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 Serenity Verdant[APPROVED, 4-1+]

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Serenity Verdant


0. Friends and Family

Serenity's Family: Serenity's family are not family by blood. They are a few people she lives with that guide her through life and help her realize and advance her ability.

Grandpa: The first among them is Kenichi Ushiba. Kenichi is an older man that she often calls grandpa. He is 6'5" and has a large muscle bound stature. He's got long blonde hair, a beard, and mustache. He usually wears a black kimono and walks around barefoot. He is a master of taekwondo and is among the funniest men that Serenity has ever met. He always pats her on the head and picks her up and puts her on his shoulder.

Dante: Dante Murata is like a big brother and uncle to Serenity. Almost as large as her grandfather, Dante is 6'3" tall and also has a large muscular build. Though he's kind at heart, he acts like a bad ass and drinks a little too much for Serenity's liking. When he gets drunk, Serenity always has to clean up after him! He breaks things all the time. He is a master of karate and was once an established kick boxer, but things have changed.

Hideki: Hideki Takemitsu is probably the more mature in the household. He's about 5'11" and has a fit, but lean build. He has short brown hair and no facial hair. He always wears a traditional hakama. He drinks, but not enough to cause problems. He's an sculpture, writer, and a master of jujitsu. He's the best trainer out of them all, knowing how to understand Serenity more than anyone. In fact, he's more like a Father to her. She's accidentally called him Dad during her early teenage years, but tries not to because she doesn't think he likes it. He does and it secretly makes him feel proud.

Shigure: Shigure Okuda is definitely the strangest person in the house and the only other woman. Though they are close, Shigure always seems like a distant cousin. She's very quiet and intimidating, though Serenity understands a more sweet side of her. Shigure is about 5'6" with an attractive our glass picture, black hair that's pulled back into a ponytail. Shigure is a master with a sword and many other weapons. She's the one that taught Serenity about archery and has even tried getting her to practice with a sword.

I. Appearance

» Appearance Description: Serenity stands at 5'3" and a 1/2. That half is very important! She's always been on the shorter side and was told that she was lucky she hit her current height, having been expected to be shorter. Serenity has a petite and thin figure, her bust being complimentary of her small hour glass shape. She's more on the "cute" side with rounder facial features and big bright blue eyes, which makes her look much younger than she actually is. Even though she's an adult, she has always been mistaken for much younger by those around her. Most people don't really believe that she is an adult.

Serenity's hair is very well taken care of, long, and silky, reaching rather far down her back. She keeps a decorative wrap that matches her clothing in color wrapped around a thick lock of hair on the left side of her face. Normally, she wears her blue school uniform everywhere she goes, but if she's not in her blue and white school uniform (image 3), she's wearing her shrine maiden outfit that comes with her home life (image 1). If she's not in wearing that, she's wearing her cafe outfit for work, which is seen in image 2.

» Appearance Picture:

Serenity Verdant[APPROVED, 4-1+] AP1

More Pictures:

II. Personality

» Personality: Growing up with so much responsibility has pushed Serenity into an early maturity, but she's still got a childish side about her. She's an active young woman that always seems to be doing something. She is not the type to sit back and relax or every take a day off. She doesn't feel right if she's not progressing in something, even if it is as basic as household chores. She only feels accomplished when a task has been complete, even if it wasn't completely successful. She's okay if things fail because she understands that as a normal person, she makes mistakes. Unlike so many people she has met, she doesn't strive to be perfect. She only strives to be a good person, to love and care for other people.

The fact that Serenity takes care of just about everything at home is what has pushed her into an early maturity. After her Mother and Father died, she was the one who took care of everything. Cooking and cleaning for the house was just stacked on top of her everyday training, job, and school life. Even though the job is relatively new to her routine, Serenity is still a very busy person. For a while, she was being taken advantage of and quickly changed it the moment it was realized. Her days off and away from the Magnolia Estate are Sunday and Thursday. If anyone dares try to take these days away from her, they will be introduced to a very unhappy Serenity who will have no problem being passive aggressive and make your life miserable! Those who have tried won't do it again.

