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 Katherine 'Katja' Sauer [WIP]

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Coding In Template By:


Hohl Arquero Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Katherine Sauer
Katherine is a name of royalty. There are many names that are derivatives of Katherine that appears among the nobles and royals of Europe. It is even suggested to derive from the Greek goddess Hecat, whose domain is of witches, crossroads, and the underworld.

A Katherine was martyred and tortured on a wheel in the 4th century. There was a Catherine of Siena of the 14th century, a mystic of legendary power, wedded to Jesus himself and one of the six great patron saints of Europe. There was a Catherine de Medici, who ruled France as queen in the 16th century. Catherine the Great single-handedly brought Russia back as one of the great powers of Europe.

Indeed, the name Katherine is ancient, and every century it has curled deeper and deeper into legend. A woman to bear this name lived not only with her greatness but she is an echo of all the greats she shares her identity with.

» Titles:
Those who know Katherine by friend may call her by a diminutive term, Katja.

Those that know her darknesses may call her "The Unhallowed Marquise", though she will silence any tongues that dare utter the phrase to her face.

And for her formal presentation, she likes when she is called "The Unalloyed Marquise".

» Age: 19

» Age Appearance: 19

» Gender: Female

» Type: Quincy Based Arrancar

» Affiliation/Rank: N/A (For Now)

» Physical Appearance Description:

»» Head/Face:
Katherine's face and body bear the marks of a girl who has had it all. Despite still ongoing through puberty and therefore being at risk for all the acne and otherwise expected, her skin on her face is borderline flawless in its visage. In fact, this is due to a heavy beauty regimen that costs significant amounts of money, all under the vast wealth of her family name.

Her hair is immensely soft and very well styled, a testament to her fashion sense. She often wears her hair, which is curled at the tips, in two ponytails at her temples in order to give her an air of childish grace about her that she will soon be expected to grow out of. These curls are not natural, but in fact she curls her hair meticulously to maintain the image. Despite this, her hair is very well cared for with mininal signs of damage from the heat of the treatments.

Katherine's eyes are a bright, lively blue that reflects in her an image of innocence and harmlessless, which she uses to belie her true nature. Furthermore, her rounded jaw and soft lips accentuate this look. When paired with her silver hair, her overall expression is one of radiant, elegant beauty. Even her smile of perfectly white, totally straight teeth does not give away her personhood underneath.

»» Torso/Body:
Katherine's face matches her body to an impressive extent. For all her skill and combat experience, her skin is completely unmarred of scars or injury, not even a single birthmark lays on her skin. It is indeed just an expanse of perfect, unblemished skin that holds her muscles and insides into her body in a manner that cannot be expected of most.

And yet still this beauty hides her strength. For she is a very fit woman, and in fact her body is like a dancer's- it is muscled in the legs and thighs especially, for large leaps and high jumps. It is strong in the arms, enough to lift her whole body above her head. It is tense in the back, to hold rigorously the positions required of soverienity and carrying her superiority on squared shoulders.

Indeed, she was a beautiful woman both in face and body, but underneath her skin showed serious, strong muscle. She was no small waif that would bend a stiff breeze. She was the storm that made others bend backwards with her ferocity, and her body shows that as such.

»» Clothing/Accessories:
Katherine's clothing is simultaneously demure and a full expression of showing off her body as she desires. In fact, it is perhaps this in-between of modesty and suggestion that defines her clothing style.

Having advanced in puberty faster than most girls her age, possibly from the interaction with the hollow, Katherine wears body-hugging sweaters and shirts to show the expansiveness of her chest despite never wearing anything that would genuinely show any sort of her cleavage. She is especially prone to uniform-like clothing or wool sweaters when she she is cold. She also enjoys jackets.

As for her pants, Katherine enjoys skinny jeans when she's casual, but much prefers the feeling of freedom provided in a good skirt and tights, especially one that allows her to show off her thin, athletic legs. In fact, she prefers leggings and skirts to any other form of bottom-wear in nearly all occasions. She will even double-up or triple-up on leggings in colder weather to avoid wearing pants. They just feel too restraining to her.

