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 Miyu Shinjitsu [APPROVED, 2-1++, 1-5 in release]

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Coding In Template By:


Miyu Shinjitsu
The Witch of Truth

"My name is Miyu. Allow me to show you the truth behind this mystery and show the creator how meaningless their ambiguity is!"

I. Basic Information

» Name: Miyu Shinjitsu
» Titles: The Witch of Truth, The Greatest Detective, The Davana of Truth
» Age: Late Teens appearance wise, true age is 3041 years
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: Unaffiliated
» Allignment: Chaotic Neutral

» True Appearance Picture:

I. Personality

Mystery Solver

Miyu as the Davana of Truth is inclined to dispel all myths and lies and mysteries within the world and this is her modus operandi. Whenever she encounters a unsolved mystery she becomes determined to solve it, then often brag about it in an attempt to increase her own ego. Ultimately, she believes that the pursuit of truth is beneficial for everyone as lies/deception are untrue and must be destroyed as they serve to only harm others.

As she was born from the global desire of humans to seek truth and find the ultimate answers to existence itself through Philosophy, this is what ultimately drives her as her first priority before anything and she loves to play the detective and be a tad dramatic about solving cases/mysteries as she loves to make a scene of it, like it was a murder mystery novel.

In addition, this plays into her morality - she believes she is doing people good by solving mysteries and exposing liars as she thinks people are not living their lives if they are leading a lie ridden/deceitful existence. However, it is said that not everyone can handle the truth but she cares little for this concept due to her strong convictions. Of course, this puts her morally at odds with any characters that are manipulative and lie a lot for their own gain and would try to break them down for her own amusement to prove herself.

High Intelligence

Being the Davana of Truth, Miyu was gifted with having a very high level of overall intelligence, allowing her to assert herself as being truthful about nearly everything and thus having a wide understanding on varying topics such as Philosophy and the Sciences which all revolve around finding truth and defining what truth truly is.

However, this intelligence feeds into her ego and leads her to try and take charge of a situation and be the star of it and she has trouble working with anyone she perceives as less intelligent as she thinks they merely just slow down her investigations.


Miyu's ultimate downfall is her arrogance. Because she is the Davana of Truth, she believes she is always right and if she isn't? She can probably just change reality to make it so she is right. The result is that she has an ego that is ultimately fragile if she is not able to prove she is right about something, anything but especially her cases as a detective and when shes trying to expose a liar so she can make them concede that she is the greatest detective of all time as her fragile ego requires fuel from those that she exposes and defeats.

In addition, she does not accept help or feel like she never needs it - as the best detective, why would she need it? Atleast that's how she perceives it. This can lead to her having a severe lack of allies meaning if she ever did need help she would struggle to find it which is ultimately a downfall as she is not charismatic enough to win people over to her side, ultimately making her a more lonely person.

Neutral Alignment

Miyu is neither good or evil: while she has a degree of good intentions by exposing liars/solving crimes and mysteries, she ultimately only cares to do this to show off her amazing crime solving rate and boost her own ego. While she is vain in nature, she is not evil and does not take any pleasure in hurting others or have a wish for destruction, but doesn't care to be the hero. Thus, this makes her more of a chaotic neutral person that just does whatever she feels suits her at the time.

I. History

» History

Humans began by just accepting what was immediately in front of them as the truth - what they saw was what was true. However, as humans evolved they began to understand how the brain and mind could deceive them, they began to question what was true in the first place. They began to work on methods to find what was definitely true - this came to be known as science. And then they asked questions what it meant for something to exist, or even be real. This was known as philosophy, dating back to the times of Ancient Greece dating back to Before Christ (BC).

Humanity became obsessed with the pursuit of truth and ultimately the pursuit of what reality and truth even meant. The spread of these schools of thought ultimately were picked up upon by the realm of Nidhana, ultimately accumulating with the birth of the Davana that would ultimately be the arbiter of what was true and what was false, giving birth to Miyu, the Davana of Truth. Upon her birth, all she knew was that the truth was the most important thing and must be exposed. And if it couldn't be exposed? Make your own truth and make that the only truth that existed. This desire for the truth is what ultimately shaped her into who she is now.

