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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Wed Nov 23, 2016 10:22 am

Enter The Arrancar

I. Basic Information

» Name: Tian “Tia” Ling Mischevang
» Age: 400-499 years old, a year younger than her sister, appears 24-25
» Gender: Female

» Association: No specific alignments besides one for herself and anyone she may care for. However, Tian is a Mischevang. But, she is an outcast of the family due to how she feels about certain things.

Sister of Rose Mischevang: Due to Rose being her sister, she will listen to her if she does advise her on something or is trying to talk her into something. Whether it works or not is always a toss-up, but, Tian feels obligated to listen to her sister.

» Appearance Written: Tian’s appearance is quite unlike most Arrancar. Not only does she not portray a completely threatening nature, but, she also seems to be quite the irregular Arrancar. But, her hair can sometimes be a dead giveaway to her being a spiritual being. Why may that be? Well, when your hair is basically bound together by your reiatsu and otherwise looks like fire cascading off of her head; it can kinda give things away. Not only that, but, the hair is clearly a little abnormal for a Mischevang; as most have red hair unlike Tian’s mix of red and black. Regardless, Tian does look like she could pass for human; if she wasn’t using her powers at least.

Tian is a rather average sized girl. Well, somewhat. She stands at about 5’8” with a figure that looks rather thin, but, also seems to command large amounts of strength despite the obvious lack of muscle. Regardless, what makes her stand out the most is how she acts, her hair, her body, and her clothes. Frankly, Tian just stands out in general; even if she does try to hide a little.

What can cause Tian to stick out the most is her body. Why may that be? Well, it seems to bloody perfect for all logic to understand. For example, not only is her skin fair and undamaged, but, she also seems to have surprisingly perfect breasts. While they aren’t perfect, they just look it, Tian does have some blemishes here and there hidden by her clothing. Speaking of her breasts, the nice lumps that protrude from her feminine chest are actually only a low C cup or high B cup. In other words, she doesn’t have the biggest breasts in the world. But, doesn’t truthfully matter anyways. Why not have really big boobs? They could potentially get in the way during battle. Either way, Tian is perfectly okay with her small breasts.

However, that’s just her body. Sure, her body is fair and she has rarely ever been touched by others; except for maybe her sister Rose Mischevang. Even then, it is very doubtful she has been touched much in any sort of way. From there on, comes the actual physical appearance of Tian Ling Mischevang. Physically, she’s definitely a good looking girl. Maybe not the sexiest, but, it cannot be denied that she is cute. Not only that, but, her eyes are extremely alluring and absolutely brilliant. This is due to the fact that the shade of blue her eyes are; radiating both her confidence, assurance, and the joy she has had in her life.

However, that confidence and joy seems to echo in her clothing and general attire. What seems to echo this confidence and apparent joy is the fact that she wears black clothes with red trimmings. On the upper part of her body, including arms and hands, there are a fair amount of clothing on her body. The first of which is a shirt that is pitch black, has red trimmings along the edges of the fabric, and seems to have Chinese inspired buttons. Of course, it’s held closed and tight, but, it’s quite obvious that it would take a lot of force to rip off the shirt without undoing the buttons. Around that shirt, and covering the back of it, is a black jacket that has the same red trimming lining the tail of the coat and the cuffs of it as well. On each shoulder of the jacket there is a red cross. Something quite interesting for an Arrancar to possess given what the symbol meant. Of course, that symbol was also echoed in the earrings she wore; golden crosses.

While the coat did cover the majority of what the shirt didn’t, basically her shoulders and arms, it did not cover her hands. What did that was a pair of gloves that were black with the same red trimmings along the lining of the finger holes. Since the gloves themselves are fingerless, Tian’s fingers can be seen from about the second knuckle up; with maybe a centimeter of space between the knuckle and the finger holes.

On Tian’s legs, she wears a pair of shorts that go to about the top of her thighs. While they aren’t booty shorts exactly, they are clearly quite short. The shorts are a lighter black, nearly gray, with a good amount of red trimming along the fabric ends and other areas as well. Due to their length, Tian’s thighs are completely visible for nearly all to see. However, she had a red band on her left thigh, in about the middle of her thigh, that is about an inch or two wide. Besides that, nothing else is on her thighs. Below her shorts, on her feet and lower leg, is a pair of knee high boots. The soles of the boots are red, and give her an additional inch in height to her base 5’8”. The rest of the boots are black and fold over at the very top; leaving a triangle shaped hole on the front of each boot at the very top of each boot.

