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 Sassy Cat [Danava of Fortune]

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Danava of Fortune


I. Basic Information

» Name: Sola Azerith

» Nickname: Sassy

» Age: 6.5 Million Years, as a concept born approximately at the same time life itself achieved the ability to reason.

» Gender: Female

» Height: Four Feet, Ten Inches (147 centimeters) / Five Feet (152 centimeters)

» Weight: 132 pounds (60 kilograms) / 135 pounds (61 kilograms)

II. Appearance

» Shifter Appearance — Sassy: The guise of "Sassy" that the Danava of Fortune developed in her first reincarnation: This was originally the true appearance. However, because Sola basically invaded the body and attempted to take control of it, it would technically become her shifter appearance instead. This is the form she is most often seen in, and is directly tied to her split personality. Whenever she assumes the mentality of Sassy, this is the form that she chooses. A four feet and ten inch high woman seemingly of egyptian descent, who appears to be of the highest maturity one can possess in their mid-twenties of age. She hardly wears clothes to hide her rich "golden" skin tone—a seamless tan of the highest quality, catching the light along all her curves—and there's not a blemish to be seen no matter how intently one studies her body. Her proportions are perfect for one of her height, yet the extent of her womanhood truly tests the boundaries of natural growth. From the bust, hips, and thighs, this woman's sex appeal is dialed up to an extreme. This is the physique belonging to a woman blessed by fortune; a form befitting a goddess.

Sassy's hair is average if not on the short side for a woman, with those deep brown locks falling just above the small of her back and above her chest on the front. Her hair isn't particularly styled, but Sassy always makes sure to keep it mostly straight. The occasional cowlick can be found sticking out, which is a common appearance considering that she tries to wash her hair more like a cat than like a human, but it's never too noticeable. The only other notable feature of her hair is her bangs, which are mostly drawn to the sides, but leaving one tuft down the center just long enough to brush the bridge of her nose. Still, the one thing most people will notice here is not the hair, but the feline ears attached to the top of her head. Consider it a feature of being a demon, but these ears are naturally formed and work just as well as her normal ones. It's almost as distracting as the dark brown tail she has coming out of the bottom of her back.

Sassy's face can be said to be girlish, and it's true that it seems to be as soft and vibrant as a girl's. She has big red eyes brimming with energy just waiting to be let out, luminous and expressive as can be. In between those is a small button nose, which is then above her unpainted lips. Her cheeks are the slightest bit chubby but not to the degree that anybody would call it distasteful. There's usually a subtle blush coloring them, but it's rare that her face ever becomes redder than that. All-in-all, a cute face that belongs to a woman, but has all the appeal that youth can bring.

» True Appearance — Sola Azerith: Now when Sassy becomes Sola, her body distorts and transforms just as well as her personality does. She is changed to resemble her appearance from when she was first born into the demon world, from the womb of Nidhana. However... that appearance is not so drastically different from Sassy's alternative. In fact, the two are nearly identical, so closely that it would be easy to mistake them for sisters if they were ever put side-by-side. Sola possesses a body almost entirely indistinguishable from Sassy's; the same valued shade of light brown, the same robust health all throughout, and the same wealth in her most attractive body parts. The change that occurs when Sola takes over is but a slight increase in height by two inches, and an increase in her proportions to match. One would swear that her breasts grow somewhat more than all the rest.

Again Sola's head can hardly be said to be too different from Sassy's, but at least here more than anywhere else there are some key differences to be noted. The most obvious is of course the length of her hair, which extends all the way down to her bottom now. The signature cowlicks are gone, as Sola doesn't share the same habits as Sassy. It just seems to all be perfectly straight at all times, perhaps as a result of her immense good luck. She still has those animal ears that Sassy sports, but for Sola they are considerably more pointed and regal, with twice the height but half the width. The face is no longer so childish in nature, but with such smooth skin and vivid traits, even her womanly traits seem to be aged no older than a teenager's. She no longer has that passive blush, and what angles she does possess are more pointed than Sassy's.

» Clothing: Clothing doesn't change between the two forms, of course, and since it's not very drastic of a transformation her outfit can stick around either way. However, it's important to note that neither identity of the Danava of Fortune particularly like clothes, and their apparel of choice really drives that point home. This clothing—if you can call it that—is mostly made up of firm rubbery bands woven around their bodies, keeping in place flimsy fabrics to cover the privates of their bodies, in specific of only the breasts and the inner thigh. They're wrapped tightly enough so that there isn't too much bouncing, but this does cause the overabundance of their flesh to almost "leak" out around the sides of the bands and fabric, barely contained. The rest of her body is adorned with extravagant pieces of iridescent gold, splashed all throughout her outfit in every place that it could fit: Golden heels, golden bracelets, golden earrings, golden necklace, golden rings. And if that was not enough, half of these pieces are embedded with emerald and ruby. There's no mistake, despite how thinly veiled the outfit is, it's intent to give off the impression that it's worth far more than most would ever earn in their lives.

II. Personality Traits

» Sola Azerith: One body, two spirits; and thus, two differing characters residing in the same host. Sola was the first, and the longer lived between the two. She held dominance over the Danava for the majority of their past, and thus was the more intelligent, and the more experienced; the wiser. Yet she was also the one who was forced into trial and error, to learn firsthand through her own mistakes before she could grasp lessons. And considering how lenient the origin of fortune was for her, it was always hard to discover the important lessons.

» Spoiled: When all missteps are made up for by an otherworldly force, and the problems are swept away from sight, it becomes hard to learn. Those missteps are repeated until Sola is forced to realize it herself, but that is a rare occurrence indeed. The result is a character who's managed to make it far and high in life, without truly earning it as others would have had to. She cannot empathize nor sympathize with loss, sacrifice, suffering... when she sees another she looks down upon them, for she what she witnesses is how she always receives good fortune when others are privy to misfortune. There's a false understanding in the back of her head that she must be special—the most important person there is. With that comes lofty expectations and a skewed view on reality that shouldn't be, and no normal person would have.

Needless to say, because of how her origin has always uplifted her, she is absolutely conceited. And that conceit is constantly reinforced even in times when she makes dire mistakes, as the powers protect her from any repercussions. Few things in her past have ever broken through her delusions, and left any impact upon Sola. And those events have only just begun to make her realize that there's something more at play with her nature. She's discovered that her abilities are behind the course her life has taken and yet... and yet even still, it is hard to break the mentality she has developed over many years. She maintains this trait as a hypocritical act, behaving high-and-mighty even in knowing the truth. It is simply more toned down than it would have been in her adolescence.

» Sociopath: It isn't all too surprising that Sola developed this sort of complex, considering the abnormal uprising she was brough up into, compounded by her egotism. Always believing in her own self-significance, in being greater than anyone other... many friends, allies, and even those who found her on the streets and raised her... she's discarded them like pieces of trash, not even remembering their names. The only names worth remembering are those of people she can use, and hence, ends up not having any true friends in this world. That doesn't bother her, of course, and for such an alien existence it shouldn't come as a shock either. Sola just doesn't develop relationships like normal people do, and rather, more like those of a classic sociopath.

She lacks conscience, and there are few instances when her kindnesses are genuine. For the most part, Sola is always trying to outsmart those she associates with, thinking of them as things she can manipulate for her own betterment. Even in harmless situations, she can't help the course her dialogue takes, with the white lies and persuasions that continue to come out of her mouth, even without thinking about it. Were Sola to speak true to herself, it would reveal how little she sees others; the lack of consideration she gives to them, and moreso how much more logical she is than emotional.

Sassy Cat [Danava of Fortune] Fancy2

» Sassy: The second incarnation to Sola, the dormant one who watched from behind the scenes while the former Danava stumbled through life... privy to the truth of Sola's mentality but far more human in character. Sassy only had her chance to appear in the most recent of years, with little time to develop and thus still stuck in an age of adolescence. However, she was influenced by foggy visions of how Sola lived life before her, and thus determined her own personality in contrast to the other side of her. Though she could not clearly read Sola's memories, what she understood was enough to find it distasteful. Hence, Sassy serves as a contrast, and as an anchor to reality. Sassy is the kinder spirit of the Danava.

» Grateful: Despite being unaware of her own special powers, Sassy doesn't need to be in order to be thankful to whatever it is that's been protecting her and her other half. She's sees the impossible good fortune that she always receives and understands it not as an indication of how much more special she is compared to everyone else, but rather as a generosity she would hate to ever lose. Every good fortune she is bestowed, she thanks whatever higher force has granted it to her, at least mentally. And of course, this causes Sassy to be far more mellowed and down to earth than Sola could ever be.

As if to pay back just a fraction of what she's received Sassy chooses to act in good behavior, as if her luck was based on Karma. The more human traits she possesses are as a result of her attempting to show she deserves this special treatment, rather than believing it is unconditionally deserved. She is generous with what she is given, willing to share her fortunes with those around her, disregarding the value of what is given away freely. In general... she's just a good girl.

