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Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:55 pm
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Vizard Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Eiji Nakamura
» Titles: N/A
» Appearance Age: 21 years old
» True Age: 850 years old
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: 5th Division

» Appearance Description:
Eiji Nakamura has a body that resembles a lamp post. He stands a proud five foot ten, though he is also vey skinny. Although this is rather odd, though perfectly acceptable, his most notable feature must be his eyes; they are able to pierce a persons soul. His appearance in his soul form is the same as that of his body in the human world; he saw no need to attempt to disguise himself; if he did not want to be seen then he would not have been seen.

» Appearance Picture:

I. Personality

» Personality:
Eiji does not think much of others. Whether they are Shinigami, Arrancar, or Human makes no difference to him. The opinions of others are easily disregarded; it is clear to him that they are simply wasting their time trying to convince him of some lesser idea’s. Even if his logic is flawed he refuses to listen to the ideas of others. This particular feature of Eiji became very clear after he had conquered his inner Hollow. The fight having given him a higher regard for himself, as well as corrupting his very person. What was a victory was nothing more than a merging between two beings.

Eiji is the sort of person who decides on a course of action and will commit to them; there is no if’s and’s or but’s in regards to these actions. This is one of the few traits that was part of the original Eiji; having been a rather competent human being, and excelling in his chosen lines of work he never had to put in much effort; with this sort of environment he had quickly gained a viewpoint in which he simply ignored the advice of others and continued to travel down his own path; whether this lead to a situation in which he was able to succeed or one in which he failed it did not matter; one does not usually remember the failures, but the successes shine the most brilliant.

The allure of the forbidden fruit is something that has become more and more pressing as Eiji continued his journey as a Vizard. This tendency of his was not present during his time as a human, not was it present while he was a shinigami. With this new tendency Eiji has began to notice slight differences in the way a person smelled, and even the aura around the person. The diets of each person alter their aroma, although it may not be much; these things are sensible to humans and shinigami, but it seems many overlook it. A person who has a higher intake of meat will usually take on a more rotten smell, though this is not very abrasive to the nose. A person with a slightly sweet smell would be one that consumes more plants, particularly fruits. A person with a balanced diet usually does not have much of a smell; these people are the usual targets; those who can eat healthy and maintain a healthy body have the better organs. Health is equitable to taste.

♣Easily Bored:
Eiji is a person who seems to have the attention span of a goldfish; while he can maintain long term goals he is very temperamental with objectives that do not last for more than a month or two. If he is not working towards some sort of main goal he see's no point in pursuing it any further. Being the person he is, and how precious his time is, he should be doing something that he finds to be constructive and/or gives him some sort of long term benefit. In all honesty, this is something that he will often use intentionally with the goal of leaving whatever it is he is involved in; if it does not meet his requirements then he doesn't wish to be involved. There are, of course, exceptions to this; these situations, however, are not something which have a real definition. It is usually something that Eiji can tell apart; it is some sort of intuition he has.

During the few encounters that Eiji has with others he will usually tend to create a situation in which he is able to benefit, no matter the outcome. This could vary from creating a bond with a person who he shares no mutual interests, simply to have access to some form of connection to an organization, or accompanying another on some errand simply so they are indebted to him. A debt is something that can always be used and held over the other party; it was rather useful for when a person finds them self in a pinch.

Eiji is a person who will flaunt his prowess to anyone, even if they are not listening to him. He does not tolerate disrespect, and it is in part to his pride. Attempting to degrade his achievements often leads to Eiji losing his cool. These are all things that could be linked back to his narcissistic personality, though it does splinter off of it. Putting aside his own grandiose vision of himself he has found that he deserves the respect that he expects from others. Insulting Eiji's accomplishments is a sure way to start a fight.

♣Hot Headed:
Eiji is not one to shy away from a fight, in fact he will often instigate altercations if he believes the other is trying to provoke him. Depending on the situation, and the location, he has no problem turning an ally into a foe and eliminating them. A fight over the smallest of things is no different than insulting him; while this temperament allows him to have a bit of fun, it can lead to the loss of relationships and even the death of a person who could have been useful to him in the near future.

» Likes:
♣Healthy Individuals:
The healthier a person is the more appealing they are; they have no unnecessary aroma to their person. They offer the greatest possibility for nourishment. When Eiji finds a person who he deems to be healthy he will often stalk the person for a few hours, assuming he is not being very impatient. After this brief period he will often close in on the target, this occurs when they arrive at their residence, and pounce. Attacking this person he will begin his latest meal.

Having this sort of diet makes finding a suitable meal, one in which he is able to fully enjoy the experience, very difficult. It is due to this that Eiji often finds himself in the kitchen; with all this time in the kitchen he has, albeit slowly, gained an affinity for the activity. The ability to specifically cultivate and prepare his own food gives him a sense of joy that is next to the act of slaying the animal. While the hunt was exhilarating, the actual preparation and consumption was something that allowed him to calm down and regain his concentration; by doing this he is able to, usually, leave the scene and not have to worry about any sort of linkage between the crime and himself.

While there are situations where a man is very useful there are, at least, twice as many situations in which a woman is more useful. Women can act as powerful assets, men are such simple creatures, or as simple entertainment. While it is not common for Eiji to develop any feelings, let alone love, he did not mind having company on occasion. This perverted part of him is one which has developed as a way for him to release stress, at least when he was human. Being able to have a drink and enjoy the company of beautiful women was something he could look forward to after a hard days work. Releasing stress was an awfully fun activity when a woman was involved.

Hunting is something that Eiji uses to describe his encounters with a future meal, or another individual that will become a target of his. By beginning the hunt in a relatively calm way, simply following the person(s), he is able to get a sense of the type of person they were. Whether they were still capable of displaying their personality, or if they were a beast that simply destroyed whatever it is that they ran into; each personality allowed for the study into their own psyche. This was something which Eiji found interesting enough to pursue; these situations often lead to a provocation of the prey by Eiji. After the chase Eiji often corners the beast and will begin his assault. His assault usually involved

» Dislikes:
These people are simply too idiotic to deal with; they usually are unable to read the situation or are too ignorant to act accordingly. In addition to this they rarely display any sort of usefulness. They display a lack of intelligence!

♣Incompetent People:
These types of people are much like those Eiji would refer to as a dumbass, though they are not the same! A person who is incompetent may be intelligent, unlike the dumbasses that Eiji dislikes; it is their inability to complete an assigned task that classifies them as incompetent. There are many reasons that this may occur, however, that does not matter to Eiji. Sure, these people have their uses-this is with the assumption that they possess intelligence-though they may not be fully utilized. Full utilization usually occurs after Eiji has known them for some time.

When discussing failures Eiji simply regards them in two categories: a failure of a person and the failure of the objective. A person who Eiji considers a failure is very much a combination of a dumbass and someone who is very incompetent. No matter the number of chances given they fail to produce any results; they show absolutely no use. A waste of a soul. The other sort of failure could be applied to both himself and others. Failing an object is something that Eiji hates; if he assigned an objective it is because he believes the person assigned is able to handle it; this failure to meet his expectations is a disappointment.