However, she does not end right there. She does have a Zanpakutō that she can boast if she wishes. The Zanpakutō is normally latched onto her back, the handle nearly parallel with the side of her left hip. In other words, the handle is sticking out at a 45-degree angle; approximately. The Zanpakutō isn’t very prominent, nor does it fall out of its sheath at random, but, those who see it can likely get a nice bet as to exactly what Tian is.

» Appearance Image:
Make sure to look at dis:

II. Personality

» Personality: Tian is a very free thinker, with some prejudice against some races. This means that she is very open when it comes to most things, but, she can get a little biased when someone tries to badmouth her race or someone she cares for; regardless of alignment.

» Mischevang’s: Despite Tian becoming estranged from her own family eventually, she still loves and cares for those in the Mischevang family; especially her sister Rose. While Tian is completely neutral by all rights, she does care for her family enough to help them in a conflict if, and only if, Rose talks her into it. This also means that Tian will mainly listen to Rose, and basically no one else of the family. While it is true that Tian cares for her family, Rose is the only one who could actually get her to do something for the family instead of ignoring what is being said. However, if it is something that Tian believes could be wrong it will take much more than normal for Rose to convince her to help.

» Complete Respect and Loyalty for Rose: Due to events in the past, Tian is incredibly loyal and respectful towards Rose. This had caused Tian to listen to anything that rose says, no matter how small. It can also cause her to respect anything her sister says. This also means that Tian could get very protective of her without much cause. Meaning that if someone hits on her, despite Rose not caring, she will spring to her defense and immediately tell the person to shut up or the basic ‘stop hitting on my sister!’ Either way, Tian greatly cares for and respects Rose. Her loyalty also will cause her to stand with her sister no matter the situation.

» Neutrality: Tian is a very free soul, not wanting to be a part of wars, see conflict, or even kill others if she has to. Of course, she has killed others in the past when needed to and before she actually became truly neutral. Now, however, she will avoid killing unless absolutely necessary. This also means that she won’t take sides in a conflict unless her loved ones are on one of those sides.

» Prejudice: Due to how Tian grew up, being an Arrancar since birth, she had strange opinions of human beings. However, what really tainted her opinion was when her sisters were murdered by the villagers in the village they were born in. This caused her opinion of humans to taint and be rather biased towards them being a violent, cruel, people that did not care for anything at all. This is what caused Tian to kill many humans and consume their souls in the past; revenge for her beloved sisters. However, in recent events, Tian has slowly realized that humans aren’t quite so terrible. Sure, there are some that are rather impetuous and bastardly, but, there were others that were not so. In all basics, Tian is a little racist against humans sometimes. When it comes to Shinigami and demons she is indifferent, but, when it comes to her own race, Arrancar, she looks upon them with great pride.

» Satan’s Rage: Tian is rarely angered, despite her power origins. But, when she is you better run for the hills or be faced with a raging plasma wielding Arrancar bent on tearing out your spine through your throat. So, yes, be on this one’s good side unless you want to face her anger. When she gets angry, Tian nearly loses control of all action and thought; causing her to smash through nearly anyone and anything that is in her path. However, she can be calmed down by someone she loves dearly or by her sister, Rose. Otherwise, she’ll go on a slight rampage until she is done or regains rational thought.

» Kindness Foreign to Arrancar? Incorrect: Tian is actually a very kind being despite her origins of being an Arrancar; and one based around the wrath sin. This means that she can be kind to those she meets if they do not present themselves as being rather crude, rude, or complete douche bags. Otherwise, Tian will be a very kind girl who doesn’t really give many people all that much shit.

»Romanticism: Ever since Tian got over humans being assholes, she realized that they were well versed in ‘romance’. This meant that Tian did learn some romance later on in her life, due to a curiosity of love and the prospects of love. She also did so due to the need to continue on the Mischevang name. Of course, she knew her sister was more likely to do so as she was the current heir given Ashlei’s absence. Regardless, she still did get to know the subject so she could actually know what to do in such situations.

