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 Snopy Saika [APPROVED, 0-5]

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Coding In Template By:


Vizard Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Snopy Saika
» Titles: Lone Renegade of the Saika;
» Appearance Age: 21
» True Age: 106
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: Rogue

» Appearance Description: Snopy has a very lean appearance, weighing about 139lbs and standing at 6 feet. Considering the height and weight factor, he is rather skinny and lacks any noticable muscle definition. It is unknown why his weight is the way it is, either way it doesn't make him the most menacing person. He has blonde hair that extends down to the bottom of the neck. Considering his nationality is Japanese, one would wonder as to where such a hair color came from. However, his skin is colored normally for his Nationality.

His eye color tends to catch many people off guard as well. He appears to have obtained heterochromia iridium in some way. Though normally caused by some kind of inflammation or irritation, the nature of this is rather different. He was actually born with silver eyes, and lived his entire living life with that.

When it comes to attire it is fairly simple. He has Shinigami robes that are fairly standard, save for one detail. He has the left sleeve torn off, and if he gets a new one, he proceeds to tear it off. It is an odd quirk he has, as he started when Kanna Aikotsuki blew the sleeve off with a Kidō spell. He says he keeps it like that to be unique, but considering his relationship with Kanna there may be more of a subconscious reason behind it. However, he is usually found wearing casual attire, even on some missions. He wears a T-shirt, shorts, and sandals much of the time. To top it off he has a pair of sunglasses he uses to cover his eyes. The main reason being he just enjoys wearing them, as he feels no shame in his eye colors. The colors of said cloths vary, as he has no real preference.

» Appearance Picture:

I. Personality

» Personality: Snopy's personality is a very strange thing. He literally has the power to change his outward personality at a whim. Not that his actual personality changes, but he can almost perfectly change his mannerisms if need be. In theory this would make him a master of disguise and personas, but he really doesn't like abusing this much unless it's to mess with people.

His actual personality, which is the side shown to the world, is generally laid-back and kind. When he speaks he always does so in a very casual manner, and he is always calm. He never raises his voice unless his emotions get to him, which in itself is a rare occurrence that only select things can trigger, or he deems it necessary to push a situation in the right direction. Such a situation would be seen when his Zanpakutō Spirits are arguing with each other, and yelling at them is the only way to get them to quiet down. Only things of that nature, never will his voice rise against an enemy unless certain strings of the heart are tugged.

Ever since he died the events of his existence lead to a forming of a new personality. His past self was a little cocky and arrogant, and took things too lightly from time to time. The events of his life, that would push most people to the edge and screw them up to hell, had the opposite effect. His death and subsequent struggle for survival opened his eyes. No longer would he be such an arrogant kid. In fact, it humbled him to the point of denying the obvious at times. It also made him the calm man he is today, not hot headed like his old self. He also gained a newfound respect for anything he obtained in life, and for life in general.

His hotheadedness gave way to a new, eternally calm, attitude. There is only one thing guaranteed to make him angry, and that is seriously hurting someone he cares about. It doesn't matter if it is a close friend, or a family member, it will make Snopy mad to no end. In actuality, he only becomes that way with serious wounds, non-fatal wounds and he will be able to keep his calm usually. On occasion seeing a child murdered or someone killing their own ally upset him, but it isn't real anger. He is just too collected at this point to rage at anything but the risk of losing a loved one.

Snopy also tends to make a lot of jokes. Fitting into his casual style, he likes to joke and laugh about a lot. He doesn't make jokes to be funny per say, just to keep the mood light and pleasant. He occasionally has an odd sense of humor, but it usually fits in with the situation so no one else questions the jokes he makes usually. He laughs at irony in a situation (which he is ever eager to point out, and almost always notices), at peoples reactions, and sometimes at situations in general. This doesn't mean he laughs at inappropriate times, it is just who he is.

It has been noted by many around him, as well as having people constantly attempt to pound the idea into Snopy's head (to no avail), that Snopy has a genius intellect. His intelligence is simply ludicrous. His brain is capable of taking in information, processing it, and coming out with some extremely well thought out solutions in no time flat. Almost nothing gets past him, and any form of deception must be done in the utmost of care, as Snopy will find out quickly if one does not watch themselves. He also has amazing deductive skills, being able to take in small amounts of info and come out with reasoning that is close to the truth, if not the truth. If someone uses an illusion, or any form of trick in battle, it will likely be seen through instantly, as he is not one to fall for cheap tricks. Only the best would stand a chance at fooling him. Still, despite all of this Snopy refuses to acknowledge himself as a genius. It just won't happen. He is flattered when someone he really cares about says it, but he will still brush it off.

To top it off he also has an immense capacity for perception. His senses had always been acute, and upon becoming a Shinigami they became further augmented. His eyesight allows him to see far distances and isn't impaired by lack of light as much as others. That is just an example, as all senses except taste are amplified to some degree. This makes his intelligence stand out even more, as little escapes him. Of course it isn't perfect, nothing is, but it is a large step ahead of most people.

To top everything off, life has pushed his willpower to maximum capacity. Being forced to use every ounce of will to talk or escape some sticky situation in Rukongai has pushed his ability to push himself far. After everything he want through as a powerless Rukongai citizen, he developed a "never say die" attitude. When protecting someone he loves, his own life, or a cause he truly believes in, he will fight harder and harder the more pressure is put on him. The enemy is tough, he tries harder. If he is about to lose, he tries harder. He is aware that sometimes retreat is the best option, but he knows how to fight til his last breath if it ever came down to it.

All in all, Snopy is truly a caring individual. He tends to be kind to all he meets, even engaging in friendly chit-chat with enemies of his from time to time. When he sees someone in trouble, it is in his nature to help out. When someone is hurt, he tends to help heal them. When someone is upset, he tries to comfort him. Although at times he may be a tiny bit awkward, he always does what he can to be a friendly person. He isn't nice to a fault, he never trusts people upon the first meeting, but he is quick to determine if someone is being truthful or attempting to deceive him. As such, if someone truly has good intentions, they will be treated well. He also puts extreme value in time spent with friends and family. Around his sister and Kanna, he can be consider somewhat playful even. He is just an all around caring guy.

He has a sort of "brother-sister" attachment to several people. He sees his best friend Kiyomi as a sister of sorts, and even sees one of his Zanpakutō spirits as such. Due to his interactions with an actual little sister when he was alive, he naturally becomes attached to certain females and shares a sort of brother/sister bond. He is extremely kind to them, even more so than most people. His love for them may stem from a regret from his younger days, not spending as much time with his little sister as he should have. Even more so that he was sometimes not the kindest to his little sis, so he does not want to repeat such mistakes.

Snopy also enjoys the company of those with a level of maturity at time. Snopy values calm and tranquility, and more mature people do not disturb that. They are pleasant people to be around to relax around, and talk to to him. They are a different kind of personality, as he can't be around those perky "little sister" types all the time. He also enjoys intellectuals from time to time. An intelligent conversation or debate is sometimes a nice stimulation. Snopy firmly believes in "use it or lose it." Despite winning many intellectual debates, he still will never acknowledge his level of intelligence. He is humble about it at the very least.

Even in combat his attitude is still laid-back. He is perfectly willing to give enemies a chance to not fight and go home peacefully, though they rarely listen. He generally has a calm tone in battle. Sometimes he acts rather bored, half-hearted, or as if he didn't want to exert the effort when he speaks. Still, he never underestimates opponents and his fighting is always at its A game. He doesn't want to die again due to some careless mistake. He feels especially strong about this since he now is beginning to become close to the people around him. Sometimes in battle Snopy will get serious, or downright cold and uncaring sounding. it all depends on the situation. In many battles he is as laid back as ever.

