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 The Young Technomancer, Chún Liàng [Approved, 6-0]

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Chún Liàng
纯 亮

» Name: Chún Liàng (纯亮) is the legal name of a Chinese citizen currently residing with the Kokuryuteshi Empire. Her first name Chún directly translated to "pure'; while her last name "Liàng" translates to "bright" or "shining". Originally an orphan, her name has grown in importance, especially among the Kokuryuteshi empire. If you have any knowledge of the Kokuryuteshi or use their tech, it is likely you have heard the name "Chun Liang" at least once.

» Gender: Female

» Alias': The Young Technomancer, The Voice For The Silent, Head of Technology at Unitech.

» Age: Chun is currently 22 years old, and was born on September 10th 2395.

» Species: Human. Chun Liang is incapable of gaining any spiritual essence due to the way her tech has messed with her body, making her spiritually powerless.

» Affiliation & Residence: Other than mainly residing within China itself, Chun is typically found within any of the Kokuryuteshi's Earth locations. Mainly the cities spread throughout China, she often transfers between South Korea and the city of Tiānkōng. Due to the nature of her work, she often sends herself to these cities for materials and to work on projects. Other than the Earth locations, Chun rarely ever visits Kokuryuteshi Realm itself. She has been there a few times, mostly on business ventures, but her deep connection with her home country of China and her connection with Earth, she wishes to remain on it as much as possible. As one might guess, this also puts her in affiliation directly with the Kokuryuteshi Empire and makes her one of the leaders of Unitech, as well as serving within the Tech Center in the military. She is considered a top tier scientist there, working on not only bio and nano-technology as her field of expertise, but also advanced robotics.

The Young Technomancer, Chún Liàng [Approved, 6-0] JPZiEsc

Written Appearance

» Body type: Chun's body is actually quite slim, around the average size for a Chinese woman of her age. Although her appearance may be grand or different than others, her body structure is quite petite and defined, especially in locations which her outfit reveals. Underneath her clothes one would see that she is actually rather fit, not muscular, but rather very lean and cardio focused body. Her arms are petite, almost as if no muscle appears across them, but she is still quite physically fit. She stands at five foot eight, around the average height for a 21 year old Chinese woman.

» Face, eyes and hair: A few of the key portions of Chun's appearance lay in her face. Her sweeping hair that coils off to the right side of her head is dyed a vibrant red, the tips of her bangs dipped in a white snow-like colour, fading only at the very tips. Her hair doesn't even go past the bottom of her neck, her short hair consistently being cut to keep her rather unique look. Her face seems to be rather small overall, but her lips are usually always coated in a crimson red lipstick, making her lips quite pronounced. Her eyes are the most amazing part of her facial features though, the yellow and orange hues that seem so unnatural being a distinguishing feature for her. Her iris have not been genetically altered, nor tampered with by spiritual energy or her own tech. These are simply the natural colour of her eyes.

» Tattoos: Another defining feature of Chun is the giant blue tattoo that runs up the left side of her body. The tattoo seems tribal in nature, the elegant curves and artwork printed onto her body quite pronounced with the outfit she wears. The tattoo runs from the top of her neck all the way down to her ankle on her left side - portions of the tattoos hidden by her clothes for obvious reasons, but lets a large portion of his show through the ripped and revealing clothing. These tattoos aren't normal tattoos however, they are implantation of her own technology which allow her to manipulate and use technology in an amazing and unique way. She had made herself a guinea pig in a sense, the tattoos implanted are a result of her own technology taking a hold on her body, something she has mastered over time. Aside from the obvious tattoo, there is another small one of the back of her neck with the Chinese character "家" (Jia), meaning 'home'.

» Irregularities: Some portions of her seems to have changed the moment tech had been introduced to her body, not in an obvious way, but subtlety that you might not notice unless you examined her naked body carefully. Under her chest, on the left side, a small scar appears and has a "cross-like" incision due to her cutting open her own body there. On her wrists appears to be scars which show she not only has been cut multiple times for scientific purposes, but longer scars which have been nearly faded out running up her arm. In her early life, she had resorted mildly to self-harm, something that she doesn't think fondly of the more she looks back on it. Regardless, these aren't that visible due to how much medicine and technology has helped it fade, but one could still definitely feel them if they ran their hands across the scar.

» Main Attire: Chun will often be found wearing one of two main attires: either her casual of official Kokuryuteshi attire. Her main attire is rather gritty and dark in comparison to those around her, a red mid-riff shirt that wraps around her shoulders but dips at the chest to reveal a small amount of cleavage. This shirt emphasizes the tattoos all up her left side, revealing them in a rather beautiful contrast. On one side of her body is a fur-hood, seemingly a torn and tattered shoulder pad that gives half a fur hood on her right side. While her hands are covered in finger-less gloves, her waist is simply shown to sport ripped brown pants which are torn slightly up her thigh and directly at the knees, once again showing off her blue tattoo that runs down her leg. A yellow and ripped rag seems to hang from her waist in a belt like fashion, too. For shoes, she simply wears high-top boots which run up most of her calf, stopping before reaching the knee area.

» Accessories: Although most of her accessories are equipment and tech based, which can be found under her 'equipment' section, she has a few personal items which she refuses to let go of. One of the most important ones to her is the bracelet that wraps around her upper wrist. On the top of the bracelet, the Chinese characters for "新" (Xīn), or 'New' in English. Due to never meeting her mother or father, Chun has purposely picked this bracelet to try and remind herself: You are born a-new. Her life had changed the moment the Kokuryuteshi overtook China, and her life was given purpose. Chun views this act, and the opportunity given to her, as if she was given new life. A life she didn't know was possible was suddenly thrust upon her, and even though their methods may be crude or hard, Chun can use that past as a crutch to prove a new life is possible. The only other accessory that she has on her body is a cloth piece she keeps coiled in her pocket with the Chinese characters: 常将有日思无日,莫将无时想有时. (When rich, think of poverty, but don't think of riches when you are poor.) This serves as a personal reminder when she might seem to lose sight of her goal.

» Kokuryuteshi Attire: Her kokuryuteshi attire is much more formal than her usual attire, a rather dark coloured piece that elegantly serves to cover majority of her body. Unlike many normal female attire, her outfit has a white dress shirt as the base, a black tie held at her neck. Over the top of this is a black overcoat, a popped collar that, when done up, covers majority of her neck. This is isimilar to a blazer in a sense. With golden pins and trimming on the edges of the outfit, she has a variety of different overcoats all with different trimming and golden edges. Other than a skirt, she wears simple long black pants with pure black and sleek shoes. Her overall attire can be compared more heavily to a males outfit, but she hates the typical idea of a skirt and similar attire, leading her to choose a more comfortable outfit in a male option.


» Laid Back: To put Chun's personality simply, she is extremely easy going and laid back. Not a lot of situations phase her and even normally emotionally draining or stressful events take little toll on her psyche. Partially this is due to her past as an orphan and living in China before the Kokuryuteshi had actually established a foothold and reformed the country. The world was full of danger and anger, yet Chun gazed through the veil and attempted to give the world something it needed: hope. Not because the powerful beings of the world would protect them, but rather that their inability to fight like them did not make them less as humans. Her laid-back personality was originally a facade she forced herself to adopt, to show that even among the Gods of the world, she could remain calm and not be looked down upon as less of a being - but rather an equal. Over time, it was casually melded into her actual persona, thus making not only a lot of her daily life somewhat lazy, but finding little to quarrel about.