I. History

» History:
Being born to the Nakamura Clan Eiji had many expectations placed upon him. The Nakamura Clan was one which had been respected for their swordsmanship and loyalty to the Shogunate. In his youth the Tokugawa Shogunate had dominance over Japan and as such he was raised in a manner which placed the life of the Shogun over that of his own; it was with this mentality that he trained his skills. Having no other goal than to protect the life of the Shogun he trained relentlessly. The main focus of his training was not that of the average samurai. Wielding a katana felt foreign to Eiji; he could not grasp the techniques. Having attempted to adjust to the kitana for three years, training his muscles to move smoothly and swiftly, it was for nothing. It was with this that he had been deemed a failure; being unable to wield the katana, what his clan was most recognized for, was something which he had never envisioned of himself; he had always planned to follow in his fathers steps. Defending the honor of the clan, defending the shogun. This was the families destiny, and without this he was lost. It was with this failure that he was disowned; he was of no use to the family if he was not proficient with the katana. He was an embarrassment. It was for the next three years that he would travel the land. Traveling from Heian-Kyo (Modern day Kyoto) to Edo (Modern day Tokyo) Eiji was able to experience a multitude of things. Scavenging for food, surviving in the harsh winter, obtaining shelter; all of these things, once a given for Eiji, was now a becoming difficult to obtain. There was competition like he had never experienced. Having left with nothing more than a blade and the clothes on his back he was rather lost. It was not until the first month had past that he realized how useful the blade was. Wielding this simple Tantou he felt more powerful, more useful, than he had ever felt with a kitana in his hand. His travels had been going rather calmly; simply surviving on what he could gather and the little trading he was able to do when he entered a town. He had refused to settle in a town for the next two years; he had felt that there was nothing worth staying for. This had changed when he had met his future bride, Asashi Houzan. It was at this time that he began to live a relatively normal life. Having been educated Eiji was able to secure a rather illustrious job as a bureaucrat, though he did not enjoy it very much. He took the job as a simple means to create a pleasant life for his new love. For the next few years he had lived a calm life; having one son been born he began to gain recognition and grew in influence.

Having lived this life for five years he had quickly put his past behind him and had accepted himself for what he was; it was something that could not be changed and he saw no reason to allow for it to follow him around. This was how he had found his new happiness; it was how he had gained his new life. It was in the winter that he was sent off to Osaka; having been asked to accompany an associate he could not deny the male. The trip was rather dull, nothing out of the ordinary hard occurred. He thought it was all over, that was until Hakodate was in view. Hakodate was in flames and from what could be observed it had been for a while now. Running forward he began to head toward his house; he knew it wasn't the smartest of ideas, but in times like this emotions took over. It was as he reach his house, and he rushed in, that it collapsed. It was a rather unfortunate way to die, but it was necessary for his ascension. If he had died any sooner there was a chance he would spend some time as a Plus, any later and there was a chance that he would become a Hollow. It was as his spirit left his body that he could could feel an enormous amount of energy emulating from his body.

Looking around Eiji was rather confused. He clearly remembered being crushed in his own home, but now he was standing atop the debris. "The hell..." He looked around, unable to process what was occurring. From what he saw there were countless monsters running rampant; this was the only thing he could call them. He had no other words to describe what it was that he was seeing. Among these were five others, all wearing the same outfit. Frozen in spot he simply watched as these people continually slayed these beasts; it was as they finished that he was approached. It was at this point that his memories begin to meld into one endless day; having been brought back by this division he found himself in their care. Although he was grateful for their good nature he was not prepared for what was to come. It was from that day that he was pushed to his limits in Shin'o Academy.

It was for the next six years that he found himself in the academy, simply doing as he was told; he was supposed to unlock a great amount of power if he did as he was told. It was with this faith that he would comply with the instructors words; and while he excelled with his studies there was one portion that bothered him. No matter how many times he would communicate with this Zanpakutō he was never able to communicate fully with it; sure, Susanno was very quick to open up; the other, however, refused to even acknowledge him. Even after these six years he found himself joining the division in which he believe he would find the most challenge; fifth division. Each day, while not occupied by his duties, he would be meditating; this was all in attempt to gain the trust of his Zanpakutō. For the next eight hundred years he was unable to do much more than simply try, and fail, to get the spirits name.

After so many failures he had decided the best course of action, though this was a decision that was ultimately frowned upon, was to simply inherit new power; to absorb what it was he was fighting against. By taming a wild hollow he would be able to access a plethora of new techniques and, ultimately, he would gain the power needed to surpass the plateau in which he found himself. It was a few days later that he had regained his consciousness; it seemed that he had decided to head out on his own and subdue a hollow; seeing as he was in the infirmary, and still in control of his body, it seemed to have worked. A week has passed since this interaction, and this is where he finds himself currently.

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities: None... He's rather average, though he has a slightly higher than average IQ.

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities:
♦Bakudo 1 - Sai (塞, Restrain) - Locks a target's arms in place behind their back. - No incantation
♦Bakudo 9 - Geki (撃, Strike) - Engulfs the target in red light, completely paralyzing them. - Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini!! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat!
♦Hadō 1 - Shō (衝, Thrust) - Pushes the target away from the caster. - No incantation

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Vizard Profile Part Two

I. Sealed Zanpakutō

» Zanpakutō Name: Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi(草薙の剣)

» Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:

» Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Although there are two distinct Zanpakutō spirits they are simply two halves of the same coin. While they both represent the same consciousness they act in radically different ways, each only containing half the personality of the whole. It is due to this that they represent two incomplete halves; although they are incomplete they are still rather useful. The personality which will first be discussed is that of Susanoo:

Susanoo is a person who is much like their name would imply. The name Susanoo is merely derived from Takehaya Susanowo; this being this halves true name. Having been named after the Storm God his personality is much as one would expect. It is Susanoo which will often tempt Eiji to hasten his decisions and choose battle. He finds that he could not care much for the effects that Eiji's actions would cause; this would seem to contradict Eiji's own beliefs. Wanting to control the results he would often ignore Susanoo's advice until the last of moments. Susanoo is usually much more likely to become provoked and release much more energy than Takeru if taunted. Susanoo is usually only heard in situations where a brawl may erupt, or when there is something that has gotten Eiji's attention.

Seeing as Takeru is also Eiji's Inner Hollow I will simply refer to that portion for his personality.

» Inner World: His inner world is an odd place. Although there are signs of life they are far and few between; the ruins of what was once Tokyo is the main attraction in this world. This is all due to the introduction of his inner hollow into the world; prior to this it was much like that of current day Tokyo; very fruitful. It depicted the height of technology and the vastness of the humans advancements.

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance:

» Sealed Zanpakutô Powers:
Sōzō no Sokumen (創造の側面):
This is the broad definition of Eiji's Zanpakutō's potential powers. By using his Reiryoku Eiji is able to manipulate, more so than create, various effects of others. This ability is one which is based much more on domineering and deception rather than the actual ability to create much; in fact, the ability to create any sort of effects takes a plethora of training and, on occasion, another's Zanpakutō. The ability to create, a more accurate term would be materialize (at least in the beginning), is something which is useful when used in an attempt to block the effects of other Zanpakutō; at higher tiers offense becomes much more plausible.

The most accurate way to explain these effects involve the use of Eiji’s own Reiryoku to create a condensed form of energy; the goal of this is to be able to use this concentration of spiritual energy to effect the movement of certain abilities as well as to buff his own body; this energy also allows him to create a wall of spiritual energy; this can be used to block attacks that utilize spiritual energy; this blocks the effects of the spiritual energy, and lowers the speed of the attack, though it does not stop the physical attack.

While the possibilities for this power seem to be infinite the toll it takes on the Eiji is rather severe; although Eiji is able to buff himself, he is eventually weakened by the use of this; depleting his own Reiryoku decreases his own strength. Although a Shinigami has vents to assure that they do not have an excess amount of Reiryoku, it does not help Eiji in the least; these vents actually hurt him more than anything else.

The amount of things that may be created, or buffed, can not surpass two a post; this caps out when he reaches five or when five posts have passed. This requires a six post cool down.

Sōsa (操作):
This move is one that is a staple for Eiji; the ability to infuse his own Reiryoku into that of others means that he is able to influence the expression, and even movement, of the energy. This means that for those who are weaker than himself, those of a lesser power level, Eiji needs to use much less energy than if he were to go against someone on the same powerscale as himself.

This allows him to redirect the energy away from himself, or even back at the caster. This allows him to use their own energy against themself; this is something that is not visible; this means that his energy itself is not visible. It is something that must be focused on in order to succeed; focus is necessary in order to draw out the correct amount of energy; it can be done without concentration, though it would result in much more energy being used. In addition to this, Eiji is able to direct his own Reiryoku to specific parts of his body; by doing this he is able to increase muscle mass in the location; this could make him faster and stronger; it could also increase the durability of his body.

