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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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 Tsukiya	Unabara  (Approved, 1-3+) Empty Tsukiya Unabara (Approved, 1-3+)

Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:59 pm
Shinigami Dossier

Family Matters: Tsukiya is the last survivor of the Unabara and was saved as an teenager from death. His life has been anything but easy since the Unabara Massacre that occurred. Damien is the only family the boy really has now as he was adopted to some extent by the man. Damien has been passing on the teachings that he learned. Training Tsukiya to become a true warrior. From the Unabara he is the only blood child to Tsubasa and an unknown female. Keeping the family line alive through his genetics. He did inherit much of his father's personality or lack thereof. Though his mother shines through brightly Damien informs him often. Damien as a father has been beyond acceptable even going so far as to leave his previous life for Tsukiya. While the two don't always agree or even get along on all subjects he has no complaints. As he never knew his father or the type of man he was. Tsukiya doesn't know the family nor their problems. The Seven Sins and all the nonsense of the past can remain dead for all he cares.

Name: Tsukiya Unabara
Age: 400
Alignment: Neutral
Height: Five feet, eight inches
Weight: One Hundred and Sixty Pounds
Physical Appearance: Tsukiya has the appearance of a young man with white hair and yellow eyes. Taking features largely from his mother as far as Damien knows. While his body is another store. Tsukiyu is in extremely excellent shape for fighting people on a physical front. His body is fit enough meat could be ground on it. Though most people wouldn't realize just using his physical prowess alone that he could fight with someone. Tsukiya has much of Tsubasa's features that were passed down to him. While not really wanting to kill his enemies. He more wanted to have an enjoyable fight if anything. His belief and systems were entirely different from others. His clothing that he wears is made of special fibers to keep him from fighting seriously. Damien designed and came up with the idea of always keeping Tsukiya's physical body in constant growth. His shirt and pants were around two hundred kilos alone. The cloak that he was instructed to keep on is around 50 kilos with his shoes coming in at 20 apiece. To most, this seems useless and pointless. But Damien never in raw spiritual power being the key. He believed the physical body was important and must be groomed and grown. Thus Tsukiya's clothing is a reflection of that practice. While he is young due to these special clothes he's built an extremely effective body. Upon removing them the boy is extremely fast and capable of massive amounts of power. His clothing takes a white robe like appearance in different pieces and his shoes also match the outfit. Giving him the appearance of being a regular soul in the Soul Society. Though this is deceptive entirely. Damien wanted him to look this way to catch people off guard evidently.


Reserved: Tsukiya has a very reserved mentality and doesn't seem to bothered by anything. Mostly training and doing things of that nature under some protest. He finds them to be trying things comparing the world and it's ruled to shackles worn on his wrists. But something strange about him is he does acknowledge the need for them. While he doesn't follow or believe in the Unabara Systems his father made. He's completely content with the way the world is. Changing it or being involved in things is too much of a hassle. Being over energetic isn't his style as he likes to take things slowly. Spunky and energetic just doesn't fit well with his belief and practices. He often time thinks of the best way to handle things without expending much energy. Thinking it best to conserve his energy wisely and fight to his strengths.

Indifferent: He doesn't really care if the world burns or survives things. His training in two different areas made him practically numb to all that. While he does smile it seems very much like his true one is lost. He's not been able to look at many things without an indifference to them. He see's the world as this place where freedom must run around. Shackles bind each person and they need them in a way to remain human. Tsukiya believes these shackles are a conformity of the world around him. But it's something he believes is needed. As only one topic interests him and that's his families butchering. He does desire revenge for that act of taking away his entire clan. But at the same time believes karma caught up with them. They were killers and savages little more in his eyes. His indifference about their death even though he desires the killing of those in line with it. That is something he must do for himself and those involved. It is a shackle he will shatter with his might.

Calm: To say that Tsukiya has a calm personality is an understatement. While not inheriting the families nature overall. He did come into the calm belief due to his parents. He doesn't show much in the way of emotions due to this. Some people used to joke in the family he was unfeeling. This part isn't untrue as he doesn't understand emotions or such things. They are a complicated part of a person. Something like a shackle that binds and frees them. His just happen to bind his emotions while he laughs and smiles somewhat. It's almost as though it's painful to do so. He often keeps this calm face on to mask all of his pain. The truth of it is that Tsukiya can't react any other way. Sometimes it's easier to just hide away from the pain that's lurking outside the door. Sometimes it's easier to find yourself within hiding beneath it all and remaining away from the truth. Tsukiya isn't sure how to react to the world or how it's changed.

