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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2419, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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Shinigami Dossier

  • Name:Kyo
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Unknown
  • Alias:None
  • Affilation: None
  • Sexual Orientation:Unknown
  • Family: Unknown

Physical Dossier

  • Physical Build: Muscular Athletic
  • Height: Six feet and five inches
  • Weight:Two hundred and Forty pounds
  • Physical Appearance: He is a tall caucasian male with a muscular build. His body is covered in several battle scars from many areas. His left eye has one across it as well as on his chest and back of his neck. Scars seem to be everyone on his body from many battles among other things. His crimson eyes are easy to spot for most aside from the scars. A mark on his arm is what gives him his name. He is known by the name Kyo due to the tattoo on his right arm. He wears a pair of jeans and a golden belt buckle. On his arms are a pair of shackles for keeping him from fighting. Each shackle weighs roughly three hundred kilos. They do however fulfill another purpose beyond the obvious weight applied to him. They consume a massive amount of his tremendous reiatsu. The chains and bindings keep his huge spiritual energy in check. He didn't put them on himself they were placed on him in an attempt to control him. This did backfire on those who dared to control the Berserker. Its rage wasn't something they could contend with. The halls of their battles would sing of his rage for a time to come. Kyo's legs aren't shackled nor are anything else to do with him

Mental Dossier

  • Angry: This is his default emotion it would seem in many ways. He's always angry and raging like a beast. Not being able to speak or communicate with those around him. He's consumed most things in his fury leaving bodies in his wake. His self-destructive rampage didn't end with his captors or those who thought they could imprison him. Slavery wasn't something wise to take a beast when it slumbered was their mistake for its fury knew no bounds. Speaking with him bared little fruit as he understood no languages of people. Kyo isn't able to speak or communicate with people. The only thing he can do is grunt and growl like a wild animal. He does understand people to some extent and does his best around that. But beyond that, he's just a man who's default setting is angry and always will be. The world has made him angry and must suffer the outcome of that anger.

  • Uneducated: He is unable to speak the language of any people. He's unable to read or write or do anything outside of fighting. He doesn't understand those things as they have little to do with survival. He's but a bloodthirsty beast after his survival. That much he understands is how to survive cruel conditions. How to raise himself to the status of things he needs to handle. His lack of education does hurt him as people are scared of him. No one has ever tried to tame his fury. Kyo wouldn't have it any other way as he has no intention of calming his anger. He doesn't have a family or needs one nor does he require anything else. Only an outlet for his hunger for fighting. Something like that to calm the inner beast within him. He wants a battle where he can exhaust everything he has. Go beyond anything he's ever gone beyond. To find the absolute zero of his entire being in that moment. He may not understand education or anything of that nonsense like talking, but he doesn't need it either.

  • Bloodthirsty: He hungers for a conflict without end. He wants a total battle where he can exhaust his full powers. He wishes to be beaten in combat and experience that. To be able to go all out without regard for anything. To fight someone truly beyond his comprehension. He wants more than anything to be a warrior. But his animalistic nature makes him murderous. The bloodthirst that he exudes is one that comes from fighting to survive. Where it's a kill or be killed situation. Honor is a dead thing to him as only one thing matters. Survival is something you earn through defeating your enemy. One thing he's never experienced is complete and total defeat. His anger normally allows him to overcome all things. The angrier he gets normally lets him find his wrath to defeat his enemy. Victory becomes a dull sensation after a while and no amount of weak fodder can bring about his desire to fight. While he is willing to leap into hundreds if not thousands of enemies and slaughter. This is but another trait that the man has.

  • Lazy: Kyo has no interest in weak enemies or things like that. He shows almost no desire or initiative to things that don't concern him. Unless something makes him angry he generally remains inactive. Uncaring about the world around him and it's problems. They have done nothing but try to cage him and control him. It's for this reason he stands alone normally. Is that because of people's untrustworthy nature that he has no need of them. He rages and rebels against most all. Only someone who can control him will ever gain his attention. Kyo isn't interested in the weak fodder or the fools of the world. But then again at his own strength, he is little if anything. interested in even things like children or that. His desire is simple and pure in its nature of conflict and finding that absolute zero. It's not death he seeks but something during it that feels so close to him.


  • Veteran Combatant: They say war is hell and those who have survived are Hellions. He is most certainly a part of that illustrious group of people. He's seen battles and wars in some ways. He's fought in small battles that seemed like hell itself. Though he's never gotten the names or areas of places he begins. Wandering around in survival mode is all he's ever done. Kyo isn't certain about where he's fought but some detail says a district known as the Zaraki District is where many of his battles occurred. That and the other place where he encountered other fighters of note. Not being able to speak their name and finding victory against most. He wasn't some honorable warrior or gladiator. His goal wasn't that but to find that zero that was denied him. He's got a keen sense of battle and doesn't get lost in the shuffle capable of keeping track of many men and fighting with keen awareness.

