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 Seidou Yashida [APPROVED 4-1]

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» Birth Name: Thomas Jackson.

» Full Name: Seidou Yashida. His last name is derived from Yoshida while his first name means independence and motivated, having taken this name to try and highlight qualities that he seeks to incorporate into himself.

» Alias': N/A

» Age: Sixteen Years old.

» Gender: Male.

» Association: Loose ties to the Vandenreich, he has a strong affiliation to Australia as it is where he was born however his family later moved to Japan seeking the sanctuary of the Yuudeshi stronghold where he attends Karakura Highschool as a Junior year student while aligning himself with the Vandenreich so he can better learn and master his heritage.

» Appearance Written: Seidou is a rather humble looking individual. A common trait in his family is their orange hair, though his is a slightly more mellow shade than the rest of his family. It is short and kept mostly to its own accord, with various strands freely hanging just underneath his eyebrows, the latter being rather thin for a male. In addition, Seidou possesses rather large, innocent-looking brown eyes, their shade being akin to a dark gold of sorts. These traits, combined with his somewhat angular facial structure, thin nose and thin lips make him appear rather "cute" to the female students of Karakura High School, attention he doesn't really care about. In terms of physique, he is seen as quite muscular despite his age. While not over-the-top by any means, due to the training regime that is placed under as a result of his Quincy training, along with the physical activities he conducts at school, he is noted to be at the peak of his own physical fitness, being able to engage competently in virtually any confrontation regardless of the numbers.

Seidou, despite his physical attractiveness, is probably best known for his practical sense of style. He doesn't go out of his way to dress up in order to impress anyone. He is regularly seen in his winter school uniform, even in summer, regularly getting in trouble by the staff of the institution. In particular, his winter uniform consists of a light brown jacket with a thin fabric and darker brown edging at the ends of the sleeves and at the zipping area, along with a pair of similarly coloured pants and white uwabaki. Underneath his jacket he is seen wearing a simple white t-shirt with long sleeves, and is noted to wear a black plaid scarf in winter with a myriad of striped patterns in grey and red. When in casual situations, Seidou opts to wearing a simple long-sleeved shirt that is predominantly white, but has dark blue sleeves and lining at the collar. Over this, he wears a long-sleeved jacket with a similar colour scheme, normally leaving the collar flared out. Along with these, he wears a simple pair of dark blue jeans and white sneakers.

» Appearance Image:

Seidou Yashida [APPROVED 4-1] 4032751-2009710207-shiro


Seidou, being a young man, is commonly seen as cheerful with a lack of maturity due to his joyous nature in almost all occasions, even when they are comparatively serious or nerve-wracking for others. This is due to his naturally calm and collected nature, which he has developed, that make him able to adapt to virtually any situation without fail. Although, given that he is still a teenager, the young man still admits to have several faults that causes others to frown at him. However, as his teacher has told him several times, he persists to improve on his own faults and hopes to become an ideal role model for individuals to follow, as evident from his goals to become a politician that changes the world at large.

Being an ambitious individual, Seidou's habits reflect this significantly. he gives complete dedication towards anything he strives towards, whether it be the improvement of his Quincy abilities or even a subject such as environmental management. Due to this, he is noted to be extremely rigid with his own timetable, absolutely despising being late by any margin. Furthermore, he expects others to follow a similar belief, causing numerous comical disputes between himself other members of his class and friends. Seidou, in a sense, epitomises the belief of "practice makes perfect", demonstrating that in the short number of years he has lived, he has attained far more than others of his age. However, given that he works so ardently for his own goals, He has since lost the ability to communicate with others in natural conversation. He finds the entirety of the process rather stagnating because of his ambitions, which cause him to go onto the border of being a workaholic.

