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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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 Arianda's Manic Dreams (Training Thread; Solo)

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The Angel of Conflict


Arianda's Manic Dreams (Training Thread; Solo) 6EdIfMt

Artist: The Enigma TNG - Song: Industrial God - Word Count: 10,005

300 years, approximately. It had been three hundred years ever since Arianda had been born and started her strange murder spree and then her wandering. All of it was quite interesting, and possibly pointless. She eventually met Mana Asthavon, had sex with her, and became a child of Eris; Mana’s child in all technicality. Yes, a child who has sex with her ‘mother.’ Don’t think about it, it’s not meant for the minds of most; Mana and Arianda don’t care anyways. Arianda gained pets, someone she loved; so many things gained. But, it wouldn’t be quite so simple. At all. Regardless, shit happened and Arianda ended up losing a pet, regaining her; blah blah blah. All background shit.

The things that have tested her the most are what has been happening recently. That zombie infection in Chicago, trying to help Mana with her state of overfeeding and her conflict, trying to keep everything that she needs to keep in line in line; even her own powers at times. But, that was not a concern. Arianda was finally able to actually get a good hold on her powers instead of wondering what the hell was going on and how to control shit. She had an idea of how to now, and by hell or high water it would help her enough so she could push herself to ascend to levels that she had not been at before. With how the world is now, she can’t stay behind. Power is needed, power is important. CONFLICT is needed, CONFLICT is important. Hell, Conflict is what Arianda basically is now. Her presence can change opinions slightly, and can even give others conflict to deal with in their own mind. Of course, she actually had to push such things onto others; otherwise things would get rather troubling. However, things had been quite different recently.

While her powers were as strong as always, yet confusing, they had been fluctuating as of late; as to why was unclear to Arianda. There had been times where her power accelerated to a much higher state for a moment and she destroyed nearly an entire legion of zombies. It was not the best thing to happen, but, at the time it was. However, something had been worrying her. What had been? Well, the fact that in her dreams as of late she had been experiencing strange whispers. Hell, even in the middle of a random Shinigami slaughter she was forced to go on, since they decided to attack her despite the cease-fire. That was an interesting thing to do.

The exact specifics are a little interesting and strange. What happened exactly was that Arianda had decided to go wandering through a forest; she likes to do that. Wandering through a forest seems to help her calm down a little. Whether it is the silence or not was unclear, but, she did like it. As Arianda had sat down next to a tree and put on the headphones she actually bought, new pair; old ones broke. Just as she was about to plug in the headphones and listen to some music and relax, she heard someone yelling. She remembers looking at the yelling Shinigami and siphoning the DE out of him; killing him with the DE in the end. However, there were more. A single Shinigami charged at her and swung his sword at her head. She did not move an inch as the blade collided against a barrier; her DE barrier. She looked up at the Shinigami and stood up nearly as quick as a bolt of lightning to take her hand and impale the hand into the Shinigami’s chest. With a sickening tear she had ripped out his heart. She crushed the heart and then kicked the man’s head of.

These Shinigami were weak; small fry. Which pisses her off a little since there was no challenge. But, she still killed them. This lead to the strange thing that she had felt so long ago. The first thing that happened was that she lost consciousness. Second, her body, in her Chasm Revival, went on a rampage and killed the Shinigami in the area while leaving the forest rather unharmed. Third, she woke up at home hearing vague whispers that faded a minute after she woke up. These whispers… she had no idea what they were saying or who they were from; what caused them. However, Arianda could tell there was power behind the voice. Enough power to possibly crush her without much care. Well, maybe some. But, the amount of care that was likely far outweighed by the amount of force behind it. The force behind the voices definitely did scare Arianda, but, hopefully things would not go bad.

However, things were about to change for the better. Well, if the vision she received was true then her life would get interesting. The first thing she did that night was, well, sleep. She was tired and cared not about the voices that had been harassing her as of late. However, tonight was a different night. The voices she heard were crystal clear and extremely forceful. It was enough force to cause some stress on her mind as she listened to it; hearing what it had to say to her.


Just as the voice told her to listen, Arianda felt the sensation of a vision, or something, being forced into her mind. She could tell that resisting it would hurt her in ways that could be repaired. She let the vision, the prophecy fly into her mind as she slept and she heard a much lighter voice, though still powerful, speaking towards her mind now.

“There was once a prophecy of a fallen angel, one who had fallen from her ranks in ‘heaven’. She was supposed to be the most beautiful angel; commanding both her beauty and her power. Even from her birth the female Angel was destined to ‘fall’. Why fall? In the prophecy, she is referred to as a fallen angel; one of great beauty. However, what is unknown was the time she was supposed to be revealed; supposed to fall. That was until recently. With your own birth, young Vael, you were bound to this prophecy as well. With being bound to this, and to Mana Asthavon, you are in the perfect position to turn the girl that is supposed to fulfil this prophecy. Well, almost. While it is certain you can make this girl come to our side, as it is destined to happen, you cannot handle her as you are now. So…”

The voice had suddenly stopped speaking and Arianda found herself floating in a vast space; no floor, trees, anything. She looked around at the blackness as she heard the same voice speaking to her once more. However, before the talking started she had actually settled upon ground; her feet touching down on the floor. It must also be noted that Arianda was not naked currently. She was still somewhat dressed, somewhat. She didn’t exactly throw off all her clothes when she went to sleep. She does have a T-shirt on to replace the shirt and skirt she normally wore. However, her stockings, and undergarments, were still present. But, her scissors and cloak were not.