When it comes to love and relationships, it is his one weak point. It isn't that he is bad at them, technically he was only ever in one and is still in that very one. His feelings and a few unforgiving situations caused him to say things at an awkward time, and sometimes say or do the wrong thing. However, when he says he cares he never lies and he will fight to prove his feelings is need be. Despite a few fights, he felt he had weathered out the worst of it, and now is a bit closer with Kanna in terms of affection. Though awkward at it, he is extremely loving in relationships.

On a final note, Snopy has an extremely odd relationship with his inner hollow. He bears absolutely no ill-will or grudge towards his inner hollow, despite her attempts to claim his body. When he sees her he treats her abnormally kind when she isn't trying to take over his body. No matter what, he treats her well outside of body, much to the confusion of his Zanpakutō spirits. This also tends to confuse his inner hollow as well. Snopy, however, simply sees no reason to constantly fight now that she is a part of him. He will defend himself and his control over his body, and little more.

» Likes: Relaxing, socializing, reading, music, and arts

» Dislikes: Stubborn stuck up people; lack of common sense

I. History

» History:

The Beginning [1-10]

Snopy Saika was born September 15th, 2310 in Japan. Due to a mix-up at the hospital, he was almost separated from his actual parents, who were mad when they discovered the mix-up. When he was returned, the name Snopy was found tied to his birth certificate for unknown reasons. Snopy's mother, feeling Snopy would be unique and need a unique name, choose to keep this as his name. It was a strange name, but no one seemed to object to her logic. On a final birth note, his eyes at this time were silver.

Snopy's family lived in a somewhat large town, and it had a good amount of wealth, thus it has a protected dome around it. Thus Snopy was shielded from unwanted demonic and hollow influences thanks to this. Snopy lived towards the outer edge of the dome, not far from the barrier itself. There was no shortage of people, and it seemed to function like a miniature city.

He had a very caring family. His dad was kind of a goofball at times. He made jokes a lot and at times could act like a complete idiot. However, he was able to be a serious and caring father when the need arose. He was actually a human with Soul Evolution powers. He wasn't the strongest around, but he was capable of fighting hollow and lower demons when he had to. When Snopy was little he would often return and tell his son about the fight as stories.

His mother on the other hand was one of the sweetest and most loving people you could meet. She loved Snopy with all of her heart, which in turn caused him to love her back just as much. She was intelligent and seemed to know at least something about fighting, despite never doing it. She was supposedly powerless, but when Snopy was older he often noticed she had a faint spiritual signature. It was a strange one he couldn't put his finger on, but he knew he felt it.

They also seemed rather wealthy. They owned a rather large house with more space than most people could use. The first year of Snopy's life has little of note. When Snopy was 1 his mother had a daughter whom she named Sumika. When Snopy was little he couldn't stand her since she was always crying and hogged up his mother's attention. As such he kinda avoided her when possible. This upset his mother quite a bit for awhile as well. However, one night when Snopy was 3 Sumika got out of her crib and ended up making her way to Snopy. When she reached him, he wanted to leave the room. However, she looked up at him and hugged onto him. Even at three years old, he felt touched by it and grew much more fond of her.

He was always smart, even when he was little he could figure things out with relative ease. He was also a powerful little kid. Snopy was born with an immense reserve of spiritual energy, higher than his entire family. His mother and sister had no powers other than seeing spirits, and his father was no where near his strength. With the energy he had, he ended up having fun testing out his abilities. By the time he was 5, he had some actual fighting ability.

It was at this time he decided to wander away from the house on his own. He ended up making his way right outside the barrier, on purpose. His curiosity had gotten the better of him and he wanted to know what was on the other side. He had heard all of his father's stories but he wanted to see for himself. Unknown to him, his little sister ended up following him. Snopy was exploring the area outside the barrier when he heard something behind him. Turning, he saw his sister running from a hollow, but being four, she was about to be overtaken. Snopy, without thinking, rushed ahead and went to punch the hollow. He had some strength for a 5 year old, and he ended up smashing the hollow's mask during the adrenaline rush.

This event showed just how much strength he had built up within his body. It also strengthened the bond he had formed with his sister, as after this she was even more attached to him. It wasn't long before his mother and father came running and saw what had happened. Shocked and upset at the same time, they took the two back home. The display of strength he showed formed the beginning of the cocky attitude he would develop as time went on, as he felt like he could do anything.

Throughout his school life he always excelled and was at the top of his class. On top of this he continued to grow stronger, and actually went out killing stronger and stronger hollow. Every so often he would even kill a weak demon. All factors combined slowly made him cocky and a little arrogant. At heart he was still kind, but his outward attitude reeked of arrogance and was somewhat careless.

During this time he would often be found training or researching things he didn't know, with his little sister following at all times. She was very clingy, and a little energetic, which occasionally got on Snopy's nerves. However, he loved her so he would never show it. The only two people he really wasn't arrogant with at this point was his mother and sister. His relationship with his mother was much in the same. He loved her and was openly attached to her. When it came to his father, he cared about him and showed it, but his arrogant attitude showed through at times.

8 years leading up to death [11-18]

When Snopy was 11 he could kill some powerful foes. His strength was enough to make even some Menos class hollow run for cover. He had certainly grown fast, and his intelligence had grown with him. He eventually found out about a nearby group that killed hollow and demons to keep things safe. Oddly, his parents were okay with the idea, and allowed him to go and attempt to join. The group was against allowing a little kid to join, even with his strength he was still a kid. In a challenge against one of their senior members, he realistically stood no chance but through a feat of wit he managed to almost secure a clutch victory. Despite his defeat, they were impressed and allowed him to join.

They were a distance away, so when things were busy he was likely not going to be able to always see his family. However, at most times he would be able to live at his house no problem. Snopy was put in charge of the sector that specialized in ranged combat. The way his powers had developed, he could fire concentrated bursts out of a spiritual based gun. He had other powers, but those weren't used too often by him.

Time passed, and slowly he became even stronger and his senses grew more acute. His time as a marksman served him well. He still hung around his family a lot as he was told to simply hunt hollow outside the barrier near his house until called upon. Due to Snopy's temporary absences, Sumika would be around him at every possible moment. He didn't mind, as he still did, and would always, love her. However, he didn't appreciate her company, along with the rest of his family's, as much as he really should have.

Soon enough this group decided he may be fit to lead the sector he was in, as the former commander had passed away due to an infection. Snopy passed all his tests with flying colors and was made commander of his sector. This, however, effectively cut the time he had with his family in half.

During this time he developed a serious side to his personality, a professional side. He was still arrogant and occasionally reckless, but he could at least compose himself a bit. As he continued to fight hollow, he began to learn not to trust everyone on sight. Many people who had claimed to have his back, often abandoned him out of fear or even hate. This carried over into Snopy's current philosophy of "Do not trust or distrust unless given a reason to, by their actions or a powerful gut feeling".

He also became friends with some of the other commanders and sub-commanders. There were many strange personalities, which is when Snopy learned how to deal with all kinds of people. He was also showing less and less appreciation of his family, and was taking it for granted much of the time. He spent much less time around them than he should have.

One day a new commander joined the group. His name was Masumi, and from the moment Snopy saw him, he knew something was up. He didn't know why, but he just felt that Masumi was up to no good. As such, he often kept a steady eye on him, observing him, waiting for something to happen. Everyone he told this to thought he was just being paranoid, but he didn't listen.

A few years passed and Snopy was almost 18. This is where things got awry. It started with a strange report of a hollow somehow attacking within the barrier. Some of the other commanders went out, but found nothing. Then, outside of the barrier there was an influx of hollow and demon activity. Snopy went out often with others to control their numbers, but no matter how many they killed, their numbers continued to increase. After awhile, Snopy noticed something strange had been going on whenever all the commanders were gone, but he blew it off like nothing. This was a major mistake.

Finally, he was assigned to a team meant to investigate the strange activity, rather than just control it. It was composed of him and a few Commanders and Sub-commanders he trusted. His 18th birthday was drawing near, and Snopy was prepared to start the investigation. However, one of his friends suggested he go back to see his family for his birthday. Snopy refused at first, stating he could see them at any time. However, after much insistence, he went.

