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Tue Oct 18, 2016 3:01 am
It was a mere weapon something the demon forgot that was in his arsenal so long the man had neglected it, Eric didn't think much of it but that he needed to start training right now. He didn't think much into it still where could a good spot the volcano devil pits should be the right spot still the shadow realm would have been better. For now, Eric needed to start training it was now or never but what should he start first on really experimentation would have been the first thing. Shouldn't spiritual pressure training start first thought before training with the Zanpakutō this was really going to be hard though. This wasn't hot enough still nothing could be accomplish here it needs to be hotter before his training could start up again. The demon needs to restore his iramasha powers to revive Joshua but now the demon managed to regain his Zanpakutō unexpectedly which the demon had forgotten in a previous battle. He found a perfect training spot it seems to the hottest volcanic spot knowing to be about 16,000 degrees fahrenheit the demon couldn't breath much proving to be a challenge. Grabbing the weapon the demon started attacking rocks which only seemed to make just only a small dent the demon needed to put his strength into his weapon. Then with both hands the demon had a better grip upon the demon Zanpakutō with enough force into tried again at the boulder breaking it a little this was a something of a start. He needed to continue this before the demon sees better results as the demon tried again slashing into the giant rock putting enough force into the attack forcing a better slash.

This time the demon managed actually made a long scar but the demon thought it wasn't enough as the demon started some slashing moves which started to penetrate the boulder. The demon didn't think that much about the hot pressure being done to his body the point of the training was for both demon and demon Zanpakutō need to act as one.

He was beginning a form of demon zanjutsu started on this new weapon however from all his lost memories the demon is now an novice all over again. The demon hated that but this was his choice to be revived and still the demon wanted to learn different mad powers but Shadowfall tricked him which he couldn't learn decades ago. Back to work the demon continued with his workout attacking the rock with the weapon still it was progress every time the demon struck the rock. But it wasn't enough something was missing the demon had forgotten the kendo skills that we're taught to him the demon needed to calm down and focus on the past. Holding the Zanpakutō with both hands and calming the mind to have yet a focus spirit of the body as the demon tried again trying for a quick side step and attacking the rock with a double slash with shadow movement.

He was sweating but his mind was still calm attacking the rock again moving the same way as he did before attacking left and right with his blade still this wasn't enough the demon needed a strong warrior. He wanted everything back so the demon needed to fight a better opponent but where to find one was the problem but that was going to be the least of his problems. Eric felt a large amount of demonic pressure building up within the volcanic lava pits something was coming and the demon didn't like it one bit. The spiritual pressure was huge and then the thing emerge from the lava pits attacking in a rage, Eric got a good look at the creature seeing that it was a giant spider creature completely covered in lava fire. This was going to be his first target after all since coming back from the dead as the spider creature came charging at the demon thinking the revived demon was an enemy. The huge spider started spitting out fireballs of molten lava from it mouth which the demon started trying to escape the pathway of the fireballs. Eric was still burned but very much alive and tried attacking the huge spider but the damn thing's armor was strong it was going to take some time before the demon could damage it really. The monster continued attacking some more still the demon couldn't take anymore but something was driving him making the demon unstable but full with rage. Eric couldn't just give up like this something deep down wanted him to continue as the monster just attacked with full rage the demon was just getting beaten. Just then memories started refilling back into memories of madness the demon was returning slowly back to his former self the mad power was coursing back through his veins. Everything from his past was flooding his mind like a waterfall remembering everything of what happen and the reason he chose this path because his powers were gone. He wants it all back...The mad demon was reforged still just the demon was weak but it felt good being back to his state again now the mad one could fight again.

He started rubbing his head feeling better getting ready to fight this spider monster again holding the Zanpakutō in a fighting stance just waiting for the creature. The monster didn't know what was happen but the creature wanted his dinner hot creating some flame pillars as the mad demon started dodging some of them but got burned by two of them. The best way of wounding the beast is by stabbing it in the mouth hoping the right opportunity shows itself when the monster fire some more fireballs from it mouth. Eric will need to be patient this time around as the demon just kept dodging the fireballs coming his way it was the best thing the demon could do until the monster open his mouth up wide.

This wasn't all of the monster tricks from the lava it manage to create a tail for himself but the opportunity the demon was waiting for show itself it was now or never.
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