» Focused: Alongside her laid back persona, as a result, Chun finds it very easy to slip into her mentality of focus on both her work and area around her. An iron focus such as hers takes a lot to break, even though her physical strength has proven to not be so great, her mentality is her weapon in this regard. Overcome against impossible odds, Chun Liang uses this in both combat and her work, either fighting against all odds and never missing a beat in combat - or fixing or crafting new technological materials on the fly. Her focus is one of her defining characteristics, when properly in tune with the target of her focus, it's almost as if everything around her goes silent. She does not talk and all sense of time seems to become irrelevant, not stopping whatever task she is performing until the end goal is met.

» Exceptional Intellect: As one might imagine by her position at Unitech and the way her body/mind operates, Chun Liang is an extremely smart individual - to the point of genius status. Her main focus in life has been around not only analysing and learning about new technologies which Kokuryuteshi have allowed her to access, but how they interact and work with the human body. For this reason she is renown for crafting entirely new theories and mathematical equations that revolutionized the way Kokuryuteshi and China use their technology. Even though she is still incredibly young, she is considered one of the top scientists within Kokuryuteshi alongside the likes of Dr. Kabuto Hebi. Although her intellect is a main portion of her personality, a lot of simpler and easier solutions seem to go over her head. Even if she were to focus directly on a task that had a simple fix or solution, her brain always seems to look towards the most complicated route - typically thinking of how to upgrade the item in question. A double edged sword in a sense, being so smart that a lot of the easier concepts pass you by.

» Rambler: Especially while working on technology, Chun will often find herself rambling out loud, basically saying whatever crosses her mind while working. Often times this will be about stressful situations or people she might need to vent about, making it extra awkward should someone walk in on her working when she's talking about them. A lot of the time she will also ramble about her formulas, a lot of which seem to be absolutely gibberish to the likes of anyone not extremely familiar with Kokuryuteshi technology. Due to the lack of understanding from a lot of the population, this will seem like she's speaking a completely separate language other than Chinese or English most of the time.

» Advocate For Earth: One of Chun Liang's defining trait is her fight for Earth. At a young age she was taken in and brought into a livable society by the likes of the Kokuryuteshi, a poverty ridden China risen from it's ashes into it's current glorious state. K-world, in essence, saved Chun from a life that was leading her to an early grave. An orphan raised and given the option to find her true potential. Although many see Kokuryuteshi as an evil organization that look to overtake the world, Chun views them in a far more favorable light. She looks at them and sees... hope. Hope where the rest of the world had abandoned. Shadow Fall might seek destruction, demons and Hollows might find entertainment in destruction of the beautiful Earth the sit upon, but Chun sees the Kokuryuteshi as fixing the errors humans have made. Even if that change is to come from the likes of forced subjugation at first, her experience with their take over of China specifically had shaped her view on the group at large. She refuses to see others suffer at the fate of incompetent and foolish leaders like her country had, leaving children like her on the street to rot and die.

» Adrenaline Junkie: Although her focus is iron clad, her adrenaline junkie style persona seems to take control when she doesn't focus. This means that she will often find herself performing outlandish tests, taking intense risks in experiments or being rather careless with a lot of her actions in search for a bit of a thrill. This is obviously most common in her experiments, not even being afraid of hurting herself in the process of testing her new products. Although her adrenaline seeking ways tends to avoid hurting those of innocence, refusing to test it on civilians. This means that any adrenaline seeking ways will usually be out of public eye, making sure that the possibility of hurting innocents passing by is near zero.

» Pride: As previously mentioned, Chun has a lot of pride in her country and wishes nothing but a bright future for it. Although her pride extends to her country, her mentality also extends to the entire human race. She wishes to see the world be cleansed of the incompetence, to bring it the order and life that the Kokuryuteshi can offer. As someone who suffered at the hands of incompetence and uncaring leaders, her pride in the human race allows her to grow and hope for a better future for the Earth and her fellow humans. Above anything else, above being Chinese and above being a part of the Kokuryuteshi, she was a person. She has a giant heart full of compassion and truly believes the human race is capable of great things - should they be given the chance to grow and coexist beautifully. But as long as people remain subjugated and poor, or dying, they will never be able to realise their potential for greatness. Pride in herself? No. Pride as a human? Absolutely.

» Lack of sleep: Due to her "work-a-holic" like mentality, Chun is often found running on little to no sleep and pumped full of caffeine to keep herself awake. This makes for some not only dangerous experiments, but downright bad ideas due to sleep deprecation. Although she typically runs on very little sleep and can seem a little "jitter" like, she insists that she's fine and doesn't need to rest at all. This is both a downside of having a consistently active mind, mixed in with her genius level intellect, making for some worrying decisions but also health related issues. A lot of the time this means she will require medication to sleep properly. Atop of her active mind, often times she will be so engulfed by a project that she will actually forget sleep is a thing, proving that her ironclad focus is not only a marvelous thing, but dangerous. She has been so focused that she has passed out mid-experiment before, not even realizing the tiredness dawning over her because her mind is so focused on the project at hand.

» Creativity: With a mind such as hers, she needs to see things in a rather abstract and unique way. Not only for her work which allows her to create marvelous creations and incredible designs of modern Kokuryuteshi inspired technology, but actually draw out and map plans for the future in an abstract and creative way. The way one might examine the human brain is split into two sides, one side controlling the mathematics and equations whilst the other focuses on creativity and arts. It seems as if Chun is a perfect melting pot of these two sides, combining her mathematical and analytical nature into projects for herself or Unitech at large.

» A Voice For The Silent: One of Chun's main personality traits focuses on her consistently showing herself as a strong willed person, refusing to ever waver and show herself as scared or overwhelmed by stress. For Chun, this is of absolute importance. If she doesn't prove to others, especially China and the surrounding regions, that humans don't have to be looked down upon, she feels as if she has failed. Her mentality draws consistently back to the people whom might lack hope, or feel overwhelmed by the happenings of the world. Chun wishes for them to realise they aren't just pawns in their own game, but unique individuals that matter. Even though the world may feel overwhelming, she wishes to make an example of herself, that as a human race they are strong. She wishes to be the voice for those who can't be strong, she wishes to be the strength for those who cannot fight back.


» Powerless Human: Although her body is riddled with technological enhancements and different Kokuryuteshi inspired science, there is literally zero essence of true spiritual power within her body. This means that without her tech, without all of her interesting and adaptive technology, she is simply a normal human. Not spiritually aware, not even the slightest bit of magical power. Her power, in her eyes, has always been her mind. Not her ability to shoot fire or fly, not an amazing aptitude to the cold or create objects out of thin air. Her power is to construct. To build. To use that brilliant mind locked away behind the facade of a young woman to lead humanity into a brighter tomorrow. While her powerless nature is brought into question when she enhances her otherwise empty body with tech based enhancements, at the end of the day she only utilizes such things in times of need. This is to say her battle and outgoing persona seem to be different, she is not afraid to throw everything and the kitchen sink at the enemy tech wise.

