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 Kaminari Hatakeyama [Approved, 3-2]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kaminari Hatakeyama [Approved, 3-2]   Kaminari Hatakeyama [Approved, 3-2] EmptyThu Jun 22, 2017 11:10 am

I. Basic Information

» Name: Kaminari Hatakeyama
» Alias: N/A
» Age: 425
» Gender: Female

» Association(s):

Kuro Okami: Fiancé. However, she doesn't remember and with the amount of time that has passed by in the world, there's a chance it doesn't matter anyway. It's an unfortunate circumstance, but the Kaminari that was once known around the Gotei is not the one that walked back through that portal. She's quite the different person now.

Genpaku Arishima: As Kaminari's friend and teacher, Genpaku is now the only person she knows. With only eight months of memories, he is the one other person she's truly interacted with. Kaminari sees him as her guide, but also her only connection to the world. His teachings and friendship have kept her going, happy, and determined to go on.

Kaede Ichiro: Um... She doesn't remember?

Snopy Saika: Huh? Strange name. Who is he?

Gotei 13/United: Who? Or what? Where?

Vanguard: Wh-.. wait what? Oh, she might have heard of that. Gen's organization, right?

» Appearance Written: Kaminari is a petite woman that barely at stands the short height of 5'0" and looks around her late teens. If it weren’t for the fact that she knows her birthday, she’d probably assume she was a sixteen-year-old girl, if that. She’s got a slender frame that allows for a more agile fighting style, making her a more difficult target to hit. Her small figure is complimented by a feminine grace, but countered by a flat chest, which often gives her a boyish charm. If it weren’t for her girly mannerisms, cute rounded face, and those wide brown eyes, Kaminari could easily be mistaken for a boy.

» Appearance Image:
Kaminari Hatakeyama [Approved, 3-2] 2

I. Personality

» Personality: Etched into the very depths of her soul, no matter the loss of memory or self, Kaminari’s insecurities have always been one of the more shining pieces of her personality. Starting with the hatred she has for her small stature, Kaminari is very sensitive when it comes to her height. Being shorter than most woman wouldn’t bother her so much if other parts of her body weren’t lacking in feminine charm, but alas... she pretty much has no bust either. The inconspicuous A, maybe B, cups that just barely protrude from her chest do not help the poor girl’s self-esteem. Since she has a habit of comparing herself to every woman she meets, Kaminari’s insecurities only seem to get worse. Her reactions toward people that point these flaws of hers out vary from minor annoyance to immediate rage, very much depending on who you are. She ends up raging at those she knows much more than those she doesn’t out of respect or their ignorance of the issue bothering her.

Without any knowledge of her past, Kaminari is pretty much the same person. She has wandered lost for some time now, only bits and pieces of who she once was digging their way to the surface. These returning memories make little since and only give her a small glimpse to an old emotion. The flashes to her past frighten her. She sees a lot of violence, blood, and anger, and these terrible moments easily outweigh the few happy pieces she is rarely gifted. The idea of her memories returning and finding out who she really is sounds nice, but what if she’s not the person she hopes to be? What happens if these dark flashes of what she is only assuming is her past, are warnings to leave it alone? It is those questions that keeps Kaminari from hunting herself down. There is a large part of her that is okay with being lost and merely finding a new life, one where things aren’t so destructive and hopeless.

The same old Kaminari is a caring, upfront individual that makes friends really easily. One of her biggest goals in life has always been to befriend everyone. She wants to be known, admired, and make positive impacts on the lives of those she knows. She is someone who cares about the lives of others more than she does her own. There are times that she'll do this to the degree of messing up her own life, such as missing appointments or forgetting to train. Kaminari's training was once at the top of her to-do list, but that motivation was lost with the loss of her memory and original goals in life. Her original goal was to become Captain Commander of the Gotei 13, an organization that has changed since her disappearance. Now, her only goal is to find a place in the world that she doesn't feel totally and completely lost. She wants to find who she is without remembering who she was.

Without truly knowing who she is, Kaminari is a bit more cautious in some areas and even less so in others. She has trust issues that waver based on different circumstances, like whether she has heard a story about a person from someone she trusts. Kaminari has a bad habit of hearing something about someone and just going with that story. She can be a little naïve in this aspect because it’s easy to sway her based off the fact that she knew you first. There are times she can tell a sort for herself and not be as easily manipulated, but it all depends on different circumstances. Most of the time, Kaminari is just a friendly person with an open heart. She has a gentle nature, similar to a supportive big sister. Even in her darkest times, she almost always seems to have a smile on her face. She isn’t the type to let someone see her cry. She doesn’t want anyone to think she’s weak, and showing people when she’s down is a sign of weakness. There aren’t many that get to see that side of her.

