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 The Indomitable Berserker, Kyōbōna Suika [wip]

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凶 暴 な 萃 香



» Name: Kyōbōna Suika is the name given to a rather young looking Shinigami. She is a direct sister to the Captain Commander, Ibiki Suika, as well as a leading member within the Suika family. Due to the length of her name, she often refers to herself as 'Kyo', simply making it easier upon others and also hiding her full name which translated to "Berserk". For the purposes of this application, she will be referenced as both Kyobona and Kyo.

» Age: Kyo is 400 years old in true age, however she takes on the appearance of a rather young girl, no older than around fifteen. It is very easy for one to get confused or misled by Kyo and her true age, people often looking down upon her due to it. Her birthday is on the 4th of June, 2016.

» Gender: Female.

» Species: Kyo is a pure blood Shinigami.

» Affiliation/Occupation: Kyo takes up residence within the Suika manor located within Seireitei. As a member of the Suika family, Kyo has a blood sworn oath to protect both the Gotei and her family, often spending her free time within either of these locations. If not within the Suika manor, Kyo can be found within the confines of the her divisions sector due to her service to the Gotei 13.

The Indomitable Berserker, Kyōbōna Suika [wip] WXJzk75

Written Appearance

Kyobona's appearance is rather relaxed and typical Japanese in appearance, having loose clothing which covers her body is a lazy and relaxed way, draping off her like cloth. The most obvious part of her appearances is her horns however, almost being a trademark.

Body Type: If one were to look at Kyo, they would see a rather slim and young looking woman, appearing to be no older than that of fifteen years of age. Her slender body compliments her rather short height as well, adding to the illusion of being very young. If one were to look at the rest of the Gotei, the zero division, and those surrounding it, it would be very easy to underestimate what she is capable of. With this is mind, Kyo's younger appearance can often allow her to surprise people in situations they might not have expected such power to emerge from. Standing at only 5 foot 2 inches, and weighing 45kgs, Kyobona is a terrifying girl, proving that appearance doesn't count when it comes to power.

Face, eyes and hair: Kyo is typically found with a very smug look atop of her small face, sharp canines appearing on either side of her mouth whenever she smiles. To back up her smug face, her golden eyes pierce into everything they fall upon, rather large and almost luminescent. To match her wondrous eyes, the same golden blonde hair runs down her back and side her face, traveling all the way down to her butt. Overall she has a very scary look about her, many people being thrown off simply by looking at her. This is for her expressions also, as the rest of her body is littered in tattoos as well as demonic appearances in horns.

Horns: One of Kyo's most prominent features are the black and red dipped horns atop of her head, sharp and deadly protruding around 30 centimeters off her forehead and above her head. For this reason her golden hair is typically found pushed back to reveal a flat forehead, just above either eye the horns beginning to be seen. At the base of the horns, running halfway up, is a pure black that slowly fades. By the time it has reached the tip of the sharp horns, they are coated in a blood red tinge, almost like blood itself, matching the colour of her tattoos.

Tattoos: As briefly mentioned, Kyo is covered in tattoo's from head to toe. The tattoos typically appear in a tribal like nature, all sorts of curves and patterns spread across her skin. At the center of her body there appears a lack of tattoos, but upon each limb, including her head, the tattoos become more numerous. Coloured pure blood red, spirals and twirls go around her arms all the way to her wrist before revealing human like hands that are covered completely in a red dye, done so that it simply looks like her skin fades to red at that point. This is done for both hands as well as both feet, making each appendage appear to be coated in blood, for all intents and purposes. The most interesting part about her tattoos is that they appear to go atop of her forehead and under her eyes, two 'lines' under her eyes as well as red circles with a white and black 'eye' tattooed in the dead center of her forehead.

Attire: As briefly mentioned, Kyobona's attire is rather loose and free looking, sort of a trade mark among the Suika family at this point. The outfit itself appears to be very Japanese/asian in style, loosely hanging off her as a white under dress, with black trimming, holds her chest and forms together. The colour of the loose clothing is orange, red and golden, similar in colour to the rest of her appearance. All throughout the outfit are ropes that tie it to her body, those of which flow freely with the wind. At her waist is a rather strange looking belt, that of 10 spheres that hold the lower portion up. For the most part her legs are entirely exposed, stopping at the high area of the thigh. Kyo does not wear shoes, her red and demonic looking feet seemingly being enough for her.

Reiatsu Colour: Kyo's reiatsu is completely golden in colour, often when releasing forms or using skills which require usage of spiritual power, explosions of golden hue will appear throughout the area and engulf those within. The colour of her reiatsu is a direct link to her soul and favourite colour, not something she chose, but a colour she feels drawn and attracted to. For this reasons in large bursts of reiatsu, you can imagine it would be easy for her golden outfit to even get drowned out by the colour and intensity.


Loud Mouthed: One of the first things someone will notice when interacting with Kyo is that her loud mouth will often get the better of her. Even when meeting someone for the first time she has proven to not hold back on her thoughts within the first few seconds, even ranking herself above others before even meeting them. Although this is just partially her speaking her mind, Kyo generally is unaware of how she speaks to other people in a rude manner. In her household, she was always told that Suika should grow up strong and resilient, striving to be the best they can be by bashing their heads against the problem and overcoming it with pure will power. Growing up in that environment can often build heated and ugly situations, so Kyo would often rattle off a bunch of insults and thoughts that came to her head in frustration. Day in and day out this became more common, and she began to adopt it into her normal everyday manner of speaking. Although many people don't understand it, those within the Suika family are fully aware of what she's like - and even somewhat embrace it.

Disrespectful: Kyo is no stranger to being downright disrespectful with her way of speaking to people. Even in her actions she has shown not to adhere to ridiculous customs that would keep her down or hinder her - she will ignore cultural norms and do as she pleases despite a potential backlash from the person she is disrespecting. This isn't even to just other people however, she will often do this to her own family in both speech and way of behaving. Formal settings are notoriously bad for Kyo, not only does her casual and loose outfit draw attention among all the well dressed suits and ladies, Kyo will often even act incredibly casual among it all. If it weren't for people to tell her otherwise, it's almost like she wouldn't notice at all. Even if they do tell her of her disrespect, her lack of care and thought into the cultural situation won't let her change anyway.

Cocky: With a loud mouth comes a cocky attitude. While she knows that a lot of her talk is just incredibly up herself at this point, she likes to constantly talk herself up and above an opponent because it allows a dynamic of doubt and hilarity when she either truly proves herself above them, or fails and they get an ego boost. Even among her family this is a common trait for her, she will often tease and bully other Suika members for two reasons: the first being preparing them for the world and building their physical and mental strength. In good spirit, she will often talk herself up about being better or that she could lift a finger and stomp her opponent, albeit all in good fun. This cocky attitude really only applies to her sealed for; as when she gets serious... things become almost directly inverted. As if nothing but rage at all.

Determined: Her determination is nothing to scoff at either, together with her powers and natural hardiness, Kyo has proven to not only be incredibly powerful motivated, but follow the motivation until the task is complete. Once she has set her eyes on something - a goal or a plan - there is little to no way to break it from her line of sight. Call it pig-headed or simply stupid, Kyo's determination is one of her defining features, both in and out of combat. When it comes to physical combat, Kyo's determination is potentially her strongest driving factor - by that beasts mind having nothing but murder and death upon her mind, Kyo can become someone who LITERALLY will not stop until her opponent is dead on the ground before her. It's a dangerous thing to have as a part of your personality as it ignores all factors of physical pain more often than not, but that's where her zanpakuto and resilience kick in.