Although powerless, Chun wishes to stress that this does not equal helpless. She wishes to promote the idea that even though they are inherently at a disadvantage, people can use their uniqueness to their advantage, building unique ways to not only fight an opponent but use it in their every day life. For someone like Chun, this means applying her intellect to her robotics and scientific pursuits. For someone else, it could be designing and multitude of different types of fabrics which react differently with all the resources available to them. Chun promotes people's wish to follow their dreams and find their unique sid and make something beautiful out of it. Whether that's handing young children teddy bears they made or designing a way to withstand the blast of a million degrees inferno, it does not matter.

» Fast Thinker: One of the most important parts of Chun Liang's entire existence is how fast she can piece together plans, products and draw schematics for a fight on the fly. Specifically within combat, Chun Liang is a mastermind of crafting and mixing multiple pieces of technology into a construct on the fly. Disassembling and creating something of much greater fire power, making her quite a genius and asset on the battlefield when she had the required materials. Even outside of her combat, her natural ability to think on her toes and formulate plans almost seems inhuman. She not only doesn't use a cybernetic brain for her processing of these complex situations, but embraces it.

» Photographic Memory: Chun is one of the very few individuals who seems to have a photographic memory, capable of storing details down to the fine points in her brain for a long periods of time, if not ever. Her photographic memory is definitely a help when it comes to her everyday life and work, but often proves to be quite a nuisance when remembering stressful or depressing situations in her past. Atop of this, she also remembers the fine details of her most horrible moments. As if she was to be hurt or forced into a terrible situation, she might even find herself reliving some of those memories and crying without even realizing it. This isn't to say she has to constantly live those details, rather that they remain so vivid in her mind that it can prove to be emotionally stressful under her calm and relaxed guise.

» Physically Weak: Naturally, her body is actually quite physically weak. Although she may be physically weak, incapable of throwing hard punches by her normal body or taking big hits, Chun is someone who hardly needs that type of body. Although she is fit and perfectly slim and muscular underneath her layers of clothing, she is far more cardio-fit than actual building of strength. It must be noted that she doesn't rely on her physical strength to actually fight or use in every day life though, either falling back onto her own technology to help her in that regard.



» Kagami Iramasha-Clixx: Kagami Iramasha-Clixx is one of the first friends that Chun Liang made upon joining Kokuryuteshi and their empire. Although she is rather young, Chun finds it rather easy to get along with her and doesn't see her as royalty in any sense of the word. For Chun, Kagami is a weird case. They usually communicate in English due to Chun only speaking Chinese and English atop of this. Chun is very good at making Kagami seem like she's just another person, no importance or place in royalty, somewhere she can escape to when she gets overwhelmed. For Chun, this is always rather cute to her, and she feels like Kagami truly understands her stance on the world and wish for humanity to have a voice, to not be silenced. In a way, the two help cement each others ideology as Kagami is very set on her fathers goal of bringing order to the Earth. Their relationship, even among the likes of business officials and important times, seems to be that of constant joking and casual friendship.

» Kin Iramasha: If there was anything close to an idol in Chun's mind, Kin would be that man. It is not for the power he holds, nor really even the empire he has built up. It was for the compassion he has shown. Maybe it was a special case for her country of China, but he quite literally saved her life alongside the likes of Sing and Kagami. She has many things to thank him for, and is one of the many reasons why she remains with the Kokuryuteshi and continues to work and perhaps even die for them.

» Sing Iramasha: Sing is in a similar spot to Kin. For Chun, she sees her as someone who not only saved her life, but her entire country for ruin. Even if their methods may seem hardcore, or their approach seems less than desirable over other countries such as Australia, Chun can see that the intentions of Sing Iramasha seem to remain good. Chun truly hopes, and consistently pushes, the Kokuryuteshi empire to show mercy to the humans whom have no voice. To not forget that they exist. This is why she usually comes to Sing directly when wanting to get her point across, she always feels as if Sing actually listens to her requests and not shrug it off. Even though her name carries importance within K-world, it seems that people listened to royalty over a simple scientist.

» Metal Neo: Although he is entirely made of metal and machinery, Chun actually has a rather playful friendship with Metal Neo. Even though he is mostly made for combat and his functionality is more war focused - she always treats him like a normal person. As she was part of the division responsible for bringing him to life, she feels a sense of responsibility to keep him under maintenance and actually be someone to care for him, like a mother in a sense. Despite that tendency, Metal Neo is someone that has been with K-world for about as long as she has, so she often looks at him as an equal.

» Dr. Kabuto Hebi: Chun's relationship with Kabuto Hebi is... almost purely scientific and work related. They both are within the Tech Center within the military, Hebi being the commander while she remains the lieutenant. The two hardly seem to ever talk, but when they do, it's usually about the science of Kokuryuteshi or projects they're working on. Rarely being called into combat, the two actually hardly ever interact, so when they do go into combative situations it almost feels like the two are hardly ever on the same page atop of this.

» Nami Asthavon: She is a rather newer addition to the Kokuryuteshi, but Chun sees a lot of promise in her. A lot of the time, she will poke a lot of fun at Nami and ask her ridiculous questions even though she knows Nami prefers to not speak. It is a rather one sided relationship it seems, but Chun seems to ramble on to her and annoy her more than anything. She believes Nami can provide a powerful ally to the Kokuryuteshi, having both a hand in Demon World, but fighting for the likes of K-world itself. A rather strange arrangement, but for their goal to be met, they truly do need to unify with demons and all other realms.


» Tiānkōng Facility: Located in the once giant city of Shanghai, Tiankong has been transformed into an even larger city on both land and underwater. The underwater portions of Tiankong Facility are where her work is primarily focused, as the facilities at the bottom of the ocean city beneath the water seems to draw a lot of attention. Even though Tiankong is a tourist attraction in itself, the work done there is invaluable to Chun's work. It has most of the machinery, materials and required technology to continue work on projects or perform maintenance on creations like VOIDSERIES. Virtually all of Tiankong Facility is available to her, having seemingly unrestricted access to not only their data, but any resources and management of equipment that comes through the facility.

» VOIDSERIES: Chun Liang is actually the leading scientist behind the original creation of the beings known as "VOIDSERIES". Not only were they extremely high tech and some of the latest models of Kokuryuteshi robotics and engineering, but they also focused heavily on spiritual enhancement. Although Chun Liang herself is incapable of gaining spiritual energy, this isn't to say she can't utilize spiritually enhanced tech or simply controlling the things which are. Although she has a personalized VOIDSERIES which she can pilot atop of many other tech, most of the series are actually under her control and can be commanded by those within the Tech Center of the military. As Head of Technology at Unitech, she also gains a major control over her creation as they have an in built fail-safe that allows them to ignore other protocol and focus on her orders instead.

» Unitech Facilities and Resources: Due to her status as the Head of Technology within Unitech, a lot of the resources (almost all of their effort in fact) are accessible to the likes of Chun Liang. This means that she can personally request resources, materials and equipment to aid her in almost any business or personal ventures she might undertake. Even though her status within Unitech gives her this functionality, she doesn't actually seem to abuse it. In some cases she will call in requests, but most of the time she works with what she has around the house, or recycle things she has used previously. Often times she will be found just using Unitech facilities for her own personal projects atop of this, especially the Xūnǐ de, a connector between South Korea and China.

