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 Sasami Kamisato [WIP]

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» Name: Sasami Kamisato.

» Alias: The Lethal Rose, a title she has earned from her past in the Rukongai. Also known to have the title: The Smiling Monster.

» Age: Five Hundred and Two Years Old.

» Gender: 100% Female

» Association: A member of the Fourth Division.

» Appearance Written: Sasami's appearance isn't one that people tend to easily forget, it might have something to do with her light pink hair. Her rose coloured hair is quite long, reaching down the to small of her back easily when it is let down, framing her face are two cherry blossom pink bangs which fall past her chest. She has blue eyes which are pure blue, no other colours can be distinguished in her eyes except that straight blue shade.

Her body is quite strong and slender, boasting an athletic frame which shows her fit and active lifestyle in it while still maintaining an attractive feminine form to her. Sasami has beauty which makes most jealous although she is humble and her body reflects this, she doesn't always seek to show off to people and make them feel bad.

She has pale white skin, very pale white skin in fact although an interesting point is that Sasami has never suffered from sunburn, she doesn't wear any form of sun protection either. Despite this she has flawlessly smooth skin, with most of her wounds being healed to the point of no longer leaving a mark.

In terms of clothing and style Sasami often wears her shinigami attire when on duty, she keeps her uniform immaculate when she is wearing it or planning to wear it. When not wearing her uniform Sasami likes to sport practical attires, usually in the form of pants or shorts with a t-shirt although this is not to say she doesn't wear dresses although she is more commonly seen in sporty attires which makes it easier for her to keep her active lifestyle up.


» Kind: Sasami's an overall kind person, although a bit blunt which sometimes upsets people but she is a person that does care about others which is why she puts her life on the line for people. It makes it easy for Sasami to connect with people and empathise with others. Although she is kind to others it makes her somewhat naive at times, she is too kind to people and this can often lead to her getting hurt when she forgets to think about the fact that the person might actually be hiding something else beneath the surface. Some might even say Sasami is too kind and merciful for her job in the combat unit.

With her kindness it is easy for people to like her, this is primarily due to her selfless and friendly nature which makes it no trouble for her to offer assistance when she thinks someone needs it. This kindness that she has about her makes her a favourite one to be around when it comes to social gatherings although just because she is nice doesn't mean she is a total pushover. If you treat her badly she is not one to just sit there and take it, she is well accustomed to fighting back.

» Goofy: Despite much of her being feared due to her nature Sasami has been noted as being quite humourous to be around, more often that not she makes her most comedic moments when she isn't aware that she has done so. Sasami's approach is usually one of humour and often at her own expense. She isn't one to get upset by a joke, having a good tolerance to people's jokes and sometimes even continuing them. Her joking nature is usually seen as a negative trait, in combat she is goofy and rarely takes it seriously unless the darker aspects of her mind make themselves visible.

» Maternal: Despite never being a mother herself Sasami is incredibly fond of children, small things and basically anything which might require a motherly role in her eyes. For the younger shinigami she tries to take a motherly role for them, even if they are similar in physical appearance to a child. This can be quite annoying to small characters that are, or those that appear little since she is always condescending to them and treats them like kids. She is quite envious of people with children and has a strong desire for one herself.

» Sadistic: One of the traits that would take most people to meet her by surprise. Her past has left Sasami quite sadistic and cruel when dealing with people in combat. While this dark part of her is suppressed if she is pushed hard enough or given enough reason then it may inadvertently push her to become a remorseless killing machine.

» Dutiful: Testing the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.


» History: Sasami Kamisato was born five hundred years ago to her parents that were wealthy merchants living in the better Rukon Districts, as one can estimate from her name being rare and masculine is that her parents wanted a boy, the fact she was born as a girl had no influence on what her father's choice of name was and so she was given a male's name. Sasami's birth was successful, her mother survived due to their wealth and being able to have a doctor on call for the entire procedure.

