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 Truth's Angels

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真 実 の 天 使

Information: Truth's Angels are a select few individuals who have been granted the incredible power of Angel-hood in some form. Despite their name being associated with the heavens, beings that bring down the holy light upon Earth, this is only somewhat true. The selected Angels of Truth are not at glorious and perfect as one might imagine with those associated with Angelic power, for none of the angels have truly descended from a Heaven or Afterlife, but rather chosen as vessels of good, counteracting the evil in the world through the divine being Truth.

Each individual Angel is different in a variety of different aspects, all becoming Angels in unique and different ways. Yet the one thing all of them share is the fascination and immersion in the knowledge of "The Truth". Yet this "truth" bestowed upon people is not so easily identified or understood, the majority of people whom were selected as candidates have gone mad and either died as a result or still exist in isolation as insane beings. Those whom withstand it and work towards that greater good are upheld as Angels that work and undergo different paths (based on their title) to rid the world of it's evil.

Alignment: Though not necessarily a union or 'group', all Angels are good, no exceptions. Whether they are lawful, neutral or chaotic is up to the individual angel; yet all of them have to be good in some way.

Allies: None, their only Allies are the personal ones they make.

Enemies: Those who bring ruin and destruction to all things living.


Tier Requirement: As of right now, there exists no tier limit to whom might become an Angel. The most important aspect for one to ascend to one of Truth's ten Angels is mentality, alignment and mental fortitude. For one to even keep their sanity upon being dubbed one of "Truth's Angels", one must show incredible mental fortitude in the wake of Truth choosing them to ascend as one of the ten.

Who can become one?: Any species that is not a demon or hollow has the potential to be one of Truth's Ten Angels. This includes Vizards as a large portion of their power is drawn from their Hollow. This is due to the overwhelming chaotic nature of their existence, and most of their powers and reason for existing opposing the likes of Truth and Angelic based beings. This isn't to necessarily say demons are just straight evil, but their bodies are virtually incompatible with the energies surging inside the Angels. The only restriction beyond that is: one cannot become a Ziamichi after ascending to Angel status. If one were to pick up a Ziamichi after becoming an Angel, they would not only potentially lose their Angelic powers, but destroy the Ziamichi in the process - virtually obliterating the two.

What becoming an Angel means: This is possibly the hardest question to answer: What does becoming an Angel mean? For each individual, it means something completely different. For one it might mean growing to protect those they love more, for another it might be to return humanity to it's former glory. No matter what the individual believes, they all serve one purpose: The opposition of Deveta and forces which would do harm to all things living. There are a few things to note about one becoming an angel. The most important thing is that one does not lose the being they were prior to ascendance. This means that just because one might become an Angel, they may not lose sight of who they are and their mission, or have radical personality changes. They can maintain their previous zanpakuto powers for example, however will replace whatever "final form" they have with that of a partial angel mode. This is virtually a release that focuses and release all of their internal energy and brings forward their Angelic side touched by Truth for a brief duration.

How to become one: For one to ascend into their angelic forms, one must first understand and view their personal "Truths." In essence, every single person in existence has their own truths in which they must understand and view, and potentially overcome. This isn't something so simple as facing ones demons or breaking some habbit they may have had, but to overcome and destroy what may have been holding them back. For someone like Kakine Yuudeshi, the catalyst that allowed his "Truth" to be revealed was the long periods of time and Battle with his inner Hollow, consistently being subjugated and held back by that being. For Kakine, it was breaking free of that hold, tasting freedom and outliving the evil that existed within.

Though the hard part about "Truth", is that one might not even realise what their truth is. It could unintentionally happen for many people, and for one to know is nearly impossible. In truth, nobody really knows how to become an Angel other than those whom have ascended, making the progress nearly impossible to force along the way.


The Root: The world known as "The Root" isn't a place that exists in tangible reality, nor is it actually something that one can locate by any level of transportation. "The Root" is a place that manifests during ones ascendance to Angel status, for some it can come during the middle of a battle, for others it can manifest during intensive meditation or something of the like. There is no real known "reason" as to why an individual is pulled into this place, but it is considered to be out of space and time. All taking place within the confines of ones own consciousness, yet it also exists as a place in which all Angels must visit to ascend.