Adrenaline Junky: Always looking for thrills. Though the Suika are notorious for drinking and being incredibly tough both mentally and physically, Kyo is the type of person to always look for her next high when living her life. Be it jumping off cliffs without a parachute, getting into a heated battle without any armor on or simply something trying something new - Kyo is constantly looking for ways to surprise herself and get those adrenaline boosts. Be it a dangerous situation or not, Kyo will often be on the prowl for situations which could require her. Even if they don't need her at all, she is often found butting into other people's business (another aspect of her disrespectful attitude) and try to find a thrill by solving, or in some cases worsening, their problems. It's not always a lucrative attribute, but it allows her to have fun. Even if one day it could get her killed.

Realist: Although she looks for these thrills and is often disrespectful to those around her, it doesn't mean she is blind to the dangers that may be associated with other of those traits. To Kyobona, it's a matter of weighing up the pros and cons of the activity and goal. If she is capable of rating the thrill higher than the detriment, she will often take the risk. She does not kid herself into thinking false fairy tales and lies, she will often only look at the objectivity - and believes that if something is yet to be proven - she may be the one to prove it. Realism is the only thing she truly believes in, and while she is a Shinigami in the afterlife, she chooses to believe what is presented to her. Idealism might sneak a bit into her personality, but she will never let idealism overtake the objective way of the world and how it should be viewed.

Questioning: If someone were to make a claim, Kyo is no stranger to asking questions until the subject is completely exhausted. Kyo is not stupid, she is not a woman who will make a judgement about a situation before knowing all the details she can get from it. Be it a fight, a concept or an ideal, many have said that she drives people crazy with her questions because they may sometimes be so abstract that nobody would even think to have an answer to it. While not necessarily a bad thing, it can get her in trouble because others may see it as personal invasion by asking too many personal details, but she sees it all as necessary to build her understanding of the person she is trying to help, talk to or situation she is trying to get a concept of.




» The Iramasha Council:

» The Iramasha Guard Military:

» Connections to Soul Society:


Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Kidō: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hakuda: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


The Indomitable Berserker, Kyōbōna Suika [wip] Ap8OoJO

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凶 暴 な 萃 香


Zanpakuto Spirit Name: Mugen no Gomon (無限の拷問) (Lit. Endless Torture). This name was chosen due to the savage nature of Kyo's inner beast, suiting the fighting style of Kyobona rather well.


The Indomitable Berserker, Kyōbōna Suika [wip] Z94VYN8

Body Type: In comparison to Kyobona, Mugen's body type could be described as much 'larger' or even 'thicker.' Mugen's is said to stand at 6 foot 1, making a good quite bit of height difference between the zanpakuto and her owner. Unlike Kyo's tiny structure, Mugen seems to have a much more voluptuous appearance, thicker thighs and wider hips to match her height. Atop of that her breasts are rather large, fitting in with her much 'heavier' looking appearance. When the two stand side by side, she would simply make Kyo look even younger, and Mugen like a parental figure in a way. In total she weighs about 70 kilograms, around 40 kilograms heavier than Kyobona.

Face, Eyes and Hair: Mugen's hair is pitch black and flows all the way down to the back of her ankles, almost as if never cut before. Despite it's length Mugen has never had an issue of controlling it or keeping it clear of dangerous situations, surprisingly. A single stripe of hair splits down the middle of her face and rests between her eyes. The eyes themselves seem to be extremely menacing, an intense red glow constantly emitting off from her and into her immediate surroundings. This contrasts rather beautiful with Mugen's black hair and outlines the details of her face in a rather demonic and scary looking way. Her face itself is rather long, with no special markings outside of her horns; most of her hair pushed off to reveal her rather beautiful, yet dark, face.

Horns: One of the most obvious aspects when looking at Mugen is the two horns atop of her head. These horns aren't even close to being the same size or colour as Kyobona's, but they protrude from roughly the same spot, giving her that Suika 'Oni' type vibe present among all members. The horns themselves protrude from just above either eye, her pale skin mixing into the horns and fading ever so lightly into black by the time it reaches the tip. Whilst not big horns, a headbutt from Mugen would prove to be extremely dangerous; sharp as ever, capable of ripping flesh open with enough force behind it.

Tattoos: Unlike Kyobona, Mugen is not covered from head to toe in tattoos and lacks a rather large amount of unique 'markings'. The only tattoos that Mugen has shown to have are present on her upper chest, on the inner side of either breast. Curving down into her cleavage is two small 'F' shape patterns on either side, inverted so that the double sticks are facing outwards from her center. Purely black in colour, these markings have said to have no purpose other than aesthetic, Mugen refuses to comment on them, even to Kyo.

Attire: Mugen's outfit is rather... miniscule in comparison to Kyo's loose Japanese style. Where Kyo is covered head to toe, Mugen wears nothing but a simple dress held up by two strings on either shoulder. The dress itself outlines the volumes and curves on her body perfectly as it stops at the upper thigh, revealing a gap of pale skin before it begins to meet another article of clothing. Running down her legs appear to be black stockings, similar in colour to the dress itself, just made mesh so they are vaguely see through. A similar style covering goes over her hands and used as gloves as well, a pitch black ring atop of the stockings and gloves. The same colour could be said for her shoes too, almost simple slip on shoes. Around her neck is a sort of "choker" belt as well, albeit rather loosely tied around.

Weapon: By herself, Mugen has no summoned weapon whenever she appears. When she does however it appears to be the same weapon that Kyo wields, using a spiritual manifestation of herself as a weapon.


Ruthless: One of the scariest aspects of Mugen can be her ability to let go of all forms of morality and just got into a beast mindset, becoming ruthless and destructive, no matter the situation. Normally she might come across as calm or intensive, but at her will, she can flip and switch and go into a sort of 'primal' state, forcing herself to go ballistic and crazy into her opponent and surroundings. This means she does not care for the whims of other people, what they wish of her or even how insulting they can be. There is one goal in mind when she becomes ruthless like this: elimination and complete destruction of the target. This ruthless personality trait can somewhat transcend that of activation too, if provoked, sometimes even lashing out without reason, even as Kyobona whom she highly respects and works with in many ways.

Calculating: Although ruthless, this isn't to say she isn't calculating and thoughtful in her initial assaults or observation. She will often find herself trapped within whether to act or sit back and observe, knowing that if she were to let herself loose she might go overboard and lose it all. However her calculating side allows her to measure and observe situations rather well, analyzing and breaking them down, even relaying them to Kyo. Observation, calculation and analysis. These are the biggest tenants for Shi. To attack a target, one must understand the target. And for one to do that, they need to calculate a form of approach, execution, and escape.

