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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Song: Evangelion X - By: Anonymuz - Word Count: N/A

Enter The Human Character

I. Basic Information

» Name: [Self-Explanatory]孟覬坤- Meng Jìkūn
» Alias: Little Dragon, Kanghui
» Age: 16
» Gender: Male

(孟 ~ January; Meng is the same character in “Old Lady Meng”, a figure in Chinese Mythology which gives tea to souls soon to undergo reincarnation. Her tea makes them forget the memories of their old lives before being reborn. The direct translation can be taken as symbolism for the start to a new year, and in Meng Jìkūn’s personal belief, represents the start of another world where hope is revitalised, and the struggles of the past can be forgotten. | 覬 ~ Covet; Jikun believes his parents named him in vision of him being an aggressively ambitious person, so that he could rise above his peers to grasp prosperity. Whether they meant in a financial, spiritual, or strengthening sense--that’s something he never got to ask them. Ji is the generation portion of his given name. | 坤 - Earth; the same character for Earth in 乾坤 (qiánkūn), meaning “Heaven and Earth”, or “The Universe”, a term more closely related to the taiji, or complete eight-trigrams yin-yang symbol. Jìkūn speculates this character in his name was given to match his elder sibling, named Jìqián, each one forming one half of their generation, which was the whole universe to their parents.)


» Personality: As the lively youth living his life in perpetual spring, the rowdy Jikun embodies the charismatic protagonist with infinite potential. With his manner of play being rough and loud, any party he enters is electrified with his endless amounts of energy. For that reason, he’s considered the social type, albeit many conflicting traits, including an extreme level of aggression in all that he does. Whilst playing a game? Jikun will put his all into it, getting maybe a bit too into it and heated. Paired with his loud and outspoken self, he’s the best tool for pissing your neighbors off. In terms of martial arts? A preferred style of relentless battering, with no room to breathe. Social situations? The youth is entirely comfortable with making first contact, but his approach may be a bit high-speed for some people’s tastes.

As a matter of fact, even some undesirable traits of his really exemplify his sociability, if at least proving a great friend. For example, his natural jealousy that blots out the heavens in green. He becomes easily jealous of just about anything, and true to his name, covets that which others have. This vice is triggered by anything from seeing a being with absolute power, as he thirsts for their strength, or even just a child with their parents, as he longs for his family. To that extent, Jikun is incredibly greedy and stingy, and yet, when approached by friends he’s willing to give. So, to see such a core characteristic of his be contradicted for the sake of the bonds he’s made? It’s hard to not find appreciation for this sort of character.

Not just being envious, but in just about all his emotions, Jikun lacks discipline. Unfortunately, his emotions control him; at the very least, he’s well aware of the fact and strives to improve himself and reverse this dynamic. Often times, anger gets the best of him and he becomes explosive--but when someone points it out? Unless his rage cannot be suppressed because the offense was too great, Jikun will take a step back and review himself, rethink things and in most situations, calm down. It’s a similar scenario with most any other emotion of his, to include a crush that may drive him to borderline stalkerish or obsessive tendencies, or a level of melancholy that brings you to check his room for any bleach--just in case. To that extent, one of the best words to describe the youth is: extreme, in everything that he is and does.

That being said, Jikun actively pursues an easygoing persona, and desperately tries to not mull over every little thing. Of course, when his limits are reached--and they’re not all too tolerating to begin with--he becomes explosive, like a pressured bottle that finds release. Touch his reverse scale, and maybe he’ll curse you and your generations to come forever more, swearing to the heavens he’ll destroy every fiber in your being. Not that this sort of threat means much coming from a mere powerless human youth.

Jikun exemplifies ambition, and paired with his radical nature, many accurately pin him as obsessive. Any goal he’s set for himself is something he’s chased feverently, and even without having gone through any exceptional hardships to temper his mind, Jikun proves incredibly dedicated and focused--to even the smallest of performances. Considering he puts his heart into all that he does and plows forward with unparalleled aggression, his single-minded attitude is easily seen as a stubborn personality, or in more amicable words, a steadfast nature. In fact, his obsessiveness goes to the point being the type to justify the means with the ends, which is seen in his goal to find his sister, even by traveling interdimensionally if necessary, despite his fragile existence. There are of course exceptions, but generally his goal precedes the journey.

