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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Kan'yamato Iwarebiko Sanada Empty Kan'yamato Iwarebiko Sanada

Sat May 20, 2017 12:45 pm
General Information

Family Matters: He didn't have a traditional upbringing being abandoned by his family at birth. He had to survive by himself alone in the wild lands. This was his upbringing as survival was the key even as an infant. He did get taken in by a foster mother for a time. But once old enough to fend for himself she got rid of him. This was, of course, the traditional way of things among the time period. While scavaging and trying to work were aspects. So was training he was relentless in training and trying to live on his own. Becoming someone who survived and remained away from others. Not relying on the world's foolish technology to save or protect him. Building his own home at the age of six. Building and training were a part of the understanding. One couldn't exist alone without being determined to live. Fighting was a constant in this time period against both shinigami and hollow alike. Not to mention those fellows with the bows that came along later.

Name:Kan'yamato Iwarebiko Sanada, This is the name bestowed upon him by his foster mother in part. But he decided to change most of it as he got older. Most Shinigami during this age when he was younger had a traditional Japanese name. Sticking to the root of things when it came down to it. This, of course, played a part in his life as a Shinigami living through such turbulent times. The name holds a connection to first Emperor of Japan and many other connections within it. Fitting him to a tee in the long run due to his connection to the storm.

Alias: Kan-San, Sanada-Sama, Kany-san Old Man Kan, Honorable Kan

Age:He is approximately 2400 years old making him one of the oldest Shinigami to date. Being also from the generation of Yamamoto as a note. It should be noted this means he is from a very difficult time period in his mind from what he can tell he is the oldest living Shinigami at present. Though what importance that is seems irrelevant.

Code of Conduct:Bushido

Species: Kan is a Shinigami that resides within the Rukongai and being known as the longest resident of the place in its entirety. He remains here largely due to a promise made to Yamamoto, not due to a friendship or such thing. But because he honors his word above all else. For honor is the feature he believes is important to all beings.

Appearance:The first thing a person would recognise on Kan is his age. As that stands out the most for those who would see among a small list of things. His figure appears to be that of an eighty-year-old male at first glance. This would likely be the very first thing that catches the eye of a person. Next on the list would very likely be his thick mustache or eyebrows. They are a bright and vibrant white color. Matching the hair that is spiked into the air by its natural course. This, of course, blends well into him being an elderly male. His eyes are a piercing blue that sometimes glows a bright blue. Showing a light in them that seems to burn with the passion of the sun. Despite the old age, the light in his eyes has far from left. The look he often has is one of a spunky elderly male. Showing himself to be just as good as the young kids around him. His skin is a tanned color from being exposed to the sun likely among other things. When his hair does come down it falls to around his brow and back of his neck. His shoulders and such rarely see it as he makes sure to keep it standing. The next important figure that stands out is something few people would expect. On most elderly males you'd see wrinkles or deformation from age.

But for Kan upon removing his shirt it becomes clear. Many terms could be used in this situation built like a brick shithouse. Or so many other terms fit the kettle in this case. Kan has a body that most younger men would beg to have. He is likely nothing but muscle under that shirt. His body is ripped from here to toe with no absence of muscle left behind. But there is something else that will catch the eye just as much. Scars riddle his body from torso to toe, he has seen hell more than once. Torture and other things have been done to him with no regard. Fighting was something done and scars were left behind on Kan just as those from long ago were. Further, into his physique, it is noticed that he is of short stature. He stands at five foot five and weighing in at one hundred twenty-five pounds. This alarming size is hardly something most would fear. But it's an agile build that allows for many things. He keeps his fingernails and toenails well trimmed.

While most men of his age would have lost teeth. His teeth seem almost made of iron. Showing something almost unheard of for someone looking his age. He doesn't believe that being old means much of anything though. His facial structure and features resemble a Japanese male. Showcasing the features known to them aside from his sterling blue eyes. Like many of the people, he does have the tan skin showing his attachment to it. Some of his body may be slightly less than due to his clothing choices. While this is only a possible outcome from several reasons and circumstances. It's clear that his Asian body structure and physique are quite clear on the glance a person takes.

Moving on to his attire he generally wears a Kimono with no shapes or special markings on it. The object is a dark purple color, worn with matching obi and geta that he walks around on. The shoes are noticeable by the nature of how they function. While most would have some difficulty walking in them without practice. Get a have teeth on the bottom of them. The pair he wears act the same in this regard along with his other clothing. When exercising or working out the traditionally removes them and other things. As he believes the study of Martial Arts should be first done by attuning one's mind and body.