Even at that moment, he was happy that he went. He spent some time with his family and was really happy for the duration of the visit. He spent a lot of time with his sister, who was really upset that he was never around. He also gave his mother and father the attention they deserved. Before he left, his sister gave him a necklace as a good luck charm. He said his farewells and headed off. Unknown to any of them, this would be the last time they see him.

Snopy went off to investigate the infestation. Soon enough, an army of hollow and demons, both weak and strong attacked the group. For literally hours they fought back, but slowly they began to fall. Snopy is unsure to this day as to whether they got out alive or not, as he was not the last to fall and some of them might have still been alive. After most of his group had fallen, he saw Masumi approach them.

Everything was revealed, Masumi has been using bait to bring in ludicrous amounts of dark creatures for his testing. More importantly, it gave him a chance to get rid of someone who was distrustful of him, to get rid of Snopy. Snopy lashed out at Masumi, and fought on par with him for awhile. However, Snopy was reckless and ended up being stabbed in the back by another unknown assailant. In the attack, Snopy was struck such that all of his powers would leave his body.

It was here that he died, and by some miracle, his spirit escaped without being devoured, destroyed, or corrupted. As Snopy wandered as a spirit, he began to do some thinking.

One night, he was sitting on a bench in the park. He just sat and stared into space, thinking about his family. He thought of his mother, whom would be devastated with the loss. His father too. Then Snopy pulled out the necklace he had obtained from his sister. He stared at it for a moment, the broke out into tears. He loved his sister, he told her he would be back, and he failed her. He remained in this state for hours, crying his eyes out. After awhile though, he regained his composure and began to think. Snopy realized everything he had done wrong, his death opened his eyes (which something during the incident changed, now one eye was pink while the other purple). He had under appreciated what he had, and now only through the loss did he truly realize it. He vowed that whatever happened as a spirit or in the after life, he would not make the same mistakes. Thus was born the Snopy of today, personality-wise.

After a few days he was discovered by a Shinigami, who told him of the Soul Society. Snopy passed on that day, and went on to the next phase in his life.

Rukongai Days [18-?]

Snopy arrived in Rukongai so far away he didn't even hear about the Gotei 13 for another 70-80 years. This was an area very far from Seireitei, and was also a complete slum. Merchants struggled to make their way in life, thieves and thugs were everywhere. It was dangerous, but Snopy was used to danger. He spent this time making out any way he could. He did odd jobs for cash with which he fed himself with. When he needed to sleep he found old buildings, such as warehouses, to sleep in.

At the same time, danger was a every turn. Thugs constantly challenged him out of boredom. Snopy always had to talk his way out of it, or run like hell. Sometimes, he would have to deal with pickpockets. If he didn't catch them, he was out a meal, or worse, two (he couldn't afford to skip meals with how small they were). The worst part was that on rare occasion, some thugs would attempt to force him to an alley to rape him. Snopy was lucky to have made it out unscathed (and un-violated) from these incidents.

Things like this tended to mess with a person's head. To make them shut out, toughen up, and sometimes do other things with their mind. Snopy, however, did the opposite. His outlook and attitude improved rather than deteriorated. When he finally had something he cared about, he would cherish it. He did have his sister's necklace, which if anyone even tried to touch he would get an adrenaline rush in order to prevent them from defiling the last remnant of his sister.

Many years passed, and Snopy was in his 90's (though with the body of a 18 year old). In his time, he had slowly (and unintentionally) migrated to a better area in Rukongai, and there he learned of the Gotei. Snopy had regained a little of his spiritual power at this point, so he decided to enroll in the academy. Snopy excelled in most of his classed, especially Kidō. He picked up on everything easily, and passed after a few years. Soon enough, he was a member of the Gotei 13.

Current Day

During his stay he had done much. Using their library he learned much of the world and how things were all together. One day, he traveled to the wastelands just to see what it was like and he discovered a Nature Iramasha that he had an intense spar with, despite inevitably losing. He went on missions from time to time but most of it was spent training.

One day during such training, he was visited by a woman named Kanna Aikotsuki. She was the Vice Captain of Squad 4 and she had apparently been sent to train him. No matter how friendly he was, he received nothing but stoicism in return. She was cold and distant. Still, he enjoyed an intense training session before she left the area. On another occasion Snopy went out to relax, and maybe train, out in the forests and lakes of Rukongai. Much to his surprise, he ended up stumbling upon Kanna yet again. She ended up forcing him into another training session. At the end, they didn't exactly leave on the best of terms (Kanna wasn't happy).

Things began to change for the two though, when Snopy went to get a bite to eat and, once again, found Kanna. She had, uncharacteristically, invited him to sit with her. The two talked and Snopy learned a lot about her. He learned about her life, and many of the things that made her so distant. At the end of this, Snopy had weird feeling in his stomach. He went home to rest, but couldn't help but look back to Kanna.

On one mission, Snopy had asked Kanna to come along at the suggestion of a friend. Over the weeks that passed between when he talked to Kanna at the diner and now, he realized that he had a crush on her. He didn't understand why (as she was cold and distant most of the time), but he did. This was a dangerous mission, and without Kanna it would have basically been suicide for him. Over the course of the mission, he began to care more and more about Kanna until he realized he loved her. When he was injured and on the verge of death Kanna almost killed herself in the process of healing.

Snopy was able to help her, and the two were apart for another week. Soon though, he went to question her as to why she was avoiding him. The two returned to more "proper" terms and Kanna told him she would think about how she felt for a bit. Snopy throughout all of this had kept up training, and ended up meeting a man whom had helped him once before. However, the man attacked in what turned out to be an act of training. The two fought until Snopy was unable to fight anymore, after which the man took him to Squad 4 to be healed.

Of course he ended up being healed by Kanna. After awhile, she began testing him in a strange way, by teasing him. At the end of the situation, Snopy had no idea what to think anymore. All he knew was he was lucky to be able to still tell left from right. After awhile though he found out Kanna was depressed and went to see her. After consoling her a bit, the two shared an intimate moment. Kanna almost said that she loved him before falling asleep. That night, Snopy also fell asleep and they slept in the same bed.

Things seemed to go well. Snopy trained himself to the point where he had gained his Shikai and he even had a student (albeit a crazy one). However, he had forgotten to tell Kanna of his best friend, Kiyomi. Since it was another girl, he knew it wouldn't go over well, and it didn't. She almost gave up on him, but after a lot of arguing he managed to get a maybe as to whether she would forgive him or not. However, he proved himself a few days later and the two returned to being on good terms once more.

Snopy came down with some kind of strange illness. He stayed home for awhile, but soon enough Kanna came looking. He was scared, and he did not hide that from Kanna. However, after a bit he regained composure and told her of what he discovered from some reading he had done. He took her to the basement and he went into his inner world. Snopy went to see his Zanpakutō, but also came across a hollow within his soul, as he expected.

Snopy was forced to fight alone, as the human forms of his Zanpakutō were trapped behind a barrier erected by the hollow. Meanwhile, Kanna fought his hollowfying body. After an intense battle, Snopy pushed his Zanpakutō to new limits and managed to defeat his inner hollow, despite taking major damage and almost giving up. Upon returning, he and Kanna got into an argument, but quickly resolved it.

How Snopy became a Vizard is up to speculation. His inner hollow, Ayako, claims she had been born when he had. Whether this is true or not has yet to be seen. Snopy believes that she may have formed during the years he spent fighting hollows, and he may have contracted a virus. However, everything is up in the air at the moment.

Snopy left the Gotei, and Marshal Law was enacted shortly after. This limited the time he could see Kanna due to a curfew. Now he had no idea where to go. What he would do from here, where he would go, was up in the air.