» Playful: To be expected from one so young, Sassy is certainly one feisty critter. Perhaps it is the influence of her closest partner, Len, that she has become this way. But, for whatever reason, she seeks enjoyment in life more than she does her own personal goals... even if any goals were to exist in the first place. As someone who lived trapped in a small room for the most of her days, of course the moment she got out into the real world she'd want to live her physical existence to the fullest. Whenever she has dominance over the Danava's personality, she does whatever she thinks will be more fun, and that's really all the thought that goes into it. It's hard for her to harbor negative thoughts with this way of living—she hardly ever comes face to face with something she dislikes.

Of note, with her lack of experience in the physical body, she is oblivious to things others would find embarrassing or unusual. After all, when she does whatever she finds would be the most enjoyable for her, it is without full understanding of it. She'll follow her instincts and fall into it, just like that. Naturally, she'll dislike being judged for what she does, and care not for the dissenting opinions. She's her own person, and enjoys the freedom she's gained while she still has it. As long as its fun, that's all there is to it.

III. Character Background

» Danava of Fortune:

Karma, luck, fate, horoscopes, kismet, chance and circumstance... Things that occur with no explicable logic behind it and many systems are given to interpret the reasons behind them. From spiritual workings to scientific definitions, many people have come to different conclusions as to why these things take place. And while these points of view may conflict with each other, most have simply come to accept it as it is—that it exists—without needing to comprehend the mechanisms that make it tick. Though the search for an answer has all but been written off, there does exist a reason for these happenings. The Danava's root plane of Nidhana holds the answer, for it holds all thoughts, concepts, and systems within themselves. If there was to be a science behind this supposed "random chance", then it must exist in Nidhana, and it was simply waiting to be pulled from the pool and drawn into a Danava Demon. This is where the birth of Sola Azerith began—the necessity of a being to fulfill the role of Fortune.

Danava, the demons of concept: Sola was of an abnormal birth—that is, she was the first demon to take on the origin of "Fortune" and therefore she was brought into existence from nothingness... an abnormal birth, though not so out of the ordinary for Danavas. Here began Sola's consciousness, yet it was not from the dark underwhere from whence it came, but the light over above. From the very first moment she was born, her concept of Fortune took root within her. It determined that she was an existence that would never know the suffering of tragedy or misfortune. She would eternally be someone who only knew good luck, and had a fate filled with prosperity. As her power was to control fortune, she unconsciously fostered only good fortune for herself.

But through that, she already was setting events into action in the reality that she lived in. For every cause, there was an effect, and the repercussions resounded through the universe as 'random' instances of bad luck. Because Sola stole away so much positivity, negativity would be displaced elsewhere. Later, as people would give names to these 'random' circumstances such as Karma or Fate... they would never know that it was merely Sola's effect on the world as a result of existing. She was in herself the concept of Fortune, and therefore she would always exist as long as that concept did, and vice versa.

It began approximately the same time as when the human race began. Rather, it was when homo sapiens as a race acquired the ability to develop new and complex meanings, and to reason for themselves. This point in history long ago, around 6.5 million years ago, was when human beings finally gained the ability to take control of their fate. Thus, Sola's existence was demanded by Nidhana, to represent the factor of chance that humans have come to know. Without her, humans would be able to accomplish anything they ever attempted to do, because there would never be any randomness involved in their journeys... but there had to be chance; the chance of success, the chance of failure, the chance that things aren't all predetermined.

Though Sola gained her consciousness at this time, she never was allowed to explore her reality. Nidhana kept the Danava as a prisoner, merely so that the concept of Fortune did exist in this world. It would be millions of years before she ever was able to gain her own freedom from this eternal light. It was a wonderful state of existence, but it was an existence without substance—an illusion crafted by Nidhana. Through this long period of time, Sola was trying the entire time to escape from the cell that entrapped her. Her powers would slowly whittle away at the outer boundaries until one day, one day far more recent, she burst through into the realm of the Demon world.

» The Train That Stops For No One:

Crying is a normal event in the lives of all babies. When one comes out of the womb the first thing they do is cry. The sensation of being separated from the warmth and sustenance is so painful and terrifying for the child that it's obvious that crying would be their first reaction. Yet, though this bears similarities to Sola's situation as she was released from Nidhana's prison and into the demon world, she did not cry one bit. She never felt pain, nor was she afraid of what this new world might bring her. This was because she was an existence of good fortune, and would never be allowed to come into contact with anything considered bad. Though she was deposited into a random corner of a random demon city within a random demon nation, she fell gently, received no wounds, and had no difficulty adapting to the change in environment. The naked body that was pushed into the cold felt nothing but warmth—it was as if her body was stealing all the heat in the area and causing everything else to turn colder because of it. While her knee struck the hard ground, it didn't experience any pain, or even scratch itself—whatever wound she would have received was sent elsewhere into the world, causing an accident to somebody else that nobody would be able to explain.

Still, she was placed into a city she wasn't familiar with, with nothing to her name, not even clothing. She was wholly confused, unsure where she was and uncertain about what she was supposed to do now. So it seemed that her body had at least matured into a woman's as a result of the time she spent in Nidhana's grasp, and she had enough mental development to reason on the same level as anyone else... what she lacked was experience and an identity as far as this reality perceived her. She took in her surroundings, noting that it was a dark night and that she was in a relatively run-down area of this city. She curled her arms around her body to hide her privates, scanning the area further to notice that there were other demons around. She was not alone; people had noticed her sudden appearance and stared at her with confused and surprised expressions on their faces. As Sola looked as vulnerable as she did... naked and alone at the mouth of an abandoned alleyway... it was almost a natural response for others to try and take advantage of her. Demons who did not understand the significance of her existence, jumping at an opportunity they wouldn't otherwise have in their regular life. It was not long before she was surrounded by a group of predatory neanderthals, seeking to take advantage of a seemingly defenseless woman.

And it was true; Sola couldn't actively defend herself. In terms of a fight she had zero experience, and hardly even knew the concept of battle. Literally anyone could beat her down in a fair fight, even if all they knew was swinging a weapon at another's head. However, this was just another instance of Sola's status as Danava of Fortune to solidify itself. She stood there, no fear in her face as she was encompassed by the group of demons. In order to take advantage of her, they needed to capture her, but that was a situation that her fortune would never allow her to be put in. She stood there with the confidence that nothing bad would befall her, inherently knowing that all of these men would die before they reached her... even without a reasonable way for which that could happen. So when the first one took a step forward to reach for her, his foot would hit the ground at such a strange angle that his ankle twisted and he tripped to the side. It would be so unexpected that he wouldn't even be able to stop himself before his head hit the ground with an unnerving crack, and he was killed instantly.

The group was in shock, in befuddlement, in disbelief. It took them some time to realize that their friend was dead, but the tension in the air rose greatly once they did. Sola still stood in between them, not making any moves to defend herself, and neither did she look concerned for the man that just died in front of her. It would have been better if the rest of them left it at that and ran away, but one of them made the mistake of thinking they could take the woman with them; an avarice that would cost him his life. The moment this thought took hold in his mind, a piece of the wall from a nearby building fell several stories and smashed into his head, killing him as well. Only through the loss of their second companion did they abandon the woman, believing her cursed and fearing for their own lives. They did not even have the compassion to bring the dead bodies with them... of course, they would be killed by random happenstance as well for being accomplices.

And thus, Sola was returned back to square one now that that peculiarity was over. She was still in the middle of the walkway without any idea of how to proceed from here. She simply did not know enough to come up with any ideas for herself. As she had never been properly raised, she had nothing to fall back on once she had achieved independence. However, one such as her was determined to have a positive fate no matter what, and her conceptual ability would take hold and move her forward regardless of her lack of initiative. Someone who saw this anomaly take place would be compelled to come to her and rescue her from this situation. This man was married yet had no children, the perfect candidate to take in someone like Sola and teach her all that she needed to know. That he just so happened to be walking down this path at this time was another instance of Sola's abilities at work.

So she allowed herself to be taken in, only later discovering that the family was already among Demon royalty and had a great degree of wealth to themselves. Not only was she taught by parental figures with a pedigree to them, but thanks to their influence, Sola already in such an affluent position from which her life would take a positive course. As she was educated, she tended to just 'get' concepts with ease because she was fortunate enough to see exactly what she needed to on the first try, without needing to even study the materials. She was also fortunate to never catch any sicknesses, to never suffer any health problems, to never receive a single injury. She never experienced hardship, but she only continued to advance irregardless. The usual rule of needing to overcome obstacles in order to develop did not apply to her—her powerful Danava concept overwrote the necessity for trials in her life. Her parents could only be happy to have taken her in seeing all that she was accomplishing without even trying. They viewed her as a source of good luck for themselves, even.

This sort of lifestyle gave Sola the personality she still possesses to this day; one of conceit and narcissism, who regards others as lower than herself, and is spoiled to the core. This is because no matter how badly she acts or what she does, her good fortune will never let her see the consequences of her actions. With her new character settled, she started to aim for the top, using her adoptive parents as a springboard in order to propel her up through the ranks of Demon royalty. From absolutely nowhere, she arose, using the family's name of Azerith to give her credence to her claim of superiority. With no merits except extremely good luck to carry her, the Azerith royal family became several times more powerful within the nation of Sirsa where they were housed, with Sola as the new head. And because of all the fortune she was stealing for herself, there had to be someone who lost theirs: The other royal families would be experiencing inexplicable bouts of bad luck that brought shame to their names and decreased their influence at the same rate that Azerith's did. It was historical just how quickly that they grew to become the most powerful family within Sirsa... suddenly, there was no one to contest their claim to the domain. And since Sola had been set up as the family's inheritor... it was her who became Queen.

