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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Mon May 15, 2017 1:12 pm


睡 眠 獣

Information: Over the course of the Kokuryuteshi building their empire, Kin and his followers had amassed an army capable of endless levels of destruction, matching and going beyond that of even the Gotei 13. Over four hundred years later, their empire had expanded heavily onto the earth, capable of controlling and influencing multiple continents and countries all around. Whilst most of their functions take place within K-world, the Kokuryuteshi utilize locations such as North and South Korea to build, command and control surrounding portions. This thread will cover the usage, and availability, of their resources in both political enhancement and military. Despite being silent for years, the Kokuryuteshi must not be forgotten as a massive threat to the way of the modern Earth and multiverse, proving this through their resources and available equipment.

On Earth, the Kokuryuteshi have four main countries that expand upon their empire while the others are utopia's designed with their end goal in mind: to bring order to those whom lack it, and to replace incompetent leaders. This only accounts for the main four locations they utilize, for a look at their other countries, ask me personally or locate their board descriptions.

Available Equipment:

The URE Realm - A realm accessed and crafted by Kin Iramasha which utilizes a seemingly endless variety of energy sources. The Kokuryuteshi use this for powering a lot of their structures and locations.

The URE Link - A small implant, smaller than a grain of rice, that connects all Kokuryuteshi operatives who have it installed.

The URE Spheres - A type of raw energy designed that was crafted by Kin Iramasha, found within the URE Realm.

VOIDSERIES - A prototype creation by Kokuryuteshi scientists that act as enforcers and elite troops within Kokuryuteshi cities.

The Kuro Sosu - A giant super computer that is typically placed below Kokuryuteshi cities, capable of acting as a defense as well as power source.


Pyongyang: North Korea is the forefront nation for Kokuryuteshi's military conquest within eastern and northern Asia. Due to the size of both north and south Korea combined, the Kokuryuteshi were capable of keeping the two nations completely separate - warping North Korea into that of one giant military bunker, the storage of not only weapons, but garrisons of troops all accommodated with special built architecture by the Exigent Discoveries corporation. Below is a list of all their resources, weapons and equipment available for deployment within the military based state. North Korea has a bunch of not only barracks and military encampments, but different outposts all throughout the company. This includes such things as "aether farms", farms utilized by the K-world Military to not only energize their buildings and weapons, but even draw as an energy source for high ranking individuals.

Aside from all this, the architecture of North Korea has seemingly been designed in such a way that it accommodates all military personnel. It houses not only barracks and weapons caches, but also personal housing for many people. The southern quadrant, closer to the South Korean border, is found to typically be littered with mountain ranges, among the mountains is where Kokuryuteshi's housing and architecture has been built. There are not only buildings designed into the sides of mountains and atop of them, but also inside them. The Korean architectural plan focuses heavily on accommodating the mountain ranges into their homes. This is usually done by Exigent literally drilling into mountain ranges and stabilizing by rebuilding and structuring braces all around the inside, holding not only the top of the mountain up, but removing a possibility of collapse. For this reason there are usually one, two or three main entrances to the mountain range homes and bases - depending where you are. There are a few major mountain ranges which serves as bases and housing complexes, the important ones are listed below.

Iustitia Weapons Facility: This is the primary weapons facility in North Korea. The building itself is pure white in colour and extends kilometers into the sky, parting the clouds itself. The extended pillar is about a hundred meters thick and has two methods of getting to the top: one is the small ten person elevator that exists in the south west quadrant of the building. The second method is the giant gravitational field which seemingly "launches" whatever item, weapon or device into space. Officially, this is only a small portion of the facility where as the main section focuses on not only production of weapons from the defensive sector of Unitech, but personal devices for all combatants. The entire facility spans over three miles, the space elevator taking over five hundred meters of said room.

  • Space Elevator Liberatoris: As briefly mentioned, Space Elevator Liberatoris is the giant portion of the Iustitia Weapons Facility that has the capability of launching objects, weapons and even people into space. This space elevator exists for a few reasons - the most important and perhaps deadly is being able to launch both defensive and offensive countermeasures against an opponent. Depending on what the weapons designed are capable of, there can be a variety of different uses for this space elevator. By giving a specifically designed weapon enough air time to actually launch an attack over a large location - one might imagine the following result could be quite destructive. Although in the same sense that the weapon may destroy a location, counter measures designed by Unitech can be deployed in the same manner. For this reason, they have designed a bunch of different weapons and defensive tech to try and hold their regions from invaders.

