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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Wed Dec 07, 2016 12:48 pm

Rudi/Rodolfo I - II

I. Basic Information

» Name: Rudi in his usual form, Rodolfo in his genuine form.
Of note, Rodolfo is the Spanish version of a popular name Rudolf.

Rodolfo is also the name of a hero in the opera "La Bohème" in 1896, which follows an improverished poet named Rodolfo. In the play, the poet Rodolfo breaks up with his beloved because he fears his poverty is advancing her illness. She insists on being with him, and in the penultimate moment as all of Rodolfo's friends leave to sell everything they have to buy medicine for her, the ill beloved dies in Rodolfo's arms.

Rudolf is a name used by two people in the popular novel 'The Prisoner of Zenda' of 1984, whose plot follows a betrayed King Rudolf locked away and drugged, with his impersonator being his cousin, also named Rudolf. The impersonator Rudolf falls in love with the woman betrothed to King Rudolf, and cannot tell her his secret. Eventually, the imposter Rudolf decides to rescue the King himself, and therefore intentionally duty-bounds him to being an outcast by revealing his farce.

The two themes of "La Boheme" and "The Prisoner of Zenda" both involve a male protagonist who sacrifices himself and ultimately doesn't gain anything from his self sacrifice. Rodolfo's character is entirely about self-sacrifice, and a desire to live a life that would redeem him from who he is.

Rudi is merely an abbreviation for Rudolf.

» Age: ~520 (Looks ~12 as Rudi, looks ~24 as Rodolfo)
Due to his time in Hueco Mundo, it is difficult for Rodolfo to determine how old he actually is. He knows by the events he's heard of and the medical advancement on Earth that he is at least a little over 500. Rudi will not respond to questions of his age.

» Gender: Male

» Association: Unaffiliated(For Now)
Rodolfo has spend much of his life without association to any organization, but instead of people. Since he became disillusioned with organizations and desiring a more peaceful past, he has moved on his own path away from the organizations that would normally open their arms to arrancar like him.

» Appearance Written:
Rodolfo has two forms. In this profile, the true form is referred to exclusively as Rodolfo, and his farce is referred as Rudi.

»» Appearance Written(Rudi):

  • Face and Head:
    Rudi's face and head are almost designed for innocence and cuteness. He has white, soft hair that ends at about his chin and gives him an almost effeminate look that children may have before puberty sets in. His hair contains a few flyaways, giving him a perpetual look of someone who could do with a good brushing of the comb.

    His eyes are large and expressive, with an iris that is a deep yet unimposing pinkish-red. Beneath them sits a near-perpetual blush, though it becomes more pronounced when he is annoyed or upset.

    What is most striking about his head area is the presence of horns on the sides of his head, jutting from his temples. They are bright blue in color and impossible to miss. Contact with them feels firm, and yet not quite firm enough to be made of keratin as most horns are. In fact, Rudi's horns are part of the consequence of Rodolfo's spiritual locking away of himself. They're a way for his excess spiritual energy to be allowed to condense and burn in a constant, relatively inefficient manner such that Rudi can remain as harmless-seeming as possible at all times.

    Note that Rudi doesn't actually feel anything from any touch to his horns. He isn't aware if contact is made with them, and they may often bang into things without his noticing at all. Similarly, the horns are difficult to damage and, if they do, they tend to reform quickly.

  • Body:
    Rudi's body is that of the average young prepubescent 12 year old. He is somewhat fit from his time of wandering, and touching his body reveals some muscle. However, most of his body is under soft skin that hides what muscles he does has. This enhances his young look.

    One of the striking things about his features is his long, bright blue tail. It is prehensile, although it doesn't have the strength to hold onto anything with more grip than the average mundane human child. He often holds it to him as if it's precious. The tail varies in length and sometimes disappears altogether, unlike his horns. This tail is a way for Rodolfo to use up excess spiritual energy that the horns cannot. Also, it completes the look of the horns into something endearing. Or so he hopes.

    That is not to say he is particularly inactive or fragile. In fact, Rudi is surprisingly capable of taking hits while still trucking on. He also has high energy levels as a result of his excess spiritual energy needing constant burning. His body is small and agile, allowing him to literally run circles around most people, even those who are meant to be fast.

    It is important to note that Rudi is unable to feel physical pain or discomfort as much as most people. While he is capable of detecting damage, he doesn't respond as much as is expected to physical stabbing, bludgeoning, or severe temperatures.

    Rudi's hole is found in place of his bellybutton. If one touches the edges, he will complain he is ticklish there!

  • Clothing and Accessories:
    Rudi typically wears stereotypical shorts and shirt expected of a boy his age. Because those clothes often cover his abdominal area, the only thing to indicate his hollow roots visually would a mask hung around his neck by mask straps. The mask appears to be a small fox's skull with a missing lower jaw. Because it is often slung over his neck like a toy, it is easy to miss that this is an indication of his hollow nature. If one wanted to notice something amiss with it, it would be important to observe that the mask doesn't swing away or around Rudi, but it stays in place over his collarbones regardless of what position he is in.

    Apart from his mask, Rudi is particularly fond of shorts, boots, and a sweater that is just a little too large for his body. The reasoning is simple. Shorts are particularly easy to wander around in, although they leave his legs out to become scratched or scraped during his adventures. Boots are reliable to avoid getting soaked, no matter how poor the weather. Because Rudi has no solid place to call home, a good pair of boots is invaluable. Lastly, the sweater is warm and he feels much safer in a larger sweater. It reminds him subconsciously of his own smallness, and accomplished the look Rodolfo is aiming for- to be seen as small and innocent all over again.

    Occasionally, when he feels safe and otherwise content, Rudi will go shirtless. This especially applies in very hot weather or situations where is he exposed to high temperatures. He doesn't go out of his way to cover his hollow hole consciously, so he doesn't cover it in these situations.

    Also, he is beginning to develop a taste for baseball caps, especially foam ones that look as if they have animal ears or something similar on them. Not only do they keep the sun from his eyes, but he can use them as a toy to place with others.

  • Movements and Expression:
    The first impression of Rudi to an unobservant person is that Rudi is an adorable kid who is perhaps a little on the strange side but very harmless. However, a solid examination would reveal otherwise. For example, Rudi's eyes are just a little too wide to express total happiness at all times, or if it does, it feels just a little too forced. His jaws are often clenched, and he grinds his teeth often- if one listens closely, it is almost always audible.

    Another give-away to any tension beneath the skin is how Rudi responds to his environment. Although unobservant, he has reflexes too quick for someone who is completely relaxed in his environment. His response to danger indicate more someone who is always ready to dodge and is constantly preparing to fight back against any assault. He is quick to shrink from attempts to hug or pat him if the movement is too quick for his liking.

    Beyond these small, disconcerting behaviors that indicate perhaps a subconscious tension, Rudi has a few other quirks not quite chalked up to childhood sweetness. He is excessively fast and stealthy, and has a bad habit of getting into small spaces in exceptional ways. This makes him very slippery to get ahold of, or worse, difficult to keep out of matters that don't have anything to do with him.

    A final impression about him is that he moves around with seemingly little care. However, an inspection of someone who has trained in careful sneaking may notice that Rudi walks with great caution, especially in ground where he is unfamiliar. An overall impression from a very observant person would be a rather troubled child who is always preparing for danger, not unlike a street rat hardened from years in an unpleasant world.

  • In summation:
    In Summary, Rudi appears to be a child of around 10-12 years of age. He has white hair and pink-red eyes. His most striking features are bright blue horns and lizard tail that are composed entirely of concentrated spiritual energy. His hollow hole is where his belly button should be and his hollow mask looks like a mask of a fox skull slung around his neck very casually.

    He is quick and silent, and although he appears happy to an unobservant person, he is actually very cautious about his surroundings and is constantly tense in subtle ways. He has a fondness of wearing stereotypical boyish clothing, in particular shorts, oversized sweaters, and boots.

»» Appearance Written(Rodolfo):
  • Face and Head:
    Rodolfo's mask is partially removable and is placed over his face and head to obscure it. While it isn't on his face, he keeps it on his person. In fact, if it is removed from his person, he feels in unbearable physical pain that can only be described by him as an existential agony. It is often stashed elegantly within his clothes, slung over his shoulder, or something similar. The placing on the mask allows it to meld into his skin, where it "should" be, and makes it hard to remove. The removal of it isn't so easy, and produces a sound like tearing teeth from the jaw.

    While wearing his mask, Rofolfo's eyes cannot be seen behind a layer of black. They show as ominous, glowing red circles in the blackness of the eye sockets of his skull-like mask. The mask itself looks to be some kind of skull of a predatory canine animal, but with two spiraling antelope antlers. It seems made of white bone and, when placed, can only be removed by him. His choice on whether or wear or not wear his mask seems to be based on how intimate he feels with his company. It is rare for him to be maskless around strangers, but common with very close friends. Of course, he hasn't had close friends in a long while.

    Once his mask is off, Rodolfo is revealed be a very handsome man, perhaps of mid-20 years of age. He sports pale skin and crystal blue eyes, in such a manner that he looks like sunlight when he smiles. His hair is blonde and cut moderately short, save for two tufts of longish bangs that somewhat resemble his horns in their waviness.

    Rodolfo can be much more expressive in his face this way and, in fact, often wears a very gentle expression. Without his mask, his overall appearance changes abruptly from ominous and intimidating to gentle and even attractive.

  • Body:
    Rodolfo's body is quite a bit taller than the average adult, although not beyond expect for just a very tall human. He is built in a somewhat fragile manner, and he is mostly lean muscle with not much in the way of fat. This gives his body an impression of someone who perhaps eat a little more, if only so that it is not so easy to see the muscles of his arms, legs, and abdomen tense and shift under his pale skin.

    He has a broad chest and broad shoulders, however, and doesn't come off as particularly fragile when he is fully clothed. His skin doesn't bear any scars, which is unusual considering the fighting-oriented world in which he came from, and perhaps even more shocking given his powers.

    Rodolfo easily bruises. Even when something wouldn't normally scratch his hierro, he may still develop a dark bruise on his body in response. He attributes this less to the sensitivity of his skin as much as the sensitivity of his blood in response to a potentially hostile environment.

  • Clothing and Accessories:
    Rodolfo has a particular fondness for formal wear. He believes that he would like to look the part of the kind of courteous person he wishes to be. This is rarely so simple as a suit and tie for him. Instead, he prefers all the layers that is anticipated of a gentleman in perhaps a victorian-era England. This includes the well-starched shirt, a vest, an ascot of some sort to hold his collar in place, and a matching jacket minimal staining. His pants must match his jacket, and his shoes are impeccably polished.

    Of note, despite this, he has not much of a fondness for hats of any sort. If he chooses to wear his mask, such accessories often get in the way and do not fit on his head appropriately, which makes him look silly and he cannot tolerate that kind of appearance.

    Despite the limiting fabric that most formalwear is composed of, Rodolfo has very little difficulty moving and fighting in his outfit. It is made out of a fabric that allows him to shift, run, jump and leap on a whim. He hates to get his clothing torn or otherwise damaged, however.

  • Movements and Expression:
    In comparison to Rudi, Rodolfo is much more calm and poised. Overall impressions of him can change from a gentleman to a frightening monster depending on if one meets him with his mask on or off. With the mask on, Rodolfo is a frightening sight. His suit and size cut a striking figure, and the skull-like resemblance to his mask makes him seem less of a person.

    While his mask is on, Rodolfo is sure to move with slow deliberation, such that none of his movements can be viewed as threatening but they are most definitely done with confidence. He moves not unlike a predator in its territory- confident and strong in his own land. This changes only slightly when he meets people who are clearly stronger than he is. It is important to look the part, of course.