Being an individual who is completely focused on his goals, his mannerisms aren't exactly as respectful as one might gather from Seidou being a Quincy, who pride themselves on such things. This is most evident within the honorifics, or rather, lack of honorifics he uses on most occasions. When referring to people of a similar age group, he has no hesitation in using individual's first names, despite the intimacy in doing so. In stark contrast, Seidou appears to very respectful to elders, using the appropriate name and honorifics; albeit, this was drilled into him by his parents. Within conversation, which is rather rare, he speaks without thinking, despite his contemplative nature within combat. Consequently, he tends speak rather insensitive things about people on a whim that, while Seidou gives as constructive criticism, is misinterpreted as an allegation towards the person(s) that he is speaking with, leaving him to comically fend for his life. This is especially true with any individuals pursuing a romantic relationship with the young man, which he dismissively ignores, leaving people heartbroken. However, this doesn't appear to correlate with his attitudes towards relationships, but rather, the confusion regarding his own sexual preferences, likely because of his workaholic nature.

Nevertheless, he also has points in time where he is susceptible to great anger and recklessness. Being a workaholic who believes in fulfilling one's ambitions, he has since gained a very strong sense of morality, believing that the lives of other's should not be compromised or sacrificed as each individual possesses their own goals. Due to this, Seidou appears to become very serious in perilous situations, causing him to quickly lose his cool and potentially cause injury to himself or, inadvertently, others. While he has attempted to lessen his wrath, given his youthful nature, this endeavour will take far longer than he desires. While his anger for other people's dreams is a given, something which truthfully causes him to lose all his senses is when someone targets his own beliefs and conviction. In this case, many consider him to be more selfish than not, something not normally associated with a young man of his stature as a Quincy, which causes intrigue to be given to the young man from a wide range of individuals.


Born in the year 2401 on June 28. He was born in Australia, because of the war that came with the Vizard Kings Seidou's parents did everything they could to get out of the country and move somewhere more stable. While the doors to K-World were open to his family due to his mother's previous affiliation with the Yayjuu due to her status as a Hohl Arquero after merging with her Ziamichi spirit, this made his parents unwilling to risk going to the Antagonist organisations for her safety. This lead to him moving to Japan at a young age, where he would be raised with the name Seidou instead of his birth name Thomas.

As he grew up he was taught the Quincy ways by his mother, his father was a Chi Human but he took after his mother completely in racial standing and personality which hurt his father a bit but he understood that it was hard for them to bond through an intimate relationship that came with training and with the difference in race there was nothing his father could do to help him. Seidou was brought up in a pretty middle-class setting, going to school he'd always keep to himself and be the quiet achiever at school where he learned about the world and its problems which he sought to fix at the age of seven by becoming a politician to try and create peace for Earth although that wasn't going to be so easy.

He attended Karakura High School after graduating as top of his class in school. Letting his Quincy heritage show proudly he quickly found a rivalry with the cold-hearted Ginryu Ishida, another Quincy who was his age and they were in the same class. He'd always fight with the young man, finding his arrogant hostility insufferable and constantly irritating, this lead to constant conflicts until Ginryu left for the Vandenreich and left school.

He liked to keep by himself still in school, although wasn't afraid to try and help people who needed it. He quickly gained a bit of popularity for his looks and grades, being "quite the catch" to the girls although he tried to stay away from it all, not really interested in the idea of a relationship like that. When he was fourteen he was approached by the Vandenreich to be trained further in the Quincy arts and he agreed. A bit shocked to see that Ginryu, his former enemy, had become the Daten Executive of the organisation and he was barely a soldat.

With his dedication and desire he seeks to be a great quincy and help his race and make the world a better place, developing a sort of hero complex in that he wants to take the world's issues on his shoulders and carry them so people don't have to and so she is dedicated to get stronger to make this a reality.


» Keen Intellect: Seidou has always shown to be a young man with a remarkably quizzical nature ever since he was a young child. Questioning everything around him, he has always managed to surprise his superiors with the way he thinks about the world. Furthermore, given his currently ambitious nature, his determined nature in conjunction with his naturally curious nature have enabled him to be one of the most intelligent students within Karakura High School. He excels at almost all social sciences and humanities, falling slightly behind within more practical and logical subjects such as mathematics and the sciences, simply because his abstract thinking enables him to get around the puzzles that are words.