When in the Living World when he decides to make such a journey. He wears a long-sleeved black shirt and a light colored set of pants. Nothing special or brand about them. His shoes often times are then a set of karate shoes worn in dojos. He decided that this look suited him best for his adventures in the living world. Though he takes very few of them in this day and age. Deciding to live out his time in his regular home it is worth nothing the outfit change when leave is done. Deciding to blend in rather than be someone who doesn't seem to accept the change around him. It can be said Kan does blend in exceptionally well in the living world. The role of an old man who doesn't have much fits him well.

Full Body Image:

Kan'yamato Iwarebiko Sanada Bang_one_punch_man_by_hazeelart-dal22ls

Occupation/Affiliation: Something often forgotten in the day and age. Kan has no real affiliation despite a slight lean towards the Gotei. This is towards a promise he made to Yamamoto to not get involved. His conviction is his being and he's never once broken his word. Nor does he intend to start now in any way or form. His second duty is to the Rukongai and its prosperity, he focuses on himself and living a life he can be proud of. He isn't the man who carries the dynasty of the Gotei on his back. He's not the man who took over for Yamamoto as the old man of the bunch. Kan has accepted the role of standing guard and watching over the precious lives of those here.

The occupation doesn't prove anything in Kan's eyes. It's what a person chooses to do with themselves. Not what they are told to or what rule they follow making them. People must make the choice themselves to do the right thing. That is what makes the right action worth taking. The merit in this is lost on the young people around him. Each is too eager to simply do because it is what they are told. They do not function as a person but a sheep instead. To him, there is no honor or dignity in such foolish actions taken by children.

Residence: As of this moment he takes Residence in the Rukongai's closest District. Making sure to maintain his home and be a voice for the community. He hasn't retired or given up such things of duty in his sense of virtue. His home has a Figure of Buddha on the front yard and garden tended to by him. It takes a skilled hand to grow fruits and other things. He learned to live without any help from others. Creating filtration in his home to live as a person completely independent of others. Kan took this job and helps Guardian's out from time to time. Lecturing the ones who bother an old man for help. Them showing little honor for needing a senior citizen to fight their battles for them. This joke is perhaps one he is most of using on the young.

Frequent Locations:The most frequent is the Rukongai to find the elderly male. But occasionally you'll find him in the bar and around sake among other beverages. Some people believe due to the horrors he witnessed he drinks to submerge the pain. But none have been able to truly get a grasp on the persona that exists for Kan. He is a male who frequents where he pleases and does as he wishes. Traveling around and visiting places to see what's become of them. But mostly he enjoys solitude in his modest home in the Rukongai. Turning away training requests and other such things without a second thought.

He does occasionally go to the Living World's cities to enjoy sightseeing and other such things. Feeding birds and other things he describes as old person hobbies. Deciding that most people aren't willing to figure out or begin to guess his mind on such things. Kan has fought his battles and killed his demons and now finds that the world is his to travel and explore as a reward.


Old Dogs and New Tricks: Something he's never understood is this belief because he is old he is stuck. This fact couldn't have been more behind and short minded of people. With age comes experience but that is not all. Kan has often said that every day is a lesson in disguise. Something that can teach and learn from things. He does nothing to hide his age because he is proud of it. Proud he survived the years despite the bitter defeats and other memories that haunt. Warriors don't make it to his age in this world often even the strongest. Fell to the new age unable to run from tomorrow. One should embrace Tomorrow and accept yesterday as what it is. This is what allows him to move forward as a philosophical man. People may call him old and stubborn but it doesn't bother him in the slightest. He is a complicated puzzle they try to solve but never will. For they lack the pieces to truly begin to glimpse the two thousand year journey.

One cannot simply awaken and expect to understand watching time flow. It's like expecting a baby to speak fluently when born. Or expecting a seed to grow instantly from the soil. These are simply a matter of perspective. A person must always be willing to train and do what they can. They must find peace and truth where they can locate it. To show his resolve and determination to grow as a warrior and skilled person. He would practice from his youth till now doing a single punch ten thousand times. Ever since he was a boy he would continue this routine. He does it now and even adds other punches to his routine while also praying to Budda. Making sure to honor his craft and skill he was given. To never misuse or misjudge his fist or lose sight of who he is. Despite being old room for error exists for us all and Kan doesn't accept it. Losing is fine as it allows one to learn and grasp new things. Martial Arts in their very nature are about imitation.