Furthermore, Katherine can rock pretty much any kind of shoe she is given. However, she makes sure to keep her image and so will specifically hoard a collection of fashionable, yet age-appropriate footwear for just about any occasion. It can be very difficult to throw her off her game appropriately in terms of clothing and accessories. She always knows the best thing to wear.

Overall, Katherine wears the latest fashionable clothing, never showing too much skin but always showing her body in all the splendor that she deserves.

»» Movements/Expression:
To say that Katherine is a person who is ever rude or inappropriate is something impossible. In fact, Katherine's manner and behavior should be the thing that defines her personhood if only anyone pay attention to how graceful she was.

She has been trained how to walk like a queen, like someone befitting the Sauer name. Katherine walks and moves with grace, dignity, and most of all she moves in a way that is nothing short of intentional and deliberate. Every step she takes is with power. Every breath she takes is controlled. In short, her every twitch of muscle is with utter carefulness to maintain her image.

As with everything she does, Katherine's expression and resting facial expression has been carefully constructed. She wears a soft, almost friendly smile with her at all times. This makes her look potentially significantly less horrifying than she could actually be, especially given her personality. What's more, this persona of hers allows her the ability to look at the world and make it known that she is not one to be trifled with. Her composure never wavers and her ability to look at the world with an unflinching smile to any face of danger would shock and intimate most people of weaker wills.

In summary, Katherine uses a carefully controlled demeanor and manner in her clothing, her skin, her face and movements to make herself seem as noble and controlled as possible. Specifically, she has a strict beauty regimen to keep her skin clean and spotless of any marks whatsoever, giving her pale skin the appearance of perfection. Furthermore, she has blue eyes that always seem radiant, and a carefully stylized head of silver hair, usually curled on the ends and tied into ponytails with ribbon.

Having a well developed body, Katherine wears clothing that is both form-hugging and breatheable, with very little skin actually shown despite the suggestiveness of her outfits. This allows her to get away with the image of humility and modesty while still making sure she brings attention to her own attractiveness. Furthermore, while her body is made to seem soft and flawless, it is also immensely strong with plenty of muscle to back up her grace.

Finally, Katherine's body movements suggest a royalty inherent to her image. She moves with deliberate confidence, and her expression is unwaveringly one who fears absolutely nothing and can be surprised by nothing, allowing herself to appear simultaneously friendly and intimidating in equal measure.

» Physical Appearance Image:
Click To Show:

II. Personality Traits

» Personality:

»» PRO - Indomitable:
Katherine is a spirit stronger than any quincy, even most hollow would have an extremely hard time. She is difficult to shake and, if she is determined to get something, she will do everything in her power in order to achieve it. This makes her a dangerous enemy, specifically if she has made it her goal to harm someone. In fact, when she has made it her goal to be harmful to someone, people better watch out. Her discipline is punishing and ruthless.

For example, if Katherine decided that she needed to get stronger, trying to prevent her strength would be something difficult for anyone to convince. She will strain herself to injury on exercise, and only then decide she just needs to exercise smarter but just as hard to minimize injury instead. Her determination is one of the traits that make her who she is, and has helped her survive hard, sad times.

If she did not have her strength of spirit, she would not be the woman she is today, not by a long shot. It is only through her spirit that she has been able to overcome the trials life has thrown at her and helps her continue despite the setbacks. Her capabililty to develop an idea of what she wants and sticks to it is indeed her strongest, most treasured trait. Few people can rival it.

»» CON - Cavalier:
Katherine, Katherine, what is your worst weakness? Clearly, your arrogance. Just as a shark is most vulnerable as it closes its eyes for the final lunge, Katherine is the weakest when she she is totally assured of her win. However, she believes she has the upper hand in almost all contexts, and so she is always vulnerable to having her ego stroked.

Note that this is the opposite of her own stalwart behavior. Her full confidence that anything is within her reach if she strains enough causes her to be almost insufferably arrogant in her own abilities. If she's ever overpowered, she will only perceive it as a temporary setback to her abilities, and that one day she will be the one to win.

