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 The Ever Burning Flame, Kanae Iramasha [WIP]

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香 奈 恵


» Name: Kanae Iramasha (香奈恵) is the name of a hybrid Iramasha as a part of the Iramasha Union Guard. Her official title is "The Ever Burning Flame" in reference to her natural born abilities, using them to cleanse the world of those whom would defy the Iramasha Union.

» Age: A rather young Iramasha, Kanae is only 310 years old in human years. For an Iramasha, this is quite young, yet despite her years of life she has come a long way and worked her way up through the Iramasha Unions, ending up as a commander in Iramasha Guard.

» Gender: Female

» Species: As one might imagine from her name, Kanae is a hybrid Iramasha, dedicating her life to the Iramasha and enforcing their law.

» Affiliation/Occupation: As previously mentioned, Kanae is deeply invested in the actions and council of the Iramasha Union. While they all work as a collective, Kanae acts as a commander for the general council, made up of different representatives from all Iramasha types, and enforces their will. In essence, she acts as a sort of "military" or "enforcer" type role. While allowed to act independently on her own will, Kanae usually waits for orders from the initial council itself before using the resources available to her, namely the military might of the Iramasha Union.

The Ever Burning Flame, Kanae Iramasha [WIP] WDJZd8h

» Written Appearance: Kakine's facial features can be described as that of any normal Japanese male. His head is average sized, his mouth didn't have any irregularities to it, all around his facial features were that of a normal person. Along with that, there are no true marks of a Yuudeshi present in both Kakine's Face and Hair. Kakine's eyes are a dark shading of brown, along with small bags underneath that seem to have been there ever since his childhood, as if he was always in a state of restlessness. His hair also a light brown, almost dirty blonde coloring that truly had no resemblance to that of a Yuudeshi. A single defining mark on the male's face is that he has a small cut that is around 4 inches in length that stretches from the bottom of his ear downward onto his neck. With that, Kakine has a basic face and hairstyle for many of those in Japan at the moment, so to speak of him as if he weren't average would be a lie. Another odd feature of his face though at this present time is that Kakine has a small, almost non-existent cut on his lip of white color.

Kakine does not have that large of a selection of clothing, and if you ever were to see him in anything but his usual red shirt and maroon blazer, there must be a special occasion or he's down right burning up in his clothes. As it stands now, kakine is know for wearing a bright V-neck that goes quite well with a Maroon colored blazer. Underneath this blazer and above the V-neck he wears is a white dress shirt that is usually only visible at the buttons and collar. Now, it may seem odd that Kakine is wearing such an outfit all day every day, but it's something he takes pride in. His clothing is made specifically for him, he never requests people to buy him clothing nor does he ever buy clothing, he can be found creating his wardrobe from thin air every day of the week. With this, that means that Kakine's clothes are of the finest quality no matter what he wears, his creation allowing him to even use clothing material that you would see as lost for hundreds of years. To say this much about his suit, is that he loves it, simple as that.

Another quirk to Kakine's wardrobe is if you aren't finding him in his red of sorts suit, he'll either be in heavy winter gear, or he'll be wearing his casual Black V-Necks and shorts. Usually, these V-Necks are pre-made whenever he gets too hot or one of his own red ones has been destroyed in battle. Along with that, Kakine's shorts are that of the normal variety, Kahki colored shorts that reach to the mid point of his knees. These type of clothes are usually on worn when Kakine is alone, lounging around, or has become unbearably hot in some way or fashion. So, to see Kakine in such an outfit would be quite the site due to him already being fond of his usual red getup.

From the looks of an outsider, Kakine looks to be that of a scrawny weakling that could never defend himself. If you point out many factors on his body, it could be said that Kakine truly was a weakling and had no right to bare the Yuudeshi name. The male's collar bones popped out of his neck due to his lack of meat on his bones, if you lifted up the male's shirt you would be able to pick and poke at that of his chest cavity. Along with that, you could easily prod at that of his rib cages. Kakine obviously had a lack of food in his body and their was hardly any meat on his bones per-say, but with that it's mostly just that of an appearance. When it comes down to the bare bone basics, Kakine has insane strength and his bones can actually take great amounts of damage to them before actually take a severe break or fracture.

The structuring of Kakine's bones is pretty simple. With every human, you have a set amount of bones and bone marrow that you grow up to have. With that, you eventually come to a complete halt in the area of bone and bone marrow capacity, leaving you with an adult skeleton. Now, Kakine does follow this same process, but he himself is triple jointed in almost every joint in his body. What this means is that he greatly agile and flexible when it comes to moving from one place to another, the triple jointed allowing him to move his bones in ways any normal human would dread. This is within his appearance because it is quite visible when Kakine is using more than a single joint at a time due to his lack of weight, showing almost every movement that is caused by the triple joint bones.

Kakine's Muscles are also of an oddity when it comes to normal humans, or even supernatural humans that exist in the world. The way that his muscles work is that Kakine has a set amount of definition to his muscle, along with that there will always be a set rate to which his muscles grow. Saying that, you would think that Kakine's muscles would either be really really small, or overly large. In his case, he can manipulate the actual size and view of his muscles when it comes down to a molecular scale, yet no matter the change it makes it will not increase nor decrease his strength. So, if you were to find Kakine randomly on the street and you thought because he had no muscles that he would be largely weak and would have no way of fighting back, you would be sadly mistaken due to his ability to manipulate said muscles. This is a trait that he obtained when he started delving into his area of Creation and Construction, showing that when he became powerful he was able to confront every day situations with his newly enhanced powers.



Respectful of Authority:

Untrusting and Suspicious:



My Way Or The Highway:





» The Iramasha Council:

» The Iramasha Guard Military:

» Connections to Soul Society:


Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Aether Control: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Aether Magic: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Aether Arts: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Aether Stones: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master

Angel Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Purification: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Healing: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Heaven Summoning: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Blessings: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master

Devil Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Nether Summoning: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Nether Distortion: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Nether Possession: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Nether Channeling: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


The Ever Burning Flame, Kanae Iramasha [WIP] Ap8OoJO

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The Ever Burning Flame, Kanae Iramasha [WIP] Empty
Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Ever Burning Flame, Kanae Iramasha [WIP]   The Ever Burning Flame, Kanae Iramasha [WIP] EmptySat Jan 14, 2017 6:59 am


香 奈 恵


» Attire of the Holy Fire: Woven with holy aether, Kanae has been given clothes that are entirely resistant to her own flames and that of spiritual origin. As previously mentioned, both her red overalls and white button up shirt seem to be covered in this -- specifically designed by her mother, Mei Iramasha, to not leave Kanae naked upon simply activating her skills. On the odd occasion she needs to switch out of this outfit, she will often burn off her clothes instantly simply by activating her ability. This makes for some awkward situations, being the reason she usually sticks to her typical attire.

» Scythe of Hellfire: One of the main weapons Kanae has in her arsenal is her large skull and flame clad scythe. For some background on this scythe, Kanae had inherited the weapon from her father whom was born of Devil Iramasha influence whilst her mother was that of angelic influence, giving her a hybrid nature as previously mentioned. The scythe is said to only be compatible with devil Iramasha, tapping into their burning demonic tendencies and drawing from their pool of Nether. For this reason, Kanae has become a proficient user of said scythe, often sporting it for short periods of time in combat despite her regular abilities. Whilst her demonic side is generally more suppressed than compared to her angelic Iramasha half, the scythe draws from her Nether when it is active, almost like a leech attached directly to that energy source.