This ability, however, is not effective when an opponent is more than three tiers away; I.E If Eiji is 2-2 than it does not work on anyone that is 1-5 and stronger; as the power differences increases so does the required amount of energy. In addition to this the introduction of new energy, even if it is coming from the same source, is able to halt Eiji's control of it's movement.To reiterate this can only effect attacks infused with Reiryoku, and those that are purely Reiryoku. Anything past the three tier limiter is ineffective.

Sōzo (創造):
Sōzō is a much more refined and specified use of Sōsa. Taking the fundamentals of Sōsa, manipulating his own spiritual energy to do a plethora of activities, Eiji will be able to utilize Sōzo. While it is called “Creation” there is not any new spiritual energy being created; energy is not simply appearing as he sees fit.

Sōzō refers to Eiji's ability to imbed spiritual energy into inanimate objects, bringing them to “life.” This injection of his own spiritual energy into objects gives him the ability to freely control the object; the larger the object the more energy required. While it could be compared to a form of telekinesis there are a few key differences. One of these differences is the practicality of the method for animation; telekinesis requires a person's concentration on the object for the entirety of the manipulation, it could also be constrained by the size of the object. Sōzō on the other hand simply requires concentration during the movement of spiritual energy; this means that as soon as the energy enters the host it is linked to Eiji’s consciousness, this can be compared to a hive mind. By doing this he can accomplish many tasks by simply thinking of them; along with this the size of the object has almost no effect; so long as Eiji can provide sufficient energy it will be able to move.

The amount of things that may be animated can not surpass one a post; this caps out when he reaches three or when five posts have passed. This requires a six post cool down.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: "Ephemeral and brilliant one, fall to my embrace. That is my decision."

» Shikai Release Actions: Seeing as his release phrase is quite long there is no action.

» Shikai Appearance: (What does your character look like in their Shikai?)

» Shikai Abilities: (What abilities does your character attain in Shikai?)

I. Bankai

» Bankai Name: (What is the name of your character's Bankai?)

» Bankai Release Phrase: "All the evils in the world'? Bring thrice as much if you want to stain me!"

» Bankai Release Actions: Seeing as his release phrase is quite long there is no action.

» Bankai Appearance: (What does your character look like in their Bankai?)

» Bankai Abilities: (What abilities does your character attain in Bankai?)

I. Inner Hollow/Mask

» Inner Hollow Name: Takeru
» Inner Hollow Description:

» Inner Hollow Personality:
Takeru’s existence is one that even puzzles himself; having had no recollection of conception he simply appeared in Eiji's inner world; this was not only a surprise to him, but to Susanoo as well. The best way to explain this sudden conception is that Susanoo’s power was split in half. This split in power was one which was indicative of the sudden, and drastic, change to Eiji's soul. While he was not alive long enough for it to grab hold of the entirety of his soul, it was more than enough time for him change; it was enough time to spawn Takeru. Takeru is what would have become Eiji should he have fallen down the path to hollowification. If he had not died when he had. With this being said Takeru was not a “full” hollow in and of himself. This is to say that, although he has the tendencies of a hollow, he is still a part of Eiji; he is a transformed version Eiji; the part of Eiji that would have lead him astray; would have lead him down the path of a hollow.

Seeing as Eiji had not been dragged down the rabbit hole, he had not turned hollow, Takeru remained dormant; sure, he still held half of his soul, and as such Eiji was never able to enter Shikai, but that was about it. His consciousness was nearly non-existent. Hearing Eiji search for his half, but unable to move. This was Takeru’s curse. While Susanoo roamed the ruins of Tokyo, Takeru was bound in chains below; he could not see the truth of Eiji's inner world. This is the condition he found himself in for most of his existence. It was not until Eiji attempted to absorb another Hollow that things had changed; it had forced life into the husk of a spirit named Takeru.

It was due to this new presence that Takeru was able to awaken; a small spark reignited what was one lifeless eyes. He began to move about, thrashing against the chains that had held him in place for so many years; this was the push needed to awaken the lost soul; the push needed to finally have him admit his name; the push which flung him into the darkness of his own psyche. It was with this that he had decided to claim what was his; he would not allow a foreign hollow to try and gain control; it was with this that he set out to hunt for this new presence. It was with this that he would truly awaken; his presence was one that would be quickly dealt with.

Even now, as he hunts, he maintains a calm composure; he was not overly eager or anything like that. He simply saw the objective for what it was; a goal. This is how Takeru is; goal oriented, and someone who only cared for his success. Upon finding this new hollow things ended rather quickly; Hakai quickly cleaned up the disturbance and Takeru took his throne.

» Inner Hollow Powers:
Aside from the pre-listed, generalized, powers of all hollows and those that it shares with Eiji there is a single different ability; one that is different than that of Eiji.

Hakai (破壊):
Although Hakai translates to destruction this ability is something very different than destruction, though this is the impression it gives; this is the ability to absorb the spiritual energy of others. The best way to describe this is as follows: If a lightning bolt was created via spiritual energy, Takeru is able to absorb the energy ultimately stopping the attack; this can also be applied when Eiji uses his own energy to control that of others; this is one way to neutralize those who rely heavily on their Zanpakutō's abilities. The user, Takeru, is only able to store the energy for a short period of time before it leaves the foreign body; this absorption is completed via the vents that every shinigami have.

This is not something that is inexhaustible as it does have it's own limits. The most noticeable is that he can only have the energy of one other within his vents at once; this means that it is only very useful when fighting solo. The second limiter would be the effect of the "scale" of energy that he absorbs. If he absorbs energy from anyone within his own power tier he faces no drawback, though anything stronger and he beings to feel the difference in concentration. One tier difference causes his arms to go numb; this may even end up breaking his hands from the amount of power (Dependent on the tiers in question). Anything over this one tier is approaching lethal. Over a tier away would vary in results. From the dislocation of the arm to the loss of the arm; anything like this is possible. His body cannot handle the energy fast enough and it cannot be processed. This requires a one post cooldown and only lasts for a single post; the energy must be used the same post it is absorbed. If it is not used then the energy will begin to attack Eiji from within; a foreign energy being trapped is one that wishes to escape.

» Hollow Mask Appearance:

» Vizard Powers:
♣Cero: At the moment, seeing as how Eiji has yet to even see the success of the fusion, his Cero is one of the more basic forms; simply there as a weak styled attack. These fire from his finger tips.

♣Increased Speed: His inner hollow is one that enjoys completing it's task, and for Eiji the best way to do so is by moving swiftly and striking down the enemies. By moving at higher speeds he is able to complete whatever espionage-esk missions he may find himself on.

♣Increased Reiryoku Power:Aside from speed Eiji relies on his Reiryoku much more than almost any other Shinigami; even the abilities of his Zanpakutō rely on his own Reiryoku. By increasing his Reiryoku he is able to swiftly, and competently, finish these missions. More energy allows him to quickly manipulate others and their own abilities.

I. Resurrección

[NOTE: This form is for 0-3 and up. Refer to the racial specs for more information]

» Resurrección Release Phrase: (What does your character say in order to transform into their Resurrección state? This is optional.)

» Resurrección Release Actions: (What kind of action does your character perform to transform into their Resurrección state? This is also optional.)

» Resurrección Appearance: (What does your character look like when they transform into their Resurrección state?)

» Resurrección Abilities: (When a character ascends to this state, they at their peak power. Please state what kind of powers that your Vizard obtains when ascending to this form.)

I. Equipment/Other Resources

» Equipment: N/A
I. PhantomTech

» PhantomTech: Nope.

» Phantom Tech Abilities: None.

» Phantom Tech Powers: Nah.

