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Fri 20 Jan 2017, 10:44


It felt...odd. It's been nearly 300 years since she's been in the soul society, let alone the Seireitei. Main reason being that her kind were somewhat hated in the Gotei and thus throughout the Soul Society. So why would she come back if they were hunting her, or at least in the past? Actually, that's why she came back.

The Gotei was now officially different. They now allow diversity within their ranks, vizards and hybrids alike. There are less squads and more ranks, with sub-divisions instead of the original 13. Things for the Gotei seem to be looking up, though Azela was still kind of skeptical.

Anywho, she decided to pay the Soul Society a visit to visit.... a close friend. She wasn't ready to call him her "boyfriend" but was able to acknowledge and accept it. It was kinda odd how her mind worked and how even she didn't know what goes on. Anyways, they were supposed to meet at the west gate. From what he's told her, the defense systems shouldn't trigger while she was there. Keeping that in mind, she was hesitant to enter the Seireitei from the Rukongai but as she crossed she was amazed that she was still alive. With that obstacle out of the way, she started to search for Henrex.

Code by Azela

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Fri 24 Feb 2017, 11:19

Song: Time To Say Goodbye - By: RWBY OST - Word Count: 682