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I. Basic Information

» Name: Magnolia Everfrost
» Nicknames: Embodiment of Lightning, Lightning Cleaver,
» Age: 400+
» Gender: Female
» Race:Shinigami
» Association: This is a reflection of Animum Desponde,
» Appearance:

Eyes like precious gold, Magnolia’s gaze is considered to be a golden yellow, with slight undertones of topaz that frame the outermost part of the eyes. This would be the most striking feature when one was to look at her face. Beyond her snow-kissed skin, which is luminous and unblemished. To many this would be a face that undoubtedly could be considered pleasing to the eyes, from her soft looks, and the resplendent glow of her skin. However it is marred, because her nose is ever so slightly twisted to the side, as if it had been broken. Other then that a small scar frames her left eye, this leads for even aesthetically speaking, for her to have the visage of a warrior. Even her flowing hair can be sometimes seen put up and braided so it remains out of the way in a fight. All these coupled with that strong angular facial structure of hers gives her the feel of an amazoness or some mighty female warrior that hold’s no regard for the state of well-being of her foes.

She stands at a height that is towering among women, but moderate for men. Roughly only standing at a height of 5’9’ she isn’t the tallest individual around. Although it is a mighty stature for any female, it is lacking in the martial world. However if one was to take a closer look at her, they would find that every inch of her body is but a sculpture comparable to the greek statues of old. While not visibly bulging, there is a lithe power about her, each of her muscles are defined to the point of clarity, yet still bound behind the soft satin of her skin. Then if one was to get even closer, they would find the small perforated mounds on her back and arms are not simply blemishes, each one in reality had been caused by knife-wounds or sword wounds, or finger gouging , claws and fangs. Her body speaks well of the map of bloodshed that she has led in her life. Yet these marring imperfections only speak more to her martial spirit, speaking of the countless foes that she has defeated up until this point.

Yet if one was to really scrutinize her body, they would find that her features are proportioned well, her tapering waist expands into a full rump and well developed hips, and on her chest she has a bust that is by no means small, yet not overbearing either. Probably in the C cup range when unbound would be a good guestimation as to what her true bra-size might be. However generally they seem to only look like A Cups or B Cups due to the fact that as a warrior she finds her breasts to merely be a cumbersome hindrance to her art. Thus if one was to delve past her modest attire they might be surprised to find a wrap adorning her naked chest. This wrap is the reason that for a vast majority of the time, she seems to be on the lackluster side when one thinks of natures bounty.

Then there is how she holds herself, as if one was to study her posture, her movements. They would find a poise in each and every one of those movements, a poise that clearly shows her prowess in the field of battle in another way. Not simply through her scars but because her movements are all full of power and might. As if she is projecting her domineering aura into the very signals she non-verbally sends out into the world itself. This means when one is observing her, they may find even simple actions like beckoning another being could take on an oppressive light. Beyond this visibly speaking she seems to always have her back straight, which can give off the visage of a warrior due to the discipline it ultimately conveys.

Finally if one was to observe her facial expressions they might find that, even her softest of smiles holds a power within them. Given at nature she is uncompromising and there is always a fire in her heart. Because of this aesthetically if she smiles, generally it gives her the persona of an asura, or a being that simply wishes to destroy. Or if she frowns, the subtle way that her eyes gleam might as well convey her dissatisfaction transparently to the world around her. It is because of all these things that generally speaking she visibly can be identified almost immediately as a warrior of some sort, even without her generally humble clothes of simple color, or her guerrilla fighter’s outfit.

» Purpose: Some of the plans for this inverse is to have an inverse of Animum that grew up without the yoke of despair within her, she lived a normal life, she was shaped by different experiences, She will be everything Animum never was, This will be the self whose power did not make individuals fear her. In a sense her plot will stem when they eventually meet, as she is everything Animum could have had if she did not go down the wrong path, she is the personification of the dreams of perfection animum has locked away deep within her heart. I’ve put some thought into this for awhile and i’ve come to the conclusion that either they will accept eachother and merge, or they will fight and one of them will die, but either way i also have some other plans for her.

One such plan is if it is allowed i will be having her join the soul society, as her whole purpose will be that she never abandoned the shinigami people, and upon coming to earth proper it would make sense that she joined to soul society, so she would be a new [mostly active] member that would add strength to the gotei and bolster their ranks. As for event’s i plan her to be fairly active in the soul society, and potentially stirring up more conflict in the world at large.

II. Personality

» Personality:

Honesty: Everfrost isn’t exactly known for telling half-truths or creative lies. She’s nothing but honest to a fault. This can lead to her getting into dicey or downright uncomfortable situations, but she as a person genuinely beleives that honesty is the best policy that a person can adopt. That by giving someone the complete unfiltered truth she is in turn able to give them the respect that they deserve. This is why no matter the situation be it something she did, something someone else did or something she has seen that she shouldn’t? She doesn’t make excuses or justifies it, she just tells the truth on the matter because it is important to her that she gives people the truth. This aspect of her personality might stem from the fact that she wishes to be someone that her parents can be proud of. Or might also stem from her honest upbringing but the fact of the matter is she doesn’t lie. She’d rather die than tell someone something that isn’t true, simply because thats how she is as a person.

What this doesn’t mean though is that she will tell just anyone the truth. If she doesn’t trust someone or deem them fit to have the truth she simply just will avoid the subject until it changes to one she can safely talk about. This is because if what she speaks is not the truth then why should she speak at all? She’d rather remain completely silent in the face of an unfavorable topic with a person she does not completely trust yet, than give them a half-truth that forces her to betray the very ideals that she as a person strives to uphold. This fits into her honesty trait quite nicely because even in her actions she won’t deceive someone. Even if it makes her a prude or a jerk-off she's just simply handling the situation in a way that works for her. Some situations she might be silent in would be giving out information to an enemy, ratting on a friend, or simply when asked personal information, any of these situations might warrant her to simply stop talking at a moment's notice.

Another interesting way she broadcasts this is if she’s irritated with someone, rather than let it build and fester into something ugly? She’s more likely to share that sentiment with the person directly, in a manner that while retains courtesy will be as direct and to the point as possible. This means she won’t go through a schpeel on how lovely the day is, or how pretty someone's outfit is if all she’s planning on doing is telling them to shut the everloving hell up. She’d much rather just say “Hey you, you’re irritating so shut your pie-hole” and then move on with the rest of her day because that is how she prioritizes things. However if it’s someone she cares about, the way she goes about things is much different. It’s less abrupt and has a softness to it. For example, if a friend had lost their pet cat, a cat they loved with all their heart and Everfrost found the cat flatter than a pancake on the side of the road? She’d first start the conversation by saying “I have some bad news you might brace yourself” and then she’d go into the bad news, but she’d try to state it in a way that was both comforting and also is as blunt as would be considered humane for the situation.

Finally this also shows itself in combat situations especially when in large-scale warfare. Given she isn’t going to skew numbers or hedge how things look to be going. She is the kind of person that will first give the facts on the situation, then she is going to give her own insight into how to remedy that situation. As she doesn’t feel that fluffer is needed when giving out that kind of information. Infact she believes fluffer is not only entirely unnecessary, but it also wastes valuable time which can almost always be utilized in better ways in the field of combat, especially in war-time situations. Hence instead of formal meetings she prefers more quick briefings which give concise information, update a person on the situation and then gets them where they need to go in record breaking time. The reason this is a part of her honesty is because the way she handles the field of battle is very much tied to her principles on giving the truth in it’s unabridged and uncensored state. As in her mind's eye when you give the truth, you are giving a person a tool. If you give them an inaccurate tool you are setting them up for failure. Hence she puts a great deal of thought into what she says as she is striving for the truth.

Ferocity: Despite her need for honesty at all times, Miss Everfrost is certainly as fierce as she comes, with a tenacious spirit and a penchant for brutality if need be. Now this isn’t to be confused with violence however as there is some stark differences between her ferocity and common-place violence. Her ferocity in most normal situations can be seen in her posture, in the gleam in her eyes which despite her comely manners and impeccable social skills, can be considered to be very. . Primal for a lack of a better word. Given this ferocity is the pressure she merely exerts from her presence alone. In social situations this can range anywhere from a steely stare, to even a passive aggressiveness that is conveyed through the subtle curvature of her shoulders maybe by her straightening her spine. There is a plethora of different ways in which she can convey this Ferocity if it comes to nonverbal cues. This could possibly stem from the later years in her life being spent as someone who was acutely aware of the consequences of fighting another person, and being subjected to many wars.

Now Verbally her ferocity can be seen simply because of how she speaks when irritated. Her word choice can be both intrusive and very standoffish when need be and in tense situation’s this can lead to a number of problems. Mostly because of the fact that not only can she come off as standoffish, but she also doesn’t lie at all, instead she is completely honest which means she is more than capable of telling horrible truths without batting an eye to someone she is unsympathetic towards. Not only that but she also is known to give out threats in the form of sweetly veiled promises if need be, promises that she tends to return to collect later. So these can be certainly considered fierce but there is more than just simply her choice of words and non-verbals such as posture and the look in her eyes that makes her ferocious.

There is also the fact that she at the end of the day a Guerilla fighter. She isn’t really picky on how she takes an opponent down so long as it doesn’t clash with her morality or her strange little quirk about constantly telling the truth. This means that she is more than capable of taking the truth and utilizing it as a weapon when need be. She barks orders and doesn’t take back-talk as an affirmative. Rather if someone was to backtalk her in the field when there is important matters afoot? She’d be more likely to backhand the poor chap into next week then to take it with a smile and move on with her life. Beyond these facts there’s also the matter of her being more than willing to use fairly risky methods if need be to win a fight. Simply because to her everything has it’s risks it’s simply a matter of weighing benefits, weaknesses, and then getting on with it. So in the field of battle she is fierce because she doesn’t stop, she doesn’t mourn she gets what she needs to be done , done with brutal efficiency.

Finally there is her ferocity with friends, which is geared more towards a protective streak than an actual standoffish type. She is more than willing to destroy anyone who harms those she considers either comrades, or friends. This doesn’t exclude warring with entire factions, or with entire species if need be to protect those she considers to be important to her, or important in the sense that they are useful. It is primarily for this reason that despite her the goodness in her she has for so long picked the path of a guerilla fighter. It simply fits the purpose that she intends it to far better than most other paths she could pursue. You could say she picked it primarily because of the ferocious streak she has in the first place.

Unbreakable Spirit: One of her defining traits is her unbreakable spirit. If anything everfrost is not the kind of gal to balk under duress. This can be seen even in social settings in which she is communicating with other beings. Through an uncompromising spirit she doesn’t generally barter with people. She is very much so uncompromising simply because in her life she has needed to maintain a harsh and uncompromising spirit. This means naturally she is very rigid, when she is dealing with others she adopts very much a my way or the highway approach that stems from the fact that she believes that solidarity is a strength that is there to be exploited. That uniting under a common direction is preferred when compared to having multiple people doing many different things at once. Hence she is known for her iron hand in which she guides people, she doesn’t hide her opinions, she doesn’t second guess herself when she acts simply because she believes what she does to be the right way to do it. Call it pride, call it folly this is just the way that she operates when interacting with other people, be it a friend or a foe she generally maintains this bull-headed persona without much variation.

In combat this can be seen when under assault from psychological or even physical damage. She doesn’t stop when hurt rather she keeps going. Pain is something that almost seems to hold no sway over this girl. Be it emotional pain, or physical pain they both are considered to be something to her that is entirely unneeded and irrelevant. She manhandles them into submission for the sake of the greater good. This is why even in the grimmest of situations she is like an immovable mountain in the eye of a storm. She will not stop she will not be halted unless in doing so she is able to protect something or someone. Such as if someone was going to be harmed in the crosshairs of the fight then chances are she would stop simply because she values the well being of innocents. That being said to her power doesn’t equate to a reason to back out of a fight. She believes the outcome is due to ones skills and ones determination. This is why even if it was a god or a devil she would fight it. Even if it broke her and took everything she held dear she would continue to fight it, because if she starts a fight she is going to finish it.

For friends and family this can be seen in a gentler light even if it doesn’t often seem that way. She will guide those she holds dear, yet she will also listen to them because they have wormed their way into a special niche that is her compassion. For them she is willing to converse and talk to, if that is what is needed to get to the very core of an issue. However if it is for their protection she can be quite the tyrant. She is not above becoming hated by those she loves if that is what is needed to keep them safe. Even if she must become a devil herself or make a deal with some long lost diety for those who she protects and cares for she will do so. Because she feels it is her duty to protect them. It is a part of her uncompromising and unbreakable will because so long as she can hoist her blade, so long as she can manifest her powers she is most likely going to continue to fight, even if it means that she has to harm herself or go through harm.

In short she does not falter in the face of adversity, she does not halt in the face of friends. She does not stop unless it is for a reason, she knows the path she wishes to take and she continues down that path to the end. If she starts something she finishes it, if she needs to become a demon, she becomes a demon. If she becomes a hero she becomes a hero, however even heaven and hell themselves are not enough to stop her if they end up in her way, that is what is considered an unbreakable spirit for her.

Rowdy: Another interesting aspect that emerged in the later years of her life, is Magnolia is rowdy. She is loud sometimes and doesn’t always need to see eye to eye with people. For example, in a tavern full of men, she could very well be the loudest of the bunch. This kind of rowdiness doesn’t exactly stem from booze, or fights though. It is a general social aspect about her which can be seen in any number of situations. Because she is an intense person, she isn’t one who is going to be soft-spoke or reserved, she’d rather roar her opinion for the whole world to hear, than say keep her thoughts to herself and pretend to be something she isn’t. This also means she isn’t above raising hell if that's what it takes to get her point across, be it being passive-agressive in a situation, or actually aggressive it doesn’t really make a difference to her.

When in good company, this can be seen with her smiles, or with how she speaks, given she’s a rather loud person! She also doesn’t really act like a lady, she’d much rather act like an unrestrained warrior than a dainty little lass any day. Because of this she isn’t really what one would call refined, she is very much so a tom-boy to the point that if you didn’t see the curves on her body, she’d be easy to mistake for a crude, obnoxious male. Belching included, because she has been on the battlefield many more times than she can count, because of it she learned that if she lets social parameters restrain her, she will never truly become her own person. She’d much rather be considered crude, or uncultured, than be bound by the expectations someone has of her.

This can easily manifest when having a good spar or brawl as well, given she’s pretty verbal with her emotions. If she’s amused she can chuckle, [Not giggle] Or she could outright laugh, if she acknowledges something she might grunt, rather than elaborate, or she could whoop if she’s having a ball. A lot of it really is based on what kind of situation she finds herself in.

III. History

» History:

Childhood years:

Magnolia Everfrost was born within the inverse soul society. After rebirth from inverse earth where her parents had died in a car accident. Growing up in the soul society she knew she was different. Where many kids played and lives in vibrant cities, blissfully unaware of their own powers, their abilities everything that made a shinigami a shinigami, well Magnolia’s power was exponentially greater, electrical appliances easily short circuited around her. Her reishi signature often caused small children around her to be hurt, even if she didn’t want to harm them. Some kids got fractured arm’s some got fractured legs, some passed out from her powers even as a kid on the spot. She often wondered why she was different, why it mattered to parents that she was stronger than her playmates. As a kid growing up with this abnormal skill it became apparent to her at an early age that children and parents viewed the strong as outcasts, freaks, monsters. Because often she was ridiculed because of her power, her strength, simply because she couldn’t control it.

Many days magnolia came home crying to her parents talking about how children in her group refused to play with her, or that they avoided her, or parents shouted at her when she made a mistake and accidentally harmed a child. It was the same thing, because she couldn’t control her abilities, her powers. Because of it she was hated, scorned, an outcast of society and unable to really bond with anyone. Her parents tried everything to help her, her mother cried many nights because of the mistreatment of her child. As every mother wants a child that was able to be loved, to be nurtured and to grow. But no matter what the woman tried she could not get anyone to befriend her child, no parents wished to set up playdates, no one nothing, nada, zilch.However Magnolia eventually learned to dry her tears.

It didn’t mean the pain of being an outcast had gotten any less for her, in fact it hurt every time someone avoided her, someone called her a freak, Or someone decided that their child was better off going elsewhere to learn since it was a dangerous environment with everfrost around. It got to the point that magnolia everfrost chose to instead of dealing with these people to seclude herself entirely, as a child she decided to devote her time to self discovery, self improvement and managing the unruly power that seemed to dictate her life. She vowed to herself that she wouldn’t become a slave to the power that she held, that instead she would become it’s master, that she would rise above it and show the world that she was not to be feared, that she could contribute just as much as the next person. It was that thought that drove her one night to ask her mother, if she could train, if she could lead the life of seclusion that others managed to take in the quest for power. She wished to learn exactly how much power she could gather , how much strength she could muster.

In all in everfrosts mind she needed to become someone people could respect, someone people could rely on. She wished to be a child that her parents would never have to cry over again. Instead she wished to be the reason her parents smiled, she wished to make them proud of their child. It was a strange thing, seeing a child that wished so hard to succeed, a child that didn’t care that she had been dealt a bad hand. Instead she didn’t picture herself even in her child-like body as a weak sniveling girl bound by her own fate, she pictured herself as a steady warrior, and that was how she presented herself to her parents, back straight, chin pointing straight ahead. Proud, and dignified, or as dignified as a 6 year old girl could ever be, and she remembered clearly the look on her parents face. Her mom looked close to tears, but her father, well her father looked proud, proud to have a daughter like her, and that gave her the courage to say quite bluntly, since even as a child she had a keen understanding on how the world really worked.

”..I’m not going to study with the other children anymore, not until i can truly control the powers i possess.”

Her parent’s didn’t argue, which was strange since normally they’d have flayed her alive for such a proclamation. However what everfrost failed to understand at the time was, since the past year she had already outstripped her parents in energy, she was so strong that they looked like pale candles in respect to her energy which in comparison might as well be the light of the sun. So when she decided this they didn’t even try to stop her, instead they reinforced their home, and converted the large backyard into a training yard for the child, that was where she spent every second of her days as a child, learning to become stronger.

Learning About Electricity

As she trained she began to notice that her energy naturally caused electrical devices to malfunction. The more she saw this the more she wondered why. Why was it that she naturally destroyed anything electronic that was in sight? Often she had felt it, the stirring of electricity around her but she hadn’t known why it affected her so much, so it was to her suprise on day when she was trying to use kido, actually she was trying to use Hadō number 31 shakkaho, and instead she ended up firing a bolt of lightning into the ground infront of her, the force sending her child-like body back around fifteen feet against the side of the house, burns covered her arms in the wake of her discovery, however instead of it being merely painful for her, a grin spread across the child’s lips, even with the shock, the suprise and the confusion- she was happy. Happy because there had been a breakthrough that she had regarding her abilities. It seemed she had some sort of lightning element to her powers.

Experimenting she then tried to form a ball of lightning in her hand, first all she got was a few sparks and a sensation of heat, scalding heat that burned her palms due to the fact that she hadn’t any lightning resistance at the time, in term’s of ability she was a new born babe, one that hadn’t even the power to defend against the very abilities she wished to wield. So it was a struggle for her, similar to someone who hasn’t worked out trying to lift 200 pounds right off the bat, she couldn’t do it, and she got burns from what electricity she did manage to obtain, but it was progress, it was undeniable progress that had the girl clench her burned hand, and winced at the pain as she said in that high-pitched and tiny tone that only a child could pull off with such conviction.

”..I can Do This. “

And she did, slowly she began to work on ways to channel her energy. Such as through kido, barrier techniques, through thing’s like shakkaho. She would try to make the blast and then instead of firing it she would use the spell and begin to manipulate and add electricity into it, although it wasn’t a perfect technique. Infact the first time she even tried it Everfrost was sent flying as the ability imploded and ceased to work, the bumps and the bruises she got from that incident caused her to have to remain bedridden eating nothing but porridge for weeks. However that wasn’t what she fixated on, instead it was that she had managed to control her powers even just a tiny bit, that was the important part, it was progress.

This progress allowed her to begin working towards a goal. In her mind's eye she could see it a future in which she was not afraid of her powers. A future in which she was able to truly embrace them to become their master and their better. It was the goal in which she worked and put everything towards. Many days spent manipulating electricity working on mastering the flow which ran across her fingertips like static. It wasn’t easy though, it took her months before she could manifest even the smallest bolt of lightning without aid of using it through the medium of kido. Because it took so long she often came in doors at the end of the day so exhausted that she felt like she was burning all over from the electricity she wielded. Burns covered her arms day after day, wounds criscrossed her back and torso from explosions that happened in failure, pain radiated through every little bit of her body and yet she didn’t stop.

