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Fri Mar 24, 2017 6:37 am
The Differences Between  Teams/Families/Factions/Nations/Orgs Latest?cb=20100125080632

The Point Of Making Outlines And What You'll Gain

The purpose of this guide is to better help you understand what the difference between teams, families/clans, factions, nations and organizations are on PH. This will arm you with the knowledge to not get confused as to what purposes they serve.

Why Do People Make These Groups?

Many people join these groups in order to have their characters either:

- Influence events
- Influence plots
- Be a part of stories
- Feel like they are in a community
- Pool together resources
- Gain benefits from being a part of these circles
- For the lulz

There are a wide variety of reasons to join various groups, but these are some of the primary reasons why people have their characters join these groups.

Part One: What Is A Team?

A team, as far as Platinum Hearts is concerned, is just a group of characters who have banded together and formed an objective. The best way to think of it is similar to The Avengers in the sense that it's mostly just small clusters of characters who have banded together under one cause. Granted, depending on who those characters + their resources, they can have anymore from a minor to major scaled influence on the site.

Part Two: What Is A Family/Clan?

A family/clan is what it sounds: a family/clan. With that said, there are varying families on the site which range from warrior tribes, royal families and infamous families that can change the course of stories, events and so on with PH. So, depending on how influential they are, there can be families that have a heavy impact on the site and many people tend to want to either create their own from scratch or join one that is already well established.

Part Three: What Is A Faction?

Factions are small scaled organizations. As far as PH is concerned, anything around one to seven characters IC (personal characters) can be considered a faction potentially. [This can include NPC's in some cases] They will often have smaller numbers of soldiers/NPC's than organizations and the pay structure will be up to the people in charge of it to distribute.

Along with that, they will often have to work to get themselves up to an organization status. Often they try this by getting members to join their faction, taking part in events, having a long term plan, building up resources and that type of thing.

The primary difference between them and orgs is that they are just smaller and anyone can make them.

Part Four: What Is A Nation?

A nation is considered to be a formation of people under the rule of a state. There are many different nations throughout the PH verse and they all have a heavy amount of resources within them. This is why many organizations, factions and even some teams or families try to invade them. As, the more nations they invade, the more influence and power they are often able to achieve.

Granted, not all nations HAVE to be faction/family/team/org ruled. There are still many which aren't governed by anything but the people.

Part Five: What Is An Organization?

Lastly, an organzation is something that is offically backed by the site. They often get good promotion, campaigns made for them, have a high amounts of members, heavy resources and get a weekly payment. So they are large scaled versions of factions and hold a lot of sway on the site in terms of the story. That is why many people often aim to create or be apart of them because they are community hotspots for character interaction, growth and resources.

The Differences Between  Teams/Families/Factions/Nations/Orgs WVMWLOu
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Thu Mar 31, 2022 2:24 pm
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