Confident: Despite her calculative and analytical nature,Mugenoften finds herself kind of... lost in her own self confidence. She will listen and consider what she thought of above, however a lot of the time her own self confidence and cockiness will take over and simply treat most people like nothing but balls of meat waiting to be stepped on and returned to dust. This doesn't just got for fights however, even in talking or relaxed situations, she will often throw herself out there as the confident one and have no shame in any of her actions. She is not afraid of telling people embarrassing sides of herself, nor is she afraid of challenging others to duels or even games. Her self confidence knows no bounds.

Unbreakable Will: In a sort of fitting way to ability and Kyobona herself,Mugenhas shown to have a seemingly unbreakable will. This means that even high levels of pain, emotional exposure and stress won't necessarily force her to break under any pressure. When training with Kyo,Mugenhad noted that her ability to withstand massive amounts of mental punishment was sacrificed at a cost for her loving and nurturing side. Due to that ruthless and beast like behavior she now inherits, Mugen is said to hold no emotions of love or kindness. This doesn't necessarily mean she is rude or ruthless all the time, rather simply that she is not capable of feeling or acting in a stereo typically positive manner.

Unforgiving: Never forgive, and never forget. It doesn't matter what form of punishment or wrong doing had been brought upon her or Kyo,Mugenwill never forget someone whom has done them wrong. This doesn't necessarily mean she wants to kill them or hurt them in any way, but rather her levels of trust has become tainted by her past experiences.Mugenoften has said she will never trust someone other than Kyobona again. Unforgiving is a primary trait for her, but she does not seek retribution for these wrong doings against her and the ones she looks fondly upon. It will, however, remain in the back of her mind - and if the cause is bad enough - wait for a time to strike and kill them when they least expect it.

Connection with Kyobona: The bond between a Zanpakuto and it's wielder is already an amazingly strong one, yet the connection Kyo has found with Mugen is amazingly strong. Not only are the two very alike in terms of personality traits, but Mugen sees Kyo as a sort of "mini me" type state, being the older of the two. For this reason they often work together in unison to give each other strength where needed. Be this emotional of physical,Mugenand Kyo are always there for each other, no matter the situation or problem they face. A bond between two girls whose inner beast runs rampant throughout their lifeblood; a connection of souls like none other.


Inner World: Kyo's inner world is strange, in that it... doesn't have a set physical appearance. Shi's world almost appears to be ever changing, every day a new slice of land appearing to take over and corrupt the inner workings. Although it doesn't have a set physical appearance,Mugenand Kyo have both understood that there seems to be a "rotation" of locations within the inner world. The rotation will be listed below in further detail. Despite the changing of worlds and having no general set appearance,Mugenis always found within the same spot of all inner worlds, no matter how much they change. Dead within the center of the world is a chair, the chair itself is made of different skulls of all different beings and animals. For her size, the throne is astonishingly large. Over the arms appears to be wolves fair draped from the shoulder level all the way down to the tip of the fingers. Running up as a cushion and up the spine of the chair is a thick hide, dark red in colour, that cushions the user atop of the bones.

The first rotation is known as "Firespawn." Firespawn is, as one might imagine, an inner world that is entirely consumed by fire and heat. No matter where you head in the realm, you cannot escape the immense heat and intense flames that are constantly incinerating anything that even considers getting close. This also includes Kyo and Shi, however due to their natural pain tolerance being so incredibly high, it almost seems like a non factor. If another were to step into this realm, it is very possible they could even be burned to a crisp. A dangerous realm for a dangerous duo of zanpakuto and master. Throughout the realm are shattered buildings and sections of broken/erupted ground, enormous flames protruding from within and engulfing everything, slowly claiming the surroundings into ash and destruction. This is said to span for up to a five hundred miles of pure fiery chaos.

Rotation two is literally quite the opposite of the "firespawn" realm of before. The second location is known as "Iceborn". Due to the nature of constantly changing realms, one might imagine that extreme and sudden changes may occur and cause drastic problems for the surroundings. The entire realm becomes engulfed in ice, switching almost instantly from a fiery inferno to an ice-filled barren wasteland with nothing but giant glaciers in sight. Similar to before, Kyo andMugenare both not immune to the effects of this location, they simply rely on their own powers and pain endurance to carry out whatever task they can within here. While massive glaciers plague the horizon, if one were to look carefully, they could see the ground was once a portion of land that farmers worked upon -- frozen crops, blades of grass and even small farm houses engulfed by massive glaciers being spread out across a seemingly endless landscape.

Rotation three is the worst of them all in terms of pain and experience when being there. On the third day, the entire realm gets shifted into a chaotic realm filled with falling shards of metal and weapons. Every twenty minutes the entire realm is filled with razor sharp metal, mixed in with a variety of different weapons, aiming to impale and skewer anyone within. If one is incapable of finding shelter, it is very possible they will receive multiple weapons and shards of metal to stab right through their body and maybe even pin them to the ground. The world itself appears as a large desert, mounts of white sand appearing to cover the entire realm. Spread cross the dunes of sand are small metal constructions that are capable of withstanding the rain of death from above. There is, however, one location that is used specifically for training and testing endurance within this rotation. On a far corner within the realm exists a small room: the room is maybe about ten meters squared. Once one steps into this ring, an endless amount of weapons, metal shards and otherworldly energy will shoot out from the walls and roof, all of which aiming to stab into the person unlucky enough to walk in. This is used for testing pain endurance most of the time - and just how much punishment can be taken.


Mugen no Gomon's Sealed State: Kyo's zanpakuto takes on the appearance of a rather long, and unique looking, sword. Unlike some other zanpakuto which are simply a katana or other Japanese style weapon, Kyobona utilizes a rather strong looking giant sword. Usually wielding it in one hand, Mugen no Gomon typically takes the form of a golden edged blade, sharpened to slice through any whom get in her way. The blunt end of the blade, leading all the way up to the hilt of the blade has a 'bone' like aesthetic to it, almost as if a bone was bent and twisted to fit the edge of this blade. The entirety of the sword itself is a thick metal, however, simply using this as an appearance. Near the large handle is a sort of "loop", or a bent long bone-like structure. This is an area in which Kyo is capable of putting her hands through and moving the weapon in alternate ways, not just slashing or cutting like a typical sword would. The handle of the weapon is wrapped in a pure purple cloth - at the end a ball of string that's the same shade of purple.

The Indomitable Berserker, Kyōbōna Suika [wip] HQro1CZ

Sealed Zanpakuto Abilities: Many Shinigami have a bunch of different sealed skills in this day and age, these are the powers and abilities accessible by Kyo in her sealed form.

Itami Kara Umaremashita: Otherwise translated to "born of pain", this sealed skill allows Kyobona to naturally withstand an amazing amount of punishment before she actually begins to fall prey to a lot of the attacks opponents may use against her. Be it stabbing, slashes or even psychological attacks; Kyo has proven herself to be highly resilient to these forms of punishment. Due to the nature of her zanapkuto and how much it leaks into her sealed state, Kyo has naturally gained this trait as a constant active - whether she likes it or not. Even if a sword were to stab her right through the gut, it is likely she would pull the sword in further and yank it out herself, lick the blade, and continue fighting. Continuing punishment of her would eventually make her falter however, even her beginning to feel portions of pain throughout her nervous system. This isn't to say her defense is amazing either -- more than her pain tolerance is ridiculously high. Meaning if one finds a way to chop off a limb or head, they can still kill her via blood loss and organ removal.