“Young demon, you are indeed the one to take this girl to our side. But, as you are now; she could kill you with just a bat of her eyelash. I would assume that you should also know to keep any fantasies to a limit right now; it could get you killed. Here’s the point, you need to fight. And fight you will. What will you fight? Shadows, beings of nightmare, things you fear. Why those? Why, we’re in your mind; are we not? It’s a perfect place to train and to get access to only the two of us. I needn’t anyone disturbing what we will be doing. And before you ask, training. If you are to keep the fallen angel, you need to be able to withstand her.”

Arianda swallowed softly and then remembered the mark about them being in her mind. She grinned and then basically grabbed her scissors from nothing-ness. If she was in her mind, Arianda had at least a little bit of freedom as to what she could do inside of it; especially when it came to her clothes, cloak, and scissors. But, she fixated on her scissors. If she was to fight; she needed her weapon. She grinned a little and let the scissors drape on her shoulders as the being talking to her projected an image of the girl she was to find and get on the demon side. It made Arianda’s face go red and her legs clamp together for a moment as she thought of the things she could do to her; and the things that this girl could do with that body. She licked her lips and then soon regained her composure as she made sure to keep that image in her mind; in a nice safe place that she could look upon and fantasize over. But, she calmed herself and told herself to stop it. She was to first make this girl on the side of the demons. She was not meant to do anything naughty to her; currently. The thoughts still made Arianda a little aroused, but, she suppressed the thoughts as the voice groaned at her.

“Could you take your mind off of sex for one second so I can actually tell you what we need to do? Thank you! Anyways, the girl’s name is unknown to us. All that has been found out is what her appearance is; which I see you have already gone nuts over. Seriously, control yourself. The point is, we do need you to get her on your side. But, we need to train. SO!”

When the voice stopped speaking a single figure stepped out of the shadows. There was no way to tell what the being was, but, Arianda could feel power exuding from it’s being. It caused her to swallow softly as she tightened the grip on her scissors. Before she could attack or react, the shadowy being appeared in front of Arianda and aimed a punch for her solar-plexus. Arianda blocked the attack with her scissors, creating a loud clang noise. Afterwards, she spun around and cut the shadowy being in half with a single strike; a look of slight fear on Arianda’s face. Not being fast enough is always a fear of hers, being unable to block strikes and then succumbing to the damage of others and likely nearly killing her. However, Arianda underestimated the shadow as it stood and aimed a shadowy blade to stab her in the rib. Arianda yelped in shock and jumped backwards, barely avoiding the blade that was going to sink into her ribs earlier. She breathed surprisingly heavily and noticed the spiritual pressure that was pushing down on her. Yeah, things were not going to be easy. This being may not have the largest reiatsu but, it does have immense levels of speed meant to test Arianda’s speed, not only that, but, it is also to test her power in this situation.

Why test her power? Well, how could she even fight at par with a fallen angel if she was not fast and couldn’t even be powerful on her own. However, she could not do so without training. What better way to do so than to put her in a battle against a being that could possibly kill her and leave her brain dead forever? Ain’t that just icing on the cake. Arianda grit her teeth and appeared behind the being thanks to some shadow movement. From there, she swung at its back with enough force to likely shatter its entire being if it did not block. Unfortunately, it swung around and the blade in its hand collided with Arianda’s scissors; creating an audible clang that echoed around the area. Arianda growled at the being and her right pupil turned into a skull as she started to fully manipulate her DE. She started to age the being, but, before she could complete the aging the being jumped away from her; leaving Arianda gritting her teeth at its sudden retreat. She cursed at the beast and then heard the voice again.

“You should remember that while anger is a useful tool in battle, but, it cannot compare to having some sort of balance. Though, I’m sure that is hard given how you are. Point is, keep focus in battle and do not let your anger completely overcome you.”

Arianda sighed softly and knew the voice was right. Anger had overcome her enough times where things went ways she did not want. She had to remain calm and collected; with a spice of madness in that lovely mix. Frankly, it’s gonna be mostly madness and not calm or collected. But, what Arianda does works quite well. Arianda shook her head and brandished her scissors as she watched the being approach her before it disappeared again. She grit her teeth and heard it behind her. She swung her scissors in an arc behind her and caught a blade that was sailing for her back; right towards her spinal column. Arianda grit her teeth and slammed the being back before she turned around and launched at the being; slamming her scissors into its face and literally obliterated it. She sighed heavily and looked around. It should not have been that hard; at all. The pressure she was feeling was enough to wear her down slowly, but, she still stood tall regardless; she was not going to be brought down to her knees by gravity. Hell no, if she was going to fall it would be after she had finished and had kicked the ass of every single being that was here. Fuck yeah she was going to succeed. She was going to win, turn that girl she saw to her cause, and maybe even get something else out of it. Whatever the case, she was not going to back down now.

With an audible sigh, Arianda stood and went into her DE Merge, allowing her control over DE to increase vastly as she brandished the scythe in her hand. As she did so, another enemy emerged from the shadows. With a single step the ground below Arianda shook and she swallowed softly; knowing that this bastard was not only heavy, but, it was also durable and strong. She shook her head and brandished her scythe as her now silver hair tumbled across her body. She grinned and prepared a DE barrier as the demon blasted a giant gout of energy at her. Arianda’s grin grew and she used her DE to create a conflicting breakdown and it. This caused the energy beam to be destroyed as she grinned at the being that now charged at her. Arianda yelped and jumped over the being, cutting its left shoulder; causing the flesh to corrode slowly because of the Scythe of Amaymon’s properties. Arianda grit her teeth and spun the scythe in her hand as she watched the being spin around to face her once more and seemingly growl at her. Arianda had no other reaction besides stomping her foot on the ground and creating a rift; through which undead started to crawl out of.