I. Skill Sheet


General Skills
  • Durability:Beginner
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Kidō: Adept
  • Zanjutsu: Beginner
  • Hakuda: Beginner

Vizard Skills
  • Power AugmentationAdept
  • Cero: Adept
  • Mask Protection:: Beginner
  • Hollow Control:Beginner

Hollow Skills
  • Acid Skill: Beginner
  • Garganta : Adept
  • Cero/Bala: Beginner
  • Regeneration:Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination:Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Advanced


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Vizard Profile Part Three

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Vizard Profile Part Four

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample:

Shirotsume; a town that has been left in the past. Using such an archaic form of government as feudalism depicted their inferiority to the average town. While they had a rather archaic form of government there were some rather new additions to the town; there have been, very recently, some very large mansions built. This was not something everyone in the town appreciated, in fact, it annoyed many. It was much like the times in which feudalism actually existed; the mansions depicted the vast range very few had. This was one of the few things that have been upheld throughout time. The rich always flaunted their economic prosperity. This is the town in which we find our protagonist, Vlad. This is where he was sent to kidnap some random noblemen. This, however, was not the only reason he was in this town. Let us take a minute to discuss Azriel.

Azriel; the demon summoned to aid Vlad in his journeys. While his past is shrouded in mystery there are a few things that have become apparent:
1. He enjoys combat.
2. He was rather quiet.
These are some of the traits that made Azriel the reliable demon he was; always ready to be called upon he was never late. In fact, the simple fact that he was able to gain new abilities through sacrificial rituals was superb. It was something that allowed for him to stay relevant, and continue to help Vlad. This is what has lead to the very event that is about to take place; another sacrifice will be made, and the voices will be sated for now.

The voices in his head only came out on occasion, and when they did they demanded to be heard. They would scream at Vlad, ordering him to slaughter. He did not understand why they would do such a thing! He was going to cause mayhem anyway. It was, honestly, an annoyance. This is what our protagonist thought about on his travel into the town of Shirotsume.

Walking into the town the chasm between the two classes was rather apparent; while on would not go as far as to call the area in poverty the houses were rather small. They seemed to be able to house, no more than, a family of five. This was the odd thing. The number of people he encountered did not seem to be accommodated for by these houses. The people must fill every square inch of the drab houses for this many to fit; it was as though someone had put the town in a cage and set a pair of rabbits inside.

The people were nestled in their habitats, having been assimilated into this sort of lifestyle. These poor people did not know what it meant to have extra space, to be able to meander about in one's home and do nothing but lounge around. Vlad had made this observation rather hastily, and came to realize something. These people were smiling.

They were happy with what they had; these people, on the outskirts of the town, were fine with the conditions they had and the supplies they were able to obtain. Such a modest life was something Vlad could respect. Living on what you need, and nothing more. Not having any form of excess. It seemed like a life Vlad could live. He rarely took any sort of breaks as it were, though he did enjoy not having to scrape by. To each their own.

The weather was rather ominous; clouds filled the sky and the air felt moist, as if it were about to rain. All in all it was a rather dark day, whatever happiness that was here would be dragged down, smothered by this ominous forecast. As rain drops began to fall from the sky Vlad raised his hand, feeling the splash of icy water against his skin. It was like an electric shock, kicking him into gear. "Well, I suppose we should begin." He chuckled to himself, looking around. He seemed to be in what could only be called a bazaar; people walked casually from booth to booth, buying what they need. Even on such an ominous day so many people were active; this was a great chance. Thunder could be heard for miles away, and then came the lightning. Or was it the other way around? Whatever, you get what's happening. It's your average ominous day scenario.

"Do you know what's on sale today?" A young female, no more than twenty three years of age, asked. She was a rather curvy women, probably D cup, with a rather plain hairstyle. Her brown, curly hair hung down to her shoulders. The fact that she would walk up to Vlad, a complete and utter stranger, to ask this shocked him. How could these people be so trusting? He did not understand it. To trust others so much, it was not wise. They could be any sort of evil person. Vlad was such person, at least in the eyes of the law; it was rather annoying to deal with. In fact, how did these people not notice him? Should he be concerned about this? Maybe they simply had not gained word of his grievous crimes. Perhaps this place could serve as a temporary base? Who knew, only time would tell. "I apologize, I do not know what is on sale. I'm a simply traveler, just passing through." He smiled at the female, bowing his head. God, this was unlike Vlad. Or was it? He seemed to have a soft spot for women and children, though not all of his actions would show this. Perhaps he simply enjoyed women, they did bring him much pleasure~. "May I be as bold as to ask what your name is?" He stated, looking at the female. "Oh my, how bold of you. My name is [insert some female name here], it is very nice to meet you... your name is?" "Vlad." He replied, a smile on his face. Vlad being a gentleman!? What the hell type of world are we in right now? Pinch the narrator, he must be dreaming this shit up.

"Are you free? Care for a drink?" He asked, looking down the road, past the bazaar, looking at the gate to a rather large estate.

"But we just met, that is awfully forward. You sure are confident, aren't you?" She chuckled, looking the male over. Considering it for a bit she decided that she had nothing better to do. Who did around here? "Sure, why not." She chuckled, taking the man's arm.

"Who is being forward now?" He laughed, escorting the female off to a local tavern. Well, it was an odd plan, but it worked. Somehow. How the fuck did Vlad do it? He was a charming man, as it seemed the women loved him. The dimly lit streets set the mood quite well, as they walked to the bar. Leading her down an alley they would appear in front of the entrance to a rather nice tavern.

The atmosphere inside the place was light, and cheerful. After a few drinks Vlad ushered the female out, having spent an hour or two there. That was plenty. Escorting her down the road, allowing her to lead him to her place. Though she assumed this was merely a courteous act of a generous man. How wrong was she.

"Thanks for the drinks, and the escort home." She chuckled, kissing his cheek. It seemed she had enjoyed the night, and was beginning to unlock her door. With it now unlocked she opened the door, stepping inside.

As she stepped inside Vlad would rush in behind her, cover her mouth and close the door behind him. Upon entering he slammed her head against the wall, causing her to lose consciousness. Dragging the unconscious women to her bed he would tie her arms and legs to the bed posts, and then gag her mouth. Slapping the cheek of the female he would have some fun with this. Such a whimsical female, why should one exist? Walking to the kitchen he opened a draw, and grabbed a knife. It would do. Letting out a light chuckle he would enter the room. "Don't worry dear, I will not be hurting that soul of yours. Just it's vessel. Relax, and let me enjoy myself." He smirked as he climbed atop her he would run the knife along her cheek, smiling as he did so. Oh, how he could not wait. Placing the neck near his crotch, at the bottom of her shirt, he moved it upward; her shirt slowly revealing her chest, until he reached her bosom. Now, cutting the shirt off he looked at the female, she seemed to be holding back tears. How nice of her, not ruining his moment. She would be his altar, and his sacrifice. He would defile this woman's body unlike any man had before.

What's going on? Did I drink too much? My head is killing me.The female thought to herself, trying to rub her head. What's going on!? She thought, attempting to move her extremities. Having realized that she couldn't move she began to panic. She wanted to scream out, cry for help, but she couldn't. They had already gagged her. Shit shit shit. She was hyperventilating, each of her breaths were labored. Looking around she saw a familiar face, it was that mant, the one that had escorted her home. Fuck. She couldn't think of much more, she was still in a blurred daze and her thoughts were sporadic. She knew she wouldn't be able to hold out for long.

Placing the edge of the blade at the connection between the two cups on her bra he slid it up, cutting straight through. "So, this is what you have to offer? Acceptable." He chuckled, running the blade up her sternum, to her throat. She must have wanted him to kill her, stop this humility. He would do no such thing. She would endure this. She deserved it, she was too trusting. She did not know the truths of the world and she had to be punished; those who were simple sheep did not deserve any leniency.