Over time, the scythe itself will begin to suck and remove Nether from Kanae's body, meaning if it is left constantly active she will eventually falter and become very weary due to exhaustion. This pool of Nether she draws from isn't low by any means, but it definitely is something she needs to watch. The core concept of this scythe is it's ability to rip through virtually anything angelic it touches -- this includes herself. On a more basic level, the scythe can be used like a normal weapon -- twirling and attacking opponents elegantly and ferociously. Only when the weapon becomes engulfed in flames does this weapon become active and draw from her Nether.

  • Angelic Piercing: As mentioned briefly, once the scythe is engulfed in demonic flames drawn from her Nether energy, this scythe has shown to cut through anything of angelic, purification and 'pure' origin. This means that beings such as angel Iramasha or Kakine Yuudeshi's angel state would be supremely vulnerable to said weapon. Even with heightened defenses, to some degree the scythe is capable of ripping through that defense and slicing into the spiritual being and burning them with raw demonic power. Conversely, however, while it can rip through virtually anything angelic, it is NOT unstoppable. If you were to meet this scythe with enough force, Kanae could be stopped in her tracks and perhaps even injured due to the purification burning her Nether and devil side. Atop of this, she is also extremely vulnerable to her own scythe. If an opponent is capable of turning the weapon on Kanae or she becomes reckless and hits herself, it is capable of tearing through any angelic defense or purification she currently has active. A double edged scythe, if you will.

  • The Taste of Angels: If beings of angelic influence managed to get hit by this and blood touches the blade, the scythe has been shown to eat and convert any drop of blood into Nether energy. Even with smaller drops, Kanae has been able to keep this scythe active longer than she normally would simply by hitting a target and getting blood along the blade. Upon touching the blade, the blood will begin to boil and bounce atop of the metal surface. Within moments, a red and black goo will kind of "pulsate" over the blade from the sharp end down the spine all the way into Kanae's hands. Once it reaches her within a few seconds, the blood absorbed it sent straight to her Nether energy. It is VERY important to note that this only occurs when a being, or creature, is of angelic influence at the time. Something like Kakine with his angel state would not be affected by this unless he was in angel state at the time.

  • Extended Edge: Put simply, Kanae is capable of using her own flames to add onto the scythes edge in miraculous ways. Not only do the flames extend out to ridiculous levels, up to even hundreds of meters, the metal does too. This means in extreme circumstances, she can activate her Nether scythe and burn and extend the metal into hundreds of meters long, deactivate the Nether and use it as a normal weapon again. Whilst typically not a fighter whom relies on weapons, this is a good way for her to wipe large areas of enemies, especially if the beings are that of angelic influence.

» Pendant of the Pure: Whilst not necessarily a powerful weapon of usual sorts, Kanae has been shown to wear a diamond necklace with two feathered wings on either side while held together by a crossed-arm being in the middle. This pendant was passed down by her mother as a symbol of her angelic side, keeping a reminder as to what she is alongside her fathers weapon. On the outside, the diamond winged angel is covered in a cloth wrap. Once this cloth is removed from the necklace, the outside slightly shines as if it were always in direct sunlight. Upon touching any demonic beings skin, it will begin to burn and incinerate/purify the skin/area in which the angel touches. For this reason, Kanae has it wrapped up in the cloth, for when it touches her skin it begins to burn and purify her own devil Iramasha side.


» Crushing Strength: One of Kanae's most prominent features is her intense strength, capable of crushing many people she comes across despite her rather slim looking figure. As a natural attribute of both her angelic and devil side, Kanae had taken on a natural strength that seemed out of place within most of her body. Both in lifting weight and force behind each punch, Kanae is very advanced in turning both her Nether and Holy Aether into physical prowess and delivering crushing blows to her opponents. For this reason she will often infuse her amazing strength in with her ability to cover entire limbs in fire, not only amplification of her martial art techniques, but even objects she uses to fight with. Personal weapons, environment and even others weapons.

» Sturdy Defense: Just like her amazing strength, defensive abilities are also amplified as a result of her nether and holy aether amplification. In a similar fashion to her incredible strength, Kanae has shown to take blows from large chunks of concrete, cars and even face tank some energy based abilities. Whilst not the most amazing defense in the world, due to her hardened martial arts and close quarters fighting style, over time she naturally built up a strong resistance to damage. Obviously she is still very vulnerable and not free of every attack, however it must not be underestimated. Whilst some people would throw a punch at her and cave her face in, others would find it hard to even move her skin in any fashion. A defense that has been built up and trained over time.

» Pain Suppressant: Throughout her life as a Iramasha, Kanae had become much more attuned to physical pain. This means that a lot of the punishment she takes from enemies, due to her history with fighting, is often lessened. Kanae assumes most of her nerves have become destroyed in certain locations, allowing her to not feel proper pain from things that normally would hurt. This isn't to say she's completely invulnerable to pain however; if hit hard enough in certain locations she is definitely still capable of feeling pain. The nerves themselves aren't actually destroyed, for Kanae it seems as if she has simply taken such beatings in the past that nothing but extreme circumstances/hits seems to cause my pain. Even though her pain tolerance is incredibly high, Kanae this doesn't mean her defense is on the same level. If she were to take hits she could still break bones or take massive injuries whilst still having her pain suppressed. In many ways this is both good and bad, good in that she can continue the fight as if she weren't injured, but bad in that she will often worsen her injuries because she simply can't feel the attacks being used upon her.


The Ever Burning Flame, Kanae Iramasha [WIP] Iya89Mi

» Aether Class Names: Eternal Holy Fire (永遠の聖なる火) and Eternal Hellfire (永遠の地獄)

» Aether Class Description: Kanae's Aether Class comes in the form of fire coating her body, activated by her own will. There are two different types of fire that are emitted from her body, the first being Eternal Holy Fire while the second is Eternal Hellfire. As one might imagine, this description is drawn from her hybrid style birth, allowing her to draw upon energies of either angel or devil Iramasha into her flames. In most cases, as seen above, the fire will simply float around portions of her body and elegantly burn as if fed an endless source of fuel without damaging the user. Kanae's most common appearance is shown by fire surrounding or in her palm whilst the end of her elegantly long white hair is on fire, seemingly never moving and stopping at upper back level.

The fire sported on her hands and hair come in the form of "Eternal Holy Fire", meaning it is taking influence from the angelic side. In most circumstances, the holy fire is her bread and butter for fighting opponents. Whist hailing from her mothers side of the family, the destructive capabilities of said fire has been shown to be massive; absolutely covering regions in fire which will be explained in further detail under abilities. The Eternal Holy Fire burns as an endless fuel, meaning that she doesn't require any form of energy to simply activate it. This is simply to activate it and keep it running however. To use the techniques available for the holy fire she must tap into portions of her holy aether. The holy fire takes on an appearance much lighter and more lifelike than the Hellfire, making it a good source for light atop of fighting.

Similarly as to how holy fire is created, Hellfire is treated in a similar fashion. By channeling deep reserves of her nether, Kanae is capable of conjuring a darker, almost black like fire that darkens the area around it instead of illuminating like her holy fire. When summoned, the fire on her hair and hands switches to the dark, almost black fire and continues to burn ferociously. The first thing to note is that how quickly an area can be shaded in darkness by dumping lots of Hellfire upon an area and how it interacts with the world around her. Unlike her holy fire, the hellfire appears to burn in the opposite manner of her normal fire. This means that things such as water being sprayed upon it will only invigorate the flames and things similar to that.

