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 Kimitsuki Vastimian Initial Training

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kimitsuki Vastimian Initial Training    Kimitsuki Vastimian Initial Training  EmptyMon Dec 12, 2016 4:34 pm

PM] Atlas: Hayden would be standing in the training are of the Vanguardian base located within the capital of Vastime, it was the first day of training for a batch of new recruits and he intended to take some time to enjoy the show. The hectic environment would be amusing to be apart of, now would be an ideal time to approach the King-Militant of Vastime if one wished to catch him in a good mood.
[10:32 PM] darkfunnel: (mind if I throw Kimitsuki in this? :3 )
[10:32 PM] Atlas: sure((
[10:34 PM] darkfunnel: (kewl )
[10:36 PM] darkfunnel: (She'll be one of them trainees since it just makes sense x3 )
[10:37 PM] darkfunnel: Kimitsuki walked in slowly, looking a little uncomfortable in the training attire as her raid hair bounced in the rather tight bun she put it in so no one could grab onto it as easily as a ponytail or leaving it loose. Kimitsuki looked around as she arrived in the area and pulled on the cuffs of her jacket a little to make sure the thing wasn't riding up on her arms. She looked up to barely notice Hayden as the Danava let out a soft sight, looking around the area. She did have to wonder what would take place currently. She shook her head and fixed the glove that was still on her right hand, something she was able to get an exception due to her concerns of her fire abilities.
[10:38 PM] darkfunnel: @Atlas
[10:42 PM] Atlas: "Trainees FALL. IN."

This would be heard by a man wearing the VBU Variant 1 as he let out a chesty command a vein popping out from his neck as other trainees scrambled to get into a formation. Hayden meanwhile was simply watching for a distance as a sudden flash of red caught his eyes, he let out a chuckle knowing this would be interesting.

When Kimitsuki fell in, if she did, the man would grunt tapping his tacpad as he began to call out names eventually arriving on Kimitsuki.

[10:42 PM] Atlas: @darkfunnel
[10:44 PM] Atlas: RIP @darkfunnel

[10:44 PM] Atlas: @The Loudest
[10:44 PM] darkfunnel: Kimitsuki didn't know the exact meaning of the statement, but, she simply followed the other trainees movements; trying not to look like she simply copied. As she stood up straight and at attention, she said nothing as the man spoke, waiting for orders to come or something. She simply swallowed softly and continued to wait, holding back her nerves to the best of her ability. Making sure to look straight forwards, copying those next to her.(edited)
[10:44 PM] darkfunnel: @Atlas
[10:55 PM] Atlas: After the roll call was done three men and two women would be in front of the trainees in the same uniform as the first man. They would all have a slight grimance in the hot African sun but the man would issue another command.

"Parade Rest!"

The unit would go to a position with their arms behind their back just above their buttocks, feet slightly spread. Kimitsuki might have some understanding of this as she was given a booklet containing all useful information some time before she was sent to training.

"I am Chief Sergeant Gamez, or simply Chief Sergeant. From this point onward for the next three weeks I will be your god." He paused before seeing Hayden before looking back to the trainees. "Excuse me, HE is your god. I am Satan and you grow to absolutely fucking hate me." He pressured as Hayden simply shook his head, he understood the tactic but he didn't quite like the idea being referred to as a god even if it was done in a comparison.

"This is Master Sergeant Cruz, he will be acting as your general instructor, next to him is Sergeant Castel who will be drill instructor, Sergeant McGinty will be your physical fitness instructor, and finally you have Sergeant Worke your courtsey instructor. These men and women for the next three weeks will prepare you to enter into the Vastimian military before you are shipped Basic Military Combat and Training or BMCT for fourteen weeks and then finally Specialized Personal Education or SPE for five weeks."
[10:57 PM] Atlas: @The Loudest
[10:57 PM] Atlas: @[THEFROST]
[10:59 PM] Atlas: (( OR GAT)) @The Loudest
[11:02 PM] darkfunnel: Kimitsuki was actually surprisingly unaffected by the heat, thanks to her innate resistances and thermal armor, but, it was still rather clear it would get hot after a while. These outfits were able to breathe, but, not as much as KImitsuki would like considering her normal attire.

The second Kimitsuki heard the order, her arms went behind her back and spread her feet slightly. Luckily, she looked at the booklet a little, but, there were still some things that were a little bit difficult and strange to her. However, she simply listened as the men spoke. She herself has had personal interaction with Hayden, so, calling him a god seemed like a bit of a stretch, but, she decided not to question it and just listen still as the man continued to speak.