    While he has his mask off, Rodolfo is much less intimidating. His impressive tallness and broadness makes him less of a monster and more of a comforting and protective guardian. He moves with much more gentleness, especially to anyone who seems or acts like a child, or anyone who is clearly weaker than he is. This is still a confident manner, in a protective rather than an aggressive manner.

    Of note, Rodolfo does not have any of the innate tension, speed, or stealth that Rudi has. He instead comes off as very confident, comfortable, and deliberate.

  • In Summation:
    In overall summary, Rodolfo is a tall man who cuts a striking figure in his Victorian-era formal fashion. His mask resembles the skull of a predatory canid animal, with antelope-like horns. Without his mask, he has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is pale and prone to bruising.

    He moves with a confidence and grace, as if relaxed and comfortable in his surroundings at all times. Rodolfo can come of ass equally intimidating or comforting depending on whether he has his mask on or off.

» Appearance Image:

»» Appearance Image(Rudi):
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»» Appearance Image(Rodolfo):
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II. Personality

» Personality:

»» Personality(Rudi):
  • PRO: Optimistic;
    Rudi is a very happy-go-lucky child. In fact, nothing can bring him down. He is so stubborn in his happiness that it is very difficult to remain sad or even a little mopey around him. He takes the world in a day-to-day manner and refuses to dwell on anything painful. He exists in full confidence that the world around him is wonderful and nothing can possibly go wrong.

    When things do, inevitably, go wrong, Rudi has a habit of believing the best in any conflict he exists in. His presence to comfort and cheer others can often help boost morale, and his unwavering belief in the joys of everyone around him makes him very easy to get along with.

  • CON: Naive;
    Because Rudi believes in the happiness of the world around him, he is very easy to take advantage of. In fact, he is so easy partially because he doesn't mind if he is being taken advantage of in the moment. He believes no one could hold him with any real malicious intent and seems to be happy to go along with even blatant lies.

    What doesn't help of course is that Rudi has no real experience of the more complex politics of adult life. He doesn't know what it means to use someone else for one's own gain or why anyone would do so without simply asking for favor. He is wholly ignorant on how the world works and relied wholly on those around him to fill him in.

  • PRO: Ruthless;
    Rudi doesn't often behave in a way that gives away his hollow background. But sometimes he does. And when he does, its can be shocking. He doesn't flinch at the sight of gore, no matter how horrific. He doesn't wince at injury and doesn't respond to threats of violence with fear.

    When Rudi needs to harm someone, he does so with very little hesitation, and even less explanation. It can be so little as being under the impression that someone has done him poorly or has betrayed him in some way. Due to how bloody his powers tend to be, and the smallness of his blade, the results of his violence tend to be quite messy and death doesn't come quickly.

    Of course, he doesn't mind watching a slow death, either, and he has no qualms with following it to the end if he deems it necessary.

  • CON: Unobservant;
    Rudi has a child's attention span. In simplistic terms, he has no real desire to watch anything with the closeness necessary garner any serious clues. He will miss even large details. If someone leaves a room while he isn't looking, he may simply not notice someone is missing until he needs them. He makes for a very poor guard and an even poorer detective. He cannot notice traps and rarely realizes when he's garnering someone's ire.

  • PRO: Friendly;
    Rudi loves to make friends and meet new people. He's fairly extroverted and has a strong affection for anyone he gets along with. If he ever meets someone who seems in a poor way, he will be the first to extend his hand and share what he has with others. He is very easy to get along with and does his very best to make fast friends.

  • CON: Shut-Down Triggers;
    Rudi does not like anyone pressing him about his past. He hates to be called Rodolfo. Often bringing up these subjects will cause him to be so distracted that he cannot continue any behavior he was currently doing. Instead, he will either freeze up or immediately attempt to run away. This will occur regardless of any circumstance he's in.

  • PRO: Loyal;
    Once you make friends with Rudi, you make a friend for life. And if you die, he will spend weeks with a spade to bury you, because he's too small for a real shovel. He is extremely loyal to people he believes have his best interest at heart, which is, of course, everyone. He will almost mindlessly follow commands with full faith that his friend would never do him wrong.

    He will not abandon his friends, or leave them in the cold, unless he is put in extreme circumstances. He will risk death for his companions. Even if they turn out to be evil to the world, as long as he is not mistreated, he will always be by their side.

  • CON: Forgetful;
    Rodolfo wanted to forget everything, and Rudi, the product of his desires, has an innate forgetfulness about him. Information runs through him like water through a sieve, and its very difficult for him to hold onto basic information beyond who people are and if they are his friend. He especially neglects to remember his enemies. This makes him somewhat unreliable to issue long-term commands to, as he has a tendency to forget what is doing at any point.

    He needs constant reminds to learn something, and once he does, he may still forget it years down the line. It's quite frustrating to try and teach him anything to develop himself or his own skill. Indeed, Rudi cannot train. Rodolfo must be the one to learn if it is to be ingrained. Rudi lives in a world of temporary, as desired.

  • PRO: Puppy-Dog Eyes;
    Look at him! He is so hard to resist. Rudi is adorable, and he uses it to get his way more often than not with just about anyone. Even those who are particularly war-hardened might find it difficult not to feel a little bit of thawing of their heart when they watch Rudi be so carefree. And when he wants something from a person, he will plead and whine in a manner borderline pitiful.

    He uses this to keep himself out of danger, such that people avoid trying to harm him. Even those who want to take advantage of people may find it difficult to do Rudi too much harm. He's simply too pitiful, and any enjoyment gained seeing him suffer might be swiftly replaced with guilt.

  • CON: Clumsy;
    Rudi still thinks, in many respects, that he is in a much larger body than his own. He will try to jump platforms he cannot make, reach for objects clearly beyond him, and take more stairs at a time than his legs will tolerate. This makes him particularly prone to accidents and tripping.

    In fact, anyone who observes him for long enough may notice the pattern that he keeps thinking he is much bigger than he is. It is one of his main giveaways that he may not be what he appears to be, and might have at least once been someone much larger. An adult.

  • To get him on your side:
    Rudi only wants from the world safety, guidance, and fun. Promise him these things, and he will be by your side forever.

  • To get on his bad side:
    Rudi was created to escape pain. Hurt him, and he will run faster than the swiftest wind to any place where you cannot follow. Betrayal isn't responded to with particular rage, and especially nothing like "talking it out".

  • In summation:
    In final summary, Rudi is an adorable and friendly boy who believes in a world full of light and wonder and magic. He contains in him all the faith in a happier, just world, but he himself has his own shadows. He doesn't hesitate with violence, and is easy to take advantage of. He's not very observant, and can forget things too much to be a useful peon. But if you are friends with him, he will follow you to the ends of the earth.

»» Personality(Rodolfo):
  • PRO: Wise;
    Rodolfo is hella old, especially compared to most other arrancar. The fact he hasn't been killed or joined an organization at this point in a shock to most, and his youthful appearance makes it difficult to gauge his age. However, his age can be guessed at given his approach to problems or interpersonal strife.

    Rodolfo has frankly seen a lot of shit, and very little phases him. He is wise enough to determine the best way to approach things from strategic position and think things through before acting on them. He is often one to point out potential pitfalls, preferring never to fall in them in the first place to digging himself out.

  • CON: Guilty;
    Rodolfo has seen a lot of shit, but he's also done a lot of shit. There's blood on his hands and it's not just his own. He is easily swayed by arguments of doing good and contains a strong desire to do good in the world. He has a lot of guilt that haunts him and is much more likely to follow people who may help him one day let go of his guilt.

    On the other hand, his guilt prevents him from having much pity for people who he knows have done wrong but don't seem apologetic about it. He hates those people.

    Also, he is easy to manipulate using his guilt.

  • PRO: Stalwart;
    Rodolfo has a very strong sense of willfullness about him. In simpler terms, he can be described as stubborn. When something is on his mind, or he is given a task or duty to accomplish, he will do it to the best of his ability. Promises go to him to his grave. He doesn't break secrets.

    Pretty much nothing can distract him from his task once he understands he is duty-bound towards it. He doesn't respond to intimidation, threats of violence, and will happily die for causes he believes in. This makes him incredibly dangerous to his enemies.

  • CON: Anguished;
    A big reason that Rodolfo is so old but hasn't grown as much as others his age is because he has a lot of problems that he tries to run from. He will often miss crucial things about himself or others because he feels so poorly about his own flaws. A main problem for him is that his anguish often prevents him from doing whatever is best for him.

    Also, he often refuses to learn from his problems. He is the quintessential guy who agonize about his issues instead of moving on and improving himself. This means his ability to absorb from his mistakes and develop himself is reduced. Without being able to forgive himself, he won't grow.

  • PRO: Compassionate;
    For all the self-hatred he has, Rodolf has a general kindness towards those around him. He doesn't want to hurt people and is very easy to get along with. He is generous, kind, and will go out of his way for the benefit of others even if it is at disadvantage to himself. He feels genuine fulfillment when he can comfort others and help them find happiness in the world.

    His ability to extend a hand to anyone, no matter how cruel seeming, and offer his help and his resources to bring anyone out of darkness is almost unparalleled. Its a wonder why he doesn't apply this same thing to himself. Regardless, he makes sure that he is there for the sake of others, and hates to make enemies.

  • CON: Weakness for Children;
    Rodolfo loves children. Perhaps a little too obsessively, actually. He believes children are innocent, kind, and almost flawless. He'd be an absolutely terrible father. He's never been with a child he didn't dote on and spoil to an amount that is borderline embarrassing.

    Basically, he cannot hurt children. He cannot bring himself to do serious harm to a child, and regrets even the idea of knocking one unconscious so that they will be neutralized. He absolutely, under no circumstances, can kill a child. He would rather die.

  • PRO: Perceptive;
    Very little goes unnoticed by Rodolfo. He has a quick eye for things that are even a little out of place, or behaviors that are a little out of sync with normalcy. He is quick to sniff out dishonesty and farce, probably because he's so exposed to living a farce himself.

    Note that this doesn't give him any powers to discern people who are using their abilities to hide themselves in some way. Those are up to basic mechanics. He can discern instead if someone is lying, or pretending something that doesn't exist.

  • CON: Paranoid;
    Rodolfo is a little bit paranoid. After all his time alive, he can come off as excessively cynical. He knows people are fully capable of hurting themselves or others just as easily as they can befriend others. He's always waiting for the other shoe to fall, even with his closest allies.

    This often drives people away from him, because he is difficult to earn trust with. No matter how much kindness he gives to others, he will never anticipate kindness given to him without asking what the catch is.

  • PRO: Charismatic;
    Rodolfo is handsome and carries himself like a great leader. He makes for a natural head of any organization and it is difficult to argue with him. He speaks with an elegance rare for most, and easily hides his troubles from others in such a way that those who don't know him may discern that he has no troubles at all.

    If a negotiation needs to go down, Rodolfo will use all of his persuasion and posturing towards this. He will also use his charismatic nature to keep himself and his charges safe, not hesitating to pull strings and stretch truths in order to get what he wants. And so long as no one finds out, what harm is there in that, if it is for a good cause?

  • CON: Prideful;
    He hates to be seen as a fool, and he hates to have his past demons brought up to him. If Rodolfo is under the impression someone is making him seem stupid or otherwise something not worthy of respect, he will do everything in his power to get back on top. He believed he is naturally someone that people should gravitate to and that he can more or less decieve everyone.

    He genuinely has trouble believing he cannot run from his past forever. He believes that he is good enough, strong enough, to conquer his own demons through sheer denial. Similarly, he has trouble believing he has flaws beyond what he considers easily ameliorated.