This is considered a dual channel Aether class. Her first channel obviously being her angel side whilst her second the devil side, holy and hell fire respectfully. As previously mentioned, Kanae's angelic side is the dominant part of her hybrid lifestyle thus making her Holy Fire much more usable and stable than her Hellfire. Whilst many hybrids have many different channels, Kanae has stuck to the simple two channel whilst focusing on her ability to channel Nether and Holy Aether into skills. As a result, she also uses her wind sub-class as a minor skill explained further below.


» Burning Capability: The holy fire is Kanae's bread and butter skill, being able to attack in a multitude of different ways. Just by activating her Aether Class, Kanae can cause this holy fire to burn from anywhere of a hundred degrees Celsius all the way up to ten thousand. For an example of how hot that is exactly, even dirt will begin to burn at around five thousand degrees. The rule of thumb for this holy fire is that "anything will, and can, burn." In general usage, Kanae is capable of dumping large plumes of fire down onto areas by projecting holy aether into her flames and simply cover hundreds of meters in flames. Whilst a dangerous prospect and seemingly uncontrollable, all flames that she produces are very strictly going where she indicates. Whilst she may not be able to stop the residual heat emitting from the fire itself, what it touches is very different. On a basic level, a normal person even getting close would seemingly get incinerated. For people of spiritual prowess and powerful beings, it is definitely possible for even them to become charred and dangerously injured if hit with a direct assault of flames.

For Kanae, flames are her main force of offense out of simple hand to hand combat. She is very reliant on their ability to burn and purge anything that gets in her way. Although even though her fire is capable of reaching certain degrees, in aether class state alone, her burning capability isn't accelerated. This means melting things such as metal and melting similar contraptions can still take a ridiculously long amount of time. Initial damage against people would be hard to deal with for some -- but when it comes to shielding from the flames themselves? This is the main drawback of her holy fire: it's inability to pierce, destroy and break defenses. Yes, she is capable of engulfing areas in flames or simply coating her body, but in the end if someone's defense is strong enough around their entire body? That's a hard shell for her to break, even with her flames and immense strength.

» Heat Emission: Sort of acting as a passive ability upon activation, Kanae's aether class turns the surrounding area into sort of a 'boiling pot'. Within a restricted hundred meters around her body, even the air is super heated to the point of a hundred and fifty degrees Celsius. For people prone to heat, or simply those whom are not spiritually powered, standing within the hundred meter radius would almost be considered fatal for long periods. This specifically works for Kanae's fighting style, keeping the enemy close and fighting within her heated zones. It must also be noted that is the maximum heat range, however the heat begins to lessen in the few hundred meters after the initial one, still causing waves of heat to those in the surrounding kilometer.

Under the same banner of heat emission, other than covering portions of her body in flame, Kanae is capable of super heating her skin. This means those whom would try grapple or land a skin contact blow to her could be met with intense burning sensations when trying. Although not an intense as her fire coverage, five hundred degrees Celcius is her maximum of super heating her skin from her aether alone. To balance this out, she is only capable of covering three different limbs in holy fire whilst using the aether class, the rest, however, managing to be super heated. As one might imagine, this can cause portions of her clothes to melt off or tear -- despite specifically being made to resist her flames and not leave her naked upon the battlefield. Super heating portions of her body also cause them to glow an intense heated colour, a mix of orange, red and yellow illuminating.

It must be noted that this is the passive heat emission for her surroundings. At her will, she can up it to cause even more amazing feelings of heat to radiate all the surroundings. At extreme circumstances, Kanae will heat her surroundings up to 400 degree Celsius, close to what her own skin can be heated to.

» Super-charged Assaults: Due to the nature of her fire being powered by the holy aether, Kanae has also been able to apply fire to portions of her body - not only giving them a burning effect upon physical assaults, but increasing overall attack speed and damage upon hit. The best way to imagine this would be transfer of kinetic energy to a still object. In a pendulum like effect, a falling object hitting another and transferring all remaining kinetic energy into the other object, sending it flying at the speed the object prior was. This is similar to Kanae's enhancement, albeit adding speed and power to the already fast moving assaults. By launching power punches of fire-infused limbs, Kanae is capable of reaching double power in certain cases. Typically only usable twice in a single post, her aether class allows for some ridiculously high potency assaults.

» Fire Transportation: One of the more interesting techniques is Kanae's ability to travel through her flames. Not through riding the flames but literally turning in a ball of darkened flame and ride along the waves of fire she creates. This is a rather common technique used outside of her other movement skills such as shunpo. In a simplistic manner, Kanae is capable of casing a wave of Holy Fire upon an area and as she turns herself into a ball of dark flames -- moving at speeds almost faster than the normal eye could see. As long as there is a path of fire, she is capable of transporting herself right up close to the enemy and materializing in a large burst of fire, delivering thundering blows from her immense strength. More or less this is used as a gap closing technique.

Although this is not only her that can be sent along the trail of fire -- any device and weapon can be shot along. As long as the object in question is resistant to fire, and won't be instantly destroyed by her immense heat, Kanae can launch a variety of items including her "Scythe of Hellfire." This is rather limited in what she can send flying however -- the problem lies in literally turning the vessel into a ball of fire. So while resistant to her own flames, it is very possible she will destroy whatever she fires as long as it is not resistant to her flames or heat in itself. In unique cases, Kanae will use the momentum build up of traveling along the flames to turn herself into a living bullet. This means she is capable of materializing at maximum speed: around 1,700 MPH. Getting hit by this assault, adding in her maximum speed, makes for some powerful penetrating blows -- even so much as ripping through large beings bodies if hit correctly.


» Corruption Burning: In a similar fashion to her previous fire, Hellfire is capable of engulfing areas in it's dark flames and burning into them like a normal fire would. The difference of this burning comes in it's devil Iramasha influence however, meaning that whatever the hellfire touches becomes corrupted and seemingly ignores the laws and boundaries of typical aspects of fire, purely taking on the negative destruction aspect of fire. This means that while the flames burn in a similar fashion to her holy fire, it burns in a quicker fashion. The drawback of her initial flames were their lack of ability to destroy and eat away at barriers, however there seems to be no such restriction with this ability. Whilst slower in maneuvering and acting in a mind of it's own, Kanae has very little control over where this flame spreads to -- but conversely being able to spawn less of it. Due to his pure destructive nature, the dark flames are more suitable for super heating metal and destroying barriers than her Holy fire, but lacks the abundance and overall raw enhancement.

This Hellfire is said to burn at ten times the rate of the original holy fire, making it a good agent to eat away at enemies defenses. The main drawback of this ability lies in it's lack of maneuverability and ability to actually harm herself. Due to having a more dominant angel side, the Hellfire is actually capable of harming herself as sort of a "clash" in the styles of Iramasha magic she can use. This means that she doesn't coat her body in the Hellfire, making it impossible to enhance her own attacks. The upside, however, is how destructive and overwhelming the Hellfire can be. Putting that atop of her ability to switch in and out of Hellfire and Holy fire at will, it makes for a deadly combination. Although once Kanae switches to either fire type, the currently summoned one is removed from battle and drawn back into her body. Meaning she can't have the Hellfire assault and burn through defenses, melting metals, and suddenly switch to Holy Fire at the same time.

