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Fri Oct 28, 2016 12:01 am


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The waves of the ocean frothed and rolled on either side of the barrier that niflheim erected beneath the quincies feet. The faint hue of blue blending in with the background of the ocean. The journey across the pacific had been one that had been tiresome and not everything had been going smoothly within the ranks of quincy thanks to the new addition to their group. The simply fact was not many people trusted Misa, even though Niflheim herself trusted the hohl aquero with all her being, going so far as to stop those who wished to harry or harass the girl discreetly. It was a tiresome situation to say the least, however the elect didn’t mind it. Her mind was practically a chaotic twister of thoughts. Thinking about all of the things that could transpire simply because of the alliance of the hohl aquero and the quincy, how they had united under the banner of the vandenreich, was causing her to feel wired. She was restless and looking across the horizon, as hey had come so very close to their destination.

The highest spires rose across the horizon, as the city of light was beginning to become visible, the reishi concentrated across the city seemed to thrum in greeting of the quincy and hohl aquero that had finally made the trip here. And for niflheim she couldn’t be happier to get here, this massive city in it’s own rights was monstrous. Spanning roughly 100 miles in every direction, this was the safe haven that she wished for her people to have. It wasn’t quite as cold as the quincy had become accustomed to, but she felt this was for the best, that change would be important. Many of those that had been following the elect, well seemed confused since they had probably expected an entire new landmass rather than the single new massive city that they got, however she wasn’t worried about this, instead she continued across the water until her body crossed the barrier that marked the outermost edges of the reishi convergence system.

After than she had turned her attention to her sternritter executive and exhaled, her expression hardening as she asked slowly.

”I take it you haven’t had too much trouble with the quincy?”

Her question would be more so for affirmation, as while most of the quincy seemed to have come to tentatively accept the strangers in their midst, a select few seemed to be dead-set on acting out. Such across the ocean into more temperate waters, niflheim had observed some rather child-like actions from the few quincy that had before they left, seemed to strongly be against the merger. These child-like things had varied, ranging from them ignoring the quincy that hadn’t had a problem to it, to even having a few minor brawls break out. One thing though remained constant, other than the discrete times she had stopped the worst of it, Niflheim had made no verbal commands to the people, and why? It was simple, she had used this time to gauge how her sternritter elect would interact. How she would handle the quincies interactions with her, especially for the ones who didn’t respect her station, or the authority given to her.

So you could say Niflheim had been testing this girl name Misa Harribel, seeing what kind of leader she would be. As knowing this was crucial for the elect so she could know what kind of person she was. Beyond her first impressions of the bold aquero she really didn’t know what to make of her other than the gut feeling she had which told her that Misa would be trustworthy, and a worthy comrade as a whole. So yes, for now Niflheim kept her eyes forward, her mind working to connect the images and senses of the convergence system with her own mind, before finally she’d release a strand of reishi and sent it towards Misa, this strand would allow her to access and utilize the convergence system, to get visual feedback from it and utilize it just as effectively as Niflheim herself was able to . But this would only come to transpire if Misa accepted the invitation

Nearing the city it would become apparent that it was built to be the very embodiment of it’s name, it was made of the purest white, and each tier of the city was created in rings with water canals between them, rising up to the massive spires in the center with some rings that surrounded it made of green’s. Today there was a slight southeastern wind blowing a warm sea breeze through the city, the smell of brine faint and crisp. Eventually Niflheim would call out to the rest of the quincy in a calm voice.

Welcome to the City Of Light, Your new home.”

Now she could only wait to see the mixed reactions, and how people would take this news that this was the home she promised them. Even if it might be a bit on the small side, she hoped that they could accept that this was their starting point, that eventually it would grow and blossom into something truly wonderful, but for now they once again, were starting from rock bottom, and it would be a long arduous road to once more stand proudly again.

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