The Danava made not a noise, besides that of low breathing, as she waited for the man basically yelling at them. She listened as he listed of the different areas that could be a destination after General Aptitude Trianing. She resisted her urge to sigh from the position she was taking, and she was also trying not to yell at Kagutsuchi who was cursing out the man from inside her conceptual world. If that dragon popped out of nowhere interesting things would occur. But, the woman just waited patiently for the man to speak and give order to her, hoping that her outfit would ignore the searing on glove on her right hand.(edited)
[11:02 PM] darkfunnel: @Atlas
[11:03 PM] Atlas: These outfits weren't exactly the kind that breathed to let out air it seemed. ((They would Vastime may want to instill discipline in their soldiers they dont wanna kill them((
[11:03 PM] darkfunnel: ( ah, okay )
[11:04 PM] darkfunnel: (fixed )
[11:12 PM] Atlas: From that point onward the day would consist of getting them inssued gear, beds, and getting their measurements for their real uniforms when they passed this training. It was overall pretty simple but there was some occassional yelling, but it reached a head during the final chow of the day: Dinner.

During their evening meal one of the male drill sergeants named 'McGinity' burst into the room running around with a rifle above his head. "1ST COMPANY YOU LEFT A RIFLE!" He would call repeatedly referring to Kimitsuki company, apperantly one of their trainees had left their rifle unattended - the drill sergeants began to flip tables as they ordered them to fix them and then form outside.

What had followed next was a series of physical training sessions which was divided by ability. Apperantly Vastime recieved many surprior or spiritually enhanced people leading to unique training to be set up, they had been divided into groups letting A, b, c, etc with a total of A-G with Kimitsuki being in the A group which was the most physically and powerful on this unit. Her 'smoke' session would consist of lots of physically straining tasks even from her caliber, sprints that where at max speed back and forth, limiting weight which no normal human could lift then doing an extreme amount of crossfit. Apperantly McGinity was some sort of physically enhanced person because through this all he was yelling and screaming while performing for A group.

By this was done everyone would be considered suffciently 'smoked.' They would be ordered to conduct hygiene in their barracks for the next hour and then they would have two hours of personal time being being sent to bed. The drill sergeants would disappear for the time being.

Meanwhile Hayden had watched the whole first day with interest, recalling fond moments of his own basic training back in his human and gotei days.
[11:12 PM] Atlas: @darkfunnel @The Loudest
[11:14 PM] Atlas: @Shizuo
[11:15 PM] Atlas: ((IM torturing people @Shizuo ((
[11:16 PM] Atlas: ((Ill post tomorrow @darkfunnel But ill stay on to read((
[11:20 PM] darkfunnel: ((Barracks would be seperated by sex, or no? @Atlas ))
[11:20 PM] Atlas: HELL NAH
[11:20 PM] Atlas: @The Loudest
[11:20 PM] darkfunnel: (( xD ))
[11:20 PM] darkfunnel: (( hey, just checking ))
[11:20 PM] darkfunnel: (( wasn't sure is all :3 ))
[11:20 PM] Atlas: ((Vastime expects soldiers to act in a professional way((
[11:22 PM] Atlas: ((GONNA ADD one thing((
[11:24 PM] darkfunnel: During the entire time, Kimitsuki was making accidental errors. Some people got mad at her because she was the one who forgot her rifle. It was hard to blame her though, the second she touched it the thing with her right hand, it started to burn a little; causing her to leave it behind so she didn't light everything on fire. Mistake number one. Then when she was fixing the tables, she nearly melted some of them with the glove once more; not wanting to dispell it as the thing was what kept her fire in check for the most part. She sighed softly and shook her head at all these things, but, when they got to the physical part, it was Kimitsuki's time to shine a little.
[11:24 PM] darkfunnel: The second they started, Kimitsuki had already started to push her limits, moving faster than most and carrying a lot more than most were. Of course, it did cause her to pace herself after a bit, falling back in with the other supernaturals. But, within the last hours of the training session, Kimitsuki pushed herself once again so she could at least end strongly instead of weakly. After they were done, Kimitsuki had already needed to strip off her jacket, leaving her the long sleeved shirt she had over a tank top, and then a bra. Which helped her movement some, but, not much.

As soon as they were allowed to go do some attending to their Hygeine, Kimitsuki got into the showers near first so she could take care of things without being gawked at. Unfortunately, her breasts, backside, and muscle tone did draw some attention. Despite the fact that Kimitsuki looked thin, she was nicely toned and had outlines of her abs and her arms, though, her legs seemed to also have some of that outline too. And, whether or not the men were supposed to act professional, their gazes did wander. No one made any comments, but, she could feel their gaze as she cleaned up. Afterwards, Kimitsuki got on whatever sleeping attire she was provided and then went to her bunk and sat down in front of it as she cupped her hands in front of her as a small flame appeared in the middle of them as she meditated; the flame calm no matter what.