» Military Functions: Although her rank is not directly at the top of the military, she is capable of calling in favors or having little bits of sway within the military itself. As a lieutenant of the Tech Center, she not only oversees repairs of many of the Kokuryuteshi technology and scientific research, but has sway over it's troops which may pilot machines, remotely control or utilize personal enhancement tech. It's an interesting balance for Chun, as she is not a brilliant military commander in the slightest, she will often leave them to their own devices while she goes and does her own thing in the battle. This isn't to say she doesn't care about her subordinates, but rather she doesn't exactly know how to lead a group of soldiers into battle.



The streets smelled of piss. It had become a familiar smell for the streets of the poverty ridden Shanghai these days. China had always had a large poverty margin, but the more their population grew and the further their government seemed to restrict their freedom, Shanghai specifically went further down the drain. No matter where she looked, Chun felt as if the walls were closing in around her. She was only eight at the time, but forced to live off corrupt and abusive orphanages spread throughout the city was no way to live. She had managed to avoid lots of the families who would adopt children to either sell them off into slavery or overall be abusive, yet she wondered if even an abusive family was better than none. The urine smell wafted throughout the ally way, yet she couldn't tell whether that was the smell of Shanghai itself or the unclean nature the lower class of citizens were forced into - it all assimilated into one for her.

Chun had seated herself in the ally way, her young head bent down and into her lap, tears building in her eyes as blood dripped down from her knuckles. Most eight year old cried over their toy being broken, most cried over being hurt. Chun cried over having to protect herself. Her bloodied knuckles were a testament to the old man curled over in the deeper section of the alleyway, grunting noises of agony as he could barely hold consciousness. The tears dripped onto her bloodied knuckles, yet the voice of a harrowing man stood over her once again, ignoring the beaten old man to her left. "Hey, what's up with you? Such a young girl shouldn't be out here on her own. Come, I'll keep you safe. Promise, you can trust me~."

Chun's vision looked up slightly to meet the man and his gaze, yet what she saw was of no surprise. Even with the man bleeding and in agony beside her, this man was still trying to coerce her and use her as a tool... and whatever other things he had in mind. Without even a moments hesitation, Chun stood up and began sprinting further into the alley until she reached the other side of the street, looking over her shoulder as she ran to make sure he wasn't following. Tears continued to roll as she reached the darkened road, the voice of cars and crowds of people drowned out the sound of her crying and the dripping of blood.

Even as she walked the streets, the people beside her never even batted an eyelid. She was drenched in sweat, water and blood - yet this has become an all too common sight within Shanghai. Children with no home wandering the streets, their parents having abandoned them due to the ridiculous birth control laws placed upon families. To most people, Chun was simply another rejected child, a "child error" for all intents and purposes. Even though she was only eight and the overwhelming streets of danger and cold were likely to kill her, nobody cared. Such was the legacy of a orphaned girl within modern China, she thought. Much of her time was actually spent bouncing between orphanages or living on the street itself. In winter, she would even sometimes break into apartments that seemed to be abandoned or even large houses she was capable of hiding in. Without this, she would have definitely froze to death.

Even from such a young age, Chun had virtually given up.

A single thought repeated in her head. Before she truly even knew what life could offer her.

"我 要 死... 我 要 死... 我 要 死..."
'I want to die... I want to die.... I want to die...'

Yet, she pressed on. Even with these thoughts of suicide, of overall peril, she continued on her venture through life. It wasn't as if she had no hope - quietly, without even realising it, she hoped things would get better. She had to believe they would. The blood and sweat that drowned her body, the sleep deprivation she was undergoing, it all had to have an end, right? It didn't stop the misery within her body right now, nor did it have any means of justification, but she had to hope for a better future. Even with the messed up society she was being brought into, she had to believe in change. Both a flaw in her mentality, but a blessing to allow her to grow.

The war of Ender hundreds of year prior seemed to be all but over, yet the effects of the fight still lingered. The demons, the factions that grew over the years - all of which housed Gods among men - seemed to overwhelm Earth. The little bits of information she gained from listening to people on the street and those working within orphanages, she could place together how drastic and scary a spot the world was in. Earth was the center of a battle grounds. Although she couldn't read or write to research this herself at the time, even a blind and deaf man could pick up on the tension spread across Earth.

The world may never be totally unified, but they all shared one thing in common coming into the new century.


At this point, Chun hadn't traveled to any of the other major Chinese cities. Shanghai was always her home, she had heard the stories and marvel of the city of Beijing, but she failed to see how it could be any different to the city which was so actively against her. She had met kids who had traveled from the capital, but they always spoke as if it was "just another destination", another home that was destroyed by those unwilling to aid even the poorest in the world. Great if you're rich, another shit-hole if you're an orphan.


Years later, life hadn't changed very drastically for Chun. Her life was stilled with darkness and her mentality was consistently shifting into that of depression further and further, bouncing between cities and orphanages. Although most of her life was on the street, by the time she was 14, she was actually making small bits of money by tinkering with technology and letting people pay her to fix their equipment. This pursuit would be more akin to a hobby however, looking at all the world around her, she was still a kid - an orphan - that nobody seemed to want to trust. An error to the world. Yet the money and customers she did bring were absolutely overjoyed with her natural aptitude to tinker and build amazing structures out of technology despite her little training or professional instruction, she simply learned on her own by picking up the scraps of what people considered "broken", and made them work again.

There were rumors spreading throughout Shanghai, especially within the orphans of China, that the child trafficking services were not only getting worse - but they were coming to Shanghai directly. Prior to this, they may have had a few operatives in the city which prey on vulnerable and starving children to either sell them into slavery or use them for abusive means, sexually or mentally. This was a real fear among the lives of orphans, but for Chun it felt as if it was a fairy tail. Something like that can't happen to me, right? She thought. It seemed so far gone that it couldn't happen to her.

It was a nice thought, anyway.

She was fourteen at the time, and she had a much busier day than usual. More word had got out about her willing to fix items, objects and technology for food or money. The more customers she got, the more focused on her work she became - so naturally, her head was entirely in her work as she did not pay attention to much beside how much money she was earning and what the task was. Three Chinese men had approached her about helping to fix their vehicle, her mind was so focused on the work that even all signs that pointed to this being bad, she didn't realise. A side effect of her focus on her work, in a way. Originally they had her check the motor, yet to no avail. They continued to throw out possibilities of how their car might be fail until Chun came to the conclusion that nothing was actually wrong with it. As she went to walk away, a blade was pressed up against the top of her neck, digging in and drawing blood. Her arms went wild, swinging and attempting to hit the man. Quickly, her arms were pinned and a cloth was placed over her face, finding herself losing conciousness rather quickly. The last voice she remembered was of angry grunts and pain.

'Just knock her out next time!'

It was clear, even as her consciousness faded, that they were trying to get her into a position where she checked the inside of the vehicle and lock her inside before she realized it was virtually a cage that one couldn't escape.

