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 Henrex's Revamped Zanpakutō [FINISHED]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Henrex's Revamped Zanpakutō [FINISHED]   Henrex's Revamped Zanpakutō [FINISHED] EmptySun Jan 01, 2017 12:38 pm

Henrex's Revamped Zanpakutō [FINISHED] 6EdIfMt


Zanpakutô Name: Raiu (雷雨, Thunderstorm)

Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance

Zanpakutô Spirit Personality

(Will fill this out later, I hope this doesn't affect the check, as this is something that doesn't really need to be checked by moderators)




Fatherly Figure:


Somewhat of a Joker:

Inner World

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance

Sealed Zanpakuto Powers

Zanpakutō Manipulation: This is one of Henrex's main powers in terms of usage. With such a strong connection to his Zanpakuto, as well as the main part of his kit once again being versatility, Henrex has gained the ability to manipulate his Zanpakuto at will. From the shape, size, or even the properties, there is little limit to what he can do with his Zanpakuto. This process is usually instantaneous, or damn close to it -- as it also takes very little energy to pull off in general, including the various applications of it. When it comes to changing the shape, size, and other various parts of his Zanpakuto, the length of which they last in that state is indefinite, as Henrex does not have a limit to how long his Zanpakuto lasts in those conditions. However, the properties of his Zanpakuto are another story entirely. When it comes to matters such as those, they usually last around five to seven posts and have a three post cooldown.

Storm Manipulation: Outside of being able to manipulate his Zanpakuto's aspects, this is the main power that comes to Henrex when he uses his Zanpakuto. To explain this ability is rather simple. Henrex is able to control all aspects of a storm, as well as create them with little to no effort most of the time. With the abilities section of his Zanpakuto, it is known that he is able to control and create the different aspects of his Zanpakuto if he wished to. In addition, Henrex has also been able to faintly tap into this strange power from his Zanpakuto: being able to sense when a storm is taking place. While this is more of annoyance, or even just a subtle note for him if he happened close enough, it is something that is a minor ability that has no real effect on Henrex, or his opponents.

Additionally, Henrex gains another ability as a result of this. As something that shouldn't be a surprise, Henrex is able to control the weather. Again, as with the statement of the powers earlier, there is a wide variety of things that he could do with this ability in order to turn the tides in his favor, or simply to set a mood, or for whatever reason, he is doing so. With simple mental influence, Henrex is able to change how heavy the rain is, how often lightning and thunder occur, or even how thick and dark the clouds are. All of the effects of the weather are under his command, although there are drawbacks to this -- the first being that Henrex has not been able to manipulate more than one aspect at once. This means that if he is changing the frequency of the lightning and thunder occurring, he would have to halt his control over that in order to do something like.

Another one would be that this is incredibly taxing on Henrex's mental energy, as he forces him to focus fairly hard in order to perform this with maximum efficiency. This is due to the wide area that this ability grants him in general. However, this is something that can be altered, as Henrex could instead attempt to focus on a specific area, instead of a massive area, granting him a bit of safety from the mental taxation that could occur if he were to overdo this. Another drawback would be the significantly small time that he can do this. As the mental energy is incredibly demanding -- as stated before -- Henrex is only able to do this for one post at a time, as this can grant him quite the massive headache if he were to attempt to go any further.

Furthermore, Henrex's prowess over storms is something that has a few more additions, along with downsides. Another of the additions would be the ability to enhance the storm around him. This is not something that is directly affecting his Zanpakuto itself, but it does affect the area around him to the extent of being able to cause storms to worsen upon releasing his Zanpakuto. However, this is something that plays onto the effects of his normal weather manipulation, which means that this can cause Henrex to have some serious mental drawbacks if used in excess.