Placing the knife against her supple skin he traced it down her chest, then back up. He was merely pondering what, exactly, he would do before completing the ritual. He smirked a bit, getting off the female. Ripping off the girls pants he would slice off her undergarments; looking at the female's body everything was visible. Placing the knife at the base of her foot he dragged it through her skin, ripping apart the skin of her thighs, all the way up to her hips. Moving the knife to the side he would run it down the left leg of the females. Blood now stained the sheets, the female was crying. Hyperventilating she could not handle the pain, how dull. "Oi, no passing out from the pain." He chuckled, slashing her cheek. Now, towering over the female, he would play with her face, this would be fun. Grabbing her ear he would lean in and whisper, "Hold still now." A dark chuckled escaped his lips as his hand fell, slicing through the ear. Blood spewed over his pants, how messy. "Tch." He was annoyed by this. "Well, I can finish this now. But... why?" He chuckled. "Azriel, would you like to have some fun? Simply do not harm her abdominal reason, I need a place for the altar. Do no kill her." He chuckled, leaning against the wall. Rising from his shadow Azriel had a smirk like none other, it was nefarious.

"Thank you for the entertainment, sir. I'll make plenty use of it." He chuckled, looking the female over. Where to begin? Her feet? Hands? Breasts? He decided. Walking forward he would grab her right hand. "You're right handed, correct? Most are." He chuckled, pulling back her index finger, snapping it. "Whoops." He dropped the finger, this was going to be slow, painful torture. His smirk grew even wider as he looked at the female's face. It was the perfect expression of agony, and it was amazing. Tear streaming down her face Azriel would place his hand on her cheek. Leaning in he pushed her hair back, whispering into her ear. "This is merely the beginning, dear. There is much more to come." He chuckled, standing up. "Sir, you can do what you must. I do not wish to hold you up." Azriel stated, looking over to Vladimir. "It's fine, Azriel, I would like to watch." Looking away from Vladimir he simply replied, "As you wish." One may ask what led to Azriels creation, and as the narrator I feel it my duty shed some light on his origins.

Azriel, the name given to this demon, was once a good man. Living a virtuous life he had not committing any crimes, in fact, he was a man of the law. Having severed as a member of the magic council, albeit this was too many years ago to count, and was rather good at what he did. Having a wife, who he cherished, he was content, that was until he had found out the unfortunate truth. His wife, who he loved dearly, was an adulterous woman; she had been cheating on him for months. Deciding to not confront her on this issue. Having been away for a month on magic council work he had arrived home early; this was when things changed. Stepping into his own house he caught his wife and another man in bed; infuriated he would attack the both of them, slaying them where they lay. Having killed the both of them he stumbled backwards and ran down the block. He had acted rash, however, he did not feel guilty for what he had done. He simply felt a weight being removed from his shoulders, he felt better. He did not feel the anger that he had been smothering for months now. He let out a laugh, grabbing his face. "The bitch deserved it." He chuckled, beginning to control his breath. Being on the run for just under a year the man was caught and tried. Showing no remorse for his actions they put him to death. This, however, was not the end of his journey. After his death, he was ferried to a land unlike any he had seen before. It was barren, with nothing but a single building. This tower rose to the sky, reaching higher than he could even see; it's width was that of two football fields, it had a very dark presence. The stone walls devoid of any inscriptions, devoid of anything that would show age. Not a single chip lay on this wall, it was immaculate. Being drawn into the building by an unseen force he was in a state of awe. He did not know what was going on, nor could he possibly know his fate.

Walking forward he began to examine the structure, there seemed to be no formal of entrance. Was it simply a pillar? Could he have been imagining things? As he was about to simply walk away an entrance appeared on the tower. Walking in he looked all around, this is where his tale begins. The entrance had closed behind him, leaving him trapped in this tower. "Welcome, please do get comfortable. You may be here for a while." The creature smiled at the man, ushering him forward. "What you have before you are two doors." He would point to his right and his left, a door appearing upon his motioning. "A chance to walk amongst the living." He motioned toward the left door. "And a chance to remain at peace, a chance to simply rest." He motioned toward the right door. "You are given this choice, if you need some time you may take it. There is no rush, simply enter when you have chosen." The creature said with a smile, before disappearing.

The first thing that was apparent to Azriel was that there would be a payment that had to be filled for either decision. Was his life fulfilling? Yes. Did he want to give it another go? Why not. Walking through the door, which was to grant him another chance to walk amongst the living, he would black out. Upon recovering it was unclear as to how many days, weeks, months, or even years had passed. This is where we shall leave our tale. Why spoil the story of this demon, Azriel? When the time is right the rest shall be revealed. Perhaps sometime in the near future.

Azriel looked down at the female's hand, admiring his work. "Well, I do hope you can endure what I have planned." He smiled, looking over to Vlad. "May I borrow that?" He asked, reaching forward. Now, having been handed the knife, he placed it on the table. "Let's first deal with these pesky digits of yours." He chuckled, grabbing her index finger. Bending it back he would leave it there for a second, watching her shake her head; her eyes pleaded for mercy, but he did not care. Snapping her finger back a muffled cry erupted from her mouth. This is how he would proceed, snapping each of her fingers. This was mere child's play, she had not experienced anything yet. Grabbing the blade he held it over the flame of the candle, which was lighting the room. "This will be something you never recover from." He chuckled, grabbing her cheek he would begin to slice at her face, destroying what once could be considered an attractive female. As her skin cooled the wounds would close, the heat not allowing her to bleed. Grabbing the candle he would place the knife down. Hold the candle over her face he would begin to drip the melting wax onto her forehead. The wax would run down, beginning to cover her eyes and obstruct her view. He was so please to have such an obedient muse.

Looking down at the female he smiled, "Thank you for the entertainment." Chuckling he walked off, disappearing into the shadows. Now, pushing off of the wall, Vlad stood and approached the female, twirling the knife in his hand. "Well, shall we start this?" He smiled, inscribing a circle on her abdominal area. With this he began to fill the inside with symbols that seemed to be randomly drawn; while they appeared random each of these held their own meaning and effect. As the blood escaped from her body he continued his work, intricately carving the symbols in. Smiling as he picked up his pace she was motionless, unable to move anymore. Tears streaming down her face she didn't even bother to beg for mercy, she knew her fate. Finishing the inscription he stood, and placed the knife over her chest. Forcing it down, breaking her sternum, he pierced her heart; putting her out of her misery he began to chant. This took no more than a moment as the area began to darken, the ritual was a success. Walking to the bathroom he washed his hands and cleaned up a bit, he was ready for his primary goal; kidnapping a noble.

Letting out a slight sigh Vlad looked around, "Where was the place again?" Scratching the back of his head he would begin to walk down the street; dusk was finally overtaking this town and the citizens were seeking some form of safety. Walking, though at a casual pace, back to their own dwellings, of course there were a few who was accompanied by a female--or male--, they were ready to end their night. As he strolled down the street he took not of their actions, it was rather interesting. To see a town that seemed to completely shut down at dusk, it was odd. Normally a tavern would erupt with life at this time, as adventurers returned, and the average man got off work; this would be their prime time. Nothing. There was no sign of any life in this place. Frowning a bit Vlad found this too dull. Why did the nobleman have to be in this fucking town?!?

"A quiet town, a quiet life, a boring life." He uttered, walking down the road. He found it best to simply walk around at times like this. While Vladimir disliked the idea of leaving anything to chance this was something that had to be done. The cobblestone pathway was rather worn, with dirt encroaching upon what once was all stone; it was becoming rather muddy. "Tch." He sighed, the rain fall from the sky. "Today of all days..." He sighed. As he walked around the town a few things became clear; there was a very large chasm between the nobles and the commonwealth. There seemed to be no sort of middle class. The biggest indicator would be the drastic change in accommodations. Going from single story houses, or even studio apartments, the two or possibly three floor mansions. This was ridiculous. While Vlad never cared for the state that others lived, they should simply be happy to be living, this did interest him. How did they interact with each other, should their paths ever cross. How would one greet the other, did they even bother to do such a basic and courteous thing? Being lost in his thoughts Vlad had forgotten, for a single moment, what his job was. Snapping himself out of this daze he found himself in front of the Nobles estate. Well, it seemed fate did shine on a few lucky men.