Serenity's home life is pretty basic. She's a babysitter, mother, cook, and maid all in one. The people she takes care of are Dante, Kenichi, Shigure, and Hideki. It is because of these people that she has such a tolerant personality. She's very patient with the people she comes across, able to take just about everything they throw at her. She's become very open minded as well, usually able to understand the views of other people quite easily. Due to her housemates, Serenity has also become rather handy, usually having to fix up doors and broken floor boards when her family becomes drunk and aren't paying attention to what they're punching. Normally, they fix it up themselves, but there are times that Serenity takes the job on. It doesn't bother her too much, as long as it isn't repeated.

Serenity's current life consists of taking care of her family, working at the Jasmine Leaf Teahouse, and taking a few college classes in order to become a registered nurse. At home, she's mostly a house keeper and a student. She trains throughout the week and advances her abilities. She always goes to bed by eleven at night and wakes up at six or seven. She has one rule at home: the weekends are hers. She is not allowed to be asked to train or clean on Saturday and Sunday. If she chooses to do so, that's fine. However, she'll usually take a day of work on Saturday and relax on Sunday. Her classes are on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. She works on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and sometimes Sunday, all from the afternoon to mid-evening. If she's not cleaning, she's training. If she's not training, she's tending the family garden. If she's not doing that, she's relaxing.

» Likes: Serenity is someone who enjoys the calm and quiet life. She prefers life in the forest over the city, which is why she doesn't mind spending her time at home. In fact, Serenity highly enjoys her home life. She actually enjoys the ordinary life of chores. To get a few of the basics out of the way, Serenity's favorite color is orange. She doesn't like the dark Halloween orange, but the bright fruity orange. Serenity enjoys kyoho very much, it being her favorite fruit and something she grows in her home garden. However, she enjoys Mochi topped with Kinako more than anything else. In fact, she'll put kinako on just about anything, mainly because it's a good substitute for sugar. Serenity has a thing for sweets and if it looks sweet enough, she'll try it and probably add kinako in her own recipe.

Serenity is a bit of a cook. When she started up, it felt more natural than anything else she has done. She prefers home cooked meals and loves making sure others can have them as well. Buying things from fast-food places aren't anywhere near as enjoyable as cooking a large meal that lasts a few days and tastes delicious every one of them. Serenity is very sensitive about her cooking, preferring to please those who try the food she makes. Besides being a good cook, Serenity is on the athletic side. She ran track and swam through her high school days and has been an archer since her freshman years. She's always been good at sports, but those are her favorite. Archery came later, both for fun and work.

» Dislikes: Since Serenity is someone who enjoys a calm and quiet life, the opposite is obviously something she doesn't like. Places and people that are loud can bother her. She gets claustrophobic when surrounded by too many people. She can handle it for a short time, but after they start getting a little too close it can make her back off. Serenity doesn't like the color yellow because it's too bright and close to orange without being pretty. Her taste in fruit stops at apples. They're the most basic and she doesn't like them. She'll drink the juice, but not eat the fruit. She hates the bitter taste of apples as much as she hates anything that tastes sour. You won't see her make anything with a sour taste.

III. Background Information

» Background: Born in the bible belt of the United States, Serenity started her life in a small town in Mississippi. Being born with that shining green hair wasn't the best for the young girl. From a young age, certain discriminating behaviors showed to be alive in some of the folk of Tylertown, Mississipi. You'd think with centuries having went by that such things would have been gone, but they weren't. In this town, the reveal of spiritual beings only enhanced the religious values of these stubborn people. They shunned many of the outside world and kept to themselves, causing most to avoid even coming. However, to have one of the "outsiders" born into their ranks was just too much.