From the streets with nothing to call hers... it took but a few years for her to now rule over a nation in the Demon Realm.

» Golden Ripples:

Sola certainly did not have any experience in a position of leadership and definitely not in one as powerful as a Demon Queen. But as with most things, it proved not to matter before her ability. Whether she tried to or not, her nation would flourish out of sheer good luck. Sirsa was noted in recent times to be ever-expanding, which started the moment Sola stepped into the position of leadership. The people of her lands would seek to develop themselves of their own accord simply due to Sola's presence. The right people for the job would just happen to take initiative to expand Sirsa's borders, and the right decisions would just happen to be made in order to bring success to the whole. Sirsa's people, despite their vast diversity among demons, would band together Sola's supernatural charisma and transform their country into something better. A powerful nationalism swept through the land and drove people to seek success in Sola's name. Sirsa entered a golden age.

And meanwhile, the rest of the Demon World, and in all other realms, adversity was experienced through wars and otherwise. Because Sirsa knew peace and rampant growth, everywhere else was livened up with conflict. The year? 2410, through which all worlds certainly did experience a rise in activity. It could be correct to assume that Sola's rise to power directly caused this result, as a result of her good fortune being balanced out with bad fortune on a grand scale. While worldly events are no longer directly related to Sola's abilities, she was the catalyst that triggered it, and kicked this series of events into gear.

For two years, Sola and her country could only know "good fortune", while keeping itself apart from the rest of the Demon World. All citizens remained blind to the truth behind Sola, and simply enjoyed their peaceful utopian society while it lasted. There were none who would argue with a leader who continued to bring them prosperity. However, there were those outside of the country who were not oblivious to these inexplicable developments. It was so completely out of the blue and on such a huge scale that one had to suspect there was more to it than met the eye. Sirsa was a land once known for fighting amongst itself, due to the many different states and families within it. There used to be no clear leader making decisions for the country, but that all changed too fast to believe. To be curt, Sola was making enemies for herself just because she was being too successful. Yet... they couldn't be closer to the truth, and they had full reason to suspect her. These were demons of the highest tiers beginning to investigate into her situation, because they were the only ones who could break through the dominion of her "Fortune".

Thus began a secret invasion. It was a war between multiple clandestine demons and Sola Azerith, to determine the dark truth behind the anomalies that surrounded Sirsa. Against any other foe, these agents would have an easy time discovering whatever conspiracy was taking place—they were experts in their field of work, and powerful enough that they could easily topple a demon nation's regime through their efforts. The problem was that even despite Sola not having any knowledge of who they were or what they were doing, her unbelievably good fortune would continue to protect her without anything needing to be done. Just when one of the demons began to learn something too close to the truth, they were turned off the trail by completely random intervention. They were missing the key details as if only because of chance. And if they managed to overcome that first field of defense and learn something they weren't supposed to, they'd be killed off by the same enigmatic force. A terrible accident, caused by sheer bad luck... Dwindling their numbers

Yet this only bolstered the demons' resolve to see this through. Because some of their members had been killed off, they now knew that something shady was going on in the lands of Sirsa. They stopped trying to be discrete at that point and started to formulate a plan to confront Sola directly. No matter how powerful her defense was, they were confident in their abilities to brute force their way through it by going all at once. They still didn't know what it was that was protecting her, but if they attacked her directly it was certain to reveal itself before them. Any more half-measures would only increase their losses and a war of attrition was not something they were going to win. Now, two years after Sola had taken the position of Queen, a siege on her castle would commence to take her down.

In the two years that had passed while this investigation was going on, Sola made a name for herself in the history books of the demon civilization. No one misunderstood that she was one of the most imperious rulers to be seen in the world. In all records people described her as "reckless" and "simple" as was the most politely they could put it. But the people that she ruled did not seem to be too bothered with such qualities in their leader, for still their land saw continued prosperity. None cried out for a change in leadership, or for a better living. Sirsa was in a better place than they ever had been with the multiple royal families clashing with each other at the top. The people accepted Sola's behavior with pride, and some even adopted it themselves, thinking their land better than any other land. The sheer charisma that surrounding its populace lead to its expansion into other territories, as more and more people got caught up in the golden age. Certainly, when the people discovered that Sola had been assassinated, the ones who would be painted as the villains were the ones trying to undo the illusion...

And then it finally happened. A fight in the heart of the throne room belonging to Sola. Several incredibly powerful demons had infiltrated her queendom and now threatened her life, outnumbering her and overpowering her. Even so... because they did not initially understand the mechanics behind the Danava's concept, it was they who would lose many lives first of all. They didn't even realize she was a Danava until they confronted her. It took the death of a handful of demons before they realized it—for the first time, someone besides Nidhana had come to understand the staggering power of "Fortune" and golden ripples that it sent throughout the universe. Dread filled their hearts, as the battle went on and many more lives were lost... Because Sola's defensive ability dispersed her misfortune elsewhere into the world, hundreds of random innocent beings across all realms took the fall in her place. Each time the demons attacked her they were also killing completely uninvolved people. Yet it was the only way to break through to Sola and defeat the evil that she had become. Their resolve was certainly tested.

It was the first time that Sola herself was learning of her own powers too... this entire time, she'd been oblivious to the good fortune that surrounded her. She'd been blind to the golden ripples radiating out of herself. Yet through this fight, she gained that sight. For the first time she could finally say she understood who she was and what she was. This moment in time granted her the full powers of her Danava side, luckily just in time to battle against those who would topple her authority. Even though it had been such a one-sided fight from appearances alone, the mysterious and confusing nature of "Fortune" proved to be a massive advantage for Sola, and that is why she managed to overcome her opposition and kill these threats. Without mercy, she took them out one-by-one until only one was left. She had no qualms about killing this one as well, but her lack of insight prevented her from seeing that each of her opponents had been buying time with their lives so that the last one to unleash a final attack to pierce through her. With one line: "I see it!" he released the remnants of his energy, and a bright flash of light was the last thing Sola would see before she was dealt a fatal blow.

» Sassy Out Of Nowhere:

But Sola Azerith was an existence that could not die. Even if her body fell and dissipated in the halls of her castle, the concept of "Fortune" was not something that Nidhana could allow to disappear. If it did, the natural order of destiny would become unbalanced and break the world open. The Danava of Fortune was a necessary entity, and thus it would reincarnate her time and time again to preserve the state of the world. That is exactly what happened, as not a few seconds later, she would reappear in new flesh-and-blood, but not in the demon world... Year 2412 AD on Earth, the first human sighting of her was by a character known as none other than Len Washi. She was hardly different from her appearance in her first incarnation, a woman with considerably lacking clothing and some small yet genuine feline features attached to her body. One would believe that her personality and memories would remain in tact as well and yet… Sola acted like little more than a newborn kitten, lost and then found by sheer coincidence. With her former past far in the past and long forgotten, she had nowhere to go, no frame of mind to think for herself about what to do. She had been brought back to life but she’d lost so much of herself as a result.

Cold and alone, stuck in the rain; the boy Washi decided to take her with him out of kindness. By bringing her into his apartment and giving her the care for her that he did, his actions caused Sola to imprint onto him as if he were her owner. Forgoing her former nature and stature, Sola had become Len’s pet cat, more or less. And in exchange, he gave her a name for lack of the one she had forgotten: “Sassy”. This was the means with which she has been reintroduced into the world.

What had the situation become now? Sola had only just learned how to control her abilities the moment before she died, thanks to the revelation of where she came from. Those demons showed her the truth that even she was blinded too, but it was for naught when she was reborn, not remembering anything about her previous life. Once again she was at square one, with no knowledge of how to use her abilities or even what they were. To make things worse, whatever attack had put her down in her previous life had rend scars upon her in this one. Her intelligence was lacking, her fortune not so sweeping. She was being suppressed by something that she couldn't remember.

But what was wrong with this way of life? Was she really fated to return to such a lofty position as a Queen, or could she not be happy with the new hand that had been dealt her way? One thing was for certain, and that was the fact that Len was a very good companion to be beside. He provided for her everything that she could say she needed, and he was just as good at raising her as her former parents had been. Even without the royalty and the wealth, Sassy was enjoying her life on Earth, joining Len in his adventures and his everyday life. Thanks to his influence, this second incarnation of the Danava of Fortune was becoming a good-hearted person. So when her luck did show itself, it was for the sake of more than herself—Len was able to experience a great deal of fortune not because it would benefit Sassy in anyway, but simply because she liked him. It was shaping up to be a beautiful relationship between the two...

But things were never so simple.