Continuing to travel, Snopy ran into Shadin as he tried to grow stronger and control his hollow. The man was one of the strongest in the world, and his boastful demeanor, while unsurprising, caught Snopy off guard. Sensors as well as his own ability detecting Snopy was a Vizard, he questioned Snopy. Upon conveying his story the man gave him an offer. Snopy needed strength, what better show of strength than to achieve Bankai. Even more, he claimed he might be able to have Snopy achieve it within 5 minutes. Naturally, Snopy didn't believe it. There was no way that was possible. Shadin claimed it was, but that it would be dangerous. Snopy against his better judgement agree'd. Surprisingly it was a success, and the two had just pioneer'd the Hayai Kaihō. Snopy had the power to maintain a Bankai, and thus achieved it. Doors seem to have been opening up.

A lot changed in the years that followed. Snopy was not around for it, because shortly after Kanna had mysteriously vanished. Against his sister's wishes, he ran off to search for her. As a new Vizard, he was a potential risk if he lost control. Shadin had surveillance on him. Not wanting to risk being chased down by the Beast, he went straight to Shadin. He stated his intent and asked one simple question. "Are you going to stop me?" Shadin however let him go, there was risk but it was up to Snopy whether he took it or not. Snopy nodded. "When I get back, we'll have to catch up. With that he left. He searched high and low for her for a long time, but could never locate her.

The world was a violent and turbulent place. Every turn he made when he searched outside of big cities was battle after battle. His only advantage was he never held a high post as a Shinigami, a lack of notoriety removing him as a target. He was almost the stuff of legends. The world's problems threw themselves at him. A village under attack by a mass of hollow? Demons raiding caravans? It didn't matter what it was, he took the chance to help. He hoped someone had seen his love, but to no avail. After all that time he had lost heart, but he could only sigh and look on. He wasn't done looking. However, it was time that he returned, with all the strength he had acquired. Five years had passed, it was time that he made gains. Whether it be knowledge, power, or wealth, he figured that those would be the key to finding his lost love. And even if it was impossible, he may as well make some kind of gains. And while he wasn't quite ready to move on, he knew that if the time came, he was prepared.


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Coding In Template By:


Vizard Profile

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities:

High Speed: Snopy is also quite fast on his own. As a result of his small frame, he is quite speedy. He has also done a lot of training in his speed. His reasoning is that since his small frame also makes him easy to damage if hit, that he should make it so he doesn't get hit. As such, he has learned to run at intense speeds in order to dodge and get an edge on his opponents. During his time searching for Kanna, he pushed his speed to new limits, forcing his body to endure well beyond it's old limits. After all, moving faster lets you cover more ground. As a result he is not only even faster than before, but he can maintain his high speeds for even longer than before.

Skilled Researcher: Part of what contributed to Snopy's intellect is his research ability. If Snopy comes across something he doesn't understand, he tends to, if possible, find a way to learn more about it. As such, he had knowledge in many subjects that one would not expect. If someone asks him about something and he can't answer, he goes to research until he can. He even has a decent amount of knowledge about many other races. He understands a lot about the way things work. He even has a small bit of machine knowledge at the moment. No matter what it is, if Snopy has access to information on it, he is capable of researching it. If he has no way to read up on it, he sometimes learns first-hand in some situations. He doesn't know everything, but he knows a lot considering he does research out of boredom at times.

Acute Perception: Snopy also has a ludicrous level of perception naturally. He was trained to use his senses when he was young, thus his eyesight, hearing, touch, and smell are all a little stronger than most. Combined with the slight augmentation he gets from his Zanpakutō it is quite difficult to sneak up on him unless you are skilled at that kind of thing.

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities:

Kidō: Never once, even in his long search, has Snopy neglected his Kido. His skill is immense, his training intense. He can wield both Bakudo and Hadō with immense precision and eloquence, adapting to any situation with the appropriate spell. He is able to wreak untold destruction, or create unheard of protection. During his travels, he's only grown stronger and more fierce. Some say he is a master. Some say he is more than that. He, however, doesn't care about labels, they're often wrong anyway. Kido is a tool, and an art. When he said he'd complete his goal by any means necessary, he meany any means.

Zanjutsu User: Snopy has often showed he has skill with a sword. He generally adapts his tactics in battle to use a combination of swordplay and Kidō. His swordplay is nowhere near his Kidō, but he can use his sword to some effect. One of his Zanpakutō's abilities even promotes the use of his blade, thus making him still use physical attacks at times, even with his power at energy techniques. He isn't the best, but he isn't stupid when it comes to a sword.

Hakuda: Snopy isn't good at Hakuda. It isn't that he can't learn it, he just puts too little focus to take it anywhere. He isn't completely ignorant. He knows the basics, but little more than that. The only people he can outdo are people with NO hand to hand training at all. Other than that, he is at a disadvantage in Hakuda fights (when all other factors are excluded). Snopy has pondered the possibility of switching to Hakuda over swordplay. Once he gains more control of his Zanpakutō's ability, he might be able to augment his Hakuda attacks much like he augments his blade. However, until then, Snopy opted not to switch as it would be more of a hindrance at the moment.

Hoho: Snopy is skilled at Hoho. As he generally uses it to augment his already fast speed, Shunpo is often used. Though there is still room to be refined, his Shunpo is quite useful for him. He has also shown he has always been naturally skilled at Hoho, as in the past he rather effortlessly learned to stand on air/water.

In his attempts to search for Kanna, he pushed his Hoho, like his speed, as hard as he could in order to utilize it for his search. While it is still not anywhere near his Kido, the effectiveness of his Hoho has increased greatly over his search.

I. Sealed Zanpakutō

» Zanpakutō Name: Tsuin megami reijingu (Raging Twin Goddesses)

» Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: The perky half

Fumiko is a somewhat large chested girl who stands at about 5'1 and weighs somewhere around 100 pounds. Fumiko has the look of a teenager around 16 or 17. She is somewhat innocent looking and tends has an extremely attractive body. She has long bright blue hair which either extends down her back or, more often, is in a large ponytail that is off to the side. Her eyes, like her hair, are a bright blue.

Fumiko tends to be a happy person. As such, her movements are as such. She is always seen with a smile on her face. She tends to move around energetically, sometimes skipping around. This makes people who see her generally see just how hyper she can be.

She tends to wear revealing outfits. She is as innocent as can be, but she likes to show off her body a little. Thus the dresses she wears generally cover minimal amounts of skin on her arms and legs. When she wears something that isn't a dress, she wears a tank top and a skirt or shorts. Most of the time a bit on underwear is showing. Some of her outfits tend to show off her cleavage a bit. Clothing like this is one of the causes for her arguments with her sister.

The calm half

Reiko is a small chested girl who stands at about 5'7 and weighs somewhere around 120-130 pounds. Her bodily features are all around feminine as one would expect from a female, looking around age 25. Her body is an extremely attractive one. She has long black hair that extends down to about half-way down her back. Her eyes are a dark brown.

Reiko always has a serious look plastered on her face. She never really shows much emotion in her actions or face. When she walks, it is always graceful. She never walks like she is depressed, she never walks with energy as if she is happy. The grace shows the content nature of her personality. This makes her look rather elegant in most people's eyes.

It is nearly impossible for anyone to see a large portion of her body (and the beauty within) because she hides it with clothing. She doesn't wear anything revealing, nor anything that highlights her attractive aspects. Her cloths generally are made up of a long sleeved shirt and pants. Very little exposure of her skin in her clothing. She prefers to keep it that way, as she doesn't like to go flaunting things like Fumiko and Ayako do. Still, even with the outfits, she still has an air of elegance around her.

» Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: The hyperactive half: Fumiko goes around and always seems to have a smile on her face. She is indeed quite a cheerful person. Sadness isn't something she is too familiar with, and simply being content isn't enough for her. If she isn't happy, she feels something is wrong. This lighthearted attitude tends to show itself in her voice and movements. If she isn't happy, she is either upset or bored.