From her young years her father gave her an education, food and shelter but never love, he wanted a son, not a girl like Sasami. He gave her everything but he never accepted that she could do something just as well or even better than a son could've. This lead her early years of development being to simply try and prove to him that she was strong and could do anything he wanted her to do.


» Kikanshinki: Sometimes known as Account-Replacing SPirit Device, this tool was originally used by Shinigami on humans who have seen Shinigami or Hollows many years ago. However, with supernatural sighting become increasingly common on Earth, they soon switched their priorities around with this device. As of the 25th Century, the Kikanshinki is now a small device which can generate large plumes of smoke. It can be attached to any sort of equipment or clothing which a Shinigami has on them. After taking the appropriate measures to prevent themselves from being affected by this smoke, a user in question can enhance this smoke with their spiritual energy in order to cover a large area of land. If this smoke is inhaled by the target, then they may lose conscious and wake up later with a new memory. This can be useful against unruly opponents or if they need to keep their presence and information top secret during a mission.

» Gigai: These are temporary bodies that Shinigami use in The World of The Living, for the most part at least. They were crafted by the likes of those within the Shinigami Research and Development Institute. As of the past four hundred years, however, this technology has advanced. There are many types of different variants of Giga in the 25th century. Of course there is are the standard is generally one meant to easily transport Shinigami into the realm of the living within powerless bodies which resemble that of a human. However, thanks to groundbreaking research, there is currently a development meant to expand and encompass this to the incredible amounts of new races which had sprang up over the past four hundred years. So, in other words, Gigai which take the shape of other races are slowly becoming a reality. On top of that, some have even chosen to infuse their Gigai into their body so they can easily shift from their artificial body to that like of their Shinigami; much like in the case of Senna and Shadin Yuudeshi.

» Gokon Tekkō V2: This is a device which forcibly removes the Soul from the body. In the early stages of this gadget, it was originally taken in the form of a gauntlet. Though, with the advancements in the past four hundred years, it can now be infused into a willing Shinigami participant's hand and can be mentally summoned in the form of a red glow across their hand. Once this brilliant light is flourished across a Shinigami's hand, they are then able to attempt to remove a soul from a target's body. Rather it be an Arrancar, a Ziamichi or even a Vizard in some instances. This isn't absolute in nature, as depending on the subject in question, it may or may not be effective. Such as if they were able to formulate some sort of internal barrier before they had a chance to enact this ability, or if they simply moved out of the way before they could get injured by it. And, varying by how strong the target is, they may be even able to halve or null the damage with their spiritual energy alone as well.

» Jigokuchō: Otherwise known as Hell Butterflies, The Jigokucho serve a large multitude of purposes. When once is summoned by a Shinigami, they'll appear completely black, expect for a small outline of maroon along their lower wings. They are utilized in order to guide the Shinigami through various portal's which are made possible in the 25th century if they have not a good idea of the general area they are travelling to. Though, more commonly, they are used to guide the Shinigami inside the paths of a Senkaimon when travelling between the Soul Society and other realms; saving them the inconvenience of generally having to resort other methods of interdimensional travel or being forced to pass through the Dangai. Hell Butterflies are also used in order to swiftly and almost instantly warp important messages to loved ones, allies and sometimes even foes as a warning. And, for the most part, these creatures are often taken care of by new and inexperienced member in the Seireitei. Lastly, much like Shinigami themselves, Jigokuchō are only visible to spiritually aware beings.


» Extended Life-Spans: This is quite the unique trait that Shinigami possess over that of Human's. For, unlike human's, Shinigami can retain their visible youth for the many countless centuries to come. Those who are keenly in-tune with their spiritual energy can even greatly expand their lifetimes by upwards of fifty-percent more than usual. More than that, it seems to also reside over into the cosmetic side of things. As trained Shinigami with a good control of their Reiryoku can utilize it in order to preserve their youth for further prolonged periods of time. Furthermore, with the improvements in Modern Medicine over the past few centuries, there are also many various treatments available to Shinigami in order to enhance both their life-spans and physical appearance if need be at times.

