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Sun Mar 26, 2017 7:18 pm

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He brought a hand to his chin as he thought for a moment only saying a simple phrase."I see that makes sense I guess." He said commenting as he thought about her area and considered every possible angle. Tsubasa had been preparing to make a journey to the living world previously. But for now, this matter required a delicate touch that he could handle. His scarlet eyes looked over the female's features as she made her question. The demons what made them the greatest threat to the balance. Well much like Quincy when a Soul was done in by them, sometimes it caused some troubles. But he'd need to explain it a bit better than just balance this and that. She needed to understand the events that lead to this. That made Shadow's Fall and the demons are on different sides. He sighed it was time for a trip down unpleasant memory lane for him. Tsubasa didn't care for dealing with these sort of things himself ever. It always came with some form of trouble in his mind. Memories were both a powerful and painful thing.

"You know, I could tell about the balance that's disrupted or the invasion they did that cost countless lives. I could tell you of them eradicating entire human cities in an instant. Or the destruction that came from so many other things. But at the end of each tale, it's up to you to form and come to your own conclusion. I fight them to protect what I define as precious." Tsubasa said not saying the words lightly as he didn't intend to waste her time. It wasn't his job or goal to do that. Wasting her time with meaningless words wasn't what he should do. It was up to her to define an enemy as such, not his to do for her. Tsubasa didn't take that role or job as he had other things to do. Preparing Yggdrasil for the future of warrior culture. He planned many things for this to take place. His own power wasn't complete yet and he needed to push further. To go beyond what he'd become and finish out his training. To create Byakko into its perfect form he knew it could accomplish.

But that matter held little issue in this situation, someone came into the Grid. This circumstance was different and he could see what she had. "The choice of what you do next is up to you, I welcome you to the Soul Society." He said calmly as he gave a polite bow like gesture. Tsubasa looked upwards towards the skies examining it now as he began the process thinking about how he would act. About how his power would function from now on and awakening himself to the limit. Becoming the ultimate tiger he could, in the end, Suzaku was a growth of him. A thing formed by his power as a warrior coming out in full. But now it was time for him to awaken truly as the fierce compassionate tiger he was meant to be. Tsubasa would remain with her till he saw she was satisfied with everything going on. This would be his act before beginning a training few people could get involved in. Tsubasa would showcase something far beyond the regular circumstances that would ignite his Tiger within.

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Thu Apr 06, 2017 12:08 am


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He seemed sincere at least, and that sincerity was what eventually calmed the turbulence that disrupted her emotions. The expression which was saturated by exasperation abated leaving once more a tranquil nonplussed look on her face. Here in a strange land, everything seemened to be different than that place she had known so intimately. So as she stood there the sun beating down on her from above illuminating a subtle glow upon her golden locks, she understood how inadequate her knowledge actually was. This realization caused her to slowly and audibly release a sigh from her lips, which parted to allow the air to escape. ”This is actually quite frustrating, to think my knowledge only surmounted to this; reduced to acting like a naive little child with no real information of the world at large.” She mused to herself in a cynical manner, her own body shifting as she glanced at the expanse beneath her, and what did she see here at a glance?

With the light reflecting on the soul society and the cities bordering it, she had an unidentifiable feeling swell within her modest bust. It was peaceful here, more so than the marginally chaotic soul society she knew of in the black world. It hard both invigorating to see this tranquility but also infinitely confusing at the same time, since it begged the question; could it have been changed for them as well? Was it the only path for them to take, constantly fighting with one another to vy for supremacy.

She felt there was more to see in this world, and as tsubasa finished his statement, she had let her golden orbs span the expanse for the last time. Her lips imperceptibly spreading into the slightest glimmer of a smile, voltage churning about her for an instant as in this moment she nodded once towards the man before her. She could have stayed longer, and she could have quite easily spoke more to him about the world’s state around them. However, she also wished to learn more about the “enemy” of this world, of the place she called home.

This was why inbetwixt the bolts and corona’s the electrical energies ricocheting off invisible walls and grids, her body began to rapidly vibrate as for a mere second, immense levels of energy rose before she said to the male before her.

”..I think i will judge for myself, because this place even if it's not from where i hail, we are of the same race. So i will always be on their side.”

After such a firm declaration she simply vanished, here in this world she had miraculously felt the different standing seikaimon gates, and from there she simply left. The skies clearing and the energy abating soon after; because now she was off to see, just what these demons were made of.

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