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 Baron Samedi [APPROVED 4-3]

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Danava Demon Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Baron Samedi
» Titles: The Voodoo God of dead, Old Sam
» Age: 50 years (In this universe)
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: Rogue
» Place of residing: Great Britain, London

» True Appearance Written: Baron Samedi has an appearance of an ordinary man. Standing 6'3 feet tall, he may seem a bit too bony. It was obvious his skin once was in deep chocolate brown color, but time had washed it out and now it was much paler, as well, as a pinch of gray could be seen it. This color, one could say, had seeped everywhere in the danavas body. In the hair, once coal black, now mix of ash and ink. In teeth, that long time ago were white as clean bone, but now almost gray as the rocks on the rivers shore. In the eyes, their clear hazel-nut brown now covered in a thick layer of grey fog, glowing time to time in a hunger of a starved man.

His facial structure was nothing but sharp corners and edges, having a jaw line, that could cut rock and cheekbones so sharp you could pierce the sky above. The mans sunken eyes and shriveled, thin lips gave the final touch to his near-dead look. It seemed, that time hadn't been kind to the poor old man.

When it came to Samedies clothing and hair-style, from a bystanders point of view, it could be seemed once he maybe was a quite eccentric man. But only once. His hair was a terrible, tangled mess, that had been dreads long time ago. He wore a ragged, old and dusty coat, under which a faded, purple silk shirt could be seen. Around his neck there was something that once may be a white scarf, but now nothing but a dirty, gray rags had been left.

I. Personality

» Personality: There is almost nothing left of once arrogant and unbending personality of Baron Samedi. As he learned that all he believed, all his reality was nothing, but a dream, the mans personality had experienced three sixty.

First of all, there is nothing left of the mans hot headed attitude. Now he is calm, realistic and considers everything ten or more times before acting. Every move, every action is done only, if he believes it is the safest decision. The right decision. People may spit in his face, bad things may happen, but the danava had gotten used to all of it. Through the realization his power is nowhere close to what he had back in the old days, Samedi knows he can't act on his whims. There will be a reaction on his every action and most people in these days are just a bit scary.

And, though, the man knows he is no god anymore, some of his personality traits from that time haven't faded. One of them being a gambler and deal maker. He loves deals, as they were a way he gained the worship he needed. He won't say no to a offer, he thinks would be acceptable to complete and sometimes, when his gamblers side gets the better of him, he may even accept a deal seemingly impossible at that point.

Sadly or not, one should still remember that while not anymore, once the Danava was a loa god. A voodoo demon god. It means that not all what he offers is fair. While not naturally evil, his own good will always be in first place above others and the old man won't feel any regrets tricking someone. Or harming in that sense.

What else had stayed with Samedi till today is his irresistible desire for the chase. He just loves the ladies. Maybe in these days, looking like he does, it is futile, but it doesn't keep him from complimenting the lady, pulling out all his cards as an ex casanova. The man is an old flirt, being a man who can value a good bosom.

The last mention-worthy aspect of this mans personality is how dear he keeps those nice to him. The man cherishes those who worship him and treats them as family, if it even doesn't look like that from the start. This attachment got even stronger once the Baron learned all those he knew, his family, the wife he loved, were just fantasy in the world he now lived in.

» Likes:
  • Whisky
  • Cigars
  • Full-bodied woman
  • Gambles
  • Deals
  • Silk
  • Purple and black
  • Jazz music
  • Smell of freshly dug ground
  • Warm bodies
  • Dedicated people

» Dislikes:
  • Disrespectful people
  • Plain food and people
  • Skinny girls
  • Being tricked
  • Someone, who hurts his family

I. History

» History: Samedi's birth wasn't an easy one. Like so many concepts, he too wasn't released from Nidhana once his concept was gathered. No, for long, long time he lived in universe, you can call it, his personal paradise, where the man was just what his legend told. A god of dead, black magic, voodoo and much more. He had a family of Lao, voodoo demons, a wife, fierce and beautiful, as powerful, as him, and thousands after thousands of loving followers. Samedi gambled, offered deals, granted wishes and messed with people at his leisure. It was easy, fun life, where he was a god, feared and adored.