» Inability to be Extinguished: Unlike her previous fire, the Hellfire isn't actually capable of being extinguished through conventional means. This is to say dumping water upon it, taking away oxygen and smothering does not work on this fire. Hellfire burns in a way that seemingly defies what "fire" uses as a source of fuel, ignoring oxygen and focusing on raw nether energy to burn and eat at whatever it touches. Despite it's inability to be extinguished via conventional means, it is possible for one to figure out other methods. This means either banishing it, moving it, trapping it or even using other worldly energies to smother and remove it. Hellfire has been shown to turn water that even gets close to it to steam almost instantly, so even trying to put water near it would be impractical and now work.

» Darkened Surroundings: Unlike her previous fire which could be used to illuminate her surroundings, the fire actually emits darkness into the surroundings. A good way to imagine this is kind of "consuming" light in the area. Typically not creating enough of this Hellfire to block out the sun entirely, but there is a significant increase in the constriction of light. If someone were to become totallly engulfed by the Hellfire, they could very easily find themselves surrounded by darkness, incapable of seeing their surroundings. Whilst having no effect other than emitting darkness, if someone tries to tank this fire, it is very possible to obscure vision in darkness, making for surprise assaults.

» Smoke Ignition: Before this ability is explained, Hellfire does not produce smoke when it burns anything -- meaning that even if it were to chew through wood or highly flammable objects, it wouldn't cause a bloom of smoke. This is perhaps one of the most terrifying abilities to have come from her Hellfire. At her will any smoke created through burning, be it self created or that of other means, is capable of being turned into Hellfire at a small cost of her nether reserves. By simply touching a plume of smoke with her Hellfire, Kanae is capable of converting it into her own Hellfire and added to her arsenal of dark and corrupting fire. At a simplistic level, she can turn the smoke she formed overheard into another wave of Hellfire, raining down fire atop of the field. At a more complicated level, she is capable of rounding up this smoke and simply igniting it in humongous chunks, dropped or instantly exploding an area filled with smoke into Hellfire. This can make for some good surprise attacks. Yet again, however, it must be noted the Hellfire can actually still damage Kanae; making it a risky ability to use in enclosed spaces. The lack of maneuverability and control also is a major factor in whether she summons it or not.


» Wind Compression and Manipulation: As a sub aether-class ability set, Kanae has been shown to have a limited control and creations of wind and such. On a simplstic level, she can cause wind to pick up across a battlefield and even sweep people off their feet if they are not held down or careful. On a much more terrifying level, Kanae has been able to warped tornadoes of fire into her skills -- both Helfire and Holyfire. None the less, this is mostly used as a catalyst to control her fire via forcing it in directions. Whilst not a strong ability by itself in comparison to her fire, she is also capable of using small portions of the wind and air compression/manipulation into specific attacks which will be listed below.

A common method of assault and power has been shown to send waves of incredibly hot heat waves at opponents, compressing her heat emission into single points and shooting waves, kind of like shockwaves, of pressure out and instantly hit something with blasts of wind mixed in with immense, beyond boiling heat. Whilst to some it might not cause incredible damage, when combined with compressed shots of air it can cause fatigue or light headed feeling from sudden temperature changes.

» Torrents of Holy and Hellfire: As briefly mentioned, Kanae is capable of mixing in her wind manipulation with her own fire, allowing her to summon large torrents of flames in a tornado like appearance, spitting fire and absolutely crushing anything in it's way. This is a good way for her to not only attack a large amount of opponents, but also cause a distraction or problem the enemy might have to deal with. Most typically her tornadoes of fire will be filled with Holy Fire rather than Hellfire, the reasoning for this is because she has much more control over the holy portion -- the Hellfire being unpredictable and even capable in hurting herself in the process. This can be done on multiple levels and sizes, allowing much more condensed assaults from her fire such as launching fireballs condensed together.

» Compression Assaults: Whilst nowhere near her primary power, her moderate wind manipulation as a sub class allows her to compress air together in certain locations and send our pressurized gusts capable of ripping through flesh. In many cases Kanae will infuse these strikes with fire to burn in the process. The amount of techniques viable through air compression and manipulation is high, it is simply a manner of the imagination and whether or not Kanae thinks she can pull off said skill. At more advanced levels, later in her skill tree, wind becomes a much more essential part of her kit and allows for some ridiculously high potency attacks.

» Aero-Telekinesis: On some level, Kanae can user her power to manipulate the air around objects to have a sort of falsified telekinesis. She is capable of picking up environmental objects such as concrete blocks from destroyed buildings and even so far as ripping trees and such from the ground. Whilst still a sub-aether class ability, her control over wind isn't exactly weak at all -- she has been able to use this sort of "aero-telekinesis" to throw attacks off balance. Most commonly Kanae will pick up pieces of metal and try to impale the enemy, or even summon her Scythe of Hellfire to attack from alternate directions. Whilst limited in it's ability to pick up things, she is capable of controlling weapons in a way that would be like another person attacking from alternate angles. This means she can punch and use aether arts from the front whilst another weapon is slicing from behind.


Due to her hybrid nature, Kanae is capable of accessing two unique pools of energy, one gained from her father and the other from her mother. From her mother, Kanae was given the gift of Holy Aether: the angelic energy that flows within all angel Iramasha. For all intents and purposes, this is the dominant half of Kanae, using mostly Holy Aether to power herself and her flames. On the flip side, Kanae also has access to the devil Iramasha's own energy: the Nether. While a little] less dominant than her angelic half, Nether still makes up a large portion of her power base and ability as an Iramasha. Despite it's less dominant half, she still gets a mixture of abilities from both walks of Iramasha influence.


» Purification: Whilst not her most prominent angelic feature, purification is a big player in Kanae's ability to fight both demons and those of impure origins. On a basic level Kanae is capable of production rays of light from her body, usually extending from such things as her palms, but even in unsuspecting locations. Usually she will flat palm in a direction and concentrate Holy Aether into her hand, almost as if it is concentrating light into a single point and firing it off. The beam is said to travel extremely fast and do incredible damage specifically to those of demonic entity. The problem with this skill is that... demonic and angelic energy both counter each other. Once they come into contact with other demonic energies or similar attacks, it is quite common for her purification to simply be negated. The ray of purification takes the form of a simple white beam, something you could very easily see a typical angel use.

Atop of these rays, there is the possibility of mixing these rays of purification with her Holy Fire, creating some insane infernos of purification. The purpose of mixing her fire with her purification technique is to get that extra "punch" against demonic beings. When mixing with her flames, the fire has turned into a white toned yellow tint, very easily showing off the purification added to the burning inferno. The purpose of this is rather weird even outside of combat as she is able to cure such things as most poisons, demonic curses and hexes. By mixing these purification techniques with her fire, she is capable of consuming the fire back into herself, purging and purifying her system of any hostile and dangerous substance. The same thing could be said for any illness she gains -- easily being able to locate and purge anything seeking to harm her.

  • » Angelic Beacon: Specifically not used in combative instances, Kanae is capable of summoning large plumes and chunks of heavenly light to slam down upon a location. From a distance, the beacon itself is capable of being seen over a hundred kilometers away and sends out waves of Holy Aether. The idea behind this is to act as a beacon for both angel Iramasha and hybrids with angelic influence. Whilst being visible for those upon the summoned location, there is an instant connection to those within the Iramasha homeland, mostly being used to signal the Angel Association in times of trouble where she requires their forces, help or simply a point of attack. When someone feels the pulse of metaphysical waves, they feel a tingling sensation up their spine followed by a loud harp being played. Note that only angels within Iramasha Island at the time will feel these waves.