No even when asked why she was pushing herself so hard her answer was merely. ”Because i don’t want to be a monster” She wished to learn and get stronger to master the powers that lurked deep inside her even if it meant that she had to abandon everything else in pursuit of this power. She vowed she would gain control over it and as months eventually began to bleed into years she really learned to control the unruly power that flowed through her veins, as she grew from a child to an adult of 16 years in age she had gotten to the point in which she could control and bend her electricity to her will. She could manipulate it and use it to create just about anything she pleased and yet even then there was a problem. No one accepted that she was the master of her own power, many still had been afraid of her of the potential she had for great destruction for disaster to strike. As her powers grew so did the fear from the people who truly had been afraid of her.

Devil, monster, beast. Many hurtful names plastered on the walls of the house, many hurtful names came in papers that had been shoved under the door. Her elderly mother was at a wits end and she knew that something had to give, something had to change or her mother would finally go crazy. So she set out after learning her powers and tried to curb peoples opinions of her. Walking down the street she wondered why the world was so cruel to her? As rotten food and names had been thrown at her she looked out at the world around her through dulled eyes as her body quivered with the indignation the rancid stench covering her making her embarrassed. It made her wish that she was never born, and she wondered why luck had forsaken her and yet she continued to say a single thing in the midst of the crowd. ”..Do with me what you will, but leave my family out of it, they have done no wrong to deserve this!!”

Unbeknownst to her though the likes of the shinigami who ruled over the city had been sent to dispatch her parents. They shinigami who were a militaristic force that didn’t govern regally over the lands but rather did the dirty work to lay the foundation for the aristocracy that ruled. So as she was walking amonst the people her eyes lidded from the suns glare trying to clear the name of her parents the ruthless shinigami drew ever nearer. Some even had waited till she was gone simply because even at her young age she was the strongest shinigami in the city. The aristocracy who had been shinigami of pure blooded families feared the parents who had been able to sire such a strong offspring and thus, they snuck in while Magnolia was gone and they brutally slaughtered them her mother and father. Yet she didn’t know this yet instead as she continued to wander through the streets pleading even as her clothes had been torn hanging from her body and her pure blond hair was matted with rotting food.

Eventually a noble had come up to her looking down at her with a lidded gaze, his impeccable clothing gleaming in the light, a pristine white, as the nobles of this particular city thought white was the color of the ruling class, and only those of the aristocracy could wear it’s sacred color, had said to the girl as the crowd parted. ”..Girl do not fear your parents will not be held accountable for your actions, go back to them. “ Everfrost’s eyes widened as tears brimmed to her face and she thought. “Finally i can really free them of the burden that housing me has become, they will no longer be prosecuted by the masses.” She was estatic and quickly went home, however when her back was turned the noble had merely said. . ”..What a poor child.” and left. Maybe the noble knew what had happened and had tried offering her the smallest bit of solace, however when she got home it was easily around nightfall.

The house what quiet when she got there and as she pushed away the worn wooden door. Her head peeking around the corner as she said softly. ”Mother? . . . Father?” No one answered. So she had begun moving through the house and then she found a sight that caused for her to drop to her knee’s her hands resting atop her head, the room was covered in crimson blood, and her parents had been hacked to pieces. Her expression had remained impassive as she had fallen into the darkness, the pain being too much for her to comprehend at this point. She didn’t want it. . She didn’t want her parents to have died, even the stench had remained negligible as it filled her nostrils. As she bent down and picked up the trunk of her mother’s defiled corpse and looked at it, as if she couldn’t register what was right in front of her eyes. She picked up her mother's head and tried putting her back together even though she couldn't do it.

That was when she dropped the body as the head rolled off and she bent over the decapitated head tears streaming from her face. Looking at the blood that covered her hands the blood of her wonderful parents. She couldn’t help what happened next when she screamed, the lightning slammed down from the sky and blew up the roof, it decimated the house completely and everfrost shook her head from one side to the other trying to refute what was clearly infront of her eyes before she had stared at it and put two and two together. The city had killed her parents for some reason or another, and it was in that moment as she vowed to find out why and gain power she felt the stirring inside of her , thunder booming outside as an ancient voice said to her.

”..Do you seek power?”

Her reply was right as rain, as faint as the wind, but as ferocious as a storm.

”..I wish for power, I wish for the power to bring justice to my ancestors, to proudly rise up in their stead.”

It was eloquent, the words spoken by a child, a child so begotten with grief and hatred, that at this point tears of blood ran down her pretty moon-kissed skin. Forming streams that contoured to her face, dripping from her chin to the ground. How she lamented in her powerlessness, the cruelty of a word she simply could not change. It was in this moment that the sky opened up to her and the outside world simply fled from her sight. In her eyes it was as if she was floating in the dangai realm, or in the void. There was nothing to be seen, nothing to be gained. It was as if everything that she stood for was . . . without a better term for it, simply whisked away and made pointless. The thought that this was, well her end had crossed her mind. Yet then in that moment, in that place, a thunderbolt lit up the skies and boomed as if some long-lost being had finally descended from the heavens themselves.

The volume of lightning that rained from the grief-stricken body of the girl was by no means a small amount, It filled the building and caused for it to be set ablaze, the fire was extinguished by the superior force that ran through it. In this moment the very air charged with static became a conduit in which this monstrous power was vented. The building simply was incinerated in a second, and in the midst of broken timber the body of the girl lay, covered in ash. Yet that wasn’t what was important, in the girl’s mind she was standing in a world that was borne from thunderclouds. The rumbling gray expanse was without end, nor beginning. It simply was endless, and in this world there was a being that stood atop a throne that was perched on a coiling dragon. This being whose golden gaze shifted down and took in the ragged girl was one full of contempt. Contempt for the girls situation, contempt for her lack of strength. Truly this was a pretentious being whose nature was that of pride. This was their first meeting, and the being that sat atop that throne of gold and alabaster did not yet care for this girl. To him, she was merely a weak vassal that had been born to fit him, a tiger among spirits, a dragon among men.

It could be said that at this point in time, the Zanpakutō spirit’s very nature was pride incarnate. He had complete faith in his powers, and this dictated his snark and sass. All he said when he was upon that throne was a declaration. He did not give her any tips to build upon, for he wished for nothing less than to see the latent talent that was hidden within her soul. His booming voice echoed like thunder itself, lightning clashing in the clouds.

”..Wrest it from me.”

At this point Magnolia’s expression glittered dangerously. Even at this tender age she had a backbone that was borne from her desire. The desire of becoming strong enough to stand in this cruel world, to make her ancestors proud of her, of this accursed blood that she possessed. It was because of this, that magnolia stood in the brunt of the storm that was opening up infront of her. The lightning clashing all around her, like bombs blowing up the clouds and blinding her with their glare. In her nose all she could smell was the stench of singed hair, and feel the burns that covered her body and yet she took a step into the throng of ceaselessly discharging electricity. It was here that one strike struck her , spots appearing in her eyes. Two strikes collided with her small child-like frame and she was sent flying backwards. From there it would be countless strikes that wracked her body. Each strike more potent than it’s predecessor until truly the whole inner world was lit by the corona of electrical sparks that came off from the girls body.

After awhile, the girl had become numb to the point that everything, even her own existence faded into a state of meaningless fodder. It was this precipice that she reached, a place where in her mind's eye it seemed like the entirety of reality was but a blip that would pass by in moments, returning her to the void. T’was a strange place for a young girl such as magnolia, however in this precipice with subjugation of mind and spirit drawing near, she found something. She found reason in a memory, one that was as sweet and as vivid as if it had happened but moments before. The memory of her mother and father doting on her, it was this memory that caused her to focus and expand her willpower. Eventually the quivering limbs of this child began to move, pushing her up. Resisting the lightning that flowed through her veins.


The spirit raised a brow, as he watched from his throne, intrigued that the girl had managed to move in that field of endless lightning. Honestly surprised as the child had gotten to her feet, her ragged blond hair burning.

”..You, will give me power. “

Her voice was soft, but it held such power behind it. Authoritative, and domineering. It was powerful enough to even make this Zanpakutō spirit feel a glacial chill deep within his bones. Currently the child began to walk forth in the lightning, blood running from the soles of her feet to dissipate into the clouds. Even as her clothes had been burned away by the lightning, even as her skin charred black and blistered red from the energy. She walked on, because in her mind. In the mind of magnolia, everything else had faded away. It was as if the heavens above, and the earth below simply ceased in her genuine state of willpower which overshadowed everything else. Instinctually, she followed the energy signature to it’s core, a jagged scimitar which looked old and broken, as if it had been there for many years to be battered by the elements. Then as if it was the single easiest thing ever, the girl had reached forth as lightning devoured her skin and grasped the handle of the blade.

Blood mixed with energy as bit by bit, the girl drew it from the earth;the Zanpakutō’s expression changing to one of respect. Arrogant this Zanpakutō may be, it still respected hard work and effort. Yet this little girl was basically robbing him! How couldn’t he, a proud Zanpakutō spirit not hold this ruthless lass in anything other than a gaze of respect?! As the girl had pulled the sword out eventually the lightning eclipsed all else, this young girl who hadn’t even reached maturity stood with the poise of a warrior. Her expression sharp like the blade of a sword, yet clear like the air. At such a tender and young age, Magnolia’s eyes could be said to be a window into her soul, and currently they exuded such a frightful determination borne from immense sorrow. At this point the little girl looked up at the male, her expression anything but childlike, yet holding naivety in it from her young age that was easy to discern.

”..What now?”

This statement caused the Zanpakutō’s face to twitch, a smile spreading across his face. In that moment the Zanpakutō vanished and appeared in front of the girl. His golden gaze looking down at magnolia. To which Magnolia’s own gaze merely looked up, it was then that the male brought his hand forward and within it there was but a spark. Yet this spark could be called the kernel of knowledge that the Zanpakutō possessed. Within it the knowledge of the Zanpakutō was almighty when in regards to the blade in which it resided in. It was this kernel that the Zanpakutō had pressed against the girls breast-bone, causing it to sink in and fill the girls body with an astonishing amount of both martial knowledge, and overwhelming power.


Her screams pierced the landscape, and she curled up into a tiny child-sized ball on the ground. Pain, mind-numbing and body rending pain shot through her systems as the lightning burned through her body, it opened up her spiritual channels even wider, and knowledge continued to become crammed inside of her head. So much knowledge floated inside of her head, the equivalent hundreds upon hundreds of years of knowledge about her Zanpakutō slid inside of her mind and it was a trove, surely. But it also was not that easy, for even if the knowledge was there she had to be worthy of it. It wasn’t that she suddenly was able to utilize her abilities perfectly, in fact she still only was able to wield the blade alone. Instead it meant that once she became worthy of that stage, the knowledge would unlock.

It was after all this knowledge, the hundreds of years of battle-experience of her spirit passed into her mind, that she passed out within this inner world. The spirit raijin’s dry, dry chuckle being the absolute last thing she heard before falling into a state of unconsciousness.

”Drip . . Drip. . Rumble Boom.”

The sound of thunder was eclipsed by a heavy rain that fell from above. Her stirring consciousness could feel the water as it beat down upon her mud-covered face. She slowly raised herself from the mud that had filled the now ruined crater in the center of what had once been her humble home. The scent of ash and burning wood still lingered in the air as the sound of hooves could be heard echoing in the distance. Horses seemed to line up at the site of all this destruction, and these horsemen came from the outer district as some of the near by lords had noticed the beginning signs of a fire. They had rushed over to help combat the blaze but in it’s wake they had found a lone girl with a pair of swords in her hands standing in the midst of the burning charred remains of a family dwelling. Caked on mud and blood adorned her features and the bodies had been vaporized by the initial lightning strike.

Their initial thoughts were hard to really understand. Some wanted to hang this girl, but one man eventually came forth and took of his haori, draping the ceremonial garb around the female to cover her shivering frame from the rain that beat down upon them from above. Magnolia didn’t say anything, she merely continued to quiver as she realized that her parents really were gone, that nothing would bring them back. Truly it was at this time that a gaping void was ripped open in her heart, one that left the small girl feeling only numbness and a glacial chill deep within her veins. She didn’t put up very much resistance when she was led onto the horse, and the male whose name was Atsuya and at the time, Magnolia didn’t really pay much attention to the fact she was being taken somewhere. All she cared about was the two most important people in her entire life would never return.

The dull sound of hooves pounding against the pavement echoed in her ears while she was whisked away from that hellish nightmare, the flames in the sky beginning to spread even beyond the area they had originally been in. Even with the rain slowing down the blaze, it spread quite a good ways until eventually people from all over, the elusive shinigami’s of this city began to combat the blaze with supernatural means. But by that time, Atsuya and Magnolia both had been long gone, out of the city into a manor in the outskirts that no one really knew about. This was the location of the Edo clan. A small clan which had a population of around 200 people, all of which lived within the Edo manor, a sprawling house that was set on a plot of land that was probably around 50 miles squared. Once a prominent clan in the City State, they had over generations of not having shinigami birthed into their clan, and simply being mundane pluses they ended up in the state they could be seen today as, which could be considered in decay.

As they neared the manor, Atsuya could be heard asking Magnolia if she wished to stay with him. Her reply was a dull yes, because she had nowhere else to go. She also refused to leave this city state before she got her revenge, and thus the platform was laid for her, an existence which the major lords and leaders of the city presumed to be dead.

Adolescence -5 years later. . .

”Nine Thousand Six Hundred Forty One . .”
”Nine Thousand Six Hundred Forty Two . . “

In the faint morning light a girl had been doing squats with a ten-ton boulder on her back. Glistening sweat rolled of the figure of a young woman, whose eyes the color of precious gold gazed out in the midst of her own private court-yard. After setting the boulder down, she had shifted and exhaled before centering herself. It had been five years since the fateful night she had been brought here, and magnolia was not the kind of person to sit idly by in a stupor of fear and desparation. Instead she had been training, brutally training herself to near-death each and every day these past five years. All her blood, and tears had gone into honing the skills that she sought to master. This was why in this state of calm, centering herself the the fifteen year old girl had a peculiar rod in the middle of her courtyard surrounded by a strange alloy.

This rod to many looked to be light, but the fact was it weighed at least seventy tons. Grasping the rod she exhaled and tried a technique she had perfected through electricity manipulation. It was known as Weightless Mountain, upon her fingers curling around the cool hard metal she tried lifting it. The heavy rod was lifted almost as it it only weighed around four tons rather than a whopped seventy. It was manageable for her who could lift a ten ton boulder and use it to do squats a couple thousand times

Soon her body began to move in a graceful flourish, the rod twirling as a blackened grey blur in the midst of her delicate hands. First scything to the left side, then coming around diagonally infront of her, each motion was timed with careful steps, causing her to look graceful and refined as beads of sweat glittered in the light, flying like precious droplets from her petite frame.

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III. History Continued

Soon the rapping sound of a knuckle on the wood of her door echoed, and her brilliant golden gaze shifted, her sing-song voice gruff as she said in a prompt fashion. ”..Come in!” A group had come in, and Magnolia’s eyes slid over the assembly of elders. They all came from prominent positions in the clan, and she calmly payed attention as they spoke.

”..The master wishes to see you.”

Magnolia’s expression seemed to shift as she had walked forward, brushing past them as if they had been the common rabble. Her body beginning to speed up as she ran forth through the midst of the compound. Her eyes shifting as she eventually made it to the compound’s main house, from there her hands slid to press against the cold wood. The gigantic doors sliding inwards without much of a sound, being recently oiled. She walked into the gloom beyond, transversing the hallways until she arrived at the room in which normally the leader of her step-fathers clan had been a part of. She paused and knocked before opening the door out of respect, only coming in after she was told that she could do so.

”..Come in”

Her families head spoke, his gravelly voice reverberating through the room. Magnolia parted the doors with a press of her hands and walked in, sitting down with her heels pressed against her rear, knee’s on the floor. She still wore the sweat-stained clothes from working out, and she looked forward at her clan’s head. Golden eyes clear and sharp as she said in a respectful tone that mirrored her feelings on the man that had taken her in, and nurtured her after her parents had been slaughtered.

”..You called for me clan head?”

Her words kept it brief and polite, phrasing it in such a way that it wouldn’t be seen as disrespectful. Her golden eyes remaining forward studying her clan head as she waited for him to speak. Her body fidgeting every once and awhile so that she could remain comfortable in such a rigid and disciplined sitting style. As she watched, the man who had nurtured and raised her into being the person she was today, had been rolling a piece of paper with tobacco in it. His movements remained slow and to the point before he finally licked the end and lit it. Putting the contraption to his lips and taking a drag, smoke crawling from his nostrils as he finally looked at Magnolia and his voice left his mouth, the tone of it soft but also grave.

”..I’m going to be sending you away for now, you will go on a training excursion until i send for you. “

Her eyes widened but she didn’t argue with him. The way he spoke was as if he didn’t want her anymore. Even at her age she had been raised to be strong, to be the type of girl who wouldn’t ask questions, but rather would take the hits as they came. So she swallowed the unspoken question of ”..Why is it you don’t want me anymore?” She had gotten up with the tears beading in her eyes while she walked out of the main house. As she rushed through the grounds back to her own courtyard, when she had come inside, the only real way to describe how it looked was trashed. There wasn’t a spot that had been spared. It left a clear message, which was she wasn’t welcomed here.

Her expression turned stormy as she had shifted and left from the compound, the bitter bile in her mouth reminding her of the ridicule when she was young. She hated the sensation that she was somehow not worthy. She had vowed she would become strong and yet she was far from that goal. She needed to grasp more strength, and so she fled from the family grounds, her feet moving with enough speed that she traversed the span in maybe a few seconds. She was extremely fast after all, and was able to leave the city limits within maybe ten minutes, flying out into the wilderness that spanned around them.

At this time the tears flowed freely, disrupting her normally serene continence. She was upset, she had tried so hard to be the individual that her surrogate father could be proud of. To be the his pride and joy, but it hadn’t worked out. Because of this she decided to continue along the path , rushing into the wilds beyond, her thoughts only being of fleeing so far away that there wouldn’t even hear of the name of the city that she came from.

Little did she know, that the city was making a move on her surrogate fathers family, and he had sent her away so she wouldn’t be a part of the bloody battle that would transpire. Her father stood from his desk some hours later, and looked out a window. His eyes reflecting his age, the tired slump of his shoulders conveying his pain. He huffed softly and said. ” It’s for the best if she leaves, only out there will she be saved .”

Meanwhile, everfrost had already fled hundreds if not thousands of miles from the spot after those few hours. So far into the wilderness that civilization had become overrun by the creatures and the monsters that endlessly roamed through these mountains and streams. The roars of far off beasts echoing wildly as she ran past. Eventually she’d stop, when the tears stopped flowing, her expression remaining neutral, exhaling as she thought to herself.

”..This is fine, i will just. . Make my own home. “

With a determination she decided she was going to create a place for herself out here in this wilderness. She would become a being that was so powerful that no one would be able to hold a candle to her in the city that she came from. She’d come back and wash the stain on her reputation away only after she became able to hold up to them.

So she devoted herself fully to training, her body and her mind. As the months seemed to blend together her actions seemed to hold the same repetition to them. She ate, and she fought , and then at some times she slept, but it was very infrequently. She ranged throughout the wild that surrounded her. Having become a beast that wouldn’t be sated, fighting the beasts that seemed to be around her, the monsters that made normal people flee and run for their lives. She fought them tooth and nail without any qualms, beyond this she eventually began to focus on learning her zanpakuto forging it again and again through real-world combat. This allowed her to begin to unlock the secret’s that lurked within, all that latent power that was present building up bit by bit within her until eventually she broke through to shikai.

Her golden hair whipped about her as she clenched her hand and felt the power thrumming through her veins. If only she had gotten this power sooner. So many could have been spared, she could have fought for those who she had cared about. She could have changed their meager destinies and brought them up. But it was too late, that didn’t matter to the likes of magnolia anymore, instead within her heart the hatred she felt had already seeped into her bones. It was a demon of the heart, a shadow cast over her mind. Unless she rid herself of it, she wouldn’t be able to advance any further, instead she’d remain within this cycle of self loathing, of ridicule of her self and further self depreciation. This matter had to be dealt with, and if it wasn’t , then she’d remain stagnated.

The seventeen year old girl stood, her energy flooding within her veins. It was time to return, to reclaim for those she loved their own retribution. Her small fist shook as she vanished, her body moving at breakneck speeds upon the plains that she had fled to roughly three years prior. The softness of youth had faded, and in its place the fires of her heart had burnt to cinder all her childish naivity and hesitation. She already knew the moment she returned those within the city who had opressed her parents, all of them would seek her demise. It was for them as simple as tying up loose ends, yet for her as she even thought of them, it caused her heart to palpitate, beating erratically due to the adrenaline that sung within her veins. She had fought the beasts and creatures of the wilds, but she had never fought another human, she had never been bathed in blood of her own species.