This ultimately accumulated in her being sent to earth to be the ultimate judicatory on reality itself and what was true and false. At first, when she arrived on earth the stories of humans who solve mystery - detectives were already quite popular and in order to make herself presentable to other humans she would take on the role of a detective and stamp out all mystery/unsolved crime in the world. She ultimately had good intentions at first as she did not realize the full extent of her power and her intelligence was not as well developed in her early days.

Over the years however she had to contend with keeping safe during war periods/battles as she made her main base on Earth as that is where she found the most clients. Over time her knowledge would grow and with thousands of mysteries/cases solved her arrogance would begin to grow as she practically made the detective business a monopoly to the point she made local police forces look incompetent. One notable factor about how Miyu did business? She never demanded money or payment for her services as a independent detective. As the Davana of Truth her life felt completely fulfilled just by eliminating all ambiguity and mystery in the world. That was ultimately her role after all and how she made a living.

It took her a very long time for to realize the full extents of her power as the Davana of Truth as eventually she realized she was able to alter the reality around her, being the trusted individual in the universe to decide what was true, this allowed her to decide reality herself and naturally with this type of power this only further increased her arrogance to the point where she would label herself as the "Greatest Detective" as her case solving rate was practically 100% and she had been gaining a worldwide reputation. Despite being a demon, Miyu held no care for race politics or wars. All she cared about was solving the truth and didn't particularly care if her clients were human, demon, Shinigami or whatever, she just wanted to solve mystery.

However, this didn't mean everyone was going to be friendly to her as she suffered many battles during war periods from those hostile to demon kind. She would often just bend reality to confuse the person then eviscerate them with her preferred weapon, the Scythe of Truth. When it came to fighting she oddly enjoyed it. It was another way to establish her superiority over other detectives if they had no actual powers behind their mystery solving and thus led her to enjoy the feeling of achieving victory over someone. Any activity where she could win or gain something would contribute to her ever growing egotism.

Within the present day of 2418? She is still the same and has not deviated from her core goals of eliminating mystery and she is relatively well established as the greatest detective in her mind. However, cases have been on the shortage recently and ultimately, without reinforcement her fragile ego will make her quite irritable and emotional so she has now since took to travelling the entire world rather than sticking to urban environments to find mysteries to eliminate and find any chance she can get to prove how great she really is and ultimately, decide what is "true" for everyone and everything.

I. Natural Abilities

Natural Demon Abilities

Miyu being a demon naturally has access to the normal demon abilities and makes usage of them.

Strong Spiritual Power

A being that has existed for thousands of years, Miyu has a strong spiritual pressure much above the average fighter. The color of her spiritual energy is blue. In theory, she could exert this to attempt to intimidate someone of a lower disposition of herself but these types of tactics are not her fighting style.

Za Koa

Miyu's Za Koa ability is not as strong as other demons of her level - but she gets one primary use of the power using Za Koa Infulence to further increase her own mental capacities and reaction speed, making her able to create new truths up to 50% faster, as she is able to think and imagine quicker with this ability.

Demon Magic

Representing the ideals of truth, using an ability that involves "magic" is not something Miyu is very attracted to and thus is not very skilled with Demon Magic and instead focused her powers into the other demon abilities, but she is theoretically able to use it to a little more than a beginner level if a situation required it so, mainly to heal herself or a potential ally.

Shadow Movement

Shadow Movement is a skill Miyu has invested some time into honing as otherwise she is not the fastest runner and doesn't have the greatest speed especially in a battle, but allows herself to travel quickly through the shadows in order to be mobile and dodge attacks.

Akuma Kyodo

This is the demon skill Miyu has invested the most energy into as otherwise she is quite frail as raw combat is not her thing - she relies upon Akuma Kyodo to enhance her durability and thus it is reasonably strong and requires effort/concentrated attacks to break and once it is broken, she has no real defenses.

Genius Level Perception/Deduction

Because of her natural intelligence as being the Davana of Truth, Miyu shows a keen perception/deduction well above most other demons of her class as she can figure out the composition of abilities/powers she witnesses and use the information available to her from observation to make deductions from even limited information. However, the information must be available to her or she would likely not be able to make any definite deductions and instead only be able to theorize.

This mental power is mainly used in her detective work to find the truth and lies and find it with ease. When it comes to her detective work she boasts that there is no case she can't solve and this is proved with results - the only cases she could not solve were the ones she rejected for being too simple.