As soon as lights out was called, Kimitsuki would continue to sit there as she meditated and meditated; in a psuedo-like sleep. The first day was interesting, and a little difficult, but, it was bound to get harder; that she was sure of. However, her mind had locked onto the marching candence and had recited it in her mind as she meditated; still in the psuedo sleep.(edited)
[11:25 PM] darkfunnel: (( :3 ))(edited)
[11:25 PM] darkfunnel: (tell me if anything needs to be corrected, I know military stuff, but, I haven't lived it xD )
[11:26 PM] Atlas: On the way back the drill sergeant would however teach them their first marching cadence:

See that man in the black beret
Ask him how he earns his pay
See that man in the black beret
Killings how he earns his pay
He's the best the world will see
Airborne Ranger Infantry

See that man in the maroon beret
Ask him how he earns his pay
See that man in the maroon beret
Jumping how he earns his pay
He's the best the world will see
US Airborne Infantry

See that man in the green beret
Ask him how he earns his pay
See that man in the green beret
Teaching how he earns his pay
He's the best the world will see
Special Forces Infantry

See that man with the steel pot on
Ask him how he earns his pay
See that man with the steel pot on
Hand to hand he earns his pay
He's the best the world will see(edited)
[11:33 PM] Atlas: Sometime through the night Kimitsuki was given a suit tailored to help control the flames, specialized gloves and equipment to help her not burn everything. It was a temporary solution the quatermaster note said but they would need to teach her how to naturally control or heat least she proves to be a determiment. As that was delivered they would depart to leave her to her thoughts.

She has also recieved her first mail, surpisingly from the King himself!
[11:33 PM] Atlas: ((Find out tomorrow avout what it says cause tired((
[11:34 PM] darkfunnel: (( lol alright. ))
[11:41 PM] darkfunnel: Kimitsuki didn't notice the uniform and gloves bein g delivered to her in the night as she continued to meditate through the night, making sure the fire never went out of control and was being controlled so the heat was more like a coal. But, it was something hard to do outside of her meditation. She would wake in the morning to find the letter and then read it.
[11:42 PM] darkfunnel: (( @Atlas replied once more, but, will leave it at that since, letter. Lol ))(edited)
December 9, 2016
[12:08 PM] Atlas: When she was awoken in the morning it would be by the sounds of their training cadre yelling for the recruits to get it as it was 0530 and to conduct hygiene and any other morning prepations they had. In this time when she was getting dress she would find the new clothes and the small letter.

The Quartermaster has issued you new gear given your abilities as is standard procedure, I highly suggest learning to control your natural heat as these clothes may surpress the heat but you will need to learn how to control it to be a high functioning member one day. Have fun! I'll be watching.

After she read it her day would begin with a morning formation and march down to chow, her cadre keeping them in step by a steady marching cadence calling 'Left...Left....left...lowright....lowright....your. military. left' was called on the left and right foot fitting the direction. This day turned out to be just as aredeous as it was the first day of testing; she would spend the day with her platoon while her cadre watched from a distance.

Their test was to figure out a way to move two injuried soldiers two miles up the road while keeping their gear, along with transporting a prototype vehicle that wheels had been blown out. They where expected to encounter 'hostile' forces.

The day consisted of critical thinking tests, the cadre making the occasional comment regarding their proformance and taking notes. What the trainees was not told was this was also a way to test the natural leadership capabilities of the trainees among seeing how they would work with a group of total strangers who they would be spending a majority of their training with.(edited)
[12:08 PM] Atlas: @darkfunnel
[12:12 PM] Daddy: ( holy shit, that's long )
[12:20 PM] darkfunnel: Kimitsuki read the letter when she woke up had a small smile after reading it. She was glad that Hayden had sent her a letter and gave her the equipment. Frankly, the only issue was that her glove was constantly at a heat that could easily burn most things, so, she just took a heat proof glove and then performed hygiene stuff before she got on the entire uniform and she sighed softly. She pulled off the heat proof glove and looked at the Atma Vatou, the glove, around her wrist and gave a slow sigh. Hopefully she would be able to control things better, but, this glove was also a comfort to her outside of fire control; something she liked to have on her person.

Soon enough, the day had started and they were marching in formation to go and eat. After eating they were sent out to another test. This first test was taking injured soldiers two miles up the road and then transporting a couple of vehicles that had blown out wheels. Kimitsuki immediately took charge, seemingly out of instinct, and she checked the tires of the vehicles for what may have bound them close and used her glove to create a temporary fix by making the rubebr pull together again. However, if that did not work she would simply direct the soldiers that were with her to repair the wheels as much as possible, try to fill them with air, and then shift the vehicle into neutral to get them moving. Afterwards, she set about three soldiers to carry one man so that they may take turns or carry him together while Kimitsuki took one injured man all on her own, carrying him with what seemed to be a fireman carry as she continued to move. She was not going to fail now. And, for some reason, she had lead people naturally and didn't even notice it.
[12:20 PM] darkfunnel: @Atlas
[9:32 PM] Atlas: Thus her day would consist of a multitude of task both as a group and individual wise, it would be simply the same process for going to lunch chow and dinner chow with new cadences being learned. In fact her first week till sunday would be nothing but these placement tests with some being written and others involving more complex thinking or physical ness.

