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Xathis Zarathos [FINISHED] [redo] I_vote_lcapXathis Zarathos [FINISHED] [redo] I_voting_barXathis Zarathos [FINISHED] [redo] I_vote_rcap 
Xathis Zarathos [FINISHED] [redo] I_vote_lcapXathis Zarathos [FINISHED] [redo] I_voting_barXathis Zarathos [FINISHED] [redo] I_vote_rcap 
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 Xathis Zarathos [FINISHED] [redo]

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Devil Iramasha Profile

I. Basic Information

Xathis Zarathos [FINISHED] [redo] Tremor5
» Name: Xathis Zarathos
» Former Demon Name: Alexander Hiroshima
» Titles: The once proud demon has gained a unholy reputation over the long years being a demon and the brother of the legendary demon hero. Now reborn as a devil iramasha, The former demon has gained something a lot more then a new reputation but names even titles that best describe him and his vast abilities. Here are such but a few of those titles: The Rockman Smasher, Rock, Terra-Smasher,  Tremor, Lord Apocalypse, Lord Smash, Mr. Knock-Out, Total Knock-Out Man
» Former Demon Age: 210,894 yrs old
» Iramasha Age: 2,900 Yrs old
» Regular Age: 29 Years old
» Gender: Male
» Family Ties: Son of Illyria Iramasha, Brother of Eric Zarathos, Uncle of Kristen Hiroshima, Lost Relative of Nicole Hiroshima
» Affiliation/Rank: Former Hiroshima Warrior, Former Member of the Witch's Council, Rogue Iramasha

» Type: Devil Iramasha

» Physical Appearance Description: After he came out of some demonic tube, Xathis look almost identical to his brother Kade Hiroshima with some major changes. Xathis looks like a mature and older demon with a stronger muscular build when he isn't wearing a skull mask, he looks like a normal demi-human. The devil iramasha has black hair and demonic red eyes from the demon soul that bonded with him. The demon iramasha has height of tall demon warrior which is 6 foot 5; having a weight of 342lbs. The demon had been noticed to be 350lbs, Many battle scars from his battles most all the scars on his body. Some tribal and ceremonial tattoos cover the most of the left side of his body and mostly of his left arm which is inked in black. Xathis's Attire are mainly the clothing style of an demon berserker which consist of black baggy jeans main levy or another brand depending if the jeans are baggy enough. The demon does were boxer shorts and perhaps underwear to hide his stuff. The demon iramasha wears about three belts were the normal belt the first one to hold up his pants which looks like a double belt; second belt carries his shoulder armor on his left shoulder preventing it from dropping.  

The armor he wears his metal/adamantium plated which some of covered over some rags giving it a demonic figure but his selections of armors are on his left shoulder and right leg. The demon wear one glove which on his right hand which looks like a open finger glove however sometimes the demon will wear cloth bands on both hands whenever the demon iramasha is serious about a fight.

» Physical Appearance Image:

I. Personality Traits

Xathis Zarathos [FINISHED] [redo] Tremor2
» Personality: Like all experimental & enhanced demons that are created from the witch queen they contain something of an mad/angry attitude but to a new-breed demon. Xathis's attitude is quite different than a raging berserker it may something to do with his creation into a demon iramasha. He may have berserker-like qualities of a warlord but some reasoning with his mind, Xathis have learned to tame the dark evil beast within. As a result, Xathis may have been evil with an unspeakable rage and anger within his heart but now, he become more of an dark hero so to speak bring his own method of justice which is violence. At times, Xathis might listen to reason he doesn't believe everybody is evil in the world which some people in his mind can be trusted while others might piss him off and he'll have to beat their faces in. The greatest fears the demon has is that his mother Haggis might turn pure evil and destroy things that he cares about having but still he does care for her regardless of her past and would sacrifice his life protecting her and the other members of the family. Another fear is that he won't be able to protect his brother yet he isn't Alexander Vargas but his memory and soul still inside caring deeply for Kade like the older brother he is that will never change. People have been known to call him Mr. Smash which enjoys because he does have a caring attitude despite his demon nature the devil has something of a neutral heart.

The guy had the sense of right and wrong knowing that in his mind it will make a judgement call putting him on the right and honorable path but this can fail. Xathis loves fighting though he believes something of an alpha warrior yet even though the hunt of pure battle in his blood some parts of the demon rub off him. Sometimes in battle, Xathis rarely talks to his opponent but doesn't want to get to know the damn opponent, he wants to how strong that person is and defeat that person. His favorite battles that the demon truly loves are single battles or handicap battles depending on the situation he'll go full force pulling his full focus in a fight.

Love of fighting is number one on his likes the desire to be the best to prove himself among the demons and the demon iramasha. He may win and yet he can lose but the desire for sheer victory over any opponent is alway there within a dark devil iramasha. The demon has some of Alex's personality yet still the demon loves one thing which is not fighting though it's pizza. It was Alex's loving thing too the guy believes the human race actually made something every unknown and surviving race can enjoy. This is one favorite dinner food their is chinese food being the second but his favorite desert is NY cheesecake. With a dark persona, Xathis have known to chow down and when that happens get the fuck out of his way. Being a hero would be a 50/50 thing that he likes it that no smart ass super being doesn't get in his face still sometimes the rage of a demon is there.

I. Character History

Xathis Zarathos [FINISHED] [redo] Tremor13
» History: Truthfully, Xathis Zarathos didn't start as a devil iramasha, once a demon named Alex Vargas experimentally created from a powerful iramasha within the demon world. However, Alexander Vargas's mother isn't the witch queen once being a smart devil iramasha went by the name Allyra Iramasha. The reason why she became the witch queen during a violent dispute against iramasha and other race clans her son would be alive if they didn't fight. Illyria was well known with the Iramasha Clan yet she was pregnant during her battle with a long time enemy the father didn't want any part. Years later, Illyria was going to give birth to a son named Joshua but something violent happened when warriors were fighting outside the emergency room as an chaos blast attacked the girl's stomach.

The child died instantly, Illyria went berserk after that which led to her exile from the clan and started living the demon world helping demons. She thought of choosing a new name for herself since the Iramasha clan believed she was dead choosing the name, Haggis the witch queen. Haggis started reading books on witchcraft, voodoo, magic and high rank spells even powerful incantations thinking that she could demons of her own but on her mind she wanted to resurrect her son. From her genius, Haggis started something called a blood demon from different blood samples of iramasha warriors and demons for research. The body started taking shape in the form of a demon child the witch was hoping this would work but it was too violent, Haggis thought this was a failure. But Haggis thought the demon child didn't have a soul thinking that was the problem because from her research a mad demon fight ruthlessly but she wanted to change that making two demon children of her own. From witchcraft, Haggis started crafting a soul from her demonic magic allowing the soul to fuse with the demon child after that the child started calming down and acting more respectful to his creator.