Lonely: While he hides it well in the core of his being. Tsukiya is sad and lonely inside, hurting beyond reason. He trains to escape this feeling and run from its cold embrace. The loneliness he feels from the loss of everything is drenched inside of his being. Losing his entire family and loved ones in that instant. He has no reaction to how it all came about. His family's demise has left a scar in his heart where he feels alone. Despite Damien's efforts to rid the boy of that feeling. All he can do at this point is move forward and hide the feeling. Those memories of the fires and that night burn brightly. The night the Unabara Clan fell in their sleep with no mercy given. Damien saved him many times and for that Tsukiya is grateful eternally. But it will always feel as though something is missing. His brother and sister were both taken along with his father. He misses Tsubaki and Tetsuya so much as they were something teaching him how to be an Unabara and discussed things often.


Tsubasa Unabara: Estranged in the way that few others would understand really. Tsukiya and his father used to argue constantly about the way things were done. He didn't think killing people was right as a business. Assassination shouldn't be something you proudly go towards. You should be looking for another thing outside of that. But while Tsukiya and his father didn't get along perfectly. They did share a bond that taken away. Tsukiya claims he feels as though he lost an important piece of himself. While he didn't agree with his father it didn't mean he loved him less. He just refused to walk that line and be nothing more than a machine. Tsukiya wouldn't wear those shackles for anyone. Not even his father as he believed they were chaining them down. Preventing his father from seeing the true potential and goal ahead. This was the only thing that ever bothered Tsukiya in all.

Remillia Soan: From what Tsukiya could learn his mother was the daughter of Damien. Making Damien his grandfather thus the interest in him. His mother was a beautiful woman and a talented warrior. Her only wish was for her father to protect him. But he didn't understand any of this being related to them. How his father met the woman in the first place before his demise. He didn't understand any of these things.His mother was an extremely gifted warrior with a sword and also something of an exceptional talent when it came to the use of kido. But as a mother, she was more like a lioness protecting her cub. He only got to see her most of the time so her death has affected him more. His fathers have had little effect on the young man. Remillia could be best described as a fighter and warrior. A woman who he understood best to agree about the shackles fully heartedly. But she bore hers so much better than most people did. Tsukiya misses her terribly and is sad he'll never see her again.

Tsubaki Unabara: His darling sister that was a warm spot in his father's heart. He envied her ability to be the center of his world. Tsukiya wasn't even able to get his father's attention for anything. But she did love and care for him as well as being an invention. While the two got along better than most of the others. Tsukiya didn't know how to respond to his sister's demise either. She was like a second mom always taking care of him. Despite being younger than him truthfully. Tsubaki had a warm nature and heart in her. It was one tragedy that never stuck with him well. He didn't consider her a rival for attention from that man. Tsukiya knew he and his father would never see eye to eye. His mother and his father didn't either. Which still begs the question why she was killed along with the clan. The cleansing of a noble family was an odd thing. Tsubaki was the sun to the moonlight of his brother. He shall always remember the day the sun perished.

Tetsuya Tachibana: The heir declared by his father and the rival for attention. Tetsuya could never do anything wrong. He was mister perfect in their father's eye. It disgusted him how that worked. The Heir could do whatever he wanted and was flawless. He bore no shackle nor did he attempt too. His brother was simply the favorite with his sister being in their father's heart. While he lurked forgotten to the shadows of time. Tsukiya was someone who didn't follow the grain. He wasn't an expert swordsman or someone who could learn that easily. Zanjutsu didn't come naturally to him like them. He had to use different tactics and forms of his own. Learning his mother's hakuda style with something else. His brother just naturally had everything and answers. That always bothered him no matter how hard he tried. He could never impress their father. But Tetsuya could simply swing a sword and his father was impressed. That was something that would always bother him.


Enhanced Physicality: Tsukiya has undergone savage training under Damien to enhance his physical stats. From climbing up a mountain with weights tied to him. From studying the art of warfare and how to fight. Damien has drilled his body over and over again. The Kenpachi seemingly wants to make Tsukiya into the ultimate weapon that allowed him to do anything. In terms of his physical capabilities, Tsukiya is extremely skilled in the Unlimited Style and Shunko Fist his mother made. However, his body has had to be put through hell in order to ensure the world. Damien has given him the body he'll need to grow and cultivate into a fine weapon. By sitting under waterfalls and doing many things that few other teachers have put on him. Tsukiya's body has become a vessel of power and strength.