» Protection; it is Needed: Despite Tian being a little strange and neutral, she will protect any she cares for; even if she does stand against them in some respects. This makes it very hard for Tian to take sides against those she cares for because she wants to be able to protect them instead of standing by the side and watching or being the holder of the blade that makes the killing blow. This means that Tian will normally jump to the aid of her loved ones instead of whoever she may be fighting with; if she was standing with anyone in the first place. This is definitely a trait that makes Tian how she is and can also make her forced to be on the side of ‘evil’ instead of sticking to complete neutrality. This even meant that Tian tried to protect Rose when they were younger, and did live together, though, Rose could care for herself well enough.

» Morality: Tian has a set of morals that may be weird for an Arrancar; at times. Basically, her morality speaks that she must kill those who threaten her family or loved ones. Which was at least semi normal. However, the abnormal part was how she disagreed with Shadowfall. At least to her it seemed abnormal.

» Sporadic: Due to growing up with Rose, and how she used to be, Tian has needed to be a little sporadic in her personality so she could keep her sister’s attention for a long time. It still does shine through now and again due to it being a learned trait for the past years in her life. This means she can sometimes change how she is acting suddenly to keep the attention of another, but, it isn’t as common as it used to be in the past of this young-ish Arrancar.

» Vengeful: Tian is very vengeful. This means that she will take revenge for those that may have been hurt or killed. This was shown in her youth when she murdered at least half of the villagers who had killed her sisters. Of course, it has not been shown by any other event lately, but, it is true that Tian will take revenge for those she loves if they have been hurt in any way. And if they have been killed, she will go on a vengeful rampage until the aggressors have been completely destroyed, kill, and souls devoured so they may no longer exist.

» Sexual: Even though Tian has never had any true sexual interactions, she is a little amazed with the things she has seen in the past and with the constant evolution of technology. Of course, this means she is curious about many things. Meaning she will likely have sex with either a girl or a guy and not really have any qualms about it. However, she won’t just go off and get fucked. She actually has to be in love with someone to let them touch her that way.

» Fear for Loss: Due to how things panned out in Tian’s youth, she has gained a large amount of fright when it comes to possibly losing someone she loves; even the thought of such things could cause her to have a breakdown of sorts. This also means that if she remotely cares about someone, she won’t want to let them out of her sight unless absolutely necessary. This extends to her family, even if she had left the Mischevang’s she will still want to make sure they are safe. Frankly, this was formed around her care for family; for her sisters.

If those thoughts ever become rather traumatizing, Tian will have a minor breakdown that will cause her to likely become temporarily immobile as she tries to convince herself that her loved one isn’t going to die or something along those lines.

III. History

» History:

Tian Ling Mischevang… she was quite the strange child, even from birth. She was born at least a year or two after Rose’s own birth. However, she was largely kept separate from her sister for one reason; she was not human. While it would make little to no sense for her to be born an Arrancar while her parents were completely human; she had been one anyways. It was found out about a year after Tian’s birth that her mother had somehow been infected with the reiatsu of a hollow and then that of a Shinigami. While the reiatsu did not affect Tian’s mother in a negative way, it caused Tian to be born as an Arrancar; yet she was born with the red hair that the Mischevang family was known for. This was actually very hard to cover up due to the mask that he possessed on her face and the hole that was placed in the middle of her stomach. She eventually got surgery to take care of the hole and mask, with a lot of pain on Tian’s part despite any pain killers or Tian’s own pain resistance. However, that was long after Rose had been killed by the bastards in the village they grew up in. While the village was destroyed, Tian got her own killing in before her eldest sister destroyed everything there but the Mischevang family.