Years of bullying and being shunned by her own community led Serenity's Mother to withdrawing her from school before the first grade. She hid her child away from the town under the pretense that Serenity was sent away. From then on, Serenity was home-schooled in secret. She was never allowed to go outside and never had any friends. She kept to reading and wasn't even allowed to look out the window. Any time she got caught trying, Serenity would be locked in the hall closet to learn her lesson. When she turned eight and was supposed to be in the third grade, Serenity's Father left, unable to take the stress that he was still getting from the town over his daughters appearance.

Miserable and alone, Serenity's Mother began drinking like crazy and becoming enraged with Serenity's very existence. It pushed Serenity to stay hidden and silent in her room, only asking for new books from the library once a week, which seemed to help her Mother keep calm. However, while walking through the house, Serenity was spotted by a mailman and the town quickly went into an uproar over it. A mob formed outside and the house was set on fire. She and her Mother hid in a closet as the house burned down, both expecting to die inside that small box, but it never happened. The fire was put out by firemen and they found Serenity and her Mother sitting in a sphere of glittery shining mist.

The news about Serenity's power spread through the country like wildfire. Most chalked it up to a spiritually aware child, and to most of the country it was normal. However, the news hit home with a few people that stayed in an old shrine in Tokyo, Japan. They came to visit her and her Mother at the hotel they were staying in and offered to take Serenity away for training. Her Mother gladly tossed Serenity away, giving her to these men without a second thought. Serenity was taken from them and flown to Japan at the age of ten. You'd think a ten year old girl would have been broken up over her Mom not wanting her, but it seemed to be something she accepted from the years of abuse and neglect. She was fine.

In Japan, Serenity's appearance wasn't entirely crazy. The bright blue eyes and green hair weren't too much of a surprise outside of that little Mississippi town. She didn't feel so shunned and hated, and felt safer than she had before. Serenity moved in with the men who she now considers her rescuers and began to study their ways. They were apart of an old tradition that came about over seven hundred years ago. Apparently, it was possible that Serenity was a spiritual descendant of their old master. Instead of through bloodlines, the power was passed on to the next worthy soul and that was possibly hers, but they did not know yet. She would have to study, work hard, and develop her powers to prove it.

Being able to see the sun, run around in the grass, feel the breeze on her skin, talk to other kids, and be welcomed home from school were perks that raised Serenity's spirits enough that working hard was not a problem. From the moment she realized this was where she wanted to be, Serenity worked very hard for these people. She took on extra chores that they would normally do, learned to cook for them, and even took care of them when they were hurt from training or sick. In return, they taught her everything she needed to know. She learned different martial arts, like taekwondo and jujitsu. However, it was quickly shown that she didn't like the idea of fighting, even if it was to help her defend herself.

IV. Natural Abilities

» Natural Attributes:

Medical Knowledge: Though she is only studying to become a nurse, Serenity is already very knowledgeable of medical practices. If it didn't require a degree, she could pretty easily be an ER doctor. This is why she is actually training to become a nurse though. She has extensive knowledge of the body and how to treat it, especially injuries. Some illnesses make leave her stumped, but she has quite a bit of knowledge of them as well. The only reason she is so good with injury is because of the years she has watched her family train. The amount of times Shigure cut someone to deep or Dante broke someone else's bone "on accident" was pretty high. She decided to learn about it all years ago.

Martial Arts: Serenity trains lightly with different martial arts, all coming from those she calls family. She's dabbled in jujitsu mostly, but still has skills in karate and taekwondo. Though her skill is well practiced and she has been taught by masters, they are not her focus at all. She can defend herself from punks and other idiots on the street, but getting into an all out battle can be dangerous for her. She feels that it's best to keep her distance.

Archery: Serenity isn't one for violence. Punching and kicking are not things she currently enjoys doing. The idea of harming someone in such a blunt manner makes her feel uncomfortable. Archery does none of that. If she's actually going to harm something, she'd prefer to do it from a distance. She keeps a wall between her and what ever she is firing at. It prevents her getting to know something, or someone, that she intends to harm. The idea of pointing her bow at anything more than a target is scary, but if she was going to do it, this would be the way. This is why archery is what she practices most. In fact, she's almost a natural at it. She's been practicing for years now and has passed her family by in this skill, having won multiple tournaments and been called a master archer.