After a few years of training, Haggis gave the demon child a name which she called him Alexander Vargas she doesn't know why but she knew the child crave fighting because the demonic heritage within the child. It was hard throughout his childhood, Alex started fitting in within the demon world trying to get his mother's kindness because her head was always in her research in demons and their nature. The demon's childhood had it ups and downs but Alex was mostly a neutral demon child helping demons and becoming stronger trying to get his mother's respect time to time.

Growing up through teens and adulthood, Alex's goals were hard to become strong mad demon in his mind started fights and winning them in honor defeating enemies who got in his way. He was after all the first mad demon of his kind craving power and unbelievable strength fighting people who got in the way of his demonic goals, Alex was becoming a demon of pure rage. However, Alex would never harm his family or friends even thought mad one had little friends at the time but really the mad demon wanted to be the best no matter what hardship stood in his way. Through battles, Alex started growing in strength as he started gaining a better perspective on his mad demon heritage making him more into a focus demonic combatant.

The witch demon Haggis wanted another mad demon which led to the creation of Kade Vargas, Haggis had little to work with so she started sacrificing necro demons, snakes and poisonous creatures. Finally, Haggis created another demon but it wasn't the way like she did with the first one she created a cat demon. Kade Vargas was born so Alex had a little brother whatever was done with the cat demon she told Alex that this little guy had some great importance to her. Kade was just a young demon at the time their mother didn't really want the young demon to obtain his dark nature just yet. Alex's cravings for power were getting too intense slaughtering of both quincys and shinigami groups that were trying to make peace. He did so without any reason showing no mercy at all then he turned his attention to the  big bad cybernetic demon attacking him. Alex was nearly beaten to a bloody pulp but due to his fighting skills the demon needed to destroy this cybernetic monster before it killed anybody else finally. After a hour within the battle, Alex managed to weaken the cyborg and then finally defeat it but this battle changed everything the demon wanted to get stronger. A decision was made, Alex joined one of the four royal families of the demon world namely the Hiroshima clan which were the most powerful of the royal demon families at the time. In his mind, Alex believed by joining up with one of royal families that he could obtain greater strength the will of a demon. In time, Kade somewhere along the line joined with his brother during the Great royal Demon Wars that tested both of them through strength and their determination in battle. In the end, Hiroshima clan won the war due the help of these demons, Alex and Kade were 100% accepted within the family taking the Hiroshima name. Kade accepted the namesake however his brother didn't like it though keeping the name Alexander Vargas to this point the demon didn't care much about the clan as long as his brother was safe. Still, Alex's cravings for power started haunting him yet again to become the best thinking of ways of obtain more powerful strength.

Decades later through witchcraft, Alex started upgrading his powers started learning different kinds of techniques but demon thought he could have much more. Hearing about the Necronomicon but someone by the name Touketsu had it but he thought it could be his and he'll obtain it somehow. Alexander Vargas started with some unholy retrieval spells to order to bring the Necronomicon to him which the demon of power defeated various opponents to get the book. Finally, Alex actually took the Necronomicon from a different dimension as the demon started enhancing his powers which was going to be a big mistake on his part. Quickly, He started reading some restoration and empowering spells with enhancements making his body stronger from the enhancements.

The process was actually working until someone actually killed him before the mad demon could read from the book of the dead, Selena Minos was actually sent to kill the monster who took the book.  Alexander Vargas by all accounts was dead. Still he wasn't killed like the demons thought he was dead the demon was a creation of a powerful witch meaning their was a chance Alex was alive. Haggis wanted Alex to have the perfect body after taking some dead iramasha bodies from the graveyard then she started working on the experiment to bring her son back. After being the go ahead for the other witches, Haggis restructure and enhance her creation with the remainder of Alex's body finally the body was coming to alive. All that was left was restoring, Alex's soul which the witch journey to soulless pits knowing Alex's soul was inside the cauldron of souls after some searching she found it. The soul ball was hanging on by a thread by thanks to her magic the witch was able to restore it giving it life finally combining the soul was body giving it life and purpose.

Alex was alive feeling different still his focus and mind were all coming back but the former demon wasn't pure as he thought he was something weird was happening. Alexander Vargas wasn't a demon anymore but an iramasha his mother granted him a big ass gift but she wasn't done with him. The Witch's council wanted Alex to become stronger because they wanted him to ascend into a demon power not Kade because he was the older brother. A lot of experiments were done to his body stronger until the former demon was told one thing....Alexander Vargas was dead. He was now a devil iramasha.....Thus the new iramasha took the name Xathis Zarathos.

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities: Immense Demonic Power: The former demon had a vast amount of demonic power from the spells, incantations and enhancement spells that were done to his body. He was the stronger brother of Kade Hiroshima more like a protector in those times. Alex was trained by Hiroshima drill instructors to regulate even increase his power placing it into his abilities to make him into a stronger warrior in due time. Now a devil iramasha; Xathis's new power from training is the same to a shinigami's captain, higher arrancar warrior or a higher ranked demon. From friends, He managed to finally control and release this new power which feels there in a dark storm of a erupting supervolcano to people. However; Xathis likes fighting at full power letting the beast of the mad demon take over and show his enemy that his fallen clan maybe forgotten but it was fierce and feared by many. Being a talented member of the Witch's Council has granted him much larger amounts of dark energy placing it into his powers even his magics making him known to some as Mr. Smash. Because of his great control of earth powers and earth magics controlling them to his very will.

Augmented Brute Strength: The raw power of a rock elemental iramasha; Because of the demonic blood cells of Alex's DNA, Xathis's physical strength has been greatly augmented. He trained within Illyria's dojo making his strength hard and his muscles strengthen. Fighting against gigantic monsters and stronger enemies and testing his limits during his training regiment making him into strong powerhouse like his dojo trainer. He had fought and won many battles within the Demon world protecting his family. Xathis trained and fought constantly to keep his deadly strength to an very high level the only thing that he thinks about while training is getting revenge. He can break bones one three or four hard punches; He's able to do a number of things which a normal based iramasha wouldn't do. Another factor of his strength his rage inside of him now the can fuel not only his rage & slowly increases his strength without him knowing about it.