Iustitia Weapons Facility pictures:

Internum Montis: One of the main attractions of North Korean architecture is their capability of building industries and different cities within the middle of mountains. Internum Montis is one of the major cities dug into the now empty Mount Paektu, the former volcano having erupted a long time ago. By not only accomidating large parts of their populace into housing within and on the sides of these mountains, they can access a variety of different resources by mining into areas where the volcano was one active. One of the most impressive feats of Internum Montis is the long, around ten kilometers and continuing, into the crust, making use of the resources that North Korea has kept hidden away for many years. The city itself, situated within the direct middle of the mountain, is mostly dark and accommodating to the lack of natural light, consistent artificial light shining throughout the entire city. Many of Kokuryuteshi's workers, or simply people who have been indoctrinated, live within this city. Miners are the most common type of workers within this city.

The Kokuryuteshi had succeeded in making this mountain city by careful placement of structural support on the areas in which they drilled. Using metals typically only found within K-world, the Kokuryuteshi were capable of drilling into the side of the mountain, pulling the large drills out and constructing a support frame before drilling even further. Where everyone looks, they would mostly see a metal frame coating the once Earth roof, the only direct sunlight poring in from the three main entrances. Although mostly an industrial focused city, Internum Montis has proven to be a rather interesting location for those who dare to visit any of the Kokuryuteshi's settlements. Although mostly a city, atop of the mountain is a regrown and overflow of green and life brought back to the lack that once was bland and white. The lake itself is still considered the North and South Koreans "spiritual home".

Available Equipment: URE Realm Link - The Kokuryuteshi within North Korea have been allowed a connection directly to that of the Ure Realm. The URE realm is what the Kokuryuteshi use, with it's large amounts of URE energy, to power the likes of North Korea.

The Kuro Sōsu Link - Placed under majority of their major cities, the Kuro Sosu exists to give their fighters a "home field advantage" type spiritual buff should an opponent try and fight them on home turf. Within North Korea, this is typically under Pyongyang, housing their weapons facility.

VOID Series Link - Within North Korea, the VOID series focuses primarily on enforcing law and order. Not only are there specific ones that patrol North Korea itself, but the house three 0-5 tier VOID's within their various warehouses. These act as deterrents for any foe who enters, alongside any other defense mechanisms in place. There are five 1-5 Tier models atop of this.


South Korea: Unlike their North Korean counter parts, which are mostly focused on industrialization and military prowess, South Korea keeps Korean names for their cities, towns and locations throughout. Unlike their northern brothers, South Korea has kept a lot of it's "unique vibe". This means that a lot of their architecture is designed to keep places like Seoul a vibrant and condensed city, a pure white city with major influence and emphasis on technology. If one were to look around South Korea, they would mostly see large cities spread out mostly along the coastlines. Since coming under Kokuryuteshi control, a lot of their normally considered "sacred" locations have been warped into habitable locations for civilians and allies to visit. The most unique part about South Korea life style is their emphasis on mountaneous living when outside of the major cities. Unlike most North Korean regions, Kokuryuteshi had not changed or warped the landscapes and natural mountains even within areas they wanted to wipe and build cities upon. Instead, they incorporated the mountains and their unique structures into every day life.

City of Seoul: The city of Seoul has seem some rather drastic changes and expansion in overall size since the Kokuryuteshi took command of the country. The city itself is mostly entirely painted in a pure white coating, many people dubbing it the "city of glass" for it's pure aesthetic. With a focus on accommodating civilians and visitors, Seoul serves as the crown jewel of Kokuryuteshi in the Asian region. The city represents what they strive for within Earth, control and tight regulation in which those within can live free of doubt or fear. Given the current worlds status, a lot of the civilians are unaware of a lot of outside issues - as if to not break the illusion of peace and harmony. At first, a lot of the civilians were indoctrinated into Kokuryuteshi lifestyle if they proved resistance, but generations had passed by and they need not continue that practise. Generations went by, and people seemingly accepted their placement within Seoul.

For the most part, Unitech, a giant technology based conglomerate, utilize the functions and location of the city in completing projects. Large portions of the city itself are entirely dedicated to employees under the banner of Unitech and Kokuryuteshi, not only designing and building a wide variety of different technology for Unitech, but Kokuryuteshi as a whole. While their influence in North Korea is mainly focused on military might and production, including that of battle ships and other war equipment, South Korea focuses on the bio and nano technology associated with human bodies and how science effects every day life.