Her absolute belief in herself often gets her into trouble where she bites off more than she can chew. Not that she minds. When every defeat is a setback, she can see herself as on top of the world regardless of what she does. Perhaps the worst part about her arrogance is how deep it is entrenched into her identity. To root it out, or to cure it, would be an absolute miracle to everyone involved.

»» PRO- Regal:
To put it simply, Katherine is a queen and she expects to be seen as the queen she is. The mixture of her stalwart nature and arrogant presentation, paired with her careful treatment of her demeanor has made her seem like royalty among men. This means she is more likely to get what she wants, and she is more likely to garner respect from those around her.

It is this demeanor that has helped get her very far indeed. A very "fake it till you make it", it's shocking to announce how many people would tolerate a girl like her walking in acting like she knows what she's doing. It allows her to become a natural leader and also someone that knows what to say to put her subjects at ease.

Furthermore, she knows how to lead people and she knows how to get people to do what she wants and pamper her the way she desires pampering. She is sweet and soft, but also hard and firm, all at once. And this combination, along with the sense of being "above it all" has allowed her to go very far in how others feel comfortable treating her and how much she can get away with others.

»» CON - Immature:
Despite her queenly demeanor and determined behavior, Katherine is still very much a young girl. She doesn't know all the harshness of life she thinks she does. She still has a ways to go before she fully matures in the brain, even if her body is fairly mature. She acts like a young girl a lot, and in doing so shows her age.

One of the examples is that she still sometimes suffers moments of vulnerability where she seeks a strong, parental hand to tell her what to do or offer her safety. She also has a questionable stability in terms of her self-identity and, in fact, digging at this is one of the best ways to get under her skin. It's even more effective than humiliating her.

Finally, her immaturity means that her mind hasn't fully developed a full thought process. She will sometimes do thinks randomly, and do things without fully understanding the consequences of her behavior. As a result of this, she will occasionally get herself in trouble without even realizing it until the consequences dawn on her. She still needs to learn how to think and how to handle her own emotions and behave appropriately.

»» PRO - Persuasive:
Katherine is in short very skilled at making people see the way she sees things. She has a silver tongue, and can be anything from an excellent kiss-ass to the person you need to tell you when you're full of it. The idea is that she knows exactly what she needs to say and how to say it at pretty much any time. Her persuasive abilities are one of the ways she gets what she wants even when she's wildly unqualified otherwise.

The thing is, if she wants to convince someone something, she is going to do it. This, paired with her queenly behavior and her stubbornness will make her very difficult to handle when she has a disagreement with someone. She will do things even manipulative, cruel, or abusive to get her way when she needs to have things done. And she'll keep doing it until she breaks through and gets what she wants.

»» CON - Hotheaded:
As a consequence of her arrogance paired with her immaturity, Katherine can be a bit of a hothead. If she's under the impression that she's been shamed or otherwise wronged in some way she will be the most venomous, vindictive creature in the world. She will seem so poisonous that it will be shocking that she's ever been a quincy and not a demon or worse.

Her ability to develop and hold a grudge knows nearly no bounds. If you are on her shit list (and she has a very long, very detailed shit list) you are very likely to hear of it later when she has enough influence and power to make you pay. More than anything else, she always has an agenda going on, and most of it is getting back at people who've wronged her in the past.

You have been warned. Do not upset the marquise. She will find you.

»» PRO - Quick of Wit:
One of the things that keep Katherine entertaining is how quickly she can spit something intelligent at someone. It's shocking how well she can intake, parse, and then return new information. This gives her an overall impression among people who talk with her that she is an exceptional woman, especially with her ability to percieve and point out small things.

She has a lot of "street smarts" which allow her to read practically any situation and, most importantly, respond to it in a way that keep her on the advantageous side in any conflict. This has saved her ass more than once, and more than likely it will do so again and again as she navigates the world. Eventually, she plans to use this kind of fast diplomatic skill to make her undeniably superior to everyone else.

»» CON - Prone to Nervousness:
Despite all her confidence, bravado, and strength, Katherine is still just a young girl. She is prone to bouts of nervousness and anxiety, especially if put in a situation where her ruse has been caught. Once she's thrown off her game, she's really thrown off her game it is is exceptionally hard for her to recover compared to people who've been at it longer than she.