She is also quite energetic about it. She seems to have a lot more energy than someone her size needs, so she tends to move quickly. She runs around occasionally, she jumps around a lot, and anything that seems to show an excess in energy reserves. This especially shows in her voice. Fumiko talks loudly, really loudly. Her voice is somewhere in-between loud and yelling. It isn't quite yelling (most of the time), but it certainly isn't quiet.

Fumiko is what we could call "trigger happy". When there is a problem, her answer is (almost) always to blow it up. If there is something to fight, she wants to go all out. When Snopy fights she always tries to get him to blow things up. She likes using that kind of power, almost as much as she likes explosions. She isn't dumb though. If Snopy is upset with someone he cares about she won't tell him to "blow them up." She won't tell him to blow up random things, especially in a city or town. She does not want to commit murder.

Fumiko is actually a rather kind person at heart. She doesn't like needless death, just like Snopy. She is also protective of Snopy and even the people Snopy cares about. She cares about Snopy's friends and family through extension. She really does care for their well fare, as well as her sister's. When one of them is in trouble, she can show actual concern on her face rather than joy. However, if she feels things are going to end well, she will be extremely happy as usual. An example is when Snopy is in trouble, but someone cones to help and she feels the battle is going to be a win.

She is extremely attached to Snopy. At times when he is in his inner world she will hug and cling to him. It is a sort of cute attachment, like one a little sister would give to a brother she was attached to. She tends to talk to Snopy a lot as, to her, he is the easiest person to talk to. In truth, she sees her wielder as her big brother, and spends a lot of time interacting with him. This sister-like attitude is often returned with a brother-like attitude.

As for her sister, her relationship is rather rough. Fumiko isn't exactly a hothead, but she doesn't see eye to eye with her sister. Reiko thinks Fumiko is too loud and rash. This often upsets Fumiko, who will begin yelling and arguing rather quickly. As such the two argue constantly, and always seem to be upset with each other. However, Fumiko does love her sister deep down. If something is wrong, she will worry about her. When Snopy can keep their tempers down, she can actually be quite caring towards her sister.

She, however, has no love for Ayako (Snopy's inner hollow). She finds her annoying, seeing as Ayako teases her a lot out of boredom. This causes her to yell at Ayako, which only causes more teasing. Much of said argument is based around Ayako constantly talking about her looks, which Fumiko believes hers are better. Fumiko often drags Snopy in the middle to say who looks better, though he always declines an answer (seeing as he avoids such arguments). She also gets extra protective of Snopy when Ayako is around, feeling like he isn't safe.

The calm half: Reiko is a fairly calm individual. She generally has a "matured" look about her. Her face has generally more of a content look to it rather than a pleased or upset one. Reiko doesn't really get upset about much. Her calm demeanor prevents her from being affected by much. As such, even in arguments she sounds as if she were talking normally. Her facial expression almost never changes.

She has a bit of a dignified aura about her. Her movements are somewhat elegant in nature, not too energetic or sloppy. This is somewhat betrayed by her clothing, which is usually rather plain. Reiko prefers not to show off, unlike others around her to like to flaunt what they have. This in itself adds a bit of dignity to her. Though she dresses plainly, she does have a little sense of appearances. Still, she heavily disagrees with those around her that do flaunt their bodies.

Her attitude is the opposite of her sister's. She prefers to avoid fighting if it isn't necessary. If an opponent can be peacefully subdued, she would prefer it be done that way. When force muse be used, she prefers to use her energy conservatively. As such, she uses it slowly to constantly keep herself augmented in some way. A large attack can miss, but an augmentation takes little energy and has many chances to show itself to be useful. In her mind, it is better that the opponent be the one worn out, not her.

Despite her rather stoic attitude, she does also care for those around her. She does not generally show it in her voice or her motions like her sister. Rather, just what she says has a slightly kinder inflection and other minor changes that show those that know her she does care. She is not good at comforting others, and has trouble coming up with a sympathetic voice. Still, she wishes to help Snopy and any who make him happy.

She shares a somewhat different relationship with Snopy than Fumiko. She shares more of a mature friendship with him, resulting in calm conversations with him. He is the only person she has access to talk to commonly whom she can have a relaxed, intelligent conversation with. She also enjoys the compliments she receives from him, as his nature generally causes him to say nice things to people around him. She will never show it, but she can get quite flattered.

With her sister things are different. Fumiko's loud voice and careless attitude gets on her nerves. It isn't odd to hear Reiko telling her to lower her voice or to mature up. When she argues, she generally retains her calm demeanor and often times has some kind of clever retort. In the end though, her and her sister are similar in their inner feelings. Reiko indeed loves her sister, she just isn't good at showing it. She shows she cares the best she can, even if it is hard to tell at times.

Towards Ayako she actually looks to in a combination of dislike and intrigue. She wants to know more about what makes Ayako tick, so she actually attempts to get along with her. Still, she does dislike her and would prefer she stay away from her sister and Snopy. Reiko is intelligent, she knows the danger, and is not going to let her intrigue blind her judgement of a situation. Still, she has actually had some conversations with the hollow when she wasn't being teased constantly for her conservative dress code.

» Inner World: Snopy’s inner world is divided into a few segments. The main two segments are cut half down the middle. On the west side there is a pink hue in the sky. This side is more controlled by the more serious half of his Zanpakutō. On the East side there is a purple hue, representing the more hyperactive (and trigger-happy) half. The reason for this is simply the fact that the two halves of the Zanpakutō don’t get along. As a whole, Snopy’s inner world resembles the wilderness. There are patches of forest, rivers, occasionally lakes, even marshes if one was to search hard enough. Snopy’s inner world is vast, as there is quite a bit of wilderness to be explored.

Though the wilderness transitions smoothly from one side to the next, it is not so with the weather. In the sky, the colors do not fade as they approach, they simply collide, a line where the color suddenly shifts. On the ground this is also evident. On the calmer side, weather appears to generally be calm, the breeze is gentle, and the rivers flow smoothly. However, the moment they cross that invisible line, to the more active side, it becomes the opposite. The wind is often quite powerful, the weather is somewhat unpredictable, and the river instantly begins to flow violently.

To top it off, to the north, there is an area that seems much different. The sky is much darker, the lighting itself is less, and there is a strange dark feel about it. Both halves of the Zanpakutō agree that something sinister is brewing, but that any attempt to stop it would likely be futile. As such, they avoid the area and advise Snopy to do the same. (that area is where the yet to reveal itself inner hollow is going to be).

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: The Zanpakutō's blade is the size of a regular katana and is a deep black. The hand guard is like that of a regular katana. The handle is black with pink colored cloth around it. The second blade is the same, but with purple cloth on the handle.

» Sealed Zanpakutô Powers: Increased Perception: Snopy’s time from being a marksman when alive tuned a small portion of his spiritual energy to his various senses. The energy empowers his eyes a bit, allowing him to see a little further and clearer. It empowers his hearing so he can hear even the most minute sounds, even someone stepping across soft ground. His sense of touch is increased, allowing him to feel slight vibrations in his feet and through the air (though this also increases pain felt by just a little bit). His sense of smell is increased a bit so if he picks up a smell, he can tell what direction it came from. Due to its uselessness in combat, his sense of taste is unaffected.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: Let the energy flow, Tsuin Megami Reijingu

» Shikai Release Actions: N/A

» Shikai Appearance: One of the blades does not change in appearance, it simply gets about 4 inches longer. This is the Katana with the Pink at the hilt. The other however, morphs itself into a small black pistol. All across the gun are almost veins, lines running along all parts of the gun. These “veins” will glow a deep purple before fading back into its regular color. This glow and fade almost gives it a futuristic look.

» Shikai Abilities:

Energy Augmented Sword: The sword Snopy uses in Shikai is constantly covered in a layer of energy. This is due to the sword being the manifestation of his Zanpakutō’s controlled side, which believes in constant augmentation. During the fight with his inner hollow, Snopy pushed this ability to new levels. It was formerly a rather weak ability, however after being pushed to the limit he learned to control this power more. A layer of energy envelopes the blade at all times while released. This adds to the power of the blade. This allows it to slice through objects with more ease. A clean hit on unprotected skin can cause a pretty bad cut on many people. It slices through skin with relative ease, and even improves Snopy's ability to penetrate Hierro like abilities. Snopy's left arm is also constantly enveloped in energy, causing a moderate reduction in damage to that arm.

