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 Project Izanami

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He'd been gone for a while but news of his studies had reached the homeland. Tsubasa had done some amazing things with technology withing Thailand. What was about to be attempted was something that went beyond the conventional. His mind was open to the path before him as he'd gathered the materials needed to make something. An artificial intelligence that would be beyond the regular process. She would control the Dolls and do things on his behalf. But also defend the Gotei for him as a place he couldn't This would require first and foremost the sport of those here. Tsubasa's eyes scanned the area as he gave the people a smile. It was time for him to begin the final creation for now. The Unabara would always protect this place. Tsubasa himself would never betray this organization. He would need to converse with Ibiki about something. The potential was fading in one area in particular. A potential that could have been something more. He kept his single creation a secret from everyone. Izanagi and Susanoo were well known to those here. This would give the Gotei fruits of his effort and bring them up in the race. Tsubasa intended to do something that hadn't been done in a while. "Sorry about the sudden leave, but I had to go and gather what was needed for us to truly begin Izanami." He said smiling a bit as he laid the blueprint out. Her design was beautiful and almost so meticulous it was no wonder. He was designing both a mobile and stationary Artificial Intelligence. She could hack, coordinate defenses for the military. Creating something that wasn't going to be easy. Tsubasa walked over and began coding several thousand characters a second. His speed and skill when working had improved drastically. The help of the Izanagi gave him sight beyond sight. So now he could truly evaluate and gather his thoughts into a singular place. Nothing required him throwing away any detail or caution. Developing her was going to take time and effort for them to do.

The gotei were behind in the technology race was all he'd ever heard. Well, this would jump them to the front or damn close. Tsubasa's chosen image was a female obviously. He'd selected her appearance long ago. It was one similar to his original sister's body when she was alive. But that wasn't what Izanami's purpose was entire. Tsubasa was creating a secret force that would serve. They would act as a back up to the Gotei and allies of justice. This way they could support and hopefully battle back. He couldn't attack Mana yet for her crimes against his brethren and children. His chance would only come once, arrogance and emotion couldn't cloud it. Everything needed to be executed perfectly in order to do this. Tsubasa didn't intend for them to fight yet as he crafted things secretly. Thailand's security and stuff was only backed up by his present motivations. He was coding in several special commands rapidly. This would be his ultimate creation and design that he would make.

He would need more in order to truly begin factories were required for this. The doll process wasn't fast right now but combined with the two he could make a vast army. Izanagi, Susanoo, and Izanami those were the starting place for him. A place to begin constructing something to equally combat Shadow's Fall. They were his enemy in his singular mindset. Tsubasa didn't calculate victory at current for them with the overwhelming numbers. Tsubasa's presence was requested in the human world far more now. The Unabara were growing into something fierce and savage by the time this began. Izanami was his gift to the Soul Society for their help. As a veteran, his pull was only so much but Ibiki knew him enough. To know that he would provide results whatever the case. Tsubasa would do anything required to provide them. To bring everything up to speed and quickly as possible. He would create something that went beyond the imagining. He couldn't produce the Doll's yet that he had in mind. They would need time as well secret hiding.

He didn't reveal that Izanagi and Susanoo's first test subject was him. He kept his enhancements on the down low as possible so as not to tip his hand. Shadow's Fall must know nothing and for that allies must remain blind. Tsubasa stared at his hand stopping as he thought of his daughter. Was this an emotional bid for him to do something he shouldn't? Should he be playing God like this in the way that he built something? Tsubasa knew most armies took time and manpower, but right now and here was developing something. Software that was almost impossible to hack and having the power to remote control and feed information. It was connected to the Yuudeshi network and could use their information and the Gotei's. This would allow for Izanami to truly be a military asset in the days to come. Coding her and building her tower was the big issue. Tsubasa's job was inside making sure the code was completed. Once it was done she would have life, born from his calculations of intense numbers.

Tsubasa had spent hours calculating and doing things for her construction. She would be a boon for everyone who called themselves an ally of this place. Ibiki, something in his core felt wrong about what he was doing. Tsubasa didn't know how to respond to this arms race going on. Skill was being replaced and enhanced by technology instead of sheer skill. It was to weep that the days where a warrior simply was the best. Didn't exist anymore, battles needed equipment and things. Tsubasa couldn't forget that simple fact as the creation of Izanami was silent. He knew inside it broke his heart to see the art of war once practiced. Changed to this drastic level where he had to bite the bullet. This wasn't what he wanted inside he knew it as his hands stopped. Tsubasa didn't want to change so much from who he was. The retainers were his precious children in a way. He couldn't leave them or forget them in any way. This wasn't going to work unless he gave his all to it as he sighed. Science and advancement would lead somewhere.

Tsubasa's fingers continued moving again after a pause. This wasn't about revenge or anything like that. His clan would prepare properly for the war. They knew one was coming someday soon, the question was who would pull the trigger. One wrong move could spell destruction for the one who did. Troops and suppiles won battles not singular beings. Tsuabsa knew the creation he was beginning here would allow him to supply troops. He would be able to create something unseen as Izanami was loyal to the Balance. She was loyal to Tsubasa as he was her papa. He made sure she knew it as well within her coding. Facial scanning and understanding as he'd built portalble devices for her. She could use satlites that the allies had. To scan entire battlefields and give him the layout of things. Tsubasa knew well enough that she would be a benefit to him. Izanami would be complted very soon as he tapped the final key stroke. A voice began to yawn in the place.

"Good morning papa, what's going on?" Izanami said smiling as her image appeared in the room's moniter. She was completed, she was fully functional as he smiled. "Good morning, sorry if we woke you Izanami." She rubbed at her eyes as though she was alive. Her color was blue at the moment before correcting to look completely normal. Tsubasa's final creation would do something unimaginable. She would give them an ace up their sleeve that they didn't have. She could coordinate with the Yuudeshi Network to create three times the regular processing speed. Tsubasa had just given Shadin a present. The militaries were looking to be very promising now. They had something to speed processing and even help out. She could be in many places at a time and was programmed to notice anyone important. Military figures were set in her memory banks. She nodded and went back to sleep mode it seemed. Tsubasa's personal hologram device would allow her to communicate with him.

Some secrets were needed in this case as his resolve and mental deduction had proven. Izanami was born and so was a path for the future military he had devised. She could execute strategy and combat on her own. She was going to give all the Doll's something they never had before. A connection to a motherboard beyond just the first Doll. Tsubaki his precious daughter was a beautiful creation. But going beyond this and making the Mainframe something else entirely a being itself that would help out. She was personalized and highly intelligent capable of performing feats far beyond the imagination. She was the future star that would lead the Unabara Forces into a new light. Tsubasa didn't know what he would do now as he would begin crafting this future. He would seize the chance that was given to him. It wouldn't be the same anymore in this world. His skills would be used in a way that allowed him to endure and physically surpass the future. To allow medicine and everything else to surpass the current.

Tsubasa let a light sight exhale his lungs as he leaned back. His mind could see many things it didn't before. His frame going into a chair behind him now. The people around him were amazed by the skill and prowess on display here. He'd shown his skill and power to invent something to change things. The very art of war would be different for the allies with Izanami. She was a potential source of great good in this world. He used Shadin's coding and part of his high level stuff in the Yuudeshi network. To protect her from hackers of even high levels from getting to her. She wasn't a being that could be swayed as her loyalty was set. Tsubasa opened his eyes looking upwards he raised his hand up. It was done, she was born from the ashes of falling. His creativity was something he'd studied for often times. Thailand had just made an alliance with a man playing God. He sighed softly at the thought of doing such things within his realm.

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