Ken no Henko: Translated into "Sword Change", Kyo is allowed a passive ability to change the physical aspect of her zanpakuto into three different kinds of shapes, not including her first and already menacing sword. Depending on her intention or will of attack, Kyo will turn her sword into a certain style in hopes of crushing an opponent with a change of weapon. Each weapon she changes to has a unique trait and purpose for use in sealed state, making her a menacing weapon user but also very diverse in fighting style. The four different weapons, including her sword, are as such: sword, spear, giant mace and kusarigama. When shifting into each different weapon, a golden flash appears, sometimes even blinding the opponent in the process. Below is more detail about the weapons, not including the sword as it is the base state:

  • Spear Shift: Much like her original sword, Kyo's zanpakuto keeps the intense golden shine shimmering all aspects of the weapon, the tip of the spear bladed in the same golden light hue as the sword. Up the shaft of the spear appears to be multiple straight-flat locations mixed in among small skulls and bone like structures that signify in which locations her hands can be placed. The spear appears as a rather powerful tool, but the glow it gives off signifies this to opponents in a powerful way. At the non-bladed end of the spear, the same purple wrapping is around the tip as well as the ball of string. In it's entirety, the spear is two meters long, much taller than Kyo herself. When shifting into the spear appearance and placing the spear alongside her body, she is dwarfed by it's size - yet she can still wield it like a master.

    With appearances out of the way, the powers the spear entails is specific and powerful in it's own right. The purpose of summoning this spear is to break defense, armor and even slip through normally unreachable cracks in defense. When combining her natural born strength as a Suika with her ability to fight with this spear - she has proven to shatter defenses and some armors simply by thrusting forward with one stab. Of course this is dependent on tier highly, making it more difficult depending how much spiritual pressure the opponent is outputting. The bladed tip of the zanpakuto has a sort of white ripple effect around it, even when not striking, signifying the sort of "penetrating" force it holds. This weapon is also highly useful in keeping her distance but still fighting in melee combat.

    The 'power' within this spear might seem rather insignificant as sealed power, as many spears can be used to pierce through armor, but that is not the case at all. The ripple effect at the bladed end allows high defense objects to be hit and split, making a crack in the defense. Even without the purpose of breaking armor, the ripple effect can also work on human contact, meaning that a trait like steel skin could even find trouble stopping the penetrating power of said spear. This penetration skill is so powerful because it takes all of Mugen's power and focuses it into a single, small blade at the end of the spear. This isn't to say it is unblockable, just it would require a surmountable effort to do so, especially when all of her focus is put into piercing through an object.

  • Mace Shift: This is the powerhouse of the weapon choices in sealed state. The mace itself takes on the form much larger than that of a normal, wield-able, human mace. Rather instead it focuses on having a large surface area - in total about ten meters across either way. Due to the size and inpracticality of this mace, Kyo will often not have this mace summoned for long periods of time, usually only switching to it in quick burst attacks where an opening presents itself. The mace looks large, but it has all the normal traits of a normal mace - just with a unique twist added to it. Almost like a flail, there are twisted and sharpened spikes all across the ball end, that of which are capable of digging into the opponent. In between the spikes, where a normal round metal ball would normally sit, appears to be engravings and lumps of bone-like structure, skulls and pictures of beasts engraved into the metal.

    Due to the ridiculous size, Kyo will not wield this for long. Normally she will use one of her other weapons to first create an opening and then find a way to strike when the opponent is open. A good example of this might be if she managed to stun someone or knock them into mid air and suddenly appear above them and send a shock wave of power down, hitting the opponent with the giant mace and rocketing them into the earth at ridiculous speeds. Just like the spear, the flail/mace also has a unique attribute to it that can be a powerful tool, but only if it makes contact with an opponent. Assuming she can pull off this combo and hit someone with the mace, she will often "drop" the mace once hitting someone. Why? For one purpose, the spikes all across the sphere attempt to latch on and dig into the skin of whomever it touches. If the mace is capable of latching onto the flesh/body of an opponent, Kyo will be able to drop the mace and send them, along with the weapon, flying into whatever location she swung in. This is particularly effective if they were to hit a wall, or if they were knocked into the ground.

    The main problem with this lies in speed of he would hit someone. Due to the size and weight, swinging that large mace can take an awful long time in the middle of combat, giving the opponent a chance to either escape from the stun or simply counteract the blow. Even if the mace hits and locks the person amid the spike, there is still a method of escape. The most obvious being ripping themselves out of the clutches of the spikes manually, often tearing their bodies in the process. The second method would be destroying or finding a way to counteract the 'latch' the mace has upon someone. This could be either overpowering it with reiatsu and forcing it off their body or simply making a barrier between the ball and the opponent.

  • Kusarigama Shift: A traditional Japanese weapon, also a highly skillful one, in which requires precision strikes and powerful strength to be effective. Normally, where the chains would be, a link of skull-like rings appear to hold each end of the kusarigama together. With the link of skulls locked in place, the bladed tip of the weapons shares that of a similar colour and idea to the other weapons - the bladed tip holding an intense golden glow and tinge whilst the area leading up to it had protruding bone like attachments all over it. At this point, bones and skulls seemed to be the trademark of anything that her zanpakuto turned into. The chain between the balled end and the bladed end is around five meters in total, allowing Kyo to keep a coiled up chain of to extend the weapon as much as needed.

    Although this isn't the only special feature to the kusarigama. At her will, Kyo is actually capable of extending the skull-linked chain up to a hundred meters. This means that despite how much she focuses on using close combat to attack an opponent, the modified and special kusarigama allows Kyo to attack from a distance and even hook or catch an opponent to keep them fighting in close range. Due to the extended reach of the blade, Kyobona will sometimes finding herself swinging the bladed end at an opponent quite a distance away, dig the bladed tip into their flesh and yank back on the chain, forcing them to be brought to her location. If dodged or blocked the chain will fall back until yanked to herself again, giving a few moments in which she uses to reset. Even if one is hooked, it is possible to break the chain mid pull, either stopping the opponent from being hooked all the way in or stop them from being moved entirely. It doesn't take much to break the chain surprisingly, offering a method of escape to the opponent.

Uchi no Kemono: Directly translated into 'beast within', Kyo is capable of slightly accessing an internal force applied by her zanpakuto. Due to the violent and berserk type nature both Kyo and her zanpakuto utilize, Kyo is capable of channeling that inner beast-type strength into her outwards form. In her sealed state, this is only in it's infant form and will not give her the full effect -- but for a sealed state effect can prove to be rather useful. The main essence of this ability is tapping into the natural beast behavior that lives within her body, akin to going into a 'primal' state of mind. At this point Kyo excells large amounts of steam with every single breath she takes, almost as if her insides are cooking and she needs to exhale to release it all.

Once this is active, the tattooed red hands and feet begin to grow massive claw-like figures, some of the nails/claws extending up to 10 inches long. Signifying the rage that is built up within her, the ground underneath her body seems to crack and crash under the intense amount of downward force she is exerting atop of her reiatsu. Uttering a single word... "Kill" under her breathe. From here, Kyo is capable of launching herself like a bullet at a target, constantly attacking them, attempting to ravage and destroy them. Each strike seems as if her attack speed is amplified , along with massive strength proving to be a problem. All regard of personal safety is lost as she loses herself in attacking an opponent. Typically this lasts for five posts in her sealed state, simply giving a small "idea" into what her later berserker powers might entail. The main drawback of this skill is the disregard for her own personal safety - as in sealed state her pain endurance is high, but can still be killed by things such as beheading and blood loss.