  • To get him on your side:
    Talk him up a big game and give him a duty that he can follow to the letter. If Rodolfo is under the impression that something could be the thing that makes him believe he has absolved himself of his past, he will pursue it.

  • To get on his bad side:
    If anyone makes him look dumb, or brings up his past to taunt him with it, he will despise them forever. Similarly, expressions of cruelty or the enjoyment of hurting innocent people boils his blood almost immediately. Confronting him and forcibly trying to get him to heal and forgive himself is a fast way to a yelling argument.

  • In summation:
    Simply put, Rodolfo is a handsome man and a natural born leader, who also has some skeletons in his closet he'd rather not talk about. He's compassionate and softhearted, but can be oppressively stubborn when he has his mind set on a duty he is given. He has an ego easily rubbed, and his ability to discern suspicious motives in others is tempered by his habit of being suspicious of people by default.


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Rudi/Rodolfo III

III. History

» History:

»» I Remember Not Being A Monster
Rodolfo was born under the name Rolf sometime before the 2000's. He doesn't remember very much of those times. He was born in America, somewhere that he remembers had winters cold enough to build snowforts, warm enough for summers playing in shorts and a t-shirt. He couldn't tell you the region in particular besides it.

When he was five, he started to see things. What he saw were various spirits. The dead. The shinigami. Others. He was finely aware of the dead and began to contact his parents to inform them of what he had witnessed. His parents, of course, were horrified to learn that their son had begun to notice these things that weren't there.

He was taken to a doctor at the age of six to be diagnosed. The doctor, who was as spiritually unaware as most humans, diagnosed him as having some kind of psychosis behavior. Perhaps even the dreaded schizophrenia of the time. That was the first night he could remember of his parents arguing about him.

As the years went on, his condition worsened as his early spiritual detection became more highly tuned. His father blamed his mother, and his mother blamed herself for this. She would later reveal to her child that she had always had herself some sixth sense, specifically that of one who could always tell when something was dangerous was about to happen, and then she would leave the area. Soon after, evidence of death would follow. Car accidents, sudden accidents, diseases. She never spoke of this to anyone, and now her son had developed something much worse than her strange coincidental twinges.

Even at his young age, Rolf understood and loved his mother for her kindness. Centuries later, when his parents were long dead, Rodolfo would look back on these times as peaceful despite the violence. He would always seek to be someone as kindhearted and understanding as his mother. He doesn't remember much of her to this day, and she has become an idealized role of how to treat the world around onesself.

Rolf heard arguments, even though his mother tried to keep them from him. Those were quiet, but happy times of his childhood. He spent his first decade under his mother's wing, and learning slowly how to keep his "hallucinations" intact. It still slipped through the cracks, and he was often bullied at school as the child that jumped and spoke to nothing.

Still, he paid them no heed. It was easy to do so. He had much better things to watch.

»» I Remember Turning Cold
When he was 12, Rolf saw his first monster. Large, like a serpent, but with a bone-like mask and a hole in it. The creature's long tongue was flicking over his mother without her notice one day at the supermarket. Rolf forgot himself and began to shout at the monster, pulling his mother away. This caused a big scene, and although the monster was surprised enough not to attack, allowing Rolf to escape and save his mother, this was considered the last straw by his father.

Rolf was to go to the asylum. His mother tried to argue but there was only so much she could do to convince him in this time of america, where women needed to be at home and men needed to be the ruler of the household. Rolf would go to asylum and either be better or rot there. His family was luckily wealthy enough that money wasn't an issue. However, asylums of those days were quite poor even for the wealthy.

This place was not for children like him. He was often frightened there, trying to understand why he was being treated roughly even though he had done nothing wrong. Other patients were often angry or almost violent at him. Perhaps more frightening than that would be the patients who were sedated or lobotomized, with glassy stares that watched the world pass them by.

What's even worse, there were several demi-hollow in the asylum. This made him very concerned and he proceeded to argue and try and fight his doctors on it. While his treatment was supposedly deteriorating, he became the ire of several nursing staff at the facility. It was perhaps even worse that he was cognizant enough to be able to express his concerns about the demi-hollows he had seen. They were the first that he had witness and he, being a child ignorant of these creatures, terrified him to see these part monsters, part people.

This was unacceptable to the doctors and as he got older, he became more and more unruly as he realized that this treatment was unfair and that there was nothing wrong with him. His unruly behavior restricted visitor hours as a punishment, which only caused him to become more and more ornery at the medical staff at the facility.

At the age of 14, his parents consented to the doctor's suggestion to have him lobotomized to try and cure him of his illness. He was considered to be so serious a case, especially so young, that it was absolutely necessary for him to undergo the treatment. He wasn't informed of this, until he was being wheeled into the surgery room. At that point it was too light to fight or try to escape.

The surgery went wrong somewhere. He seemed to survive it, but the wound wouldn't close. And then it continued to refuse to close.The wound became red and infected. Although Rolf was now too lobotomized in order to respond, he understood something was dying in him.

The period of being lobotomized was quite interesting for Rolf. It is a memory that Rodolfo would think on often about what it means to have one's agency completely and utterly removed from a person. It also solidified his desire to never be considered a fool or otherwise mistreated ever again. He would watch other patients with the same glassy stare that he once received. His life had no real point or purpose anymore. He felt compliant, and without strong desire to resist anything done to him to try and treat his wounds.

The infection got in his blood. This spelled the end of his life. He began to spike a fever but his body had already lost the fight against the bacterial infection. None of the antibiotics or anything else the doctors did managed to cure him. His last moments were spent in delirium, listening to the roaring of demi-hollow over the muffled voices of people around him as the doctor spilled the bad news.

Within three days, he would be another demi-hollow of the facility.

»» I Remember Hunger Beyond Imagination
Rodolfo, at first, had no memory of his human life. His first memory as a dead person was to watch his corpse, and of a strange chain attached to his body. Regardless, he felt a strong ferocity that he should stay here, and was able to resist at that point the attempts of shinigami to help him pass on.

He had died too violently and without quite enough closure that he refused to move into any sort of afterlife. He hid from any shinigami looking for him, and he found himself instead being chased by other hollow who found their latest, confused victim.

The hollow that got him was the very one he had tried to save his mother from. It wrapped its coils around his small body, crushing it and consuming his flesh along with the other hollow as he was dragged to hueco mundo.

As a hollow, his first movement was to head back to the earth to feed.

Back at the hospital, Rodolfo found plenty of people to tear our of their bodies and feast upon their souls. It was very easy to determine who wouldn't be missed. The tastiest ones, he found, were the ones who had already been plenty damaged by the drugs and the surgeries.

He spent several years here, until the asylum was shut down as the growing populace considered their existence unethical to the patients. As more and more patients moved to better hospitals with more adequate facilities, Rodolfo found himself growing more and more hungry.

This wouldn't do.

He traveled back to Hueco Mundo, seeking stronger prey.

»» I Remember The Sands
The black and white deserts of the hollow world were quite different. Where in the asylum he was king, there was no such thing here. He ran into many hollow who were much stronger than him. It was a humbling moment. However, the ferocity in which he felt his hunger was so strong that he was capable of surprising and even overpowering several stronger hollow who thought he would be an easy meal.

With his starvation now to desperate levels, he had his first taste of hollow flesh. He found it far more satisfying than the human souls. He could feel the heady power and the taste of their blood. They were more substantial, although they didn't make him full. But they were better, much better, and Rodolfo decided he wouldn't go back anytime soon to the human world.

He began to attack other hollow, taking off chunks only when he could and running off with his mouthfuls. This was relatively easy at the time, for he was small and hard to notice. The hollow he were eating also weren't particularly powerful in the grand scheme of things. At the time, however, he found them delightful.

He learned to hide under rocks and what petrified trees were available. He ambushed those weaker than him and hid from those stronger. The more he consumed, the more he hungered, in an everlasting and almost distressing spiral into greediness and desire.

On the sands, he made a companion. Another lizard-like hollow like him, except without the wings he had. This hollow specialized in far-seeing abilities, able to predict the appearance of enemies by sensing their power from far away, and also aspects of them. They worked together very well, as he could run in with the knowledge that his injuries were dangerous to others, and she could direct him where to go for the most suitable prey.

The duo spent at least a decade like that. They snapped at each other often, as predatory animals do when put in teams to cooperate, and both respect each other's space. Despite being not inherently cooperative creatures, the two got along more or less fine in the fact that neither desired to really consume the other. At no point did either hollow try to attack the other one.

At some points they even were borderline affectionate, cleaning away bits of blood and gore from each other's masks and resting together after heavy meals.

Upon the sands whispered an organization by the name of Espada, the promise of new powers and a new kind of creature known as an arrancar. This was a heavy debate he had with his companion, especially so because she didn't particularly trust the idea of an arrancar. The shinigami have been their long-term enemies. Why would a hollow like them desire to have powers like a shinigami does?

His friend was very prideful in her identity as a hollow and refused to leave the sands of hueco mundo. On the other side, Rodolfo, who still mostly thought with his stomach, thought he would become stronger to get more food. His friend instead suggested that they move to the menos forest in order to gather more food in order to appease their appetites and also hide from this arrancar business.

Rodolfo agreed with this aspect, and began to move to the forest with his companion for more food.

»» I Remember The Forest
In the menos forest, Rodolfo found a way to chew on other menos grande. He is capable of grabbing and nipping at the slow and beastly menos, gathering vast amounts of power this way. However, the forest exposed him to other, much more powerful hollows. His friend was able to determine the most unaware menos. Rodolfo made sure to always tear off enough so that they both had plenty to eat.

The two were quite the team. However, they both knew the time in which they would remain together seemed to be closing soon. His friend, he realized, wasn't growing in strength as quickly as him. She also realized this, and became more defensive of him as a result. They fought more. He worked harder to make her as strong as he was, unwilling to leave her behind.

At one point, she told him that she wasn't getting any stronger. He had known this possibly for months, but he refused to believe it. Rodolfo believed he could make her stronger, like him, and they would both continue working together to take on the whole of the menos forest as their territory. She pointed out they would both need to be vasto lorde better than any other in the forest, for the lorde were also attracted to the plentiful food.

He was confident that he could do it with her. But she merely refused. Instead, she proposed to him another way. Because she was reaching her limit as a gillian hollow, and he was on the cusp of becoming a menos grande, she should allow herself to be consumed by him and it would not only cause him to be a menos grande upon the next pile-up of feeding frenzied hollow, but also pave the way for him to become stronger than any other hollow in the menos.

Rodolfo hated the idea, but knew that she had a good point. He wasn't quite powerful enough to decide he had a solid shot at his own individuality as a menos grande. There was plenty of competition and while they were both gillians nearing the higher end of the food chain, themselves as separate hollow couldn't quite reach the strength needed.

But together, they could become something else. She added, as an afterthought, that they really could conquer the menos forest together then. Just as one person, instead of separate people. It drove him quite batty thinking that this is going to be done. The two fought over several weeks until he finally agreed.

She was delicious. She was absolutely delicious and Rodolfo hated himself, continues to hate himself to this day for enjoying her as much as he did. She made hardly a whimper as he ate her alive, leaving nothing but the mask behind. Even that crumpled to dust when there was no human face for it to cover.

The surge of power she gave him was like nothing he ever knew before. It was as if his power was doubled with her, and her closeness two him lended some of what she was towards him. He could begin to sense other hollow around him in such a way that he could determine the best plan of attack.

He could never quite understand why this happened with her and with no other hollow he had eaten. Perhaps it was because they had worked together for so long, and perhaps because they had shared so much. Food. Time. Philosophy. Personhood. They were already one before they were physically one.