Everything we process and progress through is learning and adapting to something new. Only the ignorant believe for a moment they created everything. Those who have to know when they've done something special. Doing something extraordinary requires one to be willing to learn and grow without leaving behind any trace of doubt or belief. Kan isn't some special genius in his eyes or some rare case of the prodigy born to walk among us. He is a case of hard work paying fruit and putting his body through hell for it. Kan will never believe in gifted geniuses or such nonsense as that. It is simply a fact of nature and law. The strong may oppress the weak but when the weak become strong. That is when the world truly bare's it's fangs at things. Rome is an excellent point of looking at it. They flexed their muscles and did little in Kan's eyes but piss away their possibilities. Life, when you think about it, in the long run, is a journey of pissing away or taking advantage.

While he does put on a good show of things and hides part of himself behind the old wolf. Never let people see past the old man on the outside. While this Wolf learns new tricks and doesn't stop processing and gaining intelligence from his situation. No such thing as perfection exists in this world. Strive but never reach it is something he drilled into everything. Muscle memory nothing short of quick reaction and reaching for a goal. In all things, you must be thankful and grateful for the experiences you gain. But wearing the guise of an old man or pretending to be something. He even fools people with his posture not letting on to his physique he has under his clothing. Deception is the key to living life peacefully. He may play the role of the helpless old man today. But tomorrow holds something different for everyone.

Under it all when you truly discover the person beneath it all. He is an honorable man with his conviction and principals. Believing in the Bushido code fully and committing himself to the lifestyle that warriors hold. He may wear the mask of normality, hiding behind this false fiction. He is able to act and work within the realms he believes suitable to his life. He gives respect when it's earned and treats all people equal. No king is above the peasant below in his eyes. He treats all beings equally and believes in this promise fully. Kan has never once pretended anything different. Despite putting on his act and pretending to be things. He will never disappear or step away from the belief or practice of it. People are precious and deserve one hundred percent of what you have. Neutrality or not he makes sure to act as he sees fit. Children should never be shown the horrors of war, those belong to the adults. That is the true curse of reality that sleeps among all people. No such fate exists within or without of it. He will stand for what he believes in convictions armed and ready to teach someone a lesson if the duty falls on him.

Inner Peace:Despite the outer shell that is often seen for Kan. He does have an inner peace that grounds him within himself. Despite acting as immature as he pleases he has mastered himself. Learning that the best way to progress within life is to come into one's self. This didn't come easy as a youth he had to maintain and stay alive. While dealing with many situations that were around. Yamamoto and his band of merry misfits for example. While he didn't play hopscotch with them. He did train and develop himself and learn what it meant. Confidence and overconfidence what those two coins meant. Inner Peace meant accepting and becoming something else. It meant acknowledging failure where it was. To overcome and grow into a mature being. Inner Peace has aided him with a great deal of wisdom and experience. Understanding, not all situations come to blows, while he does show honesty within himself. Kan has acknowledged his sins but doesn't intend to be weighed or burdened because of them

This doesn't link you to inner peace though it's only the beginning. Kan decided to embrace his emotions instead of getting rid of them. Admiration was the furthermost from Understanding in emotions. So Kan decided to devote his time and effort to become a master of his emotions. Not so he could suppress them but so he could channel them naturally. Without letting himself be burdened by openings or such things. When he's angry he channels it correctly without losing control. He doesn't allow emotions to dictate his actions. He instead dictates them and does so with a cool head. While letting the emotion flow naturally as it is intended. This did come from meditation and understanding of things. The realization that the world isn't some pebble you get to toss across things. It's a complicated and vast experience that goes for years. It doesn't end in singular belief or easy to understand words. Everything about life is a challenge and a growth of life and being.

Kan has never once claimed that Inner Peace means your perfectly stable. Sometimes peace is the acceptance of Chaos for what it is. This isn't something that can be fathomed or completely understood. If you want the truth of the matter. Kan's embraced being something of an unpredictable man in his older years. Not fully going into being a complete hermit yet. Though he prefers to remain out of affairs now completely. Having fought and demonstrated an extremely potent and strong prowess in skills. While a blunt and more forward nature are sometimes required despite this. Mastering himself and understanding control and emotion above all else. This doesn't mean he sealed them away or even became something else. Kan merely accepts what's going to happen and moves towards it. Some may run from fate or confront it head on without fear. This is what makes a man or a woman truly great. Anything short of that makes them nothing but a pretender with a goal. The young kids all seem to think Old Man Kan knows nothing about anything.