» Enhanced Endurance: This is quite a noticeable feature in the race of Shinigami. Most Shinigami in general possess a very high tolerance to pain and injury than their human and Plus Spirit predecessors. For what would normally be considered a critical to life threatening injury to a human, a Shinigami would have far higher rates of survival due to the greater amounts of power behind an assault that would be required to essentially kill a Shinigami. An example of this would be a slash to the chest by a Shinigami who is roughly on a Seated Officers level. If this individual had been a regular human, chances are they'd have a good chance of dying from copious amounts of blood loss associated with the tear in their chest. However, since they ascended to that of a Shinigami, they are able to take multiple blows to the chest until they are finally put to a rest. Henceforth, one of the most ensured ways to kill a Shinigami is normally by slashing their head off.

» Konso: This is the course of action most Shinigami go through in order to send wandering Souls in the Human World or other realms and send them to their respective place. If they had lead a neutral or acceptable life, the most probable place a spirit would end up is in the Soul Society. If the subject in question had lead a destructive life that was full of senseless murders, endless amounts of theft and causing general pain upon others, then they'd generally be sent to the pits of Hell itself. Moving onward from that, Konso is usually carried out by using the hilt of a Shinigami's Zanpakutō to press against the forehead of a Soul; thus transporting them into the afterlife. However, it is possible for more skilled Shinigami to perform a mass version of this through a massive burst of their spiritual energy in emergency circumstances. It's also worth noting that this can be applied to other races as well; but the Shinigami actually has to kill them in combat. So, for example, a Shinigami can send a supernatural human to the Soul Society if they engaged in a battle and the Shinigami ended up slaying the human.

» Purging Sinister Souls: When a Shinigami is able to kill a Hollow with their Zanpakutō, this process generally leads to them being purged of their sins. After this effect has taken place, a hollow will typically revert back to their previous state as a Plus and will be led back into the pits of the Soul Society. This transformation system is called sublimation; it's essentially a form of rebirth which Shinigami are able to perform. Though, it should be noted that not all Hollows are sent to the Soul Society. Being that Shinigami only have the capacity to cleanse any wrong-doing this being had done after ascending to a hollow, Hollow's which committed heinous acts in their human lives will still be sent back to hell after they are destroyed. In the case of Demon's, however, if a Shinigami becomes powerful enough, they will attempt to purify their soul so that they can be reborn again as either a Human, or, if they feel the threat is too dangerous, simply send them to the pits of hell. This can also be applied to other races such as other Shinigami, Sugiura and so forth. They'll simply be returned to the Soul Cycle when killed by a Shinigami.

» Reiryoku And Reiatsu: Most Shinigami naturally possess good quantities of Reiryoku, otherwise known as Spiritual Power. The level of their Reiryoku varies greatly from Shinigami to Shinigami. As the more of this inner energy they possess, the stronger a Shinigami's abilities will become, the more keen their senses will be and overall they will be a much more difficult being to kill as their supernatural affinity grows and strengthens as their volume of Spiritual Power expands. Additionally, it also grants them the capacity to detect other spiritual beings without needing to resort to their five basic senses. This is achievable because most types of supernatural creatures emit various levels of Reiryoku which can be detected by a Shinigami. Although, the level in which they can sense varies from Shinigami to Shinigami, for the most part almost every member of this pieces can detect it to an extent.

Furthermore, based on the fact that most creatures which possess Reiryoku have different patterns of Spiritual Energy radiating from them, more trained individuals can even tell the difference between allies, friends and even other races. They may even be able to gauge their comrades psychological state, for sudden changes in spiritual energy is a sure sign that they are either fighting or have received great injury. This detection system also allows for them discern the spiritual patterns of other races. As, for example, the Reiryoku pattern of Arrancar are quite simple to realize the difference of from that of a Plus, Shinigami or Human.