In Tian’s youth, she was actually hidden from much. This was due to her appearances, but, the only one who didn’t seem to mind was her sister, Rose. It was something interesting at least that could interest the girl instead of boring her. However, it was something Tian was still subconsciously aware of constantly; even after removing the presence of her hollow hole and her mask remnants. During her childhood, Tian was kept away from much due to keep her from receiving the same treatment her oldest sister had been receiving at the time. This also meant that Tian had little knowledge of what had happened most of the time with her sisters. This also meant that she had no idea the villagers around her were absolute douches who ended up murdering her older sisters. However, it wasn’t going to be long before she found out what was going on and something exploded…

While Tian was still young, she had quite the strange abilities. While it could not be controlled very well, she could sometimes create inert plasma, not even hot, that would simply dissolve into nothingness soon after creation. She was also quite intelligent for how young she was; being only about 2 or three at the time. Of course, this was even more incentive for her parents to keep her away from the crowds of the city. This did indeed mean that Tian was shielded from all that Rose and Ashlei had to endure. Why she was favored over them was so unclear. Maybe it was an effort to keep one child as ‘innocent’ or ‘pure’. Well, such a thing was nearly impossible with having an Arrancar for a child, but, it was still attempted regardless. Despite that, Tian felt she lived a good life for an Arrancar who was constantly temping death with a huge ass piece of meat.

However, everything soon changed; much faster than Tian would have wished for things to change. It started when Tian was near 3 and a half years old, Tian had noticed that things were going quite wrong. While she was a toddler by all rights, she did have slightly accelerated intelligence and mentality due to the circumstances in which she grew up; being an Arrancar amidst a village of humans and all. This meant that Tian had finally noticed the issues that issues that had been caused by people misunderstanding her older sisters. It all happened in an instant, yet, looking back on it; seeing the death of her sisters was the slowest thing ever.

At the age of four, Tian being only three and a half, Rose had already awakened her own powers and had proceeded to avenge her elder sister’s death. Likely unknown to both sisters, Tian had seen everything that happened to both of them. She witnessed Ashlei being murdered by the villagers she lived with; and quite the gruesome death at that. However, what destroyed Tian the most was witnessing her beloved sister Rose being torn to pieces by the very same villagers who killed Ashlei.

Tian did indeed watch the entire situation, watching Ashlei die, and then watching Rose go on her vast murdering spree. However, she also watched as Rose was taken down, her arm ripped off, and her chest pierced by something she could not make out. She could feel her blood hammering through her veins as her blue eyes widened in horror at seeing her Sister being injured so. However, before she could watch anything else she suddenly felt herself falling unconscious; due to reasons she did not know. Not too long after, Tian was woken by blood curdling screams that scared her to the core. She immediately dashed to where the screams were from and witnessed her sister, Rose, being burned to death. It was that day that Tian was finally revealed in all her Arrancar nature.

The second Tian’s eyes laid upon Rose’s burning figure, her being shuddered with strange energy and immense levels of rage as she fell to her young knees and held her head. Tian had always been a little on the more grown side, likely a side effect of being an Arrancar so she could survive outside of the womb. This meant she was only a little taller than the normal 3-year-old, but, it also meant that her powers had constantly been on the verge of breaking free. And it was this day that they burst forth and her rage, her anger, wrath, finally broke free.

While Rose continued screaming and crying, a rage filled Tian flew at whatever crowd may remain around Rose and she ripped into them; pulling them apart with her bare hands and crushing their bodies with the pure force generated from her. This did result in broken bones afterwards, but, in the current moment Tian was a little too pissed off to register anything. The first thing Tian did was that she basically tore part of the crowd up with just her charging into it. Afterwards, she mainly broke the skulls of others with punches, kicks, and sometimes even used the teeth of her hollow mask to kill those she encountered. Again there was another child of Mischevang lineage who had ended up being a monster of some sort; ripping apart beings like they were nothing more than scrap paper.

While Tian had not destroyed all of the people in the village, she had either killed, or scared away, most of the crowd around Rose. Despite all that she did, even tearing the person’s head off who started the fire; it was still not enough. But, what broke her out of her rage was the lack of screaming and cries from Rose. She turned to look at the area where her sister was burning and saw nothing but flames and heard only the screaming of villagers fleeing from the beast that was Tian. Tian reached a hand out for the fire, not feeling like the heat affected her for some reason, as if she was trying to hold her sister one last time, but, she only encountered a stick being shoved through her arm. This made the young Arrancar cry out and run away much faster than most humans were possible. She soon collapsed miles outside of the village, weary, beaten, a little bloody, oh, and don’t forget the stick impaling her arm.