The estate was surrounded by a four meter brick wall; the wall, in and of itself, depicted how affluent these people were. They were not some sort of new-age wealth, no. The wall had moss growing along it, as though it were being consumed; this was a farce, however. If one inspected the wall they would see that there was absolutely no damage done to it; the moss was a mere decoration. This was something that, he believed, was supposed to symbolize their elderly nature; their money is something that has been passed down from generation to generation. This was something that even Vlad could appreciate; sure, it was not a job like his, but it was definitely a job. Being able to keep appearances, generate profit–even if it was already established by their ancestors– was not always an easy task. This, however, did not affect his judgement or what he had been sent to do; it was merely a useless detail he had taken note of.

Looking at the wall he would run up to it, hopping into the air he would plant his foot on the wall and kick up; grabbing the top of the wall he would pull himself up, now overlooking the entire property. Looking down, examining the area he was able to see multiple souls, all of which he identified easily. There were four maids, two butlers, and a single bodyguard; this excluded the target, of course. This is either going to be simple, or a bitch. Vlad thought to himself, unsure of exactly how to deal with his situation. There were no guards on the outside, which was odd, but simply made his job easier. Letting out a slight chuckled he decided that this would be simple enough. Ohhhhh, I can have lots more fun.... He grinned, Azriel appearing on the ground below him. Looking up Azriel began to communicate with Vlad, though this was not through words. Simply through thought. Will we be having more fun, sir? Perhaps I shall be able to test my latest abilities, I promise not to disappoint. Azriel simply smirked up at Vlad, fully aware of what his answer would be. Both Azriel and Vlad were more than excited to be able to increase his powers, and even his strengths. This will be useful. Vlad chuckled, though it was to himself. He needed Azriel to increase in strength. The stronger he became the closer he was to unlocking his own truths. My memories, my abilities, my magic... Azriel thought to himself. While he was not, exactly, sure of what would happen as he increased in power, he was pretty sure it would lead to great revelations; while not every one of his intuitions were correct he felt like he had a sixty percent chance of being correct with this. The sound of Vlad landing beside him broke this train of thought. "How shall we approach this?" Azriel asked, unsure of how Vlad was planning to take this challenge on; it was not as simply as merely picking them off one at a time. With constant activities occurring these Butlers, Maids, and even the bodyguard were always on the move, never in one spot for long. These were spontaneous actions, and simply were impossible to track.

"Well, we could cause an 'accident' and cause them to travel to this location, use it as a lure." He chuckled, quite liking the plan. It's not exactly original, but it works perfectly fine. He thought, taking a step forward. This job was something that, although the duo did not know this, would cause a chain of events that would shatter the magical world as they knew it; solidifying their path of destruction, death, sacrificial offerings, and cannibalism. Their destiny could not be altered after his foot landed. As their fate sealed a howl could be heard off in the distance.

"What the fuck?" Vlad looked off to the distance, not seeing anything in particular. "Lets continue this job." He stated, now walking toward a nearby window. Moving from bush to tree to any form of shrubbery, or stone formation, that would offer him cover, he would eventually be under the window. With Azriel now in his shadow he was set; he was protected from behind. Now, standing, he looked into the estate; it was just as he expected. There was an abundance of art along the walls, and the floors had a rug running down the center of it; this was something that he could handle. They wouldn't be expecting much.

Letting out a slight sigh Vlad would knock on the window, knowing full well there was a butler nearby; this man, while he appeared to be a simply butler, was in fact a skilled fighter. His soul depicted the countless battles he had survived; the countless enemies slaughtered; the countless men who depended on him. The past is the past, they should move on. Vlad thought to himself, opening his left hand, allowing his trust scythe to appear in his hand.

Having heard a noise from outside the building the man, let's call him Albert, would look outside. At that moment Azriel would appear behind a tree, though he would be in site of the man. Making sure to cover himself behind the tree he would sink into the ground, now in Vlads shadow. Complete. He would be chuckled through his mind. How useful. As the man opened the window, leaning out, he would declare, "WHO GOES THERE?"

As the man, labeled Albert, leaned out the window Vlad would grab him by the collar of his shirt, and throw him to the ground. By doing so Albert would be disoriented, though not for very long. With this he would let out a volley of slashes, causing the man's soul to completed tear apart; fading from the body it was clear that the man as dead. How dull, he had expected a bit more resistance. Tch. It was apparent that Vlad was very, very disappointed. He had expected more. This was one man who was not deserving of becoming a servant of Vlad. Grabbing the man's body he would simply drag it into the shrubbery, which he had used earlier as coverage to move about.

Walking back to the window, and hopping in, he closed it behind him. Looking down the hall he felt the presence of yet another butler approaching. "Fuck..." He sighed, taking a right, and entering one of the servants chambers; getting on the ground he hid under the bed; this was going to be fun.

"Such a long day, what the hell." The man sighed, falling onto his bed. "Why do they constantly call my name? Surely they have other servants that can handle these menial tasks... Like, why the fuck do the guards get the night off.... ALL OF THEM!?!?" He exclaimed into his pillow, clearly annoyed. "I don't ask for much, but if I'm not getting some sort of bonus for doing the jobs of an extra five men then I simply should not be expected to do them, that is fair! Is it not?" He was clearly talking to himself, it seemed he believed that he was his best audience. Does this guy know how to do anything but complain? If you hate your job then simply quit, like what the fuck. It's not like this is some old time manor. You may leave. You choose to work here! Damn ingrate. Vlad was clearly annoyed by how this man acted, and spoke. With his scythe not in vision, though not dispelled, he was able to transverse all this without the fear of anything occurring by accident.

"It is not as though I do not have other places in which I could seek employment! I am a man with a plethora of useful traits, abilities and experience! Plus, I'm a loyal man... That may be the problem." He sighed, rolling over.

OK. I'm done listening to this. Vlad thought to himself as he rolled out from under the bed, still virtually noiseless he stood. It seemed the man was simply in need of some guidance, and Vlad would provide that. This guidance, however, would not be the life coaching he needed, oh no. It would be simple guidance to the underworld, to a place where he need not worry about these trivial things. Swinging the scythe through the air, the man would pull out a dagger in an attempt to block the attack. It seems he was noticed, but the scythe simply went through the dagger and he slashed at the man an additional three times. With this the man was slain, though it was a valiant effort to defend himself; should Vlad have used any sort of regular weapon the man would have parried his attack without any problem. What a shame. "Well, you almost did it." He chuckled, walking to the door, it seemed he would need to enjoy himself a bit more tonight.

As he stopped by the door he heard the footsteps of another, it seemed there was another person moving in quickly. Waiting to the moment they had passed by the door Vlad would swing the door open, slamming it into the side of the female. As he felt the door make contact he would quickly turn, grab the face of the bewildered girl, and slam it into the wall; all in all it had taken just under three seconds to complete all this and she was knocked out. How dull, perhaps he would let her live. Ah, why not? He had some more time on his hands. Dragging the body into the same room he had just killed the young butler, he pushed the carcass from the bed. Quickly restraining her extremities he set to worth. First, he would gag the female –there was no need to alert others– then he would grab the blade from the cold hands of the man who once wielded it. A little souvenir, that is all she would get. Heating the blade over the nearby candle the shadows would flicker. Looking down at the female he parted her hair, engraving a 'V' into the female's forehead. "Pretty." He chuckled as the female's eyes burst open, wrenching against the restraints. "Toodles~!" He chuckled, exiting the room.

There were four hostiles left, three of which were of the same caliber as this female. Sure, her soul implied a strength, in fact it implied one stronger than the Butler. While it would appear that they were impressive, Vlad has found them to be of no trouble thus far. Upon entering the hallway there were a few noticeable things; these were the specifics that were unclear from the exterior. The carpet seemed to have a sort of diamond design to it, being weaved in every foot or so. The white outline offered a very vivid contrast from the blood red color of the carpet, it was interesting. For such a plain design to be chosen by a person of wealth. On the walls were a few portraits of, what Vlad assumed, was prior owners of the estate; to be exact it was a portrait of the Mistress of the estate. Each of these females, as he walked down the hall, was more beautiful than the last. Walking down the hall he would run his hand along a, seemingly, randomly placed table. The ornate design of the legs ran up to decorate the side of the table; these swirls were almost hypnotic, drawing Vlad in. Just as he leaned in to examine the table a foot flew over his head. He had been to distracted, he hadn't noticed the female behind him. Careless.