His new senses drove him towards a pile of hollow in a feeding frenzy, and allowed him to analyze each one. Then, he leapt into the pile just as it began the transformation into a menos grande.

His period here as a menos grande were difficult to determine. He doesn't remember much. The other menos were only a little more mindless than he was at those times, struggling to retain his identity in a sea of other hollow struggling for the same thing. He remembered pasts that weren't his own, realized secrets that weren't his to keep, and nearly lost his sanity being stretched into so many different people at once. His spirit felt pregnant with them, and her understood now why the menos were so slow in their movement. He could barely lift his feet with the weight of all the creatures inside of him.

He won, but he won knowing intimately all the other identities he vanquished. This would be something that would haunt him forever, especially to know that it is in his very nature as a hollow to cannibalize his kin. It seemed to him then that his only purpose in the world is to snuff out other lives, subsume them into himself. He was a black hole for which all light was helpless drawn into and eliminated.

Rodolfo doesn't know how much time he spent as a menos grande. Perhaps it was a long time. The days blurred and it was very difficult for him to fight off all the other spirits within him.

It was a miracle that he came away unscathed as an adjucas. He remembers it like realizing something that was suddenly obvious as he fed on another menos's body. It was so easy without warning, that he could simply condense his form and melt away the fat that he didn't need from his body. Memories, personhoods, identities that weren't his could all be locked away somewhere deep inside of him.

As he concentrated on this locking away, it became easier and easier. The memories were increasingly easy to lock away as there became less and less of them to handle. Then, he remembers as clear as moonlight, looking up and realizing that the menos grande towered above him. Yet, even as they were so large to his personhood, they were insignificant to his strength. The distance in power was the distance of their height. He understood this innately, like a predator understands one's prey.

However, with this sudden clarity came other things. His mind was now polished crystal and he could see through his entire life and unlife. He could remember someone calling for Rolf to clean the dishes. Then, a house. The snow. He remembered his time at the asylum, and relived the trauma of it. And for the first time he could realize how much of a fool he was rendered in the last moment of his life.

From this, her understood regret to achieve the power he had now.

He couldn't think too hard on this now, for an adjucas hollow to lose his sense in the menos forest was dangerous. The vasto lorde lived here, and needed huge amounts of food, which the forest provided in spades. As an adjucas he would be especially tasty for the vasto lorde, and he couldn't risk it after going through so much just to end up on someone else's inner plate.

When he hid and had the opportunity to survey the forest without need of fighting off the other hollow within him, he noticed that the forest was much changed from the time he remembered it. There were more hollow, much more. He became an adjucas right during the time of the population boom of 2150-2200.

With more hollow meant more competition. There were other adjucas like him, as if all the powerful hollow in the area were converging to one area in a desperate attempt to gather enough food to fill their bodies.

The moment of clarity disappeared as he realized he still remained as hungry as ever before, perhaps even moreso. He began to leap into the fray, fighting strategically to ovetake adjucas more powerful than him. He used the powers leant from his hollow companion, and he used his own blood-borne capabilities. The flexibility allowed him to set up several traps with his rudimentary blood-manipulation abilities. Ones that immobilized adjucas fast as the wind. Ones that incapacitated many-limbed ones. So on and so forth. His keen eye and wit allowed him to survive during those difficult times.

He noticed he heard nothing of this Aizen fellow. Perhaps he had been locked away for too long. There was too much competition here. He couldn't remain much longer without risking being forced out himself. Something had to give.

During that time, he came upon his first vasto lorde. She was like a god among ants, gorging herself on even the most powerful adjucas. He found her stealing from one of his traps and found himself too utterly terrified to stop her. How could he ever have thought he could rival her in power?

Then she looked up, straight at him in his hiding place. Her gaze, one of absolute confidence in her own strength, observing him like a tasty morsel that is perhaps not even worth her effort to pursue, struck him like a knife to the heart. He realized then how weak he was compared to her power.

But he also understood he wanted to be like her. So he began to follow her back after she had stolen his kill, to wherever she lay between feedings. He began to bring food back to her resting place, over and over, with the same unmistakeable blood smears on still-alive, dying hollow to indicate his doing. This went on for several years, during which the the overpopulation became even more of a problem.

At one point, she encouraged him to come down. He shook his head, and she laughed and called him wise for his decision. She could see him even at his best hiding spots, and never quite pursued him despite how he was steadily growing stronger himself. She instead called out.

"Why don't you fetch some demons, or iramasha for me? Out there, in the human world. I'd ask for some shinigami, but they've stopped being exotic meat."

He realized he didn't understand what those species were, and spoke back using a voice harsh with unuse. "...I do not know them."

And so she taught him the world outside of hueco mundo, in exchange for food offerings. This was before the time of domes, and food was plentiful. He was just one of the many in the population explosion of demons and hollow on the Earth.

She taught him of the world before even he was born, when she was a menos grande. The quincies and their tender, delicious meat and the danger of erasure. Then, the loss of the quincy race and their comparative rareness in modern day. She explained to him
the arrancar, the demons, aizen and the espada. The demons, the iramasha. Everything.

However, much of this knowledge came out of Rodolfo's conscience. Every time he went to the Earth to hunt for suitable prey for his own gnawing hunger and also the vasto lorde he served, he found increasing levels of destruction. Cities were decimated by these horrible entities known as arrancar, killing everything without care for innocence or guilt. He didn't stop anyone. He simply wasn't strong enough. And this made him feel terrible.

He eventually began to discuss his morality with the vasto lorde, who couldn't quite agree. However, with a long discussion, she was at least capable of admitting that the lives of hollow revolved around this sort of terrible violence. To her, they were as normal as air. In fairness, this kind of senseless violence had become normalized to Rodolfo as well. But he knew that there was better. There must be something better than the constant need to feed and consume and grow.

This was how he lived for at least another decade. So long as he brought her more food than he was worth, she would talk to him from wherever he hid as she feasted on the bodies. Their conversations always had an air of tension. Her gaze never wavered from her hunger. Rodolfo felt worse and worse with every kill. The vasto lorde he had come to serve began to demand more and more specific things, which he carried out dutifully to the letter. This gave him a sense of fulfilment that he didn't have before, even if it was being used like this. It felt good to have some routine and organization in his life, he found. Rodolfo would crave this kind of structure in his life for as long as he lived. It was much better than getting up and hunting whenever he was hungry, and having nothing else to do.

Rodolfo never knew her name, but then again, neither did she ever ask for his. This was nothing different than the hollow she had met on the sands. A working relationship was a working relationship and, so long as she didn't eat him, he was pretty okay with their interactions. Besides, she often didn't mind that he also took a bite sometimes for his own power. She seemed more interested in maintaining the power she already had than to boost it.

He never bothered asking, simply because chances were that she would kill him for it. As far as he knew, he was the only one giving her food in this manner.

Eventually, the humans began to develop their own defenses. It was more and more dangerous as the humans developed their dome technology to keep away the hollow and demons. Even the demons wised up to the antics of other hungry hollow. Rodolfo began returning with failed hunts, each time worried for his life. In truth, he was rather grateful that the Earth populace had learned to defend themselves at last. The thought of watching another city be decimated by some strong demon, hollow, or arrancar made his innards twist- and not in ways his powers had done. Strangely enough, she never bothered to lash out at him. Perhaps he wasn't worth the meal, as he would probably fight back at least a little bit. Combat was energy, and she would rather conserve everything.

Once the domes were completely established, Rodolfo could no longer enter without risking his life in a very serious way. By the time he came back with the conclusion that indeed the vast majority of humans had all hidden in the domes, the vasto lorde he had served faithfully was exiting the forest, leaving to the sands. He asked here where she was going, for she rarely moved anywhere, much less moved out of the forest.

The woman told her that an arrancar newly named Ashlei Mischevang had taken on the role of Cero Espada and planned to completely remove all of Aizen's influence on the Espada organization. In other words, the Espada would be completely run by hollow and be organized for the hollow's best interests as a whole. She wanted to join them, wagering that her power level would be strong enough to receive a high rank.

At this point, Rodolfo's abilities from constant hunting for not one, but two hollow for so long had sharpened, and the constant need to gather more and more prey had given him a significant motivation towards successful hunts. In short, he had become much more powerful serving under her. He realized then that the way he had postured all this time hadn't wavered and so she had no real reason to believe that he was significantly more powerful than he was when they first met.

Perhaps he could join the arrancar himself and rival his mentor. However, the idea also made him feel significant revulsion. After all, he didn't want to hurt any more innocents, and he was skeptical that a new espada would change from the mindless violence of before. Still. It was becoming increasingly obvious to him that he should join an organization, if only for self protection, and also because he risked losing what little structure he currently had.

Even if he was at this point a very powerful adjucas, being alone again in this environment was never a good thing. She never offered him to follow, but he followed regardless.

»» I Remember My Reflection
The long walk to the the home of the Espada gave Rodolfo and the vasto lorde much to talk about, and also gave Rodolfo ample time to observe her and him. Her power was waning- had been waning for quite some time now despite all of his attempts to feed her. In opposite, Rodolfo's power was increasing ever more. She was on the cusp of losing her position and becoming an adjucas like him again.

Clearly, she was not traveling out of some will or some sudden pride in her hollow-hood. This was a last ditch effort in order to consolidate her power before it bleeds from her entirely. Perhaps she had grown old and her time was coming. Perhaps she was becoming more and more unstable as she gained food, and now her food requirements were such that she could no longer maintain them by any means.

In other words, he might have a chance to fight her.

"You cannot go on for much longer," he observed.

She turned to him. "I can. With a bit of help."

She must've detected something was off. The next thing he knew, she was suddenly in front of him, as fast as the wind, as quiet as shadow. He ducked instinctively and felt her claws tear down his back, releasing his blood into the air and initiating the fight.

The battle was no more different than another fighting of the beasts on the sands of hueco mundo. It was brutal and bloody and messy, with no holds barred and no idea of honor. Their working relationship was torn asunder the moment her claw touched his back. His blood stabbed into her body, and her poisonous, venomous toxins ran through his veins.

This went on for hours, perhaps even days. Other hollow came to watch, drawn by the large clouds of sand kicked up by their intense fighting. If this continued for much longer, it is possible that the victor would be so weak that they wouldn't be able to fight off those that came to scavenge. Both knew this and yet, so caught in their own battle, neither was willing to back down.

This was a fight to the death, a sudden and violent end to the tense peace they had over the last few decades.

The vasto lorde's strength was finally waning. Her technique, release vast clouds of poison and hoping she could outlast her enemy, wasn't working for Rodolfo. His regeneration was much too fast, and she was taking on too much of her own toxin from the open wounds he inflicted onto her.

The poison clouds were at least strong enough to force the other hollow away. She finally collapsed, too sick from her own poisons that she would surely die. He approached her, and hungrily ripped off her arm for his own consumption, ignoring her screams of pain and pleads for mercy. His bestial instincts had overtaken him in the moment and he could not resist the opportunity for the meal after the fight had taken so much from his reserves.

The transformation into a vasto lorde made him more powerful than he ever could have imagined, himself. It was agony. His entire growth as a hollow had focused around pain and injury as his greatest weapon, and now his transformation as a vasto lorde only enhanced it.

When he came to, she was still alive, if only just. He fell to his knees at her dying body. "Why does it have to be this way?" he asked. "Why must we be so defined by brutality?"

She had no answer for him, except to reach his mask, dripping wet with his tears.

He saw her hand reach for his mask, and then he felt a terrible pain afterwards. The sound of a mask being torn from the body is something completely agonizing, like the snapping of wet wood, like the ripping of fabric. He had not even a moment to shout in pain, for his vocal cords and the rest of his body was transforming.