Ochiru kaminari (落ちる雷, Falling Thunder): Similarly to Henrex's Electricity Manipulation, this is one of his favorite skills to use, as it is very simple and practical to use with the minimal energy use that it takes. To begin things, Henrex's body begin to surround itself with electricity, making it incredibly difficult to hit him during this state. Following this, Henrex's body immediately performs what can only be explained as a "reverse lightning strike" in the regular performance. This is because of Henrex quite literally shooting from the ground, into the sky while his body is encased by a lightning bolt. After this happens, Henrex is free to roam around in the clouds that he retreats to.

After about a single post maximum of remaining in the clouds, Henrex becomes the centerpiece of a bolt of lightning. As the electrons and environmental energy around him charge up and compile, Henrex's body shoots downward, unable to waver from the target location that he's charging towards. As he reaches the ground, electricity spews outward towards everything in a ten-foot circle around the landing point. This has an incredible amount of possible "burst" damage that it can cause if this ability is placed properly, which could give Henrex the potential to really cause an immense amount of damage to an opponent, as Henrex suffers no movement penalty after landing. This can be used around five times a post, with the cooldown being around three.

Ōnā no kenri (オーナーの権利, Owner's Right): This is, again, one of Henrex's main techniques when it comes to his Sealed Zanpakuto. This is something that is meant to show the immense and powerful bond that Henrex has with the Zanpakuto Spirit, Raiu. With such a powerful bond, they are able to understand one another and are very capable of responding to such with a variety of things. This is something that does not have a single effect on its own, but rather has a combination of effects that makes this ability what it is. The first passive that this has is something that Henrex has always had with his Zanpakuto, which would be that no one is able to hold his Zanpakuto outside of himself. This is something that Henrex had previously been able to control, as he was able to give permission to be able to hold and lift his weapon.

Strangely, this is something that Henrex lost control over for unknown reasons. Something else that comes with this would be the ability to call the blade to him, as well as to call himself to his sword. This is due to an invisible tether that is connected to Henrex, his Zanpakuto, and his Zanpakuto Spirit at all times. Outside of acting as a literal tether to keep them connected, it is also something that connects Henrex and his Zanpakuto Spirit in terms of mentality. They are able to share each other's thoughts and feel each other's emotions. This also allows Henrex to call his Zanpakuto to him at any time, as long as he has the energy to do so, as well as to concentrate for a small period of time to execute the task.

Teisū dōkan (定数導管, Constant Conduit): As a person whose main powers come from the aspects of storms, it is fairly obvious that his powers would delve into lightning. This certain ability is...very common in the theme of lightning. With Henrex controlling such a large amount of lightning, it should not come as a surprise that he would be able to absorb one of his elements. As electricity comes into contact with Henrex's body, both he and his Zanpakuto act as a lightning rod, absorbing the lightning into his system, and nullifying any harm that would come to him from said lightning. However, this has been known to be extremely resistant to physical lightning, with lightning abilities that are spiritual in nature being able to counter this by a moderate margin, as the energy within spiritual lightning is quite different than natural lightning, which causes him to only be able to absorb said lightning for four posts, before his body would become seriously affected by the foreign energy.

Seiteki Nagare (静的流れ, Static Flow): This is something that Henrex enjoys using simply because of how literally flowing it is, hence the name "Static Flow". To explain things somewhat further, this is something that causes Henrex's lightning, as well as his energy itself to adapt to one of the concepts of the ninja, which is "nagare". Translating to "flow", it is something that is symbolic of this part of Henrex that has defined a turning point in his life. Therefore, it is something that is used very frequently, as the symbolism and closeness of his shinobi training keep his attention connected with this whenever he enters combat. To get into the nitty-gritty of this ability, this is something that allows the Spirit Energy from his Zanpakuto to resonate with the other energy sources in an area, including his own. While this is limited to around twenty feet in all directions around him, the lack of range makes up for the additives that this ability can grant.