The "root" itself is more like an endlessly vast Ocean beyond what anyone else can imagine, water in all directions and no surface. One's body and clothing seemingly floats like distilled in water, for many people, barely concious for long periods of time. Though they may be underwater, one might see that breathing is actually possible, albeit difficult. Time itself actually is said to travel much faster in The Root, a few hours that passes on Earth is equivalent to a few months in this realm. Not only would this mean they might be trapped for a long time, but would also undergo a variety of different trials as they do. Although this changes from person to person - for someone like Kakine it was as if his body was suspended and his mentality broken, needing for him to build up his consciousness over time and break free of the shackles that held him down. For others it could be months of physical battle, it really depends on what one's own "Truth" is.

To give a bit of backstory to "The Root", one must first understanding their own Truth. When one enters the Root, it's almost as if they're consciousness has faded - waking up and entering into your surroundings. The Root appears to be different for each individual in terms of the colour though. For one it might shine a brilliant blue throughout the water, where as another might be blinded by gold. "The Root" is used to represent ones will to push past a mental barrier which locks them out of their angelic potential. Truth itself once described this as "These shadows within The Root are some of the factors that have held back their fullest development, and can be lingering regrets, grudges, or former loves that just haven’t left their hearts.


Aetherium: Aetherium is the Angel specific energy which flows through all of Truth's angels. Where other races rely on reiatsu or the demon's Za Koa, all of Truths Angels are capable of tapping into the portion of them that controls the Angelic energy. When the Angel form is assumed, this Aetherium merges with their other energy sources and begins to invigorate their body with the power of a divine being. The most noteable thing about Aetherium is that is quickly eats and consumes any other type of energy pool it comes into contact with. For this reason, depending on your skill in Angelic based skills, you might be able to keep your angel skills active longer than others. Aetherium is a direct opposite to that of demon's Za Koa and is said to be the literal "lifeblood" of Truth poring into their bodies at all times. Much like spiritual energy, this can be restored over time and through lack of use. To deepen the pool of energy, it simply requires skill in the "Aetherium Capacity" skill.

Divina purificatione: Otherwise meaning "Divine Purification", every single angel is capable of utilizing this rather simple yet effective instrument of destruction against demonic entities. Depending on the skill level, specific Angels are capable of creating rays of white light - similar to what one might see from a cero - upon a location and simply cleanse absolutely any impurity it touches. If this were to stay on a demonic entity for long enough (depending on tier) it could very definitely drive them insane and eventually break their body into dust. For every Angel, no matter of skill level, the divine purification can hit a location within the blink of an eye. With virtually no travel time and little time to dodge, this can make for some powerfully hitting effects upon demonic and Hollow based targets in particular. While purification is specifically focusing on demonic and hollow entities, there are other skills in the Angels arsenal which are usable outside of these races.

Pura: Pura is quite possibly the best hand to hand utility an Angel will have access to. By focusing intense amounts of Aetherium throughout different portions of their body, Angels will be able to enhance the speed and hitting power of their hand to hand by double of what is normally possible for a brief period of time. A thin layer of pure white glow will begin to radiate over the top layer of skin and will quickly notice that every single body movement will travel at blindingly fast speeds and at double the strength. This "Pura" aura can be transfered into weapons and items that they wield as well - meaning swords and even guns can receive double the piercing, blunt and speed power than what is normally possible. By coating their bodies with this - they are blessing everything they own with the energy to strike at their foes with relentless attitudes. Each time the location is struck upon the enemy - they will feel an intense burn that can last up to five posts, depending on whether or not they can find a way to remove the burn. It can incinerate portions of skin, including non demon or hollows, making it an all round useful tool that Angels enhance their body with. Due to the double strength behind every single attack with this skill:

  • Grand Master: Can keep this active for seemingly indefinite amounts of time. Not only are they incredibly adept at this angelic fighting style, but as long as their Angel form holds, they will be able to use this until the form is forced to end. Using Pura will drain the form faster.

  • Master: Capable of keeping this active for ten posts at a time. Similar to the grand master, they can keep this active for quite a long time, but will also drain your Aetherium much faster.

  • Advanced: Capable of keeping it active for five posts maximum. It will drain quickly the longer it is kept active, meaning the angelic form might be weakened.

  • Adept: With enough focus, they are capable to keep Pura active for 2-3 posts maximum.