The city she grew up in, smaller than she remembered, or maybe of a different perspective than the fledgling that once had resided within it. She had walked step by step through the cobblestone streets, her eyes looking throughout the houses, the shops that lined the streets. The memories of youth flooding back into her mind, causing unbidden emotions, ones that she simply wished to never feel again, saturated her, and caused her fingers to curl to fists, knuckles white as she already knew the destination she was going to. In this city, the nobility and the commoners could be said to be as different as night and day. The nobles all resided within the very heart of the city, a second wall separating them from the commoners, who toiled and harked their wares, trying to feed their children, trying to claw themselves up into a space of reputable standing.

Each one of her steps took her bare feet closer to her destination, her golden eyes looking at the wall that loomed before her, much taller than the one that surrounded the outer districts. Her hand subtly angling to her sword as she could feel the rage within her heart. It built until it was tangible, a killing intent was only barely suppressed. She hated these people, she hated them with every fibre of her being, and she wanted them to suffer. She wished for them to feel the pain that she did. She by now was ten steps from the wall, her feet quickly closing the gaps as the sentries that stood there only just now noticed her for the first time. Her hair covered with leaves and twigs, her face smeared with dirt like a savage. They quickly went up to stop her, and told her to halt.

However she didn’t hear them, rather the image of her family as it was killed replayed within her mind, the sight of everything she held dear simply ceasing to be hers. How her own loved ones had been wrenched away from her.

Her zanpakuto spirit within her as if sensing his masters rage chuckled and said in a deep voice.

”This world is unfair, it doesn’t care who you are. If you wish to continue to live, eventually you must tread upon another. “

As the zanpakuto’s words rebounded within her mind , a guard had reached down to haul the girl away from the city wall. It was in this moment that the twin swords sprung free in a movement too fast for their eyes to follow. She lightly stepped past the man, who seemed frozen mid step, his eyes slowly being guided down to his wrists, the severed stumps which profusely sprayed blood upon the ground below, like gushing red rivers. He opened his mouth as if to scream, and the sound never came out. A thick red line spread across his body as he split into four sections, blood and organs falling from the body as the screaming began.

The little shinigami didn’t care though, she had already used her gargantuan strength to smash through the door that these sentinels guarded. The hundred ton door of stone flew inwards the chunks of rock smashing into the courtyard that laid beyond. Her twin swords held on either side as soon guards flooded from all over.

Her eyes slid glancing at each and every one of them before she vanished , her bod appearing infront of one of the guards, the scimitar within her hand falling down to bisect the males body, causing it to fall in two halves, thick red blood spraying across magnolia’s face and body, covering her with the sticky liquid as the guards converged upon her. Then it was a dance, magnolia’s body barely avoiding the spears that had been thrust at her, wounds being accumulated from the moments where she had been unable to completely avoid the attacks. Her kimono quickly was covered in cuts, while the air was heavy with the stench of blood, it all smelled horrendous, and yet it didn’t perturb the seventeen year old girl in the slightest, rather it seemed to incite her bloodlust, it made her attacks more savage.

She had become a death goddess, her twin blades guiding the souls to the afterlife with each swing. Heads flew through the air accompanied with fountains of blood, the ground was slick and slippery and dead bodies dotted the once vibrant greenery of this splendid compound. Magnolia strode through the waves of guards, killing them, her swords sparked as they deflected spear thrusts, parried great-swords and hacked through the bodies of her enemies. Eventually as she swung her sword forward she inverted the polarity of the air, causing it to blast outwards, throwing her opponents across the ground, their bodies smashing into the wood and stone construction of the buildings.

”..I cannot forgive them, even if i’m bathed in blood , i will have revenge”

The thoughts within her mind were dark, as she kicked open the door to the largest building, This was where the lords stayed that had caused her parents greif all those years ago. They were all strong, far stronger than their guards and as one looked up, the scars hewn on their faces casting ugly shadows in the torchlight. He didn’t need to say much, because the sounds of his men dying had been all the confirmation he needed. The sword he drew from it’s sheath was a oodachi, it’s elongated blade glinting menacingly in the light as he rushed upon her, the weapon slicing forward.

Magnolia’s twin weapons shifted as she caught the blade with both of hers, the ground shattering beneath her as the strength of hr opponent caused for her knee’s to bend some. She grit her teeth. This was the leader of this town, he was the strongest general born to this region in the past several hundred years, and he was already 200 years of age. The strength and knowledge he had accumulated was massive, and he showed it because as magnolia was dealing with his blade strike two guards struck from behind.

Magnolia’s body was a flash of lightning as she avoided the attack, vanishing and appearing behind the two guards in a crouch, her body launching forward blades flashing in the light, beheading both of them in a shower of blood, quickly once more she was upon the one who had caused her parents deaths. She would kill this man and the ones who helped him, she would erase this stain upon her heart with their blood. Her weapon jerked forth and she utilized the concept of howl attracting blades, causing for the males arms to become shattered by the shockwaves that had been radiated from this amount of force.

Her swords flashed as she had roared ”From the Kiln of Lightning, Burst into the world Reijingu sandā no megami”

Her swords had been enveloped in thunder, lightning arcing from them as they turned into a pair of twin lightning bolts. In this moment her blades extended and caught her opponent off guard, bifurcating them, and then cutting them into small pieces , the building exploding with a flash of thunder , lightning arcing from the smoldering wreckage.

Her eyes shifted and after that she had gone on a rampage, her swords killing the nobles in sight, and soon she had exterminated the entirety of the inner district. The streets ran red with blood as her swords became apostles of death. The screams of the living as their lives had been expunged were rich in the air, they caused the townspeople to be uneasy, and the army soon came to deal with it. But the sight that was afforded to them was absolutely one out of a nightmare. The entire compound was full of dead bodies, the inner city was nothing but a graveyard, the entire infrastructure of this city had been basically destroyed in a span of hours. Nothing was left here, and a girl walked towards the group of militiamen

Her face and kimono was covered in the blood of hundreds, her face was encased with dried on blood, and yet her eyes shone with a ferocity that caused these men to stand back. She had no qualms with them, and thus she wouldn’t kill them, but the sound of her blades as they crackled, the chirping of lightning bolts was enough to intimidate them. They moved and let her pass as she walked by them, her back held straight and her head pointing straight forward. Deep within though she felt anguish, her parents, she had finally gotten revenge for them. She had destroyed those who had wronged them with her own hand. The debt of blood was finally paid.

Yet as she walked by, her eyes found someone familiar in the crowd. Atsuya was there, looking at her as if she was some horrific being. Yet, she couldn’t bring herself to care, there was only a feeling of deadness within her, as if now that she had finally cleansed herself of the anger, and the malice that she had harbored for so long within her heart, that there was nothing left. She softly asked her zanpakuto within her mind.

”..Is it always so empty when you finally accomplish your goals?”

The zanpakuto responded with a soft voice, as she walked through the town, her eyes radiating killing intent, and blood drying on her body, the blood of those who had killed her family.

”..No, but this feeling always accompanies doing something you don’t wish to do.”

The zanpakuto responded as magnolia walked from the town, and had long since passed the outskirts, her feet taking one step after the other into the wilderness once more. Her soft breath slowly quivered and the gentlest of sobs broke from her mouth, it was frustrating to her, the fact that she had done what she had already set out to do, and yet she hadn’t been able to cleanse this sensation of hurt within her heart, so she asked her zanpakuto once more in a soft voice that was flooded with pain.

”Does it get any easier?”

She wished to know, would this pain never fade, and remain with her with it’s bone-crushing sense of guilt until the end of time. It exhausted her, and now the knowledge of what she had done sunk into her veins. It caused the frightened child within her to be brought out. Yes she had killed people, she had robbed another of their lives, and the thought of it caused her to feel weak kneed. She . . was horrified with what she had done and yet she at the same time felt that it was what she was supposed to do so that her parents could be avenged. It was a strange feeling, the feeling that she had done something horrifying that she never would be able to forgive herself for, and yet at the same time that she had accomplished what she had set out to do.

”..It does with time, your heart hardens to the unfairness of the world.”

Her zanpakuto’s weary voice was honesty in it’s truest form. Time would be the medicine that would harden and shape her innocent heart. Even if she didn’t want it, that would change her, it would cause this scared little girl to become someone else entirely different. It was because of this that the zanpakuto wanted to softly guide her, to become someone that she could become proud of. Someone that would be capable of standing with her head held high, without fear of regretting the decisions that she had made. Which was why sitting there on his throne he did something he normally wouldn’t do. He slowly within the inner world stood up and walked down the steps, step by step until he stopped next to the girl who was crying while sitting in a corner.

He gave her a hug and then even as in the material world magnolia was still walking, her footsteps leaving prints of blood on the dirt road, He had slowly looked at her, his eyes hardening and he then told her.

”Give me a hundred and fifty years, and i will make you someone who can enforce your own ideals, i will make you into someone who can move with pride, and power no matter where they go. ‘

Magnolia stopped her tears and looked up at her zanpakuto spirit. Within their inner world she had slowly exhaled and thought about it. If she was strong she could carve out a spot of this world where the unfairness could atleast for a little bit be midigated. Even if she had to become an asura, she felt it was possible to live in this world following her own principles , but for this to work she needed one thing. She needed absolute strength

This strength was what she sought, and so because of that she had slowly exhaled and looked up at her zanpakuto spirit in this space that only the two of them shared. Nodding once she affirmed that she could give him this much, that if he wished to mold her into someone of vast power, she would let him. She would strive to reach for that power and take it for her own, so that she would be able to stand at the top, so that she would become someone who wouldn’t be bound by fear of others strength. Beyond helping this world become fair, she wished to live freely, to be unhindered by anyone under the heavens. She had already felt the darkest flavors of oppression, and she didn’t want to feel that any more

Moving back to the material plane, Magnolia had been walking for some time. Now however under the cover of night, with the stars dusting the sky she had stopped in a river to bathe, slowly peeling off the layers of blood that had been encrusted in her hair, on her clothes and face. As the layers had been sloughed off a determination filled her veins, she was going to get stronger, she would stand above everyone.

It was this thought that led her to begin to walk into the wilds, far beyond civilization, her speed picked up and the ground below turned into a blur. Rapidly approaching the mountains to the east, the frigid air kissing her flesh whilst she thought to herself that some day when she stood at the top she might be able to fix this rotten society. However for now, she still had to get there first.

The years of Seclusion

In the mountains, the air was crisp and clear, it was the tonic that was needed for magnolia’s hurting heart to mend. During this time slowly she had begun to delve into the mysteries that had been left to her by her zanpakuto. The memories of her ancestors about her shikai was enough for her to ponder and contemplate to gain insight from. Infact in the beginning of her seclusion upon a lonely mountain’s peak in the midst of the mountain range that had been rarely explored by man, she had found herself contemplating not only her shikai, but why she had taken the actions she had in the beginning of life.

It was more than contemplating her own zanpakuto to gain strength, as her zanpakuto had explained to her, it was the process of tempering her spirit and her mind, so she could further walk down the path that she sought. To gain experience and enlightenment from the experiences of her past, to understand her actions and what they had been born from. Had they been born from hatred, or had they been born from something like the need for revenge as had been the reason she had slaughtered her way into the inner city and killed all those nobles.

It was these first few years that she spent contemplating her own mundane nature, why she had done what she had done. For what reason had she acted? And looking back on it all as a bystander, she found most of the pain that she felt seeped away and left her feeling numb. She was able to feel that there was a reason for her actions, that she hadn’t been the monster she thought she was in those moments of leaving the compound, that she had simply severed and completed the karmic cycle between her and the people that had slighted her.

It was only then as she remained in a deep state of meditation that she was able to go past the memories of her past, and contemplate deeper matters. Returning to her origin and thinking about her own mortality. About how her actions had always had a reason and a consequence to them. In this way she slowly learned, that in this world there was always a cause, and then there was an effect. Only the strong would be able to brave the waves that would inevitably be cast by a catastrophic event. As the ideals of youth had faded away she had reached a state of enlightenment. The demons that plagued her heart after the first ten years of her seclusion had faded away to the point that she could think of them without feelings of anxiety, self-doubt or heartache.

It was only then that she had finally been able to practice once more her skills with her zanpakuto. Her movements serene yet filled with a profoundness as she practiced the techniques of her shikai. She continued in those years after to forcibly broach the very outermost capabilities of her shikai. To continue to shape it, to build upon the theoretical knowledge that lay within her mind, and to test the theories within her head. It was in this way that she slowly began to grow, the moments which seemed to important to her, slowly fading into the past as her strength continued to grow.

It would be from these insights that magnolia took her first steps into true martial arts techniques, drawing off the knowledge of her zanpakuto, to shape slowly styles of combat that would fit her. Alarming strength and indomitable will drove her to strive for loftier heights than she previously had before. Even now in her moments of peace outside of practice, she would sit in a state of peace, completely cut off from the world as she gazed upon the stars.

Her life was that of a hermit as she practiced, learning from her zanpakuto and gaining the experiences and knowledge she needed to live in the cruel world that she was born into. Soon she mastered her shikai, the boundary between what was known as shikai and bankai quickly approaching her in her eighty eighth year of seclusion. Her twin swords rumbled like thunder clouds as she directed them through the air, the indomitable strength behind them scattering clouds and shaking the heavens. As she practiced her movements flowed like a dance, sometimes incomparably slow and tranquil like a meandering stream, yet at other times they had profound power within them. Striking at speeds that rendered her blades into little more than streaks that covered the air , the power behind them comparable to thunderclaps as they dispersed into shockwaves in the air.

Soon though as her energy began to build, on the eve of her one hundreth year thunderclouds gathered in the skies from the advent of her power. A hundred years was a time that was not to slow, yet at the same time, it wasn’t considered fast either as her blades begun to merge to form a uniform shape. The blades that one were two unified into one, a halberd. Her energy rose and caused the mountains to quake with her raw power, and yet even as she felt elation at her newfound power, it was tempered now by her knowledge. She knew that she aimed for even loftier heights, she wished to become a being who stood at the top, to pursue strength until she either died, or found the answers that she sought.

Many things of this world seemed fleeting to the girl who had contemplated her own mortality for a hundred years in the midst of training, yet the only real answer she had gotten was that strength was the only thing she’d be able to rely on. She knew eventually she might come to trust another, but for now she felt it was better if she walked a solitary path, seeking strength that no one could look down on. Even with the circumstances life had given her, she wasn’t ready to give up yet. Instead she wished to be free of the shackles of the world. That was her wish, and as she pointed her halberd at the heavens she vowed she’d one day obtain that absolute strength.

After this moment however, she continued to train, consolidating the newfound realm of power she had reached, this would take another fifty years, until on the eve of her hundred and sixty seventh birthday she decided it was time to once again venture into the outside world.

The Roving World Arc:

The world outside was full of strife and chaos. The clans continued to fight, bickering and roaring at one another. The sects continued to fight over resources, and the thousand-year-old monsters kept staying silent in the shadows. Magnolia re-entered this world once more, after her exploits, the destruction of the clans that slighted her had been forgotten in the sands of time. Currently, she walked on a dirt & cobblestone road, geta making faint clicking noises against the infrequent stones.

Magnolia had accomplished her goal, so what would come next? The Shinigami decided that she would pursue the peak of her martial skill. So, that’s what she did. It took several days of walking on that deserted mountain road to reach the next large town over. This town had a few medium-sized clans and was a part of the roaring eagle's sect, a hegemon of the central region, one of the eight great powers of the current empire that she was in. Walking across the dusty streets and looking at the vagabonds that dotted it’s borders, Magnolia couldn’t help but wonder what the powerful thought of these weak people.

Were they benevolent to them? Did they believe that by hoarding resources they would be able to benefit the realm? The corruption of the Martial world, the unfairness of the strong treading over the weak was something that baffled her, and she couldn’t help but ask Raijin.

“Is this how the world should be? Is this right?” Magnolia asked Raijin faintly through their mental connection.

”It is how it is, Right has nothing to do with it.” Raijin responded with a faint, weary sigh.

Magnolia was struck by the wrongness of it, as she stayed within the town, cultivating and watching its inhabitants go about their lives. The injustice that these people had to endure, the way they were trampled upon was something that she felt was against the martial way. It was not a benefit but a detriment to the realm. Thus she decided that this would be a part of her martial way, fighting against the injustice that had been levied to the weak. Would that make her an asura? Wading through the bodies of thousands of men? Would it make her a monster, inhuman as the people she was fighting? Harden her heart, Raijin told her constantly, and so she did. She hardened her heart against the Slaughter that she would ultimately cause.

It was around this time that she found a famous weapon-smith, a hermit upon one of the remote mountains in the periphery of the region. Her zanpakuto was her soul-mate, her partner, but she needed weapons that would become a symbol of her martial prowess, to not lean on her zanpakuto as a crutch. The sword that weaponsmith forged for her, with the promise that she would never use it against the weak, was the big-bear sword. A massive blade that when she picked it up she marveled at its cruel beauty. Knowing that it would be a blade that she would quench and bathe in the blood of thousands, millions if need be.

The next day she appeared before the Headquarters for the Roaring Eagles in this town, walking up to the opulent gates, her oodachi resting on her shoulder. The guards would stop her after she neared the gates, telling her to halt. However, what happened next would not follow that command at all.

Electricity flowed forth from the surface of her sword. The force of her swing obliterating the front door, shattering the earth, killing the combatants that had rushed forward to bolster the guards at the door after dimensional wards went off. The entire courtyard was turned into a scene of death and blood, broken bodies and splintered wood. Shattered ceramics, and twisted metal. Stone laid crumbled across the scene as magnolia walked through. These disciples were so weak, in the first or second levels of cultivation, the elders were a tad stronger, but they all were destroyed like insects.

Once the courtyard was destroyed, the elders would come out. These elders were powerful, capable of weathering the winds and rain, capable of destroying the region with a flip of their hands. Yet, Magnolia wouldn’t acknowledge their power or greet them properly, it would be the surface of her blade that greeted them. The titanic force of her swing requiring most of the elders to block to repel it. During this fight however, Magnolia did get injured. Burns dotting her arms, her kimono ripped and torn to expose her toned muscles as she slaughtered through them one by one.

As she slaughtered them, thinking of how mortality was such a fleeting thing. How even these powerful elders would be obliterated, their lives extinguished to the karmic cycle, she could feel a sensation of enlightenment about her. Nirvana, Life and death, the cycle that encompassed it all had always been an esoteric thing that had eluded her. Even when she meditated, practicing with Raijin and becoming one with the energies of nature, she had never grasped this concept of mortality, of death and how life led up to one's death.

Yet here, as the skies roared in power, as tremors shook the earth, and the courtyard and the regions surrounding it were turned upside down, it was as if a gate that had once been locked and obscured from sight was cracked open to her. The mysteries that had been beyond her were just within reach. She had traveled the path of vengeance, but she hadn’t resolved herself to a path. Some called it the progression of fate, Others called it finding one's Dao and reaching enlightenment.

This enlightenment brought with it an influx of natural energies. The sky charged with electricity as the gap between Magnolia and the Elders became much more apparent. As she fought she soon wasn’t just fighting on par with these elders, she was overwhelming them, slaughtering through them before ultimately destroying the entire compound.

Martial Peak Arc:

In the wake of that destruction and devastation, Magnolia felt herself enter a state of enlightenment. She could feel herself at the cusp of something new, of something deep, deep within herself awakening. More than ever she could feel raijin thrumming within her hands. She could feel the world opening up to her.

Closing her eyes and sitting down within the burning rubble and ruined land, Magnolia had allowed herself to delve into the core of her being. The very essence of who she was, and within that world, so empty and dark that only the thunderclouds above illuminated it’s gloom, she found him, Raijin. The great thunder beast which lurked above. His luminous green eyes looking down upon her with a great bloodlust.

”Come, let us delve to the heart of us, and cross this final threshold together!” Raijin’s sonorous roar was thunder incarnate, it’s tenor boom roiling through the endless sea of clouds.

Magnolia did not speak, and instead as she took her first tentative steps towards the heavens she broke into a dead sprint, launching herself into the black clouds of thunder, a war-cry blossoming forth from her lips.

Heaven and earth were upturned, and the illuminated flashes of lightning exploded without abandon as these two great beasts of thunder and lightning fought within the darkness that stretched out forever.

For countless days and nights within that inner world, the rumbling and rolling of battle exploded forth, clouds being torn asunder, lightning flying from the heavens above to the darkness below. Over and over they clashed and they fought, until they stood side by side, broken and battered within the darkness.

Magnolia’s pants were heavy and hot as her golden eyes remained blurry from the blood that pooled across them. Yet as she looked towards the darkness, towards her mentor and friend that stood there, she realized the truth, and she allowed the naginata that remained within her hands to tumble away into the endless sea of clouds below.

