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 Beetle Series [Kakine Yuudeshi]

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Beetle Series [Kakine Yuudeshi] QerxJ3c

» Name Of Character: Kakine Yuudeshi

» Link To Character:

» Upgrading: This isn't so much a Kakine upgrade as what he has created. Prior to even his fight with Shadin in Australia, and the removal of his inner Hollow, Kakine had created a series of different beings. Due to his power being that of creation and the intense energy reserves within him, these creations were dubbed the "Beetle Series", as their initial form took that of a giant pure white Beetle. The weird thing about these creations are that near none of them are sentient, a very few handful actually breaking off from the herd and developing their own personality, forms and power as an inspiration from Kakine himself.

As of right now, there exists twenty five total Beetles. Twenty four of the list are entirely subservient to the will of Kakine, meaning through his Cyberbrain he can control and use them in a manner of different ways and virtually "see through their eyes". The beetles all share a sort of "hive mind" mentality, a sort of neurological network naturally inborn into them which allows them to share memories, experiences and to some extent even powers. This was dubbed the NBM, standing for "Neurological Beetle Matrix". Each of the Beetles have different capabilities, smaller powers of their own -- all of which are descendant of Kakine's own Creation Construction. Below is a list of the current Beetles, their numbers and how they interact with Kakine and each other.


Beetle Series [Kakine Yuudeshi] QYYnJ0o

Beetle 01: This was the first Beetle ever created by Kakine, dubbed "Beetle 01." Initially, the Beetle was just that - a pure white Beetle that was around the size a normal dung Beetle, initially used as Kakine progressed and expanded upon his powers. At first, it didn't rely on the normal NBM like the current models of Beetles, rather it was literally it's own being that communicated with Kakine in a variety of personalized signals in which only he understood. Beetle 01, for the first few years, was more like a personal assistant and "scout" more than anything, not being used in anything such a combat. As a Beetle, he eventually grew over time into a being capable of his own combat -- constantly being warped and changed by Kakine in different ways. Eventually, he took human form and became the baseline and reference appearance for all the other Beetles that followed.

His unique Powers are details below:

  • Hand of Creation: This is something that all of the humanoid Beetles, except 06, share as a basis for their power. Due to the original nature of Beetle 01, he gains an ability much closer to Kakine himself -- but still extremely limited in it's capability. Hand of Creation takes the form of a giant, hawk like talon behind his body. The size of the said talon appears to be twice the size of his own body with four main 'fingers' spreading from the palm. The hand seemingly fazes in from the air behind him, as if "breaking" through the space behind his body. The claws are also a large part in the Beetle's power, allowing them a large "swatting" and "flesh tearing" strike if used in that manner.

    Due to his influence from Kakine, the hand is capable of creating objects out of the material in which it touches. It doesn't matter what material is touched or what portion of the claw, but if it touches, 01 is capable of spawning items from that material or construct in a similar fashion to what Kakine might do himself. 01's much more limited obviously, but this even extends to touching things such as human bodies and creating living creatures out of the same type of skin. This allows him to not only touch himself and create creatures of the same texture and chemical make up of his own body, but in some instances even temporarily clone himself.

  • Weakness:The catch to this power is that the object or creation in question has to be either smaller or of equivalent size to the original item touched. It cannot go larger, as that would be extending beyond the level and energy capacity to "blow up" an object into a larger form. Atop of this, the creations made by 01 appear to only last for a total of five posts before simply exploding into nothingness, removing all trace that it ever existed. Thus, any weapons, clones or physical creation he might make will disappear after that five post periods. Although his proficiency with creation shouldn't be underestimated, the larger in size, or quantity, will begin to tire him out the more it's used.

Beetle 02: Once he had perfected Beetle 01, the second Beetle dubbed "02" was made in the same manner. Unlike Beetle 01, 02 was never actually a giant Beetle. Rather, he was created as a human but continued the name as they were beings of similar mind. With the creation of 02, the Neurological Beetle Matrix was created in it's infancy. This was almost unwillingly created by Kakine at the time, yet during creation of these beings was constructed a metaphysical connection that the first two Beetles could communicate with. The differences in physical appearance for Beetle 02 is the red eyes 02 has, atop of his rather ashy coloured hair when compared to the other Beetles.

His unique Powers are details below:

  • Combine Claw: This can work hand in hand with the other Beetles powers and sort of allows him a much more unique power set rather than "creation". This is still based off the power of Kakine's creation, yet it definitely is a much more unique power. Unlike the other Beetles, two of the giant hawk like talons begin to take form behind 02's body, one on either side of his body. Unfortunately, unlike the others, these are entirely metaphysical and not capable of hitting. Their power entirely lies in their ability to disconnect from behind his body and actually move to the required location within a matter of seconds.

    Their power, other than the appearance, is capable of combining two different types of material together based on what they touch. Although they cannot physical hurt another by swinging these claws, as soon as the metaphysical claw touches the target, it can take the two concepts and combine them. This doesn't effect the current item that is being used as a catalyst in anyway, but rather gives the information required to combine the two. If only one hand touches a material or object, it cannot be combined and is essentially useless. Although once it has two materials, even if chemically the two cannot combine, it will force itself to interact and cause an effect. This can mean he can touch a flammable liquid or material with one claw, and an ignition source with another and cause a giant explosion of flame in mid air. This can also do things such as combine Seki-Seki stone with Steel and other objects, creating a material that may be near impossible to break.

