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 The Fool's Sword Style

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Fool's Sword Style   The Fool's Sword Style EmptySat May 06, 2017 11:21 am

The Fool's Sword Style QerxJ3c

» Name Of Character: Tsubasa Unabara
» Link To Character:

» Upgrading:

Background: This is the journey of life in becoming a Swordsman. There are many births and naive moments in which you encounter the truth. We run away and cower in fear of it even when previous endeavours prove to go nowhere. Styles are things so stationary or practicing a single stance or movement. So often is the time when Tsubasa would go to them or execute them. Never realizing or dreaming that they weren’t needed. That stances and styles and all these things were just information. Just knowledge and skill he could use at the drop of a hat. By learning and understanding the true nature of a sword. By understanding the path and realizing it’s potential. By understanding his own failures and shortcomings. He’s realized the most important thing in his life. Not is stationary, no style remains the same. No technique or sword swing is the same as the last one. No matter how much control you have no two raindrops or snowflakes are identical. Reality comes in and often times displays its fury to those unaware. Techniques and such things are the pattern of growth. They are what mark us as those who’ve grown as mere memories of styles. Kierudo and the Unabara Lotus are merely the Emperor and Empress on this Fool’s journey with a sword. The time to venture out of his home and truly grow has begun. It’s time for him to completely rewrite what it means for Tsubasa Unabara to be a swordsman. What it means for him to attempt and become the world’s greatest swordsman. Nothing else lingers in his mind now as he has awoken and accomplished inner peace on a scale unlike anything before. The Fool’s Journey and Sword Style is born here from understanding and learning. Their is no stance or form defining it as it requires none and is simply mastery being shown at the highest level. The Magician, The Priestess, and the Empress and Emperor have been seen. Now the future awaits. Poliro helped him realize this limitation greatly in their combat.

Hierophant:The journey out of what he knew but into something new and familiar at the same time. Tsubasa swings his blade creating feints at times throwing them to catch his enemy off guard. By doing this he moves at an accelerated rate able to produce massive speed and create almost afterimages of his attacks. These aren’t real and won’t harm a person but can confuse a person. With high enough mental deduction or Focus one can detect them. As for the number with his speed and skill he can create up to ten feints at a time. While this does mean his footwork required is excellent and thus it can be used with Hoho. Hierophant was the realization that he could do more with a pure swordplay. Tsubasa’s realization that he could do these things and go outside of the normal became clear. Poliro opened his eyes to how much he’d used other things and gotten away from his core belief. This was truly his awakening thus the name of this technique is Hierophant.

Lovers: This technique is a counter based on fencing that he came up with at a young age. Love filled his heart and he’d been blinded thus leaving it behind. He’d seen it down with a Rapier based weapon finding out it was called a Passata Sotto. This allowed him to realize the blade could be used this way. The movement for this is fast and fluid ducking under an attack through extensive body control. The person is able to avoid the blow and instantly counter an enemy's attack. Now some people may take advantage or use a bait system to catch people. This, of course, is intended also as he learned other Rapier moves from watching. Fleche and Riposting are optional for him in this form. Using skills he learned from his first wife despite the bad memories. He does seem to of grown and come to terms with things by accepting this technique and those attached to it.

Chariot: This doesn’t truly have a form enough to be a technique. But does exist in it’s own place. He’s able to rapidly spin or move his blade at high speeds. Able to create small wind blasts and other techniques through this. By creating high speed kinetic force Tsubasa’s able to produce some interesting effects. This is his defensive techniques in a nutshell, he can use them this way with his blade. Finding different methods to protect himself and fight while staying true to his purest belief of the blade. While wielding it he can thrust it rapidly to chip away an oncoming attack. Other choices exist within the Chariot as he can use it defensively as a blocking or method of deflecting blows. He’s able to lessen power from attacks deflecting them away. Sending them downwards towards the ground without absorbing too much power or strength from his enemies. This of course does require skill and technique to pull off for any user who does learn it.

Strength: The first time he stepped away from traditionally using his sword’s power. He realized that he’d made an error completely by trying to be something he wasn’t. Tsubasa was a swordsman and fought as such at all times defending and protecting himself as such. By generating his reishi into his blade he can sound out a super powerful slice of his blade. Able to cut through a lot of objects depending on the blade. He can also defend with this using it to send out an attack as he blocks. This, of course, isn’t ideal in some cases as defending isn’t always a good offense. But it was through much of his growth and understanding he learned what it meant for a swordsman. The blade is a strength both in body and soul. No one thing is complete without the other. Growth is possible through hard work and trials alone not by short cuts or exits.

Hermit: Tsubasa from watching Damien as a their fight progressed understood and learned. That the Unlimited Style was impressive as was its founder and wielder who believed all things were unlimited. This wasn’t, of course, the journey that was meant to take place. By creating an energy signature similar to that of Damien’s. Tsubasa can cut into the third dimension, only creating five of these rifts at a time. They only remain for six posts before they heal and vanish. Coming into contact with them causes damage to the skin and body of someone. They are highly visible as they glow an unnatural bright color. So they aren’t able to be missed and are something that he picked up from a Hermit along his life. The greatest story you could learn was about growing stronger together.