"Alright, you bunch are starting to understand the basics of team work and holding each other accountable. These next two weeks will be courses in Vastimian military courtsey and what we expect of you as soldiers and men and women of vastime." Chief sergeant explained, his voice firm but much less menacing since their first day, it seemed they had somewhat proven their self.

During the time they would often hear the sergeants scolding them but never in a way which did not improve them, they where neever told to do something the sergeant themselves could not as their own unit. It was seen first hand that Vastime often practiced what it preached seeking to instill mentor figures to these young trainees- it was clear that while they where hard they cared about the success of each them as a unit and person.

"Get some rest tonight. Tomorrow you begin class room lessons and you have morning PT for the rest of the time here starting at 0520. I expect you to be up by 0500 and ready to go by 0510. Being early is a trait in which you will learn." With that the training cadre left the room.
[9:32 PM] Atlas: @darkfunnel
[9:47 PM] darkfunnel: With a soft sigh Kimitsuki had finally concluded her day, and it was definitely a hard one. Sure, it would get harder, but, she was at least feeling a little confident and was sure of her chances. After Kimitsuki was done, and got some commendations from her friendlies, she listened to to the Chief Sergeant as he spoke once more, speaking a little nicer than before, but, the previous force he had shown in the past was quite clear in his tone still.

The girl said nothing and waited for them to stop talking, listening to everything that was said without much questioning or even trying to think it weird or not. She just listened, did not question, and then went to clean up, if she was allowed, still pulling eyes to her naked body whenever she had to walk naked through areas, or even just covered with a towel; eyes would still follow her. Whether it was a curse or a blessing, the shy girl she normally was had to be surpressed to surivive in this place. As soon as she was all cleaned up, the young Danava put on the fire proof glove over the glove on her right hand and then she slept for the night. The next morning, she woke up quite early, at about 0450, and then she prepared from there; waiting until it was 0510. When it was 0510, she would move with her fellow trainees to PT. Hopefully it wouldn't be too rough.
[9:47 PM] darkfunnel: @Atlas
[10:16 PM] Atlas: Thus the two hour smoke session began in the same pattern they had been doing since they got here, she was in A group performing to the utmost of her ability testing the physical capabilities she held. When all was said and done they where taken to hygiene then chow, afterwards they would begin there first class of the day: Vastimian Warrior Ethos and Military Culture.

They would be taken to a class room in which Sergeant Worke, a five foot ten man who was wearing his standard Vastimian Fatigues he was also accompanied by Master Sergeant Cruz who was off to the side with a clip board. He would wait for everyone to take a seat before starting.
[10:16 PM] Atlas: @darkfunnel
[10:19 PM] darkfunnel: Kimitsuki felt she breezed through the training compared to most. While she didn't 'recharge' in the heat, per se, but, it was comfortable enough to her that she was able to perform exceptionally and not have the biggest of errors. Afterwards, her body drew eyes again, and, she ignored them once again. Some women would compliment her on her muscles, which she only gave a soft smile to, but, if a guy ever tried to do anything like hit on her, or something, they would get a nice glare.

Afterwards, she would go to her first class and take a seat in her chair, propping her head up on her right hand as she waited for the class to start.
[10:19 PM] darkfunnel: @Atlas
[10:25 PM] Atlas: Kimitsuki actually held a few people that where on her level, most notably a human who seemed to hold an extreme amount of willpower. During many of the excersizes today and yesterday he was a strong motivating factor for the platoon, but he seemed to be keeping to himself but he seemed to have the name of something like 'Rct. Blanke."

Meanwhile the class would start.

"Welcome to Vastimian Warrior Ethos and Military Culture here we will spend two to three hours a day for the next two weeks learning about the followin today lesson will cover...."

Thus the lesson would begin, key highlights she may have taken away would being things such as how to properly greet vastimian soldiers, chain of command, the warrior ethics of Vastime. Much of it seemed to be common sense but many key factors where new such as the priority of the warrior ethos which was the following:

I will always place the mission first.

I will never accept defeat.

I will never quit.

I will never leave a fallen comrade.
[10:27 PM] Atlas: The guiding values of the Vastimian military was as followed:

We are men and women of honor and integrity. We shall not tolerate those who lie, cheat, or steal.
We are dedicated to learning, emphasizing teamwork, leadership, creativity, and critical thinking.
We respect the right to diverse points of view as a cornerstone of our government.
We encourage service to nation and others before self.
We stress being physically fit and drug free.
To live the Vastimian motto—I will try!—meaning perseverance in the face of adversity.
We stress self-discipline, personal responsibility, and respect for law.
We hold in highest esteem our people and reputation.
[10:30 PM] Atlas: Among other things they would cover how being apart of Vastime wasn't just about wearing the uniform but embodying it. One should not only hold love for this nation but also be willing to die for it's values, to ask what you can do for it not what it can do for you. Pride seemed to be a big thing the man covered along with loyalty to their values and Vastime in whole, to encourage growth.