  • Immense Spiritual Pressure: His Zanpakutō is in a constant Shikai Release due to two reasons. He's never been able to seal it due to his massive spiritual pressure. Even when letting his shackles consume large amounts of his energy and keep it down. He isn't able to fully find his desired outcome. His pressure is very big and almost crushing in some sense. Kyo hasn't had a real good answer on how to handle or deal with the situation regarding his spirit energy. He's often wondered if he was the strongest being. Though he hopes he's wrong in that regard and can find someone stronger. Kyo's spiritual energy is extremely large and easily felt as he can't hide it. Surprising and hiding things aren't in his way. He simply doesn't want to waste his time or energy on the weak. Not even bothering with things like kido or such as they are simply a waste. He'd say real men don't need spells if he could talk. But men has nothing to do with him simply not understanding that nonsense.

  • Experienced Melee Combatant: He's fought in hand to hand and swordplay based fights frequently. He's a good fighter though lacking a traditional form. He's able to fight effectively and constructively against many men. Often times fighting four or five more people than him. His method to his madness often grows from his desires. But not having any means of really fighting long range makes it easy to know one thing. While not having any traditional knowledge he is a natural warrior. Fighting at this melee range with extremely proficient practice. Kyo could learn sword skills and techniques if taught them. Same thing with hand to hand if someone took the time to try and teach the berserker his way. But Kyo, for the most part, goes with his own method. A full frontal assault without mercy to his enemies. There is no need for flashy tricks or dumb gimmicks in a fight. The rules are simple strength rules without equal to any other thing in the world.

  • Immense Physical Strength: His physical strength is imposing and quite a demonic thing for his race. Able to cause massive amounts of damage just with his sheer physical presence. His speed and strength are above average and quite alarming to some. As he wears three hundred kilo wrist cuffs and chains. These should be slowing him down or causing his strength to be weaker. But rather they only hold back a portion of his beast. Kyo has learned how to move and even use them. He's easily capable of throwing a person four or five times his size with a single arm. His speed is also quite imposing for a berserker. Most of the time they are seen as simple strong beings capable of a single thing. Rage with the extremely potent strength of arm. Kyo is a Berserker of the Physical nature who just happens to be fast and strong. While not being fancy or special in any of that garbage. He believes the physical body of a man can destroy anything. Fighting weak pathetic warriors who believe they can use some trick to get by only makes him angry.

Zanapkuto Dossier

    Zanpakutō Spirit Name:Asura
    Zanpakutō Gender:Female
    Zanpakutō Appearance:

    Sealed Form:While in it's sealed form it looks like a regular Zanpkauto and has no powers. In truth, it would be no different from a regular weapon. However, as it's never been in this form it has yet to be seen. Due to him being in a constant release the original form isn't seen. Kyo's Zanpakutō had an hourglass hilt and a black sheath. This was the traditional form it was given at the time. The weapon is durable like most Zanpakutō but not having a sealed power is due to the amount of powers it has in unleashed. That and using it's Shikai has a passive effect that occurs when used.

    Shikai Form: His Zanpakutō divides into two black blades. Twisting and forming into a pair of swords. One of his weapons looks similar to a lance or mace at the start. But finishes out as a sword at the end. They are made of a mysterious black metal that is extremely powerful. The one blade appears to be broken for some reason. The shorter of the two that resembles a mace or lance is broken at the blade. Making it's edge a bit sharper and stranger to dodge. These weapons are extremely heavy and provide an immense impact when striking. However, this is not the power of his Zanpakutō. The power that his Shikai grants something far worse and more dangerous. The Battle Trance Power is something that Kyo has endured ever since obtaining his Zanpakutō. Trying to control his endless rage and hunger for letting go into that full zone. Finding a way to go beyond that sinking ocean he falls into when he goes into that form.

  • Battle TranceCommonly known as berserker mode it is a power that doesn't turn off. However, it does come in stages allowing him to control how far in he is. Stage One allows for more strength and awareness of your surroundings. Things others wouldn't notice due to a lack fo senses are clear as day to the user. Example he can smell and hear things others cannot. Or he can see things others shouldn't be able to see. His physical and spiritual senses are fed adrenaline and set to fight. This allows him to fight without regard for things. It's also part of the reason Kyo hasn't been able to let go of his anger. He's always angry because his Zanpakutō makes him that way. In this form, it doesn't seem as though he's able to do much. But it's the wielder and Zanpakutō working together that makes it effective. In terms of berserker modes, this one is an effective use of it. His rage also dulls his senses to pain for some reason. His body is numb to that but aware to everything else.

  • Zanpakutō Spirit Name:

Graphics by: Forsaken Crow
Coding by: [THEFROST]


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