Immense Spiritual Pressure: Tsukiya like most has in his clan related to his father. He's inherited a massive amount of spirit energy. But his is something else entirely. His spiritual pressure is a strange one. Taking the form of water creating high amounts of moisture. His strength allows him to even effect the weather at times. Causing rain to start falling. He considers this merely a blessing as he always feels more comfortable in the rain. Part of his training has been to stop the waterfall with nothing but his spiritual energy. This has trained his energy into a fine weapon. Due to his experience, he can fight in wet areas without losing vision or having trouble.

Body Hardening: His body was trained and toughened up by the diverse and strange practices of Damien. His body is as hard as steel without the use of reiatsu. With it is another matter entirely. Damien's teachings enable him to fight with this. Being hit by him is like being hit by anvils that way tons. His body is hard to punch and almost like hitting a tree with no protection. If the tree were made of steel. No wasted muscle mass is on his body. By controlling the muscles and practicing for a long time. Tsukiya has a body that is fit for a Hakuda specialist. Capable of inflicting massive amounts of damage with just his body.

Busoshoku:The only form he was able to learn from Damien's special skills. But he's extremely skilled in the use of it. Able to cover in layers over his body in the iron-like substance. Defending himself from blows with Reiatsu hardening and his own body hardening skills. Tsukiya has a will of iron. Much like his old nickname that Damien gave him as a boy. The Iron Will of the Unabara. But that was a name he gave up and decided to abandon. No matter what the circumstances Tsukiya doesn't know the meaning of surrender. Giving up is simply not in his options list. Damien's technique is one adding to the already powerful Reiatsu hardening. This doesn't mean he's invincible. Enough power will bust through this and cause damage to him. He's a bit more durable due to his physical training with Shunko on top of this. But by no means is he unbreakable. Unsinkable ships sink and unbreakable walls break. He can fall before the fury of the winds. Everything is within the realm of possibility.


How He Learned It: While still very young his mother was a user of the form. She had mastered most it's applications and turned it into a fighting style. Using this to grow into someone with impressive skills and prowess. She began training her son on using the form when he was younger. Tsukiya wasn't very good at the beginning only able to summon small amounts to his palm. This made it harder for him to understand how his functioned. While his mother's element was lightning his didn't gain that attribute. Instead, his training had to change and some of his intelligence began to show here. Realizing that shunko had elemental natures to it. He realized that his mother's form fit her. But he would be required to learn different ways of fighting. His training to learn shunko was done through harsh means. Tsukiya was forced to use it to balance on spikes and even had to sleep with it on. His mother would make his sleep on a bed of nails to train him. Absolute control over the power of Shunko was desired by her. Then he would spend his days taking attacks from his mother's shunko techniques. Learning to absorb and not die from the blows. His childhood was a hellish environment to grow into. Great progress is made often when one's life is in jeopardy his mother would say. She'd use techniques that would kill people to push her son.

Shunko Uteki: One of the first realizations that he had was his shunko was water based. So the first technique he began to practice was the Uteki. He was able to send a small bullet like projectiles at his enemies. These formed from his shunko around his body. These were useful in terms of catching attacks or his enemies off guard. By using Uteki he would form energy around the size of a raindrop. Sending it off with a gesture at his target. The bullet raindrop could break the sound barrier with its speed. However, this did take some time for him to get the speed up. He can send multiple drops out at a time if he wants too. He can send out up to five at a time at his enemy though the accuracy falls sending many out over one.

Shunko Genzai: Most notice it upon activation of his shunko. But Tsukiya's Shunko takes the form of a current going around his body. Depending on his movement and mannerism the energies flow is different. It changes it's a pattern to function much like the current of an ocean. It can be calm or peaceful at times. But at others, it's a raging hurricane with power and velocity behind it. This is partly what shields him from blows and attacks. When an attack hits the current it's gets drifted down stream and away. Moving in a flow with the energy that's pulling it in and sending it away.

Shunko Tsunami: A formal blast based technique that he is able to use. However, it doesn't work in terms of a straightforward shot. The attack gains power as it moves crashing down upon his target. The full weight of a Tsunami is behind the blast. Causing it to do massive damage at the location it falls. The energy wave grows as it goes using momentum to build it. This allows it to grow and build into a powerful blast. Capable of countering out some blows that come towards it. However, this doesn't make this technique the best one by any means. More powerful moves can overpower it.