» High Spiritual Power: Seidou holds a rather large sum of spiritual energy within his body despite being a Quincy with the physical limitations of a living human. If compared to Shinigami, one could estimate that his spiritual power roughly matches that of a seated officer pre-winter war. When exerted as reiatsu, he possesses a light green, almost teal aura surrounding his being. This is most evident when he is forging his spirit weapons. In particular, his spiritual power possesses an almost electrical quality to it, sparks being sent in every direction as Seidou makes practical use of it. Unique to Seidou, when sufficiently angered or steeped in negative emotions, his Quincy Jewel reacts and accordingly influences his spiritual pressure to become a deep crimson in colour. He can release a far greater quantity at a given time although doing so quickly drains his mental and physical stamina as he taps into this latent power.

» Master Archer: As a Quincy, his primary means of armed combat is through the bow. Due to this fact and his relatively long years of experience because of his training as a young child, he has mastered the art of kyūjutsu far more than others of his age. When shown in archery clubs, Seidou quite seamlessly pulls off hitting the bulls-eye even when he is thought to not be paying any attention. His skill in archery comes from his focus and disciplined persona. When placed in combat, he tempers his emotions (for the most part) and is shown to accurately predict his enemy's location and fire only a few arrows to subdue an enemy, reducing the strain on his physical body. He has shown the remarkable skill of arrow ricocheting, made possible through altering the fundamental shape of the arrowheads to be flat, rather than pointed. While this isn't capable of causing any real damage to an enemy, the use of multiple "ricochet arrows" at once to cage in his enemies is a tactic the young Quincy employs quite readily.

» Expert Swordsman: Seidou is an individual whose emotions are reflected within the blade. Rather than have no direction or range through brawling, his mother instead taught him the meaning of the sword and making it an extension of one's body and, in turn, its feelings. As such, he relies on swordsmanship when the going gets tough, his anger being his driving force behind his swordsmanship for the most part. Due to the nature of his spirit weapon, he has been taught single and dual-bladed swordsmanship, both of which he uses very effectively within combat. To summarise both styles, one can state that he expresses all of his latent emotions through his blade. His movements are taken economically, using long strides to perform powerful lunges and forward slashes to disarm an enemy. This economic movement that governs his fighting style is eventually replaced with a much more mismatched and erratic set of movements that, while wasting his own energy, also make him that much more unpredictable to an opponent. This is commonly expressed as several, near-simultaneous strides of Hirenkyaku around an enemy to perform, what appears to be, brief afterimages of various attacking positions from almost all angles except for above, which then serves as a medium for a powerful overhead attack to finish off an enemy. When wielding two blades, Seidou's form of battle appears to be a lot more stationary. He awaits for an enemy before colliding with them in high-speed exchanges, using the advantage of two weapons to exploit an opening that enables a swift, but fatal strike to conclude the battle.

» Enhanced Athleticism: Due to the physical constraints of a normal human body still being attached to Seidou, he has no method of gaining superhuman strength like spiritual beings. Nevertheless, he has refined his own physique through consistent training and has consequentially reached the peak of his own physical abilities without sacrificing other attributes of his powers. He possesses refined reflexes, notable physical strength, durability and endurance, thus enabling him to last long periods of time in combat with no detrimental effects beyond fatigue.


» Reishi Manipulation: Given his heritage as a Quincy, Seidou is primarily regarded for his ability to absorb and manipulate the reishi that exists in the environment for his own use. Abiding by the principles of numbers, should he be in a reishi-rich environment such as the Soul Society or Hueco Mundo, his abilities are augmented appropriately. his skill in manipulating reishi enables him to employ Quincy techniques to a certain level, as well as create spirit weapons of great solidity in only a few moments, in comparison to others of his age who still rely on Kojaku due to their lack of refinement.