Soon after collapsing a tear had fallen from Tian’s eye, thinking her beloved sisters had been taken from her. Not too long after that she had fallen unconscious; unknowing to what happened to her next. As Tian awoke she found herself in a strange place; one she had never been in before. She arose from the place she was on to walk around the area that was basically white in all aspects and seemed to be full of strange beings. Tian looked around only to notice she saw beings that were just like her. Beings who had masks and holes like she did. Maybe not in the same places, but, it was evident they were similar. She soon found out that she had been taken here by some wandering Arrancar that recognized her nature, and here rareness. However, Tian was still unsure what happened to her Sisters. Ashlei was gone, Rose was gone. Both were dead and she had no idea where they would end up. Both of them were dead and she had no idea where they would end up. Frankly, she truly had no idea that both of her sisters would soon be here too; in Hueco Mundo. Of course, that wouldn’t be for a while. In the meantime, Tian just decided to train and train and train; just so that the same things that happened in the past would never happen again and she could protect her loved ones from the same things ever happening again.

From there, the next chapter of Tian’s life took hold and guided her forwards.
From there, the next chapter of Tian’s life took hold and guided her forwards. Tian spent whatever youth she had in quite the unnatural childhood. She focused on her own growth, learning, and becoming a somewhat decent person. Of course, this was a little hard to do sometimes with what she had been surrounded with at points. Regardless, she still did much while her brilliantly red hair would always shine; even when she ended up getting covered in the blood of others. Frankly, it was a long trek for the lonely Mischevang who all but thought her family was dead; that her beloved sisters were gone. It was only until later that she found out that Ashlei had become a hollow and Rose, her favorite sister, would also become an Arrancar soon enough. Soon she would be reunited with her sister instead of just dreading their deaths.

In the meantime, however, Tian familiarized herself with her innate abilities, Cero, Bala, etc, and with her own special abilities that she had since birth. However, she decided to focus on those innate abilities first, since she had the time, so she could control them properly and possibly modify them. The two skills she perfected the most, and the quickest, were her Bala and Cero. The first being somewhat easy for her to perfect and then eventually modify by changing some of the Bala’s structure so she could hold it on her fist instead of immediately firing it off at her enemies at ridiculous speeds. And with her Cero, she was able to fire off multiple in quick succession, and, she was even able to have one in each hand if she needed, though, it would take far too much energy from her to be practical. She also was able to soon modify the Cero to fit her own powers of Plasma manipulation; borne from her wrathful nature that was released as soon as she murdered the people who killed Rose and Ashlei; at least those that were in close range of where Rose died. Every time she thought of that day, Tian had to hold herself back so she wouldn’t get angered and go on a minor rampage; because she would if she didn’t calm down.

It took quite a long time before Tian finally saw her sister, Rose, again. Seeing her made her happy enough that the rage of that day was long forgotten. It was also nice to see that she was relatively the same still, and she was also an Arrancar to boot. From there, Tian trained with her sister, Rose, who was surprisingly more powerful than she. This surprised her since her older sister, while definitely powerful, had never really shown such power… maybe it was because of the mind thing she had? Tian truly had no idea how she was so powerful, but, it was refreshing to know that her sister was able to take care of herself, and she also wished to never be separated from her again; she was most certainly attached to Rose.

Throughout the years Tian realized that a lot was going quite wonky in the world. There were demons running wild, the Arrancar becoming aligned with them, and creating quite a large amount of chaos. Tian used to be completely with Shadow Fall, and her sister, wanting to right the world their way and take care of things. This meant that Tian stood by Rose’s side as much as possible, however, once she saw the things that had been happening around her and Rose; Tian started to become discouraged and not want to handle things the way they were being handled. She was afraid and not wanting to handle things this way. While Tian was still a Mischevang, she didn’t feel like she would be able to help her family due to the things they wanted to do; things that she felt were against her morals. Yes, Tian had morals. They were borne from the day she killed all those people and watched her sisters die. That day she decided she should leave, become an outcast, and only ever listen to Rose if she needed to do something for her family. It was that day that Tian left Hueco Mundo, though it nearly killed her to leave her sister, and started to wander.