Shunko Fist:His mother's special technique is something that he learned. Shunko normally covers the entire body in its cloak. By taking away your defense you can channel it all to your fists. This is a pure offensive mindset and will increase your damages. Both fists become cloaked in Shunko energy and can be used to inflict massive amounts of damage upon an enemy. However, the downside is your body is left open to attacks. But by doing this a punch could equal an immense amount of damage. By learning this the user can control with pinpoint accuracy where the Shunko goes. They can do finger punches that are capable of destroying solid walls. Tsukiya does find using it to be taxing but it's more about focusing his energy into the right places. Understanding the flow of energy through your arms and using it. You can also use this for a speed increase as a mean's of propulsion. By using immense energy pressure to control your output. You can fly around with rapid speed and put it behind your footwork.

Unlimited Fist

How It was Learned:By learning this he was able to produce techniques he couldn't with the blade. Damien realized that Tsukiya wasn't good with the sword for some reason. His understanding of the blade had been tainted by the Unabara. So Damien instead focused on teaching him in a way he could translate the techniques into moves that he would use in this way. Damien's skills at figuring out how much the boy knew were simple. Testing his Hakuda he was able to the realization this was an immense strength. The Unlimited Blade Techniques would become a fist based moves for him. Damien would teach him in Hakuda base instead of Zanjutsu. Teaching him that in a way that he would be able to utilize the blade in any form or fashion. Damien's style of fighting was a freeform that allowed him to fight with no restraints.

Unlimited Demon: The first technique he was quite good at due to his control. Learning how to cut into the third dimension was hard at first. But understanding the frequency of energy Damien used to do it. He began to realize the technique could be more. The physical lines could be connected to make a cage. Making ten per post and them fading in two posts. This allowed him to find that the energy could connect and grow. Tsukiya realized this technique's true was he could use it as a defense and offensive Hakuda. These lines will tear into the flesh of those who come into contact. They are extremely visible bright yellow lines. Capturing someone with them is a possible outcome. Damien's Demon has become one of Tsukiya's salvations. While not being able to produce nearly as great as Damien can. He is capable of learning and improving the techniques of the past. Improving upon his new teachers moves and using them in this fashion. Tsukiya has found himself a way to grow into a warrior. The demon is done by energy being put on the fingers and carving into the third dimension.

Unlimited Angel: This fist technique is a special one as it uses sound waves. By attacking his enemies with high-frequency sound waves with his hands. He's able to inflict damages to them through their ears. The eternal damages done to them show based on the impact of sound. Some enemies end up coughing blood upon the ground. His prowess at using this goes beyond that. He's able to enhance sound and send it out with massive effect. For example, if he were to dodge an attack and get to someone. He could enhance the soundwave of a finger snap next to someone's ear. Knocking them out by overloading them. Now this won't always work as some people could resist it. And he'd have to be right next to them. Both situations are unhealthy for the user. Getting close to an enemy can have risks that will catch the user off guard. Developing the use of this as a means of sending vibration and sound waves into a target's body through impacts.

Unlimited Phoenix: By lowering his center of gravity he creates around him a trigram entry point. Upon entering the path he decides how to handle someone. It's a radar like an area that he created within the fist. Reaction without thinking merely doing. Letting his body carry out the action without thought. A natural movement that is beyond just reflex. More along the lines of breathing just something natural in your everyday movements. Learning this and activating this mode is something different. His style of fighting is mostly this as it's not so much a technique. As it is a specialized form for fighting in different methods. Many responses exist to the questions that come in combat. Phoenix addresses both defense and offensive fighting choices for the young man. Breathing and moving with the flow of combat is the purpose. Tsukiya may never be the swordsman his father was. But he never intended to be anything similar to his father.

Unlimited Sword

This style is something that in truth he never did grasp well. Damien had to drill this into his skull so often that he forgot what life was. Tsukiya isn't a skilled swordsman by any rights and had trouble wielding a blade. His knowledge of swordplay had been tainted by Tsubasa. His father was a lousy teacher for a normal kid. While he could have developed a style that fit his son's hakuda style. Damien saw this and decided to pass the Unlimited Sword to the boy as well. this style does have techniques but they aren't really it's backbone. Its style is called Unlimited because it doesn't count on stances or boring belief and flash. The idea of this is for Tsukiya to fight much like Phoenix. Responding naturally to the situation around him and coming at it with different beliefs. No angle is the right way or perfect way. This is purely situational and built upon that system and belief. The Unlimited Possibilities of combat must be embraced.


