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 Subjugation Drive [Nizhuan Upgrade]

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Subjugation Drive [Nizhuan Upgrade]  R9CieJI

I. General Stuff

» Name Of Character:

Liu Xinshen/Nizhuan

» Link To Character:

» General Purpose:

Subjugation Drive: Subjugation Drive is the primal essence of Nizhuan. This form primarily comes out when she is feasting upon her element, but it can come out at will when she desires to as well. With that said, the purpose of this suppression is to otherwise keep her powers further constrained so that she may passively store and build up potent energy within herself. As you can think of Subjugation Drive as an unplugged state for Nizhuan.

When she is in her a sealed and childish form, Nizhuan can be considered as charging up her inner core. When Subjugation Drive is unleashed, it can be considered a release form of sorts and she is allowed to start using more of her potential since she is no longer constricting her persona, aura, and spirit. Her lust for subjugation is out for the world to see and she indulges within the liberation of control and submission gives.


Eye & Hair Color: One of the first notable traits of Nizhuan in her Subjugation Drive is her eyes and hair. The length of her hair extends down to her upper back; as opposed to its neck length in her constrained form. While, in terms of color, it can vary in its shades. Both her hair and eyes fluctuate between shades of light red, pink and purple dependent on her whims seemly.

Ears: Another to point out in this form is the size of Nizhuan's ears. They become pointed in appearance and seem to resemble more of a demonic look to them as opposed to her sealed form. Although, these just aren't for show. Nizhuan has told Liu that she feels her sense of hearing expands to a great degree. (explained later in abilities)

Horns: One of the most crucial things to note out of this change is the appearance of horns sticking out of Nizhuan's skull. They extend for eight inches in the air and seem to emit a high amount of demonic energy in them. The same can be said of the lavishly long tail which extends out of the base of Nizhuan's spine. This black colored appendage extends for thirty inches in length and possesses a foul cluster of energy within it.

Claws: Meanwhile, the plum-hued claws upon the tips of Nizhuan's hands and feet exudes the same aura of demonic power. All of them extend for six inches in length and are razor sharp to the touch. If Nizhuan wished, she could claw straight through steel with them without much of a second thought about it.

Wings: Occasionally, you'll even see a pair of dragon-esque wings appear from the center of Nizhuan's back. These spread for 50-70 inches in width based upon the whim of Nizhuan herself. They are drenched in a black color, but had purple spikes along the edges of each wing. It is assumed that there is more power stored within these wings when they are summoned; as most of the appearances on Nizhuan have a purpose and function to them in her mind.

Body Type: The body type of Nizhuan in her Subjugation Drive can be considered as slim and dainty. The woman doesn't seem toned in the slightest, stands at a modest five foot two and appears to relish in her rather small bosom.

Attire: Most of the time, Nizhuan in this form can be seen wearing a fluffy dress that is black and white in color. It can extend up to her thighs, but it can go as low as her ankles if she so wishes. There are purple markings which go down the front and back center portions of the garment, while she sports a pair of white boots with extended horns that stick out of the edges of them.


I. General Intro


Former Traits: Nizhuan still retains many of her sealed forms personality traits. The major difference that one can discern is that her voice and mannerisms are often vastly different than the ones in her child state. The reason for this is because she suppresses her over the top excitement for subjugation and tries to induce a form of masochistic suppression on herself until she can't help but let this foul devil nature slip from her essence.

Passionate: One of the greater things to note is the sense of passion that radiates and brews forth from Nizhuan. While she is in this form, she has been noted to be very vocal about her philosophy, ideals and thirst for subjugation. In this unhinged state, Nizhuan considers it more than fine to indulge the world in what she truly thinks. After all: she has the power, authority and dominance to be able to get away with it. Which, in it of itself, serves to passively feed her element and begin this cycle of depravity.