At the end he would be willing to take questions or open up questions in the last thirty minutes, so Kimitsuki could ask questions.
[10:30 PM] Atlas: This environment was much more relaxed, which he explained was due to this being an academic setting. In these types of setting academics took precedence, they much rather they learn relaxed and ready.
[10:31 PM] Atlas: (ight done @darkfunnel ))
[10:35 PM] darkfunnel: Kimitsuki sighed softly and then continued to listen to the lecture, taking notes occasionally before she copies down the Warrior Ethos and makes sure she takes serious not of it. She also made sure to take note of the guiding values of the Vastimian military, not leaving out a single word. AS soon as she wrote all this down, she folded up the piece of paper it was on, and put it in the pocket of her uniform; not wanting to lose the paper and wanting to have it on her at all times.

Kimitsuki continued to listen and took a mental note of the pride the man was covering in the lesson, making sure everyone knew that the uniform was not to just be worn, but to be embodied. It was an interesting cocnept, but, definitely something she made sure to remember; especially with how much it was emphasized. By the time the end of the session had come, Kimitsuki actually didn't have any questions. Things seemed rather straightforwards to her, and, it didn't seem like there was a need to question currently. So, she waited to be dimissed to what is next. Until then, she did think on the things she was told. All so interesting, things to live by. Hopefully she would do this nation proud; even for a demon.
[10:37 PM] Atlas: ( @[THEFROST] Nizhuan might be interested in the guiding values/warrior ethos)
[10:37 PM] darkfunnel: ( lol )
[10:50 PM] Atlas: Never the less her time would go about that, learning of Vastimian culture, the military, basic information about their weapons, and so and so.

By the time the two weeks passed Kimitsuki would have had instilled into her the values of Vastime, their creed, their ethos, their techonology, etc. Perhaps she would not remember all of it but this would be reaffirmed during BCMT. During the last day they where given 'leave' meaning they where off duty for the remainder of the day to relax and prepare for their real training.

Before they where granted leave however they would gather as their full trainee class in which the Chief Sergeant would examine them one final time making them do complicated marching and drill sequences. When it concluded he would call them to 'at ease' as he for once cracked almost the hintest of smiles.

"Congralutions you passed the first phase of Vastimian Training with good marks. The next part will be much worse however but for now... I am proud to recognize you from recruits to the proper rank of... private." He would lift his hand to show a brown chroven emblem, the training sergeants would go through individually shaking each of their hands and with the free hand giving them their rank which was to be pinned on their collars. However they would also recieve another brown chevron on a shoulder epilete which would be attached to the shoulder portion of the uniform.

"You are offically on leave, you are now recognized as Vastimian soldiers instead of shitty recruits. Rejoice. But you still have over fifteen weeks of grueling training to prepare you for vastimian tactics along with selecting your MOS or Military Occupational Speciality."

Once they where released back to barracks they where permitted to leave to barracks to go to the city in civilian clothes or their uniform. They had to report back in three days to contiuene training but for now they could
[10:50 PM] Atlas: rejoice, many where in happy spirits. Their training class had wittled down a bit but not by a lot, many friendships and companionships where formed over these past three weeks. Finally, how Kimitsuki changed and morphed was all up to her, Vastime had done it's job at forcing her into hard situaions to make her grow but by now she should be exhbiting some degree of change.

Now how woud she spend her break?
[10:50 PM] Atlas: ( @darkfunnel
[10:54 PM] darkfunnel: (how to spend the break... GOOD QUESTION xD )
[10:56 PM] Atlas: ((COULD JUST WALK OUTSIDE AND MEET the one and only hayden- he wasnt there the entire time as he had worked but he did come back to see how she was doing)
[11:07 PM] darkfunnel: The first day Kimitsuki had off... and WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE GONNA DO. She was glad to take a break. She sighed softly and packed up a single bag that had her normal clothes in it, just in case she wanted to relax a bit, and then she walked outside as she locked onto the trace of Hayden; who just happened to be outside. She walked outside rather slowly, and looked around for the man. She peered up and down until she saw him, however, that was not the only thing on her mind.

As the Danava walked, she relfected on the past two weeks, quite an eventful time, and one that left her a little more tones. Sure, she was still thin and short, but, once revealing her skin underneath one could tell she was not some sort of pushover. Not that she ever was, the muscles just reinforced that fact nad made Kimitsuki chuckle every time a male paled when they saw her muscles compared to his own. Something that was slightly enjoyable.