Augmented Strong Endurance: During training, Xathis had been to take any form of punishment to physique and muscle mass which he had can endure pain in it highest form. This was proven at dojo training when he took a medicine ball to the stomach which he felt pain but he endure it and just shook it off. This because Xathis had a high blood cells count which his aggressive nexus blood which helps certain organs fix themselves and dull pain easy. Allowing Xathis to recover from an attack and then start another. Even through his strength is incredible his endurance levels are stronger as well yet he shown to have some battle scars and wounds so it isn't that invincible yet. Throughout the battlefield, Xathis has shown to have high levels of resistance of damage when fighting due to the fact. He used both willpower and skill in a fight. The sonuvabitch can be killed by too many fucking attacks from an powerful enemy

Well Trained Combatant: Xathis Zarathos was trained by the best skilled trainers even by some members of the Hiroshima demon army to test his skills as a iramasha fighter. Through long hours, He was taught the skills of a powerhouse wrestler, deadly boxer and a strong kickboxer at very mid-demon age. Xathis is deadly lethal using punches and kicks being highly unpredictable in a fight using speed and reflexes to take on or kill his opponents. He has an unique ability that also very trapeze artists and trained acrobats used in the circus. His enhanced leaping, jumping and flipping abilities can dodge enemy's attacks or get away in the nick of time being more enemies come his way. The devil iramasha does using his full strength into his punches to let his enemies know who they're dealing with. Xathis is skilled enough to even hold his own against stronger fighters for short amounts of time.

Dark Iramasha Sense: An new augmentation of the demonic senses at at a high level. Xathis has learned many new tricks of sensory skills. The senses of four animals (tiger, lion, hawk, and wolf) are embedded within his mind. The senses of that animal connect with the new demon using those senses to aid upon the battlefield to track or sense enemies almost like a normal warrior. He can only use the four sensing animal powers one at a time because using two would be a major pain. Really to his eyes even a brain lapse to the head. To be honest using this sensing power the devil iramasha can only use one at a time; He can't shift for 3-5 posts to allow him to acclimate to the new sense.
Wild Sense Abilities
Tiger Sense: [Sense of seeing better at night, Felines are noted for their abilities to see in the dark.]
Wolf Sense: [Sense of Smell Typically would be better with a wolf.]
Lion: [One of mankinds greatest hunters, able to sense fear would be better.]
Hawk: [The bird's eye view to see from far or greater distances without moving.]

I. Racial Abilities & Skills

» Aether Magic: Earth Magic: Thanks to his magic research, Xathis took long fucking hours to train himself in ways of Geokinesis of controlling rock based elements. At first, Xathis couldn't control it because the magic was uncontrollable which making ground tremor by focus in aether power upon the ground and manipulating the vibrations within the ground. Though magic books, Xathis placed earth seals upon his hand allowing him to fully control the magic without it going haywire to unstable enough to cause an major earthquake. It starts forcing magic with the earth which begins a chain reaction absorbing the rock based particles and minerals in the ground. His hand palms with glow and with the ground with break upon a bit finally the former demon will have manipulated earth magic to his will. Which he can formed rocks even boulders bfy forming earth particles gathering minerals and stones forming rocks with his will. With this power the former demon the make rock pillars appeared from the ground. For earthquakes, Xathis began by focusing the earth magic on the ground beginning to disrupt the rocky particles in the ground creating seismic waves beginning to cause a small release in the earth's plates. Summoning forth of tremor which can destroying buildings even destroying the land around his enemies.

Volcanic Magic: An advanced form of the earth magic which will begin to generate/create a certain hot fissure in the magic. Within it's magic core it started spinning getting super-heated activating a chain reaction creating into a hotspot. The chain reaction will changed to the rock based powers into molten based rock powers generating magma based substance. This allows the rock iramasha to control the magma with his willpower alone which the magma can burn at 800*C with a maximum of about 1,450*C. Xathis can mostly control this volcanic power creating strong attacks and strongldefenses from his powers for magma attacks and defenses with his controlled magma or magma flame powers. He can also teleport with this power combining both aether control and magma power creating a red portal and leave into another dimension/place of his choosing when creating the portal. Using Volcanic magic, Xathis can fire red energy weapons or complete magma energy blasts/beams firing at twice of normal speed of an demon technique. For defenses, Xathis can create an magma shield or barrier from his volcanic power. Also Xathis's controlled magma  attacks can be defeated or counter by a stronger defense or strong energy barrier depending on the strength and defensive power of that enemy.

» Aether Arts Techniques & Abilities: Tremor Fist: "The Blunt Knuckle Fist" This is his basic attack which can cause damage of medium proportions which can be block or dodged. It feels Xathis is holding a rock into his hand and improving his hand when the attack is delivered. Xathis moves towards his opponent with his arm extended and with earth energy surrounding his fist empowering it.

Advanced Tremor Fist: An intense ability where both his aether control and earth energy is fused within his fist. Xathis can augment the amount of damage that the Tremor fist attack inflicts. He when he was to hit an enemy with the attack the pressure from the fist would send a shockwave blast through the opponent's body.Which will travel the nervous system breaking apart nerves even destroying organ if it hits the stomach. It can be dodged though but still the opponent doesn't see it coming though.

Terra Fist: Which is basically a regular stone/rock based punch which can do major damage upon the opponent when delivered. Xathis's arms will start focusing upon the earth magic within his body as his hand will started glowing. The glow with absorbing earth particles from the ground generating into stone based arms that fused directly within his skin and his bones. From this, Earth magic will begin improving the strength the punch beginning a chain reaction within the rocky fist once completely formed. The attack starts with the iramasha making a fist within it rock based state as it being pulsating meaning the attack it ready. Tyrael rushes at the enemy attacking when the punch is deliver the impact actually can break a person's face, knocking them out or even send them crashing through a wall. Not only that the punch when connected sends out small pieces of rocky shrapnel which get in their face hurting their focus by one level even enough to damage their attack weakening by half or 63% percent.

Blaze Buster Fist: By charging the volcanic energy within the palm of his hand until it ready for an attack. Xathis will force the magma condensing it into a energized magma ball sphere which the iramasha uses for attack an opponent. When it hits it will feel a hot fire bomb with a major blast radius of about a 10-20 feet. It has a flaw if the energized magma sphere is destroyed then the attack is no more. This inflict some damage upon his opponent having the strength of seven grenades combined. Xathis can use this technique about 3-4  times.