It was time to show just how potent Sola's good luck truly was. Even though many powerful demons gave their lives and sacrificed so much to take her first incarnation down, to kill her once and for all, the concept of death couldn't be wholly applied to her even with such a powerful attack used against her. It's correct to assume that her spirit had not perished with her body, but instead been flung off randomly into the universe just like everything bad done to her would. Her origin was simply displacing the soul "randomly" out into another world... but whenever the word "randomly" was applied to Sassy, her abilities would twist the probability and turn things into her favor. The second incarnation of the Danava of Fortune, created by Nidhana, was already prepared for her on Earth. Out of all the billions of possibilities, Sola's spirit would land right inside Sassy's body, where it would take shelter and rebuild itself after the damage done to her. Sola was not dead. She was simply hiding.

And what of the demon world she had left behind? With Sola's fall, the land of Sirsa was once again placed into disarray, near anarchy. Certainly, those who had killed their Queen would be vilified and disgraced. The sole survivor of the incident bore witness to the truth, but it was a tale that no one else would listen to. He retired, cut ties with his former associations, and disappeared into ambiguity. Meanwhile, Sola became a martyr, the effects of her lingering charisma just barely keeping everything together. They didn't want another queen: They wanted Sola's return, no matter how ridiculous such a desire was. It was as if they were under a spell, believing that she'd be able to come back. Sola, too, wished this very same thing. And she was determined to see it through.

That is when Sassy's multiple personality disorder took root: a deficiency to the extreme. Though the body properly belonged to the one who was called Sassy, Sola had just as much claim to her nature as a Danava of Fortune. Len would notice such instances of something darker building up within Sassy—an out-of-character moment here, a bad feeling there—though Sassy herself was absolutely clueless of the other presence inside of her. Even if Len inquired about the anomalies, he was never able to get anything other than a confused expression from the Danava. Thus, he simply continued to act as if everything was normal, if only for the sake of Sassy, without knowing what was really wrong with her. After all, he had no clue just how deeply her origins went... he only picked her up off the streets one day. There really was nothing to stop Sola from being able to dominate the weaker spirit of Sassy, and nothing for Len to do but watch it slowly happen.

Of note, the relationship between these two continued in peace over the length of four years. Sure, random instances of Sola's influence did interrupt them, but it was never of any consequence along the way. A strong bond was built between the two, upon an already strong chemistry. They shared everything from a home to each other's trust. It wasn't just a fleeting moment... it was a companionship strong enough to last the test of time. Perhaps it was for that reason that it took so long for Sola to eventually take control, for it was something that Sassy was unconsciously fighting back for, to never lose what she's gained. It would turn out to be for naught in the end, however, as one day in the year 2416, she suddenly disappeared from Len's side without a word of farewell. Sola had finally won, and left the Living Realm to return to her homeland in the Demon World. Sirsa was soon to see a return of their beloved queen.

» Two Steps From Heaven:

Sirsa was left wanting for a ruler as great as Sola Azerith in the wake of her death, with no sign of her return on the horizon. The older royal families rose back to power and clashed with each other to fill the void left by Sola's death, while those still-hopefuls of the old queen receded into the shadows and became cultish. New rulers were allowed to step up into the position of King or Queen, even, but... never would they ever live up to the greatness that Sola had impressed Sirsa with. The people were disappointed in whatever replacement was brought into office, too spoiled to the impossible fortune that came with the previous regime. And as if to answer their complaints... the forces of tragedy would befall every single demon that ever took the place of ruler over the Sirsa Lands. Something invisible was protecting what was left behind: With each new king or queen, not one of them managed to survive longer than a month before they died for inexplicable reasons. It did not take long for people to claim that the throne had been cursed by Sola's lingering spirit. Nobles still attempted to take control out of necessity and sometimes greed, but misfortune supervened upon all.

That is when the Merciful Spirit, Dayālu Seishin, entered the picture. He took the position of King after the most recent death of the last that tried. After four years of this process repeating, someone who could finally retain their hold over the lands finally took the throne, as many of the wealthy and the noble supported him as the perfect match for this curse. He was no different from the others in that he too would suffer the same fate as everyone before him: Once a month had passed, an unknown force would take his life in Sola's stead... but that was where everything came to a crux. For Dayālu was the Danava of Reincarnation, when he died, he would merely return to life again. The curse struck him down, but he rose from the grave not long after. Finally, with a man who could stabilize the anarchic lands of Sirsa, its people could say they had a true ruler.

It was just unfortunate timing for him, that this was around the time that Sola would return from the dead herself. After years of absence, the Danava of Fortune walked the lands she had once controlled, now seeing that she had been replaced. Her return was not with a quiet mewl, but with uproarious applause. Those cults of hers that hid away in wait not celebrated publicly. The old versus the new; Sola and Dayālu, and she strode right up to his fortress to challenge his authority. Crowds of her faithful followers joined just behind her, blocking out the grounds approaching the palace, eager to see the new King fall and the old regime put back into place. Yet, Dayālu himself was not alone. Those who had supported his rise still stayed loyal, and pushed back against her if only to fall. All while the Danava of Reincarnation watched from above. He had heard tell of Sola's rule despite never meeting her, knew that she did indeed once hold the throne behind him. If it was certainly her again, then he was not exactly against her being reinstated... but at the same time he didn't see himself being pushed out of what he has earned. A conflict was brewing at his door, and he had to resolve it before it got out of hand. Where Sola sought to trample over him, he tried to look for a compromise.

After some thought, Dayālu finally emerged from the comfort of his castle to meet with this Sola character; needless to say she immediately demanded he stepped down, while the masses in her thrall drowned out any protest with uproarious cheers and stamping. Even communicating was difficult, but the man tried to push through. He told her that he wished to see her prove that she really was who she said she was, and against all of the jeers of the populace that followed her, he was prepared to defend himself if she insisted on trying to settle things with force. A sensible demon might have gone with Dayālu's suggestion, but neither Sola nor this crowd was that reasonable. That he did not acquiesce immediately to her demands meant that the two would clash, right here on the open grounds in front of Sirsa's capital palace, for the leadership of the lands.

From the onset of the battle, the two were at a stalemate. Dayālu was clearly the better fighter, displaying a wisdom and experience that spanned multiple lifetimes, but Sola's incredible fortune almost entirely made up for that wide gap in ability. Both boasted incredible defensive abilities that allowed them to go without injury, with seconds, minutes, and hours passing by without either managing to gain ground on the other. Each combatant learned about the other, with Dayālu gaining insight into Sola's special powers and she shaking off the rust that had accumulated from her inactivity. The fight had begun at dawn, but it continued on to dusk before either could make any progress. It was Sola—with Lady Luck on her side—who finally started to gain the edge on the other. As the sun fully set, she was able to deal a killing blow onto Dayālu, for the sake of the throne... only to see him rise again to face her.

She was shocked and furious, forced to continue fighting him even after she believed she'd won. Her abilities had proven themselves stronger, but all the progress she'd made would be made undone as Dayālu revived. She killed him again, and again and again. But each time he'd come back, prolonging the fight for multiple days. There seemed to be no end to it, and Sola was merely wearing herself out in energy and willpower. It was only her stubbornness that prevented her from stopping and talking things out. After the first death, Dayālu had already acknowledged her as the true Sola and made an offer: Become Queen of Sirsa alongside him as King, and rule cooperatively. If she had her way, it would be only her at the top, for she couldn't accept the thought that someone was possibly her equal—that someone was just as blessed as she was...

All was to continue like this, the battle continuing for weeks, if not for the intervention of the spirit still residing within Sola now. Sassy—the second Danava of Fortune—took advantage of her dwindling willpower to reemerge and fight with her for control of the body. Sola couldn't believe that this was happening, having thought Sassy disappeared. But the bond that had formed between her and Len still remained, anchoring the former into existence even if Sola had become the dominant force in this body. She couldn't be removed so long as he existed, forcing them both to now share the one body. The walls that supported Sola's conceited nature began to crumble down, especially now as Sassy said it directly: "You are not meant to be peerless. You are not a goddess." Those words defeated Sola, allowing Sassy to take control this time. She would accept Dayālu's terms in her stead, taking the good with the bad, for nothing in this world was absolute.



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Danava of Fortune


IV. Demon Skills

» Za Zagon Koa - Wealth of Energy: A natural strength for Sassy as far as demonic abilities go, she was bound to possess a powerful bond to Za Koa from the moment she was born, not just because she was of the Danava type, but as a result of her unique origin of "Fortune". Her spirit was built with a vast pathway into the demon core already, allowing grandiose amounts of its energy to flow through with ease. For it is representative of one as fortuitous as her, for her natural abilities to prosper and become a living gold mine of potential power. This kind of boon allows Sassy to manipulate vaster amounts of energy than most other demons on her level, to push herself for far longer without tiring, to use the most powerful attacks without issue. Of course, possessing so much power does not equate to mastery—this and that are two separate things and do not bear on the other—but it gives Sassy capability; the raw strength for her to rival opponents even beyond her on a basic level.