To that extent, Jikun is well aware of his deficiencies and the work necessary to put into, little by little, with a single step making progression along that journey. This sort of self-awareness and self-critical attitude causes Jikun to be the humble type, but by no means modest. He’ll never settle for being below anyone, especially when it comes to his goals. Jikun strives to display superiority without question, proven in his ambition to be a recognised member of the martial arts community.

If anything, it’s not so much an obsessive quality to his ambitions as it is the willingness to do anything and attempt the impossible. That being said, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to consider Jikun a dreamer, not that he minds the reputation that follows. In fact, he’s flattered when called a dreamer, as he interprets that to mean he has hope and direction, that he has meaning to his life--a sort of purpose that justifies his existence. In the end, more than anything Jikun displays a level of determination inconsistent with his background and level of mental fortitude: that is to say, excessive.


» History:

The Meng family was taken from the female counterpart, despite chinese tradition. Meng Jikun’s father was an orphan raised by a sect brought about by the martial revolution when the adamant existence of Chi was once more revealed alongside the introduction of spiritual and supernatural creatures from realms all over. His lacking surname thus turned into Jikun’s direct family going by his mother’s surname; that being, his direct family only comprised of his mother and himself. He was to have an older sister had it not been for her mother’s miscarriage. He would also include his father had it not been for his death during Momma-Meng’s pregnancy.

Though it sounded like he had a lonely and tragic background, it wasn’t too impacting in his development. His mother came from a decent family that could support her during her maternity leave from work, and as a teacher, she already had a plethora of experiences dealing with children. By no means did she have an easy time, but Jikun’s childhood wasn’t lacking, especially since the gap of a father didn’t exist in his heart. Just having his mother and companions was enough to fulfill his social desires and familial love.

Not having a father, Jikun developed and independent personality early on, and at the age of a toddler he was already going off on his own to play with the neighborhood kids. Considering his mother’s family being of a decent financial class, the area he lived in was well off enough for the family to be comfortable with his tendency to scurry off on his own.

The one crucial thing he gained from not having a father-figure in his life was a sense of praise for who his father was. Jikun didn’t really desire his father’s presence, as his mother alone kept him content, but he did enjoy hearing stories of him, and seeing the look of gleeful nostalgia on his mother’s face. Like her, Jikun’s father was also a teacher, but not in an academic sense.

Being raised from a school risen from the phoenix-ashes of the Martial Revolution in China, where the country went back to their roots of practicing the belief of Chi and relative culture--to include medicine, philosophy, and the ever-popular martial arts--Jikun’s father was well-versed in Martial Arts, and his proficiency was well known on a provincial level. Although Jikun didn’t inherit his father’s talent with Chi, who was said to join the ranks of grandmasters had he the opportunity to reach his full potential, the boy had the same interest for martial arts of all kinds, and a surprising talent for it.

From as early as the first story of his father Jikun could recall, the youth pushed his mother for enrollment into classes. Seeing the flames of passion alight in his eyes reminiscent of her husband, she didn’t have the heart to deny him. From thereon, he was devoted to the practice. It was extremely disappointing when the instructors of the school he enrolled in discovered his chi meridians nearly shut-tight, a birth-defect known as 凡人氣數體質 (Fánrén Qìshu Tǐzhí), or “Mortal Fate Constitution”. This body-type had all meridians extremely tight, and some even entirely closed. This naturally affected a person’s overall physique, to include a general weakness of body. Of course like many physical deficiencies that only went to the extent of weakening and not total disability, this could be worked around, and the hereditary passion for martial arts was enough for Meng Jikun to drive on down his path for greatness.

Despite his birth-defect, through hard training he was able to overcome a naturally weak physique, to a standard where had he been capable of wielding Chi, his school might have made specific investments into him. In fact, removing his tuition to learn from the school was already fairly gracious, but understandable considering not only the respect his father garnered, but the natural talent he displayed. Adept in body-control from the very start, Jikun easily grasped the techniques he was taught, able to perfectly execute each movement with such fluidity, after only several dozens of repetitions, he could be considered to have mastered the movement portion of the technique. The only thing the youth needed to work on was putting adequate strength and speed into his techniques, an inhibitor brought about by his Mortal Fate Constitution.