Arianda was no push over, this was shown by her ability to do what she was doing now; using one of her DE abilities known as rift of the dead. Of course, it was a basic ability. Well, a basic ability that tore the ground open and caused undead beings to jump out and attack an enemy she is facing. This indeed did help when Arianda wanted to assess the capabilities of her enemy; or just didn’t feel like fighting them. In this situation it was more appropriate to think it was the former as she most certainly did need to watch this enemy and see what he was capable off. The first wave of undead that met the being were destroyed by a single swipe of the beast’s large sword. Disappointing indeed, but, it was clear the beast was strong and not some wimpy pushover that Arianda could simply behead it and then walk away whistling a tune while thinking of what she may do later that night; go and see if she can get some Mana time or just sleep. It was normally sleep sadly.

Arianda fixed the black cloak that was hanging from her shoulders, fixing the cuffs on her wrists, as she watched the beast tear through waves and waves of undead; which she sent at it with little care of the undead beings. Of course, they were being torn apart by the beast, but, some were able to get through and give it a nick or two; making it emit an ear-splitting roar that would make Arianda frown each time. Observation: bitch was hefty, strong, and extremely noisy. That noisy part is what got to Arianda the most. It was a being screeching at the top of its lungs with enough force to shatter a few undead with just the soundwaves that were pouring from the damn things mouth as if it was a cornucopia overflowing with food.

She tapped her foot and then kicked the edge of the rift and forced it to close; crushing an undead that had tried to get out last second. She scoffed at its attempts to get free even for a moment and then shook her head as she looked at the strong being in front of her that had finally cleared out all of the skeletons that Arianda had brought through the rift. She sighed and spun Amaymon’s scythe, the one in her hands that came with her DE Merge transformation. She stared at the shadowy beast as it turned its attention towards Arianda and charged towards her.

A grin split Arianda’s face as the beast charged towards her. It was strong, yes, but, what it had in strength it lacked in intelligence and speed. It also lacked the dexterity to truly attack Arianda. It was like the Minotaur in Greek legends: stupid, strong, and unable to speak. While this beast was not the Minotaur of old, which she only knew of thanks to her relation to Mana, it still had the same traits. All she needed to do was sidestep about 5 feet and then attack it. And that is exactly what she would do.

With a grin, Arianda jumped to the side at the last second and let the beast fly past her; grunting in surprise when Arianda suddenly flitted to the side. From there, Arianda grew a manic grin on her face and then proceeded to drive her scythe into the being’s back; causing it to roar in pain as black blood squirted around Arianda. Her grin widened as she drove the scythe further into the being’s back and forced the DE on the scythe, and around Arianda, to age the being quite quickly. It was a little surprising frankly how fast this was occurring, but, Arianda was also using her Scythe’s corrosive properties; which did indeed help her turn the beast into nothingness.

As the being continued to screech, scream, moan, roar, and complain; Arianda continued to murder its back with her scythe. Soon enough, the being was nothing more than molecular fragments floating around in the air that Arianda reduced to nothing by pulling DE out of the remnants; making her feel slightly more powerful. Even if the power boost was only temporary, it would still serve to help her immensely. So, with a soft sigh, Arianda spun her scythe and waited for the being to speak to her again.

For a while, nothing happened as the shadows around her churned and bubbled; occasionally sending out blasts of shadows that Arianda had to smack away with her scythe and sometimes used her DE barrier to guard against the shadows. Whatever was coming next was obviously still being prepared for facing Arianda. Not that big of a surprise since she’s much more powerful than can be seen due to her capabilities in her other forms and releases. One must realize that she was Mana’s pet, and pupil, for a reason. No, not just because she fucked her senseless. Part of it was because of her purpose. She was a child of Eris, the reincarnation of Amphillogiai; whether or not Mana knew this before meeting her was unknown, but, it was clear that Arianda and Mana were together for a reason, but, it was unclear. And, Arianda was also unsure what she was to do. Obviously, this ‘prophecy’ was definitely something she was meant to do, but, besides that? Hard to say. Regardless, she was prepared to help Mana how she could; and she was prepared for this task too; for she was going to take all the measure she needed to become powerful and to help those she cared for.

Arianda finally noticed that the shaking had stopped completely, the black energy was not flying at her, and the voice had once again had come to assault her mind with its words. The words did not sound impressed or anything, but, it was still forceful as ever. Arianda had to grit her teeth a little so she wouldn’t focus on the pressure being pressed onto her mind. When the being spoke, Arianda listened with quite a lot of intent; paying attention to its every word.

“Good. You have done well, girl, for facing smaller fry. Tch. Here, have fun facing about 20 of those enemies; 10 of each. Good luck. Hahaha…”

Arianda groaned at the voice and kept herself from complaining at it as a blade came right for her. She blocked the blade, batted it away, and then proceeded to block another blade. However, that blade needed to be batted away too; only to be replaced by another blade. Arianda cursed under her breath and spun around in a circle and caused the being around her to jump back as she grinned at the enemies before her. She cackled a little maniacally as she moved her wrist in a way that caused the scythe to spin around her hand with barely any movement on Arianda’s part. Her grin continued as the manic energy, which she normally conceals a little, came oozing out of her being and spread to the shadows around her. They appeared to be unsettled as Arianda cackled loud enough to make her hair vibrate some from the sound waves echoing from her mouth. They were brought to a halt when being made from the shadows surged forwards and slammed its blade into Arianda; the blade bouncing off of her Akuma Kyodo. She grabbed the beast by the neck and gave the being the most manic grin she had done in a while.