Through the release of Spirit Energy, Henrex's energy can augment Reiatsu, as well as other forms of energy. This is something that can vary heavily, as there are many effects to this that can be produced by the passive channeling of this ability, such as increased conductivity, paralysis, or even increase the speed of said attack. Furthermore, this is something causes another kind of "flow" to occur within his body. This is generally referred to as an "internal flow", which could not be more accurate for this. This channeling is something that flows throughout Henrex's entire body. While this is something that is mostly dormant until Shikai is activated, as the powers that tie into that are activated upon said release.

Hishō Arashi (飛翔嵐, Flying Storm): This is a large collection of techniques that Henrex is able to perform using his Zanpakuto, which largely combines two factors of Henrex's kit, and his theme as a whole -- speed, and lightning. Combining his already immense natural speed, and potentially even Hoho, this could prove to be a deadly force, as this goes above and beyond much of what Henrex has ever achieved with his speed. Something else that should also be noted about the Flying Storm is that all techniques created through have some sort of transportation additive to it, allowing Henrex to near-instantly be able to continue the technique.

  • Hisho Arashi - Mark of the Storm: This is the main technique of the Hisho Arashi. This is something that can be placed -- quite literally, anywhere. On a building, a weapon, or even a person. Upon being placed on any sort of physical surface, (outside of another character) the Mark of the Storm will simply sit there, waiting to be used, or activated. However, things start to get a bit more interesting when it comes to being attached to another person. If one were to have a charge attached to them, they would find their movement slowed by 15%.

    Furthermore, this is something that connects to just about everything that Hisho Arashi does. Mark of the Storm is highly considered to be the basis for all of Hisho Arashi, as outside of the small debuff/buff that is grants the user and opponent, there really isn't much else that it does. Another drawback would be the limit as to how long these marks last on a person. On a regular surface, they last for about seven posts, as most surfaces don't have a spiritual signature that can fight against the charge placed on their body. However, those with a spiritual signature that would be able to fight back against the mark, the mark would dissipate after around five posts. However, they are rarely attached to other characters -- as it is more a "set-up" ability for the other techniques at his disposal.


Shikai Release Phrase: Crash down, Raiu!

Shikai Release Actions: N/A

Shikai Appearance: Henrex's Shikai appearance, and release, in general, is something that ties heavily in the ability in his Shikai section labeled as "The Living Tempest". This is due to the storm theme that Henrex has through his Zanpakuto. When Henrex's Shikai is activated, the first thing that someone would be able to notice is that a storm is gathering. The smell of ozone will fill the air, and the rumbling of thunder and the flash of lightning can be seen and heard. The clouds will darken, if they are not already, and lightning will shoot down from the heavens, striking the blade of Henrex's Zanpakuto, and sending lightning across his weapon, and both of his arms, causing his arms to glow a faint azure blue, and his sword to emit lightning, as well as the same blue glow.




Shikai Abilities:

The Living Tempest - Arm of the Storm: This is the main ability that Henrex unlocks when he enters Shikai and is potentially his most dangerous one. This is something that not only turns his arm into a center-point of a storm but quite literally makes the area he is in a constant storm. The winds grow many times more violent, the rain grows heavier, and thunder rolls as lightning rages. Upon activation, Henrex's spirit energy flares, causing his Zanpakuto to become coated in lightning, or at the very minimum, the blade of his Zanpakuto. As said before, the storm that is caused by the activation of his Shikai is something that is constant, and Henrex himself cannot cause this storm to go away. In addition to this, Henrex in general gains a few number of things when his Zanpakuto is released.

One of them being a wider range of powers that he can use when he enters Shikai, one of them being the ability to control the air current in a two-mile radius. This can branch into various things, strengthening the air current to boost his speed, lowering it, or even using the air to increase the power and speed of his attacks. Additionally, as it should be obvious, Henrex's Shikai grants him a general enhancement, granting a boost to his sealed skills, as well as his general abilities such as strength. However, the most affected skill would be that Henrex's body is charged with electricity as his Shikai is released, granting him an even larger cap of how fast he can go in all aspects, which is something that can give him the upper hand in fights, should he decide to use it. Something else that his Shikai grants him is the ability have literal lightning claws at his disposal at the initial release. While this is a process that drains energy, it is something that is very useful in combat.