When she's unsure what to do, she's a completely different person. She's shy, demure, even scared. It brings her back to times when she didn't know who, or what she was, and where -if anywhere- would accept her where she is now instead of trying to force her into something else. She seeks comfort and solace, and this is where she is weakest, when her nervousness and worry about her identity is truly found our and exploited.

Katherine has a bad habit of overthinking and second guessing everything. That's probably just another consequence of her obsession with being considered superior to everything around her. She will question everyone, including herself, about her position in relative to everyone else and what she's doing and if what she's doing is really what she wants to achieve. When someone catches her pattern of behavior, however, she will probably try to cut them out of her life or otherwise silence them.

And then obsess about them in case they come to haunt her months later.

»» PRO - Strategist:
One of the big things being a child of the Sauer has forced her to be is an excellent strategist. She's memorized the advantages and disadvantages of pretty much every major battle that the Quincy race was involved in, including the technology used, positions, numbers, and skills of the participants. She has a near encyclopedic knowledge of what has been and currently being done on the fields of war.

This she often uses to her advantage in order to leverage her intelligence, as many of the tactics are also applicable on how to handle humans. Being a Sauer and taking the Sauer education has forced to think in a very analytical way about nearly every situation she is and approach every conflict like a puzzle or a game. Katherine is not anything to sniff at when it comes to games of the mind.

If given the opportunity, she will spin circles around the competition.

»» CON - Nefarious:
Oh boy, where to begin with Katherine's dark streaks! She's been on the streets and surviving on her own for a long time, and so she's well acquainted with the dark underbelly of any civilization. She will actively partake in alcohol and drugs, sex and parties, and any number of hedonistic pursuits as expected for a girl her age and on her own with no parental attention.

Her sense of morality is, if anything, vaguely questionable and seems to rely almost entirely on "rule of self", that is to say, anything she does, she is justified in doing regardless of all other circumstance. For a good time, she's willing to do just about anything and get into all sorts of trouble with anyone. For all her clean and pampered presentation, there's a debauched streak that she has no hesitation in showing.

Overall, Katherine is a strong and independent young lady. She's seen the seedy underbelly of living on your own in cities. She's exceptionally smart when it comes to strategy, getting people on her side, and has an almost magnetic demeanor that makes her difficult to resist when she wants something done. She is an excellent leader, a wonderful ally, and a force to be reckoned with to her enemies.

On the other hand, Katherine is still in many ways still a young girl. She is sometimes timid, and often times is secretly needing emotional support that she's missed from family. She is often too quick to anger, and has a bad habit of pursuing reckless, hedonistic fun. Once her weaknesses are exposed, it's very difficult for her to recover, and she will obsess about her own flaws to the detriment of her strengths.

III. Character History

» History

»» "I was born beloved."
Katherine was born after a long, painful birth, at 7 am. She was deemed Katherine, after all the greats before her, and nestled into her mother's arms with all the expectation of a babe. The Sauer's had difficulty having pure blooded quincies born these days, and it was especially important to repopulate their numbers in wake of their history of strife and war.

It was especially important that the Sauer clan did this, for they were the brains of the Quincy. They were the scholars and scientists and the discoverers of the Quincy. Their name was well known in their research to the Quincy powers, the spiritual energy they took in, and in their thorough development into new weaponry to fight the ever-growing threat of demons, shinigami, hollow, and anyone else that would threaten their way of life.

Thus, Katherine's birth was considered of great important to the clan, and her first breaths were met with cheers and excited hugs amongst her closest family members. She would be a welcome addition, for she was born strong and with minimal health problems. She had healthy lungs to scream like a jet plane taking off, and yet when calm she was as demure as any lady.

Simply put, Katherine was born with high hopes for her to take the clan far. She would carry their banner into the future and to ever-higher status amongst the Quincy and by doing so carry their race further beyond the reach of anyone else who may harm them or try to eradicate them ever again. She was a symbol of continuation, of countless victories after long-hard fights to maintain themselves and their sovereignty.