Shikai Pistol: The pistol Snopy wields is capable of firing out blasts of pure energy. At the pull of a trigger, these blasts can be released at varying size and power. The gun collects energy generated from Snopy's body (and tiny amounts of energy from the air over time) and uses it to create said blasts. Snopy refined his skill with this ability during his fight with his inner hollow as well. As of now, he can fire blasts that can rival a Cero. He can fire out smaller blasts with much less drain and much faster than before as a result of this improvement. With practice he has grown stronger, able to fire off 4-5 Cero-like blasts in a short period of time. Firing 1 or 2 more in that short period is possible, but it will tire him out. He can choose what to unleash. Should he want to unleash a single devastating volley he can, or he can space out his shots for a consistent barrage.

While this has an opposite balance to his energy manipulation (below) where he uses more ambient energy than his own, his guns specifically drawing from his own body gives them a distinct advantage. A lot more punch direct punch. You can see it coming, it goes in a straight line, but lord do not let it hit you if it's a single concentrated blast. It's still not a good idea to be struck by the volleys though, as unless you take minimal damage or have high pain endurance, getting hit by one shot may mean taking the rest.

Overall Augmentation: The battle with his inner hollow pushed all aspects of his body to new levels. His Shikai has begun to show an overall improvement to all his abilities. All skills show a small boost in their capabilities when Snopy enters Shikai (about a 1.2x boost). Snopy still excels in his Kidō, which actually gives his Kidō skill a higher augmentation (about 1.5x boost). Overall, when Snopy enters Shikai he is a bit more dangerous to deal with. He can move a little faster, hit a little harder, and take a bit more damage.

Energy Manipulation: The main power of Snopy's Zanpakutō. This power showed itself in minute ways with Snopy's gun and sword, but only manifested when Snopy was able to push himself to his absolute limit. Snopy has the power to manipulate pure energy in his Shikai. What that means, is that he can take control of energy and reishi within the environment and manipulate it to his will. He can condense it into a solid form to attack or defend, and manipulate it free form. In fact, with a little imagination, a lot could be done. This energy can technically be any type, though the only type it is meant for is Reishi. Thus, it takes extra energy to manipulate non-Reishi energy types.

Now that being said, it doesn't mean he has infinite energy to work with, even if he is using the ambient energy in the environment. Manipulating such latent energy still takes energy of his own to assert control over it. However, this does result in an incredibly efficient energy to power conversion. When he sends a wave of raw destructive force at you, it isn't his energy, his energy is just controlling it. Even worse, he doesn't need to physically move at all in order to direct this energy as he chooses. He could choose to be standing perfectly still and still unleashing barrages from various angles. Should he choose to, he can direct with physical motion, making it more telegraph-able, assuming you're on a level powerful enough to follow it.

This being said, this move's greatest counter is something that can break the connection he has to the environment. A massive overpower in control for instance, where another person overpowers or simply disrupts the connection, can render this useless until Snopy manages to reassert control. Not many can pull this off, but those who can can seriously screw up Snopy's flow. Another counter is that compared to the much more direct and easy to follow blasts from his gun, these tend to be weaker. To assert more power, he has to direct more of his own energy in controlling the ambient energy. This means that the efficiency is massively reduced against people who could tank (via barriers or otherwise) the energy otherwise. Likewise, if he wants more speed in his attacks he also needs to assert more of his own power.

Overall, his intense training over the last few years have massively increased the strength and versatility of this ability, but he needs to be incredibly intelligent with how he uses it if he ever faces an opponent who is his equal or greater. Those who can dodge or tank the basic hits of this ability will force him to put more into his attacks. Plus, more refined shapes (like a spike or spear which will naturally have more puncturing power) take much more energy than just sending a tidal wave of energy. Likewise, in Shikai he can't take control of several large masses of energy, or several refined shapes. He can hit you from many angles at once with the more raw form, but anything with punch and control can only be from one to three sources, three being fairly taxing with the exception of one technique.

Critical Mass: An ability derived from his energy manipulation, Snopy can repeatedly condense the energy in an area into a small space until eventually it reaches critical mass and explodes outwards, creating a massive explosion at the location. The ability takes 10-15 seconds to complete and as the energy at the location increases, the air around it will distort more and more and the air will begin to crackle. Right before it goes off it is incredibly easy to spot, while as he starts there is no sign at all. The severity of the signs scale exponentially, making the first 5 seconds hard to notice unless the person detects the energy build up, and the last 3-5 seconds insanely noticeable giving anyone in the vicinity the hint to get the hell out. The explosion is large enough to level a few city blocks once it goes off. Due to how easy it can be to detect, it's usually better to pin them down so they can't move and then try and charge this move up. And usually only use it when going for the kill.

Make it Rain: This is the one way he can make large quantities of refined powerful attacks with his manipulation, this technique is simple. Condense energy above a large 250 foot radius into hundreds of needles, and drop them down on the target location. This attack can be considered point blank, but really as long as he is physically touching the target area (which is always circular) he can set up the attack. Therefore, he can be at one edge and the center is 125 feet in front of him. This move can cause widespread destruction, but is mostly for a difficult to dodge attack or for clearing crowds of weaker enemies. The sharpness of the energy used makes them good at puncturing light armors and things such as the masks of hollows. There is space in-between the spikes for people who aren't overwhelmingly large to slip between to avoid damage, so it also works best against large targets.

I. Bankai

» Bankai Name: 天の女神 (Ten no Megami) Heavenly Goddesses

» Bankai Release Phrase: (What does your character say in order to release their Bankai? This is optional. For example, you could have the phrase relate to their power set, or just simply have them say Bankai.)

» Bankai Release Actions: N/A

» Bankai Appearance: The sword is now just a hilt, with the blade being made up of pure energy. The gun is largely the same but now has glowing "veins" that run along the gun, giving merely an aesthetic to it. At a basic level, it looks rather unimpressive.

» Bankai Abilities:

Energy Sword: During Bankai Snopy's blade from Shikai is no longer coated in energy, it is pure energy. As a direct result it's sharper and far more dangerous to be slashed by. It can cut through flesh like a hot knife through butter, assuming it's not fortified flesh. This power makes Snopy's lower strength less relevant, as the same damage can be done with less power. The blade functions similar to a proper physical blade though, and if it strikes something like another sword it will stop like normal. It simply functions like a much more devastating blade. The downside being anything that can dampen or destroy spiritual energy highly counter it. Still, combined with Snopy's agility this allows his physical blows to still be dangerous.

Bankai Pistol: His Bankai, pushing the powers of his Shikai to new limits, is now capable of far more powerful bursts and volleys. He can fire off many many Cero-like blasts in quick succession before growing tired, and unlike before he can fire them as a volley and doesn't need to repeatedly pull the trigger for successive blasts. He can still fire off volleys of weaker shots, now firing in immensely high quantities.

Still the attack that packs more punch, the devastation this is capable of outputting is immense. In fact, it is now capable of a new feat. Charging up for 5 seconds, this pistol can now unleash a massive single blast liable to demolish anything and everything in it's path that can't take it's force, with a diameter the size of a highway. He can also change the direction he is aiming up to half a second before firing it, at which point he needs to steady the gun to maintain the beam's integrity and keep it from failing and being little more than a glorified Cero with a hell of a wind up time. Therefore if something screws him up in that last second, forcing him to move, it will stop the beam from being devastating (unless you still stand in it's path). Usually he'll get down on one knee with both hands on the gun in order to withstand the kickback. Otherwise accuracy will suffer.