With this, the tips of Henrex's fingers are immediately sharpened to extreme extends, allowing him to cut through some objects and potentially even buildings as if they were butter. However, that is not the only thing that is granted when these claws are active, as they also contain electricity that has the potential of overloading the nervous system of someone extremely low in tier, or someone with Adept Durability and below. To follow up with that, this process is by far painless. Someone at Adept Pain Endurance will feel excruciating pain from just a single attack. However, these claws do have one primary downside, which is that they drain a small portion of energy when striking with the claws directly. If the electricity is not directly touching the opponent, it will not use up energy.

Internal Conduit: While the sealed variant of Constant Conduit is not deactivated upon releasing Shikai, it does gain a small enhancement when this does happen, a small component to it that makes it even more powerful. Something that rings true to the name of Constant Conduit, which is turning his body into even more of one, outside of the simple lightning absorption. However, this is only available when his Zanpakuto is actually drawn. This causes a large sum of electrical currents to begin traveling through Henrex's body. This doesn't boost much of his normal physiology, but it does help with one thing -- internal damage. The electrical currents that run throughout Henrex's body in his Shikai state allow him to disintegrate and dissolve things that would attack him internally, usually by heating it up. However, this does not protect him on a microscopic level, which is something that leaves him vulnerable to those types of attacks.

Hisho Arashi - Gathering Storm: This is another skill that uses Mark of the Storm. By placing charges around in a circular fashion, Henrex can use this to cause a lightning bolt to connect them all, before said lightning would come together and spin, eventually forming a single, massive lightning tornado, causing damage to everything in the area. These charges cannot be placed more than thirty feet away from one another, and are not affected by outside sources of lightning. However, this does take quite a bit of energy to pull off, and cannot be used more than three times, before going on cooldown for around five posts, and after this cooldown is hit twice, Henrex cannot use this for the rest of the thread.

Hisho Arashi - Taeko Drums: This is something that doesn't deal too much damage, but by no means is useless. This could be considered to be more on the lines of utility, as it creates sound, instead of something directly related to lightning. When this happens, there is a requirement of at least four charges placed on a surface. To begin, Henrex simply needs to dash into a charge, causing him to speed up, and create a trail of lightning where he was, to his current location. As this happens, a cloud appears around where Henrex and the charge are, before Henrex would zip off again, recreating the same events as last time -- while this time, a loud thunderclap will go off. While this is merely meant to distract someone, it does have the potential to damage hearing, if exposed to it for prolonged time periods. This process repeats over and over until the charges have run out.

Hisho Arashi - Twin Heaven Spear Dance: Throughout Henrex's kit, electricity is one of his main -- as well as favorite -- abilities. Henrex's creativity has created The Twin Heaven Spear Dance. Partially inspired from the duality of the Ichi-Ryu sword style, created by Musashi Miyamoto, this requires around at least five charges to be placed, before this will be able to be used. Upon getting to the first charge, Henrex's speed will be heavily increased, causing him to reach the other charges with ease. Strangely, the design of the trails does not form a usual or conventional shape. Instead, Henrex's body moves in very rapid, random directions, forming something along the lines of a zig-zag.

After reaching the end of said charges, Henrex then leaps into the air, twisting his body in the process. As he reaches his zenith, Henrex's hands are immediately filled lightning, before they are shaped into two large, and long spears. Next, Henrex twists once more, before hurling one of the spears to the ground, causing the spears to "explode" once they touch the ground, deforming and sending lightning flying in all directions. Finally, Henrex holds the second spear with both hands, slamming down into the ground and furthering the spew of lightning, sending bolts in all directions once again. This can only be used twice, before going on cooldown for around three posts.