For fifteen hours, her consciousness faded in and out, the bumps of the road beneath them shaking her body awake monetarily before all light faded again. She didn't know how far she was taken, nor exactly what was happening. Yet as her consciousness came back to reality, the stink of the streets of Shanghai had faded and were now replaced with a new horrid smell, the smell of corpses and rotting flesh wafted up throughout her nose and caused her to gag herself awake, coughing and vomiting virtually as she woke up from taking in the smell. After some time of screaming and yelling for help, the doors swung wide open and the smell became even worse. Right as they opened, the smell hit her and forced her to dry gag and spit up the lack of what was in her stomach. Her eyes had adjusted to the light around, but as her blurred vision adjusted to the bright light, bodies of men, women and children seemed to be stacked around the room. Large incision marks had been cut into their bodies where vital organs would be located, seemingly ripped out.

Chun was not stupid, she could tell what this was. The Chinese mafia were harvesting organs from people, but not just adults, kids. Children who were orphans and had no place to call home, people nobody would miss. It was a perfect target, and the most tragic one at the same time. Quickly she was dragged out of the van, the same three men who kidnapped her holding her weak arms as she dragged her knees. She thought... perhaps this is where she died after all.

'Fucking criminals...'

Words uttered from her sleepy mouth made all the men laugh hard. Their smiles turned into mocking gazes as they leaned over and said in her ears:

'We are the government.''

A chill crossed her spine upon hearing these words. Was the government that overlooked China really people who would run a ring like this to clean up the orphans and "errors" they create? Chun thought about this some more, then wondered if it was so outlandish after all. The country hadn't been kind to orphans or anything in the past, and saw them as "errors that needed correcting".

As she was lazily thrown onto the table, sleepy body laying limp over the surface, Chun's mind couldn't even comprehend her situation. Yet, at that moment her ears were filled with an intense ringing. Bursts of golden light shot throughout the skies of China, a high pitch tone fading as giant ships, beings and forces from K-world descended from the sky and landed upon Beijing itself.

Though everyone who had kidnapped her had escaped and ran, for days Chun's body laid there, falling in and out of consciousness. Until one person found her: Sing Iramasha. The invasion force that was brought down from K-world was a forced take over, the Kokuryuteshi were to overthrow the government and subjugate, indoctrinate and rule the country of China and surrounding regions and replace the incompetence of the leaders. Chun's eyes flickered as a woman clad in white and gold stood before her, eyes scanning the room and seeing all the corpses of children around her, the drugged and faded Chun at her center. After a while, she was carried away, the building in which they abducted people was burned to the ground and replaced with the Kokuryuteshi's own architectural design over the years of taking control.

Although it took years upon years, and time for the Kokuryuteshi empire to set up across the country of China, a lot of their forced indoctrination methods had been performed across many of the politicians and people who would resist. China was never to be the same, but it was perhaps luck that was on Chun Liang's side for once. She still had much to learn, but the Kokuryuteshi not only saved her from people who would kill her without remorse, but from a country and society that was run by leaders who weren't afraid to throw their citizens to the wayside. Yet, despite everything that happened to her, the Kokuryuteshi arriving confirmed her thought that everyone was good at heart. That humanity was better than this. Perhaps it was desperation from the former government of China or ignorance to the life of the every day person. What mattered to Chun is that it was all about to change: for the better, she hoped.


Chun, despite being a citizen with a job at Unitech and was contributing as a normal member of a Kokuryuteshi society, didn't feel quite right. Her whole life leading up to this point was on the streets, her body and smell were used to the disgusting feel and smell of the Shanghai streets. Although Shanghai had been reformed into the current city of Tiankong, she felt out of place. She didn't know if she could adjust her lifestyle to what the Kokuryuteshi had built for her, despite it being so beautiful and new. To adjust to such a new life would take time, and building a place here was one of her main goals.

At eighteen years old, Chun had been making a name for herself within Unitech and Kokuryuteshi as a whole. Upon coming to China, K-world had provided and unlocked the talent within Chun's mind and allowed her to access and build a lot of nano, bio and robotic based technology for the company. She was one of the leading scientists that helped in the project to make Project: Metal Neo. One of her most wonderful designs, upon settling China, was her idea to build the transport system located under the ocean between Tiankong and Seoul, South Korea. Although she was considered a top scientist, people still didn't seem to fully trust her. A powerless human among all these other races, all with unique powersets, she felt somewhat out of place in a sense. In her mind, she wanted to prove that humans, even the spiritually powerless, have a voice in this world. That the abused, the weak and the otherwise ignored, can have a voice and rebuild the world in a way that benefits everyone - the way China had been rebuilt and saved her country, saved her life.

'Hey, Wasp. A little hand?'

PROTOTYPE W-458, nicknamed 'Wasp', is robot designed to help her scientific experiments and all sorts of activities throughout life. The little robot flew over to her, a incision based knife in his hand, bringing her everything and anything that she needed. Wasp was the first every AI system she had created, and she had applied into a personal assistant of sorts.

Throughout many experiments and rigorous tests, Chun had began to experiment upon herself with different knowledge and understanding of bio and nanotechnology, installing different kinda of tech into her body as a way of not only giving herself "enhancements", but improving every day life. Although the experiments backfired many times at first, over time and with extreme precision, she had been able to actually merge nano-machines underneath the direct portion of her skin. This originally took place by her designing tech so microscopic that it actually could work alongside her body, but it created these large blue tribal like "tattoos" over the left side of her body, covering all the way up her neck all the way down to her feet. The tattoos seem to be near completely natural, no bumps or signs of skin deformation to spawn them, a side product of the tech being installed.

Although she had initially underestimated the experiments upon herself, she quickly found that her tech interacted strangely with her skin and the world around her. Not only was she capable of influencing technology directly by simply touching it, she could also spawn different effects as a result. She had first found this out directly after her third experiment. Accidentally, and simply by thinking about it, she was capable of hardening her skin. This was simply by the nanomachines constricting tigher and tighter into her body, and by simply willing it, she could cause a neurological connection that the nano-machines responded to, and hardened her skin in that specific area. Although the nano-machines installed throughout her body, the way they were installed allows her to typically activates this all across her body. In a way, she had found a way to "upgrade" her biological hardware through the use of technology, allowing her certain skills that people with only heightened senses of spiritual power or something of a mystical sense could provide.

The most amazing thing she learned from this was how quickly she tired herself out however. The experiments themselves had taken a toll upon her body, but she needed time and endurance to perform these tasks. She was unsure what exactly she had installed in herself, but she wishes to keep learning and experimenting with the technology she creates outside of her body, but what she can also do to give herself an edge with her nano-machines, and how they react biologically with her natural and powerless human form.

"我... 会证明自己"
'I... will prove myself.'


In the modern day, Chun has taken the responsibility as Head of Technology at Unitech. Her rise through the ranks of Unitech has been a long dream of hers, and virtually at the top makes her overjoyed. This means that she not only gains a lot of power and control over what Unitech does as a whole, but has sway politically and handles entire contracts which the military might pick them up on. Although they are not necessarily required to do any of these contracts, Chun acts a head of many of the projects which they take on, personally overseeing them and making sure they're completed on time and efficiently. Due to her knowledge in both bio and nano technology, proved with her own experiments upon herself, she often is the one to take on those projects herself.