Her lips parted as she reached forth into the endless void. This whole time he had been screaming out the name that had remained just beyond the surface of her lips. His beautiful, sonorous name, the dignified lord of thunder. It was only after she abandoned the fight, after she stopped fighting that she would truly understand that.

The darkness was quenched, as her inner world was illuminated by an all consuming, resplendent, lightning bolt.

“From the pinnacle of everything, return to the origin, and transcend your limits Shōten no ten no megami”Magnolia’s words echoed, and her world became ever-more dyed in thunder.

Magnolia’s eyes opened, and the rain that fell from the heavens above, quenching the scorched earth below was solemn and somber. Her power had become greater than ever, perhaps powerful enough to stand against the patriarch and matriarchs of the five great sects. Soon, yes soon it would be time to crush them all, to liberate the world from the clutches of the tyranny that had entrapped it.

Magnolia rose, and though her clothes were wet, the fire in her heart burned more resplendently than ever. Walking forward, she would stride forward the mountains once more, this time when she emerged from her seclusion, to solidify her realm, she would come for them, and she would finally rid the world of the menace that had been it’s scourge for times long since past.

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IV. Basic Powers

» Powered Traits: Below are the traits that Magnolia Everfrost, or Inverse Animum Actually as, they share the same theme but there are some slight differences between the two. Anyways this is not a part of the shinigami’s Zanpakutō. These are things she is able to do without a Zanpakutō, or natural traits and abilites she gained completely by herself without help of a inner spirit, or some outside power.

Prodigious Energy User: Magnolia Everfrost is considered to be a prodigy of the inverse soul society when it comes down to simply the vast amount of different ways that she is able to utilize her spiritual energy in the field of battle. Some might say she is a spirit energy specialist, one that only falls short when compared to the quincy race. Now what does this mean? It means she has many different techniques and abilities that can be utilized without her Zanpakutō, just simply with the introduction and manipulation of her own spiritual energy. These abilites are listed below.

Blasts and Shockwaves: This is her ability to manipulate and create blasts and shockwaves with her spiritual energy alone, it works through rapidly expanding her reishi when she has it in a condensed form around her body. That being said this works only when her energy is in its condensed state around her skin. In normal states her energy is already expanded therefor it cannot be manipulated in this way. However when condensed she is more then able to rapidly expand and contract it. This creates feats such as giving her a one inch punch that could shatter city blocks, or in other applications this could be used to simply knock back physical attacks, throwing out her spiritual energy as a metaphysical wall to slap things aside. Or possibly being used to generate blasts with the concept of condensing and then letting the reishi rapidly expand in a very short period of time, meaning that she can take her energy and for example make an orb the size of her pinky, that could after being thrown expand to the size of a city block and have a detonation that could potentially take out multiple city blocks.

Unfathomable Spiritual Pressure:

General Overview and Functions:
It is hard to describe just how much spiritual pressure that Magnolia Everfrost actually has. Some might call it to be akin to that of the cosmos, physically able to shatter the ground and cause even the sturdiest of structures to turn to ash under the onslaught of her absolutely insane spiritual pressure. To give an example, releasing a fraction of her spiritual pressure is enough to cause the very ground to shiver, producing minor aftershocks and even fissures that might open up in the ground, spider webbing out from her position as the epicenter. Buildings can potentially pancake even if made of reinforced titanium, the ground itself can sink a couple hundred feet simply from her pressure alone , and those of a lower tier can be slowed down or even become unable to stand if the tier difference is too great, causing bodily harm such as broken bones potentially. It also physically interacts with the air, causing charged electricity to begin to either turn things into magnets, or strike the ground with enough force to melt holes in solid metal.

Another note is her spiritual pressure is dense enough that it can even be used to physically block attacks, such as if it’s drawn all the way and focused on her body, there might be enough defensive force to take a Single All out attack from someone of her same tier, and possibly only suffer minimal to moderate wounds from it, or multiple attacks from those who are the same tier if they are simply at normal power or even slightly less than full power, not because she would be actively defending, but because when she condenses all that spiritual pressure into the surface just outside her skin, because of its volume it could be considered almost Adamantine. Now that isn’t saying that this is an active buff, it is merely an example of what can be done simply because of how much energy she has, and there are some downsides that persist when she focuses her energy like this, such as she becomes unable to cast Kido when she has her energy focused on her skin, because if she’s focusing it she isn’t using it for anything other than a shield. So yes it makes it so she has a stupidly powerful shield, but it greatly diminishes her attacking power.

Then there is the aspect of electrical generation. Her energy naturally creates electricity as a byproduct, much like how generators can be used to create electricity, her energy naturally is churning, and this force causes electrons to be ripped from the very molecules in the air and then they are thrown back into her spiritual energy. These electrons are what forms the basis of the electricity she is able to create, continuously building and growing until the point that it could be utilized much in the same way that lightning is able to be utilized, being thrown or even used as a weapon, if need be in certain situations. The only difference between natural lightning and her own generated electricity is it is heavily saturated with spiritual energy, meaning any electricity she generates or uses, as a rule of thumb will be much harder to hijack, and hit much harder than standard electricity ever would.

Electricity Control: Generally speaking any type of energy that is created by a person should be controllable by them. This holds true for Everfrosts electricity that is generated as a byproduct of her reishi. She is more than capable of holding dominion over the electrons that permeate the air and the very electricity she herself generates. This control is to the point that thanks to the ability to calculate things on a very small scale she can cause minute changes in the electrons that surround her. Be it a slight alteration or ripping the electron from the very bonds that it is attached to she is more than capable of utilizing this form of electricity control in such ways that let her generate entire streams of moving lightning or raw lightning bolts that can be chucked from her hands. Or she could for example as seen in her base state cause a state of polarization or depolarization in the area around her, even if it isn’t as large as what she can do with her Zanpakutō spirit itself. Beyond this she is also able to control outside sources of electricity to a certain extent. Such as if she was in a large city she could feasibly utilizing control over electrons pull electricity from an outlet or if she was close enough to a powerline she could feasibly divert the power to give herself a momentary charge.

The "zone" described in this at maximum encompasses two miles.

Saturation Point: Something unique about Magnolia Everfrost is that her energy isn’t only seeping out to effect the world around her, it’s also seeping into her muscles, into her bones, into her skin. Even if she is a supernatural being which has an internal energy source that doesn’t always mean the person has reishi within their body at every moment of the day. With her however this means that naturally her body is denser than most. Highly durable from the start thanks to the fact that even passively her absolutely gargantuan spirit energy is going to both affect the word around her and then affect the shinigami themselves. It is for this reason actually that she is able to reign in her unholy energy and then compact it to a point that would just be surrounding her skin. Because reishi is already present within the skin it’s simply a matter of pulling it inwards and packing it till it hits the saturation point and then the rest remains outside the body. Now while defense and speed can increase when drawing energy into the body there is a limit to how much energy can be imbedded into the body at one time. Roughly 30% of her total energy can be pumped into her body before she hits the saturation point. Any more after than and the body begins to rip itself apart to try to find space to accommodate all the energy within it. Actually Saturation point can visibly be seen due to physical changes in the body that stem from the energy that is being pushed into it.

5% Saturation: At 5% the body looks pretty much normal, veins might become more apparent when the user is imbedding energy into their body but other then that there really isn’t much other than a minor drop in tier that comes from the fact that at this point 5% of her energy is being rapidly metabolized. So if this was to take place there would be a 5% increase in physical stats and there would be a tier drop in powered tier. Such as if she was 0-2+ she’d only be 0-3+ at this point until she began the process of stopping energy metabolization. Which takes time of course, as every 5% takes a half a turn to both raise up to and move down to until you get to 20% after which it takes a turn for every 5% . So to get to 30% it’d take 5 turns to transfer all that energy within her body. On the flip side it’d then take 6 turns to release her energy back to a state of 0 % metabolization at which point she’d remain at a minor sub-tier below for the remainder of the thread [if she metabolized all the way] if she just went up to 20% she recovers her full powered tier upon exiting saturation point.

10% Saturation: At 10% The muscles don’t look like they bulk up, but more the skin begins to glow with her reishi color of choice. Gold. A bronzing effect covers her body making her almost look metallic rather than gold. A telltale sign of this actually taking place is that anything she hits becomes lightly dusted in a goldish residue which is naturally outputted by her body. Other fun facts are at this point she would have 15% Stronger physical stats than those of her power level, and she’d drop another minor tier-level. At this point though she’d be comparable to 0-4 in most situations but as an indicator of her power for example if she was only advanced in strength she’d still be able to pull off feats such as with her energized punches she could take out good chunks of cities simply because all that energy that is being converted naturally to strength is being then expelled in her punches, exponentially increasing their power. Other then that her body doesn’t have any real strain to stay in this bolstered state, given it’s only increasing her body’s physical output to 110% Which can be maintained for relatively long periods of time. If pushed to it’s very limits she could output 10% Saturation for 45turns before she needed to return to resting state.

15% Saturation: To get to 15% saturation it requires the user to have already been utilizing saturation point for a single turn. This also vice-versa takes a turn to power down from. At 15% the muscles begin to glow vibrantly as an indicator of reishi to body saturation levels, but beyond this the body itself seems to begin to look more defined. Muscles rejuvinated by and overabundance of fuel to burn will begin to get more ripped. Now this wouldn’t be to a grotesque level but it could be seen by the body looking slimmer, muscles becoming more defined stuff like that. Now Power tier would drop another minor tier to 0-5 and Physical skills would increase by 15% at this point meaning she’d be 15% Stronger than those of the same skill-level that she’d be currently at. Other tell-tale signs will be that the glow on the body naturally grows more vibrant.

20% Saturation: At 20% Nothing changes really as we are in the second turn duration level, however this is the point of no return in which the user still can theoretically power-down and maintain full tier-level for the remainder of the thread if they go back down to 0%. At this point the user is 25% Stronger physically than those of their skill-level. Granted this is a wide-buff that applies to all stats such as Durability, Speed, and Strength. This doesn’t apply to weapon skill however. Tier wise the user has dropped down to 1-1 if their original tier was 0-2+

25% Saturation: At 25% This is when we begin to see the most stark changes in physiology. The body itself begins to take on a corona of energy that dances across the skin for starters. Second is the users tier if they originally had been 0-2+ Would now currently be 1-2 Another thing to note is that at this point even if she was to completely power down to 0% would be 0-2 for the remainder of the thread if her original tier was 0-2+. Now other than that the users physical skills become easily 35% stronger than those of her skill level [ when regarding defense, Strength, and Speed] She can easily maintain this level of power for 20 turns if need be with her physical exertion.

30% Saturation: 60% is different because up to this point you can go up 10% per turn. However unlike 0-10% and 10-20% 25 and 30% have to be reached in their own individual turns. Just as 25% is reachable on the beginning of the third turn, 30% Is reachable on the beginning of the 4th turn . At 30% If you are originally 0-2+ you would be 1-3-. However at this point the body will begin to undergo more startling transformations. Reishi at this point has fully saturated the epidermal layer of the skin, causing for the users own element to be imbedded in attacks if they have any. [Such as in the case of Animum her electricity will become imbedded in her skin, which means a punch will not only contain the energy from the user themselves, but also from the electricity that naturally is contained by the user's body] Beyond this reishi density becomes much greater, centralizing on the very exterior of the skin. Finally the physical skills are bolstered to 45% Greater than those of her current skill levels, meaning she would be roughly 45% stronger than someone who say had the same strength level as her, 45% more durable, or 45% faster. Note due to energy drain the user’s powered tier if they power down to zero would be stuck at 0-3+ For the remainder of the thread if their powered tier was originally 0-2+. This can be utilized by Magnolia for around 15 turns.

Lightning Bolts: Through the lightning generation aspect of her electricity she can create lightning bolts, they vary in power, with the weakest only being enough to cause minor burns and potentially burn holes in the ground, while the strongest are able to pierce the toughest of hides and shatter large swathes of land in a seconds notice. Now how do you tell the strong bolts from the weak ones? Quite simply really, the size of the lightning bolt is proportionate to it’s strength, as well as color, as the more “natural” the lightning bolt might look, the weaker it is. Now the more the bolt is permeated with the color blue the stronger the bolt is. For example, a completely blue bolt of say 20 feet in length might have enough power to punch a hole in a mountain without much of a problem. While one that was say 35feet in length could do potentially more than one of 25 feet so the strike would more likely shear the top off a mountain or take a considerable chunk out of it rather than simply blowing a hole into it, below is the breakdown of how powerful these bolts are.

5ft long White: Still extremely hot, and relatively easy to make, these would be what you would consider to be the “weakest” of the arsenal of lightning bolts that Magnolia is actually able to create. One of these might have enough power to cause a hole 40 feet wide, and 40 feet deep, and hot enough to cause minor burns on someone who was caught off guard by it of a similar tier, but at the same time it might be completely ineffective towards someone who was fully prepared for it, depending on how strong their defense is, it would be a safe bet to say if someone had over adept in durability they would get the crap shocked out of them, but other than that it’d do very little to them.

10ft Long Still White: These pack more of a punch than a 5 foot bolt, being able to blow out possibly a city block in terms of it’s destructive power on impact. They are also hot enough that they can cause for burns on someone with adept durability if they were to take the attack head on. For someone with beginner durability this most likely could punch a hole clear through them without a problem. She can still create these without a problem, and those that get hit with this will most likely feel anything from a tingling sensation for a few posts after or extreme pain from the free-nerve endings in the skin being stimulated too much, causing an overload of feedback to the brain.

15ft Long Tinted With Blue: It takes conscious thought for her to create bolts of this caliber, being able to detonate at a point of possibly a few city blocks in length, these are definitely a major jump from the previous two bolts. At this point it could cause serious burns to our adept in durability if they were to tank it without any supernatural protection ,[meaning simply on their skin] While it would be potent enough to cause burning on contact with someone of advanced to master durability, although since it is electricity these wouldn’t particularly cause extensive damage to someone of advanced let alone master in durability they are certainly potent enough to give them the kind of shock that could do a number of things, such as being hit by this could potentially cause someone with low pain tolerance to begin convulsing, or it could cause the impacted site to become sluggish. I.E if it hit someones arm it could potentially make it so that the arm would be 10% slower than it normally was because of the overflow of electricity in the body. It should be noted though that like anything else this can be combatted, or even nullified outright even if someone has beginner durability if external factors [such as maybe a demon with akuma kyodo] uses their barrier to deflect it, so these are just descriptions of what happens when you are hit by these.

20ft Long Light Blue: These are are considered to take concentration to actually generate, and she can’t simply spam them either, she could fire off maybe 5 of these per post before beginning to feel some sort of strain, and possibly 15 in a post for 3 posts before she would feel moderate exhaustion. They pack enough power at this point to decimate a multi-block radius with relative ease, and on impact is able to punch through most mundane substances, such as rock/steel as if it is wet paper. Beyond this it has enough energy inside one of these from electricity alone to power a small town for several days, when you introduce spiritual energy in to the equation it might have enough power to take out anywhere from 1000ft to a quarter of a mile radius and roughly the same in terms of depth if it was to strike something such as the ground. Being hit by one of these doesn’t really have any different effect than the 15ft bolt, it will shock the crap out of someone, causing electrical burns all over the body before exiting into a ground, such as earth, or a metal rod. Ecetera.

25ft Long Sapphire Blue: These can only be described as monstrous. A single bolt of this caliber could punch a sizable hole through a mountain without much of a problem. At this point these bolts generate stormclouds when they are created, simply because of the vast amount of electricity that it takes to even generate a 25ft long compact bolt of reishi-saturated lightning. This means if it was to hit a person, it is more than likely that unless they actively defended against it, there would be serious damage to the body, third degree burns radiating out from the point of impact, burns that potentially went down to the very bone would all be good characteristics of being hit by this kind of blast. If one of these simply was thrown into the ground, it would carry enough force to decimate up to a mile, taking out everything in it’s wake with very little issue. To even create one of these Magnolia Everfrost needs to gather her energy and then she will begin to send up leading electrons , these will attract electricity and reishi and pull it down to her after that it would take a few seconds for her to generate the bolt. She can fire off maybe 2 of these in a post this is also the largest bolt she can generate and fire in the span of a single turn.

30ft Long Royal Blue: For a 30ft long bolt that is super-saturated with energy, it takes roughly 2 turns of charging. During this time she is unable to fire other bolts given the amount of energy and resources she would need to put towards her own body to be able to sustain and generate a bolt of this level. Similar to the previous 25ft long bolt this one generates stormclouds within a mile radius of the bolts point of generation, and it has enough power in it electricity wise to be able to be used to power a major city such as LA for two months without much of a problem, so naturally this means that with the introduction of spiritual energy these should be considered to be highly dangerous, able to deform and change the landscape without a problem these bolts are fully capable of wide-spread destruction, being able to erase large parts of big cities from the blast radius or even being able to be on par with all-out attacks from those of similar tier, in short these are not to be trifled with, and only two of them can be fired in an entire thread before she would begin to feel fatigue.

[Event Only] 35ft long Midnight Blue: At 35 feet in length, this it a bolt that can only be fired two times in a thread, each time it requires a three turn charge and 25% of her total energy. A single blast from one of these is strong enough to eradicate the top of a mountain or even an entire mountain if it hit dead on, the blast is capable of erasing cities and because of it this is an event only ability, after firing it once she becomes unable to even more for the remainder of the thread and hence it should be treated with upmost caution.

IV Continued. Hakuda

無重力の山 Mujūryoku no yama (Weightless Mountain)

Weightless Mountain is a distributing technique. By taking upon the mass of an object and injecting spiritual pressure to fortify the body before distribution it causes for objects of many tons to, for all intents an purposes affect a user as if it was simply a few thousand pounds. The primary function of this technique is physical, and relies on the bodies ability to bear weight. The Secondary intrinsic function is actually spiritual in origin. By gathering lightning Qi in the body it results in many minute polarizations of gravitational fields around the object in question, (for objects within a couple hundred meter radius) This is known as Mountain’s Projective grasp ( Yama no shaei no haaku ) And it allows for objects of many tons if the user is of 0 tier to weigh only around maybe a thousand pounds for example. If a user of the Weightless Mountain art was to lift a hundred thousand pound sword, it would be plausible because the ability projects strongest through objects that the practitioner is in direct contact with. Such a difference is comparable to an object in the Mountains Projective grasp weighing but 30,000 pounds if originally 100,000 pounds, but in the users palm it might only weigh 5,000 pounds which is around 20 times lighter.

天国を無視した配 Tengoku o mushi shita hairetsu (Heaven Defying Array)

The Heaven-Defying Array is a technique that focuses on the body, key points of condensing of the chest, temple, palms and soles are used then to create a finely attuned network of reishi that nurtures the martial body. In doing so fatigue is able to be momentarily replenished, and the resplendent energy that radiates outwards causes the user's defensive attributes to increase by 150% for the duration of a few posts. One key feature of the heaven defying array, lays in it’s ability to increase the density of the muscles, and the durability of the skin and bones. Because of this feature, opponents facing this array, can discern bulging veins, and a bronzing-gold sheen over the body, making the user look like a being made almost entirely of metal. The Second Key feature, lays in the user’s adeptness at energy manipulation, since by circulating the energy of the user within the six major points of temple, chest, palms, and soles, it becomes possible to send wave after wave of revitalizing energy to the muscles, thus this explains why in a period of a few posts, possibly three to four that the user so long as they forgo energy-draining attacks, becomes more than capable of going on a heaven-defying rampage without stop, without rest until which time the heaven-defying array has diminished. The third thing of note about this technique is, while there is no discrimination based on physical stats, there is a rule of thumb to go with it. Generally those of 0 tier, can use it thrice, bar a high zero tier who can use it three and a half times per thread. 1 to 2 tier can use it twice per thread. Anyone under the 2 tier mark can use it a lone time, after which the body requires 1 turn rest, and 2 turns of half-use before resuming their full martial might.

悪魔の爆破 Akuma no bakuha: (Shattering Demon Blows)

The shattering demon blows stems from both the users strength, and the hardness of their body. When utilized the user will imbed energy directly into two key areas; the skin, and the bones. In doing so it allows for the supple muscles to freely contact, exherting power into each of these blows which is comparable to 200% their normal force. Due to this a single blow from the shattering demon blows is more than capable at even a moderate level of power with feats such as; demolishing buildings, shattering visible swathes of land on par with city blocks, or delivering blows that could potentially crack hierro. The other intrinsic feature is it’s ability to send minute vibrations into a body on the moment of impact. This is due to the split-second contraction of muscles in the hand and arm, which takes place upon impact. These vibrations make it easier to shatter hierro, and most basic physical defenses. It can in rare cares even cause internal damage on a minor scale, if the vibrations manage to make it through the layers of fat,skin, armor, and muscle into the body. In terms of mastery this technique is based wholly on strength therefor below will give you a basic idea of what practitioners of certain levels are capable of.

