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 Lost Girl [Open]

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Subject Post 21PostSubject: Re: Lost Girl [Open]   Lost Girl [Open] - Page 3 EmptyMon Jan 02, 2017 11:13 pm

Unnata Release

Kimitsuki Yamamoto

Lost Girl [Open] - Page 3 6EdIfMt

Artist: Mick Gordon - Song: Flesh & Metal - Word Count: 842

Not a single emotion crossed Kimitsuki's face as the being in front of her, Naomi, writhed in anguish. Did this current Kimitsuki care? Not in the slightest. One could say that her Berserk State was more of a separate persona compared to Kimitsuki's normal persona. In this form, she was emotionless, uncaring, and did not have any sense of empathy; as long as she was forced into the form. However, the berserk state is exclusively meant to keep Kimitsuki safe from herself. Normally, she wouldn't be able to force herself out of this form to go into a release, however, with the magnitude of things right now, she kinda needed to leave this current form. Kimitsuki's eyes quickly grew sharper to process what was happening right in front of her, and that was a colossal amount of force was about to be directed to Atlas and Kimitsuki.

Berserk State Kimitsuki had no idea why the hell she was doing this, but, it was clear she was not going to do rather well without her fire and without her Unnata State, so, in the instant that Naomi's green eye was exposed; the Danava of Fire shot backwards in a defensive action that would allow her to retreat a bit by using a vast burst of speed that nearly broke her max of Mach 1.3. Of course, she wasn't able to escape everything as the shock wave created by Naomi did indeed cause Kimitsuki a bit of a temporary loss of breathe. However, she had a feeling she would only be able to contest with Naomi's strength with blinding attacks and using her fire to the highest extent; and causing her own prowess to multiply by 10 by the least. Yeah, she was sure as hell gonna go into her Unnata State. With Naomi as an "enemy" in this instant, holding back was foolish and would kill her.

Kimitsuki sighed softly and actually relaxed. A battle was coming, something she actually could excel rather well at. So, with a soft grin, Kimitsuki returned to her True appearance, though her clothes were still battered a little, and she smashed the arm-band of her glove and sighed softly. Kimitsuki was not pissed, she was not even scared. She just felt bad for Naomi, bad enough that she felt the best thing to do was to try and beat some sense into her thick, dozing, skull.

Kimitsuki popped her neck and felt her fire trying to burst out of control, but, before that could happen, the Danava of Fire changed form rather quickly and unleashed her Unnata Release unto the world. A form that, quite literally, has never seen the light of day due to it's nature. Kimitsuki also muttered something under her breath, a summoning phrase it may seem, as a giant claymore appeared on her back. Kimitsuki quickly grabbed the blade and then Fire burst forth from Kimitsuki. The fire was controlled, but, it moved in such a way that it was clear it was wild; not meant to be controlled. However, in Kimitsuki's Unnata Release, the fire was completely under her control and, well, it. Was. Hungry.

Kimitsuki had a slightly mournful look on her face as the fire around her made it feel like the air was being taken, burned, destroyed, but, it was not something that would influence any of them greatly since Kimitsuki soon made the fire fade as she watched Hayden's arm gain damage; though it did seem to be disappearing soon after the damage was given. She winced and then sighed softly and started to spin the claymore born from her powers. She slammed the blade into the ground, some of the ground melting around the blade, as she stared at Naomi before speaking; even if it may be futile to do so.

"Sir... I suggest you back off from her since I don't think being close will help in this situation, that and I don't want to burn you on accident... and, Naomi; you at least have something that can be more controllable than fire, so, I suggest you do so before you hurt more people you don't wish to hurt..."

Kimitsuki sighed softly before she pulled her great sword out of the ground and then proceeded to stare at Naomi; watching her every movement closely. Kimitsuki then sighed softly, bits of fire coming out with her breath, as fire appeared around her once more. This Danava was done. However old Naomi was, she was acting far too childish for even Kimitsuki to stand. While it is true that it is nearly impossible to move on from death; Kimitsuki has never experienced it. However, one thing to be noted was that the complete shift in power from Kimitsuki was definitely obvious and the fire was also not aimed to harm; yet. If Naomi continued her attack, well, there would be hell to pay; and some shit was gonna get burned.

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Source: Root Double — Song: Pose The Question to The World

Naomi's ears popped from the shockwave resulting from their clash; two titans of strength matching arms between them and decimating the landscape in the process. The raw power of Naomi's strike was overwhelming... the obvious superior skill and fighting ability of Hayden easily making up for it, though. They butted heads but inches were not gained in either direction, resulting in a fruitless exchange that only served the hurt the both of them. At least, it would have hurt Naomi if the girl wasn't numb to the sensation of pain. Something so small as an ache. It was nothing in comparison to the torment of the truth she knew. The truth that Azure was gone.

Perhaps it never mattered what anyone said to her. No matter what words were given to her, Naomi was set to explode when her rationality came to. Nothing would be able to stop the hostile reaction that was to follow, and there was only the necessity of being able to take that. Hayden offered himself as the punching bag—a receiver of the anger and sadness that held Naomi hostage. If it had been another, something terrible might have happened, as the red-haired girl pointed out. But not Hayden. Hayden was strong, and could survive this. On some incredibly deep and primal level, this registered with the Miyake and relieved her. So she could release the pent up emotions that had lied latent for so many months, without holding back!