And, to boot, if a Shinigami is able to continually train their Reiryoku, more interesting developments can occur. One of these improvements is the fact that more advanced level Shinigami are able to control the quantities of spiritual energy which emits from their body. If they were to entirely block this phenomena out, then they could complete hide their presence away from other sorts of spiritual beings. The reverse effect of this, however, is known as Reiatsu, more commonly called as Spiritual Pressure. This is often considered a great show of power, and in the hands of a skilled individual, can become a form of an attack by itself. Those with high volumes of reiatsu can utilize it to paralyze opponents in some cases, cause direct damage to the surrounding vicinity; including living beings and objects alike and essentially produce other variable effects on the world around them.

Should weaker level souls be around a SHinigami of extreme power, and they decide not to control it, it's even possible for their reiatsu to easily kill lower level beings if they did not realize how much spiritual energy they leak from their body. If someone were in great control of their reiatsu, however, they could even begin to alter the area around them. Such as if one were of a elemental origin, they could infuse these properties into their spiritual pressure in order to produce a freezing effect if they were a ice-based user, or an immense heating effect if they happened to be a Shinigami whom possessed a great deal of supernatural ability in the art of fire bending. More than just that, more skilled users can even use their reiatsu to harden their skin in order to effectively protect themselves from a wide variety of attacks. Sometimes leading to varied Shinigami battles occasionally leading to one whom possess a greater level of spiritual pressure if they have nothing else left to fight with.

It's also worth mentioning, as a final note, most Shinigami have different reiatsu based colors based on their personality. If one were to have a feisty temper, then chances are they'd have a red, orange or even white spiritual aura around them. While if a Shinigami were more calm, composed and in control of themselves they may very well have a reiatsu shade of green or blue. What's more, some being can infrequently produce shape or solid forms of their spiritual pressure. Such as one with an animal based Zanpakutō having their spiritual energy take the shape of a bear or one with an affinity for death having that of a skull emerge behind them.

And so, with all the above said, these two tools are of great value and use to Shinigami. Use them with caution.


» Zanpakutō Name: Barashi [バラ死, Rose Death]

» Zanpakutō Appearance:

» Sealed Zanpakutō Power: The only ability usable in the sealed form of Barashi is the ability to sharpen the sword, this works by first isolating the red light's wavelength which is longer and as such she can achieve a small scale of manipulating sound, although Sasami instead focuses on a more specific area of sound which is vibration. How this works is that when she desires Sasami can make her sword as sharp as it can possibly be by having the blade manipulate the red wavelengths into vibrating around her Zanpakutō's edge, this creates a small by-product of a small sound which most people can hear up to ten metres away making it not suitable for stealth purposes.

Due to her vibrating blade being incredibly sharp what it does instead of simply cutting is that it acts similar to a chainsaw and the small field around the blade rips apart what it is cutting before the blade even touches the target and the purpose of this is too weaken the material before the blade finishes the job. It is especially effective against spiritual attacks due to most spiritual attacks not having as strong bonds as physical objects and so the vibration tears it apart easier.


» Shikai Release Phrase: Burn, Barashi.

» Shikai Appearance: The appearance of Sasami's shikai is quite simple, the handle and tsuba doesn't change at all however the blade of her sword instead appears to look like stained rose glass, the sword itself is regarded as being one of the most beautiful Zanpakutō to be seen since when light passes through the stained glass blade it leaves a rose pink reflection.

» Shikai Abilities: The primary ability of Barashi is the manipulation of light, this ability is very specific, it isn't the manipulation of all light but a very particular form of light which is the rose coloured light, since the wavelengths are able to be broken down by using Barashi's ability Sasami is able to manipulate blue and red light, although she primarily manipulates Blue.

Blue is a short wavelength next to violet, by using her shikai Sasami is able to enhance the power of Blue light which she can use to give her rose glass blade an incredible cutting power with the fact that it an burn with concentrated UV radiation,


To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not feel your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Kidō: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hakuda: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Coding Altered From: [THEFROST]'s
om: [THEFROST]'s[/b][/center]

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