Overall Augmentation: Similar to his Shikai, his Bankai also augments his abilities. All his abilities now boast a whopping 1.5x power and his Kido further boasts a doubled potency. Fully utilizing such extra power does run the risk of tiring him out sooner than otherwise if he keeps it up for too long, but the increase in potency is otherwise only a benefit.

Energy Manipulation: Maintaining the power from his Shikai, it only becomes more powerful in his Bankai. The speed, power, and quantity of attacks that he can launch has massively increased. No longer is he limited to just one to three sources of more controlled and refined attacks. He can effectively unleash an onslaught from any direction. He could surround someone with spikes and then make them all converge, impaling them from all sides unless they slipped through or deflected some of them and escaped through the gap.

In fact, by utilizing his immense knowledge of Kido, he has learned how to cast spells from locations other than his body by manipulating the energy of the environment to form the spell for him. Many rules, such as how incantations work, still apply, and as a cost for casting the spell off of his body, the Kido costs a whopping 1.5x as much to cast. Combined with the doubled potency in Bankai (which naturally draws on more energy) more powerful Kido can be very taxing to cast and thus spamming them tends to be a sub-par idea.

Finally, he can now do some incredibly micromanaging. Whereas in Shikai he can only focus with physical motion on one set of energy, he can now delegate up to 5 separate instances to his movements. To put this in perspective, he can use the motions of each of the 5 fingers of his hands to control a different attack. He has been unable as of yet to do more than 5 though, with his goal to eventually be able to use all 10 of his fingers.

That being said, all of his previous counters still apply, albeit things like cutting off his connection to ambient energy being mildly more difficult now. With his Bankai, forcing him into undesired motion is even more important as fine control is harder if his body is also moving in relation to the attacks themselves. Likewise, while he has such overwhelming force in his Bankai, even with his boosted attributes he is still relatively frail and only has moderate physical strength, making him a glass cannon.

I. Inner Hollow/Mask

» Inner Hollow Name: Ayako

» Inner Hollow Description: Ayako is strange, as she looks nothing like one would expect a hollow to look. Her body is nothing more than that of an 18 year old girl. Her frame is quite small. She probably doesn't weigh much at all. She is only about 5'2 feet tall, making her rather short as well. There is absolutely nothing menacing about her. In fact, many people would find her attractive.

Her most notable feature is probably her hair. It is a bright red color and extends down her back. It actually makes her rather hard to miss. It is usually done in a large ponytail. Her eyes are also red. They aren't bright, the color is almost dull, but they somehow add to her cute innocent look. Her bust isn't very large, probably being about a B cup. Her legs are a bit long (comparatively speaking to most her height), and adds to her attractiveness.

She always wears something simple. She has something akin to a one piece sweater. It has long sleeves, reveals her upper chest a bit, and goes down slightly past her underwear. This leaves her legs mostly exposed, and depending on how she sits her underwear may peak out a bit. She has black socks that go somewhat up her calf. All of this is to make her look extra attractive, as being a tease it one of her past-times. Her appearance is likely a result of the hollow energy that came from Snopy's mother, which in the long run caused his Vizardification.

» Inner Hollow Personality: Ayako has little of the blind aggression many of her kind are known for. In fact, the main aspect of her personality may be based off seduction. She is a huge tease with anyone she can be, which is usually Snopy. Her voice is cute when she speaks, but it generally has seductive undertones. In fact, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if she was actually trying to get somewhere with this routine.

Often times she tries to trick Snopy into somehow giving up his body. Rather than brute force it like the first time, she tries to somehow fool him into making a mistake. Granted with a mind like his that is particularly difficult. This leaves her relying on the brute force method, which over the last 5 years his control has left difficult to do. If he finds himself in great emotional turmoil, such as when Kanna vanished, she tries to take over. So far she has not been successful but until he has full control over her, it will always be there. She is a bit confused at the kindness that Snopy shows to her however, as he usually tries holding conversations with her despite her attempts.

Ayako ends up being oddly passive when not actively attacking Snopy when he shows an opening as a direct result of this kindness, and it leads to some interesting conversations between her and his Zanpakuto spirits. Still, this passiveness does not lighten up the relentless assaults an inner hollow will attempt to exert on their host.

» Inner Hollow Powers:

Electrical Manipulation: Similar to Snopy, his inner hollow controls a form of energy. However, rather than control the spiritual forms of energy, Ayako controls electrical energy. While it isn't as free and potent as Snopy's energy manipulation, Ayako can blast a target direction with enough voltage to fry an entire power grid, sending a massive blast of (red) electricity. On top of just sending out simple blasts of electricity, she could just grab you by the face and unload that voltage directly into your body if you couldn't break free. This power is simple but effective.

Binding: Being one who is seductive and would much rather have an easy kill via a trap than a head on fight, Ayako can actually loop electricity around a target within 15 meters, solidify it, and close it in, binding them as a group of 5 tightened rings. It is difficult to break free, and failed attempts are prone to electrocute the target, weakening them and making future escape attempts even harder. She's a bit of a sadist after all.

» Hollow Mask Appearance: Snopy's mask is a rather simple one. It doesn't manifest as a full mask per say. His mask actually manifests as an eye-patch over his right eye. Rather simple, though hard as any other vizard mask, this leaves him with one prime advantage. He has no obstruction to his vision in the other eye. Despite looking small it is quite durable so a single hit to the eye won't necessarily just nullify the mask unless it is quite powerful.

» Vizard Powers: Depth Perception: Oddly, despite one eye being covered by the mask, while his mask is donned Snopy has no loss of depth perception, keeping his aim in peak condition.

Cero/Bala: Snopy's specialty in energy makes his firing off Cero come quite naturally to him. He can charge it up nice and quickly, and fire it at quite a decent pace. He's been cautious with how often he trains his Vizard powers without the help of people like Shadin so it isn't quite as powerful as it could be, but it can still pack quite the punch. Snopy's Cero still requires him to take a stance, either having him casually raise up his hand to about shoulder height, palm in, and charging it off the back of his hand, or simply pointing and charging it off the tip of his finger if he's being more serious.

Augmentation: Snopy's overall attributes are boosted. His speed, durability, and strength all increase. Unlike his Zanpakuto releases the boosts to his weaker stats like durability and strength are a bit more meaningful, being nicely buffed. He's still relatively squishy, but he's far less easy to one shot when he goes all out. His speed receives a greater boost, making him even faster. Also the surge of energy actually makes his energy manipulation from his releases stronger as well, but due to being hollow powers the boost is in raw force rather than refinement and control. Simply put he can output a little more power with his releases, though by no means is it a direct buff to the ability and more of an indirect one.

I. Resurrección

[NOTE: This form is for 0-3 and up. Refer to the racial specs for more information]

» Resurrección Release Phrase: (What does your character say in order to transform into their Resurrección state? This is optional.)

» Resurrección Release Actions: (What kind of action does your character perform to transform into their Resurrección state? This is also optional.)

» Resurrección Appearance: (What does your character look like when they transform into their Resurrección state?)

» Resurrección Abilities: (When a character ascends to this state, they at their peak power. Please state what kind of powers that your Vizard obtains when ascending to this form.)

I. Equipment/Other Resources

» Equipment:

Name Of Item: Stage Three Healing Gem
Info: The Stage Three Healing Gem is a red triangle shaped does everything stage one and two does, but it increases the rates of it. For example, instead of refreshing reitsu at 15%, The Stage Three Healing Gem increases that to 25%, heals the user within a half post and erases all poisons. The Stage Three Healing Gem also can heal up to two people at a time, though you must wait two post for it to be a good level; It can also create a small, invisible barrier in order for the user to be protected during this process. (Though it is easy to destroy once you figure it out) And finally, it also capable of healing more intense injuries such as head trama, damage to internal organs and lack of blood.