It was around his early teens that Jikun started to become competitive with his Martial Arts. Of course, he only participated in tournaments for non-chi users, or ones entirely focused on displaying technique over power. While he couldn’t compete with many of the participants strength and speed, Jikun’s techniques were sufficient to put him at par with them. Furthermore, the more he fought in these tournaments, the more refined these movements became, the steady and lightweight inducing the feeling of fighting in water for his opponents. He diverted their offenses and simultaneously responded, linking together what he was taught as if it were a dance. In fact, amongst the younger generation, Jikun started to develop a name for himself: “The Little Dragon”, in reference to the relations between chinese dragons and their sovereignty over the seas. The friends he made through martial arts after witnessing the fluidity of his technique called him “Kanghui”, in reference to the Water Diety “Gònggōng”. Of course, it was only a nickname to pair with Jikun’s ambition which he normally kept lowkey, only revealing hints through his fighting.

The nickname of “The Little Dragon” became more durable as Jikun’s craving for improvement brought him to other schools. Most initially didn’t allow him to learn under them for reasons of loyalty, and purity of inheritance, but Jikun’s obsessions brought him to stand at their doors or atop their walls, observing the schools’ students from afar and mimicking them, inherently leading to essentially learning from these schools anyways. His forcefulness caused some schools to resign and bring them into the walls, some curious and fascinated by this sort of genius, others reluctant but unable to bear the awkwardness. Some schools still denied him access, to which Jikun approached their departing students and requesting a duel.

In thanks to his inborn physique and focus on technique, usually they ended up unscathed, having a safe and proper spar. But, the best way to improve one’s martial arts were through experience in combat; that being said, many times Jikun got carried away, intoxicated by the feeling of improvement even mid-fight, eventually leading to his loss of self-control, in the end harming his opponent. The first few times, it was just a hit slightly too hard, some bruises and at most a concussion. Things became an issue when he started to knockout his opponents, break limbs and ribs, and most drastic of all was put his opponent into a coma.

This event was where the name “Little Dragon” truly stuck, as he didn’t just display fluidity of melded techniques like he was the ruler of the seas, but the domineering aggression of a true dragon. This made many schools begin to grow wary of Jikun as a threat, one who followed a darker path in the pursuit of power. To an extent, they weren’t wrong, and recognition of the fact caused Jikun to seriously consider his obsessions. As a child, he simply wanted to follow in the ethereal silhouette of his father. Unaware of when it happened, evidently the boy deviated from his father’s footsteps, and for that he felt great shame. At least, these were Jikun’s thoughts on the matter.

Jikun’s mother was naturally doting, but not without sensibility. After hearing of his antics that finally went too far, she severely punished him; it was the first time Jikun’s mother ever hit him. For a moment, it drew out from within an anger he never experienced before. The “Little Dragon” was a fairly happy person, not without his own moments of anger, but never before had he experienced this level of rage. The hardships of his life, to include a weak constitution and missing parent, resulted in Jikun being spoiled, which partially contributed to his usual happy and content personality. Sure, he was confident, but not to the extent of arrogance thanks to the discipline instilled in him by his school, and the focus of morals his school-teaching mother taught him. But, the steady increase of consistent success slowly bore a demon within him, and Jikun developed a superiority complex. So, for the first time in a long while, for him to be put down and punished by his mother? He felt it all too unreasonable! Jikun was already undergoing self-reflection, thinking it sufficient that he put an introspective effort to correct himself, but for someone else to give him correction? Perhaps in the Little Dragon’s heart, he was the only one qualified to make demands of himself.

The boy’s response was, like any other time someone hit him, to hit back. Of course, after seeing his mother on the floor, holding her cheek in astonishment from her own son’s actions, Jikun felt clarity return to him. His first thought was absolute horror--he just attacked his own mother! What unfilial son would ever dare? She was so good to him, and that introspection of his wrongs constantly bore down on him. A sense of confusion hit Jikun like waves, and the only thing he could do was run away. Run far away, like his life depended on it.