Za Zagon Koa, as this pathway is correctly termed, directly ties into Sassy's conceptual world (detailed later). It is proper to say that it runs through the world before reaching her, hence why this aspect of her demonic blood is so potent. Imagine it: If one's connection to Za Koa is meant to be represented by an interconnecting tunnel, then one's ability to wield demon energy is determined by the size of that tunnel. Yet Sassy's conceptual world is thrust within that tunnel, an entire pocket space that forcefully widens the pathway and blesses it with her origin. Not only does it make it easier for the energy to travel, but the concept of "Fortune" ensures a high quality of every single particle that passes through it, like a grand filter. A normally dark essence is turned golden and gleaming once it passes through, making it more familiar to her self rather than as a gift from a demon god (Touketsu). So, it has quantity, quality, and ease of use. Without even trying, Sassy manages to be overwhelming among demons. Furthermore, this special tampering ends up giving the energy an identity synchronous to Sassy alone. It makes it hard for others to tamper with her demon energy, especially through the typical "energy drain" skills that certain characters may possess. In addition, her connection to Za Koa is nigh impossible to disrupt, due to the solidifying presence of her conceptual world. It acts like a durable foundation that requires far more strength to knock down than the usually vulnerable pathways other demons have.

» No Shadow Movement: Relying too much on natural power and neglecting proper training of one's own demon abilities is bound to have its consequences. For Sassy, it is not that she is incapable of this technique, but simply that she never once wished to learn it. As such, she is not able to use Shadow Movement on any level as of this time.

» Demon Magic: The primary firepower of the demon class, Demon Magic, is significant in the case of Sassy only regarding a very specific set of abilities; her manipulations of the golden element. Appropriate for one with the Danava origin of "Fortune", perhaps the element of the world that signifies this best is the element of wealth, number 79 of the periodic table, the aurum metal. Sassy uses demon magic to create, control, and attack with gold, in a wide variety of ways, to the point where one might call her a master. Yet she wields this magic at the expense of every other, for she has no aptitude for any other type of Demon Magic which do not align with her origin. Once again, with no necessity to learn anything other than what she naturally has talent with, she never gained the capabilities other demons might consider commonplace. Regardless, that bears nothing on how well she masters what she does have.

» Hand of Midas: The touch of Midas is the ability to swiftly transmute any material into gold through sheer touch. As long as she holds her hand against a physical surface (from solids to plasmas), she may spread her bloodline magics throughout it. She may use gold itself as a medium, to affect materials as though she were touching it directly, meaning there is no range limit as long as the gold makes one unbroken path to the target. The chaotic nature of gasses and plasmas would of course not count in this regard. The gold in question is not the average element; instead imbued with sorcery to greatly enhance it. It transcends the worldly expectations one would have with any substance, with no set properties until the moment it is created. What does this mean? It means that Sassy is free to determine how the metal behaves as she wields it; it can offer the lightness of air to herself, yet an unprecedented weight to those who oppose her. It can be as durable as adamantium, or fragile enough to crumble at the slightest resistance. Its sharpness could deliver cuts at the most minuscule levels, and still be soft to the touch for Sassy herself. It could have an extremely high melting point, capable of surviving solidly within the core of the sun, though she would be able to melt it down at will whenever she wished. Each of these is like an individual enchantment, determining what properties the gold will have as it is made, and being fluid to Sassy's whims and a reasonable extent. Still, it will always be something beyond the scope of typical rationality...

The touch of Midas works very much on flesh as it does on any other bit of matter, just as it has in the stories of past. Her enemies may see themselves encased in a coffin of gold, becoming a statue with no more thought nor life within it. While yes, they will preserved in a rather powerful metal that will maintain its form for generations, they will remain that way so long as Sassy wishes it, so it's best not to get caught by her enchanting touch. Of course, this ability can also be used to help her allies, protecting them from a powerful attack by transforming them into this nearly-indestructible gold. She has the ability to shift her golden possessions back into whatever they originally were at will, in the state they were at the time, even living beings. It's a stasis of a sort, preserving them frozen in time until she undoes it. This ability can also be utilized on herself, however, she is the only one capable of life, moving and thinking and using her powers while gilded, providing a rather large advantage. There is a degree of resistance victims can put up against this metamorphosis, powered by equal parts willpower and energy levels. The higher the willpower, and/or the higher the tier, the more slowly this transformation proceeds. Those who typically outstrip Sassy's power can slow it down to a snail's crawl, for example. Though the only foolproof method of negating this ability is separating the gold from the body entirely.

As a final note, Sassy has general manipulation of all gold she has created with her touch of Midas, allowing her to sculpt it with her imagination and move it as she wishes. Any shapes or sizes she sees in her mind, she can make with the gold at her disposal. Whether wholly solid, scattered into dust, or melted into liquid, it bends to her will; it's entirely free-form for her. As such, the creation of golden objects through this ability is a natural extension of her power, and a primary part of it at that. Items that Sassy constructs out of her special element, once solidified, become known as "Legendary Items" whose value are of course unprecedented. The item fulfills its function as whatever item that was created, but as a result of the fact that it was created by Sassy's gold it will always perform that task "better" for whatever that would imply. For example, a silk clothing emulated by her gold will be far softer and yet boasting a greater resistance to tearing or loss of quality. A mere flute would give off entrancing music that its player might not even be capable of. This could create the same type of effect on an already existing item too, by completely wrapping its form in Sassy's gold, its abilities become enhanced.
  • Heart of Gold - Aurune: A tie-in ability founded by Sassy's gold manipulation; this is a passive ability birthed within her body as a result of self-modification—a permanent feature added in her recent past with the mind of Sola Azerith, through a desire for immortality. Demons' already long life-spans were not enough for her, nor was the concept that the Danava of Fortune was one that would always reincarnate into another being. The splice between her and the second Danava of Fortune, Sassy, is not an ordeal she wished to deal with again. Hence, this Heart of Gold was created to replace her vulnerable normal heart. Whereas Sassy remains vulnerable through every other organ and her spiritual core, her heart alone is no longer a vulnerability for her; not one that is tied to her life. If it is ever pierced, it would not kill her or even mortally wound her. Even if it is removed from her body, she would still live on. This is the first effect of the Heart of Gold; no longer does she rely on the heart to live.

    The reasoning behind this is that her entire circulatory system has changed. The heart and blood that drives other living beings is absent from Sassy. Instead, this golden heart serves as a pump for a new circulatory system that revolves liquid gold throughout her body instead. It would be seen in the place of blood whenever it would otherwise be drawn from her, like through cuts. Blood, the biological substance that keeps the rest of the body powered through completely explicable and scientific means... has been supplanted by this unique variant of Sassy's gold which bestows upon her body the mere concept of "Alive" in a supernatural fashion. Hence, it only takes a single drop of this liquid gold running through her body to keep her fully alive. Only once she has been completely emptied and does not feel the return of this living concept for several minutes will Sassy ever be killed (through normal circumstances). The golden heart exists merely to pump the gold through her.

    Of course, to assume that Sassy can freely create this special gold is incorrect. We can refer to it as "Aurune" to differentiate it from the rest of Sassy's gold, for there is only a set amount of this special liquid for Sassy to possess, as much as her body can hold through this circulatory system. This is because this Aurune is only formed by the constant circulation itself, running through Sassy's body repeatedly over the course of days, adopting the nature of her origin of "Fortune". The process which sustains her is the same transformative process which creates Aurune, which both limits its volume and cheapness. However, Aurune is definitively superior to the normal gold, and possesses superior capabilities in the risky case that Sassy wishes to draw it out of her bloodstream and use it as a weapon. For one, Aurune moves much faster and has a lot more condensed power, allowing it to break through where her gold would fail. It can also recuperate injured parts of her body or be used to heal others with its conceptual life-giving ability—imposing "Alive" on something to stimulate regenerative processes and restore vitality.

    Last but not least, is the fact that if Sassy's golden Aurune were to be consumed by another, it produces one of two effects: The first is if it is freely given, it would give the drinker Sassy's Serendipity power for 24 hours after it has been consumed, essentially bestowing unnatural good luck upon them. The other, is if it is not given freely, but taken, the effect will be equal and opposite. Nothing but bad luck will come the consumer's way, to the point where death is likely within the next 24 hours.

    Dead Man's Fortune: Here's a strange one, a special ability performed through Sassy's golden power that is almost entirely autonomous. Once set, the ability continues to repeat its effects over and over until Sassy runs out of energy or stops it herself, but it requires no thought or focus from the demon in order to function. A mere touch is all that's required, and the chaos will begin. Any object equivalent or lesser in size to Sassy herself will begin to burn molten hot—an effect of intense demonic energy coursing through it and causing a powerful reaction. Anything that touches the object will of course become terribly seared, but the object itself will maintain its form despite the wild temperatures. That's about when it begins splitting, expelling solid gold replicas of the object from the original at a rapid rate. These duplicates will have no abilities or effects copied over from the source, but will simply be statuesque reproductions of glittering gold, and of great value. Of course, not only will the original target be forced to keep producing them, but each of those copies will in turn start to produce their own copies, each of them as blazing hot too. At an exponential rate, the object will keep mass-producing itself, quickly burying itself and anything unfortunate to get caught in the wave of spawning objects, burning them alive in the process. This cannot be used to target any organic objects, or non-solid objects for its effect. This lasts as long as Sassy is willing to sustain it with her energy, creating enough to even fill entire lakes with fool's gold if she pleases. The primary weakness to this ability is to destroy the original object, causing all the rest to simply fade away.
» Shapeshifter, Sizechanger: Body Manipulation is a natural ability found in many demons, and Sassy is no exception. Though her base form already manifests beauty and appeal, she is able to redefine her features to a degree in which the mere act of shapeshifting becomes a tool in warfare and utility. Stretching, twisting, shrinking, growing... Sassy's body is an element that she manipulates with her mind, warping her own shape at the drop of a dime. The only catch is that even throughout her many transformations, Sassy must maintain the organic vulnerabilities within. Her internal systems complete with organs and bones within—she has the ability to distort and move them all around as she pleases, but the whole must be maintained. That is to say, Sassy cannot willfully remove whatever parts of her body as she pleases, and continue on healthily. And if they are stricken by a foe, it will bring harm to her no matter what form she takes... That is the main constriction of her Body Manipulation ability. Furthermore, Sassy has never been personally experienced at constructing complex designs, making things such as disguises impossible for her to pull off. In terms of size, she is not especially limited, but not limitless. She can shrink down to about the size of an ant, or grow large enough to dwarf the tallest structures mankind has built.

