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Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:34 pm

Artist: Poets Of The fall - Song: Carnival of Rust - Word Count: 506

The white haired youth sat grumbling to himself outside the front steps of the newly formed Gotei Fourth division, well at least new to him. He had just returned to the Gotei and taken a Captain's role when he realized just how much he didn't miss the job. The paper work was it's own nightmare as the Captain before him had slacked in his duties to file all records and forms needed, he hadn't gone through red tape as one must in such a delicate position and now Carter was hit with the bulk of it to catch his division up. That wasn't the source of why he was grumbling though, it was the receipt from his bank account to see just how much yen had been deducted just from today's purchases alone. His golden eyes scanned the walls around the compound and he justified the purchases, The Soul Society was in need of soldiers that were expendable for war, artillery that could shell invaders back to the stone age, and crafts that could deliver explosive pay loads. Those three things had set him back 87,000,000 yen in less than an hour. That was the source of his grumbling, now his drinking fund would be hit hard and he would have to explain to Landen why he couldn't party like they were accustomed to.

But that would have to wait for another day, today he would most likely use the remainder of his cash to drink away the abundant amount of wounds he was about to sustain. The Gotei and the Vanguard had taken it upon themselves to enact a group training event and he had had no choice but to sign up, hew had been gone for a while and he needed to gauge where his skills were while shaking the rust off and he needed to see what the Vanguard had to offer. Earlier that day he was told he would be fighting an old war ally of his, Hayden. In the couple month span Carter had been MIA the vizard had done nothing but amass power and troops, claim territory after territory and now lead the Vanguard himself, where Carter had been lazy and off the grid Hayden had been grinding and working his way up to something amazing. It didn't surprise Carter as when they last met the man had just captured his first real foot hold in Africa and Carter had seen the passion of a man on a holy mission in his eyes. Now the two would get to exchange blows and catch up on what Carter had missed during his departure.

With a sigh of one who just wanted to get his punishment over Carter stood up, his zanpakuto rest in his left hand and he awaited the man whom would kick his lazy ass back into gear, someone who could help him find his drive again and make him remember his own mission with a solid ass whoopin.

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Fight Night, Gotei/Vanguard Training [Carter/Hayden] ZfrGue8

Fight Night, Gotei/Vanguard Training [Carter/Hayden] EUuCTxy
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