Pictures of Seoul:

Busan: Busan is considered one of the main cities within South Korea, and also the "border" between the URE Realm and those within the Kokuryuteshi. Busan, unlike it's current form, has been remodeled to fit around a massive crater in the Earth - the crater itself typically sealed off from civilians and those whom would wander. At the deepest pits, the URE Realm link is found, a constantly emitting world of pure energy that is not only connected to the city of Busan as a whole, but the entirety of North and South Korea. The URE Realm is held open by two large generator style machines which were designed and created by Kin himself to keep a constant state of connection and access to the URE Realm. With the entrance to the realm covered by a sheet of thick steel, the city of Busan is capable of siphoning direct URE Energy from this realm and applying it through a massive grid to the entire countries of North and South Korea.

Seoraksan: Seoraksan, once considered the second largest mountain region within South Korea, has been warped drastically from it's original appearance. While still considered the second largest mountain region in South Korea, the Kokuryuteshi have been able to incorporate not only buildings and towns, but entire cities into the sides and atop of mountains. Unlike North Korea, which literally drill into the center of a mountain for both industrial and defensive reasons, South Korea's architecture is much more elegant and free in appearance. Seoraksan focuses heavily on keeping plants alive, a large dome being built around a body of water which leads into a waterfall, a giant tree situated in the middle. Seoraksan is mainly used as a scientific exploration zone. This city, while very controlled and under the steel grasp of Kokuryuteshi, is used to first test and bring scientific experiment to life. This means that a lot of different human test subjects will be brought into the various laboratories all around the mountain sides.

If one were to enter Seoraksan, the first thing they would notice is it's purity. The city is almost sparkling clean, as if nobody had even set foot in there. Although the city is a scientific experimental zone, a lot of South Koreans have been living her under the grasp of Kokuryuteshi to simply escape the normal city life. The clouds that rest just below the top of the cities are often incorporated into the design. Below is a rather large lake, the largest lake in all of Korea, where the main waterfall empties into. Outside of the most populated areas, houses and buildings are built up onto large pathways carved in the side of mountains, many observatories and such located here.

Seoraksan picture:

Available Equipment: URE Realm Link - Similar to North Korea, South Korea have a direct access to the URE Realm which powers all of their cities and locations. At a whim, the towers powering it can be turned off and the connection to the realm closed. If closed for too long, both countries will run out of power after two weeks.

The Kuro Sōsu Link - The Kuro Sosu exists, primarily, underneath the likes of Seoul. Spanning more than the entirety of the city, the mass of computers and technology acts in the exact same way to the one in Pyongyang. The Kuro sosu is powered by the URE realm like the rest of Korea.

VOID Series Link - Unlike North Korea, South Korea only maintains a single 0-5 styled VOID Series. To combat this difference, South Korea has within all major cities at least five 1-3 tiered VOID's.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: Since Kokuryuteshi's control over Saudi Arabia in the early years of 2400, there hasn't been very many changes in terms of landscape. Although Kokuryuteshi have the capability to reform and change the entirety of the desert ridden country into a green and lively utopia, their original design was to keep it to a desert aesthetic. Although the terrain is the same, the difference in city structure and location is all but completely different. For Saudi Arabia, their architecture has mostly been designed with 'practicality' in mind. Although the city of Riyadh remains their capital and riddled with technology, the out skirting cities of Medina and coastal city of Jeddah have been transformed with military production in mind. Further information on their functions are detailed below.

Riyadh: The city of Riyadh remains the capital of Saudi Arabia, not only because of it's population size, but it's location. It is situated directly in the middle of the country among the desert and away from coastlines, making it less industrialized and production based, and more focused on housing and energy supply to the rest of the country. Unlike the Korean power supply, Saudi Arabia not only relies on the usage of URE Realm's consistant energy, but powering of industrial zones via a high power Aether stone. Riyadh itself is powered entirely by the construction of a URE zone similar to the one in Busan, South Korea. In the direct center of the 1,554km squared city lies a crater, around five hundred meters wide and twice as deep. At the direct bottom is a similar link to the URE Realm. Although there are key differences to this link, far different than that of the Korean power source.

Riyadh's main attraction appears to be culture, albeit all signs of prior Islamic influence seems to have been purged by the Kokuryuteshi. Not only had the initially indoctrinated a lot of the civilians, but warped the cities into a much more vibrant and colourful zone. Although surrounded by desert, at night, the entire city glows a vibrant golden hue, both the radiating power from the URE Realm and the lights influencing the world around them visually.