But it all came halt in a day, when the god was summoned by someone. Usually he knew who was it. The Danava, then still clue-less to what he himself truly was, appeared in a world completely new to him. The man could feel it in his bones, flesh and soul. It wasn't his home and sure, this wasn't a place he wanted to be. In front of Samadi there was a strange human. His skin almost as black, as his own, wearing clothing, way too strange for the Lao. This human seemed off to the god. Strange and alien, Baron Samadi had a feeling this will be a long day.

This man was a mage, over-flown with happiness about what he had done. He spoke something about Nidhana and creating a Danava. As he spoke this stranger made less and less sense by word. And as Samadi listened he felt he had gotten in something really bad. He felt disconnected. Disconnected from the world, people, that worshiped him and the world of dead he resided. While this wizard spoke Samadi even tried to leave, but, alas, he couldn't. It was like the world he lived in didn't exist.

And as the man spoke it made more sense, even, if little. And as the Lao spoke, the mage realized too, that this wasn't what he wanted to created. He aimed to create something new, but, for reasons unclear to him, in place of crafting new life, he pulled out already existing one out from Nidhana. This wasn't the servant he hoped to make.

But it had to do and so Samadi was explained in what situation he was. What he was and where he was brought. And the used-to-be god didn't believe. He didn't want to. But the man wanted to return home, so he accepted the mans tale and made a deal. He helps him as much, as he wants and in return the mage returns him back to his home. This is how the old god of voodoo started his life in 25th century.

At first it was hard to get used to the new place. The human was part of an political organization named Shadow Fall. A group mainly consisted of demons and other dark, foul creatures. It was hard to believe in the start, but as Samadi lived on, he needed to acknowledge there was such a thing. The modern technologies confused him and the way people spoke seemed odd. It seemed everyone here wielded their own magic. Everyone lived longer than humans should and they believed in no gods.

In what he found reassurance were the little things, that seemed similar to the mans own world. But it was only till he understood, that under the names the content was completely different. Even his existence was nothing but a fairy-tale to this new world.

In time, though, the old god got used to all of this. While still strange, and while he wouldn't admit it, scary, the man got used to this "Earth" how they called it. In all this time while with the mage that summoned him, he had to lend his powers in various ways. At the start it was simple. Give the man a bit of luck. Give someone else a bit of misfortune. But as it went on he got more greedy and Samadi used more and more of his power. What was a problem, the energy the Danava expended didn't come back. He could rest as much, as he wanted, but it didn't come back. And he aged.

In few years the baron aged by many decades. He grew older, weaker, his physical body falling slowly apart. Soon Samadi realized it was the prayers and sacrifices he lacked, but there was no way how to regain them. At the point when it came clear the man was already so weak he couldn't do anything to make people worship him. Who would in their right mind worship and old, frail man.

It came to the point where he couldn't serve the mage anymore and seeing how useless the Danava had become, he was just tossed aside, to the streets. If he is going to die, the human didn't want him to die in his house.

This is how began the old, broken Samadies life as a beggar. A scrap here, coin there, in time the man learned how to fully function in this new world. He learned how to cozy up to others, make pity him. The Danava also, with the little power left in his flesh, gathered some fractures of believe through selling a charm here, a hex stick there. He took money as payment and told those, who bought these objects to wear purple on using them or light a cigar in front of a grave. Something simple enough to do, but odd enough to make them believe in something. It wasn't much, no one knew to whom they should believe, but it was enough so Old Sam, how he called himself these days, could continue his puny existence.

Samadi didn't want to die in this world.

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities:
  • Shadow Movement: The very basics. He can do what most demons at the start can, as traveling through realms, increased movement speed and move from shadow to shadow. It isn't much and the Danava grows quickly tired from extended use of it. While not being able to open smaller portals yet, he had learned that by combining this with Akuma Kyōdo the demon can boost his regeneration rate for few moments, though, it creates great strain on his body, if needed to heal more than minor damage.

  • Akuma Kyōdo: While possessing the full body seals, it seems they are malfunctioning in a way, that he can't absorb energy through them. Still, he can still feed them with his energy gained from worshipers to apply the basic perks of this power, being higher resistance to damage, as well, as increasing the bodies healing factor.