“Ever heard of manners, dearie? It would do you well to remember this; DON’T INTERRUPT A FUCKING LUNATIC WHEN SHE’S LAUGHING!! WAHAHAHAHAHA”

The being somehow looked scared because of Arianda, for whatever reason, and she threw the beast aside as it slammed into another beast and they flew towards the black abyss that was around them. Arianda was a true child of Eris, and pupil of Mana: mother fucking nuts to the core. Arianda looked at the horde of beings charging for her and, instead of staying in her DE Merge, she immediately switched into her Fourth Demonic Adjustable State and immediately grew in height, and size; in multiple ways. She brandished her scissors and changed them into dual swords as her green and red eyes snapped to the beings with a look that seemed to hunger for pain, death, destruction, and their complete annihilation. She was going to take these beings, wring their bodies dry, and then curb stomp their heads until there is nothing left but skull-paste that she would use to plaster the walls of the house she was going to build out of their fucking bones!!

Arianda started to cackle louder and louder as the demonic beings decided to start crowding around her, trying to beat on her repeatedly with their shadowy blades. Unfortunately, many of them did not even make their mark as she simply either batted them aside with a tentacle or the blade simply bounced off of her Akuma Kyodo. With a manic grin Arianda swung her scissors in a wide arc in front of her and she sent the enemies located there flying; crashing into the darkness as she jumped free from the crowd and brandished her scissors as a sickly red-green aura slowly appeared around her. She was ready to slaughter and cause some conflict.

The first of the shadowy beings decided it would be a good idea to charge at her and try to attack her. Arianda simply scoffed at the being and smashed her scissors into the being’s blade and then proceeded to kick it’s knee out. Afterwards, her tentacles grabbed the shadow beast, by the wrists and ankles, and then quickly tore it apart; leaving it legless and armless as the tentacles then pierced it from head to toe. This caused the demon to split in half and ultimately kill it. Her tentacles threw the dissolving corpse aside and shook the darkness off of themselves, completely ignoring the fact that more beings were coming after Arianda. Arianda yawned softly and simply swung a wide arc once more, causing all but one shadow beast to step back.

This shadow beast was different from the rest. Its head was slanted, it’d body was slim, yet, it seemed to have a strange air of power around it. Arianda tightened the grip she had around her scissors and she growled at the beast, trying not to do something reckless and get injured. She watched as the being moved much faster than she predicted, ending up behind her, and struck at her back. Arianda grit her teeth and felt a tentacle get severed as she moved forwards to avoid the strike as much as possible. She felt a slight cut down her back, but, it was soon healed and the tentacle replaced. She scoffed at the beast and then spun around and swung her scissors at it fast enough, and hard enough, to shatter most being’s weapons or bodies. Unfortunately, this shadow beast was not a weak pansy that Arianda wished it had been.

Arianda watched as the beast didn’t even block her blade, it instead dodged under her blade and aimed a strike for her torso, aiming to cut open her chest. Arianda grit her teeth and split her scissors into dual blades as she blocked the attack and then did a flip to attack from above against this shadow beast to hopefully get the upper hand. Unfortunately, it only provided to piss off the beast more as she basically cut open its shoulder and pissed it off more. The shadow beast screamed at her and flailed some as Arianda yawned at it’s screams.


With an audibly demonic growl, Arianca drove the blade deeper into the beast’s shoulder, tearing off its arm in the process. After tearing off its arm, Arianda jumped backwards and let it scream in rage and pain as it’s stump of an arm flailed around. She rolled her eyes at the thing and tapped her foot, mouthing the word: Boooriiing. She spun one of her swords and yawned at the yowling beast; as if that would make Arianda feel bad for it. She flipped off the beast and tapped her foot as it charged at her. With a grin, Arianda let it get within point-blank range and she slammed her swords together, changing her scissors into their great sword form as she drove the blade into the Shadow’s chest. She channeled some Demon Magic through the blade and created a temporary energy blade that she used to rip the shadow beast in two; its corpse slumping over on opposite sides of Arianda. She grinned and spun the blade with a single hand as she gestured for another shadowy being to come forwards. This was only the start of one of the more interesting massacres in Arianda’s life, and it sure as hell could be guaranteed that she would enjoy every single fucking second of it. She was going to break some skulls open, tear out some jugulars, break some bones into pieces, and then blow up some shadow beings just for fun, because, why not? This is gonna be more fun than hell.

Arianda cackled as the next shadow approached, and surprisingly tentatively too. It was like the shadows could learn, interpret, and evolve at will. This thought made Arianda’s teeth grind together as she thought of the fact that they could be memorizing her fighting style so they could take advantage of such a thing and hold her at bay. Unfortunately, they would have to memorize a lot, because, in her fourth adjustable state; Arianda didn’t have a ‘technique’ per se. She did have a method of attacking, but, the method was completely random and had no pattern at all. This was advantageous for her against those that were trying to learn or predict her movements. However, her move set could indeed be countered if someone was able to deal with sporadic movements in battle, much like what Arianda does indeed do with this form. Although, due to her nature Arianda could counter the counter by randomizing her attacks once more; starting over from a different attack pattern or even a completely different attack area. This can also be done by Arianda actually switching forms, say to her second, to switch up her attacks in general.