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH" she screeched unintelligibly in response to their fighting words. Rather than craft an thoughtful response, perhaps solving this problem easily as everyone would have liked, Naomi only met their diplomacy with hostile intent. Punches were thrown against Hayden's cultivated defenses, the difference in skill clear. He managed to bat aside every attack and push through it all in order to grapple with Naomi, but she still kept trying to fight. As he clung onto her she took this opportunity to beat on his back relentlessly, as if in direct acceptance of his offer. And when she grew tired of beating on him, her nails began clawing into his back, to gouge through his clothes and skin. It was almost like she was trying to pull him off, rebelling against the embrace, but she had no leverage against him to do so.

Seconds would turn into minutes, minutes into hours, if allowed. How long was Hayden going to continue to take this abuse? It would be a long time before the blue-haired woman grew weary, tired. Her screeches became sobs, with tears streaming down her now closed eyes. She tried for one more scratch, but just couldn't manage it. Her arms fell limp, unable to move any longer as she just stood there suspended by Hayden. If released, she would collapse to the ground in a heap, but not unconscious; not yet.

Through choked breathes she managed to finally speak words with meaning, but filled with hurt. Slowly, but surely, she conveyed the crux of her problem.
"Whyyyyyyyyyyy...? Why did he have to diiiiiiiiiiiie...? Azure was... good... He didn't... deserve thiiiiiiiiisss..." She could have been there, wished she'd been there. She trusted her sister to fight for her, but something went terribly wrong, and now she didn't know what happened to anything. Except... that Azure was dead. And her anger—with how animalistic and imprecise it was—was because it was aimed at this world, for how cruel it was. She honestly didn't know the answer to the question: Why was reality so cruel?

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Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

Thud Thud Thud.

There was something crazy about the notion that Azure Iramasha was actually dead. At least to Hayden. The man was someone who first experiences with Hayden was one of dumb struck awe which turned into a begrudging admiration, one which fueled his desires to be a worthy successor to his time as the Reagent General. They disagreed. They argued. But at the end of the day perhaps on some level they held a kinship which exceeded those fights, because they both wanted one singular thing: to protect earth. To live long and prosper would mean nothing if they didn't uphold goal, the bittersweetness of Azure death a moment which would stick with the man forever.

Yet, as he held the Miyake sister in an embrace fists hitting flesh sickeningly which would bruise before becoming unbruise through his regeneration. He felt some sort of obligation to help her, maybe it was just the good nature which was embedded in him- perhaps it was the idea he had failed her by not protecting Azure. But if you asked him he thought it was simple, a very simple reason he would allow his body to be the sacrificial lamb to her anger: she needed it. Just as she knew somewhere inside of her he could take the abuse he also knew this, being a leader and friend was not simply being able to fight for someone or die for them- but being willing to suffer for them.

It was why he would make no signal for Kimitsuki to help the male, instead he would silently shake as she hit him with earth shattering strikes. His body working to repair the damage as she caused it causing the man to let out small hisses of pain occasionally, even with the high level of pain tolerance he was able to endure it by no means was fun for him. Each strike seemingly carrying emotional weight which far exceeded her normal strength in his opinion hurting not only his body but his mental wellbeing. There was something about being struck outta grief and rage which emotionally hurt the man, the empathy behind it all being a silent killer in it's own right. It wasn't the physical pain which was stinging his eyes with tears, but the raw emotion carried behind the strikes. Strikes that held pain which he failed to stop, when it was his job to protect people.

But as those minutes passed and the first or second hour came he suddenly felt everything stop, one last meek strike against his bare back. The shirt which adorned his body was gone into nothing but tatters on the floor, his sun bronze'd skin having small red welts which where now only slowly fading a testament to the amount he had endured. However, what was more important was how weak the Miyake felt in his arms practically giving out under him which caused the male to fall to a knee just as she fell to her knees. He was tired, physically and mentally. So they would kneel there as she cried, as the words escaped her lips his breath catching in his throat- the dry mouth wetting it's self as it prepared to speak.

"Naomi..." What did you say to that? What did you tell someone in this moment? The truth? Your opinion? In all his years he never quite could shake his humanity, he could never embrace that cold mentality of the shinigami which at times made them blind. But his slightly hoarse voice would return only slightly with a cough, closing his mouth as he felt blood paint the inside of his mouth, swallowing as he spoke.

"Azure didn't deserve to...die." That was a start at least as his grip on the Miyake would loosen so he could pull back to look at her, if she saw his face she would see slightly red eyes which seemed moist against the dry air. "Azure, honestly, did what he had to do. He didn't deserve to die, no one truly deserves to die. People pick the people and things they are willing to give their life for and sometimes you need to make the choice to live for nothing or die for something." His voice tired but carrying on, wanting to get these words out. "Azure chose to die for earth, for the people, for us. It hurts like all living hell but he did that so we can keep going, so we can be the protectors earth needs. He did it because he it was the right thing to do, because- dammit- because he was too good for this world. Now we have to carry that on."

The last sentence came out with more force than intended as his voice broke off at that point, it was the truth to Hayden and the reason he soldiered on. In the recent years he had discovered he wasn't the perfect soldier he hailed himself as, sometimes he disobeyed orders- sometimes he got too angry and sometimes he followed his morals more than his duty. But while he wasn't a perfect soldier, Azure Iramasha had made him discover again that he was a good man. The least he could do, anyone could do, was to carry on that legacy of selfless service to earth. To protect the cherished institution of earth and if need be die in defense of every single denizen of it.

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Lost Girl [Open]
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