Soon enough, the Danava would stop and look around for Hayden, keeping her senses sharp as she watched for the man. However, her lookout was broken momentarily by the need to yawn softly; appearing quite cute as she yawned. Just a minor detail. After the yawn, she would continue looking or simply look at Hayden if he appeared in the time she was yawining.
[11:07 PM] darkfunnel: ( @Atlas )
December 11, 2016
[11:36 AM] Atlas: However, her lookout was broken momentarily by the need to yawn softly; appearing quite cute as she yawned. Just a minor detail. (I SEE YOU)
[11:38 AM] Atlas: ( @darkfunnel Gonna start posting soon)
[11:38 AM] darkfunnel: ( cool )
[11:44 AM] darkfunnel: (And yes, Kimitsuki will always be cute on accident; even after Vastime military training x3 )
[6:27 PM] darkfunnel: ( @Atlas if you think you're good to continue I can try to :3 )
[8:53 PM] Atlas: Hayden despite his energy being in the area was no where to be found, however it wasn't till she felt the tap on her shoulder that she felt Hayden's full presence. He was simply hiding it for a bit before giving her a bit of a scare perhaps as he lifted his hand for a slightwaving motion before dropping it to his side.

"How has training been?" He inquired, now that she saw him she would see he was wearing what could be civilian clothes. It consisted of a jacket which was unzipped due to the heat with a white t-shirt underneath and a pair of jeans with what appeared to be sneakers. It wasn't quite the type of outfit you expected the Vanguard and Vastime highest official in but today was his day off for the moment.

"I take it you've been doing well from the reports I've seen, except for your occasional mishap." he chuckled.
[8:58 PM] darkfunnel: Kimitsuki does jump a little from the tap, but, she smiled at Hayden. "Ah, hello Hayden! I knew you were around here somewhere... Training was good. Not the hardest thing in the world... sometimes..." she looked at him and noticed how casual his clothes were currently. She tilted her head to the side and made an audible 'huh' on accident. However, a tinge of red came to her face on the case of the mishaps. She groaned softly and put a hand on her face "You even heard about those too!? Aw come on! But, at least I was able to get some better control of my powers. The co-ed bathrooms and showering though... fricking wandering eyes..." the last part of her sentence, referring to the co-ed nature, was but a mumble, a little hard to hear. She stretched a little and nearly yawned once more, nearly, before she asked a question "So, what are you doing here Hayden?"
[8:58 PM] darkfunnel: @Atlas
[8:59 PM] Atlas: (is she in her regular attire or uniform?)
[9:00 PM] Atlas: @darkfunnel
[9:01 PM] darkfunnel: (Uniform, but, her hair is down with having a singular bun. So, her FC's normal hair just different clothes )(edited)
[9:05 PM] Atlas: "I hear about everything Kimitsuki, at least regarding what I want and need to know." He shrugged letting a coy smile on his face as she buried her red face within her hands. "I've been so-so, some things are good others bad but nothing to fret over." He commented before looking around. "Ya get three days of being normal then go back to this for quite some time- it'll be winter before ya done. Anything you wanna do?"
[9:07 PM] darkfunnel: Kimitsuki sighed softly and stood up straight and straightened her hair a little "Maybe find a place to live after I'm done with all this? Because, I don't technically have an actualy home, per se." the Danava's face soon returned to its normal color, and she was sure some gazes were being drawn from talking to Hayden in such a relaxed way. But, she didn't care. She had gained enough gazes frm her new muscle tone and her body in general. "I can't really think of anything else. Besides going somewhere to get something to eat. Kinda hungry."
[9:08 PM] darkfunnel: @Atlas
[9:25 PM] Atlas: "I know you are probably told this, but don't worry about being formal with me when I, out of uniform. Like now." He chuckled looking around before back to her. "How bout we get some food, so there's been some uh.. wondering eyes. I hear that you are quite popular among male recruits and even some females, thankfully I'm sure nothing has happened as I've heard you also gained quite the respect and reputation. I see that shyness is being slowly dwindled." @darkfunnel
[9:29 PM] darkfunnel: Kimitsuki chuckled softly "I know it's protocal to be fomal to you when in uniform, but, I will find it hard to refer to you so in such situations at times. So please forgive me if I do." she nodded and the sighed at the wandering eyes "Yes... After getting more physically built they got more constant. My features alone while nude were enough to draw eyes at first." she groans again but chuckled "Yeah, a guy actually tried to grope me once, but, I turned at looked at him and I'm pretty sure he pissed himself..." she laughed a little at that and then sighed "I think a lot of the guys are too scared to try, but, the girl's were a lot better. Except for the jealous ones. They still didn't try anything physical though. Which is good." she stretched once more before loosening her jacket a little; showing the black shirt underneath "but, yes. Food would be nice." she smiled at Hayden a little and waited for his reply or movement.
[9:29 PM] darkfunnel: @Atlas
[10:17 PM] Atlas: "Oh boy." Hayden would sigh slapping his forehead at the mention of the gropping incident, his face a little flush with... anger? However, he soon seemed to notice before straightening his back shaking his head. "I trust no more incidents from said recruit? I need no childern like that within my army." He grunted before looking at the barracks for a slightly prolonged time before looking back to her extending his elbow.