Sadism: Nizhuan has quite the thirst for power while in this form. It borders on the line of sadism because he takes pleasure in seeing people struggle against order. It is why she'll sometimes be seen with a grin, a blush of the face or having a laugh come from her lips when she views someone fighting against some form of order, law, subjugation or domination in this world because there is no escaping this form of liberation. Either you become subjugated yourself, or your power goes on to subjugate others. That is the nature of subjugation.

Masochism: At the same time, Nizhuan isn't one to shy away from pain, suffering and hurt. The reason for this is because it is the same side of the coin as subjugation. There always has to be someone who faces the hurt of domination as that is the way her element works. Henceforth, she still finds fulfilment in being forced to submit to another, having her body devoured by pain or watching her own order be broken and torn apart. As it all serves to further her hunger, fuel her preverse desire for subjugation and allows for her to grow in a world chaos and disorder. Enslave, or being enslaved; none of it matters to Nizhuan so long as this construct exists in the cosmos.

Dominating Urge: There is a deep rooted urge to dominate within the embodiment of Nizhuan. The reason for this is that she wants to further enforce the bliss of subjugation and order in the world. Therefore, she needs to grow more aggressive, assertive and to allow her power to control the world. This borders on the line of dangerous thinking, mortality and actions because of the fact she will do anything in order to ensure this construct in the universe is realized. It does not matter if she needs to perform deceit, sabotage, invade, spy or even murder; all of these methods, tools and even people themselves are nothing but tools to make the world realize this grand bliss.

However, that does not mean she will break the laws or order of any nation, world or people she is a part of. Instead, she will study the laws, understand them and then find ways to take as much liberty as possible so that she is still in accordance with her own powers. This is so that she does not get on the bad side of whatever master is she serving, while at the same time having time to feed off her element.

But, more than anything else, these tools and strategies are done so that order can have a more powerful asset at its disposal. It doesn't matter if one has a heart of gold if they have the army that can break apart with the slightest breeze of the wind. It takes something ugly, fierce and downright devilish to ensure one has the ability to rule over all. Then, when they have that power, they can go on to enforce their ideals on the world around them and show the people who they have dominated the bliss of subjugation and the need to no longer worry in the terror of liberation.

As one may also believe that this is all being done out of self-interest, but this is anything but the case for Nizhuan. She firmly believes herself to be an instrument of will for the construct of subjugation in the csomos. The more she spreads this form of liberty throughout the cosmos, the more the halls of existence itself and the spirits who live in them can find liberation through subjugation. So different parts of herself feel as if she is on a mission to spread this glory to all those who are too incomprehensible to understand it's embrace.

Submissive Desire To Enslavement: While Nizhuan is has a strong desire to dominate, in this form, she doesn't have much of a problem with being dominated herself. The reason why this personality aspect exists in this form is because subjugation will always have a master and slave in her mind. And, if she finds a cause, person or nation worth enslaving herself to; she does not mind playing the role of the slave. However, that will be her choice to decide in her mind and she is fine with voluntary enslavement if it has an overreaching goal.

More than that, it makes her embodiment feel warm, fulfilled and good that she is being used to such a great degree as it helps to feed her urges, hunger and instincts as a Hell Beast with such a potent power. It does not matter if she is the one who subjugates or becomes subjugated, all that matters is that this element exists in the universe and this construct continues to live on for all of eternity. It is the bliss of order, the ecstasy of order and the love of all things authoritarian.


I. Techniques

Ability Benefits

Retainment Of Prior Abilities: It can be assumed that Nizhuan retains all of her former abilities while in this release state. This form is merely designed to make them further enhanced.

  • Mìfēng Liányīqún (Sealing Dress):[/b] It can also be assumed that all of the clothing which Nizhuan wears in this state still has the effects of Mìfēng Liányīqún.