Enhanced Blaze Buster Fist: An elemental combine spiked fist punch attack with the destructive power of the combination of two elemental magics. The combination containing (earth & magma). The elemental magics formed into two devillike power balls...each ball will  merge with Xathis's arm turning it into spiked elemental fist. Magma starts forming from the hand. When deliver a punch the attack small nuke like explosion which can damage the enemy pretty badly most of his enemy skin will be burned if it blocked. The blast radius of the Enhanced Blaze fist is one mile. However, Xathis can use the attack three times if the fourth time then his right arm of which he used the Enhanced Blaze fist will take some damage and become numb.

» Aether Stones: Volcanic Empowerment Gem: The red gem that is ball shaped in the form of almost a human jawbreaker candy having burning sensation when held. The red gem must be broken in the palm of his hand once done it emits volcanic hell ash which starts going through his arms empowering them. The empowered hell ash started empowering up his magma powers also going within and mega heating the magma causing his arms taking on a black lava color. From this, Xathis's strength and defense skills will be increased by one for just a limited duration of about 3 posts. In the fourth post, Xathis will having a headache as the empowering ash starts leaving his body as his skills will return back to normal. In the fifth post, The red gem will return back within it's jawbreaker state turning completely white. The devil iramasha will have to wait for about for a duration of 7-9 posts before the gem's volcanic powers are restored. [The volcanic gem can be used only twice if used a third time it could cause a major hell strain to the devil iramasha's body]

I. Aether Class

» Aether Class Name: The Terra-Devil of Chaos

» Aether Class Power: Terra Creation: Known as the Terra Devil, Xathis has gained an unique form of Geokinesis manipulation from unknown from his past life of a demon before his death. The former demon's soul actually bonded with the earth element from the very magics from the Book of the dead bestowed Xathis a gift of power. Instead of willpower, Xathis can manipulate the earth element as strange energy particles form around his hands. This allow the aether power to germinate with the earth forming together into a rock based power. At Xathis's control the devil iramasha can actually manipulate the earth element a lot better then his earth magic. From Terra, Xathis can create strong based rock/stone based attacks and even rock/stone based defenses from his newly born power. Xathis's arms can transform taking on a different characteristic when using rock based weapons. For crafting weapons, Xathis can make rock hammers, rock axes, rock wrecking balls, rock spiked wrecking balls depending on the strength upon the Terra power. However, Xathis's defensive powers can be weaken if his powers are damaged by stronger elemental attacks depending on their attack strength.

» Aether Class Abilities: Terra Control: Basically, This is how the devil iramasha control the terra power from his hands due to the mark within palms of his hands. By focusing the power either with his hand or his finger the iramasha it sends aether power directly into the ground first and started manipulating the stone or rocks. Controlling it will his willpower alone the controlled rocks/stones will start moving up within the air or start floating just a little bit. Without this, Xathis wouldn't be able to control the terra power at all. From this, Xathis can control stones, rocks even larger boulders not only that the iramasha can create/generate rocks from focus. By hardening the minerals and particles together from the earth element and then spawns out a rock at his devil will. Which the devil iramasha can use it rock or a larger rock which takes a post to fully creating the large rock harness the minerals and fusing other stones together. The rocks/stones the devil iramasha can make can weigh in at 478(lbs) or 1(ton) depending one how much minerals are use to create one or many. [Xathis can use this power of the Teraa for only attacks even blocking enemy attacks]

Breakdown Shower: An unique technique of where the devil iramasha can make rain rocks by actually manipulating an demonic chain reaction the clouds. Where Xathis must remain completely still for three posts while forming a stone seed within his hands but it takes focus and aether power to create the seed. After the third post, Xathis will start empowering the stone seed and then throws it up in the air which explodes and dissolves. Suddenly it starts a chain reaction starting to creating multiple brown clouds and for a limited time the skies will turn a little yellow like a hurricane. From the clouds it started backbuilding at first and then unleash a storm of rock shrapnel from the rain. However instead of raining water it be just raining the rock shrapnel which will feel like sharp nails when it penetrate the skin when it comes into contact. It can shower for about 4,000 rock shrapnel pieces from the brown clouds almost feeling a person is being shot a super minigun. If a person is caught in this, Enemy's skin and be torn off, Barriers weakened and weakening Attacks and abilities weakening them by 65% percent. Still their is a disadvantage, When creating the stone seed the devil iramasha must stand still if he's attacked the stone seed will be split in half. Only shooting about half of 2,000 shrapnel pieces but if the devil iramasha is attacked once it degrades the attack power of the shrapnel shower. [Xathis can only the deadly technique about 2-3 times. Cooldown of about 10-12 Posts because on the deadly power which is used to create it the rock hell shower. Charged: 3 Posts]

Rock Blaze: A serious defensive attack of where the devil iramasha stomps his foot upon the ground and spawns out a series of rock pillars from the ground. It starts by concentrating the terra control directly into his feet sending a certain pulse onto the chosen foot. Then as the iramasha stomps his foot the terra control activates the seismic waves into the ground creating a fissure strong enough that generate stone energy. From this, Xathis creates rock pillars from the ground because of the terra control the best the iramasha can only create about 6 six pillars at once. Due the defensive nature they can used to blocks many attacks such zanpakuto attacks even energy attacks because of their strength. The pillars have the same strength as to a metal door because the many rocks used to fused them together and minerals from the earth to make them strong. However, They don't last forever their strong durability of the pillars can maybe last for 1-2 posts but after that they start breaking down at the scenes breaking apart piece by little piece.

Genocide Earthquaker: The earthquake system of where the devil iramasha places the power of terra from his hands into the ground creating a huge earthquake a radius of 30 feet. It starts with Xathis placing both hands upon the ground then concentrating the terra power from his mind then into his hands and finally placing it into the ground. Letting his mind focus upon the terra power as his hands focus it into the ground the power creating seismic waves into the Earth's crust. Causing the ground to break up as the terra power started making an darkness tremor breaking up the land starting up an earthquake. The only thing is that Xathis's hands have to be on the ground and the iramasha can't move if he does or he's attacked everything returns to normal. Like all earthquakes, Xathis's quake can be known to destroying buildings, forests, homes, headquarters and other places due to it's power. If the iramasha places more power into the strongest damage his earthquake can do is damaging a wide area of about 1-3 miles because of immense power of quake. This has been known of stopping armies and groups of people in their tracks or attacking onslaught coming his way. One of Xathis's earthquake could actually trap an entire as they all fall down into the earth leaving no trace behind. [Xathis can only the deadly technique three times. Cooldown of about 10-17 Posts. Charged: Instantly]