Xin Yue Buzhou: (Crescent Step) Serenity's skill in this is very basic. She's barely learning to use it to her advantage. It is among the "basic" techniques, but she's been having a hard time with it. Since none of her family know the technique, she hasn't found anyone to help her train in it. She's only been reading what she can out of an old notebook that was written by the previous people that were "blessed" with the HnS.

» Passive Chi Abilities: "The Mark of Purity" It is called by many names throughout different cultures through out the last 800 hundred years, most common names are seen below. Though a fairly new legend, it is one that has proven to be true. The Mark is one passed through the soul, not by bloodlines, so it can be any one person throughout the world. There are a few known facts about it: 1) It has always been a woman. 2) Only one can have the mark. 3) If left unchecked and untrained, the power can become unstable. 4) The current Marked One can share memories with those who shared her power in the past. The memories can help her train and expand her mind to more possibilities.

Other Names:
  • "Sigillum Castitatis" (Seal of Purity, Latin)
  • "Marcam et Emundans" (Mark of the Purifier, Latin)
  • "Jundo no Megami" (Goddess of Purity, Japanese [What Serenity calls it])
  • "To Foteinó" (The Bright One, Greek)
  • "Bèi xu n zhōng de rén" (The Chosen One, Chinese)
  • "Sayidat Alnuwr" (Lady of Light, Arabic)
  • "Portador de la luz" (Lightbringer, Spanish)

Hikari no sukuinushi: (Bringer of Light) Serenity prefers this Japanese title because she finds it much cooler and less cliche than the rest, so this is what she'll call it. First off, Hikari no Sukuinushi is chi, but it is a potent and powerful variation of it. The variation of chi for one with the Hikari no Sukuinushi variation causes chi to lean heavily in the ways of purification. It's an extremely pure energy that eats away and destroys darkness. It prevents a person from being evil, which goes against what the balance of the life energy, chi, is normally about. To understand this, read next ability.

Consequences of HnS: As said a line before, this unique trait of Serenity's chi prevents her, and anyone from the past who had it, from being evil. It does this by actually harming the user any time thoughts become too dark. A little bit of jealousy and anger never hurt anyone, but when the feelings get strong enough that thoughts of blame, revenge, hatred, or doing anything that would harm another is when it gets too much. The chi stops this from happening by eating at the users skin. They usually look like scrapes, rashes, or even burns if things go a little too far. Not every person can handle this limitation, which is why careful training is needed to even use this chi, and is also why past chosen light bringers have had their powers become unstable and eat them from the inside out.

Zìrán Xinfeng: Once a persons nodes are open, they must learn to control the leakage of chi that comes from their body. This is the normal case for someone not blessed with Hikari no Sukuinushi (HnS). Since HnS opens your nodes the moment you're born, it has adapted itself over the first year of the users life in order to not leak at all. This gives Serenity the continued and enhanced effects of Sei's Xinfeng. This means the feeling of being in vicious lukewarm water is constant and has been for years. To her, it's normal and not noticed. Over the years of her life, her chi has bolstered her body's defensive capabilities greatly, but more so than a normal chi user of her level. Her durability and natural healing is increased quite a bit. Something like a broken arm, leg, or even ribs can heal about 75% faster than normal. Cuts, bruises, and other minor injuries work the same way.

V. Shiyong

» Sei Abilities:

Common Sei Chi Abilities: Because of the focus and efficiency that Serenity must have to correctly use her unique signature of chi energy, she was trained to master the basic techniques of common chi users. She's mastered all of them, using them naturally, like they're second nature to her. Those abilities are all listed under "sei" in the Chi Human racial specs. The only alteration is the one mentioned above "Ziran Xinfeng." Besides that, she knows Yizhi, Jiaodian, Yincang, Chengtan, Quan, and Yuhe like the back of her hand.