Strength Adoption: Alongside the rest of her sealed skills, another passive and powerful ability Kyo gains is her intense strength. This is not only from her natural traits as a Suika, but also gained during her intense training with her zanpakuto, eventually ending up in an adoption of strength during her sealed state. Suika are often respected for their intense strength, many actually idolising them for it - and Kyo is no exception, for her main focus of power is physical combat, making her strength one of her most powerful allies. Kyo has said that this strength she recieved from her zanpakuto was akin to "becoming one" with her zanpakuto, in which the two thought and breathed on the same wave-length. This strength is typically applied perfectly into her weapons, creating even more powerful strikes by forcing intense crushing blows from the sword, mace, spear or kusarigama.


Defensive Amplification: Once shikai is activated, Kyo undergoes a transformation that seemingly is purely mental, not much about her outer appearance changing at all. The main power, and focus, of this shikai is to make her more beast like; while also giving her a new found access to certain abilities. For Kyobona, her defense being raised is one of her most essential amplification. Prior to activation Kyo could be quite vulnerable to assaults, not saying her durability was weak, but she often relies on her pain endurance to plow through assaults. With her defense improved, she can continue to ignore or defend herself against some attacks. Depending upon tier and strength added to attacks, Kyo can sometimes even outright block sword strikes with her bare skin. Typically those of advanced or higher will be able to pierce through without much problem at all, and those of beginner and adept needing to exert a LOT of physical force. The same could be said for magical defense, needing larger amounts of pressure and force to punch through her layer of defense.

Strength Amplification: One of her most key traits is her overwhelming strength, capable of calling upon immense power from within her zanpakuto. By transferring her strength into her weapons during assault, Kyobona has proven to be a rather terrifying practitioner of weapon combat of all types. If she were to call upon her normal sword and slam it into an opponent of similar tier, it is very possible even they could be split in two or even cause massive crushing damage upon their bones when blocked. Unless defensive measures are taken, Kyo's strength can run rampant. This fits in perfectly with her berserker style mindset, transferring not only immense power into her weapons, but every single action. Crushing and bellowing assaults capable of splitting opponent into tiny pieces, ending a fight by constantly going on the offensive. When hitting surroundings, it could be quite dangerous for others, often causing a lot of collateral damage when mixed in with her fighting style.

Berserker Intent: As mentioned, one of the most important changes to her shikai isn't her appearance or weapon, but rather her mindset. Upon activation of shikai, the already aggressive and powerful woman becomes invigorated with a primal rage, slowly building up in gut and overtaking her entire being by the time the activation is over. This isn't to say she is fully consumed as she still maintains control over her actions and can somewhat force herself to stop when needed. However this shift in mindset puts one thing in Kyo's mind: Attack. If she were to attack during shikai, the opponent would find that she doesn't stop. Taking advantage of her heightened defenses mixed in with her naturally high pain endurance, Kyobona makes for a terrifying opponent that doesn't give the opponent any breathing room.

The change she undergoes in shikai could be akin to a wild beast forced to fight for their life. All that aggression within her, and her zanpakuto, and forced into that tiny body of hers - allowing her to hardness a pure berserker mindset. The most important thing to take away from this shikai alteration is her attack speed, mixed in with a lack of emotional investment into what happens to her opponent. Unless she is fighting to kill she will not activate this or any of her skills for that matter. The attack speed boost would prove to be troublsome for many opponents. Even with keen eyesight, an opponent could find it extremely difficult to keep up with her movements, not in speed, but in attack. Sword strikes and deadly blows flying faster than the eye can blink: Kyo makes for a deadly fighter in these aspects.

Buki Masutā: Literally meaning Weapon Master in Japanese, Kyobona gains access to a variety of different weapons upon activation of shikai. The best way to imagine this skill is a bunch of different weapons that have melted into her zanpakuto, creating not only a boiling pot of different weapons, but one she can reach into a craft at a whim. Unlike her sealed state which is limited to 3 different types of weapons, Kyo is capable of having nine different types of weapons melted into her one. Each have different effects however - meaning that her power is improved upon the already existing three from her sealed state. She has six normal weapons available during this shikai.

  • Previous three: When her zanpakuto enters it's shikai, as mentioned, Kyo's weapon becomes even more of a melting pot than it is during sealed. With now six weapons concealed within the small visage, Kyobona's arsenal keeps the previous three that were available to her. This not only gives her more weaponry, but familiarity with the weapons she uses when out of her ascended forms. All of the previous traits of these weapons are enhanced, and things like the spear gain incredible power alongside her own strength increase. The spears own tip glows a beastly red, not with reiatsu, but as if flames were heating up the metal - waves of steam and pressure are constantly exploding from the tip. When this is thrown or thrust into an enemy, the tip is shown to enlarge and even adopt a "drill" like effect. So even if the spear is blocked, it will continue to spin and penetrate at incredible strength and speeds until it is either knocked away or somehow stopped.

    The mace can now spread up to fifty meters in either direction, and the spikes that would latch onto an opponent are about the same size - but there are hundreds more spread over the mace. Slamming this into someone would essentially guarantee a hold on the opponent unless they were willing to rip their own flesh to escape it. By hooking into their skin, the mace will not let go until the opponent is forcibly torn from it or Kyo wills it.

    As for the Kusarigama, Kyo's distance triples to three hundred meters in length, but the chain becomes much sturdier. If someone were to try and break the chain between the two - they would find it takes an incredible amount of strength to do so. Along with this - Kyo is capable of twisting and forming the Kusarigama into multiple pairs - mastering the art of weaponry has allowed Kyo to control not one or two, but four different Kusarigama at once. Twisting and spinning all of these weapons around her, she is capable of throwing out these chained and durable weapons in four directions at once - not even hitting or so much as clipping parts of her body in the moment. It is easy to forget a girl such as her has a powerful control over weaponry.

  • Scythe, Great-sword and Naginata: The three other weapons which becomes available to Kyo are powerful tools which should not be underestimated. Each having unique attributes and abilities, Kyo will employ each one uniquely in the heat of combat, almost as an instinct.

    The scythe is possibly one of the most interesting weapons she has added as it is not a typical weapon found in combat. Mostly found within story books due to it's almost mythical design, the bone like carvings up the side of the scythe with the orange and golden glow certify it as her weapon. With carvings of beasts and skulls all across it's frame, the scythe has a unique power which comes active once she begins to spin it around her body. Spinning this weapon incredibly fast, Kyo is capable of creating a glowing gold aura which could be summarized as a 'vortex', sucking in anything within the vicinity into a violent and sliced-up death. The best way to imagine it is the spinning creates a magical vortex which acts similarly to a black hole, sucking in absolutely anything it comes near - even devouring the light directly in front of it. Starting as a golden haze, the center of the weapon scythe begins to look similarly to a black hole - if one were to place their hand within the center it is certain it would be obliterated and potentially suck in the entire arm. Although the pull on the scythe is strong, with enough effort it can be pulled away from - but given time to grow and the scythe will begin dragging in things even like cars to get sliced up by her incredibly powerful zanpakuto. This scythe can also be used to hit fast as normal, but the special ability allows for incredible destruction. Although it isn't unstoppable, if someone were to place something incredibly durable at it's center or even something like their zanpakuto - it could very well be stopped. To maintain the vortex is tough, so keeping it active will drain Kyo of energy.