However, she had little to no need to do this currently as the beings around her were seemingly panicking like chickens who had their heads lopped off. Though, that’s what it looked like to Arianda; the nutty apprentice, lover, pet, something, to Mana Asthavon. Though she was indeed quite the lovely master, lover, whatever, Arianda had found herself question things about Mana; in the past. That was not so anymore. When you get close enough to your Queen to be able to cuddle with her and make out with her without being reprimanded, or something, you kinda tend to get close enough to the person to be theirs completely. And, in all truth, Arianda did indeed think Mana to be hers… but, enough of that. It’s a little hard to fantasize when there are shadow beings all around you prepared to strike at any moment.

With a soft sigh, Arianda spun the great sword around her right hand and then cackled loudly as a demon charged directly for her. The demon swung its blade at her and Arianda caught the blade; the pupil of her right eye being a skull. She grinned manically at the shadow beast and moved her face closer to where it’s face should be and spoke to it.

“Hello dearie, care to die? No, well, like I give a fuck about what you THINK!!”

She cackled and stopped spinning the great sword as she grabbed the handle of the blade; the blade itself jutting out behind her. She swung the blade in a diagonal motion, from her right to the left, and cleaved the demon just right so the arm that had the weapon in it was severed and Arianda now had the chance to take said weapon and literally throw it at an approaching shadow beast. The blade flew through the air at increasing speeds until it impaled a beast in the shoulder; causing the large being to scream in pain and anger. The scream made Arianda yawn as she kicked back a shadow figure that was trying to attack the not so distracted Arianda. Arianda had to bat back about two more shadow beings with her tentacles as they attempted to approach her and attack her as she watched this one shadow being roar, writhe, and scream at the weapon in its shoulder. Rather interesting to watch, in truth, but, Arianda was watching the screaming beasty for one reason; to see what the fuck it would do when it finally stopped screaming and whining like a little bitch and decided to come at Arianda and attack her.

“Damn, the lot of you are fucking idiots. Can’t take on one ‘little’ girl? I mean like cmon!?!? Just because I’m a child of Eris means that you will be boring little shitheads who have no idea how the fuck to fight? COME FUCKING ON PEOPLE!!”

She yelled at the beasts as she continued to wield the great sword backwards as more shadow beings decided to actually attack her instead of lagging behind like they were inept or something. Yes, Arianda was getting pissed and, therefore, harshness shall ensue. With a grin that spoke her satisfaction that the beings were attacking, Arianda slammed the great sword against a shadowy being’s weapon, causing the blade to buckle under the pressure from Arianda slamming her own weapon into it. Arianda cackled and simply kicked the being in the crotch, crushing whatever genitals it has there, and then proceeded to behead it while its guard was temporarily down from the immense pain of a shit ton of force slamming into the large patch of nerves down there. It’s a good thing these bastards have nerves, otherwise this would literally be no fun for Arianda. Seriously, if her enemies could not feel pain what fun would it be if they did not scream out in rage or anger at being severely injured by a blade that had cascaded through its gut and proceeded to rip out any organs that may exist in its chest cavity. No fun. No fun at all. Better for them to be able to feel so Arainda could cackle, laugh, and enjoy their pained screams as they were torn to shreds by the demonic Duchess of Shadowfall.

With a chaotic smile spreading across the young demon’s face, she cackled in glee as she saw her enemies fall before her into puddles of shadowy blood that made her cackle, chortle, chuckle, and guffaw as she watched these sad excuses for enemies melt and crumble at her feet. She popped the knuckles on her right hand and gripped the handle of her great sword strong enough so her grip would not fail her unless something literally cut off her hand. No shit, they would have to cut off her god damned hand to get the blade out of her grasp. Think this is a joke? It isn’t and you should not misjudge Arianda like these beasts did, otherwise, you’ll end up dead just like all the rest.

Arianda yawned softly as another shadow beast lunged at her. She grinned and mouthed the word ‘hellooooo’ as it approached. Just as it was about to swing Arianda grinned wildly and slashed up in such a way that would seem nearly impossible for her normal power levels. Whether these beasts knew it or not, Arianda was absorbing the DE of every single beast that she killed and even from the surrounding area. This little demon was not screwing around as she yanked DE from all around her, effectively raising her powers levels from their base to rather absurd levels as she continued to grin and grin; manic laughter escaping from between her teeth as she continued to grin at the beasts around her. It truthfully was an unnerving grin and energy that was emitting from Arianda; nearly making her seem like Mana from one second to the next. It was obvious she wasn’t though. While this girl was most certainly not the manic Mana, she definitely had an energy trace that was very close to Mana’s own. Except, it was certainly not quite as chaotic and maddening as Mana’s trace. That did not mean that Arianda wouldn’t be completely nuts. Oh hell no.

In truth, Arianda’s energy was indeed like Mana’s own energy, but, it was different in the respect that it would sometimes overflow with feelings of confliction. Conflict. That’s what defined this young demon by this time; CONFLICT. Just the concept ran through her being as she lived and breathed in the madness in the air, the conflict that existed, and the chaos that streamed through her being just from being a child of Eris. Just from being a child of Eris, Arianda was clearly far more chaotic and destructive than most demons, but, that also meant one other thing. Considering which incarnate of the child she was, it only made sense for Arianda to live, to thrive, for battle. This also meant that if these shadow beings did not try to fight her with all their might; they would be crushed like an ant being crushed under the boot of a man who was walking unknowingly onto it. They would die.

