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Sun Dec 18, 2016 3:30 pm

Mirja, The Mad Wolf

Silence. She loved that about this place. When she had first found out during her training in the Aquatic Abyss, she knew that she would be returning. There was peace here, and that was so rare in her life these days. Meditating on the floor of a deep lake was probably a unique thing, and rather dangerous as well. She had to remember not to breathe, and that was hard. She had had centuries of breathing as a natural thing, and right now she had to not. It was certainly interesting to do, not breathing, but she had to focus on how much not breath she had left, or she would not drown. Wait, no, that one was fine as it was.

Drowning aside, she was simply enthralled by her surroundings. The pressure of the deep, once rather difficult to move around in and feeling like she was in a catsuit far too small for her, was now practically none existent. Her body had adapted to the depths and now she could stay there for sustained periods. Not getting crushed was a plus, in her book, and that made her wonder about the other times that she had been crushed.

That day, Stefan had been quite overpowering in his Reiatsu, enough for her to face plant the ground in short order. But, with this adaption, she felt like there was little chance of her going down again from just the pressure of his power. She was hoping so, at least. The ocean would be a better place to test it out, this lake was not getting her anywhere anymore. So she rose, and launched herself out of the lake, breaking out of the surface like an intercontinental Mirja Missile. Once out she shoot the water from her fur and then followed her nose.

Salt was the man part of the sea, and so it was pretty easy to smell when she got close enough. And getting close enough did not take long. She had run, and when she run the world yielded itself to her, brought it's majesty that could only be seen by her and let her indulge. Also because her extensive training had allowed her to move this fast and get her across a country in record time. Probably. She had never timed herself, but would probably had a pretty good time if she had. Because she was speed, and speed was her.

Eventually, they - and by they she meant her, Iko and Hvit were just along for the ride - got to the sea, and looked out onto it. A vast expanse of beauty, as far as the eye could see, and then some. She wasted no time jumping off the edge of the land and diving right in, before running across the sea bed with zeal and vigor. Maybe she should do this once a day just to keep fit, a run across the sea bed followed by some meditation under the sea. Everything was better down here where it's wetter.

And the pressure was more considerable as well, that much was certain. Of course, it was deeper than most lakes so it was obviously going to be harder to move around in, harder to hold one's breath, harder not to pop like a bloon. Although, she was interested in one thing. Activating her Silent Scream, she threw her hands together in a powerful clap. The result was a beautiful orb of displaced water, and the tingly feeling of a lot of water displaced quickly. However, due to the water resistance being so much higher than air resistance, she didn't quite manage to get it as strong as she wanted, and it did not set the water on fire. Sound probably propagated differently in water anyway.

She wandered around the underwater world for a bit more, wondering if she was going to run into any cities, but they would be far from continental shelves to avoid any mishaps, whatever mishaps they might be. Mishapy mishaps, maybe. Either way, they were to be avoided. But, she couldn't stay much longer. Her lungs were doing that thing were they wanted oxygen and other stuff, like pussies. So she crouched down and lept up, kicking and clawing so as to speed her ascent from the ocean depths. Then she got mistaken for a seal and a shark tried to take her leg off. She didn't do anything, just stared at it sunk it's teeth into her leg, and then realized with it's teeth splitting and fracturing that she wasn't on the menu, so it swam off. Loss of teeth wouldn't hurt it that much, Sharks regrew teeth quickly. However, she'd best get to land before anything else tried to make her a meal.

Eventually on dry, solid land, she looked up at the sky, flicked the water off her tail, and then remembered. She was scheduled for a fight in a couple of hours. She wasn't sure if it was going to be a lacky of Caanan or something else, but either way she had to go fight for the sake of fighting and because she said she would. If people couldn't hold her to her word then it would become useless and then were would she be in life? A girl's word was her life.

She had to pick up the pace a little to get there on time, so she ran fast. Not the leisurely stroll that was usually her, cruising just above the speed of sound, this time it was a push to the very limits of her speed. She was well trained and kept in very good shape so she could maintain the speed for a long time without overt strain on her body, and the depth of her endurance was nearly unfathomable. And her running style, had changed over the years. From the scraggly, rough-but-still-working style to something more akin to feline grace, which was amusing considering her wolven nature right now.

Even with her land-eating run sustained as it was, it took her a good hour to get were she was going, but there was not a drop of sweat on her brow to show that she had been running. Still enough to settle in, get changed, get a drink, and watch a fight before her handler came up to her to tell her she was up. Time to get to work, it seemed. So she followed him out of the stand and to the arena.

The man she was paired against was well built, and certainly an interesting guy to look at. He held himself with confidence that made her believe that he knew how to handle himself. Maybe even become one of the Fifty Legends if it wasn't for Mirja. Victory was assured for her, she was just that good. Still, she'd give him a run for his money and took her boxing stance. He replied with a similar stance and they got to fighting. However, her first thought proved rather true as she slung strong, but precise punches at his guard.

Each punch was deflected, parried away so he only bore a minimal amount of the impact. She threw a few, hoping to get through his guard or do something like that, but it was flawless. So she decided to change it in rapidly and break through that guard. After lolling him into his sense of security with constant jabs and crosses, she switched up to Bajíquán and delivered a powerful elbow to his lower gut. However, the moment she threw it he changed, and twisted from the shot before delivering a kick to her shoulder that even Mirja felt.

Surprised, that he had reacted so well, she watched him for a bit before stepping in and angling her shoulder to slam into him, using her weight and her strength to her advantage. But he managed to get out of that as well, leaping up and over her so she stumbled, and then delivering a powerful front kick to her back which sent her sprawling. He was kicking her ass, and she loved it. There hadn't been a person in so long that could match her down here. So she decided to grace him with spinny elbow pain.

Throwing a punch, she dipped it at the last moment and span to drive her elbow into his skull. It didn't work, even with his expectation of a punch, he managed to react in time so that her elbow only gave his nose a love tap - that broke it, sure, but still - abefore skipping out of range again. So skilled, to see through her styles because she thought about the attacks before hand. His instinct was on par with hers, and so that is what she needed to use. Don't think, just attack. And so she began.

Hands in her pockets, she gave him a smile and just stood there, watching him for a few moments. Not to be outdone, he barely twitched, and then Mirja moved in. Not a quick rush, but more a casual walk towards him, before suddenly snapping out a kick he was meant to block, and then spinning from the impact and catching him on his unguarded side. He managed to slip his guard up just in time, but it wasn't prepped properly and so was not as sturdy a block as it should have been, staggering him. Landing gracefully, she thrusted her front foot forward in a series of kicks. Not for any reason, just because she wanted to kick him right now. This, was Wolf-Fu, as Iko called it. Turn the fight into an amusement, and then cripple their will by giggling softly when they slowly get pushed back by the sudden, unexpected attacks.

He managed to recover from the blow enough to hold off her kicks until she was bored of kicking and put her foot down half way through one kick to deliver a powerful headbutt to his already broken nose. While reeling from the pain her hands came out of her pockets and clapped his ears, discombobulating him with the sudden strike to his sense of balance. And then all it took was one kick to his temple and he was out cold. Winner, The Wolf. And she saw that it was good.

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