I. Origin Powers

» Origin Power:
  • God's Life: Having a concept of a god, his very soul is tied quite closely to it. Such he is very dependent on believe and worship others give him. Without it Samadi can't regenerate his energy, but, the more people believe and worship, the stronger he gets. Such, he knows where and when any person had given him a prayer or had did one of his cults rituals, long lost to the modern world. It also encompasses such things as seeing where his followers are, if need for the god is strong enough and claiming souls loyal to him after their death. This power makes him also subjectable to drastic changes in personality and power set, if a big part of Samedi's active followers have changed the concept on how they see their god. A good example would be, if suddenly big part of his worshippers would suddenly believe he is a pacifistic god of harvest. In time, as this belief would grow, Samedi would change with it. Under this power also falls generic abilities, as gifting an individual with good or bad luck, see their possible future and such, though, of course, each requires a decent amount of energy.

» Origin Abilities:
  • Good Juju: This power is really vague and simple in the same time. In short, Samadi can bestow a person good luck in a certain aspect of their lives. Be it money, love, work or achieving their dreams, he can give a bit of luck to any aspect of a persons life. While being a god he was able to use this power to, almost directly, give person what he wanted in return of appropriate amount of payment, now this power has multiple limitations, what makes it quite harder to use.

    First of all, the Danava can't use it on himself. He is a god to the people, not him. Second, it is still required for a person to carry an token or do a specific action, that would count as "worship" to be influencable for the demon. Be it a small charm he carries around, a purple shirt he wears on a Friday or anything else Samadi makes them do. And the more he believes in his action, less energy Samadi needs to actualy influence the person. The last requirement is that the person needs to pursue his goal and act, as luck alone can't do the whole work. The person needs to invest his time and energy too.

    If all this is done it will seem as the world itself is helping him/her achieve what they had aimed at. Depending on how much Old Sam had invested his own power, as well, as how deeply the person believes in the ritual itself, the luck can't seem as something as small, as finding a five dollars on the street to avoiding a lethal shot in a battle-field. This luck is has usually a short life spam, but once the person starts to believe in that the given ritual has a power, Samadi will feel whenever the person requests for it, no matter where he or she is and, if capable of it and wanting it, he then can grant it yet again. In return, Samadi gains a small fragment of the believe power each time. And greater is the persons believe, more power he gains.

  • Bad Juju: To make someone believe, it goes two ways. As mentioned before, one way is to give them gifts in a form of luck. Another way, though, is by sewing fear in their hearts. For this purpose one of the few ways Samadi can do it is by bringing misfortune to the person. The computer lags and they lose and important file. The floor is slippery and they fall, hitting their head. A cramp while swimming and the person drowns. There are many forms of bad luck and Baron can give it all.

    But, as with Good Juju, this power too has its limitations and requirements. There are two ways to make a person sensitive to this power. Ones is simple, but the resistance of the victims is then greater. The man can curse the person loudly, so that they can hear him, and such planting the memory in their head. Once it is done he may sacrifice quite amount of his own power to make the initiate misfortune. And it will something truly small. But, if the person afterwards remembers the old mans words it may open the door for the Danava to be able in generating greater misfortune. After that, the more his victim believes, the stronger is Old Sams influence and greater is the victims bad luck. Usually, though, Samadi avoids killing the person, as it would mean one less person, that believes in him. Usually, after some time, the demon makes it knowable how to please the forces the person had "angered" and then even start to gift them, making even stronger foundation of believe and worship for the Danava.

    The second way is much easier and usually he offers it to someone, who has a grudge against someone else. By getting a piece of the persons belongings, the closer, the better, the man can make a fetish and then channel much more misfortune to the victim. This is yet another way how to gain more believe and usually Samadi even doesn't make the fetishes himself, but tells the person with the grudge how to do it. The demon just does the magic from afar. For an example, if the fetish was made of the persons hair, teeth and blood (the most perfect combination) and Old Sam had enough juice at the moment he could do as much, as make someone feel actual pain where the fetish had been stabbed, send mystical illnesses to the person and do some quite serious damage. Though, if the fetish was made of such object, as car keys or a penny owned by the person, he could mostly do only as much, as make a person slip, catch a cold or have a lightly bad day. This is why he is very careful using this power, as more than less it can turn into a waste of time and power, bearing no fruits.