» Hirenkyaku: He is quite a capable user of Hirenkyaku despite its advanced nature as a Quincy technique. Although not exceptionally skilled by any means, he can quite easily gather the reishi necessary under his feet and ride along pre-existing reishi flows that he can perceive through the atmosphere. Albeit, this method of employing Hirenkyaku is much better suited to the spiritual realms due to the abundance of reishi available. Nevertheless, Seidou possesses notable speed with the technique, quickly keeping on-pace with Arrancar and Shinigami of a power level similar to his own. Moreover, due to the flexibility of Hirenkyaku, he manages to keep a streamline offence maintained as he swiftly glides through the pathway of reishi he forms, cutting or shooting down low-level targets, such as average Hollow, in a heartbeat.

» Blut: This is a natural technique that most Quincy know how to perform. What it serves to do is allocate different streams of internal reishi towards dramatically bolstering their offensive OR defensive capabilities. Granted, the drawback to this is that those with little control over them will only be able to activate one at a time. Additionally, it can cause strain on the user over time regardless of how powerful they become. It just becomes lessened as they have a greater mastery over it.

  • » Blut Arterie: This is the offensive version of Blut. In this form, the user is allowed a great sense of superhuman power. Anything that is used for assaulting purposes against opponents will be greatly bolstered depending on the level of mastery that the Quincy has over their blut. This can be allied to transformations, special attacks, racial skills and things of this nature. Granted, it will take it's toll after awhile like anything else.

  • » Blut Vene: This is referred to as the defensive form of Blut. This allows them to heighten their defences to absurd levels more often than not. It is often utilised in order to better bare the brunt of released states in general and is often key to helping a Quincy achieve superhuman durability. Thus, when it is activated, most Quincy will often have some form of faint pattern tracing their veins or marking their skin. It can be anything from symbols, reddened skin or whatever else have you. Additionally, Blut Vene is also capable of being used as healing a factor in stronger and more controlled Blut Users. These feats can range from stopping severe lost lost, closing blood wounds and potentially even reconnecting limbs and organs. Granted, altogether, this ability takes a considerable toll on the user and should be used carefully.

  • » Blut Kapillare: Flooding the body with reishi allows the user to rapidly recover from damage and obtain an enhanced regeneration factor for as long as it is active. So long as the user has energy to spare they can continually heal themselves although after a while this takes its toll on the user, following a similar scheme to the Blut Vene it causes the same drawbacks for its use.

  • » Blut Vaskulär: This is a counterpart to Blut Kapillare, Vaskulär is an externalisation of Kapillare, flowing Reishi and Reiryoku through a Quincy's Reishi network out of the body in order to heal and mend those apart from the user. This effect is achieved by creating a connection between the user's Reishi network and its target, it is most easily used on another Quincy as forging a connection between their individual Reishi networks is a simple task, though this does not limit the ability to only healing their fellows. It can be used on most other objects by forging a temporary network across the form of whatever Vaskulär is being used on, illuminating that object as if it was manipulating Blut itself. This way it can repair both animate and inanimate materials. In the Human World where Reishi is scarce it is incapable of permanent repair and instead acts as a temporary crutch as Kapillare does, but in Reishi dense environments such as Soul Society it can perform true healing and has the observed potential of being able to heal even a broken Bankai although this is tapping into Grand Master level blut users.

  • » Blut Augen: This is a personal Blut used by Seidou, by flowing reishi into the network behind his eyes he is able to drastically enhance his eyesight and visual prowess, he gains the ability to see on multiple spectrum and even see through concealing kido spells such as kyokko. It enhances his vision allowing him to zoom and perceive things slower allowing him to see even fast motions. This however causes a lot of stress on the eyes, causing them to bleed after a while before finally going blind if stressed too far because of the reishi flooding behind the eyes.