    The great-sword is a bit more typical of a weapon. The incredible power associated with the great sword is something of legend - and while her mace is slow and powerful, doesn't match the raw cutting power one would get from a great-sword such as this. As if carved into bone like her previous weapons, Kyobona's great-sword constantly emits a golden hue around it's edge. The unique power of the sword comes in when she goes to cut. Due to it being a hefty and large weapon, the strikes are long as heavy - the entire weapon weighing over a hundred tons. By swinging it, even if it doesn't connect with the opponent, the golden hue doubles and then mimics the strikes power. For example: she swings the sword at an opponent. The strike initially slams with a powerful force of a zanpakuto, but that strength is doubled by the strength of the golden hue. Moments later, the same strike is directly mimicked by the unique power - adding not only the force of the initial strike to it, but the enhancement the golden hue allowed as well. The best way to imagine this is a double strike that constantly doubles every single attack. The main downside is that the weapon is slow and heavy, meaning that making meaningful strikes on an opponent may be hard.

    The naginata is a much more unique and singular weapon. It doesn't have an ability that sucks in the surroundings not doubles it's proficiency. No, rather the naginata is considered the 'balance in all weapons.' Shaped like a bone-carved spear with an incredibly sharp and golden blade at it's tip, the naginata mixes all of the previous attributes into one and creates the perfect balance. The naginata is fast, it can spin around her body with little to no effort and the cutting power is nothing to laugh at. So what is the unique attribute? From one stand point, there is none. Looking at it objectively it doesn't carry over any power, ability or energy. It doesn't change sizes or colours. The weapon itself promotes and showcases her balance - for when she needs to be swift but strong. From the other point of view, it has every unique ability. The weapon shift itself does not carry power, but it can adopt small portions of every other weapon into itself. From the spear it adopts the piercing ability, weaker in power but enough when being fast. From the Kusarigama she adopts the extension of the weapons pole, reaching up to distances of fifty to a hundred meters. The mace allows it to have spikes that can latch onto people's individual body parts and attempted to grasp and rip them off. The great-sword gives it the pure strength that is needed to hit an opponent, while the scythe gives it the power to be swift but also deadly.


Bankai Name: Mugen no Gōmon (無限の拷問), lit. Endless pain.

Release Phrase: Bankai, Mugen no Gōmon.

The most important thing to note about Kyo's bankai appearance is that it's not a matter of what changes, but what it does to her mentality. Whilst there are a few changes to her outward appearance, it is mostly reliant on what it does to her mentality, that of which will be explained under 'powers.'

The biggest and most obvious change from her bankai is her hands and feet, all of which are tattooed in a pure red colour. Upon activation of her bankai, an explosion of golden reiatsu covers her body as her hands begin to morph into a much more demonic appearance. The red tattoos begin to shine and grow, veins and muscles growing to reveal a new and terrifying appearance. Shortly after her hands, her feet follow suit and grow, even bigger than that of before. The nails on both her hands and feel grow in size into more claw-like formations, akin to that of an animal or beast. The red tattoos that rest under her eyes begin to glow and slightly melt down her face. This is the most obvious trait during her bankai, however there is a... consistent facial expression she uses. Due to her nature changing, her face shifts into that of a evil and crazy one, wild canines growing and protruding from the corners of her mouth. Mixed with a demonic style, she can make for quite the terrifying little Shinigami.



Itami no Jokyo: This ability literally translates to "pain removal" and is a passively active ability during her bankai. Due to the amount of beast like nature within her, Kyo's sensitivity to pain has dropped drastically, virtually to the point in which she feels absolutely no pain at all. The main purpose behind this skill is to remove all thoughts of injuring or mortally wounding herself during her attacks - focusing on an all out and savage assault. Due to her change of mentality upon entering her bankai state, this is one of her major components. Even though her pain tolerance is extremely high in the other states, her bankai goes even further, to the point of nullification. Itami no Jokyo is the skill that allows her fighting style to be so effective. It stays active as long as the bankai itself is.

Before the extent of how powerful of a tool this pain suppression is, it is important to note that this does not make her immune to damage and falling prey to opponents attacks. This is simply a matter of will and loss of pain, if she were to get constantly hit without so much as considering it would eventually wear down on her and tire her out -- even despite the lack of pain she feels. However this is not weak, she has shown to keep fighting and ignoring even swords as they slashed her skin, spears and knives stuck out of her body. She is unafraid to put herself in the middle of harms way to make a powerful attack at the enemy. For uses in itself, the pain removal has a few sub-abilities attached to hit, using her wounded body to her own aid when needed.


  • Regeneration of Core Bodily Functions: The main and most important part of her pain suppression is her ability to regenerate her bodies functionalities to a form in which they were prior to getting hit. Say for example the ligaments and muscles that control her ability to swing her arm, within a post or two of it getting damage, Kyo is capable of returning the ligament back to full function by using her regeneration abilities on the core areas of the limb. This is said for arms, legs, neck and eyesight. The problem with this ability to regenerate comes in the lack of ability to regenerate skin to it's previous force - as well as any nails, hair or non-essential fighting components. This is a sort of punishment for withstanding such a painful assault and not trying to dodge, her body will remained cut up and torn until she can find a healer or clean herself up. This regeneration can take a single post for smaller functions whilst two for larger functions.

    It's also important to note that this can only be done once every ten posts, meaning that if her right arm got severed and she lost control, regenerated, and then it got severed again - she could not regenerate her ability to use the arm for another ten posts in total. Despite having such high levels of regeneration, this is not activated manually. Her mind is often far too concerned with obliterating the opponents and her beast like nature than to actually regenerate it herself, hence being another passive.

  • Blood Circulation and Generation: Due to the nature of her power being focused on getting hit, Kyo has been gifted with a way to keep blood circulating and flowing throughout her body despite losing a lot of it by getting stabbed, slashed and blown up. The main idea behind this is similar to her regeneration in a small way. Assuming she took a slash from a sword and one of her major arteries and veins were severed in the process, spilling blood out rapidly. Through her own control, Kyo is capable of creating "eternal blood flow", meaning that even if her veins and arteries become severed she can elegantly control her own blood to continue circulating through 'fake' veins present outside of her body, each post siphoning more and more blood back into her body and keeping the circulation going. This is controlled by Kyo herself, meaning that if her concentration can be broken she can stop her blood circulating. Atop of this, if she is damaged faster than she can restore her blood, it becomes a problem for her. Atop of this, she is said to generate blood at a much faster rate than what is normal.