A few moments prior.

It had been a long day, and she was exhausted. She couldn't believe that Miss would allow for the guards to all leave for some occasion; it simply meant she had to do more work. She had to complete her usual tasks, as well as go on patrol. She had to ensure the security of the estate, of her master. "Really now. I can't believe she could be so lax. I've never had a day off to just go out drinking with my pals." She was angry, unable let this go. Walking into the study she would begin to dust off the bookshelf, window and desk. Hearing the male next door complaining, as he always had, she simply ignored him. Sure, she was dissatisfied by this aswell, but God damn. Why vocalize it so much? Especially to yourself. It was pointless. "Useless." She sighed, continuing with her duties. Silence, that was all there had been for the past few minutes; she was thankful, it seemed the man had finally cried himself to sleep. God, she still had so much to clean.

WHACK. She heard something hit the floor, but thought nothing of it. He had probably fell off the bed, he was a damned clutz. She still wasn't sure how he had gotten the job. Leaving it be another ten minutes passed as she finished her duties in this room. "Yosh, all done." She exclaimed. She had made good time and was ready to head off for the night. Stepping outside the study she saw an unfamiliar man walking down the corridor. Rolling her eyes she would deal with this promptly. Following behind the male, doing her best to be unnoticed, she would let out a kick aimed at the male's head. She simply wanted to daze, and at best knock the man out. To her dismay he had ducked, evading the blow. Her foot crashed through the pottery. "Shit."


Having the pottery shattered over head he would grab the leg of the female, it was actually quite toned. "Very nice attempt, and thighs." He chuckled, sweeping her other leg. Following her to the ground he would grab adjust his scythe, his hand now resting a few inches below the blade he would slash at the female's throat. Being unable to dodge, seeing as she was pinned, she froze. Expecting death she had no reaction, allowing Vlad enough time to slash at the female a few more times, for good measure. The look of disbelief on her face was a bit humorous, though understandable.

Rising from the corpse, whose face still held the look of horror, resentment, astonishment and any other sort of feelings she may have had before her death. It was a shame that none of them were makes, if they were they may have stood a chance against him. Perhaps they would have sensed that it was a scythe that held no corporeal form, simply one of ethernano. One meant to tear apart the souls of those it hit. To completely erase their existence from this plane, and the next. If they were lucky they may survive as a demon, their soul being sent to the underworld. This was the fate of those slain by this scythe.

A demon; a creature of nefarious purpose, or so it is often conveyed. This, however, is not the truth behind what a demon truly is. A demon begins its existence as a human, or some other living being. Living life just as any would now, its fate was not decided until after its death. The soul, which would travel to the underworld, would have a decision; to live life again, or accept death and be laid to rest. Those who accepted death had a very peaceful, utopian like, afterlife. It was as one would imagine, it was heaven. Those, however, who were to choose to walk amongst the living once more did not know of their fate; of what would happen to them for choosing such a path. This path was one that could not be forgiven, and as such, was something that is not coveted by many. Upon choosing to walk amongst the living once more, the soul is sent to a tower, very plain in its exterior. Upon entrance they begin their journey, if it could be called that. Having to endure one hundred years of torture, not to a corporeal body, but to the soul, they are released from this tower. The souls that left said tower were deformed things, twisted beyond belief. These being could no longer be called Humans. No, they were now transformed beings. They were Demons.

This decision, however, would be skipped if the soul of the deceased was already mangled, torn and tortured. This was the process this female had just endured; this was the hell she would deal with. Unlike the demons that choose their path, she would not walk amongst the living. She would be confined to the demonic plane, where all who are not currently in the human plane, or those who cannot enter the human plane, are bound. This is the fate of this female. This was her end.

Three opponents stood between him and his goal. His sole objective for this entire journey. His reason for even coming to this dull town. Dusting himself off he would drag the corpse into the butlers keep. The bedroom could be, in all truth, called a crypt at this point. With three bodies deposited in the room it would begin to smell within a few days.

With this done Vlad simply had to clear out three more pests before he could get his hands on the damn noble. Why were they so important? It was, more than likely, simply to obtain some ransom. Make a quick buck, without having to take the risk of obtaining the package. Outsourcing; it was an effective approach,though Vladimir could simply run off with the female. Take the ransom himself. He would not do that. Too much work was involved. Too many extraneous variables. This was simple, efficient. Nefarious.

Letting out a sigh Vladimir would continue down the hallway, perhaps these three remaining does would simply bow before him, show no resistance. Simply allow him to do what he came here to do. Though, even if the did this he would not spare their lives. Leaving one alive, as a message, was more than enough. There was no need to keep them around, it would just cause unneeded attention and complications. It always did.

Walking down the hallway, ignoring the ornate fashion that the walkway offered, he would become a man who would simply look to fulfill his job; no more of this play of his, he was taking too long. He was expected to finish this job within another two hours, at most. It was also decided that the job would be considered a failure if it was not completed by then. Nonetheless he did not care. He knew this should not take more than a few more minutes. Some simple combat with armed maids, how cute. The idea of a combat maid was one that was rather interesting. Having to fight, while wearing those outfits? It was a wonder how any of them ever lived very long. Well, he supposed they did not. The expected life span of said warriors could not be any more than a few weeks after recruitment, correct? Whatever, why did he even care?

As he turned the corner he would encounter yet another maid; it seemed she was coming to investigate the ruckus she had heard coming from his direction; she must have been in the middle of some chore, but who knew? The women would run forward, using the broom as he weapon. "Tch." Vlad didn't expect the female to use the damn broom as a staff, well he did, but he did not like it. He did not have something, on hand, that could parry such a weapon. It was annoying, to say the least. Having been hit in the side of his chest he winced. Damn bitch. He did not want to use much of his magic, he did not see a reason to. He was not fighting mages, so why not go back to basics?

Hopping back he would simply wait, and analyze motions. Wait for his chance to strike. Wait for the perfect oppertunity. As the female ran in she would thrust the broom stick forward. This was his chance. Dodging to the side he would lock his arm down, pinning the staff between his arm and his side he was expecting a kick. Yep, the female's leg rose, in an attempt to kick him. Quickly yanking the makeshift staff to the side he threw the female off balance, causing her kick to simply not go off. Now, it was much like before. She was pinned under him and, basically, done for.

"Nighty night." He chuckled, slamming the female's head against the ground; continually lifting and slamming her skull downward he would ensure her death. He did not wish to do much with this female, he could see no muse; nothing inviting him to do more to the poor girl. It was over. She was dead. As he stood he simply peered down at the corpse, there was no regret in his eyes, no sorrow. It was simply the act of acknowledging her attempt at survival; he could respect that. He simply took a moment to assess his situation. The job as a whole.

Each encountered seemed to be a repeat of the last, how dull. He simply wanted a challenge, to be offered something better than what he has seen thus far. This, however, was something he doubted he would see from these people; they had very little experience, from what he could assess, in battling mages. This, however, was only the beginning! He doubted that they had ever fought a summoner, which was a whole different level; while they may not be as direct in their actions, they were able to deal quite a large amount of damage by simply using those which they commanded; Vlad did not dislike this, but he did not mind getting his hands dirty; a little hard work never hurt. This was what Vladimir believed, and would be the main reason he simply wished to finish this damned job. He did not enjoy wasting his time on jobs that were beneath him, though he had to. He needed the experience, even if he disliked the idea of subjecting himself to idiotic jobs like this.

This was not the only problem, however. Having been asked to kidnap the noble he was never given any sort of indication as to who it was, merely that the noble would have a guard on standby. Those guard would, more than likely, be in front of the door to the nobles room. He was given no picture, or name, merely this information. It was sketchy, to say the least, but he decided it would be an interesting job to complete. This was his first mistake. Assuming it to be interesting resulted in this; his boredom and annoyance. He disliked having been given such a sketchy amount of information, but he figured it would work out.