Kasukēdo: This is his take on the Utsusemi move that most use. Using a water based form when the enemy hits it. The form crumbles into water upon the ground showing itself as a puddle. He has a multitude of options from this. As he's capable of going into the water and coming out of it. Using this step allows him to perform a fast-paced version of Utsusemi that he can execute on a dime. Doing things that feel natural is the entire point of Tsukiya's beliefs. This step fits into his water based skills quite well. By performing this he's able to use an offshoot of the popular step. That serves a second purpose overall. This is a once a thread move that he does need to know the attack is coming. Whiling hiding in the puddle he can be targeted. This isn't a perfect defense system if someone figures it out he's pretty defenseless in that puddle. So attacking it will do damage to him.


Zanpakuto Name: Mizuchi
Reishi Color: Aqua Blue
Zanpakuto Release Command:[/bCascade
[b]Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance:
Zanpakuto Spirit Personality: His zanpakuto spirit has a very common personality. Being affectionate and caring to him at most times. The two share a bond that he doesn't consider a shackle. And often times will sit and converse for hours about things. He takes a fatherly take towards young Tsukiya. Understanding that the boy isn't the strongest in the world. That he doesn't share the pain with others and not showing them everything that goes on within. The only one who can see the pain that he hides behind that smile is Mizuchi. Mizuchi knows that his heart has taken a burden with his families death. Damien seeks to cure it and Mizuchi while uncertain is a very supportive and kind sword. The personality is that of one you'd expect from an older spirit. He and Tsukiya have been together since he was young. Their bond is very strong and capable to a point where Mizuchi will heal his injuries. This isn't exactly a powerful skill that the zanpakuto has.

Sealed Form Appearance: His zanpakuto has a typical sealed appearance like others. Wrapped in silk around the handle. With a cross type guard that is in the form of sharp points outwards. Gripping it the way he does allows him to hold his weapon more firmly. This is something that comes with the sword's normal skills. It takes the form of a katana with a small modification in the bottom. A special key is held in the hilt of his sword. This key unlocks the weights to his clothing. Tsukiya keeps it within his zanpakuto's storage section. Doing this gives him a slight advantage on his enemies. As they don't anticipate a key to be the thing it's harboring within it.

Sealed Zanpakuto Powers:

[*]Minor Healing: The blade is capable of healing the wielder and closing minor injuries such as cuts and stabs. Slowing the bleeding and taking some of the bleedings down from within by doing so.

[*]Pressurized Water: His zanpakuto can fire off blasts of water from it's blade. Hitting his target with water that can cut or rip apart some enemies. The water is fired at such a pressure and thin way that it can slice into his enemy. Allowing him to do damage on a level few people would realize. While in sealed his sword may only perform this feat from the blade, however. It's incapable of performing it from any other sections of the weapon. By controlling his attacks he can extend the reach of one with the sword. Catching his enemy off guard and cutting them apart. The water is strong enough to cut through most things. Its skill at slicing is something few would realize till they are struck. By using this method of fighting he's able to be a deadly fighter. His father Tsubasa believed he could be an excellent assassin. But he didn't believe that was to be the case for him. Tsukiya wanted something different and better for himself. To become a better warrior and use Mizuchi properly.

[*]Mositure Manipulation: He's able to control the moisture in the air to create the water based attacks. These allow him to control the temperature of the water. While he doesn't have techniques to create ice based attacks. He can freeze the water in the air and attack that way. But within his practice to be free of that shackle. Solid form is something Tsukiya believes is flawed in its nature. By using his zanpakuto he's able to be formless. To take nothing but water and attack with that alone. By doing this he is able to create in this fashion.

Zanpakuto Shikai Appearance: Bringing his sword in front of him horizontally he utters it's command releasing the blade. Upon release, his sword disperses into water. Turning into a small amount that seems to fall around him. This water at first glance does nothing till he desires it to do so. But's it is far more than just that. His zanpakuto has just become the moisture in the air around you. Turning into its liquid state grants him a method of attack. Using his techniques to destroy his enemies. While doing nothing he may shape or attack with water and moisture from within the air how he decides. The attack is an open-ended thing with many angles of coming at his target. While his zanpakuto's moisture may be used for offense as well as defense. While in its standby phase like this he can pick one or the other effectively. His zanpakuto can reform into a blade if he decides to do so. But it is effective this way as well for performing its attacks.

Shikai Techniques:

  • Kraken Ten Tentacles of water shoot from the ground or air at his command. Impaling the target and either using the pressurized water to slice it in half. Or it will simply drown his enemy within its water vortex. By releasing this command he's able to attack or defend once again effectively. Using these to deflect projectile energy if it's capable of doing so. Meaning it's not going to knock back something that overpowers it.