  • » Strings of the Maiden: One of the offensive capabilities of her purification power set, Kanae is capable of summoning pure white, floating and light, strings. Once summoned, Kanae is capable of moving her hands and fingers like a puppet, pulling string literally to maneuver the floating wires. When summoned, Kanae has thin strings of pure white appear from either hand, each string long enough to cover hundreds of meters but also attached to either hand. This can be both shortened, untangled and lengthen on a whim. For the most part, beings without malicious intent such as humans, Shinigami and other Iramasha will simply pass straight through these wires. When the being is of demonic energy... they will meet much resistance. Even upon touching a single one of these wires, the demonic being will begin to feel their skin melt and become incinerated. This is especially dangerous for demonic beings due to how thin the wires are.

  • » Purified Explosion: In some instances Kanae will fill her body with overflowing Holy Aether and eventually release it in a massive explosion of purification. When overwhelmed by those evil forces mentioned earlier, Kanae's body will literally become purely white and begin to vibrate intensely before emitting a almost light-globe like pure white. Within seconds, her entire body will excrete large waves of Holy Aether in a circle around her, rays and waves of purification being sent out in five separate waves successively. Each wave that hits certain demonic and evil beings will be incinerated and destroyed, whilst more advanced and stronger beings will simply be injured or thrown off by the massive amount of purified energy released. This is kind of a problem for Kanae because she can also injure herself if she's not careful due to her devil Iramasha side. This is typically only possible once in a single thread, as it drains a large amount of her Holy Aether to defend against ridiculous numbers.

» Heaven Summoning: This is possibly her strongest form of holy aether, allowing mass summoning of angelic influence unto the world around her. From summoning portions of Heaven onto the field all the way to simply changing the brightness of the light upon an area, Heaven summoning allows for a rather huge boost in ability to fight within her angelic Iramasha style. It must be noted that the Heaven Summoning kind of purges and restricts her from using devil magic once the heaven summoning abilities are used -- for as long as they're in play, her devil abilities are locked completely.

  • » Heaven's Fall: Most typically, Kanae will use the ability called "heaven's fall" to bring out most of her angelic Iramasha abilities. Due to the nature of said ability, Kanae has shown to not only gain an invigorated feeling upon summoning this, but also gain extensive insight into the immaterial world of heaven. As one might imagine, the takes a literal form: once activated drawing upon Holy Aether in the area around her to summon a portion of her own personalized Heaven unto the earth before her. She gains a few benefits from this, most of them stemming into her holy fire. Kanae simply raises her hand to her side as her fingers glow a vibrant white, eyes also turning pure white. With a simple flick of her fingers a flash of bright light covers the entire area. Holy aether beings to flood in, from behind her a river of blue liquid begins to fall from clouds. Within moments, the clouds part and reveal a rather large, up to a kilometer big, chunk of a personalized Heaven spawned.

    The "heaven" itself takes on the appearance of a huge rock floating above whatever battle location she has summoned upon. Within moments of activating, Kanae will feel herself invigorated. As the clouds part, they reveal the summon in a rather massive way; not only is the area mostly covered entirely by water but also sports large plants all throughout, at one side of the large island being a huge beach. This is shown to be a kilometer in all ways, length and width. For all intents and purposes, it is it's own realm, simply being summoned onto the field. If one were to sit on the beach and look out over the horizon, they would see the blue water in front with a sort of blackened, star filled sky as pictured below.

    When Heaven's Fall is summoned, all access to her devil Iramasha ability is restricted: essentially making her an Angel Iramasha during it's activation. This summoned piece is capable of being warped to her will, and if fighting upon it, allows her to use the environment against her opponent. Lifting up the water and manipulating it into giant tidal waves, using her air manipulation to create whirlpools. The main focus of this is giving her a sort of "tether", however. By summoning this 'piece of Heaven', Kanae tethers herself metaphorically, creating a direct link of Holy Aether. With this direct link, she not only become invigorated and stronger in physical attributes, but doubles her potency of used skills. This means her fire can now burn at 20,000 degrees Celsius, whilst her physical assaults and holy aether abilities are the same. Typically, whilst the summon is active, she will only enhance two skills at once. This can be used at any interval, the only important note being her Nether stemmed powers are removed.

    Although it must be noted that the island itself is capable of being destroyed or corrupted/destroyed by demonic energies. If someone were to drop an object big enough into and and shatter it, or simply find a way to seal it out, it is VERY possible to stop this enhancement. Once shattered, Kanae will feel a strain upon her body and a great deal of Holy Aether being taken away from her. Typically, this is only summoned for up to five posts. Throughout these five posts, she is capable of ripping off chunks of the Heaven and slamming it into opponents. Everything that comes from the island is also shown to be entirely made up of Holy Aether, meaning it can purify those demons it comes into contact with.

» Healing Abilities: Compared to her other angelic abilities, Healing is definitely her weakest point. Compared to other angels and hybrids, Kanae has chosen to give away her healing capabilities, instead focusing her talents into blessings and summoning. This isn't to say she possesses none of the healing capabilities, she is still capable healing minor wounds that to herself -- but that's the extent. Small cuts, bruises and things of the like.

» Blessings: Blessings is one of her two strongest Holy Aether abilities, when used in conjunction with her other skills making her a deadly combatant. Like many demons are capable of calling upon hexes and curses, Kanae has tapped into the angelic understanding of blessings to not only boost her personal skill but potency of her abilities. Most commonly, she is capable of blessing her skills to further her Aether Art type fighting. In a more complex manner, she is capable of blessing herself and some creatures/animals into fighting for her.

  • » Blessing of Beast Enhancement: Whilst a self enhancement based ability, this is rather unique. Rather than simply pushing more and more holy aether into her body, Kanae enhances herself by taking on concepts of different Iramasha beasts. Kanae's skill in blessings is highly focused around the natural animals to that of the Iramasha homeland, tuning into the angelic force within all of these beings. Depending on which enhancement she chooses, Kanae gains different enhancements for different situations. There are three main animals she can take the form of, the first being the Red Phoenix, the second White Dragon and the Green Wolf. The benefits of each different animal is used in different situation and can be completely switched in and out multiple times. Although depending on the opponent, she usually sticks to one beast type and works from there. These beast enhancements can only be held for a total of eight personal posts.

  • » The Red Phoenix: Her first enhancement, known as the red phoenix, gives her the concept of being 'born again.' This is more an a weird enhancement to her flames more than anything. When the Red Phoenix enhancement is enabled her entire skin becomes to illuminate a deep red, occasionally sporting red feathers over her body too, flying off mid combat and such. At her will, Kanae is capable of completely incinerating her body: holy aether flames consuming her and burning her into dust at ground level. At her will Kanae can reappear at any location across the battlefield, typically within a ten kilometer radius, as long as there is an ash pile. As one might imagine she also gets sort of a "sixth sense" when this is active, capable of seeing and knowing where all locations of burnt ash is across the entire battlefield. This ability is generally useless when she is fighting in a barren field with nothing to burn: making it sometimes possible to birth herself anywhere. The burning of herself can be instant, allowing her to dodge some attacks and even teleport long distances without needing other methods.