Basic Level: Beginner Strength - Our basic practitioner can’t quite cause amazing feats, but with their current prowess it would be more than possible for them to punch holes in steel, shatter the supports of small buildings, or break through a slab of concrete roughly 2-3 feet thick. In terms of the vibrational power that is emitted upon impact, this is also negligible unless someone has zero defense, in which case they might feel some discomfort.

Learning Level: Adept Strength: Our learning practitioner is stronger than basic, they could shatter buildings, leave holes in reinforced titanium with a well placed punch, and more or less they can cause centralized damage within a city block radius without much of a problem. The vibrational forces have become much stronger than previously. Being capable of causing damage to adept level hierro. However like the basic level, they still are unable to cause vibrational damage unless the opponent has no defenses to speak of.

Intermediate Level: Advanced Strength: The Intermediate level is when practitioners begin to blossom. Well placed blows can cause the vibrational power of shattering demon blows to wreak havoc even in a multi-block radius. Shattering buildings, and even destroying gemstones such as diamond becomes accomplishable at this point. Beyond this the vibrational power of our intermediate level is strong enough to cause minor internal damage upon impact, bypassing hierro or physical defenses partially. However the damage of an attack becomes diminished as it travels through the subsequent layers of the body, which is why upon impact with internal organs, the damage is while not completely negligible- is still small enough that it takes many upon many of blows to cause any lasting damage to a person's body.

Advanced Level: Elite Strength - Foe’s balk under the prowess of an advanced level demon shattering blows, capable of causing gale-force winds from the vibrations of their strikes, it becomes entirely possible for a practitioner to use their fists as well-honed blades, or even with direct strikes, they can cause tremors to radiate throughout the ground. These blows are more than frightening, in terms of their destructive level; it’s more than plausible for a full-power Demon shattering blows-strike to be capable of completely decimating large radiuses even up to a mile. If hit directly even the most stout defenses will feel the aftereffects of their vibrational forces. At this point, even hierro on a master level will only soak up so much of the blow, It becomes more than capable of causing minor to moderate internal damage to these mighty defensive beings. That being said, this mighty blow doesn’t hinder external variables such as regeneration, or those beings whose bodies are entirely made up of inorganic substances- such as energy.

Mastery Level: Master Strength - Unimaginable prowess, that could be a good way to describe a master’s might with demon-shattering blows. More than capable of rending the earth, and shattering immense swathes of land, these practitioners are truly beings to be feared. Beyond simply being able to with blows shatter peaks, and crush mountains. The vibrational force of these beings is simply otherworldly. Being capable of causing minor internal damage even to those whose defensive skills have reached the apex. To any who are below this, a well-placed blow can cause severe internal damage. If hit it isn’t uncommon for vast internal bleeding, and severe internal complications to occur, seeing as the weight of these blows is quite honestly not to be underestimated. At this point practitioners of this skill have reached the Apex, which means they can begin to alter and create their own versions of this technique.

Legendary Level: Grandmaster Strength/Master Hakuda/Advanced Durability- What are those whose skill has passed the threshold of quantification? Those are legendary practitioners of demon shattering blows. Their fists are natural disasters in the making, their motions are cataclysmic in power. Fists capable of eradicating tens of miles with singular blows, massive vibrational storms which can reduce forests to ash. These beings are so far removed from the capacity of comprehension that they themselves have become garbed in myth and legend. If someone of the legendary level was to battle it out with the mightiest of hierro practitioners even they would feel the wrath of this technique. Capable of bypassing hierro, each blow will seep through and deal moderate damage to even those who have reached the loftiest heights imaginable. These being’s not only can create their own techniques, however they can also control the amount of vibrational force and the scope of the vibrational force that is being emitted from their fists. They are beings that have gone beyond simply mastering the power of demon-shattering blows. They have completely and utterly made it second nature to them. If a master is the pinnacle of what can be attained through training, Legendary is what goes beyond that threshold. Even if someone was to reach the loftiest heights of their strength, they may still be unable to reach the qualifications to step into the threshold of Legendary.

That is why Legendary is a level that is incomparable to mastery of this technique. Beyond that, using one's abilities at the mastery level puts a monumental toll on the body for these truly cataclysmic attacks. Muscular breakdown from the intense vibrations these veritable myths of this art happen even to those at the highest levels of durability. This is why Legendary is a “Threshold” it is the pinnacle state available to those who truly have unlocked it. For those of the Legendary Level even if they have the technique, and the power to release it they must also have the capacity to use it without their bodies breaking down. One must have a minimum of advanced to utilize the legendary level for a maximum of four turns. Afterwards their body will be massively fatigued. At Elite they can use it for a maximum of six turns. Master a maximum of Eight. Grandmaster a pinnacle of 10 posts.

What do they get once they ascend these criteria and truly step into the realm of legendary? Their blows can cause immense internal hemorrhaging, destroy muscles, grind bones to dust from the intense vibrations that assail opponents on impact. Their blows can vaporize lakes, and general cause widespread destruction. This is the immense threshold of Legendary.

ライトニング・ゴスペ Raitoningu gosupe (Lightning Goddesses Rending Fist)

An elemental attack that borrows the users power and condenses it into physical prowess. It can be said that the Lightning Goddesses Rending Fist carries enough power in it to even cleave through thunderbolts and cause sounds akin to thunderclaps. The technique itself has two unique Variations of it which are based upon the direct intent of the ability. The Intents are, Evasion and Offense.

Cloud Rend: The Evasion style is known merely as cloud rend. The reason for this of course lays in the cloud like energy that radiates throughout the entire body, only starting at the users fist. At this point energy which is comparable in strength to tier, will flood around the body and cause for the physical space around the user to distort ever so slightly. Granted it’s not a large distortion, but what it does is two unique things. One is it causes attacks within its space to slow down by 50% so long as they take less than a second to complete. Two, the distortions function as a off-center. Essentially causing attacks to veer off course by a small margin, now like every other attack this can be broken through by users who have, a strong grasp over their attacks. Examples including manipulative-type attacks, control-type attacks or attacks with homing-type aspects are all more than capable of bypassing this technique. However it is great for attacks that simply rely on brute force, or speed. As these attacks naturally once they hit a buffer point of roughly 40 feet surrounding her bodice, will begin to diverge on that slight 1inch per foot redirection gradient, causing at the epicenter for most attacks, to be offset by 40 inches if they are mindless attacks. Other things to note about Cloud rend is it does drain a fairly substantial amount of energy, which is why even for high 0 tier individuals the usage cap is around 10-12 turns before the user’s ability to use it runs out.

Lightning Rend: The offensive variation of this ability is merely known as a lightning rend. The practitioner utilizes the electricity that is within their body and then condenses it until it takes physical shape. This of course leaves a yellow glow surrounding the hand which is dense and centralized around the fist, fingers, and palm. Despite being only utilizable via physical contact, the skill itself is known to be able to not only shatter a lightning bolt, but also generates enough force that if a lightning rend was to collide with the ground; a radius upwards of 3 city blocks could find itself completely pulverized by this lone attack from it’s physical might. Other unique characteristics include its metaphysical capabilities. As while this is a hakuda technique, Lightning Rend is more than capable of being able to affect metaphysical constructs such as barriers to a certain degree. Infact when coming in contact with a barrier, lightning rend will instantly discharge, causing for the damage to the barrier or metaphysical constructs to be around 1.5x greater than if it simply contacted something physical like the body.

Art 1: Exploding Steps: Hakuda art Exploding steps stems from the user’s ability to rapidly increase strength via both contracting the muscles and feeding them with reishi. Through this method it rapidly increases leg speed and allows for the user in short bursts to reach speeds that vastly exceed what they normally could do. For example due to the way this ability works overclocking one’s leg speed it can allow for the user to in distances that are under 1000ft to quadruple their speed essentially, meaning say if someone is only regularly able to reach a speed of around mach 1 with this technique they are more than capable of at maximum reaching momentary bursts of mach 4. However in doing this there is a risk, doping your muscles up on spiritual energy can lead to at the muscles themselves deteriorating. Long term effects when used over an 6 turn period [consecutive turns] can include the user taking moderate to serious damage in the muscles some aspects of this technique include

Leg-Power Enhancement: Utilizing this technique requires the leg strength capacity to be greatly increased. This is why it is common to see some sort of veil forming around the legs the turn before this technique is used. It is one of the greatest downfalls after all. The technique cannot be utilized by itself and requires for this turn period to be present. Think of it as a conditioning period, in which the reishi is actively seeping into the muscles, causing changes in structure and reinforcing bone. Supercharging every aspect of the muscles strength, such as kicking speed, over all power when used. Exertion and stopping power. All of these are vastly increased in the pre-turn to activating the Exploding steps hakuda. In this turn other down-sides is for the turn previous of activation the user is only able to move at around 55% their max speed. This of course is due the changes that are being put into place on the muscles themselves.

Kicking Power: Touched upon in Leg-Power Enhancements, the raw force that can be put into a kick is vastly increased. A single kick can contain double the force that it had before, this is because of the fact that the muscles themselves are in a state of super-charge. They have vastly greater stores of energy, and in turn because of the over-clocking that is taking place the action that causes the muscles to contract is also exaggerated. This of course means that when kicking the user has to follow through with the kick. Which is why generally kicks are not used with this technique, sure they are powerful but you cannot stop a kick that had been put into place. Because the muscle contraction is exaggerated to increase force behind the blow, this means the contraction required to stop the kick mid-flight is not applicable. Translating to how kicks cannot stop with this particular Hakuda Style.

Skeletal Durability Enhancement: Touched upon in Leg-Power Enhancements, with the turn that the allocation occurs, the bone is vastly reinforced in this technique. It will have amplified the durability it had before by a large margin. The catch is that the upper bodies durability hasn’t changed in the slightest. It remains at the previous durability level. The reason for the bones being increased in durability is simply because of the force of blows that transpires simply from launching off the ground. To be able to reach speeds that are accessible with Exploding steps the user must utilize this energy to act as a buffer from shockwaves that are present in each of the movements, hence the name exploding steps. This means that similar to how when kenpachi hardened his reishi he was able to stop ichigo’s attack with his bare skin, she had densified her bone with reishi to gain a similar albeit vastly greater effect.

Durability Classes For Skeletal Durability
Beginner Durability Class: The Iron Class. So with skeletal durability, if one would be naturally of the beginner class the user’s bones would be about as strong as iron at this point, being able to take in punishing blows such as stopping cars, or possibly punching through cement from durability alone.

Adept Durability Class: The Steel Class: With skeletal durability of the adept class one’s bones could be considered to be easily as hard as some compressed modern day steels, their bones would be capable of stopping sword-swings to an extent to the point that at this stage a normal practitioner could easily stop the swing of a katana with about a ton of force behind it with their bones, that is an example of how strong ones bones would be with adept durability.

Advance Durability Class: The Titanium Class: Titanium is a subset of steel that is vastly harder. So with a being of advanced durability they would have bones that could be considered almost as hard as diamonds, or of a titanium like durability depending on if they had a defense specialization in the first place or not. These bones are easily able to withstand blows from sealed zanpakuto if need be.

Master Durability Class: The Diamond class: At this point, when a user hits master in durability they would have bones that could be considered as hard as diamonds, without being brittle. This means that they could even stop blows from a shikai state attack from someone 2 tiers lower. [i.e if they are 0-2 and the latter is 0-4] while only maintaining moderate injuries on the bone itself.

Grandmaster Durability Class: The SuperSolid Class: Once you hit grandmaster your bones could be considered a super-solid. Easily capable of weathering blows from bankai level attacks from individuals two tiers below you [ see example in Master Durability Class] While only receiving moderate damage to the bone, and at this point it’s even possible to block some shikokai level attacks without the bone completely turning to ash. [Although they would be fractured and broken if it’s just the bone bearing the brunt of that attack] This is an example of how powerful the bones themselves would be at a grandmaster state.

Extended Energy Doping Side-Affects: This aspect is the reason this technique has a limit to how long it can be used. By supercharging the muscles and also reinforcing the bones, there is arguably a large amount of energy that goes into utilizing this style, hence there is a time in which the body reaches a saturation point in which it cannot take in any more energy. This is around the 8 turn mark, after which the body suffers mass amounts of muscle fatigue, bones can break easier and speed decreases by a rank. However other spiritual side affects include a large deficit in spirit reserves. Given this technique requires an amount of energy similar to a gran-rey cero each turn to saturate the bones and muscles to continually create this effect.

Iron Fist: A hakuda technique which works by strengthening the users fist as they throw it towards an enemy. Through utilizing the way that reishi can naturally harden the body it causes for the users fist to become vastly more durable than normal for the short duration of the hit. A single blow from iron fist generally holds enough force and power to shatter buildings when used by a veteran practitioner, depending on durability and strength the technique itself can even be considered adamantine when you get to the levels of say a master class practitioner. For example someone who has beginner durability might have the skin durability of reinforced iron, and with beginner class strength they could potentially shatter a wall with very little effort. Now take someone with durability in the adept class and strength in the adept class, they could for all intents and purposes have durability akin to steel, and with their strength they would be more than capable of bringing down small buildings with this level of power from the iron fist hakuda technique. The break down of destruction will be below.

Beginner Durability Beginner Strength Class - This is considered the weakest class of Iron fist, at this point the user would have a fist that is as durable as reinforced iron, and with their strength they would probably be able to do damage on the level of destroying walls or wrecking cars with their prowess. At this point you would consider the user to be a beginner practitioner of the iron fist technique.

Adept Durability Adept Strength class - At this point the users fist is akin to a steel alloy. It is durable enough to smash through constructs like most mundane walls made of reinforced concrete and with the strength that backs it up they would be probably fairly easily able to take down low-rising skyscrapers with well placed blows. Their fists combined with their strength would probably be capable of taking on low skill level hierro’s blow for blow in the middle of a fist fight. Also at this point due to the nature of hardening from reishi the user is capable of taking on and beating down energy attacks with their fists while sustained injuries can still erode at the skin fairly easily.

Advanced Durability, Advanced Strength Class - Practitioners at the advanced class become able to pull off feats like smashing through steel, shattering low skill level hierro and being able to pound through moderate level energy attacks with their bare fists. With the addition of strength they are more than capable of destroying multiple buildings, shattering stuff on a city block scale to multi-block scale. Their punches become so potent that on the higher end of the spectrum they could potentially fight toe to toe with something like a Zanpakutō while only gaining moderate injuries in a blow by blow exchange. In short those of this skill level are generally considered to be on the stronger end of the spectrum.

Master Durability, Master Strength Class - Masters of this art have fists that seem to be made of diamond in their level of hardness. At this point their mastery of hardening is strong enough that they are more than capable of smashing through most energy attacks with such a level of proficiency that they get barely more than a scratch on their reinforced fists. Snapping most known structures and alloy’s isn’t a stretch when you consider boosting the master level of defense that a master durability/strength class of the iron fist would naturally have in their arsenal. Then you add in the strength aspect of it, and the mixture is simply wide spread destruction. Generating craters that can take out vast regions of land with as single jab and compounding multiple tons in single blows in a rapid fire exchange. At this level the iron fist is capable of fighting blow for blow with sealed level Zanpakutō while only sustaining light scratches, shikai level would give them light wounds each blow, and they could feasibly even catch a bankai level blow with their bare hand while only getting a moderate level injury. So it is a fearsome skill, which easily makes it so that users

IV Continued. Flash-Step

Lightning Flash-Step: Known also as Shunpo, this ability is a form of high-speed transportation that is utilizable by most shinigami, even in the black world. The only difference between what She would be able to do and normal Flash-steps stem in the fact that she utilizes her natural flash-step in tune with her element- Lightning. What this does is quite simple really, the utilization of lightning causes for her body to be covered in generated spiritual-fed electricity. Hence it becomes a dead give-away whenever she is utilizing lightning Flash Step. Other indicators is her spiritual energy actually spikes when utilizing lightning flash step, given the technique unlike a regular flash-step takes quite a bit more energy than a regular flash step given each one of these flash steps if you were to give it a recognizable amount of drain would take half as much energy as a cero would. This means that it drains the practitioner much faster than a normal Flash Step would but there are some benefits to it that a natural flash step does not have.

Enhanced Speed: Because this utilizes the element lightning, it can be in many ways considered to be more for short-term use than long term use. Such as a regular shunpo or flash step can be utilized to transverse many miles in a single jump, thus is suited for travel. However Lightning flash step can at max only jump a distance of around a mile, meaning there is a mile radius in which a jump can move. In return for this limited radius there is the advantage that a Lightning Flash-Step is more than capable of being 40% faster than everyone who is of equivalent skill-level. Why it’s faster is simple, a lightning-strike travels at around 224,000mph. Like it’s namesake this shunpo is able to move at extreme speeds despite limited range, now it isn’t able to move as fast as a lightning bolt however as previously stated it is able to move much faster than those on par with it in terms of skill mastery.

Force Exertion: Based around the raw speed generated moving from Point A to Point B the force that is generated from such jumps can actually be channeled into blows. Such as if while in transition the speed that she was utilizing was at say mach 10 she would feasibly be capable of compounding the very momentum of her blow into a strike that occurs straight out of her Flash-step. The reason for this is generally the movement in flash step is seen to be stationary, moving from point a to point b. However for Everfrost the action of entering and leaving a shunpo is only seen as a “burst” rather than high-speed transportation. This means that the movement speed in the split second she exits shunpo is going to be vastly higher than what she is physically capable of reaching from raw speed alone. Granted upon exiting a shunpo her body is already in the process of deaccelerating due to outside forces acting upon her, however if she struck someone in that state of exiting shunpo roughly 80% of the force from her speed is carried over into the blow, meaning you would compound factors such as raw physical strength, spiritual enhancements [if any are present] and the inertia left from her shunpo into the strike. This is what is known as Force Exertion. Now naturally there are some downsides to this, such as at very high speeds if used improperly this trait can actually cause things to occur like breakage of the practitioners bones, not to mention they must be able to handle all that force to utilize it correctly. Finally a person can track the user even in shunpo, because her’s is a burst type rather than a true long-distance high-speed transportation.

Phase Speed: If utilized in higher extents it is possible to phase through objects entirely. This speed can only be accessed however if the Practitioners skill level is of a master level or higher. What happens is in shunpo the user quadruples the amount of energy that goes into the technique and then it causes the user to become bolstered. Increasing speed to a point that the body is capable of simply phasing through defenses or objects for a certain set duration. The downside of this is however that when utilizing phase speed the users body is undergoing constant damage from the speed required to simply even enter a Phase speed state. The amount of turns usable depends on the user’s own durability , for example a beginner cannot use phase speed at all due to their body most likely simply breaking apart under duress. Someone of the Adept level could use it for a single turn. Someone of advanced can use it for 2 turns safely with only moderate injury, 3 turns for serious injuries to occur. Master level can utilize it for 4 turns safely , 5 turns with serious injuries. Grandmaster could utilize it for a whopping 5 turns safely in phase speed. Or 6 turns with serious damage occurring. Once the maximum limit for phase speed has been reached there is also beyond the 4x energy drain each use they must wait 4 turns before utilizing lightning flash-step again and it will be at half speed.

High-Speed Discharge: Another aspect of Lightning Flash-step is that even within use they are able to utilize electricity offensively. Taking in energy that is charged to start the flash-step the user then discharges all that energy upon leaving the burst of speed which can take the shape of either a dome like explosion that extends roughly a city block upon release, or it can take the shape of a wave that can extend upwards of three to four city blocks in a single direction. This discharge has enough power to take out buildings or cause large fissures in the ground, destroying the stuff it comes into contact with not due to the electricity itself but the inertia which is dispersed with the electricity into the environment around it. This however can only be utilized with the Lightning Flash-Step given it requires the specific process of drawing in electricity that is used in conjunction with the burst of speed that occurs in lightning flash-step. Benefits to this technique include that it can behave like an E.M.P knocking out electrical objects that are not protected, and it can also be utilized to knock away weaker attacks. Downsides include, utilizing this causes the energy needed to go back into lightning flashstep to double. This doesn’t stack but it means that when you re-enter you must supply not only the energy to increase speed but the re-energization of electricity that is imbedded into the lightning flash-step.

Burst Mode: A special technique that can be utilized within Lightning Flash-step. This Doubles the speed of the flash-step. However it’s duration is reliant on your flash-step skill level. Such as a Beginner couldn’t use this technique, neither could someone of the adept level. However someone who is in advanced level for flash-step could use this technique for 3 turns safely without damage, 4 turns if they wish to rip muscle and break bone from overexerting the body. If they are Master in level it can be used for 5 turns without damage, 6 is if they wish to have serious harm. Grandmasters can use this for 8 turns without injury but 9 turns if they wish serious harm. Now there are some other drawbacks for utilizing burst-speed. One such is that the user's body will naturally break down, which affects the user's natural speed skill. If they utilize it for the maximum they can use it while sustaining injury their natural speed will drop a skill-level for the remainder of the fight. Such as if they are of master class speed, and are of master class shunpo their speed will drop to advanced for the remainder of the fight if they use this technique for 6 turns. Another downside is the Shunpo viable range halves from a mile to half mile.