Somewhere in this initial shift, Rodolfo remembered a time where his first partner asked him why anyone would give up who they are to become a facsimile of the humanity they had thrown away. He had no answer then, but he had some answer now as he felt his power surge through him once more, condense.

The pain dulled down, and then disappeared altogether, like a siphon from his body. The agony condensed into a controllable, concentrated form. He was smaller. He had two arms and legs, and the weight of his mask slung over his chest, light and lifeless. He was healthy, and he was strong, and he had lost everything again.

He buried her, deep in the sands, where her body would be touched by no one. Then he turned to the Espada's army.

»» I Remember My Crimes
Rodolfo joined the Espada's organization, purposefully keeping his powers as hidden as possible. His explanation to the organization was a mixture of truth and lies. His arrancar form was from a fight, yes, but he didn't say with who or why. He supposedly had lived alone in the menos forest and was forced out when the competition became too fierce.

He kept himself from their leadership ranks intentionally with his lies and with his hiding. Instead, he posited himself as useless for fighting and instead much better at diagnostics with blood. This put him in a prime position to sit and listen and absorb, but not quite in the throes of battle, and kept him from hurting anyone. It helped that this Ashlei focused exclusively on filling her leaders with people she knows and trusts implicitly. Perhaps it is the first time where being a stranger has helped him.

Of course, neither could he heal, either. His story never quite added up to the others, but at this point many such other hollow were seeing the protection of the Espada's rule. Without the plentiful foods, powerful hollow were cannibalizing their own en masse, and even the most powerful of beasts found themselves in danger of being ganged up upon or their bodies gnawed after sustaining heavy injuries fighting those of equal power. The chaos from lack of food had been raging for some time, and so it was easy for Rodolfo to slip between the cracks of attention.

Not that he didn't leave an impression on at least a few while he was there, but he made sure to keep to himself and avoid discussing to others much about himself. Instead, he helped with the creation of arrancar, determining the powers of new hollow coming in and writing reports on how they may be used, sorted, or otherwise ranked.

During this time, he kept his ears to the ground and his head as low as he can. He sought some kind of stability, something that helped him numb out what he came from and what he's seen in Hueco Mundo. Being able to judge other hollow and direct them appropriately according to the Espada's guidelines from down high.

He learned of many things more while hiding from himself and from the other arrancar around him. Techniques were being developed on slipping into the human domes. A new technology to help arrancar find their second release was being developed, slowly but surely. The best of the best were working on just the blueprints of the idea, as the decades rolled on. There was more progress on the side of invading the domes.

Eventually, he himself was tasked to test the preliminary checks. This was less because of his rank, and more because his mask could be stored, hidden, and his hollow was in an out-of-the-way place people wouldn't check. Without his mask, and with a full set of clothes, he looked essentially like a normal human.

Luckily, this mission should have no combat. He hadn't had to fight anyone since he was stationed here, and he would like to keep it that way. Some may joke he stagnated, but at this point he had no desire for power and was more than happy to stagnate. If he could reduce himself further he would do so.

The sunlight was beautiful on the day he arrived on earth. He passed the checks with ease. Although there were some questions as to his official documents, his charisma and just a little bit of pushiness allowed him through as easily as anyone else. He spent some time here before he traveled back to the night of Hueco Mundo.

He came across many peoples here, posing as a tourist. He found recruitment flyers for many organizations, and read them closely to give back intel. Human cybernetics were normal now. This was not the earth he knew, when he was young. The shock and surprise was nearly overwhelming to Rodolfo, and helped shake him from his depression. This was new, and this was unlike something he ever seen before.

Rodolfo felt an almost childlike wonder and curiosity at the glass buildings. He saw his own reflection, properly, for the first time, in the full color of sunlight. This would be what Rolf would have been, if he was allowed an adulthood. But Rolf was not allowed an adulthood, and Rodolfo had been denied his childhood. But perhaps there was another way.

The time away from the darkness and violence of Hueco Mundo had helped relieve his sorrow and his numb state. He realized then what he wanted to do, even if it meant leaving the organization that had given him some sense of stability, if not peace.

When he came back to Hueco Mundo, he submitted what intel he knew and then returned to his duties with stalwart refusal of any praise or promotions for a job well done. His flagrance all but guaranteed him stuck doing boring, meaningless work for the rest of his time here. There were plenty of other arrancar and hollow to take his place as the willing guinea pigs and invaders.

It was just as he wanted it to be. Now all he needed was information.

»» I Remember Forgetting
It took him another hundred or so years of meaningless work for him to find the information he needed. Luckily, hollow were incredibly long lived creatures. Hardly anyone knew reading or writing, and when a hollow was consumed their memories were dissipated along with their identities. Word of mouth was the only way to record history, of what has happened in at least the relatively near past of a thousand or so years.

Who knows how much knowledge has been lost over the centuries? It is what has largely prevented the hollow from organizing for millennia. As soon as someone realizes how to be civilized, they are inevitably killed, and then their realization is lost for someone else to rediscover.

It was lucky then that he met a very old adjucas, one who came to join the Espada organization just as the news of the newly invented Deus Ex Engine. This adjucas desired the power of becoming an arrancar through the Engine, something that was believed to be much more powerful than a normal mask-removal. Rodolfo took a moment to ask if the adjucas remembered what the old Espada was like, under the now all-but-forgotten Aizen.

This adjucas told him, after some goading, that he was a witness to the old Espada, particularly a conflict between a kind-hearted Tres and a much crueler Quinto, back when he was just one of the small, pest-like gillian what so populated the sands. This Tres was eventually defeated and reverted to a child's form, who had forgotten everything.

Rodolfo wanted to know how this could occur, and the adjucas could tell him nothing of that manner, except to indicate that there was a terrible wound on the child and it was as if the significant pieces of who she was had been bled out or sealed away.

Within the coming weeks, Rodolfo sought the older hollow he knew that could knot something about it. Another, this one a menos grande, was a similar gnat. Except this one told him that they had heard the idea of bleeding out of one's spiritual energy, to the point of childlike uselessness, was a discussed theory in that specific incident.

At that point, he had heard that the invasion-technology was increasingly a success, and perhaps within a few decades their plan would be found out. In the meantime, the Espada were met with a demon named Mana, who offered a teamup. This was a great and momentous occasion for the organization, and Rodolfo understood more than anyone else that it was likely that this new, as-of-yet unnamed organization was going to hurt a lot of innocents.

Because of his realizing Shadow Fall was being made, and also because he now had theories on how to escape from his own despair at realizing what kind of creature he was and what organization he had helped (if only minutely), Rodolfo knew he had to leave. His conscience could no longer handle himself.

He made sure to slide away, with the hope that no one would notice he had gone missing. Back to the sands, and then back to the forest, reliving all of his life in hueco mundo since his initial arrival. He revisted the place where the vasto lorde he killed was buried. Spoke to nothing for a long, long while, just to get things out of his head.

Then he went to the forest, and found a secluded little cave, perhaps dug by another hollow however-many-centuries before. No such hollow lived there now. Rodolfo climbed in, curled up, and took his blade to his own head.

»» And Then Everything Was Finally Okay
Rudi climbed out of that hole, a few days later, and saw Hueco Mundo for the first time. A wondrous land, filled with monsters right from storybooks, and bright moonlight, and white sand.

He had been sleeping for a while, but now he felt quite rested and excited to explore this fantasy-seeming world.


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Rudi/Rodolfo IV - X

IV. Equipment

» Equipment: N/A

V. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills

» Racial Abilities:

»» Transformation:
Rudi is merely a farce of everything Rodolfo desires to be seen as. There are very specific situations that initiate the transformation from Rudi to Rodolfo and vice versa. The main difference between the two is that Rudi is functionally a full tier lower in power to Rodolfo. (e.g. if Rodolfo's full power is 0-5, Rudi's is 1-5) Also, Rudi's mastery of his abilities is significantly less than Rodolfo's. Transformations take one post, within which Rudi/Rodolfo is vulnerable to attack. If a transformation done while under reserreccion form, the other form will also be in reserreccion.

From Rudi to Rodolfo:
The first and easiest way to trigger Rudi's transformation into Rodolfo is to specifically ask for Rodolfo in a repeated and insistent manner. Not many people know Rodolfo exists in the first place, and thus the incident is quite rare. However, once someone is aware of Rudi's "secret", it is quite easy to forcibly bring Rodolfo from his locked-away slumber.

The second and more difficult way, of course, is to make Rudi fear for his life. If Rudi is under the impression that he is going to suffer massive harm or death within the near future, he will automatically transform into Rodolfo as a last-ditch means of self defense. This also often allows him to element of surprise, in order to quickly cut down an enemy before they can really understand what has occurred.

Regardless of how the transformation is initiated, it works as follows. First, Rudi's shadow will appear to envelop him. If he is able, he will lose temporary control over his body and fall to any floor or similar in a limp, doll-like fashion. This is followed by an intense spike of spiritual energy. His horns and tail dissolve into a pale liquid and expand to cover him like a cocoon. From this cocoon, Rodolfo cuts his way out, and the spiritual energy spike fades.

From Rodolfo to Rudi:
Rodolfo actively desires to remain as Rudi for as long as possible. The transformation into Rudi is quite inverse. Rodolfo typically tries to find an isolated area in order to do his transformation so he may not be distracted or interrupted. The transformation actually takes up to three days, although it can be done in as few as 3 hours. This is for two reasons. One is that, during this time, Rodolfo/Rudi is very vulnerable. The other is that Rodolfo needs to be in a mental state appropriate for it.

The first thing Rodolfo does after isolating himself is locate a small space in which to wedge himself into. This can include hollowed out trees, small caves, corners, and closets. Then, he must take his own blade and stab into his skull through his mask. This trauma to his brain is normally easily healed whole, but in the moments before it does he can reorganize his identity how he desires as he chooses parts to regenerate and the storage of memory and powers somewhere away from his conscious mind. This task is exhausting and very painful, and he usually falls into a deep, deep sleep soon after.

After he sleeps, he wakes up as Rudi, who remembers nothing of his identity as Rodolfo.

»» El Agente Irritante(Custom Cero, Click for Link):
This Cero is used both defensively and offensively. Rudi will use it primarily for defensive purposes. Rodolfo will use it as a surprise or other offensive tactic.

»» Unparalleled Regeneration:
Rudi/Rodolfo have regenerative abilities that are just about unmatched along peers of their tier. He is capable of replacing lost limbs and potentially even an entire body, his own organs, and multiple-bodies-worth of blood especially. His sacrifice is in hierro, which is likely the weakest among peers of their tier.

Despite his highly advanced regeneration, he can be killed in simplicity: if the damage would kill him faster than he could regenerate it, he will die. For example, he cannot regenerate brain stem before expiring from lack of oxygen. Similarly, if he is given a large gash in vital veins or arteries such that he bleeds out faster than he can regenerate the blood, he will die of blood loss (albeit at a slower rate).

Rudi can heal at a somewhat slower rate than Rodolfo, expected of someone who is a tier below Rodolfo. He is capable of regenerating every part of his body, although different parts will have different effects. The most severe of injuries that aren't fatalities will cause him to require healing over several posts. For example, a lost limb will take five posts to recover, but an eye will take three. If he loses more than one limb at once, he will bleed out too much and die, but he can lose both his eyes (and will be blinded for three posts) and survive.

Rodolfo is more advanced than Rudi and can even stop his regeneration if he deems it is better for him. His ability to replenish is also greatly enhanced. A lost limb, for example, will take four posts per limb to recover. A lost eye takes two posts. He is also capable of regenerating more lost blood or other organs, allowing him to survive things like disembowelment.