A more common side of Kaminari would have to be her stubbornness. She has a hard time taking orders and fully respecting authority. In serious situations, she shows the respect expected of her, but does often stay casual with those she considers her friends, even if they greatly out rank her. It’s difficult to get her to follow orders when she considers you a friend because she often acts like a brat. She has no problem teasing people and messing with them in playful ways because that’s just who she is. She’s got a strong will, which can sometimes be confused with her stubbornness, but it does give her a strong sense of determination that some may admire her for. She doesn’t know when to back down and often doesn’t take anyone’s crap, especially if it’s not deserved. Kaminari can’t stand bullies and will do what she can to teach them a lesson, especially if they’re pushing someone she cares for.

Being a woman with energy and a cheerful demeanor, it can be expected that Kaminari isn’t someone who really thinks ahead. She doesn’t plan out her every move and prefers to go by ear. She’s impulsive in most decisions that she makes, and when she does take the time to think something out, it doesn’t take her long to make a decision. She goes with her gut most of the time and is normally right. Rarely do her instincts get her into trouble. She’s pretty good at reading people, even if her opinion may have previously been swayed based on the experiences of a friend who told her a story. And though her instincts usually keep her safe, that doesn’t mean it’s always the case. She reads people’s personalities easier than she can tell their skills. Kaminari has a hard time realizing when she’s out of her league. This often leads to her needing to be rescued because she bit off more than she could chew.

I. History

» History: Born August 15th, 1992, Kaminari lead a rather normal life to a certain degree. What is normal to her isn't normal to others. However, the only details that Kaminari would give out are stated here. She was raised by her Mother, unaware of the whereabouts of her Father after she and her Mother moved away. She and her Mother lived alone at a shrine for some time before they were once again forced to move. When they moved, they ended up in California for a couple years before moving to New York. After an accident that killed her Mother, Kaminari couldn't find the strength to continue on. Weak minded and having no feeling of self-worth, Kaminari took her own life and ended up in the Soul Society. Of course, this was destructive for her because she was one to believe in heaven. Finding out there wasn't one and not having the relief of the memories of her old life pushed her into a depression. However, things changed when Kaminari found a power within herself and was able to join Shino Academy to train and become a better person. She finally found a bit of backbone, something she seriously needed.

Life as a Shinigami was actually as pleasant as she thought it would be. Her life as a human was so miserable that anything felt better, but life as a Shinigami was more impressive than she originally thought. She always had food, had her own place to live, and was able to make friends. In fact, she met someone that she fell for enough to accept the proposal of. He saved her life after a trip to the Rukongai. Lieutenant Kuro Okami was extremely kind, caring, and supportive of her. He made her open her mind to the idea of starting a family, but they both seemed too fearful of the idea, so they stayed content with what they had. The two even sparred together at a time, gaining a few mental scars, but learning to put their feelings to the side in order to get the job done. Unfortunately, the session almost killed Kaminari. If it weren't for a woman by the name of Kanna Aikotsuki, Kaminari would likely have died.

With a few intense training sessions and even harsher missions, Kaminari climbed in power very quickly. She gained her shikai, though it was difficult and very dangerous to use. One of the most frightening missions she had was with the Slenderman hollow, a creature with powers that would frighten even the bravest of men. She went on this mission with a newer member named Snopy, her boyfriend, and a man named Ji. The group soon realized they were way out of their league and fled, Kuro pulling Kaminari from the battle. It was soon after that day that he proposed. Upon returning, she learned that Redd Tsueken had gotten himself killed. This man had aided in her training, helping her gain her shikai, but had betrayed her later. She wasn't angry that he had died or because they were "friends" of any sort. She was angry because she wanted to kill that bastard herself and someone had taken that pleasure from her.

Kaminari and her Captain, Jaeden Crow, had a bit of a falling out. She stayed angry with him for some time before challenging him to a fight. They met up, fought, and with Kaminari's newly found strength, she was able to defeat him. All he wanted was her forgiveness, and she made sure to tell him, "You were forgiven the moment you showed up to the fight." It didn't matter to her who won. Kaminari wanted to know her level in comparison to her Captain. Having achieved her ridiculously powerful bankai, Kaminari was able to fight one on one and defeat an experienced Captain, but only because for once she was on equal levels with her opponent.

And so the real story begins...