    Even if someone were to try stop her mid incineration by grabbing, she would simply fall to ash between their hand and reappear elsewhere as per normal. When she reappears, clothes are always in tact and almost no ash touching her body at all. As she is essentially using ash to be "born again", this doesn't necessarily mean her injures will disappear. When it comes to poisons and similar effects, Kanae has shown to rebirth and rid her body of poison, but slices and wounds? These aren't removable. She will retain them no matter what. The main problem with this ability is her lack of "attack" skill. While it might be useful to make an opponent look stupid by dodging and weaving between their skills, it offers nothing in terms of offensive capabilities.

  • » The White Dragon: The white dragon enhancement allows traits typically associated with draconian creatures of mythology. Whilst her fire aspect has been all but covered in Aether Class, the physical traits are another story. Upon activating the white dragon, Kanae grows pure white draconian wings, reaching up to around 50 meters long in either direction. When activated in close quarters such as a building, these wings will usually shatter the walls and spread out to make room for thesmelves. Atop of this, the end of her hands and nails become all scaled and viciously sharp claws appear. The white scales showcase her new draconian power, the wings being yet another asset in her close quarters fighting style.

    The wings are made of the same material of those creatures within Iramasha's realm, a material that is considered incredibly hard to break and capable of crushing through almost any building within Iramasha territory. The outside of the draconian wings are extremely sharp, simply touching the edge is capable of slicing open a hand. The inside is still as sharp but also jagged, meaning it doesn't just slice, it tears through the skin or whatever it comes into contact with. Kanae uses her immense fire skills and fast attack style to slice an opponent up with this wings. As one might imagine, she also uses this to fly, not having to rely on her normal flames of holding her up. Her claws, on the other hand, are a very deadly component in fighting hand to hand style. All of her normal techniques are applied, but now they are backed up by large black claws capable of tearing the limbs off even the strongest of opponents if they are not careful. The drawback of this enhancement is that her wings are still very possible of being grabbed, meaning that she can be much easily thrown, ripped off or simply just stuck in certain areas.

  • » The Green Wolf: The last, but most definitely not least, enhancement Kanae gains is known as the green wolf. Unlike the other abilities, there is not a dramatic outer appearance change -- rather she simply has a green wisp following around her body. When the wolf is activated, her body movements become outlined with a green glow, every time she moves a after-wave of green energy lingering in her wake. The purpose of this ability is to enhance agility, reaction times and most importantly travel along the green path as it is created. The entire ability focuses solely on enhancement of not speed itself, but how she reacts to things.

    The first enhancement comes in the form of overall sensory boost, making her not only more flexible in some regards, but also react to situations in a much more timely manner. Normally a punch that would land on her could perhaps be dodged, a bullet could simply slide past her head while she watched it. Alone, these agility boosts don't exactly make up for the other enhancements and there would be no reason to pick this enhancement. However the final, and most important, portion of the green wolf is the ability to travel back along the green path left in her movements wake. A good way to imagine this is her having incredible momentum and attacking fast. If someone were to try and slam something into her, she might not be able to stop herself due to the momentum of her body. With this, upon seeing a deadly reaction, she can force herself to travel back along the trajectory she once traveled, basically putting her body into reverse for as long as the green trail is behind her.

    The clear downside to this ability is that reversing her personal trajectory could have dangerous effects upon her body. At a more obvious level, traveling back along the path can take up a quite big deal of energy. Meaning that every single time she messed up she couldn't simply go back and correct herself. When she travels back, she is also not invulnerable to attacks. The entire focus is simply "reversing" her motions. If one changes their path or tries to hit her along the reversed path, she will take the hit.


» Nether Channeling: On some level, Kanae is capable of accessing a few Nether abilities. In comparison to her Holy Aether is is nothing, but she still gains the abilities as a hybrid. This isn't to say her Nether abilities are weak, more than it simply isn't her "go to" answer I guess. By tapping into the darker side of her body, Kanae is capable of performing the channeling technique. What this means is that many destructive or calamity type powers/events can be somewhat drawn into her and channeled as a source of power temporarily. Whilst in no means the best user of this skill, Kanae has shown great proficiency in utilizing it.

  • » Calamity Consumption: When taking in chunks of calamitous energy such as a grenades explosion, or even something like a dark energy from a demon, Kanae has been shown to actually partially consume and store portions of said chaotic energy. To use this skill Kanae usually has to exert large about of Nether and wrap a target in overwhelming energy, even then only sometimes partially consuming it for herself. The problem Kanae faces when absorbing portions of some chaotic energies is needing to physically touch the calamitous energy in question. A good example of this would be having to touch a cero or very close to an explosion to actually consume some of it. Once she has influence on the item in question, it becomes a completely different story.

    In the case of a grenade, or explosion in similar fashion, Kanae has been able to absorb up to 30% of the original force. This means that at will, she is capable of manipulating the same explosive energy mid air as if it was her fire -- using hand gestures and techniques to guide the explosive power, making it behave and erupt in a fashion she sees fit. This is dangerous for a few reasons, the main one being her need to touch it, as mentioned. This means she could accidently blow off limbs or severely injure herself due to carelessness. This doesn't work for every force however: but isn't limited to things such as explosions. As of right now, this skill isn't exactly amazing, but has the potential to grow into a powerful asset.

    In some instances, Kanae will be able to partially control the movement of any chaotic energy that comes across the field. Depending on it's size and scale, as long as she has touched it in SOME fashion, she can either completely manipulate the thing in question or simply destabilize it to the point of maybe injuring the original creator. Imagine a dark mist overflowing an entire area, pits of chaotic and calamitous energy spewing from within. Depending on it's size, scale and power: Kanae might be able to absorb this dark mist into herself. The essential point of this is: it must be chaotic in nature. Not only is exerting the Nether necessary for such manipulation, chaotic energies in themselves can be hard to contain. Usually she will only be able to contain the energy for up to three posts before needing to exert it. In extreme circumstances, Kanae will begin to feel the chaotic energies eating her from inside, needing to release it sooner than later.

  • » Calamity Bomb: Once she has consumed a large amount of calamitous energy, Kanae is capableof releasing it in a fashion that is rather flashy and powerful to those around her. By consuming a ridiculously large about of chaotic energy for her skill level, Kanae is capable of setting herself into "calamity bomb" mode. If she has consumed enough, her entire body literally becomes a suicide bomber, capable of throwing herself into a situation and setting herself to explode in a mass of chaotic force, similar in fashion depending to what she has absorbed. If she tries to do this, she will not only hurt herself rather badly, but lots of Nether based energy will be drained. It is described as suicide bomber for a reason. Whilst not necessarily killing herself in the process, unless measures are taken to defend herself from the chaotic force, can completely remove her from the rest of the fight. The explosion itself is said to explode in a one to five kilometer area, releasing a mass of chaotic force into her surroundings.

» Nether Possession: On a much smaller scale than her nether channeling, Kanae's Nether possession is capable of performing small feats which can either protect herself or mildly influence and opponents attack on her. Similar to the chaotic forces she can absorb into herself, Kanae is capable of directing rather large forces and explosions around her body. Her possession basically works in redirecting chaotic energies from harming her, the problem with this lies in her lack of control /where/ it gores. In many instances, Kanae will be able to redirect certain blasts in her direction (depending on their scale), but lack the ability to tell it where to go. Many times this can mean she will send it to the side and destroy a building accidentally or hit an ally.