VI. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: La Titiritera

» Zanpakutô Appearance: La Titiritera looks different from Rudi and Rodolfo appearances. She is a courteous blade.

Within Rudi's small hands, she is like a carving knife. [Link image]
It is around seven inches in size from handle to tip. It is designed for clean, gouging cuts, and doesn't actually seem useful as a weapon towards others. Especially given Rudi's small frame, the lack of reach of the blade makes it an ill-suited weapon to fight someone else with. The weapon is fairly light and well-balanced, with a handle made out of an unknown bone.

Within the hands of Rodolfo, she is a completely different blade. [Link image].
A black katana, with rivers of red running through the blade. The handle is carefully constructed black cloth with a dark guard in a circular shape, carved to show two smaller curves on either side within the guard's circle. The streaks of red on the blade itself move and flow downwards endlessly like streams of freshly oxygenated blood.

The feel of this blade is actually somewhat irritating. It's balanced and light as it should be, as if crafted by a master bladesmith. However, unfortunately, its often something of a pain to touch. This is because the fabric of its handle is extremely rough and long battles or even training will cause chafing and bleeding of the hands. The metal itself often feels disquietingly warm to the touch, as body-temperature.

» Unique Power:
Rudi/Rodolfo's powers are associated with blood. In particular, they work with either the manipulation of his own blood or the detection of blood in others.

»» Rudi's Power Manifestation:

Rudi can detect and sense the blood of others, especially when there is someone stronger than him. By default, Rudi can detect all those at his tier or lower once they come within one mile of him, not unlike a far more advanced pesquisa. For every sub-tier stronger than him, Rudi can detect them one mile further for a maximum of 10 miles. Unless the person in question is using a specific ability to mask or hide their power, any suppression methods will fail to Rudi. From this detection, he can gauge how powerful someone else is in comparison to himself in the vague sense (i.e. much weaker, weaker, about the same, stronger, much stronger) , but cannot determine anything else about them.

This detection is more or less always "on". However, Rudi is not very observant, and if someone does not attempt to use their powers or show them off in a way that would bring attention to themselves, it is highly unlikely that he will pay much attention if he is relaxed and feeling safe. Rudi only pays attention if he feels uncomfortable or alone, and will tale immediate notice to anyone a full tier above him in power.

Also, if given a very specific person's blood, Rudi can detect the exact location of that person if they come within 150 miles of him. Otherwise, with an additional vial, Rudi is capable of determining where they are in the general sense, which world they are in. He can only track one person at a time. If the target is particularly perceptive, they can tell they are being tracked by a feeling like muscle twitching or spasms, especially manifesting as hiccups, eye twitches, or similar "mundane" behavior.

Rudi requires at least one vial of blood in order to perform this seeking, and can track a person for approximately three posts. He can extend his tracking of a person by one vial of blood for (6 - tier) times. After that, he will not be able to use the tracking again for three days.

Blood Like Glue:
Rudi's blood operates more or less automatically. Its first compulsion is to coagulate like glue onto any sort of surface it is exposed to. This makes him difficult to attack physically. If any skin is broken on him, the object that breaks his skin will be difficult to remove until his regeneration closes over the wound. For example, a stab wound will lodge the bladed weapon in him, and it will take a feat of fairly immense strength to get it out until he heals.

In particular, any object that is stuck in him requires someone of equal or higher tier in Strength when compared to his Durability. However, the object will be removed automatically upon the full regeneration of the wound. Note that Rudi cannot control his regenerative abilities, and so he cannot intentionally keep an object in any longer than his injury.

However, Rudi can intentionally fail to keep an object lodged in him. For example, if someone punched a hole into him and got their fist stuck, Rudi can intentionally "loosen" the glueyness of his blood such that he can run away. He can also be convinced to give things back through intimidation and similar tactics, like lying to him that the object is an explosive.

When given at least 100ml of blood, Rudi can discern the general health and power level of any entity at the time of harvest. He is much better at discerning health issues than power level, and can only gauge power relative to him as if using his "bloodhound" ability.

With regards to health, Rudi can detect any physical-based health issue within a person. This includes the presence of poison, various deficiencies in nutrition, bacteria, viruses, genetic defect, and many more. The 100ml of blood must be drank by Rudi. Rudi only use this ability (6 - tier) times a day before becoming too nauseous.

Rudi is immune to bacteria, viruses, and poison/venoms detected in this manner.

In Summation:
  • Detects people within 1 mile of him, additional 1 mile detection for each sub-tier above him, maximum 10 mile detection
  • Always "on", but rarely noticed unless Rudi detects a person a full tier above him
  • Cannot detect people who have abilities specific to avoiding detection
  • Determines strength relative to Rudi in 4 categories (much weaker, weaker, stronger, much stronger)
  • 1 vial of blood may be given to detect if this person exists within a 150 miles of him, additional vial for general location (on which world/plane do they exist)
  • Tracking goes for 3 posts/vial, repeatable (6 - tier) times, cooldown of 3 days

Blood Like Glue:
  • Any object that breaks skin is lodged in him, requires a Strength value of equal or higher higher than his Duability stat
  • Automatically removes the lodging once his regeneration has closed the wound
  • Can willingly prevent objects from being lodged in him if he believes they are dangerous

  • Drinks 100ml of blood to determine general power, health at time of harvest
  • Can discern any physical ailment this way
  • Immune to physical poison, disease, etc. if exposed with this ability
  • Can be used (6 - tier) times per day

»» Rodolfo's Power Manifestation:

Go on. Stab Rodolfo. Make his day. His blood may not be sticky, but it is very aggressive. He has learned to harden his blood, and the blood will respond whenever his skin is pierced in a counterattack.

Specifically, for any wound Rodolfo receives, blood that spills out of it will arc out of his body and form spikes very rapidly, such that the motion is like a stab outwards and onto an attacker. The amount of blood spilled correlates to the size of the spike. It can generally be seen as, the larger the blade, the larger the cut, and so a blood spike will be the approximate length of the blade that pierced him.

Note that this doesn't incorporate longer-range weapons or large slices over his skin. The former is very dangerous to Rodolfo, as he has slightly less leeway to fight back with there. The latter is very dangerous for anyone who attempts it, as that much blood almost guarantees they will be struck back at least once.

The spikes can be broken off from the wound and he can then use his reiatsu to fling them at his enemies. He can fling the dangerous shards at equivalent speed of his sonido. However, his control over them only extends within a few feet. Afterwards, they are left to the momentum of their throw.

If any of his blood spikes/shards pierce any flesh that he deals with, they cause heavy bruising in the area as his blood begins to attack the blood vessels in the surrounding skin. This is approximately 1 inch around the entry point for smaller shards, and 6 inches around entry point for his large spikes. This bruising is excruciatingly painful, although not particularly damaging beyond a normal, if ugly, bruise. He will often aim for parts of the body in which extensive swelling or bruising is a bad thing- the eyes, the throat, the joints of the hand, and the feet.

Note that this is a reactive ability. Rodolfo must be harmed in order for this to occur. Nothing occurs if he attempts to stab himself.

Protective Layers:
If Rodolfo feels he cannot aggressively fight an enemy, he can instead choose for his blood to flatten out and crystallize around any point in which he is injured. Note the radius of the crystallization is approximately the diameter of the cut in which caused the process to occur. This is ultimately a way for him to make do with the fact he has a weak, almost non-existent hierro.These plates can be broken by spiritual attacks of at least one sub-tier below him and above, or from those whose Strength stat is equal to or greater than his Durability.

It is important to note that unlike hierro, his crystallized layers of "armor" are not easy to move around in, and thus he cannot gather it suitably around his joints or other moving parts. Also, they are fairly brittle, and are useless after they break, similar to ceramic protection. His armor is especially weak to any kind of blunt force. One good punch with solid vibration through his body from anyone above him by at least one sub-tier is likely to shatter all of his blood plates.

If a blood plate is shattered, it takes a certain amount of posts in which he is vulnerable. A small cut is likely to just be regenerated. However, larger wounds will take at least two or three turns in which to generate a new plate of blood, which means that part of his body is vulnerable to attack.

Note that it is possible that he can layer blood plates, depending on the size of the wound in which he is inflicted. Each successive layer takes two full turns, and causes the difficulty in breaking to increase by one sub-tier.

Health Analysis:
See "Diagnostic" from Rudi's abilities, except for a few changes. Rodolfo needs 100ml of the blood to determine a full rundown of physical and spiritual profiling. He can tell if the entity was a female or male at time of harvest, racial traits, and very vague ideas of the abilities of the person.

For example, given 100ml of Aizen's blood, he will be able to tell that Aizen is a male shinigami in good physical and spiritual health and wielding powerful reiryoku, probably above that of a typical Gotei-13 captain, whose Zanpakutō abilities revolve around the concept of "Illusion".

As in "Diagnostic", Rodolfo may only perform this ability (6 - tier) times per day before he is too nauseous to continue. Also, he is immune to poisons, toxins, or other harms both spiritual and physical.

In Summation:
  • Spikes of blood shoot outwards when his skin is pierced, of the approximate size of his injury
  • Spikes shoot outwards at the speed of his Sonido
  • Can be thrown at enemies, but he loses control after a few feet
  • If they pierce someone else's skin, causes ugly and very painful bruising but no further damage, 1 inch around impact site for small shards, 6 inches around impact site for large spikes

Protective Layers:
  • Can willingly choose to generate ceramic-like plates of blood to protect himself instead of spikes, approximate radius is the diameter of the injury
  • Plates can be broken by spiritual attacks of at least one sub-tier below him or from those whose Strength stat is equal to or greater than his Durability stat
  • Plates are extremely shatter-prone, especially to blunt force
  • Cannot make plates to areas that need movement flexibility, i.e. joints
  • Can "layer" plates every two turns, causing an increase of one sub-tier to break them

Health Analysis:
  • Like Diagnostic, except can diagnose spiritual and physical ailments
  • He can determine the species, general power level, gender, and a vague idea of what the person's ability is (summed up in 2-3 words at most)

VII. Resurrección

» Resereccion Name: La Dolorosa Herida (The Grievous Wound)

» Resereccion Release Phrase:

»» Rudi's Phrase: Permítame(Let me)
Rudi's phrase indicates he is requesting something different than Rodolfo. He asks for permission, but never quite asks for something specific. He asks for many things, all of which he cannot truly understand because they are the wishes of Rodolfo. He asks to live a little longer like Rudi. He wishes to let himself be. He wishes to be allowed his ignorance, and to run away from himself a little longer. That this dream may not be over just yet.

»» Rodolfo's Phrase: Olvídame(Forgive me)
Given Rodolfo's nature, it is sensible that his phrase is an acknowledgement of all that he has seen and done. As he enters conflict, he asks for forgiveness from the world as he is going to contribute to the violence around him that he has tried so hard to run from. It does not mean that he is giving in or somehow halfheartedly entering a fight. In fact, it is the opposite; he understands that he will fight and his resolve is strengthened, and therefore he must ask forgiveness for an act he already believes he must do.

» Release Actions:

»» Rudi's Release Action:
Rudi needs to be injured in order to prime his blade for release. He must run his blood over both sides of the blade as he speaks the release phrase at any volume, such that visible streaks are laid. Then, he must sheathe his sword. From this point on, so long as he does not draw his weapon, Rudi may activate his release at any moment by pressing his sheathed knife against his chest. Rudi may take the time to prepare it ahead of time if he finds himself injured at any point, or he may perform the ritual while in the middle of a fight.

