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Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:04 pm

Mirja, The Wolf of Eden

Mirja was bored. And that was not something that happened often. She usually managed to really entertain herself with imaginations and remembering how Caanan went pop. But today, that wasn't going so well. So instead she tried some training, but it devolved into her mind running wild over a new technique, she had no idea what it actually was, it had yet to be born, but she knew it was going to be glorious. Mostly because it was her that was doing it, and how could it not with Mirja making the technique? Everything Mirja had ever made, was pure gold.

'How about this?' The voice, Hvit, spoke. She had a few memories surrounding that girl, namely her being the one who had helped her with Caanan. Neither were sure how, exactly, she managed that, but it was theorized in the time of great emotional need, she was given exactly what she needed. The power of Mirja's need bridged the gap and allowed Hvit that one-time assistance, before slipping back under the waves until Yoko invaded. And that, well, that was an entirely different kettle of fish. A third kettle of fish - and why fish were in kettles to begin with was yet another kettle of fish - was the technique that Hvit had suggested.

It wasn't hard for someone of Mirja's prowess to get the basics down, even if she did fluff the first time and smack her nose right into the ground. Luckily, she was durable enough for it to barely scuff, but that wasn't the point. The second time around was much better, however, and she nailed the execution, blowing apart one of her reinforced training dummies and grinning broadly to herself. They never could reinforce those things enough for her to not break them, but then she kept them in business with her constant purchases. And the speed she had gone while doing it, that was something that lit a fire in her heart. Invigorated, she went off to show her new technique to Jaeden, and possibly bug him for more practice. She needed to get faster.
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