Nemesis Meteorite: Once known as many from the iramasha clan and trained demons as just as a land destroyer technique known as Nemesis Meteorite. Xathis's deadliest technique where the devil iramasha can actually create a gigantic technique from the very skies sending the massive creation down at the enemy. The devil iramasha places a earth seal upon the ground and one upon his hand then started unleashing the very power. Xathis will only to wait as the earth seal disappears on both his two seals then the magic boulder will appear on his hand and then he'll crush it. The particles will travel up in the air as the devil's earth magic will awaken as the particles will absorb the air combining themselves together. The process from the air it will start up creating minerals into making up the meteorite large enough for attacking and destruction purposes. The earth magic within him will tell him the attack is ready as the devil iramasha nods and point at the target of where the giant meteorite should hit. The skies will appear like nothing is happening at first then gigantic meteorite will start coming downward at the target. The huge gigantic meteorite will weigh in at 200,000 tons. When it hits something it almost like an big and massive explosion but it can be destroyed if it blasted in right in the center depending on the enemy's attack power or by a much stronger energy attack. Once he fires it, it leaves a shot black trail of energy behind before it hits the target, very easily causing a huge bashing explosion. [Xathis needs to a far distance perhaps 1/2 mile perhaps up in the air when using this yet the move can backfired if not done properly.]

» Sub-Aether Class Power: Magma Control: An advanced remake form of Terra power which will begin generating a unique ability within the earth power remaking it into magma. Within it's core of power will start a unique crystalization starting to change the power create a hotspot within it. From his hands a dark red symbol will form upon his hands signaling the iramasha that he's in control of the magma powers. As a dark red symbol burns inside the very core of the magma power. The magma creation upon of his hand allowing him create some magma abilities to use of his advantage. From magma creation, Xathis has managed to create a few techniques from this power which can be for unique attack purposes. At Xathis's control the devil iramasha can actually manipulate the magma element a lot better then his magic abilities from before. From Magma element, Xathis can create hot based magma attacks and even hot based magma defenses from his evolved power. Xathis's arms can transform taking on a different characteristic when using magma based weapons. For magma weapons, Xathis can create weapons such as burning swords, burning axes, burning wrecking balls, burning fists and other burning weapons. His Power is a little bit stronger then his volcanic magic burning at massive hot heat of 2,000*C and maximum of 3,400*C.

» Sub-Aether Class Abilities Magma Ball: By charging his magma energy within his hand until the attack is charged up ready for an attack. This happens when his hand with the magma is glowing both red and yellow emitting from his hand. Xathis will force the magma into a flaming red magma ball used for attack or distraction purposes. When it hits, The attack feel like a volcano just hit a person's face of a radius of 37 feet. Much stronger than the plasma hell blast because it feels like magma and molten rock working differently. One flaw of the attack if his hand holding magma is attacked then the magma is disintegrates slowly and then disappears. [This can inflict major damage upon his opponent having the strength of 2 C4 Bombs combined into one. Because of the deadly power, Xathis can use this about 3-4 times.]

Magma Beam: Which the devil iramasha can transform the very power of ability and turning it into a better magma weapon then before. The magma will start boiling as the devil iramasha makes the burning technique stronger putting more iramasha energies into it. Then by squeezing on it, Xathis started chain reaction which the devil iramasha attacks shooting out with an raw magma-energy wave feeling like a hot wave in butter. The blast can also be used, generally under extenuating circumstances, with just one arm. It has a big flaw, Xathis is too weak or hurt the focus of the beam won't hit the direct target which can be big trouble, It has the same strength and weakness as Gran Rey Cero in a burning magma flame sort of way. Because of the huge magma it takes to the create the burning blast attack. [Xathis can use the burning technique only 3-4 times. Having a Cooldown for about 6-8 Posts before using another one which can be charged instantly.]

Volcanic Bomb: A magma bomb of augmented proportions, Xathis gets into an magma stance for a moment both feet on the ground. From the middle of the ground start eruption like a volcano as the lava will shoot straight up forming a yellow magma ball that stays up in the air. Then Xathis raised his hands forward channeling magma energy into the magma bomb. It starts creating a large red magma ball completely covering the yellow magma ball. The devil iramasha starts empowering with volcanic ash rocks which will seemed like very small rock shaped debris. Xathis fires the bomb as it leaves a trail volcanic ash while it traveling at a fast speed heading off at the target the yellow magma ball with the bomb acts as a tracking beacon heading at the enemy. Once it hits the bomb can trigger a huge explosion having a blast radius of about 3-4 miles feeling like your inside the heart of an active volcano of 2,300*C. [Xathis can use the burning bomb technique only 4 times. Having a Cooldown for about 8-9 Posts before using another one which can be charged for two posts.]

VE8 Super Eruption:

I. Nether Abilities

Nether Channeling Abilities: Soul Reaping: A way of destroying a shinigami by placing a complete devil poison into them a hell toxin which both shinigami and Zanpakutō spirit will be infected. However, This hell toxin does major damage to zanpakuto's spirit than the shinigami. It begins with the shinigami attacks the mad demon first as the acid blood infects the shinigami's arms. Then behind the shinigami will appear the "The Twisted Three Serpents of Hell Chaos" in their ghostly snake states. Each ghost snake will attack a different part of the shinigami's body producing a certain poison curse. The First Snake: Alastor will bite the Shinigami's chest which will poison kido abilities by 65%. The Second Snake: N'Zall will bite the Shinigami's legs poisoning the shunpo the enemy's speed will drop by one tier. The Final Snake: Quasit will bite the Shinigami's hands weakening their Zanpakutō power by 55%. Each snake bite as the venom will merge together weakening the shinigami as their breathing will get weaker each post. Then on the fifth post if the venom reaches the heart then one ability from both shikai and bankai of the Zanpakutō will cease to exist. One thing can permanently destroy the curse a glass of water with ten blood drops of an angel iramasha, bird and capra's blood. If this is drank curse can't infect the person ever again restoring the shinigami back to full power and health.

Nether Possession Abilities: Dahlia's Revenant: Dahlia's Curse: The legendary human curse of the black dahlia that goes back for years of the human race. Which starts off the devil iramasha places a black dahlia tattoo upon the enemy which was begins the Azazel strain upon the enemy. The strain begins to reap inside the enemy they start to begin feeling nightmares, chills, burns, scratches and then beginning to see ghost creatures. This Dahlia curse is stronger than the Original Dahlia; Because the enemy begins feeling their very attacks and transformation powers being slashed little by little by an percentage. Longer exposure of the Dahlia the enemy's attack power will be cut in half. But like the original Dahlia it can be defeated if the person is treated in the next post or go to a hospital then the curse is gone. Still, The Dahlia Revenant can only be used in the middle of battle.