Arianda once again spun her great sword, the scissor manipulation, as she stared at the beasts around her; using every single eye on her body to keep track of all their movements. A simple muscle movement, flinches, arm movements, leg movements, neck movements, even just a fricking finger moving a little bit; she was watching every little bit. What may she be doing, you might ask? Well, to put it simply, she was just watching them for when they attacked; waiting for them to strike so she could parry and then counter. Of course, Arianda’s parry was more like violently slapping their weapon away while she cut them a nice, new, opening to their torso. Now doesn’t that sound just lovely?

Well, to Arianda, it sounded just pleasant! To others? Maybe not so quite as pleasant, but, very few could understand how Arianda worked except for Mana; and maybe Ceal. Hard to tell how many actually did understand Arainda. But, she at least understood herself; that’s what’s important in the end. Self-understanding was a necessity for a manic being like Arianda so she could control herself and prevent things like destroying entire towns just because she feels like it; can’t always wreck the days of some humans when you could get reprimanded for it by the person you love the most. Yes, we’re talking about Mana here. But, regardless, Arianda did have to know control, and to know that she had to know herself. And by knowing control and herself, she was able to push herself to extents that would take her past her original powers so she could take out these fucking idiots with little more than giant swings of her sword as she decapitated all of them; leaving them as nothing but piles of rubbish on the floor.

But, that wouldn’t happen just yet, sadly, she still needed to bitch slap them all with her sword and then she could turn them into piles of rubbish. Everything has a time and place, and well, this one was here and now. For she was going to turn this bitches into rubbish now and leave their bones right here to return back to the shadows; if they had any bones at least. Of course, there would also be organs, shadow blood, and all them lovely internal body parts after Arianda was done with these creepy ass mother fuckers. Speaking of, a couple of them finally decided to attack. Took em long enough.

Arianda’s grin had actually faded for once. Why? Because the manic demon was starting to get bored. Hell, even random sex with strangers was far better than this fucking shit. Only because she at least got a little bit of enjoyment out of it, well, she used to. That got boring too quickly just like this battle was starting to feel as if she was just grinding her face against a wall for hours only to grind the wall down with her face instead of something else. In other words, she felt that this shit was a little pointless now, making Arianda feel like she should just wake the fuck up and go and destroy some shit. But, she was still destroying and killing so that made her feel a little bit better. Speaking of killing, she had two shadow beasties to exterminate and then move on to tearing a new one for all of the other shadow beasties around her.

With an exasperated sigh, Arianda slammed her blade into the first approaching beast, blocking its blade and held it back as she swept the other beast’s legs out from under it; causing it to topple to the ground. From there, Arianda kicked the being on the ground so it was dazed as she performed a quick roundhouse kick to the creature she had blocked with her sword. After the creature spun around once Arainda stabbed her blade through its gut, causing it to scream, as she quickly pulled it up and over her; impaling the blade in the head of the creature on the floor. The beast on the floor was effectively dead, but, the one she stabbed through the gut was still squirming and crying at her. Arianda rolled her eyes and ripped out her blade; beheading the beast in a mere second or two as she sighed softly.

“Oh shut up you fucking bitch. I did not ask for your opinion in how much pain you might be experiencing from getting a blade shoved straight into your gut. I could truly care less about the pain you are experiencing because it’s actually rather fucking boring. So, now that you’re dead, please do continue to shut the fuck up so I can kill the rest of your allies. Sound good? Good. And whether you could oppose or not; I wouldn’t care.”

She scoffed at the corpse that lay on the ground as she turned away; feeling a blade actually bite into her skin. She turned to the shadowy being who had sunk the blade into her flesh and she immediately shoved her left hand into its chest and grabbed onto whatever heart it may have. She looked at the thing and then a manic grin slowly crept on her face; seemingly splitting her chin from the rest of her face.

“Oh, Helloooooooo, did I miss you? I’m sorry. How about this, you remove that blade and I won’t tear out your heart? Oh, who am I kidding? I’M JUST GONNA KILL YOU ANYWAYS!!!!”

Arianda laughed maniacally as she quickly ripped out the being’s heart with quite a large amount of force. From there, Arianda crushed the heard and then proceeded to kick the dying beast away from her, yanking the shadowy blade from her back; the point where it dug into her skin regenerating after a little bit. There was nothing left in that area but a tiny cut that soon disappeared as well. She learned well from her dear Mana, she was not some weak demon that would fall to injury so easily. So, if this ruddy bastards wanted to do Arianda in they’d have another thing coming; and that thing was likely death. No, it WAS death.

Arianda twirled the shadowy blade in her left hand as she surveyed the creatures around her; who all had just surged towards her all at once. Finally, resorting to a tactic of possible overwhelming. Good call, but, it probably wouldn’t work in the end. Arianda finally stopped twirling around the blade she ‘borrowed’ and held it so the blade was actually in front of her; her great sword still being held backwards. She grinned at the approaching beings and then, with a small cackle, she dashed forwards. The second she came into contact with a shadow beast, she batted away its blade with the shadow blade Arianda had in her left hand and then she delivered a frightening strike to the being with her great sword; creating cuts deep enough to wound mortally and sometimes kill outright. However, she was not done there; Arianda still had at least a legion of beings to fight through before she was done. At the least.