Note that once the release has been "primed", Rudi does not need to be the one to press the blade against his chest. In fact, Rudi does not need to be the one to prime the blade except for the fact he must verbalize the release phrase at some point before the blade is sheathed. It is possible to force him to activate his reserreccion earlier than he desires, wasting any priming he had done previously.

Note that because it is an extensive process, Rudi may be interrupted mid-priming and the priming of his weapon for release must take one turn. Any subsequent turn may be the activation of the release. While is is priming, Rudi may not perform other aggressive actions such as attacking, but he can do it while moving or running away from an aggressor.

Also note that because of the speed and convenience of the activation, Rudi may attack(without his weapon) and then immediately activate his reserraccion, or activate his reserraccion and then attack.

»» Rodolfo's Release Action:
Rodolfo's blade already comes pre-primed, and thus he does not need to be injured in order to prime his blade. However, this means he does not have any opportunity to state his release phrase beforehand for quick release. Therefore, he must instead perform a few other things necessary. Namely, he does have to call out his release phrase in an audible fashion. Also, he must put on his mask.

Once he is in position to do so, he may trigger his release upon the speaking of his release phrase and the sheathing of his weapon. Note that it is possible to break this by preventing him from sheathing or preventing him from speaking in some way. Or, if one is aware that putting on his mask is one of the requirements, they can prevent him from doing that.

Rodolfo's transformation takes a full post, and he can attack next post. Note that even though the transformation takes a full post, during that transformation he is somewhat difficult to hit. The transformation causes him to become enveloped with a black, blood-like fluid that comes from his sheathed blade. This fluid is difficult to disperse and so he is invulnerable to attacks from people below his tier.

» Resereccion Appearance: [Describe what their resserecion looks like. It can be written, or you can use an image. You can also use both if you want]

»» Resereccion Appearance(Rudi):
Rudi is a like a teeny tiny Rodolf! Cute~

He appears like a smaller, less hostile version of Rodolf's resereccion. He remains the same size (so, a child's size) and appears to be wrapped in a thick, black coat. However, this coat has no seams and no separation from his limbs. The material that the coat is made of is also too light to be fabric and, in fact, is more like a materialized shadow. It contains a collar of white fur, as if a furry lining to help keep one from the cold.

Rudi's horns and tail disappear. He wears a skull-like mask, with spiraling antlers over the temples. His eyes change and the sockets of the skull instead glow a deep, somewhat intimidating red. However, the overall architecture of his body prevents him from seeming too scary. He is, after all, still in a child's size and proportion.

Instead of hands, Rudi's dark arms now end in claws wrapped in the same dark "fabric" as his coat. His legs have converted to digitigrade in structure, and his feet now end in relatively small, soft paws, like a dog. This makes him more limber and agile when released, allowing him to dodge attacks and potentially escape when he needs to. However, the smaller footing makes him prone to tripping or slipping.

Click to Show Images:

»» Resereccion Appearance(Rodolfo):
Rodolfo's transformation is rather intimidating to look at, once the black goo from his sword fades and is complete. Rodolfo looks almost completely unrecognizable and seems, in fact, quite monstrous. The most noticeable thing is that, yes, he has four limbs as normal. Except they're all arms. Long, lanky, fur-covered arms that end in massive, intimidating claws. His body is mostly torso, ending abruptly where the hips should be. Instead, his body tapers into an almost fluid-like black within the general shape and utilization as a serpent's body. This is his blood.

His skull mask is now fully fused onto his face, and has grown to more reflect what he once looked like with it. He has grown another set of horns, and the original set curls upwards twice as long as before. This mask then ends into an intimidating mane of white fur, interrupted only by black spikes that can only be extensions of his spine gouging through the skin of his back.

Between the first and second set of arms is an elongated torso all covered in dark fur. The elongated torso is covered in what appears to be almost rib-like bone plates, protecting presumably at least some of his most precious organs, or at least the ones most difficult to replicate in case they are irreparably damaged.

His overall appearance is much larger now, at least twelve feet high at just the torso alone. He goes on for at least eight feet longer, if one measures him by the snake like "tail" of blood that constantly flows from the bottom opening of his torso. This "tail" functions just like a serpent, allowing him to climb, slither, leap and even constrict. It is, wet to the touch, but not sticky, and it is from his "tail" that his Biological Warfare ability sources.

Click To Show Image Preview(Click Image For Full Image):

» Resereccion Abilities:
The release abilities differ from Rudi and Rodolfo more wildly than their powers. Specifically, Rudi's resereccion is used for defensive purposes, while Rodolfo is much more aggressive.

»» Rudi's Abilities:
Rudi's general strategy is to trap, restrain, and injure his enemies to the point where they cannot come after him. He does this by using his fast sonido and blood manipulation to both throw blood needles, blades, and other unpleasant things at his enemies while also setting traps so that anyone coming after him must chase him through a relative minefield.

His high regenerative capability means that he can potentially be caught once or twice before he worms his way out and gets on the run again. With luck and hope, Rudi will be able to outpace and outlast anyone he fights with.

A few things to watch out for when fighting against Rudi are his blood manipulation entities. These can range from crushing tentacles to flying swords. While one is dodging or dealing with them, Rudi can use the distraction to set his traps and ultimately put his enemy in a bad environment where every unturned stone or log can be covering one of his traps.

Note that Rudi is limited on his regeneration abilities, and using this release exhausts him to the point where he is equivalent to one sub-tier less for five days. If he uses it again within that period, the recovery time is doubled and he is two sub-tiers less.

Fighting Rudi relies on either damaging his blood to the point where it is unuseable, being too fast for his blood to catch onto, or refusing to allow him enough "set up" time to lay so many traps that it is hopeless to fight in that environment.

Blood Manipulation Details;
Rudi doesn't have a lot of blood due to such a small body, and so much of his blood is used in defensive rather than offensive manners. His blood moves about as quickly as his sonido, and can be manipulated about 100 feet around him for a total of 200 feet diameter.

The blood can form sharp points in which to pierce someone's skin, much like a knife. He can even use them to reach up and grab, giving him enhanced reach. The blood can form various shapes, from weapons to animals.

Note that because Rudi is so small, he is very limited on how much he can regenerate and pump out to use as weaponry. Rudi's overall reserves are approximately all the blood in his body (about 5 Liters, since children have similar blood amounts as an adult) plus two more of him. If his tier is 3 or above, he gains 1/2 another per tier. So the total is 15L + 2.5L per tier above 5, moving about as fast as his sonido.

Also note that this comes with stipulations. Because he focuses on blood, if there is a way to seal his wounds such as fire or ice, or if there is a way to render his blood unuseable due to various spacial limitations or containment, he cannot recover what was lost. Also, if someone is faster than his sonido, his blood cannot catch up to them in a fair chase. He would have to surprise them.

This is ultimately an ability with a lot of useability, however he is limited to the amount he may have and how clever his enemy is in rendering his biology null.

Enhanced Regeneration;
Rudi is able to regenerate more now. Although his blood regeneration is limited (see Blood Manipulation Details), he can regenerate lost limbs, organs, and other body parts as necessary given time and ability. However, if he uses up too many resources, he will lose his reserreccion and need to flee.

Rudi can regenerate an equivalent amount of organ material as his blood. So the formula is he can replace an equivalent amount of tissues as 2 of him plus 1/2 of him every tier above 5.

Note that it takes time to regenerate tissue. Any tissue equivalent to a limb takes three posts to regenerate. Any tissue equivalent to a vital organ such as the heart and brain will take four posts, during that time Rudi will be limp and incapable. Everything else takes two posts, during which he must adapt to not having whatever body part he is relying on.

If he cannot escape and his body is damaged to the point where he cannot replace them, any further injury to vital points are fatalities.

Note that after using his reserreccion, the toll on his body is so great that Rudi will not be fully back to normal for another five days, during which he is equivalently one sub-tier lower than he currently is. If he must use it again between then and now, the recovery time is doubled, and he spends it two sub-tiers lower than he currently is.

Sticky Bloody Mess;
Rudi's blood resembles the kind of use Rodolfo had when he was a gillian back in the menos forest, and when he was an adjucas serving the vasto lorde. In simplistic terms, Rudi can lay traps that are immediately activated upon physical contact with a living entity of suitable size. Each trap can be as elaborate as he desires, however, they are limited in size and cannot capture more than twice the size of a normal adult.They are also subject to the limitations and damage that any ability can do to render his blood inert.

The cost of laying a trap is approximately 1L of blood per trap. More elaborate traps can be 1.5L. A 1L blood trap activates if a target travels within 25 feet of it. A 1.5L blood trap activates if a target travels within 35 feet of it.

Attempting to break out of these traps requires a Strength stat equal to Rudi's Durability stat + 2 tiers. This requirement decreases by one tier per post as the trap becomes less effective over time.

Note that the traps activate at 1.5x the speed of his sonido, and so if one is faster than 1.5x his sonido, they can dodge the trap's activation.

The traps may be laid anywhere he as control of his blood abilities, and can continue to remain active even after he leaves the area. They cease being active once he comes out of his reserreccion.

»» Rodolfo's Abilities:
Rodolfo is much more dangerous than Rudi, in that if he is in this form, he probably thinks he must kill his enemy. And boy, dying by his hand is probably one of the worst ways to go. Not only is he skilled with his several claws, sharp spines and horns, and teeth, his abilities make him a nightmare to fight with up close.

Not that Rodolfo has complete weakness to ranged attacks either. With his blood manipulation more aggressive and faster, he can lash out in a wider range to ranged enemies, making him difficult to handle up close and from farther away. However, his main weapon, Biological Warfare, is much easier to handle from longer distances, and his blood is dodgeable.

Despite these improvements, the basic strategy to beat him does not differ overmuch than what it may take to beat Rudi, only that it is much harder to execute. While his blood can still be rendered inert, the sheer volume makes it difficult for it to actually have an effect.

One can still be faster than him, stronger than him, but Rodolfo has thrown a third category in the mix. One must outlast him. This one is very difficult, given his regenerative abilities. If one plans to fight Rodolfo, one must come with either a quick mind or a solid plan in place for his ultimate weapon, his Biological Warfare. Or else, one risks a horrific and relatively slow death, where every agonized breath merely accelerates a dying process within the body.

Of note, this Resurrección is equally hard on Rodolfo. After using this ability, he will need to spend three days recovering gradually. On the first day, Rodolfo cannot use his Resurrección at all, but his abilities work. On the second day, Rodolfo may use his Resurrección at one full tier lower in power than normal. On the third, he may use his resurrection at two sub-tiers lower in power than normal. If he uses his Resurrección during his recovery period, the next recovery period is doubled and his first day on a second recovery removes from him the use of his unique abilities.

Blood Manipulation Enhanced Details;
Rodolfo can manipulate his blood in a half-mile radius around him, for a total of one mile in diameter. His blood is 1.5x the speed of his sonido, allowing him to catch people by surprise. Also his manipulation abilities are much stronger compared to his child form. With Biological Warfare active, Rodolfo also desires not only to slice or harm someone but to chain or otherwise restrain them in his field of influence.

Note that even though all the traditional techniques to counter him still largely work, the amount of blood he can create is overwhelming (see Enhanced Enhanced Regeneration (Now With More Enhancement) and so it will probably be a bad idea to try and fight him power-to-power unless one is confident they can beat his volume with their volume.

Also that while it is possible to keep his wounds closed, his main blood production, the snake tail, cannot be affected in a similar way.

His blood is capable of crushing, slicing, and every wound on the skin leaves very painful bruises as his blood floods the tissues around the wound and causes the capillaries to burst, similar to his Hemorrhage ability. The pain is quite difficult, and a Willpower check of Pain Endurance to power through without it affecting one's fighting ability. If the person wounded is stronger than him, the Pain Endurance skill must be Adept or higher without it affecting their fighting ability. If the person is weaker or equal to him, they must have Advanced or Master skill.