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V. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Raijin

» Zanpakutô Appearance: Raijin takes the shape of Twin Crescent swords, each one roughly being around 4feet in length, with a rapier handlegrip that is made to protect the hands from damage. Along the blade’s are inscriptions of lightning bolts, as well as a literal electric charge that moves across them on regular intervals, these charges start all the way back at the pommel of the handle, moving through the circular guard of the hand, to finally finish their path up on the tip of the sword. Other aesthetic features include the blue-black metal that adorns the center of the blade, tapering into the razor sharp bladed edges that move across the curved side of the blade, and contrary to most crescent style blades it even goes across the flat curvature of the top of the blade and down the back as well. Then there is as well a hole in the very tip of each blade, these holes reside just behind the point at the exact same spot and have a golden ring surrounding them.

» Zanpakutō Spirit Personality:

Voice of Reason: While his host is quite the go-getter Raijin himself seems to be more laid-back. He looks at the situation from all angles before approaching it in the way he himself perceives it to be right. So Atleast to Magnolia Everfrost his personal preference is to be a voice of reason one that keeps her out of trouble be it with her family or be it with her enemies. This cautious Zanpakutō spirit often advises her on situations that she should probably avoid or ones that she might find favorable to help out in. So in a sense he could be considered a role-model or at the very least Raijin tries to be. Leading to their interactions often ending up a stream of colorful swear-words and banter that raises the very roof on their inner world. However the voice of reason that he tends to be stems from more than just simply the fact that he tries to be the very best Zanpakutō spirit for his host as is possible there are actually a few reasons that make him a voice of reason.

Paranoia: While a bad thing this makes the Zanpakutō err of the side of safety rather than the site that lacks it. Raijin for a better term is known to be paranoid about combat when it involves the life of his host. For him double checking and triple checking to see if an enemy is dead isn’t called overkill. It’s called precautionary measures to assure that you don’t get stabbed in the back later. To him even if it’s not necessarily healthy, everything has some inherent sort of risk to it. Many options have downsides and he makes sure to figure out each and every one of them. Be it a small downside or something truly catastrophic. As a Zanpakutō spirit he feels it’s his job to do the very best he can for his host to make sure that they are able to work at their full fighting capacity. Hence he looks out for all kinds of dangers or atleast tries to when advising everfrost on her more often than not, reckless endeavors.

Fatherly Figure: Raijin views himself in many ways to be a surrogate father for the girl who lost her father long ago. It is why he tries so hard for her safety rather than simply letting her do as she pleases like some Zanpakutō might. This means that he is also more likely to yell at her in the midst of battle if she’s doing something stupid. He also hates to see her get injured, going as far as to make sure he can do everything he Can for her. Lending her power when need be, beating the shit of her her if need be. This is of course due to the bond that they share beyond host and spirit. Even if they argue that doesn’t mean that they are any less close to one another, it just means he is concerned for her safety and trying to do his best to keep her safe.

Tactician: Raijin is smart when it comes to battle strategy. Despite being soft spoken at times and more then a tad paranoid he certainly doesn’t slouch when it comes to figuring out ways to keep his host alive. Because of this he generally tends to give her suggestions in battle, even if they aren’t ones that she’d prefer. Since when in a fight it isn’t his job to be her friend or her pappy. His job is to make sure she lives with the least amount of injuries possible. If that leads to them fighting then he’s more than okay with it. Infact because of it he knows that she is alright, which means she is more than capable of continuing to argue with him.

Arrogance Incarnate: Originally Raijin was a proud being, proud of his might as one of the lightning-type Zanpakutō that had existed within inverse soul-society for countless generations. This Zanpakutō was considered to be hundreds of years old reincarnating within a certain bloodline and retaining knowledge of it’s hosts. Because of this, the Zanpakutō originally thought itself to be a godly existence, once whose supremacy rivaled the heavens themselves. It is because of these things that Raijin at heart is very prideful, and cannot tolerate being disgraced by anyone other than magnolia, the girl who holds a precious place in this spirits heart.

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power:

[History Related Ability Only] Blood Inheritance: This ability is how Magnolia got her Zanpakutō, this Zanpakutō unlike many was actually passed down within her bloodline for countless generations. It is because of this ability that she has gained raijin. Only after death will Raijin move to find a new host within the bloodline.

[History Related Ability Only] Divine Knowledge: This ability doesn’t do anything passive, but rather it is the kernel of power in which was inbedded within magnolia by her Zanpakutō from a very young age. It bolsters her spiritual energy to an extent but it’s main ability is that because the Zanpakutō was passed down from her ancestors within her line of blood, theoretically there is a beginning foundation in which all her skills can default to. This means when she learns a higher state [Up to Bankai] She already will have boundless knowledge about intrinsic parts of the release state, this includes limitations and counter-balances of the skills. The reason for this is because the knowledge was granted to her at a very younge age, however there is a limit to it. If she has not broken to the release by herself, she cannot gain any of the knowledge that is bestowed upon her by Divine Knowledge. This of course means, if she was a shikai-level practitioner but hadn’t broken into the realm of Bankai, the knowledge of her Bankai state would be completely foreign to her, she would know nothing about her bankai state, but on the other hand she would have vast troves of knowledge of her sealed and shikai states.

Note this ability holds no effect over IC growth, it is simply in place to explain stuff in her history

Electron Gathering: Passively the blade acts as an attractive force for electrons in the air. This means that at any given point the very air around these blades is in a constant state of instability, which makes it possible for her to generate concussive blasts, and even explosions with simple slashes. Now where does the electrons that are being ripped from their molecular bonds go? It’s quite simple, the blades themselves act as opposite poles, one side has a suitable ionic charge to give it enough pull to rip the electrons from their normal bonds. This side is the exterior facing side of either blade when used normally, or when the blades are switched this will be the interior side. Either way it is easy to tell which side this is because the air will look perpetually fuzzy, as if full of static on the side of the blade that is actively ripping electrons from the air and then these electrons are incorporated into the electricity that seems to dance across the surface of the blade. Like all thing’s it can be stopped by another electric user of similar caliber, as this is a passive skill, unless it is very bluntly stated to be otherwise in the thread in question. As such this means if there is a stronger force controlling the electricity that this ability could be heavily dampened. Other byproducts of this ability include being able to generate poles across her blade to repulse or draw in objects.

Attraction and Repulsion: Drawing off the concept of electricity being able to create magnets so long as there is an electric charge, she is quite capable of taking her blades and turning them into powerful magnets themselves, and when doing so has an influence that ranges in the city block range with strong influence to a city level if it is a weak influence. An example of strong influence would be her being able to bow and twist the metal of buildings into balls or causing entire buildings to be uprooted from their supports and drug towards her body, or literally causing anything that could be magnetized to jet away from her body if it was a repulsive force that was in effect, leaving nothing magnetic around her body for roughly five city blocks. A example of weak influence would be her being able to cause constructs such as stop-signs and maybe old street lights to be uprooted or for the metal to be ripped from the side of a building and impaled through a solid concrete wall. Not weak yes, but when compared with being able to completely rid an area of magnetizable objects it is considerably less powerful. How she puts this into action is actually quite simple, she channels and utilizes about the same amount of energy as a cero and then utilizes that and the electricity drawn in via Electricity Gathering and then uses that to generate the strong and centralized magnetic field or with the use of leading electrons she is able to double the energy used to create a weak magnetic field over a much greater distance.

Howl - Attracting blades: Another skill that everfrost has within her sealed state. This works with her ability to manipulate the electrons in the air gathering them together in a single spot to be used for combat. This ability does this on a grand scale, utilizing the gathered electrons to flood and energize the users Zanpakutō. Depending on the amount of energy that is being put into the skill, by merely vibrating the blades edge from collision of all these electrons, and even the atoms that are within the blade, it causes the blade’s blows to be amplified exponentially, even without factoring the user’s base stats into the equation, such as strength or speed. Even without say having the arm-strength needed to lift something like a building or train, it is entirely possible from this application of vibrations which upon contact with an object flood it with opposing force and vibrational force through two applications. One, being an application of electricity to form both vibrations and a byproduct of heat, which would lead to both vibrational damage and slight heat based damaged. The second is a dense application of her attraction and repulsion.

Take attraction that she uses on a city block level and then limit it to the very edge of her blade, which infact shows because she is unable to utilize her Attraction and Repulsion while she is activating her ability known as howl slicing blades. Hence when she strikes something it’s not only that she strikes it, but for the split second that contact occurs, the opponent is subjected to many tons of attractive force, which leads to these attacks being extremely damaging. In example even if she swung her blade casually at a point that the blade took a minute to reach it’s location, that slight tap of the tip of the blade against the wall would have more than enough force due to the attraction that is on the edge of the blade to cause for the blade to swing all the way through, bisecting the wall in an instant.

Now how does this affect spiritual defenses? Well since the application of her repulsion and attraction and even her electron gathering ability are at their purest forms still supernatural in origin. It would stand to reason that this ability is more than capable of affecting supernatural forms of defense. For example if she was fighting someone of equivalent tier and they were a demon. If they used their demon barrier, and she struck it there would be a high chance even if that demon was of a advanced skill-level that the attack would while not completely going through, cause something akin to fragmentation or even partially breaching the barrier. This is because the instant her blade comes into contact with something the countless tons of attractive force that is contained within the blade is being applied to the construct that it is attacking. It is because of this her attacks become absolutely devastating when in contact with flesh, or even something like an Arrancar hierro it would be much more likely for her to cause wounds.

VI. Shikai

» Shikai Name :
レイジング・サンダーの女神 Reijingu sandā no megami (Raging Thunder Goddess)
» Shikai Release Phrase: From the Kiln of Lightning, Burst into the world Reijingu sandā no megami

» Shikai Appearance: The twin blades that previously adorned the shinigami have changed. Going from solid blades that have clear construct, to something much more elemental in nature. As the release phrase suggests, the users own blades have been forged to form two wicked looking lightning bolts. Grasped in either hand they have a variable length that can go from either 4 to 10 feet depending on the flux of energy that is within them. One of the interesting aspects of the lightning bolt, is actually that hey have the same density and durability of a regular Zanpakutō as well. Being more than capable of warding off attacks from opponents of similar tier due to while being elemental in nature; they are still her Zanpakutō.

Beyond this while not visible to the naked eye, any user within a mile of her presence can hear a sound quite similar to static. The sound of lightning as it arcs from the base of either bolt to each other, or even the ground around it. Seeing as the user’s Zanpakutō has become twin bolts of lightning it should make sense that lightning arcs from the blades themselves, and crackles within them. Other information of note include the blade being able to light up the dark due to the light, that lightning gives off.

» Shikai Abilities:

The Body Of The Kiln: Another interesting aspect to Magnolia Everfrosts shikai is how instead of an increase in energy her body is natually refining itself to handle the upkeep of power that is present. This can be seen because of the fact that the body does look leaner when she releases into her first release state. The muscles begin to look more toned, albeit not in a buch way that you would expect from a close-quarters fighter such as herself. Instead the muscles are becoming denser at this point, as can be seen with the darkening of her skin turning a slight tannish color while the energy that would have been released to elevate her energy has instead been put towards the body that can be seen in her shikai state. Other ways to identify her physical ability:Body Of The Kiln, is her golden eyes gain a heterochromia, the left eye turning naturally a shade of black with a white ring within the iris, while the gold one retains its normal visual aesthetics. Because of body of the kiln some abilities are greatly increased more so than others, all of which are purely of a physical base, without a drop of supernatural ability being thrown into the mix.

Arm Strength: One of the things that is augmented is arm strength, the amount of force that Everfrost is able to merely exhert in this state is at a fundamentally different level than her sealed state. If she was say able to exert enough force to hurl a boulder ten feet, she’d be able to hurl that same boulder a couple hundred feet in her shikai base. But Arm strength doesn’t merely translate into how much force is exerted by her arms as mere forward power alone. It is her grip strength, thrusting strength, the amount of force she is able to put towards an opponent when countering their attacks up close and personal. All of these facets of power are amplified in her shikai state as her body is beginning to near what could be considered that of a highly skilled fighter. Another example would be if she was able to pick up a small building in base, she could undoubtedly pick up a skyscraper in her current shikai release. This power though mainly can be seen in her punches, given a single punch from her shikai state has a devastating amount of power thanks to her arm-strength without any kinds of supernatural augmentation. Being able to change the very landscape around her with a lone punch or palm-thrust is one of the changes that can simply be felt from her merely entering her shikai state. Having the power to cause visible change, I.E she could cause tremors with punches, or even huge craters with a strike, All of these are examples of what constitutes arm-strength in shikai state.

Core Strength: Core strength constitutes the central body, her abdominal muscles, her obliques. Basically each and every one of her muscles becomes stronger, leaner and able to utilize their power to the upmost limits even more effectively. This bolsters her other aspects such as punches, because if you punch you need the back muscles to back that punch up. If you kick, you need your obliques and other muscles in the lower back to give strength and follow-through to the kick that the person is delivering. Basically think of this as reinforcing the system that aids in both power and control over the offensive and mobility based actions of the body.

Lightning Qi: This is a technique that solidifies within Shikai release. It is what happens when the controlled amounts of both reishi, and electricity finally begin to intermingle. Magnolia’s release is different since instead of her energy increasing it becomes something entirely different. cThis electricity that becomes energized by reishi eventually begins the process of merging with one another, lightning becomes reishi and reishi becomes lightning natured. In this way it becomes a type of energy that would be most similar to nature’s energy. Although the concept of it is different because of the fact that this is not purely harnessing something like lightning at it’s purest form, at the very best this energy utilizes half the latent energy found within lightning as an energy source, and the remaining 50% of the energy is bolstered via Spiritual energy. Aesthetically this can be seen because upon releasing her shikai, electrical components barring those protected by E.M.P grade armors will begin to go haywire, messing with even the toughest of electrical devices. Then the sky itself as the lightning QI solidifies will begin to darken, the thrum of electricity intermittently bouncing back and forth between the host's body and the ground.

This Lightning Qi basically embodies both lightning and reishi, existing in harmony between the components that comprise it. In this way it means anything that she utilizes with her reishi will take on the aspects of lightning indirectly, such as if a kido technique was cast and someone tried knocking it away with their bare hands, they might get a jolt on their body. Or if she was solidifying energy around her to form a shell or barrier, the barrier would look like it was charged with hundreds of miniature lightning bolts to run both up and down it’s surface. In the same manner it also means if she is manipulating the dense electrically charged space around her body, this space is naturally saturated with spiritual energy. Since this is in essence what Qi is, Electricity boiled down to the purest state a shinigami could achieve, and then their spiritual energy fused with it melding with it so it isn’t simply energy from nature, but also isn’t a supernatural entities natural spiritual energy either. Thus it can be considered a third type of energy, one that can't be categorized as spiritual energy, or natural energy.

Then there is also the fact that Qi is greatly influenced by an individual's state of mind. If a Qi Practitioners mind was calm and serene, their energy would be visibly uniform, without difference or flaw. If someone was in a state of men would actually weaken, causing for it’s power to drop gradually at the same rate as the users own mind was deteriorating. On the flip side, in times of great anger, or when the practitioner truly focuses everything they have, this dominating aura can naturally project based upon the users will power. What this does is projects the intentions, wants, and desires of the practitioner to cause them to manifest as a sensation. For example, if magnolia was feeling great blood-lust, this could be potentially felt by those within the range of her Qi. It could be felt as a deathly force, a unearthly chill or a sense of dread and foreboding. On the flip-side if she was wanting to protect someone it could be felt as a sense of calm, or imbue a feeling of tranquility that would allow them to potentially calm down.

The only real problem with her solidification of her Qi is that Qi is a type of energy that is naturally incompatible with Kido. Which stands to reason the thing she loses is the ability to utilize this form of shinigami magic as a trade-off for utilizing this power. She can still utilize it in her base state, however upon ascending to her primary release any kido that she tries to use naturally becomes impossible. She can utilize energy and manipulate it to form blasts and the like, but if she was to try to cast something like a Hadō technique she would be unable to do so.

Below is the mental state breakdown of Qi Energy States.

Electrum: Basically electrum is the emotions that get adrenaline pumping in the brain. Clarify and focus are much greater when in electrum that in a resting state. Because of this if she gets excited or her blood gets pounding, this would be considered a state of electrum. Naturally this doesn’t mean when she’s simply excited though. If she’s excited and determined this would trigger the electrum state of her Qi. When in Electrum the body looks like it is a raging hurricane of electricity. Power arcs from her limbs and her torso, crackles from the top of her head to the very tips of her toes. Any attack made in electrum will be 20% more powerful than normal, but the downside is electrum can only be held for 2 posts in a row, and can only be achieved 3 times at maximum per thread. The reason for this simple, the body is moving above and beyond it’s maximum parameters. Electrum literally is the excitation of the mind which pushes the body beyond it’s natural boundaries. Because of this, electrum generally is never seen because it requires a situation such as a powerful fight or a life-and-death situation for it to be triggered.

Resting State: When in a resting state, her energy naturally can be considered tranquil. There is no changes to the Qi and it can be seen as a golden glow that emanates from every single orifice on her body. A glow radiates from her eyes, and everything she does seems to leave behind a trail of sparks. This is essentially when she isn’t in a state of electrum or depression. There isn’t anything special about it.

Depression: Depression just like electrum is rarely seen. However what depression is can be called the opposite of electrum. The mind is foggy and the user's emotions are dulled. This happens when something tragic has happened or the users mind has been unsettled. What happens in depression is the user's abilities become 20% weaker and they take 1.5x the energy as they normally do. It is because of this that her Qi can be considered a double-edged sword. Since while it does grant her the ability to transcend her normal bodily limits, it also on the flip-side can be a hindrance to her powers. Unlike Electrum though, her depression lasts for 3 turns and can happen many times a thread if she is attacked enough mentally speaking.

Thunder Gods Cannon: In this technique, energy begins to build along the surface of the twin thunderbolt colored blades. From there it will form the shape of a orb that is the shape of a volley ball, energy will continue to compile into this orb until it becomes a blue-gold color, only after which the attack will be ready to fire. Upon firing the orb will turn into a stream of lightning that is roughly fifty meters in width and will expand forward until it reaches roughly the mile mark. It’s worth noting that this attack has the same amount of energy that a general grand rey cero would within it, making it formidable to be hit by. Upon impact the most important thing about this attack isn’t the explosive power, but rather the penetrative and cutting power, given this attack is not a standard beam of energy, but instead is thousands of different bolts of lightning that have been condensed into a single attack, this means upon impact the user is not struck once, or twice, but rather thousands of times simultaneously at the point of impact. This is why this attack is able to damage even the strongest of defenses.

Despite it’s power the attack takes at the very least half a turn, to an entire turn to charge before firing, and upon firing the drain on the body is not small. The amount of energy that is drained is actually substantial enough that if she pushed this attack to the very limit she could use it possibly twenty times in a thread, given this is on par with a cero oscuras. Beyond this the attack can only be used once in a turn, meaning it cannot be spammed over and over in the same turn.

Raging Lightning Joust: Lightning and reishi will build up around the surface of the twin lightning bolts until a corona of electricity completely obscures the user’s appearance. After this a keening howl will echo across the surrounding landscape, this howl naturally is born from the electrical energy within ripping the electrons from the atoms around it. After building up all this energy the user will then push their speed to the limit by utilizing electricity at their feet as a form of propulsion. This allows the user to momentarily increase their speed by around 50%, only after which will the user smash into the object in question before releasing all the energy that has gathered on the tip of their weapon in a stream of energy. The force from this is intended to then melt through the opponent's defenses and send them flying back. If it was to collide with the ground it is possible for the attack to generate a vast crater without much of a problem

Some of the downsides of this attack include that it needs to build up distance, as such for it’s full power the user needs to be at the very least a half mile away from it’s target. The reason for this is the user needs to build up speed over time, given all this kinetic energy is also released upon impact to generate a pretty spectacular explosion. Upon using this technique it requires around a turn from cool down, it should also be noted that if she uses this over ten times the user will show signs of muscle fatigue, as they are over-exherting their muscles to show 150% of their speed while utilizing this technique.