Lightning Clones: This is a rather simple ability that Henrex has been able to utilize very easily, as it takes little energy, and is very easy to perform in large numbers. By causing lightning bolts to either fall from the sky, or for him to generate electricity on his person and use it to create clones of himself. This takes very little energy and can be done in extreme numbers as well, around to one hundred, or one hundred and fifty. While these clones are very weak in durability within this stage, they, by no means, are weak in strength. They can pack quite the punch and can overwhelm those who are caught off guard, or those who are unable to handle many in numbers. These clones last for about six posts, and cannot be used afterward for about seven. These contain the energy of a 3 tier, and the only skills that they carry over would be his general skills.


Bankai Name: Raijin (雷神, Thunder God)

Bankai Release Phrase: Unknown, as it can vary,

Bankai Release Actions: N/A

Bankai Appearance:

Bankai Abilities

Wild Storm - Chaotic Energy Surge: Everything containing the pressure of anything must break eventually. There can only be so much build-up before control is lost. That is the case with Henrex's spiritual power whenever he enters his Bankai. Henrex has been known to have a very large amount of control over the energy that travels through his body. However, his Bankai is an entirely different story. Instead of retaining a fine control of his spiritual power, keeping the energy damp and refrained, Henrex's spiritual pressure releases in the form of wild winds that originate from nowhere else than Henrex's body. The presence of Henrex, upon release, will become much more threatening, as well as much heavier, as emphasized from the nature of his Zanpakuto, and the nature of Bankai in general. So, whenever Henrex enters Bankai, one should be very careful.

Mugenha Tenmetsu Raito, Raikou (無限刃点滅-ライト, 雷光: Infinite Blades of Flashing Light, Lightning Strike): These are the two swords that Henrex's Zanpakuto turns into when he ascends into this form. Instead of being actual swords, the only thing that remains is the two handles, leaving what would normally be blade-less swords. However, this is anything but the case. Upon first glance, one would be able to notice that the blades of these swords are, in fact, lightning bolts. While they seem to be just replacements for the weapon that Henrex usually uses, they are not without their additives and downsides. To begin things, these weapons contain a large sum of energy being focused into the blades, flooding through the Reiatsu vents in Henrex's hands, into the weapons. Therefore, there is the potential for Henrex to fire off attacks, or use the electricity as a weapon itself.

For example, Henrex could fire off an electrical blast on par with that of a Cero in order to give himself an opening or take an enemy off guard from the sudden attack. Or, he could potentially extend the form of the blade in order to grant him an advanced, or even more dangerous form of attack. There would even be the potential for him to cast electrical-based Kido off the blade, in order to divert from using his own energy reserves, as well as potentially do away with him the restriction of having to speak in the incantation. There are many ways of utilizing the new weapon that his Zanpakuto becomes upon this transformation, most of them being incredibly simple, rarely ever becoming too complicated. Most of these attacks are ones that are fairly simple to cast, having only a one post cooldown after around five to six attacks, but there are some that are able to extend to much longer time.

Tempesta - Eye of the Storm: Within Henrex's Bankai, his arms are no longer the sole focus of the storm. Henrex in his entirety becomes the center of the storm. With electricity now flowing throughout his entire body, Henrex's attacks now are much, much more deadly. With this, he is able to release powerful blasts of electricity that originate from his body, giving him the power to take people off guard, stun them, or paralyze them if the conditions are right. Furthermore, Tempesta is able to transfer this effect to Henrex's wings, charging the muscles and bones in them. Through this, Henrex is able to move his wings at a much faster rate, giving him a boost to how fast he can fire off something such as Featherblades.