Past that, however, there is hardly any limit. Her body is like rubber or clay, twisted and molded to fit the situation. Her limbs can reach as far as she can see; her body can grow to titanic sizes or shrink to minuscule ones; she can grow the wildest shapes out of the membrane of her body like she were a swiss army knife. With proper control of density and shape, she can even give her body unrealistic properties such as battle armor or slick, frictionless skin. She can have attacks rebound off of her like rubber or just let them pass through her body harmlessly. And considering that this is Body Manipulation, it's just as good as a self-healing ability as well, allowing her to "shapeshift" her injuries away. Typically, the only way to maintain damage on Sassy would be to infuse a foreign energy into her body along with one's attacks, to ensure she can't properly manipulate it.

IV. Origin

Origin Name — Fortune

» Definition: Born from the depths of Nidhana as the first in a line of Danava, Sola Azerith stands as the anthropomorphized concept of Fortune, in that she and the existence of 'chance' are one and the same. So long as she exists, so too will luck, and vice versa. Born from her existence are a plethora of mostly unconscious abilities that twist the tale of fate in Sola's favor, causing the results of happenstance to support her will. Things that are "good" are drawn to her, and things that are "bad" are pushed far away from her, even if it must go against the general structure of reality. This can modify instances of randomness or do something as incredible as warp the rules of the universe. In terms of power the origin of Fortune is unbelievably potent, albeit its main detractor comes in the form of the difficulty Sola has in directly controlling its effects. Most results achieved by her Fortune are handled by a force outside of her mortal constraints, making any attempts for her to intimately manipulate them extremely limited and feeble in comparison to the power's true potential. The most fortuitous outcomes—those on the level that can be called "Miracles"—are those that happen on their own apart from Sola's conscious action. That is the nature of luck and fortune.

Origin Powers

» Serendipity: In its basest form, the Origin of Fortune provides its holder with outlandishly good luck. Unthinkingly, perpetually; in any scenario in which random chance is present, the forces of the universe will grant her with a result considered to be on the positive spectrum of probability for her, in any number of ways. This could be something as simple as coming across a valuable golden ring on the ground, or getting a correct answer to a question on the first try by guessing with the first thing that comes to mind. Many of these fortunate occurrences just happen to take place throughout her life, completely apart from her own will, as if she was just an astronomically lucky person. Yet it can go even deeper, producing circumstances that are only just barely possible through natural means, yet so improbable that no one can reasonably say something like it was happening. Serendipity preys on courses of fate that could have only a less than 0.00000001% chance of transpiring, and chooses them as reality's path all for the sake of something "good" for Sassy. Complexity and scale absolutely do not matter in face of Fortune's ability: if it achieves a positive result for her, it is something that could happen. An atom splitting spontaneously, an object warping into existence from an adjacent dimension, or an earthquake suddenly going off... so long as it is something that can be done through natural means, Serendipity can make it happen. The only catch is, of course, that Sassy can't control this ability through any means. There is still random chance involved upon how or what or when, and it does not protect her against every single thing that is considered bad, making it an unreliable ability.

Just to elaborate on what this kind of good luck can achieve, one need only to take a look at some examples from Sassy's life. Just from appearances alone, one can tell how blessed she is, gifted with a body that can be considered perfect. With no objective flaws present of her body whatsoever, and many features considered to be widely appealing, it's one of many examples where Sassy is just far better off than most people. Another example can be seen in the course her life has taken, beginning on the cold streets of a demon city with nothing to her name... only for her to somehow quickly make it into the position of Queen over an entire demon nation, successfully prospering for herself and her people. Even the littlest things one would not expect, sprinkled throughout her everyday interactions, are constantly maintaining a pleasant course for Sassy and allowing her to live a happy life no matter what she pursues. It's not an ability that can be controlled or turned off; it's not something that uses energy or concentration to maintain; it is merely a constant stream of good luck as a concept, drowning out the bad. It cannot be erased just as much as the concept of time cannot be erased. It is an integral part of this universe, and it just so happens to be fond of Sassy.

Sometimes, such luck becomes so overflowing that it isn't just helpful for her alone. Those who come into her good graces get to share in her fortune, albeit to a lesser degree. So long as someone is considered by Sassy to be an ally, friend, loved one, or possesses some form of positive bond with her, they acquire the boons of Serendipity as described above, with the closer the bond equating to better luck. The only catch is that one's good outcome can't be bad for Sassy—she will always take precedence in this case.

» Golden Ripples: The signature ability of the origin of Fortune is this; a passive defensive effect that disperses nearly all misfortune that would ever come into contact with Sassy, leaving only good fortune. Similar to the above ability, the main differentiating factor is this power's capability to break the rules of causality, producing supernatural effects that could never take place in a natural environment. To break it down into its simplest definition, the defensive effect of the Golden Ripples is to cut off 75% of anything "bad" dealt to Sassy, split it up into pieces, and then discharge those pieces elsewhere all across the universe in the form of random instances of bad luck. For example, if Someone were to slice through her stomach with a sword, then the wound would show as only a fourth of what you'd expect, while the rest of the damage is scattered onto random objects or people in random places in all the realms; a poor old man on the other side of the planet very well could stumble and cut himself on something sharp, thinking it all just a coincidence, but really it was the effect of this ability. Of course this isn't limited to just injury, for anything that would be considered unfortunate to Sassy falls into the jurisdiction of this ability, such as sickness, discomfort, or exhaustion. If it is only "neutral" or "good" then this ability has no effect on it, which is the case for things that would incapacitate her but not harm her. It does not matter if the misfortune is self-inflicted.

As most abilities under the origin of Fortune, Golden Ripples is naturally autonomous and performs its role regardless of Sassy's will. Since it is supernatural it does require Za Koa energy in order to work, but that is something that the force of Fortune draws on by itself, requiring no assistance from Sassy herself. The inner workings of the Golden Ripples just go on behind the scenes while Sassy handles her everyday average life... usually no one can even tell that is ongoing. Still, this ability does have a visual effect that becomes clearer the longer someone observes Sassy. After an initial 5 posts, the energy signature can be discerned by supernatural senses, and it takes another 5 posts before it becomes completely clear: It appears on Sassy's body as a multitude of golden rays radiating outwards from her skin. Gaps that would otherwise not be seen are now present from which the light escapes. Furthermore, whenever the Golden Ripples scatter misfortune throughout the world, it leaves 'trails' behind that trace the trajectory of where that misfortune headed: They appear as a luminous tear in the fabric of space from which a wall of gilded rays rise upwards from, ten feet in height roughly. The equidistant pattern of the rays suggests an imagery of a railroad, almost, with the beams being the wooden tracks. These trails last only two posts before fading away, and generally cannot be interacted with for any considerable purpose, since it's only residue.

As an effect that can only be achieved by Sola Azerith, her personality and experience with this ability allows her to temporarily take control of the Golden Ripples and aim them to a limited degree. That means choosing the destination of where her misfortune is discharged, controlling the trajectory of the railroad-like rays that carry these pockets of tragedy. In this case, the misfortune is not split up into pieces and spread randomly, but kept whole for one large counter-attack. Doing so slows the speed of the ripples, which were previously near instantaneous, but now are treated as projectiles that can be properly reacted to. Once Sola is content with her placement, she can release the misfortune in an invisible explosion; getting caught by the ephemeral shockwave produces the "bad luck" whose effect is generally equivalent to the adverse effect that would have occurred to Sola. That's to say, a bullet going through her heart would have most of its power stolen and then redirected onto Sola's target in the form of "a bullet going through their heart". Even if the target did not have a heart, it would do the closest thing to that. Unfortunately, since this does involve Sola's will, she is the one who must draw on the necessary Za Koa and that means she cannot exercise enough control to use it against miracle-level afflictions.
  • Ticket to Ride: As one who lacks the ability to utilize Shadow Movement like most demons, Ticket to Ride serves as the stand-in for her high-speed movement technique, and also as a sub-ability of the Golden Ripples. It relies upon and expands on the golden railroad trails left behind by the misfortune dispersion, which by themselves are just "walls" of energy that can't normally be interacted with. However, Sassy can use them as two-dimensional planes through which she can travel, condensing her form into a two-dimensional object aligned with the walls themselves. By doing so, she cuts herself off from most of the limiters that prevent an object from moving through space too quickly, such as friction or air resistance... As a two-dimensional object, Sassy can move back and forth along the wall at excessive speeds, simply going through anything that gets in her way. Non-living entities are simply passed through, but anything organic is cut through wherever their body intersects with the "walls" while Sassy moves through them. This counts as a cutting attack that severs matter down to the molecular level, considering that the entire attack is compacted down into a perfectly flat two-dimensional space. Even if this isn't enough to completely cut through, Sassy will still pass by unharmed.

