anything from kinetic shells to at the most deadly Nuclear shells, should the event call for it.

Air Vehicles


LY912 Nuclear Bomber: This nuclear powered bomber requires a crew of six to operator ranging from a communications officer all the way down to weapon system. This bomber is one of a kind of it's generation utilizing a nuclear engine to allow it to reach lightning speeds and to maintain it's stealth functions, this aeroplane comes equipped with a full 'Blackout' system meaning it can operate under total stealth.

When the black out system is engage a active camouflage is engage reflecting the light around it to essentially make it invisible, along with limiting and encrypting it's radio waves makes this thing practically undetectable save for sound and physical touch. However, due to it's high altitude cruising range it is highly unlike it will run into any other aircraft while it delivers it's payload.

It has a maximum payload capable of sinking a small island if it blew it's load, featuring a nuclear and non-nuclear option which is decide before take off. As such when this thing is launched it is usually NOT carrying it's full capacity as that varies from mission to mission, conducting small precise air strikes typically is better than blowing everything to kingdom come. Seeing as this is the primary method of stealth bomb transportation their is a fair amount of these kept, with many more able to be reproduced in an offsite location which is currently classified.

VASF 12:

VASFM12 (Vastimian Air Superiority Fighter Multi-Purpose): The VASFM12 is the work horse of the Vastimian Air force acting as their primary fighter plane and bomber if the situation comes for it. Due to the many configurations presented by this unique plane, their are often many different customization's of it due to pilot preference and what is required for the mission. As such this domineering plane has a mach speed up to mach 4 in travel speed. This is ground breaking effectively making it the fastest fighter plane of this or the last generation, however most times the user will not be flying at these speeds preferring to use the swift maneuverability to our turn their enemies.

Be it dive fighting or turn fighting, this plane has excels at it. Thus one should fear an experienced Vastimian pilot in one of these work horses, with a large amount of fire power and a flight speed which is break neck makes it one of the best if not the best fighter plane on the market.


LAT(Large Air Transporter): The name is rather self explanatory, it acts as the main shuttle for troops and equipment across large areas. It should be noted this cargo plane features multi weapon stations on the sides and rear of the plane as to prevent it from being taken down or intercepted by some other plane or such. Fairly strong able to withstand large caliber blasts such as those seen on advance level.


MRH (Multi-Role Helicopter): The Multi-Role Helicopter is a helicopter series design to be versatile and be go between for both the army and air force. Many branches use this vehicle but the air force especially when it needs to transition from sea to land or vice versa. Also due to its high maneuverability and speed one can expect this machine to be outfitted with a large array of weaponry from rocket barrages to that of dual VULCAN mini gun cannons. This things are fairly cheap to produce ranging from adept to advance level durability in their own right.

Sea Vehicles

Dragon Class Patrol Boat:

Dragon Class Patrol Boat: This moderately humble gunship acts as the primary patrol boat of Vastime, keeping their shores safe from pirates or pesky shadowfall spies. This ship is favoured the the Vastimian Coast Guard often used to search for people or illegal goods, due to it's purpose as a first line of defense it usally sports long range sonar and Radio wave detection hardware and software. While not outright as powerful as it's sister and brother ships it supports it's self by it's easy manuevability, swift speed, and decent firepower. As such these ships usually sport everything from military grade harpoons to multi-cannon guns.

Elm Class Amphibious Assault Ships:

Elm Class AAS: The Elm Class AAS is essentially an assaulting force ship meant for rapid deployment of troops onto a beach or land mass. Due to this it maintains a rather high durability in the upper tiers of advance in order to be able to wither the storm and drop it's load. They do support gun systems keeping a steady stream of rockets, Anti-Air, and flak cannons to ensure the enemy does not wipe the ship out nor the assaulting force. This will often be deployed in mass as to increase the chances of a likely beach-head offensive.

Luna Class Frigate:

Luna Class Frigate: Frigates have no true definition but are usually ships which support and protect ships of their assault group, but weigh more than 3000 tons. Due to this Vastime has taken a unique approach of adopting the frigate as a work horse of their navy able to be a protector or serve as a medical base or even a mine layer/destroyer. However, one will most likely see them in clusters of six protecting larger ships or acting as annoyances to keep the pressure off a main force. They are fairly durable ships able to move faster than most ships while maintaining a high degree of firepower, at the cost of armor and defense at times.

Longsword Class Destroyer :

Longsword Class Destroyer: Destroyers are some of the heaviest combat ships to date making them bulky and slow but makes it with extreme endurance and high fire power. Thus one destroyer is likely able to take on multiple ships in the hands of an extremely well managed commander or so on. They can often sustain master level damage and damage other ships or beings of the equivalent making them something not the trifled with if they are using their full force against an object of city. A full barrage of port or starboard cannon assault is easily powerful enough to sink a ship or port for that matter.

Warhammer Class Cruiser:

Warhammer Class Cruiser: The literal upgrade from Destroyers, these are meant to be the strongest and most powerful ships save for capital ships. A Warhammer Class Crusier is easily able to unleash massive damage upon a ship, city, port, or even person if they are hit by a full barrage. These behemoths come at a pricey cost however, often fickle to maintain and extremely slow to move. It is often better to station a crusier somewhere and have it act as a defensive measure to prevent assaults on ports of key locations, but if a cruiser can get into location one will find that a Vastimian Warhammer class is easily capable of opening up someone defenses like butter.

Terra Class Carrier:

Terra Class Carrier: The Terra Class Carrier is to act as a transportation ship and run way for their air force, thus much of it's deck is used for simple take off and landing. These ships are often big, slow, and far away from battle. They focus more on Anti-Air guns rather than protecting themselves from other ships, other ships tasked with that purpose. Due to this the defensive capabilities of the ship is high but little to no offensive save for the planes themselves. Thus while big and costly, allows for Vastime to always keep their planes in the fight. Often contains a surplus of fuel for both ships and airplanes, with an EXTREME amount of durability.

Godhand Class Capital Ship:

Godhand Class Capital Ship: This ship is the flag ship of the Vastimian Navy save for the actual 'Dreadnought'. This ship has only five models made each deployed across the world to act as a central hub for ships and the Vastimian Navy, these command bases being the largest and most powerful ships on the sea. They will often remain away from combat as high level commanders inhabit them in order to effectively control a fight, but should they come under attack or choose to engage one will find they are by far the strongest sea based ship in the Vastimian Navy. These monsters focus on massive fire power and extremely dense hulls/bulkheads meant to withstand the strongest of attacks and dish them back out.

Think extremely carefully before engaging this ship.

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