I. Origin Powers

» Origin Name: Axiom of Truth

» Origin Power: The ability to manipulate reality by changing what is "true"

» Origin Abilities:

Reality Manipulation

The basis of mathematical logic, two possible states exist at any given time - True or false. However, on a philosophical level within the realm of metaphysics it is believed that more than one truth can exist for anything given. Despite defying the standard mathematics logic, Miyu was born through the pursuit of philosophy and science - dealing with finding truths and defining what truth is, gifting her the power to find and define truth by manipulating reality - the perception of what is real, meaning what is "true"

This is how Miyu's powers effectively operate - by creating an alternative truth that overwrites the truth observed within Reality, what is immediately observable. She activates this power through thought - thinking about what she wants to make "true." It would be easiest to first explain what Miyu cannot achieve with Reality Manipulation.

She is unable to change her powers to be stronger in terms of energy, nor can she affect the powers of another. Additionally, she is unable to break the laws of the universe (physics) as they are absolute truths that have existed before she came to be. However, she is able to bend these laws to an extent. This means that she cannot break the rules of energy (energy must always be used) or change totally change gravity to crush someone, but she might be able to change gravity in a way to weigh someone down or make them lighter.

Miyu can only make truths in the present tense - she cannot make someone suffer for 1000 years in a burning pit, nor can she cause someone to die in the future. When she uses her Reality Manipulation, it must effect the present and have a immediate effect. In addition, when it comes to affecting the world around her, the range of her abilities are no longer than 1 acre meaning she cannot change the entire world at a whim and can only affect "reality" within her vicinity. Additionally, she cannot duplicate any living matter/spiritual matter etc as this violates the laws of physics - energy cannot be created.

Every time she creates a new "truth", it drains her of spiritual energy as she must follow the laws of energy, meaning in theory without her spiritual energy, she cannot create any new truths and potentially risk her created truths dissipating and reverting back to how they were previously before she used her abilities.

Her abilities in this state do not directly affect other individuals - she cannot change truths about others with her thoughts alone. The powers to change the truths of other individuals lies within her Atma Vatou. Finally, another limitation is that she is limited by her imagination and if her focus falters and she becomes emotional, she may accidentally create detrimental truths to her.

Truth of Position

One of Miyu's primary reality manipulation skills is to change the truth of her position - within her Reality Manipulation radius. When this occurs, other individuals who are not very perceptive/deductive will not be able to tell she has moved, as this ability affects reality and declares that Miyu was always there to begin with. However when faced with more advanced deduction skills and perceptive characters, they will be able to tell reality has changed and perceive her movement and get a good idea of her intended destination.

While near-instant, there is still time to react as she cannot instantly attack by changing position, she must change position and then make an attack, meaning it is not a instant teleportation and has a delay.

Given that her overall speed is not very high without Shadow Movement, there is a lot of time to react to potential attacks when she uses this ability.

Cooldown: 2 Posts

Truth of Being

The next ability Miyu has is that she is able to change the truth of what she is - this means she can shape shift into a possibly endless amount of appearances depending on her imagination, although she would not gain any abilities or change her inherent race, nor would she be able to mimic voices and she would retain her own voice regardless of what physical appearance she takes.

Miyu can also change her size - although if she chose to scale herself to some ridiculous size it would not go past the one acre radius limit on her Reality Manipulation. She cannot use this however to make her faster or stronger, strength wise by changing muscle sizes however what this can affect is the potential radius zones of her attacks. In addition, her Atma Vatou cannot change size.

Cooldown: 3 Posts

Truth of Surroundings

This is Miyu's method of affecting the area she is in, up to an acre long. She is able to change the environment to anything she can possibly imagine. She cannot create buildings or any solid matter - what she does is changes the ground primarily. For example, she could change a rocky area to ice, lava, a grassy field or just about anything she can think of that doesn't break the rules of Reality Manipulation on a surface level. She is not able to terraform due to the limits of her Reality Manipulations range, it cannot reach deep into the Earth as an example.

This requires a lot energy from her meaning she can only perform a change of environments every 3 posts can only be used up to 4 times within a thread before she runs the risk of draining her own power.

In addition, because of the energy required the change is not instant and if used within a thread all characters will be able to react regardless of speed.