Arianda continued to hack, slash, kick, and slay her way through this one section of the shadowy beings, dulling her body from pain temporarily so she could endure whatever pain she felt so she had no need to acknowledge the pain while her body worked in overdrive to completely, and utterly, destroy all of the beings that had come into Arianda’s path; a path that she was determined to never let people block it. Arianda continued to shred through the horde of shadow beings until she was outside of the circle, various cuts, bruises, slashes, and wounds dotting the young demon girls body. They all did eventually heal, thanks to her regeneration, but, at a bit of a slower pace due to her focus on making sure all of her offensive abilities were more or less ready to beat the living shit out of the next challenge that had decided to More Duck her way; which there were none currently. Of course there weren’t any challenges. Most of these bastardly beasties were boring enough that Arianda had to seriously try to restrain herself from simply leaving this dream. However, that was all soon to change and Arianda was sure as hell excited that it did.

Arianda yawned softly as she watched the being that were originally charging for her suddenly halt in their tracks; doing a lot of nothing for a good minute or two as Arianda stood there wondering what in the name of hell were they doing. Then, Arianda heard it, a slight rumbling as she looked around and exclaimed in a rather annoyed way.


Arianda grit her teeth and dropped to one knee to gain more stability as the tremors continued for a good minute or two. When they finally had stopped, thank god, Arianda looked at the shadow beasts in front of her, and, well, they were melting. They were fucking melting. No god damn joke. Arianda raised an eyebrow in confusion as they slowly melded together into one gigantic shadowy beast with a pair of arms; one weapon in each arm. Arianda groaned and slumped over slightly as she watched the giant being roar at her. With quite the exasperated sigh Arianda hoisted up her great sword once again as she prepared to fight this giant ass beauty; which she was both looking forward to and not. Strange combination that. Arianda growled at the giant being as it bend down to look Arianda in the face. In exhaled in her face and Arianda made a very audible ‘ewwww’ as it’s horrible breath reached her sinuses.

“Do you ever fucking brush your teeth? Consider it because my GOD that’s disgusting.”

She slashed her sword across the beasts nose and caused it to recoil and stand bolt straight up as it squeed and screamed in pain from the demonic metal cutting it’s nose wide open. It screamed at Arianda and she simply yawned and then spun her blade as she became rather annoyed at the beast roaring in front of her. She rolled her eyes and then watched as it swung a giant blade at Arianda; which she blocked. However, the force was a little too much as it did send her moving back a little bit before she harnessed more DE around her and gave her feet stable footing as she pushed back and then flung the shadow being’s blade and arm backwards as she grinned rather manically. She spun the great sword and then harnessed the remaining DE in the area and uses it to strike at the being in front of her; stabbing it, aging it a little, and even rendering some of it’s attacks to counter temporarily null however that was only temporary as she had just bursted down the thing with DE before even attacking it.

Unfortunately, the damn thing wasn’t dead yet; mother fucker. Arianda grit her teeth and dived to the side as a blade impacted the ground where she just was a moment ago. After Arianda took a front roll to recover, she dashed towards the beast and then swung at its legs to possibly make it lose balance temporarily. However, such a tactic only worked slightly since she cut though a bit of its legs before a hand came for her. Arianda grit her teeth and once again moved out of the way, this time she slashed at the beast’s appendage and gave it a nice little cut. Some incentive to stop chasing her; which the beast did as it recoiled from the strike. From there, Arianda jumped upwards and gave it a nice cut down its back; the cut extending from right shoulder to left hip. Then Arianda decided it would be prudent to give the bastard an X on his back and gave him a cut that tore across its back in the opposite direction and placement as the first cut; giving the beast a nice bloody x on its back. Artwork.

Arianda chuckled at her handy work as she fell to the ground, impacting the strange surface below her with a loud enough thud to cause the creature to turn around, look straight at her, and swing one of its blades at her. Arianda groaned and slammed her sword into the oncoming weapon; causing a crash to resound around the entire area as Arianda was thrown from the beast and impacted what seemed to be a wall; creating a small crack in the wall. She groaned and flopped off the wall and landed on her feet. She rubbed her head softly and lightly popped her neck as she stared at the shadowy beast that was stomping its feet-like appendages around as it tried to grasp at the gaping wounds on its back; to which Arianda laughed at the bastard and simply wiped a tear from her in response to the roaring she received.

Then the beasts charged right for Arianda. She simply grinned and waited until the last second before she took a dive between its legs; spinning as she did so to cut both ankles as she went between them. She came out on the other side in a crouching position, her left hand on the ground as her right hand held out the great sword behind her. Before the beast had a chance to react to her dodging it’s attack, Arianda flung herself at the beast at increasing speeds until she had land on the nape of its neck and started to hack on slash at its shoulders and neck. However, her attack was soon interrupted by the giant beast falling backwards to try and crush Arianda.

The young demon yelped and launched off the back of the shadow beast and swallowed softly; noticing the size of the impact it created. She groaned a little and sighed softly, wondering why the hell she had to deal with such a behemoth like this. Some sort of test? Well, whatever it was, bastard was fucking annoying. She watched as the creature rose slowly and then proceeded to charge at Arianda even faster than before. Her eyes widened and was caught by the charge; impacting against the opposite ‘wall’. The impact caused Arianda to feel a few ribs crack and break as she coughed up blood onto the beast’s arm as it began to try and squeeze the life out of Arianda. Arianda cackled softly and coughed up more blood as she felt herself being crushed and regenerating at near the same time; quite the experience. She looked at the ungodly beast and then tilted her head to the side as she let all of her manic energy run loose.