Upon taking this position, Chun had made one thing clear: She won't just be a figure head. She is a scientist at heart, and she wishes to be directly involved in the work of her employees. She wishes to not get out of touch, to be directly involved and understand their everyday life. To her, that is exactly how China got so bad prior to the Kokuryuteshi's involvement, and she wishes to avoid that at all costs.

Other than Unitech itself, she also had a personal involvement within the Kokuryuteshi Army, serving as lieutenant to Dr. Kabuto Hebi within the Tech Center. She is known for not only piloting different types of tech, but fighting and using different types of Kokuryuteshi inspired tech to overwhelm an opponent on the fly. She does not fight often, for she would rather avoid such a painful task. Although it is technically an army, she will often use this opportunity to repair and help with any technology based problems present within K-world. This goes from repairing entire computer networks that crash or simply to fixing someone's car, she will provide assistance in this regard no matter what. While considered a little more... sane than her commander, she somewhat idolizes him. Not as a person, but as a scientist, someone so dedicated to their art.

Currently, Chun mainly resides within the city of Tiānkōng, having a home throughout the many housing complexes there. Although she could quite easily have a house that's on a skyscraper, or among brilliantly large mansions, she wishes to remain connected to the people. She doesn't think of herself above them, and to truly bring about her dream of humans realizing their potential, she needs to talk among them - as one of them. Although her previous persona of unease took hold for the early years, she had quickly found herself a home within Kokuryuteshi. It was no longer about owing a debt due to saving her life - it was about saving everything else from those who would struggle so much as she did.

'I will protect them all.'

Although she truly believes in protecting and helping them with Kokuryuteshi's influence, she does truly understand their ultimate goal. Their methods of subjugation, indoctrination and the need to replace incompetence can be somewhat crude and horrible in approach. The difference, in the eyes of Chun, is that if they don't help the suffering if even by forced invasion - who will? For years the Vanguard had existed on Earth, the Vizard Corp, the Yayjuu -- none of which helped her. Her friends. All the people suffering. They fight for Earth, yet they don't fight for it's people.

Chun saw what Kokuryuteshi had done, and while their methods may be more brutal, she sees their ultimate goal of "control and removal of incompetence" as the ultimate goal. Not out of malice, not out of hatred for the world... but to protect help in place of those who do nothing.


The Young Technomancer, Chún Liàng [Approved, 6-0] Ap8OoJO

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Chún Liàng
纯 亮



» PROTOTYPE W-458: Otherwise known as "Wasp", Chun had created a small flying assistant that seems to follow her around and can perform simple tasks and even interact with her. Wasp is not only an advanced robot to help with tasks, but a highly intelligent AI developed by Chun upon joining the Kokuryuteshi. It was her first creation upon joining the empire, and to this day, she continues to correct and upgrade him as time goes on. There are a few primary functions of Wasp, yet it must be noted that his personality is not only fully formed, but has emotions as a computer. It's a rather interesting relationship, but Wasp himself views Chun similar to a mother, she will consistently be the one to order him around - yet, despite her demands, he will typically listen. Partners, in his eyes. To put it simply: it's like a companion alongside her all the time, giving her tips and ideas, especially when it comes to projects.

Physically, he is no larger than your typical smart phone. His form takes on the metal caging of a Japanese giant hornet, a large needle in the place of where the normal stinger would be located, capable of being filled with any substance she wishes. Although the stinger is used a lot in experiments, Wasp is usually found retracting the needle to avoid accidently puncturing Chun or any innocents when taken out in public.

» Self Aware Artificial Intelligence: This was perhaps one of the most dangerous yet amazing things that Chun was capable of making during her first few years with K-world. Within the middle of wasp exists a near microscopic processor which runs the self aware AI's programming. As mentioned, this gives Wasp an entirely self aware existence, that he is a machine and collection of thoughts wrapped into a bundle of metal under the name "wasp." Although self aware, he hasn't gone rogue. There are a few reasons for this. The first would be how he sees Chun as being a "mother" in a sense. Wasp idolizes her and sees everything she does with rose tinted glasses, even if the act is so unspeakable, it must have a reason. Although he does have independence and thought, he was still a machine programmed for the purpose of helping Chun Liang, something which he chooses to embrace. By creating alongside Chun, Wasp grows alongside her, learning and exchanging information the same way her brain would - just at a much faster rate.

  • » Instant Data-reading: One of the talents Wasp brings is the ability to and download data virtually instantly. Due to the nature of his existence, Wasp can (if connected to the network or data-mine in question) instantly download most if not all of that readable data in there. Depending on the network or information in general, this could take longer. Something like the Yuudeshi Network, for example, would be impossible to download due to the nature of it's existence and how large it spreads and takes control over the nation. Smaller and more compact data directly input in such thing as a computer could be read and installed instantly for example. This is useful in creating schematics or printing ideas out for projects on the fly. It also means that Wasp can become a personal piece of information storage in a sense, capable of siphoning through dense amounts of research to find the exact product wanted.

  • » Heavy Lifting: Although his overall size is rather small, Wasp is capable of lifting items in which Chun would be normally incapable. This means things like weights, objects/boulders in the way and even moving things like cars to avoid a situation. This also makes Wasp a rather durable little robot that can defend Chun in dire situations. Although this doesn't make his strength absolute, nor overwhelming in his defense. He has shown to struggle to lift things such as trucks or even flat out fail when the item in question exceeds a couple of tons.

» Machine Takeover: Wasp's true ability lays in his power to not only forcibly take over and control a targeted piece of technology. Depending on it's style, origin and with-held power - Wasp is actually capable of temporarily transferring his consciousness into another machine provided the required materials and equipment is present to do so. Upon touch, he is capable of quickly uploading his data into the new item in question - this could be a mech, some type of computer or something simple like a smart phone to take control of it. This works in a similar fashion to a malware in a way - digging and forcing his way through the firewall and fail safes to eventually take control of the equipment. This works for virtually any piece of machinery, the only requirement is the need for physical touch, shocking and attaching himself to their motherboard. Theoretically, this also means he has the potential to be taken over - however for one to do so would require immense focus and training in not only technology as a whole, but capability to break the will of a live being. For all intents and purposes, he is a living and awake being within the shell of a machine, thus being "fully self aware".

This is most useful when taking direct control of a mech in a sense - Wasp will be able to, upon Chun's command, dig and attempt to hack into the mech to transfer his consciousness. If successful, he will instantly receive an understanding of how the new body works - transferring all the blueprints, materials required and how to pilot directly to his former body and the metaphysical "cloud" private upload server. Depending on the complexity and size of the take over in question, this can last anywhere from indefinitely to three posts. Depending on the resistance to the take over and complexity of the system.

» Cloud Consciousness: Although his consciousness seems to be in a single body at a time, there is always a back up stored within a private computer in Chun's workshop. This is a consistently active computer designed to hold Wasp's consciousness for as long as needed - if all of his bodies are destroyed, she will simply be able to upload him back into the body of another machine when she returns home. If all of his bodies are destroyed on the field, she won't be able to rebuild Wasp until she returns home, as she would need to construct his original Wasp form all over again.