»» "My greatness grew with my body."
Katherine was a surprise, even amongst her people. She walked earlier than the others born of her age. She could speak earlier, faster, and more eloquently than anyone else. She shocked the doctors with her ability to describe her own symptoms to them, everything from ear infections a rather serious case of pink eye upin her first experience with preschool.

And in turn with her advancement, she became beloved by the Sauers ever more. Katherine was their hope for a new and more powerful Quincy, their clever and wonderful girl, the to-be matriarch of the entire Sauer clan. She was brought up learning all the official languages of the United Nations, alongside complex trade secrets only the Sauer clan understood about the technology developed to help the Quincy race. Katherine took to her lessons admirably, even the boring ones about how to be a proper lady.

By the age of nine, Katherine was proving to be one of the most advanced Sauer ever to have existed. She easily absorbed the knowledge of all those who came before, and was ready to begin borderline collegiate level studies in terms of Sauer technology. Her parent began to push her further and further. Trough her would be their legacy and she understood this intimately.

This began to cause a mild but intentional rift between Katherine and her parents. They were determined to push her as far as she could bear, and she understood why this was happening even as she found it unbearably unfair. It was because she was special. She was different. She was a Sauer and as such she needed to be able to prove her easy superiority to her peers. This meant she needed to work much harder than all of them, in a way that they would never know how hard she would need to work to accomplish her skills.

Perhaps even more difficult was that Katherine was encouraged to avoid making friends. Because she was so special, her parents were very careful not to let others know of her without their careful observance. After all, the shock and horror if anyone was able to influence her without the parents permission. It would be terrible if that was the case, for she would be the soon-to-be-matriarch. It was important that she be surrounded only with people who would influence her towards this path.

Ultimately, Katherine found this suffocating but understood why it was necessary. She loved her parents for all their struggle and she wanted desperately to fill the ever-bigger expectations of her. She wanted to make the Sauer family proud, even though their standards were constantly raising as she reached new heights of talent, skill, and hard work.

»» "My determination strengthened with my knowledge."
By the time Katherine hit her teenage years, she had become well-known in the Quncy race. She was the genius Sauer, the upper echelon of the collection of the most venerated of the pure blooded Quincies. In fact, anyone who didn't know Katherine may as well be considered an idiot, or perhaps not deserving of their Quincy blood at all.

By the time she was thirteen, Katherine was already deep into academia. She was studying technology that she believed would one day save the Quincy race, to power them again such that no one could dare challenge their superiority, no one could threaten to destroy them ever again. With the threats of Shadowfall, and the increasing gotei organization, the Quincy felt threatened, Katherine included.

This drove her to approach her studies with a desperate fervor that put her in a position where she could make contributions to knowledge by the time she was just fifteen years old. She did research on souls and the differences between Quincy souls and other spiritual types that rivaled many who had spent several decades on the same subject. In short, even the academic sphere lauded her prowess. Like a true Sauer, she was going to advance the collective knowledge of the Quincy race and discover the way to make them protected and powerful.

By the age of fifteen she was working on her master's degree in the field of soul studies on the way to earning a doctorate degree. In fact, when she was awarded her master's degree, she had already achieved enough research that she would normally be considered All But Dissertation level already. Of course, academia couldn't keep up with her determination and smarts. The discipline her parents drilled into her kept her going, even when she was technically off their leash.

»» "I would make the Sauer clan proud-"
The day that Katherine discovered the theory of the Hohl Arquero, she was just seventeen years old and continuing her research within one of the vast Sauer institutions. The Sauer clan had only become more and more influential as she became more and more renown. They recieved several major grants in order to research souls, specifically the limitations of Quincy soul and the differences between pure-blooded Quincies and other races.

Perhaps this was even worse, because she then had significant amounts of funding with which she could come and hunt her research to her heart's content. Specifically, Katherine used her grants to begin to research into the capture and containment of Arrancar souls, especially their separations from the body. Because hollow were such unique souls in how they were composed of very many souls, the isolation of an arrancar was a difficult thing that needed significant amounts of analysis on her part. And so Katherine devoted the next few years to it.