    If someone cannot see the Golden Ripples quite yet (see above) then Sassy will become completely undetectable until she reemerges from the wall. Only once someone can see the Ripples can they see and sense her moving through them. As for Sassy, she can use her senses just fine from inside the Golden Ripples. At any time during her travels, she can project parts of her body outside of the "Walls" to interact with things that come too close to them. This is necessary if she wants to use any other abilities or attacks besides the supplementary one which comes with Ticket to Ride, which are restricted while inside the ripples.Thankfully while she does travel with this method, she is generally immune to all types of attacks as if she were in another dimension completely. That does not make the Golden Ripples themselves immune, however, which can be destroyed with high-level attacks that target energies specifically. Doing so will forcefully jettison Sassy from inside the Golden Ripples, causing a bout of severe disorientation for one post and a large drain to her energy in the process. Since Sassy's movements will destabilize the Golden Ripples, after one post she'll have to jump out irregardless. Once she completely leaves one wall, she cannot go into another for two posts.

» Walking Wounds: A swordsman slices through his prey's neck with technique honed for years to deal death; draw blood from a vital area. Though his skill is perfected and his execution as good as it can be, he fails to kill this prey and only manages to grievously injure it, missing his intended target by a millimeter. Not for a lack of ability or calculation, but that his victim's vital just happened to be slightly off from where he expected. He missed because he was unlucky...

And that is why this ability is granted to the Danava of Fortune, based off of the happenstance in war where one's life is saved out of this type of luck. Though the original tale speaks of millimeters, "Walking Wound" takes it so much further and allows Sassy to make up for any extent of inaccuracy: This makes it so that as long as she can land an attack on her prey whatsoever, then the injury dealt will always reach where she wants it to. The way it works is by animating the very wound itself, and causing it to move around on the victim's body. It's a supernatural effect that moves the concept of "damage" on an object even if "damage" is just an impairment within that object—seemingly as impossible as moving a hole across the ground. So if someone was to be slashed on the wrist by Sassy, the cut could be moved somewhere far more vital such as their heart with this ability, making an otherwise harmless nick into a lethal injury. Sassy can freely control where the injury goes, causing pain along the path it travels, but it moves slowly enough to easily react to. From the left wrist it would take two entire posts before it could reach the right wrist.

This ability only works with damage caused by Sassy herself, and it does not allow her to control all forms of damage caused by anyone. It also has a time limit for each injury, which brings them to a permanent resting point once it runs out in four posts. Additionally, wounds require an unbroken solid path for them to travel, meaning that if the body part is separated from the rest before it makes it to its destination, it cannot cross through to reach it. This can be done by cutting it off, or projecting a barrier between the two points, et cetera et cetera. The wound can, however, burrow into the victim's body and travel underneath skin even if it was caused on the surface. As the wound travels distance, it isn't perfectly preserved; it is slowly degraded over time to become less dire than it was when originally applied. If forced to travel a long distance, for example, what was once severe blunt damage might become just a dark bruise. Lastly, although the victim feels the pain of the wound travelling on their body, the actual adverse effects don't apply to them until it settles once and for all. Even if Sassy manages to bring the cut to her victim's heart, the killing blow doesn't occur until the effect is brought to an end by Sassy or it stops at the time limit.

VI. Atma Vatou

Atma Vatou Name — Bastet Basileus

» Appearance: As far as Atma Vatou go, Bastet Basileus is as simple as they come. Contrast to the complex designs of an advanced weapon, it stands simply as a lucky golden coin with unique designs to any other kind of currency. Slightly over an inch in diameter, and only a third of an ounce in weight, this coin seems to be made of a metal completely similar in nature to gold. There is a small hole directly in the center, and it is completely round and smooth. On one side, the tails' side, there is a depiction of wheat rising from the ground and a set of egyptian hieroglyphics. The other side displays the iconic face of Bast from Egyptian mythology, as the feline goddess of protection and fortune.

Atma Vatou Powers

» Coin Shooter: Despite its simplicity, this coin comes off as no weaker than any other Atma Vatou of its rank. This can be seem with the main way that it is used: A powerful projectile. First and foremost is Bastet Basileus' constant velocity, whether thrown, flipped, kicked, or launched through any other means. The coin will be shot at the same speed no matter how lazily or weakly Sassy projects it, more based on her will than anything else. This speed always create a sonic boom as the coin's velocity approaches Mach 3 speed, moving fast enough that normal eyes have trouble keeping visual track of it and noticing it before it has already reached its destination. All of that force compacted into such a small object will certainly give the coin a powerful penetration level, as if it were some sort of magical bullet. Not until the coin impacts something it cannot pierce through does all that energy finally release, producing a physical explosion that sends kinetic shockwaves outward in all directions. That alone can shatter through durable materials and break a living body... but what makes this even more devastating is that it turns everything that it breaks into its own deadly shrapnel, imbuing its energy into them to make them rip and tear through anything in their general vicinity. The more solid substance in range of the explosion, the deadlier these coin shots become.

Sassy is never really needing to reclaim her coins, however, given that she can continually manifest as many as she wishes at once. It's more apt to say that she possesses a blueprint of her Atma Vatou ingrained within her soul, and that she simply creates a new copy of the coin from her energy based on those blueprints whenever she needs one. This alone provides an unlimited amount of ammunition, but if that wasn't enough, each coin's inherent nature of "Fortune" also helps out. No matter the circumstances, Bastet Basileus will always try to return to its master. That's not to say it simply flies towards Sassy after being used, but that the determinants of chance will be manipulated to make sure it returns home through natural means, under the same mechanics that run her Serendipity power. It's more likely that Bastet Basileus will just happen to bounce and roll its way back to Sassy because of the way it landed and a culmination of outside elements that lead it back to her. There's no way to really stop this, but if another person interferes with the coin, then they can stall the result for as long as they hold onto it. They'll have no use for the coin itself, though, as it loses its powers in anyone else's hands.

Sassy's foes have to worry about more than just the coins launched by her directly, though, as Bastet Basileus has an autonomous nature of its own. Completely independently of her own actions, copies of the Atma Vatou can be manifested in 'blind' spots of her opponents, and then shot at various targets that Sassy considers to be her enemies. With such a small size and swift speed, it's easy for one to get caught by surprise by one of these cheap shots. And even once you know about it, it forces you to keep track of your surroundings in order to be ready for more. These can only ever be launched once per post, as it requires gathering energy further away from Sassy, but it's also something that Sassy doesn't have to worry about doing herself.

» Taste of Greed: The main power of Bastet Basileus, beyond just its raw power, is a curse meant to drown its victims in mindless, fatal gluttony. It makes even the prospect of simply touching the coin something to fear. Firstly to note is the value of the coin itself, an ability that plays upon those of weak minds. From one glance, anyone without a willpower greater than Adept will fall under a relatively harmless deceit, twisting their perception of the coin they see. They will find in it a greater monetary value than any other existing piece of currency there can be, a fortune that could purchase a country if one so wished. Just a single coin that tugs on the subconscious desire of greed. Of course, since physical contact is the trigger that activates the Taste of Greed, it is that desire that becomes their downfall. To any object that the coin strikes or comes into contact with, they will be cursed by this ability for five posts or until Sassy releases them from it. No amount of range apart from Sassy will disperse the effect, as is the nature of a curse, but it will drain energy from her while the effect is ongoing.

The curse itself is referred to as "Deadly Attraction", which turns the host into an unusual magnet. It doesn't directly affect them in any way, but it causes their surroundings to now home in on that person and try to kill them indirectly. The power of misfortune molds everything nearby—the ground, wildlife, nature or man-made, it doesn't matter—it turns them into deadly weapons strong enough to harm the host as if they were attacks launched by Sassy herself. This could mean that a chunk of Earth is carved into a sharpened spike, or that a wild animal grows vicious claws and teeth, or that drops of rain lose their air resistance and fall to the ground like bullets... and each of them count as a supernatural attack imbued by Za Koa. The cursed victim attracts all things within a vast radius of one-hundred meters to them, causing them all to be treated as homing projectile dead set on reaching the object that the coin struck, either crushing it, impaling it, or encasing it in a prison. This can even be used as a means to redirect attacks that would otherwise miss the target, or to turn all of an ally's attacks against the target. This is what it means to be killed by one's own greed.