Name Of Item: Telepathic Gems x12 (one currently given to Kanna)
Info: The Telepathic Gems are small, tear shaped crystal gems that are used for communicating telepathically. By simply giving a friend or group member a pair of these gems, you will be able to contact them with your mind. A slight buzzing sound will appear in the persons mind and they have the choice to either accept or deny your connection. If they accept, you two will be able to converse until you decide to disconnect.

Name Of Item: 2x Power Boost Gem
Info: The Power Boost Gem is a needle shaped gem that you inject into your body. During the course of five post, all of your abilities, skills and tier will increase by one level. After that period, the gem will have a ten post cooling and you are only able to use it three times per thread. If you do it a fourth time, the gem WILL shatter into pieces and even damage your body if you over do it. Please only use this when you have enough reitsu, energy or health to sustain yourself. Otherwise, you'll just end up hurting yourself. You can also only use TWO gem at a time in order to increase the effects by two times (Though not the posting length). Trying to get more then that will simply damage your body.

Name Of Item: Barrier Gem
Info: The Barrier gem is a small black gem in a circle shape that, when activated telepathically, will create a strong barrier that is about one hundred feet wide powerful enough to block even attacks up to 0 tier for five post. After the fifth post, it will shatter and have a two post cooling period before it is usable. It is also possible to run away while within the barrier, but not attack.

Name Of Item: Energy Revolvers
Info: These pistols look like nothing more than regular revolvers on the outside. The pistols do not fire regular bullets, but bullets of condensed energy gathered from its user, making them rather useless if one is completely powerless. They take on the power of the user, meaning if the user was a 0-4, the bullets can be fired with the power of a 0-4. The user can also adjust the output of the gun, making them able to make the bullets any strength from almost nothing all the way up to their tier level.

The energy leaves in the shape of a bullet, but the user may make the energy less condensed, which will not only lower the power of the bullet itself, but give a wide radius of damage, possibly leaving a giant hole in an object it fired through (imagine firing at a wall of a house and a several foot wide hole being created on more extreme powers). Since the user can fire repeatedly, and it is fueled by their energy, it also drains energy from the user. However, since the revolvers can store energy over time, the first shot fired from each pistol (in a thread) will cost no energy, as it built over time (does not apply if the threads take place very shortly after one another).

Finally, their construction makes them extremely durable, able to absorb most powerful attacks that are below 2 tier. However, if the user is stronger than that, then the gun takes on the durability of the user's Zanpakutō (or what it would be if they had one). Finally, it is synced up to its user. That way, no one can get their hands on it and use it unless they find some way to decode the gun's mechanisms and remove Snopy's energy from it.

Check here for how said equipment was obtained.

I. Custom Kido

Custom Kidō

Name: Derutabīmu (Delta Beam)
Type: Offensive
Number: For Snopy's use only (unless taught by him)
Effects: The user holds out their index and their middle finger as energy begins to build near the tip. Energy would gather to his hand from three places, forming an equilateral triangle from each other (three small lines of energy that are 4 inches long would be coming off his fingers, with the energy moving towards his fingers). Upon releasing the spell a beam of purple energy twice as large as a Byakurai is fired. The spell can be used to strike a target. However, should the caster so choose, the beam can split in a triangular fashion into three beams. These beams would be 1/3 the size of the beam unless used by a Master in Kidō, in which they would each be 1/2 the size of the beam. Grand Master strength in Kidō could have each of the split beams have 2/3 the original size. The beams would be about 6 inches apart from each other and form an equilateral triangle. They would slam into, and possibly pierce through, an opponent.
Incantation: Gather from the abyss, the three centers of power. Merge into one as you prepare for the inevitable moment, in which you will be once again divided and returned to three.

Name: Sentaku-teki Hogo (Selective protection)
Type: Defensive
Number: For Snopy's use only (unless taught by him)
Effects: This spell does not require a motion. It is a barrier spell, in which, upon casting, a pink barrier is raised. It is a half sphere around a 10 foot radius (naturally 20 feet in diameter). It has the ability to block moderately powered attacks. As per Snopy's design, it is selective in what is blocked however. The barrier blocks both physical entities as well as energy attacks. However, up to 5 people of the caster's choice, themselves not included, are ignored by the barrier. They can pass through it quite simply, however only weak energy attacks of theirs will be ignored by the barrier. Anything of moderate or higher strength will strike at it and risk breaking it. This barrier can last for up to 6 posts (unless damaged, then time shortened) if only the caster is allowed through. If 1-2 others are allowed through shortens it to 4 posts. Anything above is 2 posts. If the caster puts all their focus on the barrier it can withstand a bit more. Otherwise, it is actually fairly self-sufficient. This is a draining spell, so one must be quite skilled with Kidō to be able to use it and not tire. Even then the spell takes practice, and it would take immense conditioning to even think of using it twice in a thread without becoming exhausted. Snopy developed the spell so he could create a place for his allies to retreat to to catch their breath and be able to enter and leave at will, though as a consequence he will use up much of his own energy. With enough force, this barrier will shatter. If simply damaged the posts it can remain up will drop. Due to its methods it is not fit for solo combat, and is mostly good for protecting weaker members of a group. On a final note, while the spell is active the caster is completely immobilized, since the barrier is not simple to create in the first place.
Incantation: Rise up, and take on my will. Allow those deemed worthy your access, and prevent others from dealing harm. Encircle us, protect us, and allow us a chance at rest, so that we may begin afresh.

Name: Tan'itsu no Hogo (Single Protection)
Type: Defensive
Number: For Snopy's use only (unless taught by him)
Effects: This spell is a version of Sentaku-teki Hogo adapted for combat purposes. The user raises their hand up in front of them when casting, though a skilled used can do it without such motion. It forms a pink rectangular barrier to form in front of the user. It can be up to 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide. This spell is simply a powerful barrier. Nothing can pass through it and it can block moderate to moderately powerful spells. The power of the spell is entirely dependent on the user. Should the user be a low level it will be fairly weak, while a Master user can have it reach the strength of a Danku (it would reach this strength should one actually be able to use Danku). In the end, this is merely a modified Barrier spell.
Incantation: Rise up, and take on my will. Block off all access, as none are worthy of penetrating your defenses.
Notes: It is a rather versatile spell, seeing as it can be used by anyone with Kidō experience (if Snopy chose to teach them). Its strength it determined by the highest level Kidō spell usable. If the highest is Kidō #10, then it will be weak. If the highest is Kidō #50, it will be moderate. This applies all the way up to Danku, at which point this is a modified Danku, though it would require a tiny bit less energy to perform than a Danku.

I. Skill Sheet


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidō: Master
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Beginner

Vizard Skills
  • Power Augmentation Adept
  • Cero: Advanced
  • Mask Protection:: Adept
  • Hollow Control: Advanced

Hollow Skills
  • Acid Skill: Beginner
  • Garganta : Adept
  • Regeneration: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample: (Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)


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Application Checklist
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  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: Welcome Back
Tier: 0-5


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Application Checklist
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  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [J]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [O]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]


Overall Augmentation

It would be better if you did not use multipliers here, and instead used more descriptive words to explain the boost's effect, such as his Kido's general power increasing, not to the point of a skill level boost, but definitely noticeable compared to his sealed state.

This applies to both the Shikai and Bankai iterations of this effect.

Critical Mass This shikai ability IS extremely noticeable when it is being used, however you need to state how much it takes out of his character to use it, and translate how much time it takes to charge up into posts. You should also state if it's possible for him to charge up more than one of these at a time (this seems unlikely given how the ability is described), and if not, then the amount of time it takes until he is able to activate the ability again should be specified.

Bankai Pistol
While he should be able to fire blasts much easier in his bankai, you should list a rough upper limit, at least, of the number of blasts that he is able to output in a short amount of time before needing to take a break, or if he goes significantly past that upper limit, that he needs X amount of time (in posts) before he's able to recover back to using them with the same efficiency.

Energy Manipulation [Bankai]
This also will need to mention how multipliers are not being used, so the 'doubled' in this section should be changed to 'increased' or something similar.


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