Increased Attack Potency: The potency of Nizhuan's energized and physical based attacks will amplify two times in potency when she is within this state of being. This means that the damage capacity of Nizhuan's assaults doubles in strength. The reason why this occurs is because of the fact that her energy becomes enriched while within this state. It becomes in tune with her element and reaches a state of sheer destiny that is hard to easily dissolve, dispense of or negate.

An example of this would be if a non-released kido attack attempted to stop an energy attack from Nizhuan in her Subjugating Drive form. While it wouldn't automatically determine whether or not it got sealed, the odds are in Nizhuan's favor to outright blast through it because the dense quantities of potency which lay within her attack could otherwise withstand the kido with less potency infused within it. Of course, opponents could remedy this if they were to focus more of their energy into an attack or released themselves.

Cosmic Hearing - Sounds Of Enslavement: In this form, since Nizhuan's embodiment is totally unhinged and freed up, The Hell Beast has noticed the odd effect of her hearing being amplified to disturbingly high frequencies. She has told Liu that it is possible for her to hear many things throughout the cosmos -- so long as it pertains to her element.

An illustration of this power being put use would be if someone was in the process of becoming a human slave to a master. If Nizhuan desired, she could try and listen in to the struggle even from the depths of hell. Or, in another more realistic example, the possibly for her to hear the inner conflict of subjugation between Ziamichi and spirit may allow Nizhuan to hear what type of enslavement the host has placed their spirit under.

In other words, it does not allow her telepathy, but she can hear noises which indicate the type of strain being placed on the soul, the stress between the two parties and she can discern whether or not her subjugating powers could work based on the tones she hears from the universe. This can be blocked out if an opponent puts up resistance in the form of a mental barrier.

As for hearing things in other realms? Well, Nizhuan tries to avoid that if she doesn't have a precise location. The reason being is because she has explained to herself that it hurts her ears to move through a sea of so much static. Instead, she needs to tune herself in like a radio to a frequency she is aware of to get anything of use. So this requires a bit of mental focus more than anything else.

  • Astral Rush: Astral Rush is a special technique that Nizhuan uses in order to disorientate, confuse or overload the mental capacities of her opponents. Astral Rush is able to take chunks of energy away from Nizhuan and in exchange releases all of the sounds she is capable of hearing with her Cosmic Hearing in a stunning mental attack of sorts. Since Nizhuan herself has stated that it is hard for her to process all the sounds of subjugation in the universe, unleashing a bomb of this noise and understanding into a person's mind can cause their brain to overload, deafen them for a short time (one to three post), induce feelings of dizziness and otherwise disrupt the thought process of the opponent.

    It should be noted that she has to direct her energy to the opponent and make sure it directly hits them. It cannot be done remotely and there has to be a medium for her to get in. Even if it's just an energy attack that made a direct hit on the opponents body, this channel will do and the particles of energy associated with Nizhuan can potentially transfer these thoughts into the opponent. Granted, it is also capable to defend yourself from it by purging the energy out of your body or placing different types of barriers on yourself or learning how to produce mental barriers. Otherwise, it's effects are often temporary and never long-lasting.

  • Cosmic Sound Release: Cosmic Sound Release is a technique that allows Nizhuan to convert the sounds of subjugation that she is capable of hearing into a series of sound wave based attacks that produce burst of sonic booms. These attacks can vary in how much energy it takes in Nizhuan, but they are often comparable to a cero in terms of attack potency. As they are capable of taking out entire chunks of a landscape, rupturing eardrums and shattering bodies under the pressure that is released from these sounds.

    This technique can also be fired from any portion of Nizhuan's body, but she often limits herself to only using 1-4 per turn to avoid getting caught up in the carnage that her attacks produce. Furthermore, Nizhuan can also begin to feel more symptoms of physical strain if she utilizes it more than once. She has complained cluster headaches, pains in her claws and pain in her ear that otherwise makes her stick to using this two times if she can help it.