Whilst bigger skills remain mostly unaffected by this, something like the explosion from a grenade or a normal cero is capable of being influenced. These explosions and powers have chaotic energies in nature; their entire purposes being to destroy and cause harm to those around them. Kanae's devil side can tap into that chaotic energy and move it; sometimes even reflecting it back at the user. Other than lack of control, Kanae generally uses this in conjunction with her channeling skill to both absorb larger hits and reflect as much as she can. With such things like gran rey cero or similar powerful ideas, she almost is completely incapable of moving it. Not really a master, but not weak in this regard either.


The Ever Burning Flame, Kanae Iramasha [WIP] Ap8OoJO

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香 奈 恵


» Aether Armament Name: Sukotchidekki, Scorched Deck (スコッチデッキ)

The Ever Burning Flame, Kanae Iramasha [WIP] V6mGoJr

» Aether Armament Description: Atop of her pants appear patterns in the shape of cards, different hybrid Iramasha words written along all of them. Due to her hybrid nature, the physical weapon that had manifested itself is capable of being summoned in the shape of cards, being manifested by touching the patterns on her pants. There is fifteen in total, all appearing atop those red overall pants. The fifteen cards aren't all unique however, meaning there are double of the same cards in the "deck". This will be explained further below, however the cards all have different effects depending on which type of card she has pulled. Each word is written in red text, printed in hybrid Iramasha's unique language.

» Draw: Banishment The first card is titled as "Banishment", written on the card in Hybrid language. Placing her hand atop of the card on her pants, Kanae summons the card and allows it to appear high over her head in a 'projection' state. Within moments the card is faded into pixelated dust, fading from above her head and in her hand together. Within moments of this, six larger versions of the card behind to close in around an area and/or target, entrapping the person within. The walls are thin but seemingly as hard as Seki Seki stone, making it incredibly hard to break through them. With luck, the walls could be broken down over time, however it depends highly on the individual and their tier. The cards draw in very fast, capable of trapping up to five hundred meters in a square within the walls. As soon as the cards close in on each other, the edges of the card seem to melt over each other in a metallic silver, signifying their 'seal'.

Once sealed, the person within is essentially locked away from anything outside the cards. Any controllable effect, familiars and similar powers seemingly become deactivated everywhere but inside the card cage. The person within has a few options to escape however. The first would simply be overwhelming the walls and their entrapment capabilities with pure force, either punching a hole straight through it with their bodies or weapons. Second would be corrupting it or degrading it with aging or other similar aging, or 'acidic' abilities. Although the main way to drop this banishment is destroying the four guardian statues held within the limits. Acting as sort of a 'power source' for the card cage, four gargoyles are scattered over the area. The gargoyles are tough to break, yet weaker than the walls. Once attacked and destroyed, the destroyed gargoyle will let out a pulse equivalent to a advanced level cero all over the arena in a bright light, moving around the other gargoyles as to not destroy them.

The three ways to destroy the banishment doesn't matter if the target has not been trapped at all however. Despite it's fast activation and trap speed, it is still very possible for someone adept in speed to escape this. This entrapment costs a lot of energy to keep up over multiple posts, for all intents and purposes draining her slowly as she keeps it active. This means she will often only keep it active for a few posts at a time: if the person within hasn't activated it. It also must be noted that each multiple card she draws, the harder to escape it becomes. Although depending on how many cards she draws, it lessens the duration of how long they stay entrapped within the walls. Typically it only lasts for 6 posts at MAXIMUM, where as with five cards is dropped to 3 posts.

Within these cards, the person is seemingly trapped and floating in perpetual darkness, sitting among the pitch black of space with the stars glittering in the background. It is still capable for one to plant themselves on feet and move around, but for those not resisting would find themselves floating. The gargoyles are said to appear in a similar state, simply floating among the darkness. Once destroyed or deactivated, the world around them begins to fade away into a single point: almost acting like a white hole and returning light and such to the area around them. Whilst maybe a little disorientating, Kanae has called this effect "akin to being spun on the spot incredibly fast". Many people whom break free would find themselves struck by inability to move because of disorientation and perhaps even vomiting, even if release on purpose by Kanae.

» Draw: Flaming Skies Yet again drawing another card, Kanae draws a similar card to the first: This time with the words "Heaven Fires" in Hybrid language written on it (lit. Flaming Skies in English). In a similar fashion, the card appears in a sort of projection above her head and simply fades into a burst of fire, before appearing elsewhere in a much larger way. Within moments of activation, the card begins to materialize in a ball of flame from high above the battlefield, blacking out the sun and darkening the area. The card itself is surrounded by flames, burning upwards towards the skies. At her will, Kanae is capable of opening up the white spaces in the card and dropping a torrent of lava like liquid upon an area.

Simply, the card covers two hundred meters in distance in pure hot liquid, dropping a tornado of lava down upon an area incredibly fast. This is generally used to destroy and scorch huge amounts of land within seconds, and perhaps even wipe out armies with a single activation. Depending on the amount of cards summoned, at five cards (and maximum), Kanae can cover up to a kilometer in this. As previously mentioned though it takes much more effort for Kanae to summon the larger area, quickly training her of personal energy when covering large areas. It must also be noted that the magma will keep poring from the card as long as she wills, the longer it is kept open, the faster it drains her. She normally uses this in one giant blow, covering large areas and dropping the lava like liquid down on an area. If one is capable of manipulating this, they can very easily save the area below from the destruction of lava; as Kanae cannot actually control it.

This is actually capable of being used in conjunction with her entrapment and messing with the target whilst they are inside of the banished room. While normally not ideal, this is her major 'area of effect' skill outside of her normal fire burning those around her.

» Draw: Flame Armory As one might suspect from the name, Kanae is given the capability to draw weapons made in fire once this card is activated. The writing on these cards are Hybrid language for "Weapon Fire". This isn't really "creation" of weapons, rather it is accessing an already set/pre-made amount of weapons from her cards, acting like a pocket dimension. Similar to the other cards, Kanae raises the card, another larger one appearing above head. Within moments they also burn into cinders, within moments a set of three, medium sized cards appearing behind her body, following her every movement. By throwing her arm back and towards the card, the card begins to open up, revealing in the center a pit of burning flames -- that of which does not harm Kanae by putting her arm in (whilst injuring anyone else who tries). The card only opens for Kanae however, and once she draws her arm out she is holding one of five weapons available.

Similar to her previous cards, she can enhance any of the drawn cards by simply adding up to five duplicates, increasing the power by quite a bit.

  • » Sword of Fire: Oath Breaker: This weapon takes the form of a flaming sword, a ceremonial styled Katana, with an edge coated in a thick layer of holy fire similar to that of her Aether class. In many ways the fire acts similar to her Aether Class, the difference being in the weapon itself, not the fire. The hilt is coated and wrapped in a white cloth, whilst the blade itself is covered in fire but the steel tinted in a shining black. Stretching out to be 8 feet long, this Katana is larger than her own body, making it difficult to wield and swing around at times. Whilst large, she has been shown to swing it around with relative ease however, especially when in mid air, capable of slicing anything that comes in her way. The Oath Breaker's maximum is a hundred meters however, meaning that at five cards this can be drawn. At one card, it is fifty meters. Slowly going up with the number of cards.