Bankai Appearance: His bankai's activation does something interesting as the person witnessing it. Will the ground exploding with water everywhere. These are the signal that his sword has begun the phase of which it's most proud. While in this form it has the most moves and tools at it's usage to destroy and protect Tsukiya. After activation, he does gain a sword for use when he desires. The pressure of the water around this sword is absolutely crushing. To be cut by it would completely slice away almost anything it touches. The pressure alone is damaging to those who get overly close to it. Causing them to misread his sword's power as gravity at times. But a water like a vortex is moving around the blade. And unless he desires it to be seen it remains hidden. Some people with proper training can see the move through focus. However, they will need to focus entirely on seeing it in weaker cases. While stronger will be able to witness it completely.

Bankai Techniques:

  • Suzaku: The first is the Phoenix of his Bankai's powers. By moving his blade at a fast enough speed the vortex around his weapon allows him to swing with a fierce amount of power. Sending out an attack larger than what most people expect. But the benefit of Suzaku is he can send attacks off of his blade to hit people. By doing this activation he is able to send out massive attacks. Capable of destroying defenses that come into contact with his sword. Suzaku is a move that is to destroy or eat away the defenses. The friction of the water and pressure allows it to almost consume armoring and things like that. Ripping through them like butter, but it doesn't mean it's perfect. A strong enough enemy could endure the blow from his Suzaku and walk it off. It all depends on the execution of the move and how he performs it.

  • Byakko: The next technique within it's kit is the popular acceleration. Around his body is a current of water moving at super fast speeds. Much like Suzaku, this is a passive power one that protects him. But while it does this it does have the option of offense. Though by switching it he lowers his defense to focus on offense. The speed of the pressure on the water allows him to cut through most things well. The defense around his frame will destroy most things that come into contact with him. The current will consume even energy based attacks. In the case where energy would consume this, it will not falter and reach an impasse. Meaning nothing will occur due to Byakko's power. The vortex keeps turning and it simply rejects outside infection type attacks. Now this vortex isn't perfect and with the proper amount of strength can be broken. Tsukiya believes it is effective with his other defenses, however. But he is well aware thanks to Mizuchi nothing is perfect in this world.

  • Genbu: This is the first activation technique he uses when activating his bankai. The moisture around him gets compressed into tiny droplets of a small size. He then fires them at the enemy letting them expand. The pressurized shots can be fired in the hundreds to thousands depending on moisture within the air. The impact can be similar to that of a shotgun blast or even a sniper rifle. The traveling speed of the attack is extremely fast compared to some things. By pressuring the water it can break the sound barrier and hit targets. While not perfect and not all will be wounded or even unable to avoid it. Genbu's compression of water into attacks isn't just this. It lets him take the water from his sword and even compress that or his previous moves into things. This allows him to function differently within his bankai form. By doing this Tsukiya has found his own way. By combining the moves and using them accurately together he's found harmony with his zanpakuto.

  • Seiryu: His final move within Bankai is the activation of this. He takes every last drop of moisture in the air to perform an attack. He brings all of the water around him quickly compressing it to create a final attack. Rapidly spinning and creating compression within it. The vortex is moving at such a speed around him those caught in it are torn to shreds if they get close. But this move isn't defensive in nature it's just some charge without judging. He brings his sword upwards and prepares himself to release a tsunami wave from his location. This attack doesn't need to be a blast of massive proportion at a target. His attack can be sent out as thousands of attacks or even higher numbers. These potent destructive bullets and other such things wait. They could be bombs of water pressurized to the point upon impact they dissolve what they hit. The usage of Seiryu is about freedom to attack or defend as needed. Tsukiya isn't very skilled at using this as of yet.

Shikokai Appearance: Upon releasing this he is covered by water as his body begins to disappearing behind the swirling vortex around him. The transformation beginning as his skin turns a liquid blue and the moisture in the air is almost insane. As the earth, itself seems to get wet in the presence of him. His eyes have taken on a dragon like an appearance and his skin is scaled now. With claws upon his fist as he clasps his zanpakuto. His body seems to be extremely strong durable from this release. As his spiritual pressure explodes and his eyes glow staring outwards. Tsukiya's Shikokai is a potential is unknown even to him. As this form is it's only power at the moment. Allowing it to create a powerful body for him to fight with. His attacks seem to fire highly pressurized water at enemies and it even moves depend on him independently. Tsukiya's Shikokai embraces the idea of acting according to its desires it's previous forms by both defense and offense.