They believe in the illusion presented that he is a feeble old man. They don't see the hidden monster beneath the surface. Kan is able to hide his reiatsu to an extent most cannot even detect it. Making himself almost seem like a Plus to those who'd look. But this deceptive and controlled effort by him make him difficult. Kan's inner peace of himself and accepting things. A long life doesn't always work out the way we hope or pray. Kan's lived to see friends die and go on ahead of him. Some of them were drinking buddies at best or hot spring colleagues. Accepting a residence in the Rukongai over the Seireitei. Deciding to not take part in the Gotei and protect that outside of it. That was his idea and belief. To protect those who couldn't protect themselves from Justice or whatever have you. To defend those who seek sanctuary from others until proven guilty. That was the belief that kept him as a hermit instead of becoming a member of the Gotei.

Boundless Resolve: Kan is as stubborn as they get in terms of everything. He doesn't bow or bend to anyone or anything lightly. He really does give the term to old people being stubborn. And that is their right in his eyes. They are allowed to be stubborn and completely to themselves. They are old and that's their right to pick at the young and such. Kan has lived a long time to do things his way and making sure his way of life is upheld. He's never backed down from anyone in his life. He didn't back down from Yamamoto and his Gotei or from Zero Division. His belief and code of conduct stand on his own. Enough so that he was offered positions in both organizations given his strength. But he turned them down for a single reason because it wasn't his belief. He didn't see that as his dream his occupation to complete. Kan was the man who stood for the little guy who couldn't. He may have been abandoned by his family but he wouldn't abandon others. That simply wasn't his way in the slightest to do things.

It's been said he would have lost an arm for his resolve at one point. Telling the men who feared him if him losing an arm would make them relax. Take it away and do what you will, I will not bend. That was the line he fed them anytime they tried to convince him. The easy thing isn't always the right thing and Kan knows it. He's been able to observe and has had enough time to way his options. Do things that he must when he must. But this old Man's not all sunflowers and roses. Everything in this world isn't so bright and cheerful. This was his way of atonement for his crimes. He wouldn't be rewarded or accept some promotion for murder. That wasn't how he believed or acted in his code of conduct. Men don't cheer over the fallen and prance happily. That isn't how a man or a warrior should act. They should act with pride and discipline above all else. This isn't a random factor possible belief. Kan's ideas and beliefs are something he's kept to this day.

Claiming strongly he will not be rewarded for murder or genocide. He protected those he had too. Even if his enemies were children or people who put those he deemed himself a protector of at risk. Kan's self-imposed Hermit title is both his punishment and own freedom. It's allowed him to grow and understand the world better. Learning and accepting people for who they are. While he's never lost his resolve even if death is required. Kan isn't going to hesitate to kill someone or hold back on them.

This isn't remorse of his resolve, it's not so weak or empty like that. He accepts his duty and fate for what it is and nothing less. This isn't a sob story where you can wash away blood by being weak. Men must accept their crimes and atone for them with every ounce of strength. Prison won't do it nor will any other type of confinement. For you don't pay your debt to those whom you've slain. It doesn't come back or go away with a single movement or stroke of a pen. No one can free you from the burden of guilt but yourself.

Veteran's Scars:Kan is an honest to goodness veteran of battles and wars. Having fought in the first Quincy battle and even in the older days. The place they were at home previously wasn't like it is now. Peaceful and easy going as many people would anticipate. You don't fight in the time of murderers and earn a nickname for nothing. This is something that comes from you spending time around people like Yamamoto and other names. Yachiru Unohana among many others were those that he saw. They fought and paved the way for Yamamoto's grand dream of the Gotei. The stones and ground people walk is covered with blood. Blood was paid for this organization to flourish of not just Kan's. So the least he can do is remain present to look after it. The young kids have their own game to attend to these days. It's not like it was in previous times as laws exist in this era. Kan can tell you of times long before. Where every child was a threat to be some sort of murdering creature.

Kan has seen stealth and many things from a political standpoint. He's known as the oldest living Shinigami in the Rukongai. That title doesn't come without stories or such things. The children whisper that old man Kan was a seasoned Shinigami. Who'd fought numerous beings and creatures in his lifetime? Facing down creatures which defied the expectations of mortal minds. They don't realize that before the Academy was built. Things were a lot messier and dangerous for everyone. Before that war with those upstart Yhwach boys. It was entirely different far more frightening. He doesn't go around saying in my time things were this or that. His body and mind are things that can remember just fine how it was. He wasn't some kid that was brought in or taught by Yamamoto. Or some high ranking official in his mind. He was a Shinigami and had pride in that fact alone. He got his zanpakuto and learned to trust her beyond anything else. There wasn't a time that he didn't put it first.