With too much on her mind, Kaminari left the Soul Society for the World of the Living. She wasn't expecting much for the day, beyond a few weak hollows, but luck was not on her side. With a couple quick shunpo, Kaminari ended up at the entrance to a portal. The powers seeping out kept her curiosity higher than normal and she did not hesitate to enter. Within moments, she was locked in a deadly battle. She fought alongside a man she only knew the reputation of, Genpaku Arishima, against a Demon she had only heard stories about, Abaddon. It was easy to regret her decision to step inside this realm, but there was no turning back. With their lives on the line, Kaminari heard a voice in the back of her mind. For the first time, she had permission to rely on her zanpakuto; however, it was going to come at a great cost. To stay alive and to keep her ally alive, she was willing to pay it. With a strike to the heart, Abaddon was rendered powerless and Genpaku gave the final blow. When the smoke cleared and the dimension Abaddon created began falling apart, Kaminari was lost. Confused and obviously hesitating, she was forcibly dragged from that realm into another, but she never made it home.

I. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills

> Passives:

Memory Issues: Unfortunately, at this moment in time, Kaminari is not aware of her mastery of just about anything. In fact, the loss of memory has her clueless to her skills. As she regains memory and starts her training up again, her level in these abilities are meant to skyrocket.

Spiritual Power – Injured: Anyone who comes into contact with Kaminari can sense it. It’s not hard to tell that she was once of great power. It’s as if something tore it apart, used it all up, or is even suppressing it. It almost seems sick, or even injured, and is in recovery. No one can really tell which one it is without truly analyzing her. Kaminari can tell that something is off, but doesn’t know how to figure it out. She doesn’t remember anything to give her clues on what is actually wrong with her. Because of this, she sometimes has strange flare ups. These episodes cause her spiritual pressure to act strangely, like it’s expected to do more and knows it can. It becomes a little difficult for her to control her power and at times can push her to suddenly use the majority of it up in a short burst, tiring her out, and forcing her to fight differently or possibly even retreat.

Spiritual Power - Nature: The nature of Kaminari's spiritual power is very unique. With the power her zanpakuto gives her, it should be understandable where this comes from. Kaminari's spiritual power has a nullification about it. It allows for her to use it for techniques that can shut of the spiritual power of other people, which is where the ability Shizuka Senpū comes from and her natural energy resistance comes from.

A Natural in Agility: Since Kaminari has always been small, she’s always been more on the quick side. She’s not really concentrated on her physical strength as she has her speed and agility. She’s always been naturally agile, being sort of an acrobat in combat. She can turn, twist, and flip her body quickly and accurately without causing herself much issue. It’s more of a natural talent than something she has trained to get to. The same goes for her speed. She’s never truly had to train to get as fast as she is because it comes naturally to her. Her advancements in speed are just a result of regular training and her everyday life, but have also brought her father than most.

Energy Resistance: Coming from the nature of her zanpakuto, Kaminari’s body has a strong resistance to energy attacks like kido, cero, and powers similar. The damage done to her body is reduced by 50% if it's an energy attack, and this does include the energy that comes with combined physical and energy attacks, such as a lightning filled blade. The physical part is not reduced, only the damage and effects done by the lightning. However, there is a major drawback to something like this. Kaminari's resistance to energy accounts for all energy, including any healing kido or similar spells. Buffs and healing are all 50% less effective for her, making her a challenge for anyone to aid her.

» Racial Abilities:

> Hoho: Kaminari's skill in Hoho has always been pristine. Even if it's not her best skill, it is the one Kaminari puts most effort into mastering. Her mastery of Hoho is not in the extra techniques that come within this style, but in shunpo. Shunpo is more than second nature to her now. She uses it effortlessly and without using much of her spiritual power at all. In fact, her mastery of this skill is so accurate and efficient that people can't sense when she's done it. As silent as a feather gliding through the air, Kaminari moves perfectly with shunpo and understands the ins and outs of the technique as well as the back of her hand. This is the one skill that she still uses like normal and only because it comes second nature to her. She doesn't know why or where it's from. It's as natural to her as anyone else breathes, and she also assumes that most people know how to do it.

> Kido: Once a Grandmaster in kido, now a newly trained ability... Being stuck in another dimension for eight months with someone who has decided to bring you back up to speed after losing your memory can help shit like this! Kaminari's ability with kido is strange. First off, she doesn't know that many. She knows the very common and basic ones that come on the list of kido, thanks to Genpaku Arishima, but every one that she does know is as efficient as a Captain's would be. Since she doesn't have the spiritual power she once did, Kaminari's kido are top notch for her level, but no way near what they will be once things get back to normal. However, the accuracy and execution are way more advanced than one would expect of someone with her spiritual power.