Geostigma Hell: The curse starts with a demonic blood seal being placed under his feet then the ritual can begin by sacrificing two racial abilities as their absorbed into it. Xathis has to do is cut his hand as the blood coming comes combines with his nether magic turning into into blood energy strain which infects that enemy. The infection leave something inside the enemy of about 30 demon hell spores which can hurt the skin. At the third post it start hurting the nervous system but the effects are temporary but the victim feels the curse coming even though it isn't active. After seven posts, The curse starts building up which started allowing the spores to mix with the enemy's bloodstream. Hell spores will generate together creating the infectious strain called Geostigma the ancient blood curse, the legendary black virus. The Geostigma infects a person's very power (spiritual pressure, zoa koa, reishi, etc) weakening it and their very senses. Not only that it spreads to two body parts turning the skin completely black as the enemy will lose complet functions of those two body parts. [The major flaw is Xathis when creating the blood seal must stand completely still for 4 posts during that time if he attacked then the curse will not work at all.]

Demonic Last Rites: The living death from the darkness the legendary person known as "The Death Dealer" bringing the curse of death that can really damage an opponent if the curse takes effect. It begins by Xathis sacrificing about three racial abilities and two fingers once this happens about 50 chaos seals with formed around the iramasha. A demonic ghost spirit will materialized giving Xathis a black apple and the devil iramasha will bite at all. Suddenly, Xathis's eyes will turn pitch black and the mad demon will unleash about 700 billion of insects(flies, queen bees, locusts, yellowjackets, moths, ladybugs, army ants and ticks) from his mouth hitting the enemy. By surprising they won't even harm or touch instead they'll encased the enemy into an insectoid coffin. The devil iramasha will get down beginning the evil chant of the Death Dealer "" then the coffin will disappear as the enemy's body will be burned, poisoned and bleeding from everywhere a bloody mess and completely weaken. Not only that the opponent will have lost three of their racial abilities, two attacks of their own and one decided power this can be a transformation, shikai or bankai, Resurrección even a quincy weapon. However, There is a way of gaining them back of answering four questions of the devil iramasha. Those questions will be immediately after the curse has finished making the enemy a bloody fucking mess. If they screw one answer then their abilities and powers will be gone for one week.

Nether Distortion Abilities: Anti-Holy Magics: A way of countering holy magics the only thing capable enough of destroying or defeating demons easily enough so the former demon took steps. The only thing is the iramasha would have to be attacked by holy magic or holy abilities in order to activate the anti-holy magic. A curse seal activates when the devil iramasha is blasted by holy magic or holy power. As the cursed seal allows Xathis to absorb the holy power and from there the holy power becomes demonic baptist corrupting it. Which the holy power is seduced by the corrosive power rip apart and and rework back together as the holy power actually becomes an anti-holy power. Still, Xathis found out this anti-holy power doesn't last for very long because anti-holy power is a holy based which will start to fade away. In any case, He would have to attack right away once the holy power is completely changed into and anti-holy power. However, He still can't transform some angelic attacks into anti-holy from angel iramasha which still are a fucking pain in the ass. [The thing is the iramasha doesn't have anti-holy power the devil iramasha has to be blasted by holy attacks or angel iramasha power. Then absorbed and anti-baptism into anti power]

Nether Summoning Abilities: Rock Golem Summoning: After months of creation, Xathis started fusing rocks together at first still the creation kept on falling apart without something holding it together. The devil iramasha tried again and again the hold together the rock golem with failure after failure. Xathis tried practicing with his nether summoning powers creating a seal with his blood then creating a red crystal from his blood. Then the devil iramasha started fusing rocks together with the red crystal as something close to a energy brain as rocks started breaking down getting larger. The rock creature was formed from it becoming something of a bodyguard to the devil iramasha which will take a lot to destroy it. The first attempt it looked more like a man but once finally harnessed together with the rocks it became more of an humanoid monster a faceless creature. Really, Rock Golem is something of an defensive creature still if Xathis is in danger or fighting a war the monster will go on the offensive attacking with his strong golem strength. The Golem has about three basic techniques from it power known to be Rock Hammer Bash where the monster hand turns into a square mallet harness it rocks together forming the square shape. The second technique being Rock Shield which the monster grows fusing it rocks together into something of an barrier which can last for 3 posts. The final technique is Rock Cannon Blast where the golem can turn it hand into a large cannon which a fire a Large Boulder from the huge cannon. {Rock Golem's Tier 2-1; Full Power: 1-4++}

Rock Golem Summoning Appearance:

Project Enzyme Summoning: Known as Devourer from some enchantment books which the former demons had to sacrifice demons and animals to make the evil creature. After they fused together the strongest animals, humans, insects and demons survived which the monster started gaining a form for itself. The first attempt the creation died in mere hours wondering what the devil iramasha did wrong though some experiments. He tried forth in the second attempt doing experiments and Bone Witch's Heart placing it directly alongside the creature's heart helping the creation with his inner functions. Xathis had trained it almost like a demon soldier but really the creature acts the same a mad demon like his brother's dark personality. The monster loves fighting warriors and killing but due his dark nature from months of training Enzyme's mind it won't attack family or friends of the creator. Enzyme was the strongest creations that the devil iramasha ever created from research allowing the creation to feast upon vizards, arrancars, humans, suguirans shinigamis and ziamichis. The creature loved devouring on those races for some unknown reason maybe because they seemed to be the strongest and produce such nutrients to feast upon. Enzyme after feasting became much of a stronger being having deadly claws upon his hands and feet also having some insect facial features. Because of created features the monster some abilities and powers that were completely unknown to Enzyme's master. But a major shock, Enzyme didn't have an physical abilities which the devil iramasha went and did research during his brother fight in Australia Golden Coast. The devil iramasha actually managed to do many experiments and placed enhancement seals upon Enzyme making the creation stronger. In the process, Enzyme took on some stronger characteristics when it happen improving his make gaining armor on different spots on his body. {Enzyme's Tier is 0-5+; Full Power: 0-2++}
Enzyme Abilities
Massive Fused Strength: From combined strengths of the countless creatures and placed enhancement seals that we're used at the beginning of the creature's summoning creation. Enzyme's physical strength is really shocking and immensely superior fierce of such an unbelievable level that even his actions cause greater destruction and deadly damage. Very powerful attacks maybe able to greatly hurt his body but mostly the creature will be able to survive or counter it. Too many powerful attacks can damage his body like bankai it would a take a fucking vast amount of damage and attacks from a shinigami's bankai to dish punishment to him. Other very powerful attacks from iramashas, Arrancar even sugiuras might be able to greater punishment but who knows he'll might survive it and heal. Enzyme can block even weaken some attacks but really depending on the enemy's power or strength. He's able to overpower an person's gran rey cero and some powerful attacks with his one punch/hand slap yet it hurts leaving a burning sensation. With mad brute force behind it, he's able to break or destroy through the walls to destroy buildings and structures with his true demonic rage.
Greatly Improved Speed/Reflexes: The creature's speed and reflexes have been greatly augmented to the point where the demon knight can move faster. Yet his agility and reflexes to dodge oncoming attacks that have do him harm. Enzyme is shown to used his quick speeds along with his reflexes to gain the upper hand on a enemy or find ways to outsmart their combat strategy. Enzyme has become fast enough to outrun his own energy attacks, allowing him to strike and enhance them or launch simultaneous attacks. Enzyme can keep up with a shinigami's shunpo speed, iramasha's speed or arrancar's sonido speed yet the mad one gets a quadruple increase in speed within this state. He can actually match a captain's shunpo or espada's sonido speed, vizard's speed or ziamichi's speed depending on the enemy's speed.
Greater Mixed Durability: Due to many enhancements & enhance armor fused within the creature's body. Enzyme has an high-strong resistant to damage all due from the body which happen when the creatures unleashed his defense powers when it was created correctly. Enzyme has an augmented high resistance to damage and damaging techniques. He can take an onslaught of vicious attacks and still get back to his feet mostly because of the power that brews inside of him. Most of the defensive powers of the demons and sacrificed creatures that are combined within the creature's form. It would take a whole lot of attacks well stronger & powerful ones which may hurt the mad one perhaps worse. The monster's skin can be destroyed leaving him open for damage for attack but it might take a long and many attacks before that happens.
Demonic Hell Claws: Enzyme has demon-dragonoid claws on his hands and feet which can be used for slashing and gutting people getting angry, attacking, defensive or wanting to kill something. He can extend them for longer slashes even retract them when friends are around. Stronger enemies may feel 55% of the attack if it blocked by barrier or strong defensives. Enzyme can use his energy to empower his claws with energy to do certain energy slashing attacks as well.
Body Manipulation: This is a natural ability that all demon's possess if they wish to activate it or perform it. Most Demon's have full control over every aspect of his physical make-up, able to stretch themselves to obtain insane heights such as being thirty foot tall, being able to change their skin color, having the ability to shape-shift into different people that they are able to remember and, on much more powerful levels, being able to even detach, generate or fuse body parts together in order to increase odds of surviving. Though, this does not occur until at least one tier, and even then it's weak compared to the 0 tier version. Additionally, it can even be used for offensive or defensive purposes. For example, a demon can use Body Manipulation in order to generate a layer of steel-like skin around their body in order to increase their defense and block out outside sources from entering their body by clogging every pore on it. Or, for another instance, they could use it on the offensive side by hurling body parts at their opponent that are extremely hot and turn into acid blood, using their increased height to smash down on most opponents and the same may even apply for some more powerful demon's attacks; or finally, in an avoidance way, more powerful demon's could even control their body in order to be broken down into a liquid, wind or fire type form in order to gain more ways to escape or evade attacks.
Chaos Energy Powers: Completely learning a new power from his merge power allowing him to create chaos energy powers combined with a new complete burning fire. After the new power, Enzyme started gaining more control creating strong attacks and strong defenses from the merge power learning new skills. For attacks, Enzyme generates the power into his hands then with his power creating chaos energy balls, chaos energy beams and even chaos bombs. Each attack is encased with black fire giving it a more burning effect to it as the enemy will be shocked first then burned by the combined force. For defenses, Enzyme can create chaos energy shields and even chaos energy barriers imbued with flames providing a much stronger defense to either the shield or barrier. Still his attacks can be defeated or weaken even counter by a much stronger defense or a stronger barrier depending on the enemy's defenses. The same goes for merge defenses they can be defeated by mostly on the enemy's attack power.
Devil Lightning Damage
5-5 to 3-1 Tier/Damage: The power of the attacks can does extreme and immense damage to an enemy even completely destroying body parts, completely burning the skin depending of the enemy's defenses, weaken attacks, breaking things on impact. The power can be able to greatly hurt and enemy depending on the situation it can kill.
2-5 to 1-1 Tier/Damage: It can blocked but enemies will still feel 65% percent but they would feel nearly half of the damaging effects of the attack wounding/hurting some organs even some body parts maybe broken or burned.
0-5 to 0-1 Tier/Damage: The attack can be blocked completely or an enemy can feel 55% percent of the attack wounding a organ or body part. Depending on a enemy's speed power the attack can dodged completely..

Project Enzyme Summoning Appearance:


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Devil Iramasha Profile

I. Aether Armament

Xathis Zarathos [FINISHED] [redo] Konan1
Aether Armament Name: Konan

Aether Armament Appearance: Konan is Xathis's Aether Armament originally she was created as sword to keep enemies at bay and dead whenever he used it. Originally, it was black/blue but sharp Buster sword. Learning his powers, Xathis recreated his armament reconstructing it into a form instead of weapon but as an unique woman. Konan was a relatively tall woman who had short, straight blue hair, amber eyes with lavender eye shadow, and a labret piercing. Konan's eyelashes are shown to be distinctive lines. She has worn a large light blue paper flower in her hair. She wore the Demonic cloak and her Cursed ring on her right middle finger.. She also wore orange nail polish. Although she never removed her Demonic Cloak mantle, it was revealed that underneath it she wore a revealing navy blue robe, with a large hemline on the front, and exposed her arms, her back, the lateral part of her breast, and her belly, with her navel being surrounded by four more piercings; instead of the standard sandals and leg-warmers, she wore a pair of blue pants that also functioned as her shoes, with white high heels, inverting the demon world's standard colour scheme.

Aether Armament Abilities: Augmented Strength: Konan has the same strength as her master it might have something to do with her recreation because the devil iramasha actually saved a human soul placing it into his aether armament. Konan's physical strength is augmented to same strength as Xathis sharing something of an spiritual connection. Konan's strength became this way after some trainings and battles throughout the years against enemies improving the aether armament making it strong like it was when it was a sword. The girl can actually punch a strong shikai attack away with one hand like it was nothing and block different attacks depending on the enemy's strength. Konan can lift large & very large things with some pain or stress on her body almost having the strength of the rock iramasha warrior.

Xathis Zarathos [FINISHED] [redo] Konan2
Paper Flying: Konan has gain paper angel wings which he can create from her own power. Konan had been given the ability to fly around a faster speed. Also she can glide faster to different places or location depending on the air, However these paper angel wings can be destroyed easily. Once their destroyed it will take her a 4-5 posts to re-create them.