Genzai Setsuzoku (現在の接続, Current Connection): With large amounts of electricity flowing through Henrex's body, it should not be a surprise that an electrical current will form. While this is more of a slightly noted effect from his Shikai, Henrex's Bankai utilizes this to its full potential. Upon activation, Henrex's eyes glow the same color of his spirit energy, azure blue. On its own, this really has nothing special to it, as from an onlooker, it would simply look like Henrex had changed his eye color. However, this is not the case. This is something that heavily alters how touches from his body and his sword affect others. When contact is made from Henrex in this state, this causes a small bit of electricity to travel through the internal system of the enemy, spreading very slowly, leaving around five posts for the current to encompass the body in its entirety. This can be applied to multiple locations, in which doing so does not increase the speed of spreading across the body.

Wherever the current is placed, Henrex is able to see the internal structure of where said current is. Weaknesses in bone structure, muscle mass, and things of the like, Henrex would be able to see. This allows him to place his strikes more precisely, which can cause opponents to have a major disadvantage in the fight, should the current spread and reveal weaknesses. However, this is something that is restricted to a single target at a time, and is able to be switched at any time, although Henrex would have to make a new current, should he decide to change targets. Additionally, this can be stopped if one were to remove the area where the current is located at (i.e removing the flesh), in order to nullify its effects. Furthermore, the current lasts for four posts at its zenith, and once that has been reached, the character in question cannot be affected for the rest of the thread.

Tide Jewels: The tide jewels are quite the strange ability to behold. Instead of being some sort of direct attack, this is something that can be used over time. The tide jewels were a set of magical gems that the sea god, Ryujin, used to control the seas. While the effect doesn't play in full for Henrex -- as he is already able to control the water -- he does gain a small little ability for him to use at his leisure throughout his time in his Bankai state. When this is activated, Henrex spawns large orbs of water around his wrists, replicating the shape of the magatama design on the cuffs of his kimono. These are items that remain around Henrex's wrists and can be shot off with a simple burst of mental will, or be shot off all at once for a massive torrent of water. These last around five posts, with a four post cooldown.

Hisho Arashi - Takemikazuchi: This is a rather strange ability to come from the base Hisho Arashi. Instead of being something that is heavily based on high-speed movement, this instead opens up more opportunities to damage opponents, and take them off guard. This ability, taking after the two aspects that Takemikazuchi-no-kami is known for -- a god of thunder, and a sword god. So, to reflect on that, the ability itself is something that would be one that handled with swords. Upon the activation of this ability, a set of ten swords materialize behind Henrex in a circle. These do not follow his movements -- they simply remain idle. These blades, while they are not lightning of itself, have a small charge of Mark of the Storm inside them, which allows Henrex to create the next part of the attack.

Henrex can shoot these off in any direction with a simple burst of mental will. This cannot transfer the Mark of the Storm to a PC if it makes contact with them, and will instead phase through them, continuing on the intended path. Once the blade has landed in the intended area, it will remain there for four posts, before vanishing. If two or more swords have landed in the same vicinity, a lightning bolt will connect them together. When this happens, a loud thunderclap will go off, surging from the blades, across the lightning bolts, holding the sound until the two sounds from the ends of the swords meet, before combining the two sounds, creating an even louder thunderclap. This has the potential of damaging the hearing the enemy for three posts, and can only be used once per post, before having a cooldown of five posts after all swords have been used.

Mizuchi, Children of the Storm: This is the advanced form of Lightning Clones, the ability that Henrex can use within his Shikai state. While the Shikai clones are quick and powerful on their own, the clones that Henrex makes within his Bankai are much, much more. To start things, these clones now reach 2 tier and are made of much more than lightning. When these clones are formed, clouds, rain, and a large amount of heat surround them, giving them a larger amount of durability, and offensive ability. While the clouds are able to mimic Henrex's Sealed and Shikai techniques, that is all they are able to do, outside of mimic his natural traits, such as his kenjutsu, and his taijutsu. The clones, outside of these enhancements, follow the same restrictions and drawbacks as the prior -- limiting these to lasting around six posts, having a cooldown of seven, and being limited to creating only about a hundred and fifty in total.

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