    The Oath Breaker is capable of growing in size however, the main perk of this is acting in a similar fashion to that of Gin's zanpakuto, albeit slower. By a few seconds, Kanae can extend the blade up to a hundred meters in length. When the blade itself is extended, the blade is not only extended and made bigger, but the weight of it is increased drastically. For anyone not Kanae, the weight of this is almost unbearable, those with masters in strength capable of lifting it. By adding her own strength to the weapon, Kanae is capable of lifting it high over head and slamming it down on a location in quick succession, causing mass destruction due to the combined force of slamming the earth with the weight and her strength. With each slash, she is capable of adding her own flames and invigorating the flames on the blade. Commonly, she doesn't even use this to extend her blade however, simply fighting with a sword against an opponent, hitting them with fire at the same time, every time their swords clash.

  • » Lance of Fire: Armor Breaker: In a similar fashion to summoning her previous sword, Kanae reaches into the card and pulls out a group of spears, all having a simple purpose: throwing. In total there appears to be five lances, the lances themselves capable of being caught with in close combat, but also thrown at a distance to cover a large area. When thrown and adding her strength to it, Kanae can throw the spear at the speed of a bullet. Once it has taken flight, the spear is capable of splitting into more spears, fire kind of breaking off and "solidifying" into more spears. Each spear breaks off into twenty spears, meaning in total she can have 100 flaming spears on the battlefield. The spears themselves, once they hit a surface or a target, begin to send out flaming eruptions from the location. If hitting the ground, it is possible for the spear to instantly explode into a pillar of fire -- the same to be said if it actually pierces a target. The pillar of fire is rather small in comparison to other fire techniques, the strength being in numbers. Each pillar of fire burns two hundred meters into the air, burning at the same temperature of her holy aether fire.

    As each spear CAN explode, Kanae can choose not to explode some, meaning the battlefield is now coated with a bunch of spears she can use in close quarters combat. It also must be noted that each spear is capable of erupting a different type of fire, fifty holy fire and fifty Hellfire. The Hellfire spears are darker in colour and coated in that black flame she produces, making it uncontrollable. The other is her normal colour, often holding these in combat as she cannot be hurt by these flames. The pillars of explosion are around twenty meters in diameter, but still two hundred meters tall. These can be doused or destroyed by simply one manipulating water or containing the blasts. This 100 spears is at five duplicates, at one being a maximum of fifty spears.

  • » Shield of Flame: Oath Keeper: A rather simplistic take on the rest of her weapons, the shield of flame is simply summoned for defensive purposes. The shield is capable of withstanding high level assaults, usually breaking after two high level attacks from an opponent. With assaults that are overwhelmingly powerful, the shield can still absorb some power, but also can be broken and injure Kanae in the progress. The shield is capable of switching fire types at will, a thick layer of flames coating the front of the shield. Depending on the type of energy coming at her, the flames are actually capable of 'consuming' some energies that come towards. When the energy/attacks are overwhelming, the hardness of the shield itself is used. With repeated smaller assaults, Kanae's shield can still break, but needing a lot of punishment. Someone with a master/grand master in strength could break the shield with a harder assault in two or one post respectively. This is as maximum cards enhanced, meaning that is can be quite easily smashed by a high level strength user/a hard hit at one card.

Each card is capable of being broken by an enemy, in a similar strength/power to that of her banishment walls.


» IMMERSION INCANTATION: "The fire of the soul burns eternal, the Holy Flames become one with my body. Hellfire surrounds me, burning evermore."

» IMMERSION DESCRIPTION: This is the skill for Iramasha that is akin to a Shinigami's bankai, capable of releasing tremendous amounts of damage among into the world around them. Kanae, in particular, uses this as one of her only two "released" states, or "forms" for all intents and purposes. Many Iramasha are capable of having three different forms; this isn't the case for Kanae. Due to her overall massive power increase without even using a shikai level skill, Kanae is capable of fighting on par with even the toughest of opponents in their equivalent form. Her Immersion state allows her to not only up her flames capable of being output but also the temperature it burns at. Once activated, her body becomes consumed by a ball of flame. Within moments, the fire around her begins to move and take the shape of smaller flamed wings atop of her back, burning with the same temperature of her normal flames. The left side wing burns with the colour of her Holy Fire, the one of the right burning with Hellfire instead.

The Ever Burning Flame, Kanae Iramasha [WIP] MBcIgx7

» INCREASED BURNING CAPABILITIES: Due to ascending into Immersion state, Kanae's flames get quite the significant increase in attack potency, capable of eating through certain other abilities if it is given the opportunity. Sky rocketing in terms of temperature, Kanae has been shown to sometimes even burn straight through certain kido or magical skills, destroying them before they even get close to touching her. This is the same for physical assaults too, being capable of incinerating through things like concrete or certain weapons with enough focus. Such skills aren't without drawback and possible dangerous sides, Kanae generally has to focus her fire into a singular point, condensing it in and around the object. Depending on the size of the skill, Kanae will also take longer to burn it down into cinders, leaving nothing but ash. She has been shown to vaporize buildings with enough focus, exploding into balls of flames and incinerating her surroundings as normal fire would.

The first difference in her flames comes when her Holy Aether is activated. Due to Immersion being activated, one side of her back is coloured in her normal holy flames, wings akin to that of a phoenix stretching out. This is a constant active during her Immersion state; making it impossible to turn off the flames behind her, sometimes even hitting things she doesn't mean to. The wings themselves spread at around 20 meters in total. The other side of the wings is her darkened Hellfire, black flames protruding on her left half of her body. In her previous state, Kanae would have been completely destroyed by her black flames, however Immersion signifies her ability to control and not be harmed by the dark flames.

» HOLY FLAMES EVOLUTION: As previously mentioned, Kanae gains new abilities with her flames upon Immersion activation. Once the incantation has spoke, her flames explode into a ball around her and eventually reveal her phoenix style wings. The main different to her Holy Flames is the ability to fill up larger areas with fire and heat, completely being able to surround areas in fire. At her will, Kanae can shoot and control immense amounts of fire. However this isn't just for her own flames, but for any flames that her Holy Aether is capable of touching and influencing. If the fire is not of personal origin, that being artificially created through another beings magical power, Kanae is capable of manipulating and adding it to her own arsenal. This is typically only done in response to environmental explosions which may cause fires and things of the like.

[list][*]» UNCONTROLLABLE HEAT: One of the passive abilities upon entering the Immersion state is how much the temperature of the air around her changes. In many instances, Kanae can cause the temperatures around her to sky rocket, making unbearable heat for anyone within it's range. For simple civilians, it is very possible for them to actually die due to simple heat over exhaustion. On a more scary level, she can channel intense heat into waves and locations to try and overwhelm and exhaust an opponent. Those fighting within her limits of heat have shown to find themselves tiring out rather quickly, depending on their ability to withstand fire and heat itself. The area of effect for this has shown to be around five hundred meters are maximum, anything beyond that beginning to experience lower heat levels, the immediate direction around 200 degrees hotter than the outside radius.

For all intents and purposes, the heat is one of her most powerful techniques. In similar fashion to controlling waves of pressure with her mild wind manipulation, Kanae can direct pockets of super heated air in directions. Typically, she directs heat into a single point and sends it out in a shockwave of power. In many instances, the heat is actually capable of melting flesh. Unlike her fire that burns through anything it touches with enough time, if exposed to super heated air, flesh will begin to melt.


The Ever Burning Flame, Kanae Iramasha [WIP] Ap8OoJO

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