After starting to wander, Tian started her own training in private, sometimes training in caves underground, training on the top of mountains, and even training in hot places like volcanos to properly train the rest of her abilities. Of course, she still does that so she can make sure her abilities stay up to par. In recent events, Tian was able to purchase a phone that she can use, although loosely, as well as was able to get some jobs here or there for money. Not only that, but, she also got some surgery to remove her mask, leaving only a small heart on her left cheek, and to cover up her hollow hole. She had recently been wandering around Earth in some rather good attire and hair that was colored black and red, the hair trailing down her back the only trace of red from her Mischevang lineage. She was an outcast Mischevang now, not unwanted, but, not sure of what to do for herself or her family. She was unsure what she should even do about what was going on in the world right now. The only thing she saw herself doing anytime soon was wandering the Earth and waiting to see what her sister may do. It was only a matter of time before Rose decided to do something big, but, she did hope that nothing bad happened to Rose. IF anyone tried to attack her or kill her, Tian would have to immediately return to her side. After all, she’s family, and her beloved sister. If she loses her again? What’s left?

IV. Equipment

» Equipment: She has no actual equipment outside of a modern cellphone she recently acquired; and can barely pay for.

V. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills

» Racial Abilities:

» Hierro: Tian’s Hierro is indeed much like other hierro, strong and durable. However, Tian’s is a little specialized due to her ability to manipulate and create plasma. Again, it’s hierro, which is basically a second skin, but, Tian’s is not only quite durable, but, it is also heat resistant. This means that Tian can resist up to 1000 Kelvin worth of heat, adding 500 Kelvin to her base thermal resistances, so she won’t get burned by her own plasma. However, it is not able to be increased without some sort of training from Tian. Otherwise, it will remain at its 1000 Kelvin heat resistance.

» Cero: The Cero is actually one of Tian’s more favored abilities to use due to the fact that she will try to use the ability as much as she can. She will even go to lengths to try and use multiple Cero at once; which is not impossible, just a little taxing when done multiple times. Tian’s base Cero is relatively strong and can do what most Cero do, except, she modified a Cero for her own purposes.

» Plasma Cero: A Cero that Tian herself designed to compensate what she thought the base Cero was lacking. What may that be? Well, it was obviously lacking piles of deadly sludge-like substance heated to be able to melt the skin of most beings with little to no ease. Tian’s customized Cero fires a gout of blue plasma at the speed of a Cero. However, it acts like any Cero. As soon as it is done firing there will not be plasma left on the field. Although, there will be more burning effects from this Cero than that of a normal Cero.

» Bala: Tian’s Bala is like any other Bala; fast, destructive, and a little ridiculous at times. While Tian’s Bala takes a variation and is actually blue instead of the normal red. However, that is not the only difference Tian’s Bala has. After excessive experimentation Tian was able to find a way to bind a Bala to her fist long enough for her to be able to create a rather forceful punch, one already made so via Tian’s strength. This is caused by Tian controlling the Bala just enough to secure it to her fist before punching; normally causing it to explode upon contact. However, the Bala control can only be done once a post so it cannot be spammed 50 times in a single post. It must also be noted that it can only be applied to a single fist; at Tian’s current level. With higher expertise in Bala the more likely she will be able to control more than one.

» Sonido: Tian’s Sonido is rather normal and not anything to really blow things up over. However, she can drop small puddles of plasma from where her feet were before the Sonido’s movement occurred or even after it. In other words, she can drop Plasma at her feet just as she uses Sonido to get away or she can drop it at her feet at her destination.

» Pesquisa: Tian’s Pesquisa is a little special compared to most. While she still can use it to determine the exact location of her enemies, or even friendlies, with rather interesting accuracy. However, she gave hers a little twist. With Tian’s Pesquisa, she gave it a slight element to, not only act a lot more like a radar and be nearly in constant activity, but, to also create a small smell of burning plasma in the direction of the person who has been sensed. However, it is in no way perfect and does not always work.

» Regeneration: Due to Tian’s specialized Hierro, and focus on Hierro, she has little to no regeneration capability. This means that she has to actually let wounds heal instead of just letting them sow themselves up as if her body had its own built in first aid kit. Regardless, Tian will have to take time to recover with wounds instead of just erasing them as if they did not exist.