Complete Berserker Physiology: In ever aspect, once Bankai is activated, Kyo is treated as if she has become a complete berserker. This means that her mindset, her actions and strength are all amplified for one single purpose: elimination. She loses all sense of whom she was before, no mercy, no messing around. Her mind and body become infuriated with a burning rage, almost as if she gave away her humanity to become something far more sinister. Never the less, this can prove to be a rather powerful aspect of her Bankai. When coupled with her pain endurance, Kyo doesn't have to worry about the repercussions of her actions as much. Or rather she doesn't care, she doesn't feel the pain and doesn't care for the resulting damage done to her body. Once bankai is deactivated however, this is a different story, as her cut up and maimed body will remain, needing to be tended too as soon as possible. She does not lose a sense of skill, but every strike seems to be far more vicious than the ones before - as if it was no longer a shinigami attacking, but a wild animal.

Higai Enhansa: Meaning "damage enhancer" in Japanese, Higai Enhansa is the skill which allows physical damage inflicted upon her to be turned into a positive force to drive her into more powerful and extensive fighting techniques. In a way she is both punished and improved upon by putting herself in harms way, a double edged sword if you will. The first thing to note is that her enhancements from Shikai are carried over into her bankai form, those of which will be listed below. Although her shikai traits get carried over, they do get rather large enhancements added onto them after ascending into bankai state.

  • Berserker Strength: Taking the idea of raw power from that of a berserker or beast, Kyo adopts an amazing amount of raw strength. When crashing down onto people, Kyo has literally split people in two or even crushed incredibly tough objects by swinging her body and applying strength into every single attack she uses. Typically this is done through transfer into her weapons - meaning if she were to pull out a giant mace and slammed it into the surroundings, it is very destructive and perhaps even destroying the environment around her from the raw amount of effort put into the swings. This appears to be on a completely new level from her shikai. While her power in shikai is immensely upgraded from her sealed state, bankai takes the next step. If her shikai can crush a building, her bankai splits and crushes mountains. This is of course dependent on tier and strength skill, but this is an example of her strength boost in itself.

  • Berserkers Endurance and Defense: The overall pain reduction and endurance has been talked about extensively above, but it is important to note that her levels of stamina is much higher than what one may think. Her small body is but a vessel for the power within, and upon activation of her bankai, Kyo gains a rather significant increase. Her stamina seems to remain incredibly high, so while constant damage and assault can train her of energy, she can keep going for a long time before she is officially tired and done. Her defense is on a similar level too, as opposed to Shikai in which can block or defend itself against lower level blades and weaponry, her bankai natural defense allows some even moderate powered strikes to bounce off her like metal-on-metal. This isn't to say it is impossible to cut into her skin, as evident from her pain endurance trait, but for one to break into her and cause damage does require some considerable effort. All in all her defense is one of her most vulernable points, so while she can stop certain blades or make arrows bounce off her, if the amount of power and reiatsu of the opponent is considerable enough, she might not even be damage by mere sword strikes.


Sen Ken no Sekai: The name "thousand blade realm" isn't just used as a fear inducing name, but an actual technique. Due to her affinity and natural ability to use many different kinds of weapons to a mastered extent, Kyo's signature and most amazing feature of her bankai is her "mirrored reality" style weapon summoning. During her Shikai and Bankai, Kyo typically has the same sword as her base weapon - sure, she is given different techniques around it, such as shifting it into other weapons, but where do the other weapons even come from. This ability actually answers that question by revealing a personal reality that constantly walks alongside Kyo. When bankai is activated, Mugen no Gomon's inner world actually starts to mirror the location she is fighting in for hundreds of kilometers, sometimes even covering multiple countries, all mirrored on her inner world.

This inner realm is known as "The Wild". The Wild is a host to no lives, no humans and no other creatures other than trees, houses and natural grown fauna. Within every square meter of this realm exists a weapon, for someone to walk among this realm they would find it extremely hard to maneuver. The range of weapons seems almost endless, from incredibly golden and terrifying spears all the way to giant shields that can withstand the attacks of even the toughest assaults. Another way to describe this would be Kyo living alongside a personal pocket dimension. At her will, Kyo is capable of reaching into this pocket realm and pulling out a weapon depending on where she places herself. Her position in the real world is mirrored in this inner world, meaning if she had a spear atop of a towers edge, she could move to that location and reach into her pocket dimension before quickly pulling the spear out for personal use. There are a few key weapons among this arsenal, however most of which seem to be random weapons that have spawned in relation to her zanpakuto's bankai. These weapons are located by Kyo, and Kyo alone, as she gets sparkles and golden shimmers based on where each weapon has spawned. This can be activated and deactivated at will to either get it out of vision or search for a weapon.

  • Gugnir: Gugnir is a legendary lance said to exist in Norse mythology. Originally said to be the spear of Odin, Gugnir was adopted, or rather 'created' by Kyo's zanpakuto. Depending on the landscape, this spear is said to appear in a single location within five hundred meters of her position at bankai activation - at the highest point in the surrounding area. The lance itself is pure black in tone yet holds a similar structure and tone to that of Kyobona's previous spears - skulls and bone shapes carved into the metal staff to make it appear menacing and wild. The blade itself is also black, the sharpened end being a lighter silver with a soft golden hue surrounding it. This is when the staff is not touched however, when Kyo places a hand upon the weapon, Gugnir begins to ripple and send waves of intense black energy up the shaft and all around her body, signifying that it has awoken.

    The mythological lance has two purposes for existing in her bankai. The first is the similar piercing effect she gains for her spear in sealed and shikai state, but amplified to be capable of virtually destroying even the hardest of armors, if but temporarily. Dependent on tier, the power of pierce is also taken into account. When a being is lower in spiritual pressure than her, Kyo has found it rather easy to pierce and stab right through a lot of different types of armor. If equal or above, however, that's a different story. It would require maximum strength mixed in with a bit of luck that the opponent didn't dodge, block or defend properly.

    The second portion of Gugnir's power is the throwing capability. Perhaps the most powerful aspect of Gugnir is how hard and fast, mixed in with it's own piercing effect, can be thrown at a target. With intense focus, Kyo is capable of sending black reiatsu to poar out of the weapon and gather at the tip. By pulling her arm back, the force of the reiatsu will focus and condense right at the tip into a sharp peak. Using her intense strength, Kyo can throw the spear over her shoulder and at a target, aiming for a direct hit. The spear throw, if to hit a target of lower or weaker tier, is capable of completely incinerating their body. If someone of close or equal tier were to take the hit, is it very possible it could be fatal or heavily damaging. This takes a lot of focus and can only be thrown once, meaning that once she has thrown the spear at an opponent that's it, can no longer use Gugnir for the remainder of her bankai. This highly depends on a persons defense, as being 'fatally injured' by Gugnir is assuming they have put no defenses in place. If the opponent has had time to put a defense, it is possible for them to survive or perhaps even counteract the metallic black spear.

  • Balmung and Nothung: Originally great swords wielded by the legendary Siegfried, Kyo has adopted these creations into her arsenal by replicating their existence. A normal person would simply only be able to wield one of these great swords as it would be far too heavy and large to carry, yet Kyobona carries both of these at the same time, using them as dual wielded weapons. Balmung appears to be a large red sword, the entire bladed end covered in a blood red dye, the sharp edge of the blade holding a sliver of silver mixed in. The blade is jagged in pattern, sort of giving the weapon a "unstable" appearance, yet acts just a normal sword in that it can cut and hack into targets rather easily. In the case of Nothung, the blade itself is much thicker and coated entirely in a black shine, the outside glow giving a purple haze of pure power, even if it isn't touched or active. When Kyo places her hand on either of these weapons, Balmung begins to glow in an intense red shine, where as Nothing gains a dark purple burst of reiatsu around it.