On the other hand, he uses much more blood than before, and so his regeneration is mostly focused on replenishing this loss.

Enhanced Enhanced Regeneration (Now With More Enhancement);
Rodolfo's blood regeneration is to the point where he more or less has no limit as to how much he can bleed within the average time frame of a battle. His Biological Warfare would kill him before he ran out of blood to use. Similarly, his Biological Warfare ability forces him to focus his regeneration on healing self-inflicted damage.

Rodolfo's regenerative abilities to his body are a magnitude stronger, in order to keep up with the harsh self-sacrifice he demands of it. The formula is he can replace an equivalent amount of tissues as 3 of himself plus 1 of him every tier above 3 for a maximum of 5 full replacements in a single fight.

Note that as specified in Biological Warfare, these replacements are eaten by his own abilities. Also because he has no defenses beyond his own blood manipulation, it may be possible to force him to reach his regeneration limit fairly quickly.

As a final specification, so long as at least 30% of Rodolfo remains after any given attack, he is capable of regenerating. He will take 2 posts per limb to regenerate, and vital organs such as the brain and heart take three posts during which he is nonresponsive and vulnerable. All other wounds take one post, if he chooses to heal them at all.

Biological Warfare;
When Rodolfo releases, he begins to spill blood into the air from his "tail". This blood is quite special, and begins to form a sickening red mist around him fairly quickly. This is referred to as his Biological Warfare ability, and it is his primary reason why he is so dangerous. This ability generates an environment around him that fills the body with biological toxins and enzymes, breaking down tissue and sending horrific sensations of pain through the body.

The longer one stays within his sphere of influence, the worse it gets. Eventually, the nerves that control limbs begin to break down, and then the lungs' alveoli are worn away. The victim usually dies through the inability to breathe, but it is also possible to expire due to heart failure, uncontrolled internal bleeding, and other similarly terrible ways to go.

Biological Warefare is weaker the further it is from Rodolfo, due to the limitations of how much he can extend and control the field. The size depends on how much power he currently has, and is (tier/2) miles large in the following structure: The first 1/2 mile is the strongest and one must be stronger than him in order to guarantee outlasting him in a "fair fight". The second 1/2 mile requires that an enemy be equal to his power to reach a stalemate with him. From every 1/2 mile afterwards, the tier-level necessary to be even with Rodolfo's "burn rate" lowers by one. The maximum size of a Biological Warfare field is two miles from Rodolfo, for a total of a four mile diameter.

The general progress works as follows. Firstly, if the victim is capable of breathing, the Biological Warfare will affect the nose, mouth, and lungs. It will also affect the eyes. If there are any wounds, Biological Warfare will also enter through them and accelerate the process.

The "burn rate" of Biological Warfare can be viewed as an accumulation that depends on one's own power level and their distance from Rodolfo. Every turn spent in Biological Warfare while not resisting causes a breakdown of the body. This accelerates dependent on open wounds, relative closeness, and relative power.

Assuming the enemy is equally matched and in Rodolfo's closest range the entire time, the following breakdown is expected:
  • After initial exposure, the victim feels a stinging in the back of the throat, nose, mouth, lungs and eyes.
  • Within a post the pain will have advanced to a difficult to ignore burning sensation not unlike a really, really bad sore throat. Every breath is painful. It hurts to breathe and the victim receives less oxygen per breath(85% capacity).
  • Within the third post, the victim's least-favored arm begins to develop stinging pains upon manipulation and movement. Vision begins to be affected(85% capacity, so blurry vision, near or farsightedness).
  • After four posts, all limbs begin to feel this way. Speed is reduced by approximately 75%. The least-favored arm begins to cease responding to attempts at controlling.
  • After six posts, the more favored arm begins to fail in a similar manner. Vision capability is reduced to 50%.
  • After seven posts, the legs begin to fail and the user is reduced to 50% speed. Lungs are reduced to 50% capacity.
  • By ten posts (or a full page), overwhelming pain and cramping occur as the pain nerves are overwhelmed and encouraged to fire as much as possible. Vision is at 25%. Lung capacity is reduced to 25%. The victim is not capable of walking anymore.
  • By twelve posts, the victim is rendered incapacitated.

It can generally be assumed that for every large gash, the effect is accelerated by one turn. For every tier above Rodolfo, the effect is slowed by one turn. For every tier below Rodolfo, the effect is accelerated by one turn.(Note: At the tiers 0 and 1, the difference of effect shifts to sub-tiers to reflect the large gaps in power between sub-tiers in 0 and 1 tiers) If the victim is capable of regenerating, the effect is slowed by the regeneration speed if they are equal to Rodolfo, slowed by the speed plus an extra turn if they are better than Rodolfo, and reduced by one turn if they are weaker than Rodolfo.

Note that Rodolfo is also exposed to this, meaning that, provided he does not take on any damage during the battle, he cannot survive more than 12 * (3 + 1 per tier above 3) turns in his own Biological Warfare zone. Because this will be in a battle, the real amount is expected to be a little less than half this amount as a result of anticipated injury.

VIII. Skill Sheet

To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not feel your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

Will Skills(Rudi)
  • Willpower: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Grand Master
  • Focus: Advanced

General Skills(Rudi)
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Racial Skills(Rudi)
  • Perquisa: Advamced
  • Sonido: Advanced
  • Cero/Bala: Adept
  • Hierro: Beginner

Will Skills(Rodolfo)
  • Willpower: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Grand Master
  • Focus: Master

General Skills(Rodolfo)
  • Durability: Master
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills(Rodolfo)
  • Perquisa: Advanced
  • Sonido: Master
  • Cero/Bala: Advanced
  • Hierro: Beginner

IX. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample:
Rolf knew this was a dream, harkened by the forces of some Oneiroi collective entity. Yet the sight made him despondent all the more. Was there truly no paradise for him, or no place where he can see a place for him to be save for a world so destroyed? He gazed out at the flaming city from the balcony of his castle, and pressed his lover to him so that he could comfort himself.

As all dreams tended to go, his lover held a blurry face and an insubstantial touch. But it was enough to impart a concept of warmth under his chilled skin, especially so once after seeing the sight that was supposedly his paradise as created by the Oneiroi. Behind him, his close friend and companion Adriel had regained her massive and horrific eldritch form. Her biological contiminant would slick the castle walls for centuries.

He smiled and kissed down his lover's jaw and cheek. "We should go somewhere else, somewhere that I know. An old forest of mine, where my ancestors are sourced. Adriel knows the way- Adriel?"

Rolf turned, and the dream began to fuzz out and disappear from his mind. He shouted, and reached out to the hand of his lover, who dissipated at his touch like the surface of water. Adriel, he could hear, called his name again and again, echoing with the recesses of his mind.

He woke up shortly afterwards, stretching briefly and examining his surroundings. Again, that strange dream. He still woke up in his bed as the usual, surrounded by all the journals of all the sins he had eaten, that reside in him, that threaten to burst out and bleed from him like a balloon ready to pop. The journals were merely an attempt to stave off the fullness in his mind, and so long as no one knew what they were about, who would care? No one would know that perhaps his compulsive scribbles are something more than a nervous madman.

Rolf tilted his head to the side, listening for Adriel's voice sliding into him like an agitated earthworm. He welcomed her tone and told her again with his thoughts, that dream in which Adriel would finally be free from the Foundation's cages of her poor and innocent frame. Where she could absorb and take over as much as she wanted. Rolf would be by her side, celebrating her glory and her horrific power.

With that delightful image in his mind, he slid from his bed, folded his blankets, and got dressed and ready for the day. The first place to go would be the Common Room, such that he could greet his teammates with a welcome smile, observe their habits and see whose sins he could consume upon today. So long as neither Amadeo nor Evan wandered in and ruined his plans with their suspicion of his supernatural abilities, he would have a good day.

Once dressed in a suit so sharp it would cut a lesser man, Rolf exited his room and made for the Common Room. He smiled at anyone currently in the room while he fetched himself a cup of coffee, black. "Good morning everyone~" He spoke in a borderline sing-song tone, overly friendly and putting on his harmless, puppy-like demeanor. "How is everyone today?"

Rolf moved to sit down, coffee in lap. He learned forward, eager to hear the responses for any sort of mishap he could worm his way into and consume.

X. Previous Profile

» Previous Profile Link: [x]


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Mon Dec 12, 2016 2:58 pm

Rudi/Rodolfo - Extras


» Name:
»» Relationship Details:


» Date:
»» Thread:


» Date: Feb 12, 2017
»» Update Details: Upgraded tier from 1-1/0-5 to 1-1+/0-4. Added a new power for both, which is the Chasm Revival form, aka Rolf.
Rolf/Chasm Revival Details:

» Date: Feb 25, 2017
»» Update Details: Upgraded tier from 1-1+/0-4 to 1-1++/0-3, and increased Focus willpower ability.


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« Application Checklist »

• Let's Get Down To Business •

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •


  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Advanced


  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Adept

  • Comments/Notes: I'm giving this app this tier based on a few factors. One of the first is the fact that this character seems pretty well built. This is in reference to the sentence structure, the work on the powers, the personality and the backstory of the character. Additionally, I'm giving it because The Arrancar are somewhat lacking as well in terms of population and could use a heavy hitter.

    Thirdly, I ran this through the staff checklist and I gave it a pretty high score. As, in the staff board, we sometimes use a reference sheet to give an estimate of what a characters tier might be. And, while it is not used all the time, I decided to use it for this profile as it seemed worth it.

    And, it is also worth noting that the original version of this app was 0-5; so this tier wasn't given randomly or without good reason. If there is an issue, come to me about it.

  • Tier: 1-1 Rudi
    0-5 Rodolfo

Rudi/Rodolfo (Revamped Unaffiliated Arrancar) [APPROVED 0-5/1-3++] WVMWLOu
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Sat Feb 17, 2018 7:08 pm
In particular, any object that is stuck in him requires someone of equal or higher tier in Strength when compared to his highest Willpower stat. However, the object will be removed automatically upon the full regeneration of the wound. Note that Rudi cannot control his regenerative abilities, and so he cannot intentionally keep an object in any longer than his injury.
There isn't really a reason a Mental Skill, of all things, should be the determining factor for this. Please change this to either a specific General or Racial skill.
Any object that breaks skin is lodged in him, requires a Strength value of 1 tier higher than his highest Willpower stat to remove
This contradicts earlier information. Is it strictly greater than or is it greater than or equal to?
Protective Layers:.These plates can be broken by spiritual attacks of at least one sub-tier below him and above, or from those whose Strength stat is equal to or greater than his average Will stat.
Again, change the determining skill to a Racial or General skill, as well as tie it to a specific skill rather than an overall average.

Attempting to break out of these traps are equivalent to trying to grab a blade that stabs into him from his unreleased form, except it also incorporates Will as well as Strength. So if a trapped person's highest Will or Strength stat is bigger than Rudi's highest Will stat, they can break out of the trap after 1 post.
Tie it to a specific stat.

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Sat Feb 17, 2018 7:33 pm
Thanks for reviewing; I've fixed those issues. All pointed out skills are tied to the Durability stat.
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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Expert

  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Elite
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Expert

Comments/Notes: I believe that there was enough work put in with this character both in-app and in-character to warrant a low 0-tier with the new grading. Note that all Masters listed currently (besides the ones assigned in Will Skills just now) will need to be dropped to Elite.
Tier: Rodolfo: 0-5 | Rudi: 1-3++

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