Shikokai Technique:

  • Kouryuu: This is a power that activates upon his release of it. His body is strengthened and increased with high amounts of power. Capable of doing massive destruction with his hands alone. While he doesn't need to fight with a sword in this form it's a choice for him. Kouryuu acts as a potent device for him. His scales are harder than steel to break and take a large amount of impact. Each scale has pressurized water covering it so just hitting one barehanded is risky. His body is physically strengthen beyond regular belief. He's capable of doing massive physical damage with his strength alone. A single swing is capable of producing several megatons of force. His speed and stamina are also greatly increased making him much faster than he was previously. Able to travel along currents of water at a lightning pace. Tsukiya in this form is truly a dragon of the Unabara. Becoming something to be feared and greatly respected.

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Born to Remillia Soan and Tsubasa Unabara's pairing in which came nothing but one son. Remillia and Tsubasa didn't see eye to eye thus nothing came of this pairing. The two disagreed on children among other things. To strong willed people who couldn't begin to get along to raise a child. For Tsukiya this meant he was divided between two homes. Spending time with his mother and her father Damien. When he was old enough to walk his training began which was Unabara custom. However, unlike the others no matter how he tried Tsukiya couldn't seem to comprehend the art. The killing didn't come naturally to him like other Unabara. He would protest it without end. He was pushed over and over beaten and subjected to cruel training. His father would attack him with kendo sticks and so would other relatives. But to his credit Tsukiya would always rise to his feet. No matter the punishment for failure he'd get back up. His will to live and defy Tsubasa was what drove him. It became clear around this time Tsukiya's Zanjutsu wasn't very good.

At this point, his father began to distance himself from him entirely. Avoiding Tsukiya as he deemed him unimportant to the clan. Tsukiya didn't slink away from this nor did he surrender to it. He began his next path of training in a way that was far more vicious. His mother began teaching him Shunko after this fairly. This wasn't a seamless transition as years of Unabara training had left the boy different. His mother began the process of drilling it into him. Forcing him to sleep on a bed of nails and balance on spikes. Then releasing attacks on her child that would kill him normally. This was the method to her madness, the way she saw things. When life was in danger children grew the most. They would improve the most, she would teach her son everything. Let him absorb and learn as he became a teenager. It wasn't as though time had been kind to him so far. She taught him the technique the Shunko fist after being sure that he'd understood how it worked.

This process would test his will again as his mother would batter and beat him senseless. Using those mighty fists for days and even months. Yet despite his spirit being battered and beaten every day. Tsukiya would not fall to pain or such things. It didn't matter how much physical punishment he took his will and spirit refused to break. as the days became months and then years. His Shunko improved and even let him develop it even further. This training had produced results for him beyond most reason. It was time for him to return to his home among the Unabara. The time for his father was now to see him. A new brother and sister awaited him among them. Tsubaki and Tetsuya who'd take his father's interest completely. Tetsuya seemed to be unable to do wrong to their father. His brother was an excellent swordsman and the girl Tsubaki captured the heart of their father. He displayed tremendous skill with his shunko despite his young age. Learning such a difficult technique had impressed their father.

But now the two didn't discuss swordplay or such things. Tsukiya disagreed with being assassins. That it disobeyed the rules their father set up. He fought against that lifestyle every day. Tsubasa distanced himself further from the boy as time went on with this. Tsubaki acted as a second mother taking care of Tsukiya when he hurt. Tsukiya was sent on his first mission to cleanse a place of a rogue faction to the Gotei 13. His father didn't realize he was sending his son to his doom. But maybe he did and that's why he did it. Tsukiya encountered far too many as he fought valiantly. Defeating person after person, but it seemed like a wave coming at him. It was here for the first time in his life he heard a voice. Something calling to him in the distance as his life seemed a flicker. That fire of Will didn't burn away within his being. He would go down swinging if he was going down. He didn't care how many he took with him, it wasn't till he realized it much later. Tsubaki and Tetsuya rushed to his aid and saved him. Finding him killing them but having lost consciousness. His sheer desire to survive had him fighting in this state.

A voice cried in his dreams and seemed so close. Its form was blurry but massive at the same time. It felt like something in the distance as he was returned home. His reiatsu's massive form had been given more. He'd never learned to communicate with a zanpakuto till now. He'd just been a shinigami who had impressive skill with Shunko. His father didn't consider that worth noting much. But it was now that he would begin training truly in the art of Zanjutsu began. Tetsuya began this training without permission from a father. While he loathed that his brother could get away with anything. That perfect being that he was bugged Tsukiya so much. This training involved a lot of meditation and learning the swords name. He learned at some point the blade's name was Mizuchi. Mizuchi began to train him personally.