Letting out a slight sigh, he continued to travel deeper into the house; turning right, then left, then right, it was as though he was in a maze. Becoming somewhat disorientation he would stop for a moment; opening the nearest door he would proceed to enter the room, not caring if there was an occupant or not. Upon entering the room he would begin what he always did; examining the room. The most noticeable part of this room was the books. The books were everywhere; having been filled from floor to ceiling there was no escape. This was a room Vlad loved. He loved knowledge, and books were a perfect medium to transmit that information; books were something to be preserved, something that told stories. Books alone could decide the outcome of a trial; being the record keepers they held such an importance many disregarded. "This is my type of place. Such a person... I do think that there must be some things here that interest me." He chuckled in a hushed voice. He did not wish to attract attention, he merely could not help himself. Merely stifling his joy was an endeavor almost too large for him to handle.

Books, this was all that filled his mind; he was enthralled by this nobles collection; it seems having money did lead to a very nice lifestyle. Being able to purchase, or in Vlads case take, books of such value was an amazing thing. He had not seen many volumes of these series, having only heard of their existence; it was marvelous. "Well, they will not need it for much longer..." He chuckled, looking around the room once more. Perhaps he would return, and claim these tomes. He may learn a thing or two from them, help him with his magic, or even some simple tasks. Who knew what he could gain from these books!? Knowledge was an amazing thing. It was almost as appealing to him as torture, women and booze. These were some of the many things that he enjoyed in this materialistic world.

"Well, this knowledge will always exist, even if I do not receive it tonight." He sighed, scratching the back of his head. Fuck it, what bad would one book do? He thought to himself for a moment, simply grabbing one of the books from the shelf and taking a seat. A light session. Nothing much. He thought, not intending to spend much time in this place, though he could see himself held up here for weeks; simply obtaining all the knowledge that was possible from these books. The simple thought of staying in the stacks, reading every one of these books made him very happy, though he quickly removed the thought from his head; it was merely a fantasy. It would not occur anytime soon, how would it? Who would ever expect this world to become enough a place so peaceful as to allow for him to relax, and simply read. Analyze some old scripture; learn a thing or two.

It had been ages since he had last seen a place that held as much knowledge as this place did; to be precise it was during his first sacrifice. The first time he had deemed it appropriate to give into the voices and murder a civilian. Sure, he has killed many, but did that matter? These deaths would not be meaningless in the end, he would not allow it he could not allow it. What would the point of so many deaths be if things did not change in the end? Would it all have been for naught? Would it have been preordained, perhaps it was already decided by some cosmic force. Perhaps the ending to his tale was akin to these books; having already been written the path he walked would not be unlike those of Hamlet; having his death preordained by a woman. This, however, would not be the end of Vladimir tale. It would not end a tragedy, no. It would be something more marvelous, that is what he chose to believe. He had faith that his struggle would not be wasted; his ideals would be reached. This was not a tale of redemption, though it may be one of vengeance.

Closing the book he realized he should not stay in this room any longer; he would forget his goal. Why he was here; what he had to do. Letting out a sigh he would rise from the seat, placing the book in its original space. "As though I was never here." He let out a slight chuckle, though as he did he could hear the door creak open.

His eyes widened, it seemed he was caught with his pants down; he had relaxed too much. Tch.. He would kneel down, watching the leg movement of the female, it seemed she was still unaware of his presence, though she may be leading him on with that assumption. As she began her work, dusting down the shelves she would let out a light sigh. "They never even use this room..."

Circling around the room it seemed he could finish this job much quicker than he had previously thought. The only remaining foes were this female, who appeared to be in her early twenties, and the personal guard. Now, a few feet from the female, he would stand and move forward. As he took a step forward the wood would creak under his foot. Shit.

Turning around the female would see his hand, grabbing her face and slamming it into the ground. Having been slammed to the ground she would, without a doubt, be in a daze. From here he would grab the female's throat, squeezing with all his might.

Frantically she began to move her arms, searching for any sort of weapon, but she would not find one. Now, swinging at the male's chest she would begin to lose consciousness. A few moments later the soul of the female would exit the body, having lost its vessel it would begin its journey to the underworld. This was the cycle of life. Standing up he would dust himself off, and turn. Exiting the room he had but one regret. He had defiled a room that held such knowledge with a corpse. It was a shame.

Closing the door as he stepped into the hall he could sense the presence of the guard, and it seemed to be a female. So, he was kidnapping a female, well, that was fine. It did not matter in the end, truth be told. Only the results would matter, not the actions taken to get them. Some people did not believe in this saying, but Vladimir found no fault in it.

Walking down the corridor he was unsure of how he wished to go about this. Should he proceed quickly, or take his time? Looking at the wall, more specifically the ornate clock which hung on the wall, he decided it was best to proceed in a timely manner; why waste his energy in a drawn out altercation? It was unbecoming. With this thought lingering in his mind he would take up a quicker pace, though it was not quite fast enough to be called a jog. Speeding down the carpet he would sense just how close the guard was, and decided it was about time to finish things up.

Now, withing one turn of the corner of his foe, Vladimir would speak clamly. "Goodbye, poor soul. It is a shame you could not see your murderer." Just as he said this a wave of energy would be expelled from Vlads body. As it left he felt some of his vitality leave his body. Walking forward he would simply step over the body of the deceased male. It seemed that he was not a threat. He wasn't even strong enough to sense his demise. Stepping into the room he would see nothing more than a man, asleep. He seemed to have no care in the world. Gagging the male and tying his wrists and ankles he tossed the male over his shoulder and walked to the exit of the Manor.

The weather was rather ominous; clouds filled the sky and the air felt moist, as if it were about to rain. All in all it was a rather dark night; foreboding filled the air. As the rain hit his skin it reminded him of his earlier venture; of the dead female and the offering he had made. He chuckled to himself, looking around. Not much had changed on the outside, but on the inside the place was a tomb. Nothing but death lingered. Thunder could be heard for miles away, and then came the lightning. The dead was done.

Walking down the back roads he was able to avoid contact with any other human, it was too easy at this point. The darkness the shadows gave him sanctity. He had no need to worry, though the man on shift shoulder would wretch around. Attempting to break free. He was unaware of his fate, and it was better that way. Who knows what these men would do to this noble? It was no longer his concern, it never was. His job was done and he was moving on. Dropping the man off Vlad had no regrets.

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PLEASE don't forget to tag your stuff properply. Since this did not have a finished or WIP tag in it, one can assume it is done and we don't to assume that. So I'm changing it to WIP.

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Sōzō no Sokumen (創造の側面)

For this, I need a limit on how many things he can create in a single post, and a cooldown after he reaches that limit.

Sōsa (操作)

Yeahhh, this is going to need a lot of work. Currently, this means he can reflect any sort of attack that comes his way, and the only drawback is that he needs to use a large amount of spirit energy. He's not going to be able to just randomly reflect an attack from someone from a 0 tier.

Sōzo (創造)

For this, I need a limit on how many things he can perform this on in a post, and a cooldown afterwards.

Inner Hollow Appearance

Yeahhh, that's Ichigo in his Bankai, hollowfied. That's not going to fly here. You can't use canon characters for appearances for anything. That needs changed.

Hakai (破壊)

This is going to need reworked as well, since this means he can just absorb any energy attack that hits him. Like I said with Sosa, he's not going to be able to just absorb the attacks from someone like a 0 tier. This also needs a post limit, as well as a cooldown.


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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: Alright, since things have been changed, I see this able to be approved currently. This character will be carefully watched to make sure that these abilities are not abused. If staff has a problem with this judgement, contact me privately. Shikai will be unlocked after reaching 3-1, and completing a training thread to unlock it, and Bankai will be unlocked at 2-1, with the same guidelines as Shikai. Resurreccion will be unlocked at 0-3.
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