Truth of Mortality

The Truth of Mortality is Miyu's method of controlling the truth of her own life. This is her most powerful truth controlling ability as she can directly influence if she lives or dies and thus has a one time use only in threads. She typically uses this Truth when she is at risk at dying and she changes her own fate by changing reality to temporarily make it that the wounds inflicted to her are "harmless" for 3 posts and not cause her psychological or physical pain as well as not posing her a threat to her vital status.

This does not mend or heal Miyu, this only prevents her from dying and if she receives new wounds they will have the full effect. After 3 posts, the inflicted wounds will begin to have their damage on her and if she was say, stabbed in the heart and had time to use this, after 3 posts she would still have a strong chance of outright dying.

Truth of Mystery

As the Davana of Truth, illusions and tricks and so forth are considered falsehoods. When Miyu is presented with a illusion she is usually capable with her intelligence to identify it and if the illusion is within her Reality Manipulation Radius she is able to negate it - this applies to all illusion based magic/abilities. However, this negation is only possible if she has power to do so as this requires her to create a new Truth to negate the illusion and additionally this is dependent on her being able to identify the illusion at hand.

What this means is that vs very deceptive/powerful illusions that seem very life like to be real, even Miyu will have trouble identifying the illusion and may not be able to negate it if she is unable to figure out that the illusions are indeed, illusions. Theorizing that it is an illusion is not sufficient for her to use this ability - she must be 100% certain.

I. Eternal Partner/Conceptual World

» Conceptual World: Miyu's world takes the form of what seems like what looks like the living room of a detective, but is ultimately endless filled with notes of her cases and any evidence she found during her examinations.

» Rilīja Attributes: Miyu is able to take notes from any of her previous cases made by Tantei in the conceptual world and materialize them to read or show another person.

» Eternal Partner Name: Tantei (探偵)

» Eternal Partner Appearance:


» Eternal Partner Personality:

Calm and Collected

While Miyu gets thrills and her kicks from solving cases, Tantei is much more calm about solving crimes as a parallel to her. He doesn't seem to exhibit much ego or brag about the cases he solves with Miyu, but ultimately shares the same goal - the truth must be found and brought to life and all mystery must be solved but prefers to take a calmer, less show off approach to mystery solving than Miyu.

Reserved Egotism

Although he does not show much egotism - ultimately as the arbiter of truth, he naturally feels that what he says regarding anything is the ultimate truth and if he is not sure? He will refuse to speak or answer at all to the question. However, unlike Miyu who will take any opportunity she can get to prove her greatness, he does not feel the need to and just focuses on the detective side of the job rather than getting involved in needless fighting which is ultimately in his eyes a pointless contest in which Miyu feels the need to prove herself in.

Information Hoarder

As he is equally as obsessed with truth as Miyu, Tantei's methods of expressing truth come in the form of him hoarding information wherever he can - to record and note down within Miyu's Conceptual World. This leads to him making notes about every case him and Miyu undergo to make definite what the truth of each and single mystery they tackle. This results in the conceptual world of Miyu having thousands of case files - also neatly arranged as Tantei cannot stand physical information that is not properly organised.

» Eternal Partner Powers:

Tantei shares the same powers as Miyu.

Lie Detection through Deduction

Tantei is hyper-perceptive and deductive, much more so than Miyu herself and this grants him the ability to tell when someone is telling the truth or not by examining the most subtle of signs and the more information he had, the better. If Miyu rested her hand on someones heart and they spoke, depending on their heart rate in a method similar to how lie detector machines function, but is entirely possible based on physical appearance alone that he would be able to detect if someone is telling the truth or not - this information can then be passed to Miyu inside her head.

I. Atma Vatou

» Atma Vatou Name: Scythe of Truth

» Atma Vatou Appearance:

Her Atma Vatou primarily takes the form of a blue scythe she wields, made of her pure solidified spiritual energy.

» Atma Vatou Abilities:

Scythe Weapon

Her Atma Vatou has the ability to "inflict" truth onto another individual. While her normal Origin abilities do not directly affect others, her Atma Vatou has the ability to inflict a truth power shown in the list below, when it makes a direct hit onto an individual, regardless of the actual damage it inflicts. However, it must strike organic matter (the body, limbs, etc. Clothes and solid matter such as metal, wood and so forth would not allow her to active a Truth ability onto the person.)