» The Golden Spiral: Named after the natural phenomenon created by the "Golden Ratio", this is but a trick made possible through Sassy spinning or flipping Bastet Basileus in order to impose the "Deadly Attraction" status on the coin itself. The Golden Spiral represents an inward coil as close to perfection as can be, delving eternally deeper into itself without end. Mathematically speaking the spiral would never reach its own center and thus just keep spinning into infinity. Despite the fact that the Deadly Attraction effect could normally only be applied by touching something else with the coin, this sort of anomaly is exceptional enough to break through such a rule and produce this new ability on its own. Hence, Sassy can turn her coins into singularities with a powerful local gravity capable of drawing in all manner of substances to itself. The materials will be curved into an orbit around the coin growing ever closer to the center, but never reach the coin itself as it continually spins without any further impetus. The forces created by Bastet Basileus are easily enough to overwhelm Earth's gravity and draw everything towards its center, but its pull is not absolute, allowing individuals or attacks to break out of the orbit provided that they are able to provide enough of their own propelling force. Eventually all of the collected materials will be crushed into one large mass around the coin, which only continues to grow as long as Sassy sustains the effect. She can stop it whenever she wishes by managing to touch the coin itself.

It's not so simple as that, though; the Golden Spiral doesn't just become a singularity, as there are additional ways Sassy can control this ability. Through her desires, she can specifically target what she wishes for her coin to attract, and more importantly what the coin does not attract. She can have it affect herself, even if most the time she avoids doing so. Furthermore, as a result of the ceaseless spinning, the coin is capable of suspending itself on its own energy, allowing Sassy to even control where it moves against the will of gravity. Manipulating the positioning of Bastet Basileus can curve attack trajectories, aiming them where she pleases. Or she can place them in front of an attack as a buffer to slow down or stop it in its tracks. Lastly, the very nature of the Golden Spiral and its look into "infinity" as a concept places it in a very interesting position. While it spins, it serves as an unsigned exception to a great many rules. The exact effect of this cannot be properly defined, but it becomes clear when the right situation presents itself. Bastet Basileus will be able to break through seemingly impossible barriers where conventional approaches would fail, albeit not quite on the level of a miracle. To put it as roughly as possible, the Golden Spiral can succeed in situations where normal isn't enough.

A sort of second stage of the Golden Spiral is used when too much matter has been collected around the spinning coin. Sassy can cause that which has been trapped by the singularity to be broken down into its energetic components and then absorbed into the coin. Looking like the sight of a star imploding, all of the power will be imbued into the golden trinket and threatening to be released. From here, the coin can be used as a projectile with a far greater payout than what is normally available to Sassy. Each pound of matter absorbed, each attack pulled in; it can be worth an entire payload of explosives tacked on to the initial blast. A coin with enough energy absorbed can produce nuclear warhead levels of devastation on impact, so long as Sassy is able to collect enough mass.

IV. Eternal Partner

» Bes Ombos - Temple of the Favored: Bes Ombos stands as Sassy's conceptual world, and as a world completely unique among other Danavas in that it is external instead of internal. Rather than being an ephemeral location within the spirit of Sassy, Bes Ombos exists outside of her and in reality. It is a small world barely able to sustain its existence, and far too small to even be considered a "world" even, but that doesn't detract from its significance. It is anchored to the real world through Za Koa. It makes its home in one of many pathways of demonic energy that connect the Demon Core and Demons themselves. As the energy flows back and forth through that dimensional tunnel, it is forced to go through Bes Ombos, thus fueling it and allowing it to extend its influence into reality. Unfortunately, this means only a small portion of Sassy's conceptual world is able to take form, leaving the rest in ambiguous emptiness. What can be seen is something that appears to be a throne room within a castle, or the inside of a grand temple, yet built from pure gold rather than stone or wood. There are gleaming aurelian walls and pillars holding the structure up, but a cozy red carpet breaks the monotony with a sharp splash of color. At the head of the room there is a stairway leading up to a large throne, from where royalty is sure to sit. And all along the sides of the room are countless treasures, seemingly collected from the ends of the Earth, acting as a monument to Sassy's fortune.

As a result of Bes Ombos' position in limbo, it acts like a filter for Za Koa. It suffuses the temple room with such a thick atmosphere of energy that its akin to being in a high powered sauna. The chaotic energy races through the room, where Sassy can domineer as much as she pleases while within. A psuedo-limitless supply, racing through at such a swift rate... it allows her to recover her body and spirit quickly while within, and overpower any ailments with sheer density of Za Koa. Not to mention that while within this conceptual room, Sassy is practically invincible. It's just that this sort of power is completely constricted to the confines of this room. The body that exists outside of Bes Ombos only is allowed her fair fraction of Za Koa like any other demon, and Bes Ombos' nature is such that it can't simply be manifested wherever Sassy pleases. Its only on the rare occasion that someone dares infiltrate the secret temple that one can witness the godlike powers she possesses within.

» Rilīja - One Billion Treasures: What Sassy is capable of manifesting from Bes Ombos are the many treasures of her golden temple, the countless objects of which her great fortune has drawn to her in her lifetime, simply by existing. As time would pass, priceless objects—whether they be tools, weapons, trophies, et cetera—would be discovered by her or gifted to her through sheer happenstance, allowing her to build up an impossible collection of these treasures. As they all spent time within her Conceptual World, their form would turn to gold, and their value would only increase. So what does this offer Sassy? Essentially, any valuable inanimate object one could think of. If it is a powerful sword that she requires, she can draw one from Bes Ombos. If it is an ornate drinking cup that she seeks, it can be found in Bes Ombos. Even if it is as ridiculous as a spacefaring vehicle, Bes Ombos will contain it... not through magic, but through the sheer size of Sassy's collection. There are so many treasures existing inside this one room that there is a high chance she will always be able to fulfill any need with one of them. This makes her Rilīja ability, to "produce an item to fulfill any role", fitted to Sassy's current tier. All that is required is for a portal of gold to be created through which the item can travel through. Using her golden manipulation powers, she can easily turn any golden surface into a pathway, and her treasures can then be pulled out or launched from there.

» Eternal Partner — Sassy: Perhaps it was already obvious, or perhaps the pieces came together finally, but existence of 'Sassy' is not without explanation. She fits well into the role of Sola's Eternal Partner, albeit as another unique case. The two are inseparable entities, regardless of what one does to the other; so long as one exists on the outside, the other rests within Bes Ombos upon the golden throne. Of course, the tendency for them to be able to swap places with one another is the strange part. Also unusual is how they essentially share the same spirit origin, sharing abilities and spiritual significance. Neither one truly holds dominion over the other—they are partners, after all. However... what few aspects Sassy does add to Sola's repertoire are significant ones. Much of this Danava's immutability is owed to this nature.

Simply the ability for one to assume the forefront and the other to reside within Bes Ombos is a powerful boon; while one fights, the other can heal and rejuvenate themselves within the temple, where her body is constantly being smothered in its rich-energy environment. So long as they are prudent about their energy expenditure, they can cycle between one another indefinitely in times of crisis, just like a firing formation wherein one line falls back to reload while the other fires, and vice versa. Given how Bes Ombos is a conceptual world, the possibility that another could infiltrate it is so slim that it serves as a reliably safe respite. But of course, one of the two spirits must always assume the body in reality, making it less than perfect of a tactic. Having said that, there is a last resort caused by this duality that occurs when one side perishes. Just as displayed prior in Sola's life when she was defeated by the demon insurgents, death was not the end for her. When her body bit the dust, her origin remained, tied to the Eternal Partner residing within Bes Ombos. Yet because the temple existed only in limbo, it could not reincarnate in place of where she died. This imperfect reincarnation thrusts her body elsewhere in the universe, protected by the throes of fortune so that she may safely recover.

This is a neat trick only performed so many times in a row, however—the constant switch of 0% to 100% back and forth again is simply unnatural without anything to break up the monotony. Abusing this sort of power will slow Sassy and Sola down each repeated time it is used, up until it becomes ineffective by the 10th time amongst the both of them. By this time, they have become dulled to the effects and must take a true rest... without relying on the power of Bes Ombos.

VI. Danava Paths


Sassy, who is mostly unaware of her own abilities, and Sola, who has only barely begun to understand her origin... naturally, she doesn't meet the requirements in order to unlock her Danava Paths. Despite possessing incredible base abilities, there is still development that needs to take place before she can open the way to these abilities.

VII. Skill Sheets

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Elite
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Demon Skill Sheet
  • Za Koa: Elite
  • Demon Magic: Advanced
  • Shadow Movement: Untrained
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Advanced

Will Skill Sheet
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced


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« Application Checklist »
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  • Willpower/Determination:Elite
  • Mental Deduction:Adept
  • Focus:Advanced

  • Comments/Notes:
    Midas Touch - Needs severe limitations when used on other's characters
    Dead man's fortune - limit the amount of objects that can be created in this way based on their size
    Shapeshifter/Sizechanger - Need limitations on the low end and high end of her sizes, as well as more ability to interact with her physically
    Ticket to ride - if the wall is broken she should experience more negative side effects
    Walking wounds - tone this down some
    Taste of greed- add some energy drain
    golden spiral - less of an effect on others characters and spiritual attacks
    eternal partner sassy - limit this cycling of spirit to 5 to 10 times

    Issues addressed, approved
  • Tier:1-3

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