    Balmung's unique power comes in the form of this red glow, meaning once it has been touched the power can be exerted. At her will, Kyo is capable of breaking down the essential compounds of Balmung's blade and forming ten different shards into different locations. This means that she can manipulate the shards to stab into multiple different locations on the opponents body, using them like shurikens, or she can change the way the blade itself is made up. Even though she can only control ten different shards, Kyo has shown to grow these shards into massive formations of metal, reattaching to the hilt to create a sword of colossal size. Once she has shifted the shards, she cannot make another formation for another three posts, meaning she can form a giant collossal blade out of Balmung, but she couldn't change it's size back down into a smaller blade. The main usage of resizing and controlling the size of weapons is the amount of force that can be exerted upon hitting a target, along with the size of the opponent. If an opponent was huge in size, towering over buildings, she would shift Balmung into a blade that was capable of cutting open the torso. The problem with this skill lies in the time allotment to create the blade. It is not instant and, especially for larger reformations, can take up to an entire post before it actually completes.

    Nothung, on the other hand, has no such property that requires a post limit. Rather that the purple haze that elegantly dances off it's edge can "rip" the fabric between the mirrored realms, meaning that even if Kyo cannot hit a target with this, for if but a quick second, the mirrored inner world that has the "infinite" blades stored within bleeds over into our reality. This has a multitude of uses, the foremost being the capability of allowing mass amounts of weapons into the fight at a single time, depending on the tear she create. The biggest tear she has create has said to be around five hundred meters squared. At the moment of tearing reality, the blades all seem to fall through and crash upon the location they were summoned. In total, a five hundred meter block, summons around five hundred different weapons that have been stored within the location -- as within the mirrored realm, for every meter, there is a replicated weapon of some sort. The best way to imagine this skill as a meteor shower created within a few moments of swiping her sword over an area.

    The main drawbacks to Nothung's reality bleeding skill is once an area has been exhausted of blades, they cannot be replenished until her bankai is activated again. So if she used all the hidden blades within an arena, she could no longer reach in and grab weapons to use like normal. This is also highly extensive upon her energy reserves - literally tearing through reality to summon large amounts of spiritual weapons is hard enough, let alone the toll and power it'd take from her. This often will leave her exhausted for a few posts after, capable of defending, but needing time to take a breathe and recuperate, even with her pain ignorance.

Sen Ken no Buki-ko: After the initial framework of 'mirrored reality' has been built, and the unique weapons have summoned themselves, the rest of the weapons begin to materialize within this inner world. The range of weapons among them is absolutely insane, almost every imaginable melee and old school combative weapon is stored within here. The most common style of weapon stored are swords, but they range in variety, all the way from Japanese Katanas to European great swords. From the Japanese wakazashi all the way to the European mace and shields. Kyo calls this the "Thousand Blade Armory", yet the number of blades created seems to excel even it's name. It becomes hard for Kyobona to keep track of just how many blades are created and stored within this pocket dimension, but if she had to guess it'd be somewhere between two or three million.

This pocket dimension does nothing on it's own, it hardly even really "exists" in the battle. The purpose of this inner world mirror is so that Kyo can move to a location and she, and only her, can pull out a weapon of choice - based on where she is on the battlefield. As previously mentioned the weapons that spawn all around aren't limitless, so if an entire area is exhausted of weapons she either has to find a new location to pull out more or rely on her normal Zanpakuto. When she grabs a weapon, a golden crack appears in the space around her hand before she quickly pulls through the track a golden coated armament. This is typically only accessible by Kyobona herself - however if someone is capable of finding a way to split and break into the realm, perhaps they could also grab weapons out of the infinite armory that coats the alternate reality. Even if someone is capable of breaking through into her inner world, attempting to use her weapons, it might not continue to work. Kyo and Mugen together will work to shut out any intruders and return the fight back into it's normal state.

Even weapons that are not created by Kyo's zanpakuto can be added to the arsenal, as evident when she stored her sister, Shuten Suika's, zanpakuto for a temporary time. This doesn't mean she gains the abilities of said zanpakuto, nor can she actually speak or react with the zanpakuto spirit itself, but can temporarily use it as a simple sword - or whatever form the said weapon takes. With her ability to take in other weapons from her environment, she can take and add unique and powerful weapons to get bankai's arsenal the more she finds and stores. It must also be noted she doesn't need to be in bankai state to actually store the weapon, she simply taps into the power briefly to open the arsenal.


The Indomitable Berserker, Kyōbōna Suika [wip] Ap8OoJO

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凶 暴 な 萃 香


The Oni mask and devilish nature is a hereditary traits to the Suika family. It is said that each Suika family member takes on the ideology of "Oni", a traditional style of Japanese demon. This bloodline is said to give them unique traits and abilities that are only accessible once the Suika had delved deep into their heritage.

The Indomitable Berserker, Kyōbōna Suika [wip] 4htYXsX


Kyobona's mask is considered to be a rather unique but terrifying one. With a mask that suppresses even her own horns on her head when donned, her devils nature is shown when it is put on. Many people say they are akin to vizards with their mask - but there are key differences between the Suika tribe and the masks they are so often compared to. For one, Kyo cannot remove her mask off her own free will. Once it is put on, it will go until either she loses the energy to sustain it or she is killed. It is the horrible aspect of her family heritige, the 'devils power' within their clan is iconic for overtaking individuals when trying to obtain the mask and inner nature. The sword that goes straight through the center of her face and mask is not just a proper, when the mask is activated the sword quite literally pierces through the top of her face as claws on the inside of the mask dig into her face and latch on.

Appearance augmentation: When Kyo attained her devil's mask, her hands and feet were made into incredibly bright and devil-like appearance. With claws and toe nails that could shred through flesh like it was nothing, Kyo's body was forever tainted by the devils nature within her clan. Over time she grew to understand it and accept the new aspect of her body, but initially this was a rather big shock to her. The horns atop of her head were always there - but they definitely became more prominent the moment she awakened the devil within her blood line.

Primal Essence: When the mask is active, Kyobona is considered at her most dangerous. That devilish nature that is locked away in her bloodline, behind her small frame, is unleashed the moment she latches the mask onto her body. She not only cannot spear, but the mask assumes control of her like a vessel. Placing this mask atop of her bankai's prowess and pain suppression, she can COMPLETELY lose herself and simply see anyone that's not within her bloodline as a threat to her and her surroundings, killing it all, or attempting to. If her normal, everyday health were to be described as 100%, by donning the mask it would become 200%. During shikai, 300% and bankai 400% and so on. The more ascended the suika becomes, their state of being and health piques to new heights. They can do things that could not prior and they feel more alive than they ever have been.

The best way to imagine this percentage is if she is at 100 HP without it, donning this mask allows for an increase in HP. If this were an RPG, it could boost her to something like 400/100 HP, taking much more damage until she is out for the count.



The Indomitable Berserker, Kyōbōna Suika [wip] Ap8OoJO

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The Indomitable Berserker, Kyōbōna Suika [wip]
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