"Shall we depart?"
[10:19 PM] darkfunnel: Kimitsuki chuckled softly "No more troubles. I think he actually got kicked out since some people reported him. But, the looking back on it; the look on his face was hillarious" she gave a soft smile and then yawned softly "But, yes. We might as well, I have a feeling you know good places to eat at around here better than I do, so, lead the way." Due to Kimitsuki's nature, she actually didn't even notice he had extended his elbow towards her; accidentally blowing her leader off.(edited)
[10:19 PM] darkfunnel: @Atlas
[10:20 PM] Atlas: ((She doesn't take the elbow damn hayden u got blown off xD)
[10:20 PM] Atlas: @darkfunnel
[10:21 PM] darkfunnel: (( xD Poor Hayden, and what I put in to fit that is true x3 she wouldn't notice on accident lol ))(edited)
[10:21 PM] darkfunnel: @Atlas
[10:24 PM] Atlas: Hayden would blink before dropping the elbow coughing into his hand with a nod. He hoped no one saw that minor embarrasment as he began walking to what could only be percieved as a black car which held a man at the door who would open it for him. It appeared to be his security detail, after they sat down he would sigh.

"I actually wanted to be on my own today but my advisors insisted. Temporary measures due to...conflicts globally." He explained as the car started to move.
[10:24 PM] Atlas: @darkfunnel
[10:29 PM] darkfunnel: Kimitsuki sighed softly and tilted her head at her leader before looking at the extended elbow. She was about to ask before Hayden lowered his elbow and then coughed; nodding afterwards. Despite her training, most social implications still confused the danava. She followed him and then sat down in the car with him. "I see... Makes sense, I am not surprised that you have a personal security detail. Makes sense for the leader of Vasimian." She looks around and decides to leave the elbow thing alone, not sure what it meant. But, she turned to him and gave him a question "What's the place you have in mind to go to for food?"
[10:29 PM] darkfunnel: @Atlas
[10:33 PM] Atlas: "Personally, I am a fan of old American cusine. A nice steak place?" He suggested as he leaned back into the seat with a yawn. His eyes drifting out the window with a chuckle before turning his attention to her. "You need a place? Vastime can help with that we provide free housing to many of our citizens and on base housing. With enough incentive we will even purchase a personel home for you." He explained.
[10:34 PM] Atlas: @darkfunnel
[10:36 PM] darkfunnel: Kimitsuki nodded softly "Steak is fine..." she thought on his words and nodded "Yes, I would like a place to live. On base would be nice, but, one off of base would be fine for me if that's okay... and I think I can gain the incentive to get a personal home or just purchase one myself." she said all this rather quickly, but, the thoughts were clearly thought out well.
[10:36 PM] darkfunnel: @Atlas
[10:40 PM] Atlas: "Sounds like you've got a plan." He nodded as emjoyed the scenary they passed, his mind seemingly to be trying to decipher something. "I can hardly believe I actually established this place, it's all rather... wonderful." He let out a relieved sigh. "I just hope one day I can retire." He smiled jokingly turning to look at her.
[10:41 PM] darkfunnel: Kimitsuki gave a soft chuckle "I'm sure we all wish to retire, but, not until all that needs to be done is done... Then I assume a retiring would be in order" the Danava chuckled softly and slumped a little in her seat. She stretched again and then popped her neck softly, seemingly out of habit, as she looked out the window. "it is quite nice though..."
[10:41 PM] darkfunnel: @Atlas
[10:50 PM] Atlas: "I will forever remain a soldier till the war is won." He nodded tapping his hand on the arm rest slightly as the world passed them by. "Sometimes it's just a endless uphill battle, but someone has to fight. Yet, here we are losing people like Azure while they still prosper." He grunted his hands tightening around the arm rest to the point it was squished before realizing relaxing his death grip on the ruined edge. "I lost myself. It's just annoying to lose so many good soldiers, so much ruined potential." He sighed.
[10:50 PM] Atlas: @darkfunnel
[10:53 PM] darkfunnel: Kimitsuki gave off a soft sigh when he mentioned Azure "I have heard some about him... not much though. All that I know is he died on the moon. At least that's what people say." she sighed softly and gave a slight shrug "It's hard to believe that an Iramasha died so easily though... and didn't return in some way. But, whatever happened has happened... we have no choice but to move on, honor the person, and make sure the nation is safe for those that come after us..." Kimitsuki let another sigh escape from her lips after speaking, she was a little sage-like from years of meditation, but, it was still clear she wasn't the best with social situations.
[10:53 PM] darkfunnel: @Atlas
[10:59 PM] Atlas: "Fuel for the fire." He dismissed lifting his hand up before motioning to her. "But tell me how have you been I know we discussed it briefly but that was with prying eyes, do be completely honest here."
[10:59 PM] Atlas: @darkfunnel
[11:02 PM] darkfunnel: Kimitsuki yawned softly, covering her mouth with her hand, and then spoke to Hayden a little freely "Rather well... that near groping incident was an issue, but, I am doing well. I'm also getting over a lot of my shyness... and I am also apparently a good leader. I actually had no idea I was in truth..." the girl shrugged softly as Kagutsuchi appeared and yawned loudly. The dragon then spoke, being small enough not to fill the entire area of the car "FINALLY I CAN BREATH THE AIR OF THIS WORLD" Kimitsuki shook her head and gave off a soft chuckle because of the dragon.
[11:02 PM] darkfunnel: @Atlas
[11:07 PM] Atlas: "Oh boy." He would laugh lightly at the dragon chuckled before nodding at Kimitsuki words. "That is good, I know they taught you 'The Rule of The Jungle'. Good Material." He commented thinking back to the small sonnet.