Imperium Technology Facility: Located within the confines of Jeddah, the Imperium Technology Facility is a twenty kilometer long facility dedicated to the construction and manufacture of both piloted-technology such as warships and smaller combat armor, all the way down to non-piloted tech such as the VOID Series created years ago. The main production of this location is not only to focus on warships that can be used as raiding vessels, but also focusing on both relocation and production. The most impressive thing about this facility is not it's size for production, but rather grand and large the docking areas are. The city of Jeddah may have no changed much outside of this facility, but the coastline that orders the city acts as a rather important factor for K-world.

Spanning over three kilometers, extending out of the water is a large and rather elevated platform that land a variety of different warships. Broken up into quadrants, the landing zone to the far East is mainly dedicated to the storage and repairs of VOID Series android-type machines. The rest of the platform is not only free to all different types of ships, vehicles and android like creations - but are stored, repaired and readied for missions. While much of the technology is present with Saudi Arabia and is used as a primary front in the Asian sector alongside North Korea, a lot of the technology is warped in via alternate methods from K-World itself. Although the military has a strong hold on this sector, Unitech have associates involved with the sector to make sure production is underway and they have their personal hand in the matter.

Industrial City of the Red Sea: Once the gigantic city of Mecca, the Industrial City of the Red Seas has been transformed into a gigantic front line and industry based city for the Kokuryuteshi. Due to their close proximity to opposing enemies borders, The industrial city focuses on defense against those whom would attack from across the red sea. This is mainly a defensive position for a variety of reason, however they maintain a few methods of attack should someone become an aggressor onto their position. The city itself is rather pristine and white in overtone despite it's industrial based focus, yet the most iconic part of this "Red Sea City" is the exceedingly large Aether Stone that floats directly over head of the entire city itself. While smaller than some buildings reaching into the sky, the gem itself is rather large and thick enough that, should it drop, would completely obliterate absolutely anything below. With a stream of consistent Aether based energy tethering it to the sky above, there is a constant radiant glow of blue energy from it.

The Aether stone has two main functions. The primary is defense of the city itself, holding a strategic ground against opposing forces from the south west portion of the map. Although an Iramasha's creation, the Aether stone itself is said to be able to hold incredible amounts of Aether and is seemingly self replenishing. Kin had created this stone in hopes for imitating the Master Stone which is in the hands of the Iramasha, but when it failed was delegated to the country of Saudi Arabia to hold major defenses across it's border. The stone is capable of launching projected barriers to intercept attacks such as rockets, bullets or even energy based assaults such as chaos blasts or artillery fire. Although it can defend against attacks like this, the resource pool is not entirely limitless. If the assaults keep ongoing, the barriers of aether may begin to fade and become non existent.

Red Sea Aether Stone picture:


China: China is still very much considered the "epicenter" of Asia, and the trademark location for all Kokuryuteshi trade and business. Although the other sectors such as North Korea are more military focused, China is an amalgamation of all powers within the Kokuryuteshi pored into a single country. While not as military focused and powerful as North Korea and Saudi Arabia, China still has proven to hold a very diverse and strong personal army of their own - one that is capable of facing their adversaries to the east in Japan, or those to the north within Russia. China's population has not only shown to explode beyond the billion citizens in the year 2017, but now house two billion citizens in total. These citizens are both natural residents, born and raised within China itself, and immigrants from the Kokuryuteshi realms and those whom joined them. For the most part, China is the perfect location for all form of trade based deals and is also a major hub for all of Kokuryuteshi's plans. Not too unlike China of four hundred years earlier.

The once smog and pollution ridden China has been given new life with their dictating rule, but there is much to be done elsewhere...

Beijing: Beijing is still considered the capital of China, much like it always has been. There are key differences from the original city however - the aesthetic has been warped into that of a rather pure and white looking scheme, yet keeping a lot of the original aesthetic and draw that the cities gave. This means that their towering sky scrapers are now not only even taller and expansive, but their old school architecture of typical Chinese/Asian style has been expanded upon atop of the futuristic style. Beijing is split into three major sectors: the trade district, the spiritual district and the housing district. Depending on where someone goes, they will find a variety of different utilities and differences. Beijing, overall, is around five times as large as it once was. This means that it not only reaches across the harbor of Tianjin, but goes inland much further than normal. The city itself has expanded so much that it virtually rests up alongside the Great Wall of China.