While its main purpose is to inflict truth, it carries with it the strength of a regular scythe weapon and can easily cut and stab through most matter and scales directly with her power (tier) as the scythe itself is formed of her spiritual energy, so naturally the more spiritual power she has the stronger the Scythe becomes with its cutting/piercing power.

Truth of Pain

The Truth of Pain is Miyu's ability of her Atma Vatou to make it "true" that someone is suffering from excruciating pain which would be enough to completely shutdown a regular person from being able to act This doesn't physically damage the person but instead triggers the nervous system to make the person in question feel the intense pain and this ability is ultimately a pain endurance test - with higher tiers being able to negate the pain almost entirely If they don't have a high pain endurance? They'll likely to start feel paralyzed in their entire body due to the psychological effects of intense pain.

However, Willpower can also potentially counter the effects of this ability even if they can't suppress the pain as they would be able to fight through the intense pain with sheer force of will. The pain is limited in duration and lasts 4 posts.

Truth of Weakness

The Truth of Weakness is the inflicted truth that it is "true" that the body becomes weaker physically. This manifests itself overall as potentially becoming up to 30% weaker within the areas of General Speed and Strength.

The factors that influence the end effect of this ability is the persons tier and spiritual power. Lower tiers (4-5) would suffer the full 30% while higher tiers (3-1) would suffer only 15%, half while the strongest (0 tier) would likely suffer a negligible amount and ultimately just result in them feeling unpleasant or slightly lethargy at best.

Truth of Death

This is the most dangerous truth Miyu can inflict onto an individual. Depending on the limb she strikes, she can disable the nerves within that limb to "kill" it and make it not usable, as well as losing feeling within that limb. Additionally if she makes a direct hit to the persons head - the brain controls all the nerves in the body so she could effectively shutdown the persons nervous system and make them unable to move or feel their entire body.

The draw backs that the duration of the "kill" is 3 posts meaning after 3 posts the limbs function will be restored, in addition due to the lack of nerves in chest area, she cannot use this truth if she hits the chest area. Additionally, electricity users have the potential to restore the electrical signals within their nervous system in order to negate this truth entirely. If a person is able to externally manipulate their limbs through means of equipment or another supernatural force, they could also negate this ability.

I. Diverse Paths

» Aliṅgana State Appearance:



Miyu drastically changes appearance within this stage - her Atma Vatou takes a dark black appearance along with her spiritual energy. Her hair changes color and takes upon a new outfit as well as a change in eye color.

» Aliṅgana State Powers:

Within Science, before theories are accepted as true and fact, they are initially known as hypothesis. Once they are tested, then they become true theories that are proven and one could say the release power of Miyu is that her powers grow into fully fledged truth, making her overall much stronger while her unreleased stage allows her to create weaker truths that are merely hypothesis.

Overall Increased Power

Miyu increases in power overall in her Aliṅgana state, making the Scythe of Truth more potent in its destructive and cutting power, being able to tear through steels with ease as it changes into a pitch black color. In addition, her spiritual pressure becomes much higher and takes a dark black color in this form and her Reality Manipulation radius doubles in size to a 2 acre range from a 1 acre in her unreleased stage.

Her truths also gain more power as the truths inflicted by her Atma Vatou are more likely to be effective against a more powerful individual such as the Truth of Weakness or Truth of Pain. For the Truth of Weakness specifically, the ability would have a larger decrease of speed/strength vs higher tiers within her Alingana release.

In addition, because of her power increase her demon abilities are also upgraded - her Shadow Movements are significantly faster and her Akuma Kyodo becomes much harder to break, requiring more strength and focused attacks.

» Aliṅgana State Abilities:

Truth of the Beginning

This is a new truth ability Miyu gains in Alingana. Within the two acre radius of her reality manipulation, she is able to create a potent explosion that cannot be bigger than two acres due to her radius limits but this would not be practical as this would include her. The effects of getting caught in the explosion can include internal damage from being blasted away or potentially losing limbs to the kinetic energy of the explosion being strong enough.

She is not able to endlessly create explosions, she can only create one explosion at a time every 3 posts and up to a maximum of 4 times in a single thread. The actual explosion is delayed - it does not happen instantly, taking under a second to react which is enough time for a fast enough character to escape or make a reaction to it. This ablity is based off the truth of the beginning of the universe - the big bang, which was naturally a huge explosion, so she creates a truth that an area is "beginning" resulting in the explosion.