Human Mode: Konan has a unique ability it maybe have something after her master's last days of being a demon. After he took the Necronomicon, Konan harness her paper powers which the demoness warrior can actually suppress her powers completely. Which Konan can take human form but while in her human state her powers are dormant this also stops people from sensing her at all.

Strong Telekinesis Powers: Konan was able to restore one of her lost powers of telepathy and telekinesis together. She can use power of telepathy to talk within people's minds as another way of her voice is her voice box is damaged. However when using her telepathy powers the enemy would have to be far away not close to her or it won't work. The other power is telekinesis. Konan's telekinetic powers to moving objects from one place to another without using physical contact. When using her telekinesis power, the item, people or attack is encased in black energy allowing the telekinesis to take effect. Which means she could stop some Kidō attacks and send them off to another direction or back to the enemy. Konan can perhaps stop an strong attack using her focus of her telekinesis on that attack. But powerful ones takes a lot of mind control to stop it can blow up in her face if not careful. When using it on very stronger attacks and large weapons, Konan can get injured too if the attack is powerful then expected. Konan can only her telekinetic powers only about 8-11 times because to large drain of powers.

Xathis Zarathos [FINISHED] [redo] Konan5
Paper Magic: A way of creating paper sheets and manipulating it from her own body due a certain magic trait in her. After Xathis's death, The demon was holding the book of the dead and one of his demon abilities infused itself with his armament's power. Granting, Konan to use a demonic power summoning paper for use of her paper abilities. [She can actually create 8,000 or 11,000 sheets of paper due to this magic]

Paper Manipulation: A unique power where Konan has a devil harnessing control over paper using it making unbelievable powers making that her into a paper. warrior Konan learned this power from her master granting her unique demon paper abilities creating them paper attacks or other unique abilities. The paper is activated harnessing the paper into a weapon by changing the molecular structure making the sheet hard like metal. Hardening the internal fibres making the paper hard as a metal flag pole and sharp as a sword. What Xathis had done was placed a metal magic into her paper powers making them strong after her revival. From this power, Konan creating paper attacks such as paper shurikens, paper spears, paper swords even creating paper sheets and firing them like missiles cutting enemies apart. Also creating paper defenses creating paper shields even paper barriers from these sheets capable of stopping bullets, enemy attacks or bombs. She can teleport by turning her body to paper pieces then creating paper butterflies then those fly to that location then returning back to her normal demon state. For flying, Konan can create paper wings on her backside allowing the paper demon to fly these paper wings take the form of eagle wings for flying purposes. Also she can embed fire magic into a paper sheet as flame magic is embed into the paper which become into a paper bomb. The flame magic places a flame seal upon the paper turning that paper sheet into a explosive with the strength of a large grenade.
Paper Damage
5-5 to 3-1 Tier/Damage: The power of the attacks can does extreme and immense damage to an enemy even completely destroying body parts depending of the enemy's defenses, weaken attacks, breaking things on impact. The power can be able to greatly hurt and enemy depending on the situation it can kill.
2-5 to 1-1 Tier/Damage: It can blocked but enemies will still feel 65% percent but they would feel nearly half of the damaging effects of the attack wounding/hurting some organs even some body parts maybe broken or burned.
0-5 to 0-1 Tier/Damage: The attack can be blocked completely or an enemy can feel 45% percent of the attack wounding a organ or body part. Depending on a enemy's speed power the attack can dodged completely.
VII. Ether Morph - Immersion

» Ether Morph Immersion Incantation "Show The True Light of Magma, Bring forth it Crystalization"

» Ether Morph Immersion Appearance

» Ether Morph Immersion Abilities: Crystalline Manipulation: Xathis has gained an unique power which happens when the magma completely cools down becoming super-saturated allowing crystals to form. The devil iramasha studied with this crystal effect to the magma cooling and then solidifies into complete crystal. The magma is reshaped into a form of intrusive rock when unique crystal fractionalization begins recreating into greater crystals. Xathis trained hard to solidify the magma through aether control allowing it to cool and crystalized itself into crystalline abilities to aid him in battle. This allow the aether power to germinate with the magma forming together into a crystal based power. From Solidified Magma, Xathis can create strong based crystal based attacks and even crystal based defenses from his newly born power. Xathis's arms can transform taking on a different characteristic when using crystal based weapons. For crafting weapons, Xathis can make crystal hammers, crystal axes, crystal wrecking balls, crystal spiked wrecking balls depending on the strength upon the Solid Magma power. However, Xathis's defensive powers can be weaken if his powers are damaged by stronger elemental attacks depending on their attack strength.

Crystalline Ball: By solidifying his magma energy within his hand until the attack is charged up ready for an attack. This happens when his hand with the crystal is glowing light green emitting from his hand. Xathis will force the magma into a medium green intrusive crystal ball used for attack or distraction purposes. When it hits, The attack feel like a shrapnel bomb once it explodes as the crystal ball and long jagged pieces of crystal. Almost like sharp nails are being thrown into a person face once the bomb explodes weakening and enemy's focus and senses once it hits. The shrapnel of crystals are hot having a temperature of 600*C since the magma is solidified. However, It effect is very limited lasting for about a post or two; Like the Magma Ball, It also has a weakness too. One flaw of the attack if his hand holding crystal is attacked then the crystal ball is disintegrates slowly and then disappears. [Because of the deadly power, Xathis can use this about 5-6 times. Charge: Instantly]

I. Ether Morph - World Fusion

» Ether Morph World Fusion Incantation "Harden thy Magma, Show it Metal Wrath"

» Ether Morph World Fusion Appearance

» Ether Morph World Fusion Abilities (What abilities does your Iramasha gain, or approve in during this release?)

I. Ether Morph - Peak Eclipse

(You can have this release at any Aether Control after 0-3, but it is recommended you have it at grand master for it to be stable.)

» Ether Morph Peak Eclipse Incantation (Is there any sort of phrase used to unlock their Ether Morph? This is optional.)

» Ether Morph Peak Eclipse Appearance (What does your Iramasha look like during their release?)

» Ether Morph Peak Eclipse Abilities (What abilities does your Iramasha gain, or approve in during this release?)


» Equipment: None

I. Skill Sheets

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved.

Remove this message afterwards)

Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Aether Control: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Aether Magic: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Aether Arts: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Aether Stones: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master

Devil Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Nether Summoning: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Nether Distortion: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Nether Possession: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Nether Channeling: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


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