  • Weakness:Similarly to the others, the effect of said combination and creation mix is only said to last five posts at maximum. Unless the effect is instant such as an explosion of flame or something of similar effect, the item and combination in question will not be added to the list. Although compared to 01's power, 02 can create much larger blocks and items in comparison to the original item in question. For this reason, 02 will often carry around smaller pocket sized items in which he can combine on the spot and blow up into larger areas. To balance this out, the biggest the explosion or item, the more energy consumption.




Beetle 06: The difference between Beetle 06 and the other Beetles is that she is the first "sentient" or "unique" Beetle to be added to the list. While not initially the intention of Kakine to create a Shinigami Beetle, 06 was the first to truly show signs of independence. This means that while she is unique and sentient, she is still a member of the "Beetle" creations, thus reaping the rewards of the NBM. For this reason, she also gains personal access to the "Hivemind" of the Beetles similar in fashion to how Kakine himself does. This also means she has control and sway over the other non-sentient Beetles, utilizing their unique capabilities and using them at her whim.

Beetle 06 is controlled by Henrex, this is her application: Beetle 06


Beetle Series [Kakine Yuudeshi] MMCNYCT

Beetle 07: Beetle 07 is a giant Beetle that is coloured white, sporting a light blue glow over the back of it's body and across the outline of it's wings. 07 is the primary leader of all the other Beetles, when Kakine is not giving orders -- 07 is the one the Giant Beetles refer to and follow the command of. Typically, Kakine will give control of the giant Beetles to 07 and allow information gathering, reconnaissance and even general transport. Due to the nature of 07 being considered "The ring leader", he has a natural order and inspiration over the others -- even capable of providing communicating with Kakine as a third-party, similar to how a zanpakuto spirit might advise their wielder.

Beetle 08: Beetle 08 is considered "The Combat Beetle". Unlike the other giant Beetles, which can fight in their own right, 08 is specifically designed for combat purposes. 08 is not only equipped with personalised weapons, detailed below, but they can also provide a lot of useful equipment during a battle. The main purpose of Beetle 08 is typically long range 'artillary' style combat, capable of bombing and releasing blasts of energy from long distances into a city or fight.

  • EBM: Otherwise meaning 'Energy Beetle missile', four large canisters are stored within the back area of 08's body. They slowly draw out from it's back into four pillars of white and begin generating a green coloured energy. Within the same post, Beetle 08 is capable of launching artillery styled assaults upon a location and target. The best thing to note would be the inaccuracy of these blasts, but when they do hit are capable of sending large waves of energy all throughout the area - obliterating even some buildings or a block of a city with each blast. Four blasts in total are shot off at a time, leaving a cool down time of three posts before they are done again. These can be blocked, misdirected or anything of similar effect.

  • Lance: Other than their defensive shells, Beetles are typically capable of very little combative techniques. 08, on the other hand, is a giant Beetle that wields a number of different techniques - one of the most important being his lance. In a similar fashion as to how Kakine can summon different types of items, 08 is capable summoning a lance which can be ejected and launched over long distances. This lance can also be wielded by Kakine or others, albeit typically not needed due to the nature of his power. 08, though, will use this lance to precision strike targets in a similar fashion. Channeling his internal energy into the body, Beetle 08 can launch one lance per thread. It travels insanely fast towards the target in the following post, said to virtually pierce through anything. Unless the defense is high from the defender, there is a high possibility the lance will pierce whatever it comes into contact with. This is also treated like a homing missile, meaning it is precise and tracks the targets movements.

Beetle 09:

Beetle 10-20:


Purpose: As briefly mentioned, the Beetles connect to each other and Kakine through a series of different neurological waves, acting sort of like a 'biological hive-mind' in a sense. The purpose of this matrix is to not only transfer information and data quickly through each Beetle's consciousness, but actually share a percentage of power within. The power gained will be explained below in further detail.

Even though Kakine is not of the Beetle series, as the creator, he had established a neurological link between himself and the NBM. This essentially leaves himself as the "administrator" of the network, capable of controlling and sending data out to Beetles at a whim. The sentient Beetles, like that of 06, are also capable of having a similar administrative role - more akin to that of a moderator though. The rest of the Beetles, the non-sentient humanoids and the giant Beetles, are seen as "members" of the matrix, capable of accessing portions and majority of the matrix, but not restricting or allowing access to otherwise unattainable areas.

Power Augmentation: This is something that each Beetle, moderator or not, is capable of accessing. Each time they use the network, a small portion of their personal spiritual energy is uploaded into the neurological matrix. Over time, the spiritual pool eventually got large enough that it was capable of being tapped into by each Beetle, increasing their powers, strength or speed in some aspect. For sentient Beetles like 06, they can moderate the level in which their powers are augmented and even choose what is boosted in the process. This is typically split up into percentages, 100% usage virtually shutting off the NBM for a short period of time until the spiritual energy can be restored to the Beetles.

For the giant Beetles, they are capped to a total of 10% usage at maximum. This is put in place due to their general incapability of fighting, but also to spare usage for the humanoid Beetles whom could use the NBM to their advantage. For the non-sentient humanoids, they are capped to 30% usage at any time. Kakine is also capable of accessing this network at any given time, even using 100% influence as an administrator/creator. Obviously, the higher the percentage, the power impressive and influential it becomes upon one's power and spiritual energy, but sub-sequentially weakening the other Beetles and tiring the user out faster.

» Why: Cookies is actually the one to initially bring this idea forward, stating within Beetle 06's app (located here) that there are numerous other Beetle's other than 06 whom exist and follow the will of Kakine. Being one of the first sentient Beetles, 06 paved a path for others to exist and expand upon. These have "existed in theory" for years, just never had a reference point until now.

» Extra: N/A


Beetle Series [Kakine Yuudeshi] Ap8OoJO

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Beetle Series [Kakine Yuudeshi]
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