Lance Of Constraint: The Lance Of Constraint is a special weapon that is designed to yield constructs in the world it influences. It taps into this ability by siphoning off the powers of Subjugating Constriction and infusing it within a singular piece of equipment. So that means it has it's own core of energy that is separate from Nizhuan, but she can add her own energy in order to amplify it and make it last longer. Granted, it still takes mental concentration in order to direct it's powers and is not a passive application.

With that said, the practical application of The Lance Of Constraint deals with causing elements of the world and material within this metaphysical and physical realm to cease. An example of this would be if she were to summon a moderate volume of energy to the weapon, slash at an energy attack and cause it's motion to halt. This could allow her time to dodge, block or otherwise form a counter.

In another illustration of more direct usage, a strike from The Lance Of Constraint can make an opponent's body react in many different ways depending on how potent the strike was. If Nizhuan were to strike their own, it is possible to cause that movement within it to become "frozen" and make it paralyzed. Whereas, if it was more in-tune with the metaphysical, Nizhuan could induce a high energy assault in order to "yield" the flow of energy within a person in order to cause the channels of energy within them to stop surging and temporarily seal away their powers.

It should be noted that more extreme usages of this power are not permanent unless the owner wants them to for story purposes. More often than not, they can see these gains return after a few post or the next thread they enter into. However, in exchange, there will still be high amounts of damage, stamina and drain on the body from having been forced to be subjected to these strikes.

Digressing, one of the primary things to take note of with this weapon is that it'll often need direct contact in order to make it's effects come into reality. So it is not something that can be remotely used in order to keep things more fair. Additionally, Nizhuan is limited to one to two usages of this item per turn.

  • Physical Yield: Physical Yield is a technique where Nizhuan hits the opponent body parts and attempts to paralyze them. Even if they are not organic in nature, this technique still can immobilize body parts. The way this ability works is by taking the core of energy within itself, or Nizhuan's body, in order to have these act as a medium to induce the effects of The Lance Of Constraint. Of course, Nizhuan can combine both of their energies together in order to increase the potency of her attack. Especially if she strikes using her tail!

    With that said, Physical Yield can have variable ranges of time in terms of how long it's effects last. Depending on how potent the strike was, it can last anywhere from one post to the entire thread and possibly even one to two threads afterward. This will be varied based on the defenses of the opponent in question, the potency behind Nizhuan's attack and the type of story that the person controlling the other character wants. For NPC's, this is usually almost instant unless otherwise stated by those in the thread who have ways to defend them.

  • Meta Yield: What is Meta Yield? Meta Yield applies more so to external energy that is released in the forms of supernatural attacks, magic assaults and other things pertaining to metaphysical effects which are a result of a character's powers, abilities or equipment. Essentially, Nizhuan will pierce something like a reality bending attack and halt it's effects with the lance.

    In a practical application, Nizhuan could use this technique in order to stop the advance of a tsunami wave of fire from hitting her if she were to pierce the attack with her lance. In turn, this could cause the energies within the attack to come to a halt, neutralize and potentially even collapse in on itself if made potent enough. In the process of this, it's quite likely Nizhuan could evade damage and proceed to attack the opponent.

    In order for this to be more effective, Nizhuan is allowed to launch her lance with her energy. As she is known to create a goo like substance around it, sling her weapon around, pierce an attack to have it yield and then yang it back as the attack falls to pieces on itself.

    With that said, there are limitations to this. One of the first is that it MUST directly hit it. Even if she uses her energy like a rope, it still has to actually hit. Secondly, she can only use this 1-2 times per post and it's often to cease a powerful attack. And, lastly, for those with different types of defense like hierro layered on them, Nizhuan will often use a higher attack potency and more energy in order to pierce through those defenses.

  • Energy Gate Yield: Energy Gate Yield takes its roots in understanding the different energy gates that are within a person's body. With the The Lance Of Constraint, Nizhuan must be able to strike one of the twenty three energy gates that are found on a person in order to try and seal away different portions of their energy or power. Each strike is capable of sealing away 4.35% of a character's energy; but it is possible for lower tiers, damaged characters, exhausted characters or less durable characters to feel increased and accelerated effects due to how strained their bodies would be in a fight.