"NOW this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky,
And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die.

As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the law runneth over and back;
For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

Wash daily from nose tip to tail tip; drink deeply, but never too deep;
And remember the night is for hunting and forget not the day is for sleep.

The jackal may follow the tiger, but, cub, when thy whiskers are grown,
Remember the wolf is a hunter—go forth and get food of thy own.

Keep peace with the lords of the jungle, the tiger, the panther, the bear;
And trouble not Hathi the Silent, and mock not the boar in his lair.

When pack meets with pack in the jungle, and neither will go from the trail,
Lie down till the leaders have spoken; it may be fair words shall prevail.

When ye fight with a wolf of the pack ye must fight him alone and afar,
Lest others take part in the quarrel and the pack is diminished by war."

It was clear both Vastime and the military was steeped in heavily symbolism and honor, something which they would have drilled into her head relentlessly along with one of the most imporntant Vastime features: Pride.
[11:07 PM] Atlas: @darkfunnel
[11:19 PM] darkfunnel: Kimitsuki smiled softly and then listened to him as she took off her jacket and placed it on the seat so Kagutscuhi could have a place to lay upon safely. She nodded once Hayden finished. "Yes... Quite the thing to remember at all times. And nice to know..." she nodded her head once more and then crossed her arms, the black long sleeved shirt revealing the fact that her breasts were seemingly wrapped; for convinience.
[11:19 PM] darkfunnel: @Atlas
[11:20 PM] Atlas: ((( y u do this to me((
[11:21 PM] Atlas: (( You got a reference for how she looks @darkfunnel ((
[11:21 PM] darkfunnel: x3
[11:21 PM] darkfunnel: ( here, gimme a seec )
[11:26 PM] Atlas: Hayden would allow her to do this as he leaned back in his seat raising and eyebrow at her, the sudden attire change was rather revealing but not overly so. He could now understand why she got so many looks, perhaps it was time to be a slight tease to his friend.

"I must say, seeing this I know just why you got so many looks." He let out a low whistle almost teasingly.
[11:28 PM] Atlas: @darkfunnel
[11:31 PM] darkfunnel: Upon hearing the whistle, Kimitsuki shot a glare at him out of instinct before her expression immediately softened and she sighed softly "Sorry Hayden. That glare was a bit of a habit. Only to ward of looks and possible comments. They stopped quickly, but, I still developed it regardless." she chuckled a little and then rested an arm on Kagutsuchi, clearly unaffected by the fire on his body.
[11:31 PM] darkfunnel: @Atlas
[11:39 PM] Atlas: Hayden remained cool under the glare with a coy smile before flexing in his own right with his right arm, the bicep bulging slightly before dropping it. "Unlike others, I take pride in the work I've been through. Too many super powerful anorexic looking people in this world." He grunted as he pulled at his own color before cocking his head at her. "Kimitsuki, what do you even look for in someone- I mean Danavas do that sort of thing...right?" He teased almost in a hushed voice. @darkfunnel
December 12, 2016
[2:43 AM] darkfunnel: Kimitsuki sighed softly and was a little confused by the question, before answering truthfully. "I am unsure. I don't know my wants in people, but, I do know that I am not currently interested... " -the Danava sighed softly and simply waited. Hopefully something good would happen.
[2:43 AM] darkfunnel: @Atlas#9573
[6:29 AM] Atlas: "No soldiery compassions at night?:" He nodded with a so-so expression on his face before leaning back into his seat. "Truth be told that's somewhat good for the military, while we promote things like comradery sometimes those passions can cloud what is best for the mission. It's a fickle line." Hayden explained divulging into the inner workings for a bit regarding the topic. "Love and lust get people killed in our line of work."

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