During this time, she understood a few things. She would need to become friends with an arrancar. Given modern day and age, arrancar were a race like any other. In fact, several arrancar were researchers like her in learning about their own soul composition, specifically what changed the soul of a hollow to an arrancar and the exact mechanisms to do it. Several were even analyzing how to simulate the transformation under a variety of circumstances. The difficulty of course was the lack of pre-existing knowledge base beyond the few that had occured just a century or two before.

In this case, Katherine's wide knowledge base was quite helpful. Even though quincy and arrancar weren't supposed to get along, it was relatively easy for her to convince arrancar to come and help her, even as she helped them in return. Academia in this place had become quite a meritocracy, where it frankly didn't matter your race as long as you produced good work. There were demons, arrancar, even hollow joining in on scholarly pursuits. Many of these races relied on the welcoming arms of academia to avoid the kind of suffering that occured in the world outside the ivory tower, to avoid the stigma they gleaned from their blood.

In this circumstance Katherine found her own freedom as well. In order to keep her research secret, she worked double-time on both mundane (but interesting) examinations into the nature of quincy souls while she also worked on several laboratories specializing in hollow and arrancar souls, specifically with the leaders of the field at the time. It was a great honor to have her working on one's research project at the time, and so Katherine used her fame as a genius to hunt and look for appropriate prey.

Her ultimate goal was to refine and create a hohl arqero herself such that she would be able to formally determine the creation of one, and maybe even develop a way for her own race to a controlled way to become this other race of part-quincy, part-hollow. While these had been seen in shinigami earlier and developed quite a stirr, Katherine fully believed that her position as a Sauer and it being done in an academic setting would grant her the ability to introduce this concept in a way that caused minimal panic and concern.

She began to befriend the other arrancar there, wholly uncaring for how she would eventually betray the organization around her. Even in academia, there was still societal's pecking order. Who cared if it meant that some few arrancar were damaged? Soul research was dangerous inherently, and no one really trusted these beasts-made-man, did they? They consumed souls, after all.

Who would really believe hollows and arrancar over the to-be-matriarch of the Sauers, the reknown quincy clan that had advanced science for over two centuries and helped produce groundbreaking work on par with the other races in the universe. Her reputation was so strong, so shining, that she could quite literally get away with murder. This is exactly what she planned to do.

One of the significant things she discovered in her research was how important will was to the hollows and the arrancar. In order to control all the souls in themselves, it was likely that the surviving conscious was indeed more willful than the others. Stronger and more dominant. This would justify the combative instincts of the hollow and arrancar species, but that would also mean if she was not careful, she would kill an innocent quincy as it was subsumed into an arrancar.

The other significant thing she discovered, and this she published with grand applause, that arrancar souls that are naturally born don't contain as many sub-souls as hollow or traditionally made arrancar. Essentially, arrancar that come from a line of families or similar contained only a small amount of souls relatively, enough to maintain their form but little else. This was a breakthrough for arrancar, as they could use it to justify that their species were not inherently violent but were violent by necessity to fight the wars inside them, and thus younger arrancar may not be so violence prone despite being part of the arrancar race.

What this, however, meant to Katherine was that she could hunt down and use a high-generation arrancar, who likely had a minimal amount of souls in the body. As further research developed, she was able to discover that the decrease of soul amount was exponential; meaning that if she could find a third or fourth generation arrancar from a traditional creation, she could likely discover that a strong-willed quincy would be able to dominate this arrancar.

This made perfect sense of course, in theory. However, the application was more complex. For one, she needed to find an arrancar who would do it. For another, she'd need to find a quincy. And finally, a way to fuse the souls in a manner that would cause a fight for control. Experimental fusion techniques were all the rage these days, so it shouldn't be difficult to find someone who was willing to work with her in developing the fusion technology. The difficulty was findind someone who would be willing to take on her experiment.

Since it was obvious if she told anyone, she would be ousted and shamed, she believed she would have to seek quietly for willful quincy, and so began to fill her laboratory with eager quincy students, excited to work under someone so reknowned as her. Unfortunately for her, she would find all of them not as dedicated as she was. Not as intelligent or persevering (albeit her standards were ridiculously high). Therefore she came to the conclusion that only one quincy would do in her secret experiments.