> Zanjutsu: Once a master in Zanjutsu, now a mere swordsman. She has her zanpakuto next to her at all times. It's one of the few things that is attached to her past and she holds desperately onto it. Because of that, and the presence of Genpaku Arishima, it's the one thing she has tried to get to know again. So far, very little has come back to her besides some basic skills of swordplay. With Genpaku's training, she's come much farther than she expected. She knows no real techniques within zanjutsu, but is capable of wielding her weapon without problem and defending herself alongside her friend.

> Hakuda: Not a master, but advanced enough to make others second guess their choice in fighting her... Kaminari used to be able to say that. Now that her memory is gone and this has not been a focus of the training Genpaku was putting her through at all, Kaminari's ability to fight without a weapon is not high at all. It's merely good reaction times and a higher speed than her opponent that gives her an edge. This has nothing to do with the lacking technique that comes with practitioners of Hakuda.

I. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Shizuko [Quiet Child; 静子]

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

Kaminari Hatakeyama [Approved, 3-2] Zan_Spirit

» Inner World: Kaminari's inner world is an dynamic maze that customizes itself based off of her current insecurities and fears. The ever-changing nature of Kaminari's inner world can be among the most frightening experiences for her. It has a habit of darkening itself to a degree that is worse than the actual situation. For example, when discovering her shikai, Kaminari was forced to face haunts of her past, including issues with her Mother, Father, and other people she had encountered. The situations were distorted to such grotesque degrees that she encounters her Mother in a coffin with blood dripping from her eyes and mouth, speaking to her in an eerie tone. Each encounter that her inner world creates is meant to push her over the edge, force her to face her fears, and even understand why a situation went a certain way. Her inner world helps her move on and accept the uncontrollable.

In any of these events, Kaminari is not allowed to use the powers. Her zanpakuto spirit, Shizuko, is very adamant about Kaminari not relying on her zanpakuto. First of, her zanpakuto has a habit of causing problems for others, making it where her allies cannot heal or use their own powers. Secondly, her zanpakuto can deter her from wanting to train and Shizuko will not tolerate that. If Kaminari relies too much on her zanpakuto, Shizuko will completely take the power away until Kaminari gets her ass kicked or trains to a degree that could harm her. Shizuko shames Kaminari any time she goes against her preferences.

» Zanpakutô Appearance:

Kaminari Hatakeyama [Approved, 3-2] Kaminari_Zan

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power:

Shizuka Senpū: (Silent Whirlwind)
A style she came up with after studying the recorded styles of other Shinigami. Though it is currently lost to her because of the lack of memory, Kaminari had mastered this style years ago. It's a combination of Hakuda and hand-to-hand techniques with her own special spiritual power. By concentrating her spiritual power into different points on her body (hands, feet, and other joints like her knees and elbows), Kaminari is able to send a shot of her spiritual power through a person's body in order to cut off the flow of spiritual power to that area when she strikes them. The blockage continues for three rounds of posting. The rounds can be reset by having the strike reapplied in the same area. When an area is struck that leads to a limb, the entire limb is cut off. If an area is struck multiple times before the blockage has been undone, though the rounds are only reset to three and do not stack, the damage to that area is increased and the muscles will be torn through and ripped apart over time.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: Sasayaki (囁き, Whisper)

» Shikai Appearance: There is no change to Kaminari's appearance.

» Shikai Abilities: "Fight me equally, or not at all... That is how we decide who wins."

Kaminari's entire theme is based around the idea of being insecure. She wants others to be on her level or to strengthen herself and be on their level. As previously mentioned in Kaminari's passives, her spiritual power has a nullification property. To release her shikai, Kaminari calls out her release phrase before unsheathing her sword. After saying the phrase, she'll unsheathe her sword and her shikai will have been released fully. If she unsheathes her zanpakuto without saying the phrase, it's in it's 'sheathed' form. When her shikai is released, however, Kaminari gains a field of nullification around her that has two different effects. Technically, her zanpakuto is auto-released. Everything explained below:

Sheathed State: When Kaminari does not entirely release her zanpakutos shikai by saying the release phrase before unsheathing, this is the state it is in. Her spiritual power resonates in the blade, giving the blade the ability to completely repel all types of energy attacks.