LEVIATHAN X2 - Piloted VOID: As previously mentioned, Chun has actually been given access to her own personal form of VOIDSERIES, except instead of being piloted remotely, she pilots it herself.



The Young Technomancer, Chún Liàng [Approved, 6-0] UYeWXxp

»Long Distance Magnetic Rifle (扩展手机): Otherwise titled the "slayer", Chun had built this rifle in an attempt to not only take out opponents at a very long distance, but actually attract to the target like a magnet would. The bullets themselves are made with a material unique to K-world known as "Obliterum" which is a hardy metal which has a natural attraction towards metallic based structure or objects. Obliterum focuses heavily on allowing Chun to be less accurate with the rifle as well as take out high priority mechanized targets at a distance. The rifle itself has a few functions which will be listed below. The rifle is capable of shooting fifteen kilometers away without losing it's speed upon initial launch.

»Obliterum: The material used to coat Chun's rifle bullets. The material is not only nearly as hard as Seki-Stone, but also has a natural gravitation towards metallic objects, similar to what a magnet might do. Originally found within K-world, Chun was actually able to modify the compounds in some of her bullets, making the Obliterum have a natural gravitation towards a variety of different materials or surfaces. So while she can load her rifle with the original obliterum to take out such things such as machines, mechs or vehicles - she can load her rifle with a variety of atomically altered obliterum bullets to attract towards different things. There are a few selected bullets, all for different purposes, but when applied in a long distance fight can all be deadly in their own right.

The most important part to note is that all of her sniper rifle's bullets have a natural penetration to it. Due to the bullets themselves being nearly indestructible, piercing through their targets is a high probability with how the bullets are made. When fired, the bullets themselves are shown to have a natural "corkscrew" type build into them, spinning faster than the eye can see and burrowing deep into a target. If hitting a target, it is highly possible it could blow off limbs for example. If not, the bullet itself will burrow deep into their skin with a corkscrew pattern, meaning to remove the bullet one would need to unscrew it out, attempting to rip it out could cause massive infection and further damage to the body. For machines, she has shown to be able to deactivate limbs with this, using her different bullet types on different targets. She has a total of ten bullets of each type on her at all times, unless she brings more to the thread, she is restricted to ten bullets.

  • »Obliterum - Spirit The first bullet type is known as "spirit", which focuses on tracking and magnetizing towards spiritual individuals in an area. Depending on the spiritual energy of a target, it is possible for this bullet to latch onto that essence and magnetize towards the target until it either meets resistance or hits. Although once someone figures out how this works, it could be quite possible for the spiritual target to direct their reiatsu or similar energy into their surroundings and cause the bullet to go wide - causing her to change bullets or not use the rifle at all.

  • »Obliterum - Overload This bullet is magnetized like the original obliterum, having it's natural attraction towards metal. The difference between the original and "overload" is that once the Obliterum bullet reaches the target, it will send out a massive explosion of electricity in a sphere. This not only aims to overload and destroy electronics, but can also shock people in a three hundred meter area.

  • »Obliterum - Explosive Tip As the name suggests, this type of obliterum is designed to explode upon contact. First, the bullet will burrow like normal into someone's skin - or the target in question - and then proceed to explode and send shrapnel of the obliterum all around into her surroundings. If hitting a machine, it is likely that this would be able to pierce through the metal in an arc of fifty meter explosion. Chun was capable of causing a chemical reaction to trigger once the bullet hit a target at high speeds, meaning if the bullet is slowed somehow and then hits a surface, it will not explode.


Throughout her time in Kokuryuteshi, she has a plethora of small devices. Listing them all would be an endless list, but a small summary will be shown.

  • »Helper (帮手): A robot designed to help with projects and precision application of items, objects and substances in nano and bio-technology experiments. Was responsible for giving her the tech installments. Is portable and rather small overall.

  • »Expanded Phone (扩展手机): A pocket device which is used to spread beyond the limits of a normal holographic phone. Can project objects into large areas in her surrounding and even mildly influence the world around her. Is capable of projecting her own blue-prints up to the size of Beijing.

  • »On-the-fly Creation (扩展手机): As mentioned, she is constantly building and creating new objects on the fly. This list will expand the more items she creates and keeps, but her creation of items in threads will often be a major factor in her roleplay style.

  • »Greed (贪心): A small handgun designed in the shape of a revolver. It is capable of, and mainly uses, normal bullets that are used by majority of guns and the world. Although it is capable of shooting the same Obliterum bullets which are used in her rifle listed above. She carries a total of fifty bullets of each type on her at all times, carrying more to lacking the distance of the rifle, unless it's listed she made/brought more to the thread.

  • »Sleeper (轨枕): This is a small pistol that is loaded up with a bunch of custom designed tranquilizer darts. The darts are caused to only work on spiritual individuals whom have some form of essence running through their bodies, and are capable of putting an opponent to sleep depending on their power and resistance to the dart. A one or zero tier could require upwards of a hundred shots from this pistol, but it all depends on how they fight and resist the tranquilizer. For someone of five-four tier it could require a single bullet, or up to ten. It depends on how they resist and if they can remove it from their body before it completely puts them to sleep. This works on all types of energy, but will only seek to injure or annoy other powerless humans.


»Spiritual Viewer: One of the first things that Chun had installed into her body, even before joining Kokuryuteshi, was the spiritual viewer which was becoming a very common item throughout Earth. Due to the increase in spiritual activity of the past 400 years, it became nearly impossible to hide or avoid the actions caused, thus making a spiritual awareness mod needed for those who lack it. It must be noted that this doesn't give the human in question spiritual energy, nor does it empower them in anyway, it is simply a piece of technology installed into the body which filters and brings the spiritual beings into reality around them. Due to Chun lacking even spiritual awareness, this was a must get and was installed in many of the orphanages across China.

»Nano-Machines: This is the main source of her technological based power, interacting with her body in unique and exciting ways. Although she doesn't hold any spiritual energy herself, when she had installed these nano-machines into her body she gained a set of unique skills which reacts chemically with her body. After some time within Kokuryuteshi, she had decided to experiment on her own body after previously designing a variety of different microscopic machines which she could implant into a human. Originally, the nano-machines were being designed to test onto a subject who was willingly volunteering for experiments. Despite his willingness, Chun felt sick. She couldn't bring herself to install a potentially lethal device into a body that could kill an innocent man. So she experimented on herself, she examined her own body thoroughly and matched the nano-machines so they could interact with a bunch of her organs. To layer and exist under her skin, to speed around the body by simple wireless neurological commands.

Visible by the many incisions across her body, and the large blue tattoo up her left side, the nano-machines bonded with her being. The large blue tattoo and eyes began to glow an immense yellow/golden hue, radiating the room around her as they entered her body. After years of rigorous training and focus, Chun had learned to maintain and control some of the ways the nano-machines interacted with her body. Beyond simple hardening of skin or reinforcement of punches, kicks and other body movements - she found she could influence technology, ignite parts of her body in fire and even telekinetically influence technology and chemical compounds in her environment.