Tiānkōng: Once known as the city of "Shangai", Tiankong has been warped into a largely military and defensive focused city which expands out across the vast ocean for kilometers on end. The biggest appeal of this location for a military base is the proximity to South Korea. For this defensive location to work, the rather golden and blue hued city expands mostly over water with a lot of the primary manufacturing of defensive systems and equipment happening underwater itself. To get a grasp of the workings of this city, one must imagine an artificial landscape build over the top of the ocean, connecting to the mainland. If one were to walk atop of this platform, they would see an array of buildings and lots of districts - yet no sky scrapers. The kokuryuteshi refer to these as "Hǎidǐ suìdào (海底隧道)" or 'ocean tunnels' in English. Connecting to the bottom of the ocean platforms, large structures have been constructed and lowered into the water across the ocean. Each building underwater has specific uses, a few of the main ones detailed below.

What is the purpose of an underwater city/manufacture? There are a few perks, but most of this is secrecy and defense. Initially, the area was designed to transfer goods between China and Korea, however was quickly added onto silently by Kokuryuteshi, hiding not only from the public eye how much military stock they were making, but also from their enemies. Although hidden facotires are throughout, the underwater cities and buildings brings a lot of tourists and even having large housing complexes on the outer edges of Tiankong.

  • Xūnǐ de: Otherwise known as Virtual one, Xuni de is the main "connector" between south Korea and China. Running directly from Tiankong all the way to Seoul, South Korea, this is a lightning fast method of transportation powered by aether based energies. While a lot of the city itself is maintained by URE Realm energy reserves, by directly inputting the golden Aether energy so often associated with Kokuryuteshi, items, weapons and anything of value up to five hundred meters in width can be loaded into this long "transportation tube". This will arrive within mere moments of sending it off, capable of sending resources to the key cities within seconds if needed. This is also a major factor in how Kokuryuteshi can protect their other cities by manufacturing and trading in China, and quickly shit it to another province they own. For one to utilize this transportation method, they must have a fairly strong presence of some type of spiritual energy and within K-world itself. Via a giant panel located at the entrance, the user must channel intense spiritual energy into a slot that consumes their entire arm momentarily. The machine will then convert whatever spirutual energy they use into an aether based substance, use the energy to power the machine. When firing, or sending the item in question, a golden flash is visible from even outerspace from the underwater region between the two cities. This is capable of sending troops and such as well, however with a high possibility of nausea.

  • Shēngchǎn zhōngxīn: This is considered the largest production facility in China. Based entirely underwater and rather close to the shore in comparison to the other underwater buildings, the facility focuses on airships and transportable stock and ammunition. Running across the ocean floor, the main cargo and deployment area is used to both test and launch new products/designs they may be creating. For Unitech specifically, this is their largest military contract in China, dedicating all of their sources here. From above, a long chute-like elevator is designed to lower parts and equipment.

Siphon: Within the direct center of China, a small city exists with giant towers over either side of a crater. The city itself rests within the crater below, and in the direct center is a tower in which has blue and golden URE Realm energy poring from the top. Each tower on either side of the crater connects directly to the middle tower by arching over the city, stabalizing and drawing energy from the URE Realm in the process. This is placed directly in the middle of China due to needing to reach all portions of the country. Underneath the city is a giant "custom plate", a network capable of housing and distributing the URE energy to the cities all over China. If one were to destroy this city or close the Siphon itself, it could eventually shut off the entire power supply to China. It would take two weeks to entire run out of power for the country.


Chinese Mainland: Outside of the cities and technology, much of China remains unchanged in scenery. Many of the smaller towns had been added onto over time, increases in both population and size of the cities as well. However much of the landscape had been untouched to kind of "preserve" the natural appearance in which China was so famous for, many of their spiritual symbols kept alongside their asian architecture. In truth, the mainland isn't utilized much outside of modelling for their vision of a Kokuryuteshi controlled Earth. There are a few locations and forests which have been modeled for military, production and different uses though. For a location/resource thread, these locations are not necessary.

Available Equipment: URE Realm Link - China is quite reliant on their access to the URE Realm and it's endless source of energy. Similar in method to the other countries, they siphon the URE energy and power all of their cities with it. Unlike the other cities, however, China is far too big for the Kuro Sosu to cover the location - thus relying on more intricate and unique methods of connecting to the power source, large custom "plates" installed underneath a lot of the landscapes upon remodeling.

VOID Series Link - The VOID Series houses a higher amount than the other nations due to the size of the country, thus taking two 0-5 tiered VOID, five 1-3 tier, and seven 2-1 tier VOID.


The Kokuryuteshi's Earth Nations and Resources Ap8OoJO

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