  • Soul Cemetery: This is a passive power, that is works on those becoming an worshipper of Baron Samedi's cult. Those who believe in him as an actual god and had received gifts from the god bind themselves such that after their death, the persons soul travels through the soul circle, but instead of reaching Soul Society or Hell, they appear in Samedi's conceptual world, where they can continue the worship they gave to the god while being alive. While these souls doesn't generate as much power, as their living fellow believers, they still provide reasonable amount of power for the voodoo god. What doesn't change, though, is that these souls can still lose their faith, if given reason, and become unappeased with their god. In this case Samedi needs to calm them down or expel them out of his Conceptual world before they can cause any real damage to it. Once expelled, these souls, like any other, soon would turn into Hollows until put down.

  • Voodoo Spell - Life Link: One of the most simple voodoo spells, it allows to find someone you have a strong bond with, emotional or physical. In Samedi's case it allows him to locate his followers where ever they are, if not hidden by special means. If that is the case, then the Barons tier most be equal or higher then the one, who had put up the cloaking spell. If, for any reasons, the follower himself had put it, Samedi can bypass it and still find where his follower is hiding. At the given moment the radius for the spell is the same realm the Danava resides. Materials needed, map, pins and a red thread.

I. Eternal Partner/Conceptual World

» Conceptual World: It's a large swamp, damp and cold. It is always night in it. At the middle of this swamp there is a small wood hut, little stream of smoke coming out from it's chimney. Inside this hut there is darkness, weakly lit by few candles and a huge cauldron in the middles. There is no fire under it, but the green liquid in it slowly boils and emits green, ghost-like light. From the open window time to time a random fire-fly may enter, flying around and then turning around and leaving. The dead silence in this swamp is as everything had died.

» Rilīja Attributes: -Nothing for now-

» Eternal Partner Name: He didn't manage to acquire his eternal partner before loosing almost all of his power.

» Eternal Partner Appearance: //-//

» Eternal Partner Personality: //-//

» Eternal Partner Powers: //-//

I. Atma Vatou

» Atma Vatou Name: //-//

» Atma Vatou Appearance: //-//
» Atma Vatou Abilities: //-//

I. Diverse Paths

» Saca Atmā Powers: //-//

I. Equipment/Other Resources

» Equipment: //-//

I. Skill Sheet



General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample: It was a sunny day. Sunny days were good for begging, but Samedi couldn't say he liked them. He never liked the sun that much, being a god of death and darkness. But it was good, if you had an empty stomach and need for money. People were kinder then. They smiled more and they were more willing to listen what an old man has to say.

Such, he had come to his regular place on the street, put out a small, worn blanket and spread out small charms and trinkets on it. They cost most of his last weeks earnings, but, if he was to survive the next days, it was an investment he had to make.

It was a busy street, but most people just rushed pass the Danavas small accessories. Next to him there was a worn top-hat, old beyond repair, that held only few coins at the moment. They were his own, from the last week. He put them as a bait, hoping it will make people to want to loose their change there. Few younger people, demons and human alike, stopped to look at what he had for a brief moment, but once he spoke their almost ran away and the man just sight.

It was more on the second half of the day, he sat there from the first rays of sun, when finally an middle aged women stopped at his blanket, looked through what he had and asked the demon how much he wanted for a colorful feather necklace. She was pass the bloom of youth, but still seemed beautiful in that simple, rough single mother housewife way. Back in his good days they were those who prayed to him a lot, practicing simple voodoo spells, charms and hexes. The old man smiled a toothless smile, speaking in his heavy afro-american accent.
"For you, young lady, I will give it for free. It seems you could use a bit color in your life." The lady seemed really suspicious and demanded she wanted to pay. For that Old Sam replied that he doesn't want to sell good luck charms for money. "They loose all ya' power, you see!" She still seemed not convinced, but he assured her that by doing this he just earns a bit of his own luck for future.

In the end she just threw some cash in his hat and was about to leave, but, before she managed to, Old Sam told her,
"Wear something purple. And carry it with you. He likes that. Likes that a lot! And pretty ladies like you, who knows, may get lucky. He likes them lucky." With a puzzled look the lady strode away, but in the next morning did as he said. It was a good day. And kept being a good week in whole.


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« Application Checklist »

• Let's Get Down To Business •

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
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  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
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  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

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  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: aDEPT

  • Comments/Notes: N/A

  • Tier: 4-3

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Baron Samedi [APPROVED 4-3]
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