When activating her tech, her tattoo and eyes, as mentioned seem to glow a golden hue. They radiate into the surroundings and look quite menacing to the onlooker, it showcases her technology based enhancements well. While this technically still makes her spiritually powerless, she shouldn't be underestimated when her internal tech is activated.

»Incapable of Gaining Spiritual Essence: As a result of adding all this experimental technology to her body, Chun has become physically incapable of gaining any form of spiritual pressure, including that of Truth's Angels. Any time spiritual energy might seem to emerge within her body, her advanced technology stationed in her body seems to reject it and physically hurt her in the process. This is of no consequence to Chun as she did not wish for spiritual enhancement anyway, it allows her to continue her goal of the powerless majority building on their strengths and becoming something unique - something only they can be. To fight back and prove they have a voice, and will not be silenced.

»Nano-Control: The most common part of her internal/installed tech is her ability to neurologically control it. The machines within her body seem to respond directly to Chun's brainwaves, and only hers. Initially this was performed by the nano-machines recognizing her by blood type. After a few prototype tests, she was able to control the machines and send them anywhere in her body purely by recognizing which "thoughts" were hers. The way they differentiate is by examining neurological patterns, and by controlling her own thoughts in a specific way, the signals can be sent to different paths of her body. This took many years of practise and control, but she has shown to be able to cover her entire body and spread evenly the nano-machines under her skin all throughought her body. When moving them, there will be a visible 'wave' of skin lifting when transferring areas of the body. This happens within the blink of an eye or as slow as she wills.

The primary function of this is so directly apply her related skills to certain portions of her body. The nanites seem to read Chun's physical composition and body as "'the host" in a sense. An example of this would be applying her nano-machines to her hand to create a strengthened fist or something of the like. It must be noted that all of this seems to take place underneath or very close to the first few layers of skin. Originally they responded to trauma and were uncontrolled, but as said, have since been controlled. As "the host", she generally is immune or very resistant to the threats or attacks she creates around her. This means that the nanites can not only amplify some of her already previous human abilities, but protect her from any potential harm to herself in the process. Such things as an electric pulse would simply phase through her for example, because the creator recognizes her body, her blood and brainwaves, as the host and source of said pulse.

»Technology Influence: The most amazing thing that is possible with this installed tech is how she can quite literally manipulate technology upon touch. Assuming the technology in question is of modern design, and acts similar to how a computer might, she could temporarily influence the said item. An example of this would be a giant robotic arm swinging down at her, she could place her hand on the arm for but a moment and cause the arm to either rip off by manipulating the electronics within it. She could theoretically take control of the item in question for multiple posts, simply controlling it as if it were another limb. This could be considered "hacking" a target, more or less. If falling and she is capable of touching a electronic device to help her survive the fall, it is very possible she could simply touch it and control it via her nanites. It must be noted her nanites will need to be transferred to her hands or the limb which touches the machine in question.

The most important aspect of her technology influence is how easily she can take hold of others phones, personal devices and other similar technology. The best way to imagine this, outside of manipulating weapons and mech-like technology, would be like brute forcing it's way through a firewall and password protected device. In the case of phones and computers, depending on the security level in question, she could quite literally crack directly through blockades as if she was a battering ram flying at high speeds. She can turn these items to her own side, alter their code and settings to become hers. This is in extreme circumstances though, as she will only use this technology within her in emergencies. Otherwise, she will resort to her own knowledge of technology and work there.

An example of how she utilizes her installed tech

»Electric Explosion: By channeling large amounts of electricity into the tech inside of her body, she is capable of creating a giant wave of electricity that covers up to seven hundred meters of area. This wave shoots out in an bubble around her body and seeks to disable technology, either temporarily or overload their circuits to the point of destruction, and shock enemies in a wide area-of-effect type attack. Although it must be noted she cannot harm herself with this as she is the "host" or origin of said electric pulse. To execute this properly, she needs to channel an intense amount of energy into gathering the required electricity. If exploding in a massive arc like seven hundred meters, she will often exhaust herself instantly, so it might often be used in smaller waves and direct applications than just a massive explosion. This allows her to overload and destroy electronics in emergencies or even attempt to shut down an opposing piece of equipment.

»Chemical Compound Reconstruction: In some instances, Chun is capable of reconstructing the chemical compounds of items around her. By this power, she could quite literally cover certain parts of her body different type of effects. The most obvious and easiest usage of this would be applying fire to exist on the outside of her hand - by reconstructing and picking and choosing elements, changing chemical reactions in her environment, to ignite her limbs. Although this cannot harm her as "the host", she will be able to burn off personal items, clothes and similar objects. It's important to understand that this is in no way magic. The advanced technology in her body is capable of separately siphoning elements in her surroundings by reading her requests neurologically.

The nanites within her manipulate the effect by moving to different parts of her body, applying it to certain areas wherever it moves. This can be discarded as quick as it was created; easily transferring the effects to multiple areas around her. Although this is currently rather limited, she could cause an electromagnetic barrier around the surface of her skin by quite literally picking and choosing the electrons from a nearby power station. As this is her only non-touch related skill, this can take quite a toll on her personal energy, meaning if she consistently had her nanites generating effects she will tire herself out and eventually end up passing out. At maximum, she can hold these and other effects for ten posts. The more she experiments with this, the further her understanding goes and may grow in the future. When performing this technique, the environment will consistently seem to break down - depending on where she is picking her elements from - and be drawn towards her.

As of right now, she can only create effects such as a fire coating, electricity field and other similar effects. Another example could be creating a thick layer of smoke by drawing the compounds required to her hand, forming them and then spreading it throughout the area. For now, she cannot physically create an item of significant size of surface area. In future she may be able to use this "wireless" tech to be able to reforge and create items out of her environment, but for now this remains locked.

»Hardened Metallic Skin: At her will, she is capable of hardening the nano-machines that exist within her body. Although they move freely, she can channel them to a certain part to strengthen a certain portion of her body. This means that in some instances she can take blades to the skin by simply allowing it to cut the surface layer, but they slide off. As this technology exists within her body, she can take much bigger hits as a result of this - when activated anyway. If she somehow miscalculates or fails to activate this from an attack, she will have the weakness and body of a human being. To be hit by a giant attack would be absolutely devastating without this, thus she kind of relies on this to keep herself up sometimes. Although, this is similar to the energy consumption from her elemental conversion. Her nanites will quickly lose charge and fade alongside her personal energy the more she uses it, keeping her usage limited in a few regards. She has proved to actually withstand being hit by large objects before, but still with the cost of trauma, depending on how hard the strikes it itself.

»Increased Power in Body Movements: In a similar fashion to how she strengthens her skin, the nano-machines are capable of forming and responding in a way that gives her enhanced physical prowess in certain parts of her body. Most commonly, this could be channeled into allowing heavier hits and enhancing/guiding muscle movements to exceed beyond the limits of what could normally be possible. This allows her to run much faster by channeling the nanites into her legs, giving harder "pushing power". Although this is not absolute or over the top in any form, for her to utilize this power she sacrifices her ability to use any of the other abilities from her installed tech. At most, she can hold this for ten posts until she is completely drained, alongside her skin, meaning there are quite heavy limitations upon the body of a frail powerless human.


General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Advanced


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