Teaching him how to call upon it slowly. It was something he didn't realize right away. That a blade was an alive like this, it was a strange thing. Mizuchi became the father that Tsukiya didn't have. Learning Shikai from it had been perhaps the best training he had. Relaxing him as he finally found his way and rock in things. His zanpakuto spirit had become a key to his happy life among his family. But all tragedies begin at the moment you are happiest. A duo appeared and butchered the entire clan to anger their father. Tsukiya himself tried to fight but was wounded. His mother leaped to his rescue and died in the process. The slaughter happened while Tsubasa was absent, like always. His Grandfather stepped in and saved his life for whatever it was worth. For the first time, tragedy had struck his heart. He felt pain as he learned his mother's death from Grandfather Damien. For the next three days, he remained in his room crying. For the first two days, it was a child losing someone akin to his angel.

His mother was someone he could talk to no matter what. Her training while brutal provided results, unlike his fathers. The third day he didn't cry for that but his own helplessness. He was completely helpless against those monsters. So much so he'd almost gotten Mizuchi hurt. He didn't want to harm his zanpakuto by doing that again. But it was here he came before his Uncle and requested the training that would shape him. Damien agreed to the terms as he worried about his nephew's safety. To begin the training that he'd asked for Damien tied weights to him and threw him off a mountain. He survived the fall through his determination alone. He'd been injured and this is when Damien informed him to climb up. Using nothing but his body alone. It took him a day to complete this task but he did it. Climbing up the mountain strengthens his feeble body. Damien had a twisted smile as the real training began. Damien took him to a hermit and the training of the new Tsukiya began.

Tsukiya was forced to wear weighted training gear that was quite heavy. The weight would increase till it hit its max the master informed him. Training for the Unlimited Sword began as Tsukiya couldn't grasp swordplay. He tried to focus on killing the enemy and channeling his bloodlust. But he lacked that for some reason. Failing again and again at every turn, he tried to do it. He was a failure and he wanted to prove them wrong. That was when an idea struck him, he began training in Hakuda without relenting. Damien watched him with some pride as that will to not fail showed again. Tsukiya developed the Unlimited Fist out of sheer determination to prove himself. He wasn't a failure he was his mother's son. He would find an answer, it was now that the Unlimited Blade style took shape. The freedom to move and fight how he wanted with that belief. There wasn't need to focus on simply killing your enemy. No need for techniques as he had plenty of those. Damien would then focus on one last task for him.

Bankai training would begin with a hyper focus on his body. Damien began to focus on finishing what his mother began. training that body into a tool with Iron resolve. He took brutal beatings and learned to make his muscles harder. Training with relentless agenda on his body he soon began to learn. To understand as his body was struck with weapon's blunt edges over and over. Soon the feeling of pain began to fade as something replaced it. His muscles had been solid through the training alone. Next came learning how to creating the armoring technique. Damien taught him how to channel his energy into a solid point. This meant that he would have plenty of time to protect himself. Once satisfied with his physical conditioning. Bankai training began, Damien's method to doing it and his master. Was back to basics as Mizuchi began teaching again. Instructing him further on his Shikai and gaining more understanding. This brutal training method had him fighting his zanpakuto.

It took the form of a large dragon making it imposing it took him a while to figure it out. As days went by he finally realized that he needed to let Mizuchi strike him. upon doing this true learning of his bankai began. He didn't learn truly what it meant to use it over night. Finally began his last test to fight Damien for a while. Years of this would begin before Damien left, where he would fight over and over. Never once winning against Damien. But he didn't give up or surrender because of his defeats. He would fight Damien till he fell into nothing. Till his mind was blank mastering how to use his Bankai. Learning how to practice using it against one of the strongest warriors. Damien would hit him as hard as he could, forging the Iron Will of the Unabara. That was the nickname his Grandfather gave him. Despite him contesting he had no will but didn't like losing. As time passed and the time had come for him to join the real world. His life of training to rid himself of that helplessness that once plagued him..

Revenge is on his mind but not the only thing, the Unabara must change. They were once nobles now they are nothing but dust within the wind. With only a single survivor the Clan's original mandate is dead. He must rebuild and create a new family someday. The Unabara will be reborn strong as Iron.

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General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu:Beginner
  • Hakuda: Master

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Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master

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