  • Beginner: Only capable of one post usage, not only will they find this hard to control and use, but can sometimes backfire and injure themselves by failing to channel the energy required.

The cool down on all level of Pura is 5 posts.

Intellectius Omnia: This skill encompasses intelligence on literally everything in the surrounding area. No matter the tier, or level, of the angel: once their angelic form has taken hold - they will be able to understand and know their environment in it's entirety. As simple as a thought being put into their head, information on pipe lines, city blocks, etc will be adapted as knowledge wherever they go. All angels, regardless of tier and skill levels, can cover up to five kilometers of area with this skill. This doesn't mean they are omni present, it governs how they understand and know the environment. Even something down to the level of individual locations of people within that five kilometer area.

Vastator Mali: As an extension of their usual purification, Angels are able to purify Demons to a point where they cannot access their Demonic powers anymore and leave them simply spirits, able to choose a new path. By placing their right hand onto the forehead of the target, they flood their body with Aetherium. Starting with the brain, they begin to eradicate all demonic influences, one at a time. As they slowly work their way down the body, the demon’s form starts to shimmer and change as the darkness gradually begins to disappear. When using this, it is imperative that every single Demonic influence is removed. If not, they may have a chance of regaining everything.

Touketsu is able to reverse this process. In order to do this, the Demon must have been beaten into submission and unable to resist. If not, they will be able to turn the influence of the Angel with overwhelming force, no matter what. The Angel requires the utmost in concentration to do this and cannot be disturbed whatsoever. Even the likes of Shadin or Kakine would need all of their processing power on this. Allies are a must to keep them safe. The higher in skill dictates the success rate of this however - at beginner around 20% success rate. At dept 40%. Advanced is 60% Master is 80% and Grand Master is 90% success rate unless dodged, stopped or lowering the odds in some manner.

Veritas est benedictio: Veritas est benedictio is a natural skill which is active around all Angelic beings. Acting similar in fashion to a Hierro, Angels will find themselves shielded by an intense aura which stops and dampens many demonic or impure attacks. This goes for beings such as hollows cero or similar assaults. When the Angelic form is active, this is a constant active and is considered to be a "personal shield from Truth itself". This means that no matter the tier of power of the individual in question, they will be shielded from demonic assaults in many aspects. The shield itself is durable, however it can be found to be worn down over time and with enough exposure to forces which would weaken it.

Angelica Lux: By creating a ball of light at the end of their finger, they are capable of enlarging it to a size that can give off its own source of light. Unlike most lights, this is capable of lighting up even the deepest of darkness, or shining through darkness that is supposedly impenetrable by any form of light. Unfortunately, by right of power, only Angels are capable of visualizing the light and seeing the way—others must follow and trust them to find the path.

Lux Gradus (Light Step): In their Angelic form, Lux Gradus replaces the "movement" ability such as shunpo. Unlike shunpo, which is considered an incredibly fast movement skill, Lux Gradus has two stages and can be considered a teleportation.

Stage one: The only requirement for this skill is that there be a source of light within the visible area. By channeling their Atherium and focus into a specific location, the Angel will be able to transfer their entire body into a ball of light to a location which is hit by the purity of light. Even if the light is artificial such as a lamp or flashlight, any form of light source works as a catalyst. Due to the amount of focus it takes, doing this in rapid succession is not advised as it will quickly consume energy. This can cover great distances if light is shown within the visible spectrum.

Stage two: This is a much more friendly usage of the shunpo replacement. While the first stage is considered much more akin to teleportation, in the midst of battle, Angels will be able to create and move in flashes of light. Faster than other movement skills yet harder to perform, Lux Gradus literally sends a flash of intense light (akin to a flash bang grenade) and allows them to appear in a specific location by traveling along any "light waves" or particles, even the darkened night.

Alongside all these skills, Angels can get custom abilities with their Angelic form. To choose these, simply make a power upgrade and list them.