Serene Aura: When things get a little heated for Serenity, she can emit a small aura that takes up the space in a twenty foot radius around her. This aura makes people feel calmer. She often uses it to get her family to listen and help her clean the house. It's not meant to change people's thought processes, but maybe put them in a better mood, help them think a bit clearer, or other things along that lines. When it successfully helps someone calm down, it's like taking a nice deep breath and just feeling better.

Numbing Agent: By concentrating her chi to the palms of her hands and placing them on someone, she can ease their pain. It does not heal them or anything, but instead makes the pain much more tolerable. It's better than something like Tylenol. It helps actual injuries and things like headaches as well. Once she is finished, as long as she has been using it for at least five minutes, the effects will continue for the next two hours.

» Dou Abilities:

Common Dou Chi Abilities:

Yoh: This being the weaponized usage of Chi energy, Serenity is not very good at it. She is much more attuned with sei than with dou, but that is to be expected because of HnS. The only attack Serenity can do in this form is similar to the Byakurai spell that shinigami have. Instead, hers is very thin lightning and shines in a green color. It's shot from the tip of her finger and does not need any incantation to be used.

Hikari no Shahei A simple shield of light, this ability creates a sphere shaped barrier that surrounds Serenity. By exerting her dou chi through the palms of her hands and holding her hand in a direction, the shield is created. It moves from her palm and forms around her, meaning she is shielded quicker from the area in which her palm is facing. The shield can last up to 3 rounds of posting and can be broken if enough force is applied.

» Seidou Abilities:

Seidou Harmony: This is Serenity's ability to use sei and dou chi at the same time. She is very efficient with this ability since her control over chi is so extraordinarily efficient. She has the ability to channel either energy through different parts of her body, usually done through different limbs, but she has been practicing on how to compress it and concentrate hard enough that she can do it through the fingers on one hand.

Chi Infusion: Serenity has the ability to infuse her chi into objects. She either chooses sei or dou for this, and is very efficient with both. The initial infusion is very quick, but the larger the item, the quicker the infusion can run out. The infusion spell runs out when she runs out of chi. When choosing to infuse an object with sei, she can make it do a few things: glow like a lantern, change color, and other minor things. When she chooses to use dou chi, she can make the object shrink, grow, fly across the room, and other minor things like that. For her to infuse an object with her chi, she must be touching it.

These are two separate techniques she specifically uses for combat:

Bow Infusion: When Serenity chooses to infuse her bow with either sei or dou, she can create multiple different effects. However, she usually infuses her bow with dou, giving it the ability to create a barrier that can block physical attacks and eats away at harmful energies. A few other effects are simple ones like preventing the bow from breaking or repairing the bow if it does break. She can only do one of these at a time.

Arrow Infusion: When Serenity chooses to infuse her arrow with either sei or dou, she can create multiple different effects. However, she usually infuses her arrow with sei, giving it the ability to purify whatever it shoots through. The arrow ends up surrounded in a light green aura as it shoots off. (Think Kikyo from Inuyasha) A few other effects allow the arrow to break barriers and penetrate hard surfaces. She can only use one effect at a time.

Sacred Sutras: These talismans take time to create. They are created by writing with chi infused ink, something Serenity came up with herself, and creating an incantation, or spell, that creates the desired effect. For example, if she wished to make something glow, she could write "illuminate" on a piece of paper with the infused ink. Once the paper is placed on an item, that item will glow. The incantations and spells will need either sei or dou energy to create them. Serenity has five sacred sutras on her at all times with "purify the soul" written on them. These are used to purify hollow and heavily damage enemies.

VI. Chuxian

» Awakened Appearance: (Please Describe how your character looks when they are in their awakened state)
» Awakened Powers: (Describe what type of powers your character gets from awakening.)

» Perfectly Awakened Appearance: (Describe what your human looks like when Fully Awakened)
» Perfectly Awakened Powers: (Describe what powers your human gets in this state)

IX. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Chi Skills
  • Sei: Adept
  • Dou: Adept
  • Buzhou: Beginner
  • Chuxian: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: Naisu Naisu Naisu
Tier: 4-1+


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