The next thing he could recall was sitting in an alleyway near a martial arts sect--the one his father attended. He sat in fetal position, mind blank. After clarity once more returned, he realised where he was, and thought about his previous actions. Once more going into introspection, Jikun entertained the thought that maybe he ran to the sect as a way to run to his father’s house. Was it to pay repentance and apology for his actions? He wasn’t sure. There were too many thoughts going on in his head at the moment. Jikun felt like evil-incarnate, and that returning home wasn’t an option. He couldn’t go to his school either due to the issue of his aggressions towards students of other schools. Even if he was their technique prodigy, these actions couldn’t go unpunished, and the boy was made aware that they were contemplating his severance from his school. The two places he was most comfortable with, that he considered home--he could return to neither. A sense of isolation filled his heart, causing a presence deep within to rise.

Several hours into the night passed with Jikun hugging his knees in the alleyway. The fog in his eyes cleared only when he heard a voice on the other-side of this sect’s walls.

“Clearly, the demon found way out his father and into him. Either that, or the monster comes from within their blood.”

“So, are we then in agreement that this demon comes from the Meng family, and not through his father?”

The contents of this discussion were shocking to say the least. Several questions swam around, the never-ending stream of thoughts ending only with the next statement.

“Then, if it is indeed the Meng family, to include this Little Dragon, the bloodline must be exterminated.”

An intense shock impacted Jikun hard enough to make him actually throw-up. ‘Exterminated’? He knew the meaning, but found a hard time processing what he just heard, let alone believing it to be reality. It was only until he heard no more of the conversation that he realised they must have departed. And, where else would they have gone besides the Meng family’s home? Forcing down the nausea, Jikun put strength into his legs and ran, even faster than when he first departed. As these people said “Meng Family”, Jikun assumed they would first come to the home of his grandparents.

Upon arriving, Jikun barged straight through the front-door, breaking it with some newfound strength. The feel of relief washed through the boy, as his grandmother was currently looking at the entrance with astonishment and confusion, and soon after anger for the broken door; however, before she could even berate Jikun, the realisation that there was still his mother’s house put him into a panic, and once more he rushed out in mania.

This time, his worst nightmares truly came to fruition. His mother’s still body was so peaceful looking, seemingly frailer than even Jikun before his dedication to martial arts. She was light-skinned to begin with, but holding her limp body in his arms, this tone was a bloodless pale. And, for whatever reason, he just couldn’t bring himself to deny this event. Jikun couldn’t convince himself it was a dream, or that the surreal experience was through any method an illusion, some fake instance. His mouth tasted rotten, and if it wasn’t for the fact that he was still holding his mother, Jikun may have just thrown-up once more. The taste wasn’t just from shock, but self-disgust for how calm he was. He invited the creeping feeling of apathy so that the pain bearing down on his chest could subside, but the fact that he was gradually losing feeling felt inhumane.

“So the demon spawn’s here.”

Two older men came from the next room over. Jikun didn’t recognise them, but their clothes were clearly from the sect of his father.

“Like your father, your ambition was far too wide and large, enough to encompass the heavens. If only you didn’t have to bear such demons, the two of you wouldn’t have gone down the path of a devil, willingly striking fellow practitioners in the pursuit of power. Otherwise, we could spare the two of you and witness the rise of unparalleled geniuses. Truly a pity.”

The elder’s eyes were old and their colour faded, but his stare was sharp enough to cause the sensation of a blade piercing through Jikun, straight into his heart to gaze at something that wasn’t the boy. With a look of nostalgia followed by disappointment, the other man gave out a grievous sigh before raising his hand.

Jikun had seen chi used before, and immediately responded to this motion. Placing his mother back down, Jikun jumped directly towards the elder, and albeit slow, his palm strike connected and moved the elder’s arm to point straight up to the sky. A faint light shot out from the elder’s palm. It may have been translucent, but even in Jikun’s powerless state, he could sense the sheer condensed power emanating from the elder’s hand.