» Shatten [Shadows]: This technique enables the Quincy user to open a pathway between two different dimensions through a shadow. By placing his or her hand on the ground and then swiftly swinging his or her arm outward, they are able to greatly extend the resultant shadow to manifest a towering portal shaped like the Quincy Cross, which is large enough to allow several people to exit simultaneously. This technique can also be used in the heat of battle. This works by forming a shadow that is shaped like the user and then causing it to swiftly overtake the user, allowing him or her to teleport wherever they desire although it can only be used for escape purposes.

The technique's actual mechanics work by decomposing the Reishi that makes up the boundaries between the dimensions, thereby allowing the user to cross through. This technique is impossible to use in a location that has no shadows. While, normally, this would be impossible as shadows exist everywhere, through technology, locations can be created that are void of shadows.


» Ranged Weapon Name: Vijaya.

» Ranged Weapon Appearance: Seidou's ranged weapon takes the form of a simple black re-curve bow which doesn't shine when exposed to light, it has no ornamentation and is remarkably simple and basic.

Seidou Yashida [APPROVED 4-1] 350?cb=20170206153307

» Melee Weapons Name: Ebb and Flow.

» Melee Weapons Appearance: Seidou's ranged weapon takes the from of two short swords which look very reminiscent of Yin and Yang however they are under-developed and possess no notable abilities and so the appearance is regarded as more aesthetic than power or ability wise.

Seidou Yashida [APPROVED 4-1] C8fHBeCVYAAieL6


» Quincy Cross: Seidou, like most Quincy of his age and training, has been given a Quincy Cross that is shaped in the symbol of the Quincy. However, his is shaped as the Quincy Zeichen. Because of the nature of the Quincy, an amateur Quincy requires the cross as a focal point of the Quincy's ability to absorb reishi and manipulate it. However, given his experience in this due to his training, the Quincy Cross is now used for more complex tasks such as forming his newer spirit weapons; his pair of Kodachi. Furthermore, he also uses this as a symbol to identify himself in front of other spiritual beings so that he may avoid unnecessary confrontation.

» Quincy Jewel: A unique artefact that appears to be crafted from rubies acquired from a remote location within the Soul Society, thus possessing an extremely high quantity of innate spiritual power as well as the capacity to host the spiritual power of other beings, including his own. Using this crystal as a focal point, Seidou can perform grander feats of reishi manipulation, creating weapons of exceptional solidity while expending very little time or energy in their construction. In addition, by using all the energy within this jewel at once, he is able to enter a state of Quincy: Letz Stil although it is untested and the side-effects are unknown.

» Gintō: Gintō are, as their name suggest, small silver tubes. These silver tubes contained the liquefied reiryoku of their wielder, which enables them to perform various spells that would otherwise require energy expended from within oneself which is both taxing and inefficient within battle. Through the hydrification of one's reiryoku previously, a Quincy may use their ability to manipulate existing reishi and their own reiryoku in order to create various effects. While considered to be the Quincy variation of Kidō, it is remarkably inferior. However, given the speed and utility of the spells, only increased when one is within spiritual realms, they are a potent means of combat nonetheless.

» Null Sword. Razor: Kusanagi is quite a powerful Null for being only a regular-class which was handed down to Seidou from his mother, the sword is an ancient weapon that has been in his family for quite a long time, definitely generations. It has an enhanced cutting edge that allows him to increase the slashes depth of penetration due to it being modified to produce cero energy on the edge of the blade and cause vibration similar to the Seele Schneider.


» Letzt Stil Name: [Blank]

» Letzt Stil Appearance: [Blank]

Seidou Yashida [APPROVED 4-1] 350?cb=20161126152305

» Letzt Stil Abilities: [Blank]


To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not feel your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Quincy: Letzt Stil: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Blut: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hirenkyaku: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Reishi Manipulation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Coding Altered From: [THEFROST]'s
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  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
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  • Tier: 4-1

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Seidou Yashida [APPROVED 4-1]
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