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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2419, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Steeds   Steeds EmptyWed May 17, 2017 12:10 pm

Steeds FrSC0tv

» Item Name: Steeds
» Item Type: Horsemen/Unabara

» Used For: It Depends

Information on Steeds: Steed's are a special type of device or weapon in some cases. They serve the riders of the Unabara. They are specialized equipment that cannot be found elsewhere. As the practice of making them became a Taboo at one point. The weapon is special from others as it's entirely alive. Like a Zanpakuto spirit in some ways without the Shikai or special powers. The weapon functions as the Horsemen's Steed in combat. Offering an outlook that doesn't exist from the other one. These weapons maintain themselves through a connection that is symbiotic with the Horsemen they call Master. The process of creating a Steed is something done in some cases but rare. By using their cursed blood and binding a soul to a weapon. This can be done with almost any soul they are able to make speed. The weapon takes the likeness of the rider in mind. Changing to become a tool of destruction and death on the battlefields. They do have genders and these depend on the person they serve. Steed's do have a physical manifestation form they travel in. It's almost like a small creature hovering on the figures of the Horsemen.

Only four have been made thus far but the method for making them is still viable for the Unabara. Ruin, Despair, Rampage, and Calamity. They all sit waiting for the correct hands. Despair serves only Tsubasa and these weapons are extremely picky about wielder. The reason Tsubasa's not brought the other three out. They are very likely to try and kill or test the next rider. Tsubasa can't control what they decide upon and do within their devices. These living beings are dangerous as they consume the souls of the wicked. Using them as the power to become stronger and destroy enemies. Tsubasa's stopped wielding his weapon as it caused troubled. These weapons go against the balance and are something wicked. The process of creation may have changed for them. The evolution of them can be done through a bond with the rider instead. But in those days the Unabara road under the night sky. With the Ghost Riders in the sky, they were bringers of death and carnage. Blood stains this family hands, unlike many others.

A spot in hell may be waiting for those who decide to wield a Steed. But the question is does your devotion to the cause at hand overwhelm concern for later. If so pick up your Steed and fight without recourse. Understand the ends justify the means in this case. Survival is the core tenant of the Unabara. The core belief and Steed's have sworn to protect and defend that with their riders in mind.

» Item Description: The item while similar to a Zanpakuto couldn't be more different. For the first thing, it does have abilities that are like it. But the weapon doesn't have releases of any kind. The weapon bonds with the wielder in different ways and functions. Allowing it to form and grow differently from most. The weapon can change it's formed and do evolutions that make it different from others. The weapon grows from death not from life or a bond. It's a cursed artifact of the Unabara's past. The smell of blood on most steeds is strong. But evolution awaits to see if they can change for this life. Evolution is the key word of a Steed. They are things not bound by singular form or skill. They shape and act differently from most.

Each one is attached to something that makes them special and different from others. Taking a form that represents the Horsemen best. But each Horsemen has undergone tests of a type that cannot be forgotten or ever completely escaped. It's said that Tsunashi until his dying day had night terrors of the testing from Ruin. Tsubasa's reluctance to bring them out again is something easily understood. These do not function as Artificial Zanapktuo, these, however, can function similarly if the host decides to. But this would be more similar to a Ziamichi if anything. This is a choice the user must make when creating one and feeding it the resources required. They are similar to Bakkōtō.

» Obtained From:First and foremost is a Blood Ritual with the wielder's blood and a soul to be condemned into the weapon. These souls can be anything or anyone if done properly. Characters, of course, require permission from the owner if such is the case. Also, the tier has nothing to do with power here. The weapon only begins growth as a weapon. The ritual at this time is only known to Tsubasa Unabara. He's the last one to have that cursed thing on his mind. The lessons of the past to survive to haunt the night still within the imagination of him. It's partly why he's condemned himself to never love or open his heart. This is the burden Tsubasa had to take up in order to protect his family.

» Yen Price: Can't really buy them, but not sure what they'd cost.
» Notes: [Any other information or personal notes you'd like to add]
» Wielders: Rampage and Despair are with Ulv, Ruin is with Takehiko Kuchiki. And Calamity is currently Missing in Action, put away by Tsubasa in an unknown location.


Steeds XZGpCF2

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[adm]After talking to Crow in PC, I will be approving this under the same guidelines as War's Gauntlets. If these are abused, I will come back to this and review it again. Otherwise, approved![/adm]
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