Wheel of Fortune: Turning himself sideways he prepares to fight by removing his vitals from contact. Normally trusting his speed with this technique he goes into thrusting and using extremely fast spins and other attacks. Keeping his katana pointed outwards when having his wakizashi in the free hand. He’s able to become a top of death and create high-velocity spins and knock away attacks. Using reishi he can power it up to deflect or throw away attacks from an area. Using this he could possibly create a toward which would slice someone up upon being struck by it. This technique goes into thrusting and using high-velocity spins and jabs or other means to his enemies to yield the conflict. The Wheel of Fortune is always spinning and it’s landing zone may be unknown to some but he understands now.

Justice: A sheath based technique that relies on extremely fast drawing of his blade. Moving quickly with high levels of body control and acceleration, the user cuts into the enemy or tries to while drawing their blade. Traditionally to practice this the user will assume a stance. Similar to Iaijutsu in the fact it’s entirely counter attack based. Though with enough speed it becomes an attack based technique. Allowing him to quickly dispatch an enemy and resheath his weapon at lightning speeds. He’s been able to cut the tip off a candle and keep the flame lit by relighting it with his sword holding the candle. For this to work control is needed on massive levels along with body control. As this technique focuses on counter attacking and moving forward. On accomplishing what he set out to do and become. This is about mastering the sword and everything with it.

Hanged Man:Based on Chinese Sword fighting this technique or fighting change that he does goes into quick hit and run tactics. Slashing and piercing where he can with thrusts and other methods. The main skill of the Hanged Man is only used when assumes the position slowly. Moving his frame now as he lowered himself towards the ground and moved the weapon closer to his face. Bringing this closer he shoots forward thrusting outward but never putting himself at risk in range. He’s able to extend the range with his spiritual pressure or even use feints of this. To throw his target off guard as the high paced techniques are special. While doing this he has developed a method of using this only as an offensive move. Basing it off of the Jian was rough to translate into a katana based use. But Tsubasa did make it work and uses fluid swordplay once again in this situation.

Death: Somethings are learned and never forgotten, going back into swordplay and what he knows. Tsubasa has developed or rather a system of basics done to the higher levels. This technique or even just a principal is easy to learn in some cases. When blocking an enemy's blade deflect slightly and side step cutting them in a single movement. This was what made him good as a child. Not overwhelming power not relying on fancy forms or beliefs. It was the fundamentals that allowed him to wield a blade. Skills in the basic arts were what let him deal death on such a large scale. It let him grow into the man he was now. While raw power has it’s uses and purposes in places. Simply showcasing skills and remembering what you learned before. Going back to the fundamentals is always a wise choice and he realized it finally. That his knowledge and skill were put to waste by ignoring them so much.

Temperance: Embracing what it means to wield two blades as an Ambidextrous warrior. He points the smaller blade at his enemy's face and raises the larger one by his face where his sideburns would be located. Using the small sword for defense and following up with the large sword to land a blow. And follow up blows was traditionally the idea behind this. Tsubasa often times would draw things out not drawing both swords right away. Taking his time to understand and grasp his enemy's fighting strength. This, of course, was something he believed now to be a misjudgment on his part. Warriors should fight with everything they have and showcase the best of themselves. Lacking or taking away from your blade is dishonorable. It’s something he’s come to learn in time. Drawing the blade like this has allowed him to fight and change his enemies expectations sometimes. By using this as a feint or maybe even a real one many possible outcomes exist.

Devil: By accepting what is a common factor he can also use his blades in this way to cut energy. It doesn’t matter the type of energy if strong enough he can slice through it. By slicing through the structure of the energy itself. He cuts on a level that is extremely small and allows him to access some practical use. When swinging his sword this is useful for fighting against kido and other things. But something else becomes clear, his sword specializes in cutting through reishi and armor in this phase. By creating an energy around his blade that specializes in piercing and slicing at different frequencies. Tsubasa is able to shred armor but not by damaging it. The energy sends waves through the armor cutting the person up who is inside of it. He’s able to do this by having his sword meet anothers. But it does require preparation and takes some time for him to perform. He can only do this four times a thread due to enemies generally catching on to his actions.

Tower: By tapping into his skill he is able to perform a cut using either his katana or both weapons. When slicing he cuts with such tremendous strength that it delivers a huge amount of force. Tsubasa’s blade delivers a megaton of force along. It’s not through muscle or sheer power alone either. Skill is what makes this happen, it’s his skill to create and innovate how he swings the blade. By controlling his breathing he is able to release a massive blow with his sword alone. The swing isn’t nor does it have any true openings to it. This is what it means to practice with a relentless desire for a precise answer to it. By embracing the wolf’s answer you can find yourself a truth. Find someone or something to push beyond the fathoming of a reach. Focusing and locating the truth in a single swing of the sword. By using this power he can destroy attacks often sending them back at his enemies.

» Why: With age comes realization and understanding, figuring out the answers which laid bare before. While it's far from complete his Fool's Journey began so long ago but Poliro awoke him to just how far he's come.

» Extra: [Anything extra to add?]


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[mod]Nothing's really... wrong here, or bad. It's--I dunno. It's like, really straight forward and simple in design? Hard to describe my impression, but anyways, approved.[/mod]

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The Fool's Sword Style
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