Liquid Lightning Stream: Another ability that becomes usable in shikai is magnolia is able to condense her lightning until it becomes a stream, this lightning in turn can then be manipulated and utilized as an extension of her body in the field of battle. What this means of course is for example, if she wished to spread the lightning out to form a defensive barrier? She could do so either with a motion of her hand, or with a thought from her mind. The reason for this is naturally because this lightning has been formed through a combination of her lightning Qi, and naturally existing electricity in the air, both have been condensed until it has a syrupy like viscosity, making it so attacks can find themselves slown down when caught in the midst of this, or if they don’t have enough power it is possible to stop weaker attacks outright utilizing this stream as a defensive measure.

It can also though be used for attacking, since she can essentially form this stream that extends around her body for a thousand feet into just about anything she wants, be it swords, guns, spears. Basically the limit is whatever she can come up with that doesn’t have a consciousness to it. Because this lightning is not sentient, it is controlled by the user at all times. This of course means if the user cannot focus on utilizing this Liquid Lightning Stream, the stream will on it’s own naturally disperse over a two post time frame into free-floating electricity that dissipates into the air.

Forming this stream takes roughly two turns as well, because of the fact that there is an immense amount of energy that is stored within this stream of liquid lightning. Actually, each turn it will drain a Cero’s worth of energy from the user to maintain its stream-like state. Since it drains a steady amount each turn, it will naturally dissipate after the user doesn’t have enough energy to sustain it, making this ability only usable when the practitioner has abundant energy reserves.

VII. Bankai Powers

» Bankai Release Phrase: Once more, Ascend Past Your Limits! Mōretsuna raijin!

» Bankai Name: 猛烈な雷神 Mōretsuna raijin (Ferocious Thunder Goddess)

» Bankai Appearance: Upon ascending to Bankai state, the twin bolts of lightning seem to begin to merge to form a ten foot long rod of pure lightning. Twin dragon markings seem to swirl across the surface of this raging elemental weapon, beyond this the tip seems to look like a Pudao Style Pole-Arm , the bladed edge looks to be a similar to a scimitar style. Beyond merely condensing into a singular weapon, the second part of the bankai would be the armguards and gloves that seem to be made of raw lightning that have condensed on her hands and forearms. These are rather simple looking given they merely look like a veil of energy that has crystallized and covered her arms. There are some aspects of the weapon itself however.

» Aspects Of Bankai:

Elongation: One of the main aspects of this weapon is that in bankai state this weapon retains the ability to elongate and retract it’s length at will. This causes for the standard size of the weapon to be capable of deviating, this can turn the normally ten foot long body of the spear into a hand-weapon by retracting the shaft until it merely covers the surface of the guillotine like blade, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, this weapon is more than capable of extending upwards of two to three hundred yards, truly turning this weapon into a gargantuan of untold proportions when put into use in the field of battle.

Immense Weight: Another aspect of this weapon is its immense weight, given the weapon itself weighs naturally around twenty tons, or forty thousand pounds. Because of this even casual swings from this bankai-grade weapon carry enough force to easily demolish large swathes of land, or even multiple buildings that are roughly on the size of skyscrapers, and this is when taking into account only the kinetic force that would naturally be gathered by this bankai grade weapon in motion, without any of the user's strength being pulled into the equation.

Lightning Embodied Qi: The Qi that had been condensed upon reaching shikai state becomes not only more potent in bankai state, but it also adorns the Zanpakutō itself. Because of this Lightning-Style attacks will naturally see a boost in their combat-prowess. Beyond naturally getting stronger due to the ascension into bankai-state, the user will find that all Lightning-Type attacks will be increase further, this means if normally her lightning natured blast was able to blow up a city block radius, it might be capable now of taking out a city block radius and then another half of a block on top of that. Naturally the more powerful the attack the less this boost actually is as in example on the higher end of the spectrum, if her attack was capable of turning a mountain to pebbles, it’s attacking power would still be only taking up that radius, however at this point it would be more than capable of turning that mountain into ashes while expending the exact same amount of effort as they would have previously. The reason behind this is because this is meant to draw up her bottom line, bolstering the weakest of her attacks so she can spam attacks and be able to increase the damage of them, rather than increasing the power behind more powerful attacks that more likely than not don’t need it.

» Bankai Abilities:

Raging Thunder Arts: Lightning Energy gathers upon the tip of the pole-arm. From there energy begins to condense into a veil that surrounds the shaft of the weapon and then extends outwards roughly seventy meters from the body. This energy is comprised almost entirely of the unique Lightning Qi that becomes accessible in shikai state. Upon taking a stance where the spear tip is pointed down, and the shaft end is slanted upwards at a fifteen degree angle, and feet are at least shoulder-length apart, the energy will continue to rise substantially until it becomes a hurricane like vortex that overflows into the world around it. This energy then takes the shape of buffeting golden waves that extend outwards to around three hundred meters in which everything will become bathed in the golden glow of the lightning.

After all this happens flecks of gold become prominent in the eyes, and triangular markings adorn the users cheeks. These markings constantly crackle as if made up entirely of lightning. Depending on the phrase used, much like a kido incantation the power and properties of the attack that is released can be drastically different from one another. Also depending on the type of attack the energy drain is also much different, because these are attacks which stem from her Pole-arm style of combat that is found exclusively in released states of bankai and higher. This of course means if she was to weild a regular pole-arm she would be unable to use these arts, simply because it requires the Zanpakutō itself to use them.

Tyrant Dragon Flow : “What i seek is a tyrannical Dragon, to sweep away all that stands before me!”

After speaking the incantation, the vast amount of energy within this typhoon swells three-fold. It becomes a tyrannical force that physically affects the environment around it. Lightning will condense eventually until the entire typhoon is concentrated on the surface of the blade which eventually will manifest the head of a dragon. From there it is released with an explosive amount of force, turning into a visible image of a dragon riding cresting waves. These waves will expand outwards of a half of a mile. The thing worth noting about this attack isn’t so much it’s raw destructive power, since it isn’t an attack that is created with the intent of say blowing something up. Instead its the raw force that it generates that one has to be wary of. Given once the waves hits a surface it will keep moving at the same rate of speed until it hits that threshold of half a mile. Steel, stone, diamond, titanium, or even otherworldly structures in this radius could find themselves flattened outright and crushed into pancakes under the torrential flow of this technique. For example if this was detonated within the center of a mountain, fractures could form across the mountain as the rock is pushed away. Given it doesn’t destroy what it comes into contact with, instead it pushes that object out of this mile radius indiscriminately. There are exceptions however, for example a substance that repels reishi, such as seki-seki rock might find itself immune to this ability, or people who find a way to anchor themselves down could possibly weather this technique whose sole intention is to sweep everything away to leave nothing behind. [1-2++ would be tier that could anchor themselves down to weather the blast ]

Another way this can be used is to repel attacks. By buffeting an attack with wave after wave of relentless energy, it becomes possible to block powerful attacks from those of equivalent tier. For example if a cero oscuras was shot at this by someone that same tier as magnolia, or a half-tier higher? It would be perfectly reasonable so long as this technique was used at full power for the attacks power to be diminished by up to 60 or 70 percent of its total power. The reason for this is simple, that cero will not come into contact with a single wave of resistance, there might be hundreds of buffeting waves that continue to slam into that cero before it manages to reach the user. Another thing to take note of is this attack doesn’t focus on offensive power, but rather oppressive force. It’s sole intention is to push things away from the user and forcibly relocate them a half a mile away from the user in a spherical radius. The drain for this technique isn’t small either, using it five or six times isn’t a big deal. However if she at a high zero tier was to use this say twelve times in bankai state? She would show signs of extreme fatigue, and if she used it over fifteen times, she might be fully drained of energy. That is how powerful this technique is.

Tyrants Manic Blow: ”..Might that makes even the heavens tremble with fear, come forth and crush all that stand before you!”

After speaking the incantation, the buffeting typhoon of energy will form a pure white glow around her Zanpakutō. From here it will begin to basically do the same thing as the sealed ability Howl, Attracting Blades from her sealed state. However it does this on a scale that makes the former pale in comparison. The level of attraction between an object, be it metaphysical or physical and the weapons edge is done over a much wider area than it's precursor. Being struck by this could be comparable to being hit by an ocean cruiseliner if you don’t factor in the users strength because of two factors. One being that everything within the surrounding area of a quarter mile will feel an extremely powerful pull towards the user. Rather than being on contact it exudes a force equivalent to the sealed ability but on a wide-scale. Then the user can do two things. One would be as all these objects, earth or people come towards them they can cause a counter-force to ripple out with them as the epicenter. This causes for the objects to be stuck between two powerful opposing forces, one a strong force of attraction, the other a strong force of repulsion. This will cause the objects basically to either be exploded, or crushed [depending of durability this could become irrelevant or ineffective however] This is great for dealing AOE style attacks. The other option is if it’s a person they can instead gather an immense amount of force within the staff, blade and arms causing for veins to pop out.

Afterwards they would strike the person in question, releasing all that pent up force on contact with a blow that could be called catastrophic. Given the force behind this single blow is enough that the shock-wave alone could in an urban setting reduce common buildings to rubble in seconds within this quarter mile radius, it’s buffeting power is also great enough that it could for a second knock away minor attacks by those three tiers lower than the user, and then residual effects could cause aftershocks in a multiple mile radius. There are some down-sides of course to this, one being that you can resist the pull that occurs on the body by moving away from the source. Another is that the pulling force is only present in that quarter mile radius, the other is that this is highly draining, it can at most be used even at high zero tier a handful of times [around 5 times. ] before the user would not only be spiritually drained, they would also be physically fatigued due to the exertion required to man-handle the brunt of this attack.

It also can be noted that this can actually be used against the user, because if someone was to throw an attack out while being drawn in? This attack could potentially be accelerated causing its force to most likely double. Which means while it is dangerous for enemies it is also very dangerous for her to use as well. Finally another big downside is this isn’t a stealthy move. It can only be used in bankai state and requires the verbal incantation and the energy typhoon from activating the raging thunder arts to be active before it can be used. Beyond this, when resisting the attracting force and individuals speed will be lowered by 20% until they leave that quarter mile radius, on the flip-side because of how it draws someone in, if they used it to rush the user? They can find their speed increased by 20%.

VIII. Shikokai

» Shikokai Name: 昇天の天の女神 Shōten no ten no megami (Ascended Thunder Goddess)

» Shikokai Release Phrase: “From the pinnacle of everything, return to the origin, and transcend your limits Shōten no ten no megami”

» Shikokai Appearance:Lightning will begin to rumble as storm clouds form around the nearest several miles of the point that her Shikokai is being released. In this area thousands of lightningbolts will begin to strike throughout the skies, jumping from cloud to cloud until finally it will smash into Magnolia’s body, covering her in a veil of lightning. While at the same time her halberd will begin to change, until it looks to be comprised entirely of lightning.

» Shikokai Abilities:

Transcended Spiritual Pressure: At this point, Magnolia’s spiritual pressure is Akin to an impending natural disaster. It’s volume can be felt even at a distance of many miles from her body. The skies become charged with electricity and the ground surrounding her naturally will distort due to the pressure that slams down on the body. The reason it is called transcended is because it mixes lightning Qi into it until her spiritual pressure, and lightning Qi become one and the same, her will exerts as a tangible force from this calamitous mass of energy that radiates from her at any point in time, The reason for such a startling boost is that while normally her body forgoes energy jumps in favor of bodily refinement, her shikokai is the absolute inverse of that function. The fact is her body becomes void of the improvements that can be seen in both bankai and shikai states, reaching a point in which she in terms of physical prowess, is no better than her base state.

Pressure, borne from will, Most feel a mountainous weight pushing down upon them from simply being within a mile of her presence. Most of this is attributed to the nascent levels of might that previously couldn’t be felt from her. There is a grandeur about the way this energy seeps through the very air, encroaching upon the natural elements that comprise it, over-charging atoms, and causing for the telltale eruption of ozone about her, wreathing her in crimson flames. In the turn of the first post upon ascending to the dizzying heights this aesthetic feat will expand from a mere forty feet from her, all the way out to three miles. This is happens because the levels of excitation in the atoms, borne from the electrical aspects of her reishi simply overwhelm the natural state of balance in these atoms. This is why everything either ignites or explodes slowly in this radius for the first turn or so, because the energy is offsetting the natural balance around her.

Further her absolutely mind-boggling levels of energy have the tendency of causing non protected electronical devices to short out, frying computers. Causing overloading in near-by power lines. All of this is possible due to the fact the electricity originating from her reishi has a high level of penetrative capacity. Much like lightning, it’s capacity is focused into split-second surges that are concentrated in an extremely small radius. Why this is worth noting is because in Shikokai state, her pole-arm style is still prevalent, but her spiritual energy is better suited for penetrative attacks. Excelling at pin-point attacks in small periods of time.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say outside the realm of a nature iramasha, the level of synchronicity between reishi and the natural energies of lightning that Magnolia possesses, could be considered almost unparalleled. Her energy naturally creates a plethora of lightning on it’s own, which is stemming partially from Lightning Qi, however upon reaching this state, much like how her concept of Qi was derived from the ability of harnessing the latent natural energies within electricity/lightning; she draws upon nature’s natural energy in the air. Because of this, her energy takes an edge that beyond the imposing willpower hinted within it’s bounds, can be considered similar to that of a nature iramasha.

Even the visible aspects of it seem to give off the concept of lightning, the energy audibly chirps like a thousand lightning-bolts bashing and crashing into one another, it gives of a blinding light most of the time that can be considered similar to a lightning bolt’s brilliance, only dimmed due to the fact it is constant, not fleeting.

原点の状態 Genten no jōtai(Origin State)

Magnolia’s origin state is special technique that essentially allows her to utilize lightning at it’s purest form. What this means is if she throws a punch? That casual swipe of her palm can be imbued with a celestial amount of natural lightning energy. It will naturally pull the simplest form of lightning (Electrons) from the atmosphere or environment around it and then compact it into the object that it is being used for. Unlike the aspects of electrokinesis in her base state, this version can be considered vastly more powerful than it’s predecessor. Given the applications of this technique are theoretically endless, and do not stop at what you conventionally are capable of doing with lightning. Instead it allows for concepts that generally are considered to go against the grain of what people consider the existing creation known as lightning actually is.

A good example of this would be if she decided to focus on a particular aspect of lightning, in example lightning generates untold levels of heat in the process of turning into something like a lightning bolt, or going through a current. Utilizing this she could set fire to the air around her, but if one was struck by that flame it’d still hold the base principles of lightning, that is to say it would shock a person outright without any qualms. Or, utilizing the trace levels of Anti-matter that can be found in lightning it is possible for her to refine solely the Anti-matter and then imbed an electrical charge into it, turning it into an intense blast that could overtake upwards of several miles without a problem.

To make this simple, as a rule of thumb, the aspects that comprise lightning, every single one of them can be separated and returned to it’s “origin state” Now a good thing to note is that this isn’t scientific in any way in terms of how these indirect aspects behave, for example it’s not scienitic to have created flames from lightning and then manipulating those flames. Nor is it scientific to draw Anti-matter out of lightning simply because it is plausible for it to exist within lightning in trace amounts. That isn’t what this ability is about. Rather through utilizing energy she is more than capable of taking this natural energy and breaking certain aspects away from it and then utilizing it.

Another good example of this would be heat, as touched upon before. A lightning strike is extremely hot, so if she takes the aspect of heat and breaks it off from the lightning bolt she could do two things. One, by manipulating the electrons (And breaking physics in a way) She could break away the concept of heat from the lightning bolt and have a lightning bolt with a glacial chill. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, she could heat up the ozone surrounding her body to the point it combusted into flame, then disperse electrons and electricity that is saturated with her own energy into the flame. In this way she would be able to manipulate the flames at will, the only limit is that she can’t fluidly manipulate an Aspect of lightning as adeptly as she would lightning itself.

Why? Well, when she does this non scientific feat, she doesn’t have as high an affinity for say the flame that is conjured from her lightning, then she would for the electricity she imbeds within the flame. This is because while the heat is an aspect of lightning , the flame is only a byproduct of that, which mean she would have to utilize the medium of the spiritual energy she imbeds in the flames to manipulate it.

Taking this a step further, theoretically speaking it is plausible for her to also utilizing the electrons in the air to bypass the process of creating lightning entirely, focusing instead on causing many lightning channels to converge into a single spot, to generate massive explosions of energy.

[Origin state can be used 5-7 times a turn]

Defining Parametes Of Use For Origin State

Logically speaking a technique like this is going to use an extremely large amount of energy. Some aspects of it, such as manipulating and removing the trace concept of heat from a lightning bolt and turning it cold is going to obviously drain much less energy than something such as removing antimatter which is going to take much much more energy. Therefor the rule of thumb in place is anything considered major such as forming antimatter of the scale bigger that a fist is going to drain upwards of 7% of her entire energy reserves and can only be used once every turn and that would count as the entire 5-7 times a turn. So considering this normal application which would be in line with utilizing the concept of heat from lightning to generate a flame, and changing the temperature of lightning to being cold are still going to be able to be done 5-7 times a turn. Now logically if she used this to say generate a chunk of ice the size of an island, that would be a large scale application and would probably require 5-6% of her reserves and would be the only thing used that turn.

So by looking at the trend, her ability is governed by how volatile is the aspect she is excluding (because this is not bound by physics it’s her raw energy manhandling this into fruition, therefor the more volatile it is, the more energy it will take, as seen with antimatter) How much area it takes (As shown generating something the size of an island would be a large scale application and take 5-6% of her energy reserves) How complex is the process. (As seen the process of removing the aspect of heat from a lightningbolt is much less strenuous than generating antimatter would be.)

Summarizing these points (based on common sense) the breakdown of energy scaling and use consumption works off the following concepts.

1)volatility ratio: How volatile are things. The more volatile something is, the more time, effort and resources is taken to subdue it since this is not governed by physics, just her energy reserves and control.

2) Size Ratio: How large is the construct generated from it? Naturally an attack the size of an island as an example is going to use much more time, resources and effort to do than a attack the size of a building.

3) Complexity Component: As shown before, with the example of turning lightning cold and generating antimatter, the more complex something is the more time, effort and energy it’s going to take.

This translates naturally in the sense that, things that are highly complex but area relatively small may be able to be utilized 2-3 times a turn. Things that are highly volatile, but relatively simple could be used the same. If every one of those components is high, it’s only going to be used once a turn, or once every other turn. If everything is low to moderate then it can be used 5-7 times a turn. This of course also is all based off the sites power-scaling for tiers in terms of scope.

Skill Sheet

To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not feel your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Kidō: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hakuda: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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VIII. Shikokai Continued

ニルヴァーナの昇天 Niruvu~āna no shōten (Nirvana Ascension)

Nirvana Ascension is a stage that surpasses origin state. In many societies there are numerous different takes on what “Nirvana” Constitutes. In Hinduism Nirvana means “Blowing out” Or “Quenching” . It is when the individual finally manages to remove themselves from the cycle of life and death, ascending into a new state. For magnolia, this technique causes her energy to undergo mass levels of refinement, energy that could cover countless miles in her latent shikokai state becomes refine until it covers maybe a half mile surrounding her being at maximum.

The quality of her power increases exponentially, having a potency that could be considered roughly 2x the original potency of her energy. Within the Nirvana state this can be seen by her energy radius continuing to increase in potency, the normal color of it changing in clarity. At the beginning of Nirvana Ascension, her energy remains at the least potent state, the hue is similar to that of a metallic sheen, it shines but at most it could be compared to a dull unpolished brass, there seems to be imperfects remaining within th energy.

However, each turn following the activation of Nirvana state, Up until the Ninth Nirvana (Turn Nine) The user will continually undergo energy refinement. Each time the imperfections naturally existing within the user's energy will be smelted down through bombarding it with the natural lightning in the air. Because of the energy being able to undergo refinement, this causes for the surface area, or the distance the energy encompasses to decrease at a rapid rate. As touched upon before, this is because (atleast in her case) as her energy is refined, it compacts and increases it’s level of concentration. A good visual example of the energy concentration aspect would be Liquid CO2 in a canister, think of her energy as it compresses as if it’s increasing the metaphorical pressure of it. The explosive power of her energy increases dramatically, the surface area of her attacks diminish, but upon detonation her attacks or energy will rapidly swell to re-incompass the original area that it had taken up before undergoing Nirvana Ascension. I.E if a attack normally would encompass a city block, upon say the fifth nirvana, it might incompass the radius of a small car, but upon detonation it would rapidly swell to re-incompass that city block radius, causing the energy to vigorously explode outwards. However, due to their being energy limitations, Each Tier has certain limitations as to what range of refinement they can acheive. Below Is the Defined Nirvana Stages.

Entering Nirvana Stages
1st Nirvana: [1st Stage of Refinement]: In the first nirvana, the users energy only compacts by about 5%. This is the earliest stage in the technique known as Nirvana Ascension. The users skin will glow faintly with the color of their reishi, while the metallic sheen on their spiritual energy begins to increase in luster. Beyond this the destructive power of the reishi will increase by around 5% in ratio to how much of their energy becomes compacted and refined. Explosive power will however increase by 10% given that atleast for energy attacks the energy expunged from these attacks will uncompact by 5% every time they hit a target, this generally means energy blasts will become more potent. Beyond this spiritual density rises by 5%.