Katherine herself would be the first controlled hohl creation. She believed this was necessary, for success was absolutely needed if she were to be approved and lauded for her efforts. Anything less would be unaccaptable to the Quincy communtity and she would be strongly disregarded regardless of her Sauer name. But if she succeeded with herself, her reputation would be so powerful, and the effects so undeniable, that she would be able to advance her entire race to one that can conquer the hollow menace not only in combat but in spiritual prowess and will, as well.

Now where would the arrancar be? This was more difficult for Katherine to find out but she eventually came to the conclusion that she could simply befriend an arrancar. Due to her ability and authority to manipulate the academic sphere, and also her established papers with the arrancar community, it was easy to invite and essentially poach an arrancar. And she needed to be very careful in this, of what kind of poaching she could do.

Essentially, she selected her arrancar in particular. The arrancar she chose was a bright post-doc student who needed more publishing experience before she would be considered enough to be accepted as faculty. This was a seeming boon from Katherine, as she was providing the post-doc an entire scholarship in order to come work for her, generous, and also provided housing. The arrancar in question, a bright young girl by the name of Penelope, was a fourth generation arrancar. Practically a human in terms of soul count. Penelope was a nice, shy woman. Demure.

In short, Penelope was perfect for the needs of Katherine, and Katherine planned to take full advantage. She would kill Penelope, without remorse, without concern.

For science, after all. For the good of the quincy race. As Katherine had been drilled on since she was born. Everything she would do would be for the best of the quincy race.

Ultimately, her friendship with Penelope was a farce to learn more about her. Penelope was a true shrinking violet. She had been hurt when she was a child. She had lived a life of being bullied and viewed as a monster when all she wanted to do was be a good girl, and all she wanted to do with her research was to be useful. She was not strong, and so all she had was cleverness to compel her forward through life. She was a student not because she wanted to be but because she didn't know anything else to be. Perfect, perfect.

Katherine was quick to have the necessary objects developed when she was finally able to come up with a plan. She personally commissioned a soul manipulation machine using state of the art technology, one that can both extract and infuse one soul to another. This she used to justify a greater examination of souls but also figure out a way to make a calmer hollow without killing it by infusing it with a more peaceful soul.

»» "-until they betrayed me."

»» "I am still great, and my legend has only begun."

IV. Equipment

» Equipment: N/A

V. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Skills: (In this section you can list anything they can do from their general/will racial sheets. In addition to that, you can list non-power related feats they can do as well. Such as if they have a strong immune system, spiritual awareness, good battle skills or anything like that.)

VI. Hohl Arquero Skills & Abilities

Quincy Based(Arrancar)

» Arrancar Abilities: (What Arrancar abilities do they acquire?)

» Arrancar Modification: (What Arrancar modifications have they obtained?)

» Mask Appearance: (What does their mask look like?)

» Mask Benefits: (What benefits and other things do they gain from their mask?)

» Soul Unification Appearance:

» Soul Unification Abilities: (What abilities do they gain in this form/other information about it?)

» Soul Expansion Appearance:

» Soul Expansion Abilities: (What abilities do they gain in this form/other information about it?)

» Spirit Domain Appearance: N/A (Not Unlocked)

» Spirit Domain Abilities: N/A (Not Unlocked)

VII. Spirit Weapon

» Spirit Weapon Name: (What is your Hohl's spirit weapon's name?)

» Spirit Weapon Appearance: (What is your Hohl's spirit weapon's appearance?)

» Spirit Weapon Abilities: (What abilities does it possess?)

VIII. Zanpakutō


» Zanpakutō Name: (What is the name of their Zanpaktou?)

» Zanpakutō Apperance: (What does their Zanpaktou look like?)

» Zanpakutō Sealed Powers: (What are the sealed powers of their Zanpaktou?)

IX. Quincy Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved.

Quincy skills should always be here, the only one that should be removed is either Arrancar or Hollow.

Vollstandig should be put to beginner if your are unable to reach ascended unless you are a Quincy base.

Remove this message afterwards)

Quincy Skills
  • Marksmanship Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Blut: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hirenkyaku: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Reishi Manipulation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Arrancar Skills
  • Perquisa: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Sonido: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Cero/Bala: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hierro: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


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