Truth of the End

Truth of the End involves a area of her choice within the two acre radius to rapidly drop in temperature to extreme freezing temperatures close to absolute zero. This means the area will freeze over completely and living matter caught in it risk extreme cold injures such as frostbite or having limbs freeze entirely.

As with the Truth of the Beginning, there is a delay on the ability and this ability can be countered by a fire user who can simply heat up the entire area to negate the effects of Truth of the End. The effect is temporary and lasts four posts and Miyu is not immune to these effects meaning while in theory she could cover the full radius it is very much not practical to do so. This ability is only usable twice per thread.

The ability is based off the truth of the Universe - that it will one day experience heat death due to the laws of physics and entropy, meaning the temperatures of the universe will be too low to sustain life.

Truth of Strength

While the Truth of Being is unable to increase physical strength, with Miyu realizing the full power of her origin to create absolute truths, she gains a new ability which is connected to the Truth of Being. With this ability, she is able to temporarily buff her strength threefold. Her physical strength is one of her most lacking elements, compared to other fighters of her level and this buff allows her to temporarily gain an edge in that field, as she becomes able to topple buildings with her bare hands with a full strength strike using both of her arms while shes under this effect.

However, this buff effect is purely temporary and lasts up to four posts and while it makes her raw strength powerful, her hand to hand technique is not the greatest allowing her to still be matched by a competent hand to hand fighter. The truth is created by making it true she is temporarily physically stronger. This ability is only usable twice per thread.

Truth of Force

Another temporary ability exclusive to her Alingana state, Miyu can increase or decrease gravity within a specific area of her choosing within the 2 acre radius. If she decreases it, the end result would be the area would temporarily be moon-like gravity resulting in accurate movements being more difficult for lesser skilled characters who are not the greatest at moving around, while more experienced/skilled fighters would not be heavily affected by lowered gravity.

The other end of the spectrum is that she can greatly increase the gravitational force to weigh someone down generally, making them feel like they weigh up to three times heavier resulting in a speed reduction and difficulties moving around, depending on their General Speed and overall strength - if they are very strong, they could negate the effectiveness of this ability as they'd be strong enough to fight normally with the added weight.

The final usage of this ability and possible the most dangerous is her ability to focus the gravity area onto a specific person and focus on crushing their limbs and body at worst being able to cause massive internal damage due to the pressure - to overcome this ability a significant portion of strength must be used as well as having Willpower to stop mortal damage from being inflicted - resisting the force of the gravity is possible with a high enough Strength skill.

The Truth of Apocalypse

This is Miyu's final most draining ability that can only be used once per thread and additionally takes all of her power - she will have no power to create new truths after this is used. Additionally, she is not immune to this ability herself and risks her own life using it, making it a final resort. This ability creates her most powerful truth that a Apocalyptic event is occurring and exceeds her standard 2 acre radius, being half a mile in radius. (320 acres)

The first part of this ability is that raging fires break out within the half a mile radius, around the radius she uses this Truth in which seals it off and then a meteor shower occurs, with thousands of meteors raining in the area at a speed that is strong enough to tear through solid steel buildings with ease and easily crush a human into bits from sheer impact alone.

The meteors are not particularly large, equaling around the size of a car each - with each impact, explosions occur that are strong enough to cover the local area of a house in terms of size but the power of this ability lies in the quantity of the meteors attacking the area.

The ability itself takes 3 posts before it ends, but the destructive power is enough to destroy cities out right leaving practically nothing left, bombarding an area with the explosive force that is beyond any man-made weapon ever made in history. Because of the amount of energy required to produce such a devastating truth, she will be left wide open if the intended target survives the attack which is possible if appropriate defenses are constructed and additionally the ability can be countered if the target has the power to destroy the meteors before they even make contact with the ground, but they will have to do this for the full 3 posts or risk taking damage.

I. Equipment/Other Resources

» Equipment: N/A

I. Skill Sheet

Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Adept
  • Demon Magic: Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Adept
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Advanced

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept


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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept

Comments/Notes: After discussing things in VC and privately, I've been reading through this and I will be approving this. If any of these are abused -- which I highly doubt they will -- I will come back and revoke this. If any staff have problems with this, contact me and we'll sort things out.
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[adm]Moving to inactive. If you would like this moved back to approved, consult staff in this thread:[/adm]
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