In his youth arrogance was something he felt like they dealt with. Kan didn't truly try and fight or come from different points. He taught at Shino Academy when it first began linking him to many previous students. He's taught many shinigami at one point or another. Though the names are long forgotten to him as it's almost like so long has passed. Stepping away from the Gotei and taking a back seat was fine with him. He told Yamamoto once that someone had to atone for what they did. But it couldn't be those who fought in the confrontations of old. Those who were called murderers or such things. They couldn't be the ones to bear this cross that he did. Kan retired from the active roster of duty as an older man. But not without his own little privileges and home. He was a man who fought on the front line gaining a reputation for his zanpakuto. Kan's sword was known once upon a time by many people. Though that time has passed he doesn't see much reason behind it all.

But fame and fortune are not honorable nor was killing children. These are the actions of people needing to survive. Kan has killed people weaker than himself previously. Finding it distasteful and something about it always rubbing him wrong. This is something that people should always realize when it comes down to it. Honor and the right thing are much harder to do then the wrong thing. Kan doesn't know why Yamamoto had him remain here. Nor does he question his promise though till a moment comes he sees fit. He believes this course of action is suitable in this regard. Those who fought in wars and battles must regain honor. They must find their way about being honorable and capable. They must strive to give back to those who come after them. Passing ahead the knowledge and experience they've gained. These are the duties a Veteran must do in order to survive in this world. Kan is known for watching kids in dangerous districts so they can play.

He'll even play Shogi with some people who come around and ask for him. These are things that he has accepted as his duty. But he finds them equally enjoyable as well. This is what it takes to enjoy a full and rich life. Something he believes may have been forgotten by other Veterans. There is one other thing that Kan does that few others do. He goes and pays his respects to Yamamoto and other fallen Shinigami. Those who've come and gone before him leaving him behind. This is something that has become a hobby of his. Leaving behind flowers and beverages he knows that man liked. Though Kan is retired he does maintain a rather special form. He trains his martial skills rather then kido or other things that other beings are good at. He believes that he doesn't have the skill for everything in the world. Though his prowess is passable in regard to it all. Trying to fool him is something he thinks people do overly often. Using dishonorable tricks and techniques that lack dignity or a front based resolve.

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Kan'yamato Iwarebiko Sanada Empty Re: Kan'yamato Iwarebiko Sanada

Sat Feb 16, 2019 1:04 am
History part 1

Kan'yamato Iwarebiko Sanada Empty Re: Kan'yamato Iwarebiko Sanada

Sat Feb 16, 2019 1:04 am
History part 2

Kan'yamato Iwarebiko Sanada Empty Re: Kan'yamato Iwarebiko Sanada

Sat Feb 16, 2019 1:05 am
Zanpakuto General Information

Zanpakuto Name: His zanpakuto holds a rare distinction and name in the sense that it's known as Shiranuga Hotoke. Not Knowing is Buddha is what it is translated as in one way. Though in another it's known as Ignorance is Bliss. This name fits into what it is doing very well for those who are unaware or ignorant of it.

Zanpakuto Blade Appearance: His zanpakuto in appearance within it's sealed form is that of a Jian. Taking the form of what many call the scholar's sword in this regard. It features include a double-edged blade that stretches outward and thins at the point. It is good for very quick movements and flourishes allowing for an extremely precise and dangerous cut. The handle is made with a tassel that is woven into it with a crimson color. The scabbard itself is of a rather normal construction with nothing standing out impressively. It appears like a regular Chinese blade in this regard. Though Kan does keep it polished and clean often times giving Shiranuga Hotoke as much love as possible. As he believes the man who forgets his blade, forgets himself. Honor is important to this relationship in many senses. It is something that is required for both of them to function. Though him having a scholar's sword did often bring trouble to the more traditional gotei. Yamamoto found this to be a rather interesting trait of his weapon. That it's physical appearance allowed for immensely great speed and defense. So design in terms of his weapon has allowed him to fight multiple people at a time. Though this wasn't the aspect of his sword that interested people in his weapon. Kan's true prowess was shown in other fields of possible outcomes. The handle is black and with a gold guard over the top of it. The tassel can be used as a means of combat. Though Kan believes that to be dishonorable, he also believes all aspects of his sword must be used.
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