Full Release: Haiiro no Ryōiki (灰色の領域, Gray Area)
  • Effect One: The destruction of energy. Kaminari's shikai creates a field that nullifies any and energy attacks and anything else that requires spiritual energy of any kind, so this does work with all races. It does this by tearing away the spiritual power, scattering it, and throwing it outside of the zone. This means things like kido do not work, including attacks from spiritual weapons like the zanpakuto. This also means things like healing kido, shunpo, and other techniques that require spiritual energy to be exerted do not work either. Any activated abilities and forms are immediately resealed and will need to be re-released after leaving the zone. The zone has a 150ft radius and works in the shape of a sphere, including any underground area. Kaminari is always at the sphere's epicenter, so if she moves, it does as well. Attacks shot into the zone from the outside are nullified once they reach the sphere that her shikai makes up. All of these effects go on Kaminari as well, forcing her to fight no differently than her opponent. Kaminari can currently keep her shikai released for ten rounds.
  • Effect Two: Same Level. This effect does one of two things depending on how powerful you are. If you're weaker than Kaminari, then it will bring you up to her level. If she is weaker than you, it will bring her up to your level. In other words, once her shikai is activated, the highest strength, speed, and durability are all shared between anyone that steps within the zone. If multiple people are in the zone, it is always the highest of each. Though this can be a major nerf or buff, depending on the character, mental stats and actual trained skill is not affected. It turns into a game of who can outfight the other.

Shikai limitations. This is a very powerful ability that only gets more so as you get to her bankai and shikokai. The ability to quite literally turn someone’s spiritual energy into useless dust is up there. Adding on the sharing of three of the heavy impacting skills when it comes to combat only makes that worse. However, the area the shikai covers makes it a small dueling arena. The arena can only last a certain amount of time. At maximum and in her current condition, it does last about 10 rounds of posting. However, the more energy that her field has to destroy, the lower that number gets. Because it’s highly depending on opponent to opponent, it’s hard to give a flat number. The stronger the opponent and the more energy the opponent tries to use in her field can lower it to a minimum of 3 rounds.

I. Bankai

» Bankai Appearance: There is no change to Kaminari's appearance.

» Bankai Abilities: Kaminari's bankai is the same as her shikai, besides one thing. Instead of the 150ft radius, it turns into a 1 mile radius in the same spherical form that her shikai holds. She still has the nullification property that destroys any and all energy within the zone, making it impossible to use any energy based techniques. She still puts every person within the area on the same level as each other, taking the highest of each skill level and spreading it across everyone. However, if the amount of people within the zone exceeds 10, excluding anything that is non-powered (humans/animals), those within will then take the lowest average, making the spread easier to complete than the highest. In other words, if there are more than 100 people with power inside Kaminari's nullification zone, the skill levels of everyone within are being brought down to the lowest, not up. This prevents a large group of people from suddenly having Grandmasters and Masters in their speed, strength, and durability skills.

At maximum and in her current condition, it does last about 30 rounds of posting. However, the more energy that her field has to destroy, the lower that number gets. Because it’s highly depending on opponent to opponent, it’s hard to give a flat number. The stronger the opponent and the more energy the opponent tries to use in her field can lower it to a minimum of 5 rounds. This paragraph is copied from her shikai, so it is the same besides the numbers.

I. Shikokai

[NOTE: For when she unlocks it, this power requires the permission of the person who owns the character for it to be used. It's a plot power meant to exist for fun and possible character restarts for people who want it. Though, since it affects her as well, good luck.]

» Shikokai Appearance: Upon the release of her Shikokai, Kaminari's spiritual power is all focused into her blade causing the blade glow bright white and to emit a humming sound that echoes through the air. It sounds almost like the hum of a machine, but is obviously the immense amount of energy that is resonating within her zanpakuto.

» Shikokai Abilities: Kaminari's shikokai acts as if it is in its sheathed state, as stated in her shikai, but has a single extra effect. Upon stabbing her opponent in the chest, the blade releases a massive amount of spiritual power. When this spiritual power is released, it's nature tears through both the opponents and Kaminari's energy at the same time. The nature of her spiritual power rips and destroys their energy, lowering their tier drastically and leaving them both almost powerless. This is not permanent and both Kaminari and her opponent can regain their power over time. The first time Kaminari used this ability, four years ago, she completely lost her memory. This is a consequence she must deal with every time.

I. Skill Sheet

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidō: Adept
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master

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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master

Comments/Notes: Given the history of this character, and having talked with Serenity over Discord, I'll be giving this app an approval. Good to have you back around.
Tier: 3-2


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[mod]Due to the owner of this character application having left site, this application is being archived.[/mod]

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