Each Angel, upon learning their own truth and ascending to angel-hood, will gain a final and new form/state. No matter their tier or overall strength, and no matter their other forms available, will get an angelic state. Being able to survive and remain sane through the trial of Truth is a feat in itself; access to a more angelic based state of being is more or less the result of surviving. Though it may be weaker for people at lower tiers, the purification alongside the Angelic form should not be underestimated. Even for lower tiered beings to undertake the angelic state can cause immeasurable damage to that of demonic essence. The partial state exists for one reason only: as a half way point for those wish remain their original race alongside their angelic existence. To become a full angel is another factor entirely that would require lots of time and progression. The partial Angel state for each race is typically the same for many individuals, pure white wings with a manner of purity shrouding their bodies. However this can differentiate between each Angel for unique attributes, they can have this active alongside other forms such as bankai or shikokai.

Angelic Purity
“Ascend to attain purification”

Normally, Angel's abilities are locked behind their angelic form. While some beings are capable of tapping into their angelic power for a single attack every now and then, unless the partial angel state is active, the being will find it incredibly hard to bring forward their angelic powers. Purification which is linked to this form will be enhanced and much easier to activate at a cost of their angelic energy. Outside of their partial angel state, they will find themselves having a adept ability to sense demonic entities. When the angel state is active, not only do they gain ability to track demonic Za Koa in any form, but pin point it's direct location within fractions of a millisecond.


The complete angel is the pinnacle of what a Truth is capable of bestowing upon his chosen few. Once someone has fulfilled the capability to become a complete angel, all sense of their former race and traits are abolished. If a Shinigami were to ascend to a complete angel - all their zanpakuto and kidou would be lost and replaced in the new being as a full angel. Any impurities within their body would be cleansed as they are touched by their full capabilities and become incredibly powerful to the point where ascended states or "forms" do not exist - they simply are, and the strength they wield is always at maximum. For someone to achieve this level of power akin to that of a near-godly type being, a tier of 0-1 is without a doubt needed.

To even having the possibility of reaching the complete angel state requires mental fortitude beyond that of what is normally imaginable. Much like their partial angelic state, there is no set "requirement" to reach this tier. Each individual person must overcome blockades and intense hardships, harder than what is originally thought possible. If one is to overcome all odds and prove themselves worthy of becoming a full angel, they are given a choice. Almost as if drawn from their body entirely - their consciousness talks with Truth directly and is given the option to remain as they are, or cleanse their entire existence to become something divine.

The Divine Being
“Purity to ascend to divinity, removal of sins and the prior life.”

For some individuals, they can be completely reworked into a new appearance and even personality. Depending on the person in question and their reason for ascending, they can find themselves completely losing themselves and becoming entirely new as an Angel. One who has found peace within themselves at last might cleanse their prior foul behavior, others might remain the same and continue with a different race and blessing upon them. In the end it comes down to what the angel in particular wants for themselves.

When the full angel state is assumed, all spiritual energy becomes replaced with that of Aetherium. All previous Angelic racial skills are enhanced by double, sometimes even triple, what they were before.


For every single Angel, no matter of tier and power, you are allowed:

One elite
One advanced
One adept
One beginner

Angel Skills
  • Aetherium: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Elite
  • Divina purificatione: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Elite
  • Pura: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Elite
  • Vastator Mali: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Elite


真 実 の 天 使


Angel of Diligence: Shadin Yuudeshi.

The Angel of Diligence is unwavering, no matter the path set before them. When met with hardship, the Angel of Diligence will push forward against all odds. The one who follows the idea of diligence will adopt an iron will, overcoming many mental hardships.

"He who embraces the path of diligence will have indomitable will, unwavering in the face of hardship and laziness."


Angel of Freedom: Kakine Yuudeshi

The Angel of Freedom is incapable of being contained, they are a free soul upon the Earth whom strive for freedom in all aspects. The one who follows the idea of freedom will be unshackled from mortality, striving to end those whom subjugate and control.

"He who embraces the path of freedom is free in all aspects of life, unable to be restrained or sealed in their pursuit to liberate all beings."

Angel of Radiance:

Angel of Kindness:

Angel of Righteousness:

Angel of Wisdom:

Angel of Justice:

Angel of Temperance:

Angel of Courage:

Angel of Devotion:

All Angels are chosen as potential candidates by staff. If we see a character is working towards a potentially fitting position as an Angel. These are an elite/select few dubbed as Angels by Truth itself.

Also: Angel names are subject to change. If an Angel wishes for a custom title which suits them better, it can be done.


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[mod]Due to being formerly one of the Angels he is able to reclaim and keep his role as the Angel of Radiance.[/mod]

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Truth's Angels
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