VI. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Yofun

» Zanpakutô Appearance:
Tian Ling Mischevang [APPROVED 2-4] Tian_s10

» Unique Power: There have always been rumors of flames that were borne from Satan himself. Flames of such heat, hate, wrath, and anger; that the fire looked like sludge. A sludge that burned and melted all things it came in contact with. Such flames were borne from the wrath of Satan himself, or so it is said. But, when put in the hands of an Arrancar, what may this wrathful flame do?

» Plasma of Wrath: In all basics, Tian can create and manipulate a blue-black plasma that had been rumored to be from Satan himself. Whether that is true remains to be seen, but, Tian like to use the plasma however she sees fit. While it is true that it does get hotter whenever she does get pissed off to no end; but, such a thing is rare it won’t happen unless an enemy is not favorable to her. Regardless, this plasma is something innate Tian has due to her powers.

» Thermal Resistance: Due to Tian’s abilities, she has an innate ability to resist heat of up to 500 Kelvin. Of course, this means that if her Hierro is broken, she won’t be able to resist heats above 500 Kelvin; possibly causing burns on her from lack of resistance. She could even sustain burns from her own plasma if she was not careful with what she is doing. Regardless, this does help Tian when it comes to resisting thermals in general.

» Satan Plasma Manipulation & Creation: The plasma that Tian uses to form her weapons, powers, and sometimes other things, are all created and manipulated by her alone. The plasma is basically a creation from both her Zanpakutō’s innate abilities and her strange reiatsu. This also means she has a near endless supply of plasma, limited only by her energy capacities. This means she can also use the plasma how she wishes, as literal weapons, or even just as globs of heat to throw around. She can also control the plasma to increase the heat to a maximum of 1000 Kelvin, or Aurora Plasma. The base temperature of the plasma is 500 Kelvin. However, this heat up can only be done over a group of 5 posts in total. There must also be mention that the Plasma is being heated up.

» Plasma Weaponization
Over the 400 years Tian has greatly familiarized herself with the blue plasma she has used and played with since she was a child. This means that she has been given a lot of time to mess with the plasma and form it into weapons of her liking so that she may use them instead of her Zanpakutō. Another thing to mention is that there is basically no cooldown for this as they are only weapons made from Plasma. However, this does not mean they can just switch at random. Tian must make a conscious choice to switch the plasma weapon from weapon to weapon. While she can switch from weapon to weapon at will, it can be hard to have two summoned at the same time. In order to do so, the weapons must have some sort of synergy or one, or both, will fail and return to being Plasma. Also, another thing to note is that each weapon can be either solid or not solid based on what Tian wishes to do with the Plasma. However, each weapon is meant for certain situations.


VII. Resurrección

» Resereccion Name: Plasma Reaper

» Resereccion Release Phrase: Reap, Yofun

» Release Actions: When Tian releases her Zanpakutō, she draws the blade, cuts a finger to drip some blood into the bloodletting groove, and then holds the blade upside down so the blood drips into the dragon engraving on the blade; glowing just as the blood fills it. Afterwards, the release activates.

» Resereccion Appearance:

» Resereccion Abilities:

» Plasma Body: In this form, Tian’s body is made completely out of plasma instead of normal flesh. It is hardened in some areas, like for her hierro, so that she can actually have some sort of way to touch things. The parts of her that are normally hardened is basically the outer shell, or the skin under her Hierro. This allows her Hierro to still function. This also gives her some immunity to heat, but, it is not complete since her plasma is not that hot.

However, this also allows Tian to take minimal damage due to how her body can split apart in certain areas. This only occurs on areas that aren’t connected to major nerve spots. However, this can be bypassed if Tian performs a single action to detach that part temporarily to avoid something that could kill her. She can only do this once per thread, meaning that she must use it with a truly fatal attack. Afterwards, it cannot be used again in the same thread unless someone pushes her to the very brink of everything. If that occurs, she will force herself to do this again; causing her to leave her Resurrección and then fall unconscious nearly immediately afterwards due to too much strain put on her body.