“Hi there… I like how you actually injured me… wanna PLAY?!?!?”

Arianda started to laugh manically as she grabbed the beasts arms and proceeded to crush them. While their strength should have been far different, Arianda had a sudden surge in strength as her manic energy was let loose; something strange happening within the young demon’s body. In truth, her Eris powers had finally reacted to all the conflict that had been caused by Arianda and the beasts that had been fighting her, and now Arianda had accumulated enough to release it in one destructive blow to the face.

Arianda grinned maniacally as she forced the wrists of the giant beast off of her as she did a mid-air roundhouse to kick away the shadow beasts arms as she threw out her blade, and arm, to extend at the beast and then strike it in the shoulder; effectively lodging the great sword in its shoulder. Arianda quickly flew to the blade and then tore the blade downwards to rip off the lower end of its shoulder. Before the beast could even get a change to attack Arianda as she used the sword to rip off the rest of the beast’s arm; disconnecting it at the shoulder. From there, Arianda cackled at the beastie and simply jumped down to grab its arm and hold it up by the forearm as she jumped up into the air and brought the shadowy arm down on the being, causing it to grunt and scream as the shattered bone of the arm forced itself into its skull.

Arianda laughed manically as she ripped the arm out of the beast’s skull and dropped to the ground a few meters away; staring at the beast with a surprisingly calm look as her form shimmered and shifted. She soon appeared as an angelic looking woman that had four wings, each of them black in hue. The wings weren’t covering a thing as Arianda was butt-naked in this form. However, they soon snapped down to cover her breasts and crotch area; basically draping in front of the areas. She slammed the pommel of the giant scythe in her hand against the ground as things audibly shook as a crimson energy, with a dark green outline, rose from the ground around Arianda and she slowly walked towards the beast; who seemed to be shaking in its imaginary boots as The Angel of Conflict got closer and closer.

With every single step, the beast took one back until it was pinned against the wall and was unable to get away. Arianda soon stopped in front of the beast and said not a single thing as she stopped in front of the beast and she raised the scythe with a single hand and smiled with a strange sweetness as the giant scythe was raised far above the shadowy beast.

“Don’t worry, your pain will be over soon. Just don’t scream, you already suffered enough as it is. So, relax, stop breathing, stop speaking; your end is nigh…”

The sweet smile never ceased as Arianda brought the scythe down with enough force to cleave the beast in two. From there, the beast simply fell apart and melted into nothingness as Arianda stood there and chuckled at the poor thing. She spoke softly to herself.

“Poor thing, to strive so hard only to die… so pitiful, so pathetic…”

She cackled softly and then reverted back to her shifter form as she heard the voice resounding around her once more; reverberating loudly as it spoke to her once more. She only grinned at what it said, clearly impressed with her efforts.

“I see you have bested that beast… and it was not an easy task… you are clearly not what we expected to come from where you originated from. Parents hidden from our view, past obscured, origins of your weapon unknown… Whatever the hell you are, Vael, you are most certainly something strange… regardless, you have far exceeded expectations and are free to seek out this fallen angel; if you so wish. Be warned, she may not turn to your side easily; she may not even turn to the side of the demons. It is all too possible for her just to gain new views and stay with her respective company. Whatever the case, you must do what you can…”

Just then the voice faded from Arianda’s mind and her eyes snapped open. She quickly turned her head from side to side in the bed she was laying in; in her mansion in Flow City. She rubbed her eyes and looked at a clock on her bedside table; peering at it for the time. She rubbed her eyes once more and then sighed softly; middle of the night. However, the strange ‘dream’ she had most certainly was not something to scoff at. It was clearly real, clearly happen, and was able to actually raise her power some. Arianda popped her neck and then sighed softly as she looked at the door to her room. Without even putting on all of her clothes, Arianda hopped out of her bed in her night garbs and walked to the library that she had in her house; knowing that Ceal was still in her room. She scanned books upon books for the rest of the night, attempting to figure out what the being was who contacted her. No records, no nothing. She sighed and shook her head and looked around; quiet as ever. She was sure Taichou was attending to her house in the human world and she knew Ceal was asleep… speaking of Ceal. Arianda walked over to Ceal’s room, picked her up without waking her, and carried her back to Arianda’s own room. She shut the door behind her and then placed Ceal on the bed before she took up position behind her and cuddled Ceal until she fell asleep.

Before she slept, Arianda noticed that her body was indeed sore; another reminder of the ordeal she went through. She had also noticed that the power she had gained through the dream had transferred to her completely, body and soul, so all that she did was not in vain and she was all that much more powerful because of the boost she had received from the 'dream'. With a soft chuckled Arianda held Ceal tight and slowly drifted back into a more restful sleep; her state of power above what it used to be. Maybe not extensively so, but, it was clearly much more powerful than before. So, with a soft relaxed sigh Arianda drifted off to sleep while holding her Ceal tight. Tonight had felt like a few hundred days, from that dream at least, but, she was through it and had kicked some serious ass. Now was a good time to rest and cuddle the hybrid girl she loved the most and sleep. Tomorrow was another day, and maybe she would search, but, who knows; that girl may come to her and Arianda would get a powerful ally for the demons and hopefully not a powerful enemy.

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