    However, none of these effects are often permanent. They will last the duration of a few posts to perhaps one or two threads. This is mostly dependant upon how potent the strikes were that Nizhuan dished out. It can also be expanded to last long-term depending on what kind of story the fight is trying to convey. That will be to the author to decide.

  • Mental Yield:[/b] This is more so an attack at their will. Nizhuan does have the potential to pierce them in the head with her lance and attempt to attack one of their mental attributes. This can be pain endurance, willpower, mental deduction or focus. Whichever one she picks will be put into a state of "stasis" and reset to beginner level for varied durations of time.

    Grand Master: N/A [Unless done for story, it can be extended]
    Master: One to two post
    Advanced: Three to four post
    Adept: Six to seven post

    In turn, this can make the character unsure of themselves, more open to pain, less focused or otherwise undetermined to fight Nizhuan in this state. It can also induce these effects on the same post for most NPC's and be long-lasting for them unless a PC character defends them. The purpose of this technique is more so to force the character to fight with their other mental attributes, see how far they've developed a certain trait and to otherwise give them a strong conflict.

    Furthermore, it can also be extended to different personality traits and members, but that requires owner permission. As this usage of Mental Yield would more than likely be done for story purposes only. It's effects can also last only a few posts, or a few threads depending on the plot as well.

Clusters Of Subjugation: The horns, wings, tail and claws of Nizhuan aren't merely there for show. They are the most durable aspects of her body while in this state. This is because they have been drenched within the constraint of Nizhuan's seals placed upon her body and are oozing with demonic energy. In turn, it influences them to become three times more durable than other parts of Nizhuan's body.

One can even equate them to being as durable as a Zanpukto even with how hard it is to break through their potent layers of defense. As many opponents may find their fist beginning to bleed if punching against it, swords may crack and attacks can be cut in two with a swipe of her tail if they are not potent enough to bare the brunt of her subjugating blows. With that said, though, even these effects can dull after awhile.

In terms of it being used for defensive purposes, they will usually dull in potency when it comes to tanking an excessive amount of attacks over the duration of a battle. As, like with anything, it will weaken the more you hit it. It just takes a high amount of power to really get anywhere with harming these parts of Nizhuan's body.

  • Cluster Boost: It is also worth noting that attacks launched from these areas of her body will see an additional 20-30% percent increase in potency. An example of this will be if she shot an energy attack from her horns, the area of effect could be furthered to reach a range of 120 to 130 meters depending on how much focus and effort Nizhuan puts into the attack. The same can even be applied to equipment that is actively being touched by these body parts of Nizhuan while in this form.

  • Cluster Flow [External Effects]: Due to the fact that there is such an abnormal amount of energy stored within these appendages, it is not wise to haphazardly touch them when engaged in combat. The reason for this is because the passive effects of having this much energy stored within these body parts can result in opponents being burned by the absurd temperatures of this energy, the durability of their weapons or body parts lowering and it is rather easy for her to make even high end one tiers faint and nauseous when around these body parts.

    Though, the most important part to remember is that Subjecting Constriction is often active when rays of purple or pink energy can be seen emitting from these body parts. That means that touching these portions of Nizhuan's body can result in an opponent having 1-15% of their energy sealed off per post if they attack without any means of protection. This will often vary based on tier and defenses, but it is NOT wise to touch these without any sort of guard. That cannot be emphasized enough.


Subjugation Drive [Nizhuan Upgrade]  WVMWLOu

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[mod]Me and Frost talked in private about some concerns, due to those being addressed I will be placing my stamp of approval. If any other staff have a problem contact myself or frost. TIll then, this is officially APPROVED.[/mod]

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Subjugation Drive [Nizhuan Upgrade]
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