» Greased Lightning: Plasma takes many forms, Tian’s own normally takes the form of a sludgy, blue, heated, material that she used to burn most things and take care of many things. However, due to Tian’s body having a large focus of plasma material, she can turn herself into a bolt of lightning that allows her to shoot across in a straight line as far as her general speed can carry her. In other words, the amount of space she could travel in one go would determine how far her general speed would carry her in a couple of seconds.

However, the ability is a complete straight line. This means that she cannot change direction while she is a lightning bolt. Before she touches down from the movement, Tian will be unable to change direction. She will be able to defend herself while flying through the air near at least twice her general speed. However, this is all dependent on whether someone doesn’t slap her out of the ability. The ability can be used up to 10 times a thread with a cool down of 1 post and being limited to being used once in a post.

» Perfected Plasma Control: In Tian’s Resurrección she gained the ability to control plasma in nearly any way. This allows her to cause minor chemical reaction, nothing too extreme, and allows her to sometimes create plasma from molecules in the air; at the cost of a moderate amount of energy, at least 10%. However, it does not end there. She can use this to control the Plasma how she wishes; creating different and new weapons from it. However, it mainly allows her greater control over plasma than anything else.

» Satan’s Glaive: Tian just doesn’t go weaponless inside of her Resurrección and purely depends on her other abilities. No. By implementing her Plasma weaponization, Tian gains a Glaive-like weapon that is green in color, to match her form’s color schemes, and is made from Plasma. However, the weapon is still in a format where it could move or harden to block weapons with ease. Of course, switching between fluidity has its own limits. Changing between the two states will take more and more energy as battle goes on. If energy capacities are exceeded, the weapon, and Resurrección, could be dispelled.

» Body of Plasma: While in her Resurrección, Tian’s hierro gains a plasma-like affinity to it to the point where it actually seems to be just as hot as plasma. This means that those who touch her in this form will likely have to deal with heats of up to 1000 Kelvin. This means that people will either get burned by it or be unbothered by the heat. This also means that her body can sometimes melt blades in its wake. Of course, it can only melt normal metal weapons with immense ease. A weapon that is enchanted in some way, then it would likely not be turned into molten metal just from touching Tian’s skin. Regardless, it helps her with defense against mode blades as it does operate off her Hierro; with stronger defenses thanks to being in her Resurrección.

» Eyed Plasma Tentacles: Tian grows tentacles in this form, ten in total, that have eyes running along every single tentacle. These help Tian remain aware and can even give her advantage with illusion. This means The tentacles give her a slight advantage in battle so she can keep track of enemies better and not get fooled so easily. However, the tentacles aren’t just meant to look; they can also grab onto people so Tian can attack them. However, the tentacles are also coated in the same plasma that her body is made out of. This causes the tentacles to burn some people, however, the tentacles can only be heated up to 500 Kelvin; meaning that the burning effect won’t be effective on all supernatural beings. The tentacles basically have an infinite use, and can only be limited by how much she has to regrow the tentacles; and how many.

» Screams of the Dead: This is the final ability of Tian’s Resurrección that is based off of the look she takes on when in this form. In this form, Tian seems to have hands of the dead clawing at her being, as well as screaming faces plastered across her body. These faces are not actual faces, but, it is true that the form is rather terrifying. But, when she does use this ability, things can get a little more terrifying. When Tian uses this ability the tendrils coming from her back burst forth and create a web-like structure behind her with plasma oozing from each tentacle to make the web look more like a pentagon of plasma. From there, Tian takes the plasma and makes it react with the surrounding air; creating noises that sound like mournful screams and moans. Sounds of the dead.

Afterwards, she harnesses the plasma in the web and sends it forwards in a wave of heat and destruction. Near the end of the ability, Tian will pull the plasma around her enemy or target and cause it to collapse in on them; effectively burying them in plasma temporarily. Afterwards, the plasma flies back to Tian when the ability finishes; normally leaving the area seared an enemies injured greatly. Which of course does depend on tier and defenses. This can only be used once per thread and uses a great deal of energy.

VIII. Skill Sheet

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Racial Skills
  • Perquisa: Beginner
  • Sonido: Adept
  • Cero/Bala: Advanced
  • Hierro: Adept


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