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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active]

This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2419, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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It was hard, opening up that is. She had lived amongst warriors, and in the lonesome wilds. But here in the enclosed space, with another gracing it, she was tense. She wasn’t being a good guest, but she didn’t care. As she reached up she tucked a stray lock of gold hair behind her ear and glanced up at the male before her. Her eyes narrowing as she took in his body posture.

Those eyes of hers were like precious metals, liquid gold and luminous, the thick frame of lashes framing them slanted as she filtered out the excess light. Even after he insisted on laying on the ground she exhaled slowly and then in a clean movement she drew her blade. There was no drag, there was no sound. Infact this one movement was practiced so well that it took less than millionths of a second for the pristine big bear oodachi’s keen curved tip to press lightly against the males juglar. Pressing with only enough force to not break the skin, a faint gust of wind whipping magnolia’s hair around from the speed of the strike.

Yet she had used the angle to bypass the force that would naturally hit it in the air, electrons causing the pressure to all but disappear. She applied only a faint bit more pressure, enough to leave a bead of blood on the tip of the blade. Her lips curling into a truly terrific smile that showed her answer to sleeping on his bed much more clearly than the soft demure little reply she had given earlier. She wasn’t a princess after all she was a battle hardened warrior who could out drink any man she came into contact with more likely than not.

”..You will be sleeping on your own bed, be it because you want to , or because i’ve softly suggested that you do so. I haven’t laid on a bed in hundreds of years, i will not start doing so now, it’s uncomfortable for me to do so.”

Magnolia finished and the blade was sheathed in another clean movement. Her hands picking up the bowl of soup cleanly as she looked at the spoon. Her nose wrinkled and she peered at it as if she had absolutely no clue what to do with it. She hadn’t really the need to eat other than in her younger days in the city. Once she gained enough spiritual power she had sustained herself through the energy, building a body purely this way, without drawing in the mortal impurities that normally would fill a person.

Eventually she just tipped the bowl back her full lips parting to take in the piping hot broth as if it was a soft mellow iced tea. After taking a few mouthfuls she set the bowl down on her lap once more, a mouthful of steam whistling from her lips as she exhaled. Her lips curled into a soft smile as she spoke to vladimir. Her voice not showing the moment of hostility that had transpired between them when settling the matters of who would sleep where exactly.

”..You may not be gourmet, but this is a step above merely edible. It’s really quite good if i’m being honest.”

She was candid and didn’t embellish it. She in fact poked a bit of fun at him using his words against him. It was indeed better than edible and she didn’t mind that it had a stronger than needed flavor. It warmed her up considerably and she was enjoying it greatly. If nothing more than for the soup she parted her lips and spoke softly.

”I was born quite a long time ago , but it felt like it was just yesterday. My parents, who i truly never got to know well enough are etched clearly in my mind, even as other details fade. My childhood wasn’t exceptional, nor where the people i met along my path, but each one shaped the destiny i bore. They reaffirmed the path that i took and allowed me to disconnect from society altogether for hundreds of years of my own volition. How about you , vladimir?”

She spoke as she gazed off into the fire, the flames reflected within her eyes with their faint reddened hues. She remained fairly quiet, and spoke in an almost companionable tone. It was purely platonic, but she seemed to be slowly bit by bit warming up to the thought of the male before her, or at the very least the idea of being comfortable around him, rather than feeling the need to monitor, watch and dissect his each and every single move.

It was a start at least.

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Artist: Johnny Rivers - Song: Secret Agent Man - Word Count: N/A

The fireplace lit the entire room rather comfortably. As the snow continued to fall, quickly covering the windows and blocking the sun, it offered a rather calming and relaxing atmosphere to the two. The snow fell harder and harder, the wind whistling through the trees, it was rather relaxing. This is why Vladimir loved his little cabin; it was a place that he could retreat to and remove himself from society. This isolation was something that he was rather used to at this point; this was not the most healthy thing, though Vladimir did not find anything wrong with it. Isolation was the natural enemy of the Human race, and perhaps every intelligent specie. Humans were social creatures and being forced into isolation could damage the mind, cause the person to lose themselves. This was, perhaps, the most effective form of torture. It was with this that those memories would begin to enter his mind, though he quickly shook them away. They held no place in his mind any more. It wasn't worth his time. He had much better things to do right now, more important things to fill his mind with.

Throughout this entire interaction Vladimir would appear to be a rather cheerful, and happy person. This, however, was not the whole truth; in all honesty it would take a rather observant person to notice the small things about this conversation, but they were here. As they talked he never really discussed much about himself, in fact he often changed the subject onto that of Magnolia herself. While this was mainly due to Vladimir's interest in the female it was also due to his subconscious turning the discussion away from himself. Vladimir himself did not even notice this, and if he did he would probably stop it at once. In all honesty he liked this person; sure, they had only met a while ago, but that didn't really mean much to him. The way she held herself, the way she responded, and even the way in which she hesitated. Perhaps he was being overly observant, or even presumptuous, be he believed the two to share many traits.

It was as he began to lose himself in his own thoughts that she seemed to make her own moves, this was a bit of a surprised to Vladimir. Not the fact that she would move, though he would advise against moving at such a speed as she was, but the actions she had taken was rather interesting. For some reason, though Vladimir suspected that she had her own reasons, she would become somewhat hostile. At this point he just assumed that she was being rather defensive, which was fine. He had initially thought that there would some sort of backlash at the idea, though he was not expecting a weapon to be drawn. It was with her motions, and the words that she spoke, that he simply continued to eat; the blade wouldn't phase him much. He's had enough people threaten his life, even take some rather interesting actions against him. This was nothing new, so why would it bother him?

A girl getting defensive over her decision was also something which could be considered a stereotype, but that didn't bother him either. Each person chose to live their life one way or another, and he could respect that. It was with this that he simply smiled. "Sure, whatever you want. I have no problem sleeping on my own bed, it's simply that I feel it would be better if the injured slept on the bed. I'm sure my logic is valid." He chuckled, maybe he shouldn't have said that? He just felt he should justify why he was being so pushy. It was with this that he would simply look over to Magnolia, watching her actions as she finally gave in and chose to eat. It was with this that he let out a small smile; sure, it wasn't a big action, but it was something that made him happy. It was as she ate that she did something rather unexpected; she praised his cooking. With a light blush the male simply chuckled. "Thanks, that means a lot." It was with this that he would scratch his head and lean back; this lean, however, would stop immediately as she began to speak about her past. Sitting back up the male simply watched as she spoke of her past, many of these things seeming to resonate with Vlad. Then she asked about him. He was truly grateful that she was able to open up to him, he felt as though she was able to trust him, if only a little bit.

"I too was born quite a while back, and I can agree that it feels like it was yesterday. Time truly does fly by as one ages. My family was nothing special; they were simple people, nothing that requires much speaking of. They did what they could for me, and I do appreciate it. My adolescence was spent in boot camp, and being deployed around the country. It was a time that truly shaped who I am today, though I did spend some time regretting my own actions; I too spent many, many years in isolation. It seemed like something I had deserved. As of now I am attempting to make a difference on this country, hell even on this world. I know this sounds rather weird, and perhaps childish, but seems very possible." He chuckled, perhaps he had embarrassed himself by discussing this goal. Sure, it seemed childish, but it was something that he believed had to be done.

"What are you doing these days? What is it that pushes you forward?" Perhaps these would be a bit more personal, and as such he was expecting some sort of resistance, but that didn't bother him much; why would you not ask something simply because you thought they would not answer? It was worth the risk of being denied; he was curious after all! "I hope you do not mind my asking dear."

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