Their astonishment couldn’t be contained and the elders’ eyes widened. They had to bear in mind, whilst Jikun was known for his impeccable technique and flow, they were still ancient and experienced cultivators, their senses and reflexes enhanced by a supernatural force. So, for them to be unable to react to this youngster’s movement--their exasperation was well deserved. Even without the ability to use Chi, the level of perfection Jikun’s execution of technique reached was enough to seemingly cause physical phenomena, to the point that the elder’s attack was successfully countered.

At this moment, although Jikun still retained control of himself, it was like instinct that his reactive defense flowed from a counter into an offensive. His other hand motion to palm-strike his target in the chest, but the experienced and battle-hardened elder was still capable of reacting with a backstep swift enough to avoid the attack--or so he thought. Jikun’s footwork, incredible as always, moved along the elder’s attempted escape, matching the movement like a prediction and maintaining the two’s distance so that the palm-strike could connect.

The elder was pushed back, falling to the ground without even noticing Jikun’s foot hooking the back of his knee before it was too late. The swiftness of Jikun’s transition from tripping the elder to rising for an axe-kick wasn’t exceptional, but the transition of movements couldn’t be matched, once more seemingly producing a physical phenomena that inhibited the elder’s immediate response.

Of course, the gap between perfect technique and raw-power still stood strong and couldn’t be easily closed. The elders’ feelings of astonishment were well-deserved, but ultimately washed away after some time passed. They admired the boy, even a hint of jealousy for his heaven-sent talent bore within them, but their mission still took precedence, and they dallied long enough. The elder currently in combat with Jikun stopped his descent as he lied horizontal a foot above the ground through the use of chi, blocking his assailant’s dropping leg with an irresistible force alone. Immediately after, he sent out a jab towards Jikun without connecting; instead, a wave of chi sent out to destroy its target’s being. Jikun flew off several metres away before landing on the ground with a thud, his abdomen revealing a deep-wounded patch of blood.

The elders assumed the job done, staying for a moment to consider the valiance of their prey. After a moment of silence, the elders looked to one another, nodded, and one moved along towards the Meng household, the other staying to dispose of the two victims. Both of them were unaware of the terrible mistake they had committed; the previous elder’s chi-strike served to jolt the nodes of Jikun’s meridians, forcibly opening them despite his inherit body-type. The implications were obvious to behold.

As the staying elder approached Jikun, a terrifying presence began to encompass the heavens. There was no substance to the presence, but the enormity of it was enough to suffocate the elder, sheathed within that presence being a killing intent so dense the elder felt like razor blades were glossing over his skin. From there, a constant stream of chi emanated from Jikun’s immobile body.

At first, the chi was faint, which was still enough to frighten the elder considering Jikun’s natural powerless state. What made him sweat with trepidation was the steady increase, enough that by the time he regained composure, Jikun’s aura already matched his own. From there, the boy rose with an expressionless face and pitch-black eyes, bloody tears running. With unprecedented speed, the blonde youth closed their distance and begun an onslaught of strikes without end, completely contrary to his standard method of combat.

If Jikun’s usual style was like flowing water and precise technique, calm and smooth, his current disposition was like a raging fire--explosive attacks in a unbridled domineering fashion. It was like a sudden transition of yin to yang, only further serving to inhibit the elder’s timely responses through astonishment and inability to completely comprehend this series of events. In fact, up until the elder calmed down, he suffered many injuries. However, as an experienced fighter who through arduous work and shed blood and sweat, he was by no means a pushover. Once regaining his cool, the elder began his offensive.

The aftermath was absolutely brutal. Jikun stood there, still expressionless with an abyss presented in his eyes, but this time blood came from not just his eyes, but all over his body. In fact, he looked like a mangled corpse, with one arm bent the other way and bone showing at his shins. Yet even then, a raging chi was being released from his body, and he looked like he was prepping another attack.


» Equipment: [Does your human have any equipment? Feel free to put them here or leave this blank]

V.Human Traits

» Powers: [In this section, which is optional, you can put any sort of human abilities they possess. It is worth noting that a large majority of humans can see spirits, so this can be a default if you desire. Additionally, Human Capacities can range from them being a very faster runner, to being highly analytical or being able to adapt to changes easily, possibly even having an extremely guarded immune system. It's up to you.]

VI.Skill Sheet

To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not feel your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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