2nd Nirvana: [2nd Stage of Refinement]: In Second Nirvana, the air will become dyed in the users energy color, the signature will increase it’s strength. Beyond this spiritual energy will Compact by 10%, and their spiritual energy will look like a gleaming polished metal, vibrant and bursting forth with power against the air surrounding it. As compaction furthers, the general destructive power and density of the practitioner's energy will increase by another 5% [10% total now]. While Explosive power will increase by around 10% [20% increase now] At this point the area ones energy naturally encompasses would be reduced by 10% meaning it’d be only 9/10ths the original distance.

3rd Nirvana: [3rd Stage of Refinement:] At this point, once entering the Third Nirvana, you will have reached the pinnacle of the entrance stages of Nirvana. Ones hair will become dyed red at the tips, and their eyes will become a copper-gold as well. At this point the energy surrounding the practitioner will further condense. It becomes roughly 15% compacted, and the spiritual density will have increased by a total of 15% when compared to how the energy was before entering nirvana. Destructive power will have a total increase of around 15% and explosive power will be around 30%. Beyond this the impurities that are normally present in a users energy will begin to be expunged, as such the quality of the spiritual energy will naturally increase, giving a celestial feel to the user that has entered the 3rd nirvana state. Beyond this, at the 3rd level of Nirvana, the user once purifying their energy is able to further attune themselves to the natural forces of nature around them, thus increasing the levels of Qi that can be found alongside their spiritual energy, thus the user’s energy around this point will gradually begin to increase.

Traversing Nirvana Stages

The traversing Nirvana stage is reached once the foundation of nirvana refinement has been set and the user finally begins to take in increasing amounts of natural energy. As a rule of thumb however, a user must take roughly 2 turns before they can cross the threshold from the entering nirvana stages to the traversing nirvana stages. The reason for this is because the foundation must become stable before it can break into the next major stage. I.E there three main “realms” to nirvana. The Entering Nirvana Stages, Traversing Nirvana Stages and Ascending Nirvana Stages.

4th Nirvana:4th Stage of Refinement Once you Hit the Traversing Nirvana Stage, the skin will let off an otherworldly glow, and ones energy compacts even further, having a total compaction of 20%. Beyond this, the energy begins to take on an almost crystalline clarity, like a murky quarts. While destructive power will be at a total increase of 20% and explosive power being around 40% in their respective increases the biggest boost in the traversing nirvana realm isn’t the clarity or volatility of one's own spiritual energy. As touched upon in the last nirvana in the entering nirvana stages, the biggest thing is natural energy, such as for magnolia this would be the electrons and lightning that can be found in the air. If outside nirvana our practitioner was able to bend and meld lightning to their will? Once they’ve hit the 4th nirvana they will become able to refine and increase their Qi output by around 10%. What does this mean? It means that the natural energy they are able to interact with around them has increased greatly. If they had been able to for example able to draw in a gigawatt of electricity and refine it into Qi, now in the 4th nirvana they would be able to refine another 100 kilowatts

Beyond this statistical increase, once you hit the 4th nirvana, small wings will be outlined on the practitioners shoulderblades. This marking occur once the clarity of one's Qi reaches a certain point, after which it will become visible as it flows through the skin. .

5th Nirvana:5th Stage of Refinement In the 5th stage, a practitioner doesn’t have any outward changes. Nor does the volatility of a user's energy increase, it remains at the threshold of 20% destructive power increase, and 40% explosive power increase. However one will have their energy compact to 25% total, the energy now looking quite similar in clarity to that of a jade. In the 5th Nirvana ones ability to draw upon the natural energies in the air to form Qi once again increases, going up to 15% in total. This means the users volume of Qi is 15% greater than what it would be while outside the Qi Cycle. Another aspect of the Nirvana cycle is any ability she has which utilizes Qi will become increased by around 15%. The other major thing about the 5th stage is the user will be able to use certain Nirvana Techniques which will be highlighted below.

Technique Usable at 5th Nirvana

ニルヴァーナの怒り Niruvu~āna no ikari (Nirvana Wrath)

Probably the most terrifying thing about nirvana ascension isn’t the ability for it to increase in power. It’s that as the energy compacts the destructive force it contains increases by an absolutely monstrous degree in proportion to her level of spiritual energy. So what happens if a vast majority of that spiritual energy finds itself contained in a single orb roughly the size of a fist? The answer is simple, nirvana’s wrath. By condensing 30% of the users already compact energy it forms a blast of absolutely calamitous proportions. As her energy begins to condense a massive electric storm will expand outwards to roughly a ten mile radius, the amount of power being released being enough that any buildings in that ten mile radius will be melted by countless lightning strikes, then all that lightning will be sucked inwards, forming the exterior shell of the seething mass of spiritual energy that takes on a golden sheen infront of her. In many ways this technique looks like a golden variant of a cero.

Once that outer shell is formed, her body will become bathed in a blinding brilliance, similar to staring at something similar to that of the sun. The reason for this is once the condensing period is done the naturally occurring electricity in the air will begin to be pulled in at terrific rates. Once all that energy is finally condensed down into the ball, it can do one of two things. The first thing is that it can form a spear in the users hand. This spear will be able to be thrown through the air, and once it is thrown it will continue to accelerate by utilizing the concent similar to a railgun. Using 5% of the orbs total energy to reach speeds that make it almost inperceptible even to a trained eye. To have a chance of seeing this you'd need an advanced skill level or higher in focus.

Once it slams into an object it will immediately detonate, the blast will grow in size as it will pull in every ounce of lightning within 20 miles into the blast which is expanding outwards. From there this blast can easily exceed the size of a state the size of wyoming, everything in it’s confines would be destroyed without question.

This can only be used once a thread in shikokai state, afterwards it cannot be used any more.
6th Nirvana:6th stage of Refinement: In the 6th stage of refinement, the ability to harness natural energy is what increases t most. Compaction jumps from 35 to 50%, signaling the precipice between the highest point in the Traversing nirvana realm and the entrance to the ascending nivana realm. Beyond this destructive power is the only other real thing that increases, and goes up from 20 to 30%. The potency of attacks using Qi increases by 10%. The very air seems to distort around a user once they hit the 6th nirvana. The concentration of their reishi becoming enough that if someone was within say a quarter mile of them , those a tier under might have trouble moving, within this space at their full speeds. Other then that the supreme energy radiating from their body becomes amplified even further.

Ascending Nirvana Stage

7th Nirvana: 7th stage of Refinement: In the 7th stage one truly has stepped into the beginnings of the pinnacle of the Nirvana. Compaction increases to 60%, and the very structure of the reishi seems to become condensed leading the energy to take on a clear crystalline glow to it. Beyond this the destructive power of skills seems to drastically increase, causing for any attack to have an increased destructive power of around 35% while explosive power has increased to a whopping 60%. The really scary thing about moving into the 7th stage is the Volume of Qi in the body will increase by 30%, allowing for the overflow of qi to begin to affect the world around it. For example, if the user was a lightning practitioner? Then a massive thunderstorm can be generated in the world around her from this aspect alone. The other thing to take into consideration is by this point the user’s energy is only occupying 4/10ths the space it was originally, this means that the density of her energy has reached such a point that it causes the very ground to become cemented together from pressure that can be exerted outwards.

8th Nirvana: 8th Stage of Refinement: Once a user reaches the 8th stage this is when another major leap for compaction occus. The users energy becomes compacted to the point that it only takes up 2/10th’s the space it used to, having finally reached 80% compaction. Destructive energy has increased to around 45% increase, and explosive power has increased to 70%. However the truly frightening part is once a user hit’s their 8th nirvana any and all Qi / Electricity natured attacks will find their power increased by 40% at the baseline, meaning that if she shot a lightning orb it would be 40% stronger than it normally would be otherwise. This is the really frightening part about the 8th Nirvana. Since as the user's parameters increase this means that any stacking abilities that can be used in her previous states will stack up on top of this.

9th Nirvana: 9th Stage Of Refinement: Once a user reaches this final step, the explosive power that roils inside them becomes increased to the point that they could almost be called a transcendent existence. Their energy only is resting upon their skin, but the power behind the blows that would be given from simply brushing their hand against an object could be catastrophic due to the ability to momentarily expand the reishi at a moments notice. For example, normally a flick could destroy a city block, but taking into consideration this is 95% compaction and that Qi volume has increased by around 50%. Destructive power is around 45% increased and explosive power is increased to an increase of 80%. What all this means is that the power that is lurking within this stage, where the natural energy in the air is nearly in sync with the user, all the imperfections having left the spiritual energy to have it remain at it’s purest level.

Nirvana Refinement Tier Durations/Stage Requirements

Tier 5:

1st Level of Nirvana Refinement - 5 turn duration Max
2nd Level of Nirvana Refinement- 2 turn Duration Max [Maximum Refinement level for this tier]

4 Tier:

1st Level of Nirvana Refinement- 7 turn duration Max
2nd Level of Nirvana Refinement - 4 turn duration Max
3rd Level of Nirvana Refinement - 2 turn duration max [Maximum Refinement Level for this tier]

Tier 3:

1st Level of Nirvana Refinement - 10 turn duration Max
2nd Level of Nirvana Refinementt - 7 turn duration Max
3rd Level of Nirvana Refinement - 4 turn duration Max
4th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 2 turn duration Max [Maximum Refinement Level For This Tier]

Tier 2:

1st level of Nirvana Refinement - 13 turn duration Max
2nd level of Nirvana Refinement - 10 turn duration Max
3rd Level of Nirvana Refinement - 7 turn duration Max
4th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 4 turn duration Max
5th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 2 turn duration Max [Maximum Refinement Level For This Tier]

Tier 1:

1st Level of Nirvana Refinement - 16 turn duration Max
2nd Level of Nirvana Refinement - 13 turn duration Max
3rd Level of Nirvana Refinement - 10 turn duration Max
4th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 7 turn duration Max
5th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 4 turn duration Max
6th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 2 turn duration Max [Maximum Refinement Level For This Tier]

Low 0 Tier [ 0-5/0-4-]

1st Level of Nirvana Refinement - 18 turn duration Max
2nd Level of Nirvana Refinement - 16 turn duration Max
3rd Level of Nirvana Refinement - 13 turn duration Max
4th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 10 turn duration Max
5th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 7 turn duration Max
6th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 4 turn duration Max
7th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 2 turn duration Max [Maximum Refinement Level For This Tier]

Mid 0 tier [0-4/0-3-]

1st Level of Nirvana Refinement - 20 turn duration Max
2nd Level of Nirvana Refinement - 18 turn duration Max
3rd Level of Nirvana Refinement - 16 turn duration Max
4th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 13 turn duration Max
5th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 10 turn duration Max
6th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 7 turn duration Max
7th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 4 turn duration Max
8th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 2 turn duration Max [Maximum Refinement Level For This Tier]

High 0 Tier [ 0-3/0-2]

1st Level of Nirvana Refinement- 22 turn duration Max
2nd Level of Nirvana Refinement - 20 turn duration Max
3rd Level of Nirvana Refinement - 18 turn duration Max
4th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 16 turn duration Max
5th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 13 turn duration Max
6th Level of Nirvana Refinement -10 turn duration Max
7th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 7 turn duration Max
8th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 4 turn duration Max
9th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 2 turn duration Max [Maximum Refinement Level For This Tier]

Pinnacle 0 Tier [ 0-2/0-2++]

1st Level of Nirvana Refinement - 22 turn duration Max
2nd Level of Nirvana Refinement - 20 turn duration Max
3rd Level of Nirvana Refinement - 18 turn duration Max
4th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 16 turn duration Max
5th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 14 turn duration Max
6th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 12 turn duration Max
7th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 10 turn duration Max
8th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 7 turn duration Max.
9th Level of Nirvana Refinement - 4 turn duration Max

VIIII. Weapons and Equipment

グレートベアソード Gurētobeasōdo (Roughly Translates to Big Bear Sword) : This weapon is a Large Odachi, the blade spans roughly eleven feet in length. Running the length of the blade are engravings of bears of varying types and sizes, going down to the hilt the cross-wrapped handle seems to be of a dull brown color that seems to have been worn down through the passage of time, there is nothing adorning the back, giving it the feel that once there might have been something there, but it was broken off or removed after the passage of time took it’s toll on the old weapon. There are some chips in the back of the blade from where it has been used to block sword blows numerous times, and the tang of the blade seems to have numerous gouges that are too deep to buff out.

Aspects of the blade:

Reishi Born Sharpness: One of the more interesting aspects about the Big Bear Sword is that it is capable of keeping a sharp edge so long as the blade has reishi to feed into it. How this works is during battle the person using this sword will focus energy down the length of the sword, this energy in turn will then seep into the bear-like markings that are present on the blade. From there it begins to vibrate rapidly, restoring the dents and divots within the blade for only the duration that the energy is within it. For example, if the blade got a knick in it and the energy was applied? The energy would be able to cover the knick but it wouldn’t exactly make it as good as new. Beyond this thanks to the fact that it holds and edge through reishi it becomes fully capable of chopping through spiritual defenses. In terms of sharpness this blade is only slightly inferior in sharpness to a Zanpakutō, but in terms of resiliency of it’s blade edge could be considered on par with a Zanpakutō in sealed state.

To give an example of how sharp this blade is, it is fully capable of cutting through titanium like it is wet tofu when energy is embedded across the surface of the blade. The only downside to this is it requires a constant source of energy, and thus drains roughly a cero’s worth of energy each turn to retain this immensely sharp edge that can be found on the big bear sword.

Weight: It may not look it, but this sword is actually ridiculously heavy, weighing several tons due to the dense metals it was forged from in the inverse soul-society. Because of this the weapon naturally is capable of wreaking havoc simply from its weight alone. From the kinetic force generated by a swing it is possible for this blade to shatter buildings and reduce them to rubble in an instant. Or when dropped it is capable of wedging itself over a hundred feet in the earth and leaving a crater from its weight alone.

Immense Durability: The big bear sword is extremely durable since it is made from spiritually rich metals found in inverse soul society. It is capable of taking many blows from a zero tier individual without breaking, and going blow for blow with a Zanpakutō while suffering only minor nicks or gouges on the surface of the blade without the reishi born sharpness aspect of the weapon being put into action.

Energy Connection: Another unique aspect which stems from the fact it is made from metals that formed under the saturation of reishi is that it is capable of connecting with the user's energy source. Now what this means is the user can channel their spiritual energy or attacks along the surface of the blade, and use the weapon as a medium to fire them. Or this can be used to bolster the weapons defensive powers if needed.

悪魔を殺すナギナタ Akuma o korosu naginata (Devil-slaying Naginata)
Another weapon that she has in her arsenal is the devil slaying spear. It’s appearance isn’t really that much different from a normal naginata, the fine curved blade on the end tapering down into a blade-like point. It’s shaft seems to be made of ancient wood, that over time has been distorted and hardened by reishi naturally saturating into it. Other noticable aspects is the tattered cloth that is on the end of it, this cloth has been dyed brown over the years from all the blood that has crusted on it, and the side of the blade has hundreds if not thousands of scratches adorning it from constant battle.

Aspects of the Naginata:

Demon Hunter: A peculiar aspect about this weapon, is it was forged from tempered holy-attribute steel. It was said to be blessed by a saint long ago, for the purpose of doing battle with demons. What this does is over time any reishi that has saturated this weapon has been converted into a holy-attribute energy source, which means the Demon-Slaying Naginata for all intents and purposes has it’s own energy source. This source of energy is 50% less affective against those who use holy-natured energies. For example, this weapon is actually almost ineffective when facing an angel, or an angel iramasha. While on the flip-side it is absolutely rutheless when used against demons, being able to purify their corrupt and unholy energies when they come in contact with the tip of the blade. Granted it doesn’t completely disperse it, but it can weaken demonic natured attacks by up to 20% on impact ,and is 25% stronger when facing demons.

Holy Sourced Energy, Growth-Type Weapon: As touched upon in Demon-Hunter, this weapon does have a minor source of holy energy permeating it. When a user imbeds energy into the blade, so long as it’s given two or three turns to process the energy, the weapon will rise accordingly to the amount of energy put into it. Eventually over time this will allow the weapon to gradually amass large reserves of energy in it, however as is logical with a growth type weapon, the user needs to state in thread exactly how much of their energy is being pumped into it with solid percents. This is to keep the user from pumping endless amounts of energy in it without backlash. So for example, if the user was to put 25% of their energy into the weapon, They’d have to state it clearly, In The Post that they are feeding it energy in Then the user would lose that energy for the rest of the thread. Theoretically this Weapon’s growth-rate can reach a tier under the user that is using it. However this would only be after Multiple threads of energy absorption and then if the energy was spent completely afterwards? They’d have to start back from the beginning with the energy absorption. Also, to prevent the user from just instantly re-charging it? While there is theoretically a capacity for near-endless energy absorption, the weapon only can take in so much at a time. Per thread a user can put in a maximum of 30% of their energy into the weapon, and they can feed it 5% of their energy per post at maximum.

Also it should be noted, that Holy energy can only be utilized through this blade .Therefor if the weapon was taken away? Since the user Magnolia isn’t of holy attribute, any techniques stemming from utilization of Holy energy would become unusable.

X. Cyber Tech

» Cyber Tech: N/A

XI. Weapon Techniques/ Abilities.

» Devil-Slaying Naginata Techniques/Abilities:

最初のストローク Saisho no sutorōku (First Stroke)

The first stroke is a technique where the holy energy permeates the weapon in it’s entirety, causing a otherworldly glow to bathe the region surrounding it. From there a white fog will roll out from the user at ankle level to fill up a domain of roughly several hundred feet. In this range the holy energy’s will begin to fill up the region in it’s entirety until you get around seven hundred feet in the air. This dome naturally dampens the power of demonic energies, weakening them passively by around 10%, so for example if a demon utilized their black inferno blast? It would only be operating at 90% strength while in this region, because holy energy is logically the natural enemy of Demonic Energies, and thus it acts as a neutralizer in a way. Each turn the first stroke is in effect the user is draining around 3% of the total reserves in the weapon, since to use this it is naturally disperse the energy stored within the naginata passively into the environment around it.

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Elite
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Elite
  • Kidō: Untrained
  • Zanjutsu: Grandmaster
  • Hakuda: Master

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Elite

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« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Master
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  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master

  • Comments/Notes: After talking with Shizuo in PC about this, and fixing the things that were wrong, this character should be ready to go...or more so WILL be. As the history still needs to be fully completed, I will be semi-approving for now. Notify me when the history is entirely complete, and we'll come back to this. If any staff has a problem with my judgement, contact me privately.
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Added Bankai Tier in due to the following conversation.

Shizuo - Today at 5:31 PM
is she 0-2 in bankai?
or 0-3
Henrex - Today at 5:32 PM
0-2- in Bankai
Shizuo - Today at 5:32 PM
Mind marking that in ?
since she is scaling
@ the 0-2- in bankai.
Henrex - Today at 5:35 PM
Go ahead, just write this convo in a response to that.

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Akuma no Bakuha: I can approve it as it is, but I would suggest you specify the New Master strength scale for it, as the current description for Master would be turned into Elite, and Grandmaster stay and Grandmaster; so, for the time being, there's no defined power enhancement for Magnolia if she has Elite Strength.

Origin State: Give a total duration or total usage on how many times she could use origin state as a whole, since this is definintely going to be a super consuming ability, as even though Shikokai immensely boosts her energy, a skill of this nature, to the extent of breaking down boundaries of physics through her control of lightning, would definitely take up a lot of resources. Of course, it depends on the scale of using Origin State and what applications she uses it for, since they may vary and in turn vary in the magnitude of energy consumption and effects, so really it's up to you to define smaller usages and higher usages and usages between them. Feel free to leave it vague to an extent, alongside detailing progressive drawbacks on the energy consumption, so that you can aesily let it vary from thread to thread depending on energy consumption. To an extent, that sort of limitation/drawback would be more of a trust approved thing, since I'm going to trust that you accurately portray the effects of using a fuck ton of energy.

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  • Comments/Notes: Honestly I think this is one of the best apps I've read from you. I like her thematic, the ways she applies her spiritual energy to physically empower herself, and how you distinctly mention that her Origin State doesn't even bother adhering to physics.

    Tier: Once fixed, approved same tiers (0-3, 0-2 in Bankai, 0-2+ in shikokai).

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[adm]Leaving a reminder on this that I'm going to move it to WIP in 3 days if Shizuo doesn't give an update on the fixes.[/adm]

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[adm]Moving to WIP since there hasn't been an update in a week.[/adm]

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